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> Kingingiseisha Shirasu
Posted: December 05, 2018 02:10 pm

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Name: Kingingiseisha Shirasu

Nickname: Hitamashii (Soul Of Fire) or Silas

Height and Weight: 5’8” and 192 lbs

Hometown: Himeji, Japan, but moved to Las Vegas as an adult

Birthdate: March 21st, 1995

Alignment: heel

Theme Song: Fire In Our House by Astral Doors

Physical Appearance: bronze skinned, brown eyed, slender without being too ripped, chin length black hair with red highlights

Pic Base: Hiromu Takahashi

Wrestlers Gimmick: Privileged Japanese American, spoiled from being rich, and cultured due to being in a military family and serving himself, and shows arrogance towards those he feels are beneath him

Ring Attire: wrestling pants with the triforce logo from the Legend of Zelda on each boot as well as the 3 spiritual stones and the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and Kaepora Gabora (the owl) on his left leg and 6 medallions on the right leg from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Wrestling Style: high flyer and technical

Basic Moves:
1. diving calf kick
2. diving back elbow drop
3. 630’ senton
4. Frankensteiner
5. Imploding corkscrew 450 splash
6. Mushroom Stomp
7. double underhook crossface
8. double chickenwing
9. boston crab
10. springboard bulldog

Signature Moves:
1. Cloverleaf with armlock
2. Indian Deathlock
3. figure four necklock
4. diving hurricanrana
5. dragonrana (a front flip from the top rope before executing a true hurricanrana into a pin)

1. Farore’s Wind (knee strike/Rain Trigger)
2. Nayru’s Love (Shiranui/Sliced Bread #2)
3. Evil is Forever (This move sees the attacking wrestler behind a standing opponent, pulling them backwards into an inverted facelock and wrapping their legs around the opponent's body with a body scissors. The attacker then arches backwards, putting pressure on the opponents neck and spine.)

Entrance: The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos. Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

Brief history: Kingingiseisha Shirasu trained in the same class as Andrew Garcia and Ivan Darrell in Casey William’s wrestling school after being in the Army, traveling the world and being honorably discharged and decided to bide his time perfecting his craft before signing his contract with SCW.

Achievements: N/A

Notable NPC (and pic bases):
Andrew Garcia (trained with Kingingiseisha): ECW Era Tazz
Ivan Darrell (trained with Kingingiseisha): Jeremy Spencer from Five Finger Death Punch
Johan Svensson (childhood friend): Nils Patrik Johansson from Astral Doors, Lion’s Share, Wuthering Heights
Giovanna Teixeira (childhood friend): Rachel White

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