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> What A Show!, Faithful Fangirl Blog Post #20!
Zelda Clark
Posted: March 23, 2017 07:07 pm

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The Faithful Fangirl
Blog Post Number 20!
What A Show!!!

Written by: Zelda Clark

Wooooweee, faithful readers! Did you all watch Blaze of Glory?! I sure hope you did, because if not, you’re missing out on some AMAZING action from top to bottom. Let me start off this post by giving MAJOR props to all the SCW workers who worked so hard to put on such an amazing show. Mark Ward...Christian Underwood...the backstage workers...and the awesome Superstars and Bombshells who worked so hard inside the ring to put on some incredible matches for us all to witness! Not one single person should be disappointed in how Blaze of Glory VI turned out, because I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. ESPECIALLY to the end, but more on that later.

One thing I was looking forward to the most on this show was the drawings for the Blast From The Past tournament, and let me tell you, that was definitely worth the wait. It was different from years past, as Mark and Christian did the drawing live on the show. And, not only that, but the “Mystery Entrants” are no longer a mystery until the first round starts. I find it funny because it seems EVERY year we’ve had a mystery entrant of some form, and there was no exception this year. So after all was said and done, sixteen teams were formed, and I gotta tell ya, I’m loving most of the pairings. It’s really hard to pick a standout team this year, because it could simply go any which way.

Ben Jordan and Samantha Marlowe...Team Bam? Bammy? I don’t know, hopefully they’ll decide that. Evie Baang and **gulps** Lord Raab. Dax Beckett and Amy Marshall. Nicholas L. Blair and Jessie Salco. Brother Grimm and the returning Hall of Famer, Misty. OH MY GOD I can’t believe I said those two names together. So many teams. So much potential and any one of these teams could easily walk away with the win! I’m really looking forward to this tournament even more now.

So out of all eight titles being defended on the show, we saw FIVE new champions crowned by the end of the night- six if you count that little spectacle in the main event but again...More on that later! I really wasn’t expecting that many titles to change hands, but it wouldn’t have been Blaze of Glory without a few surprises here and there. It really wouldn’t be an SCW show without a few surprises, am I right?!

Speaking of titles changing hands, what was up with the guys in Jet City on Sunday?! I was really expecting more out of those guys, even though they’re a bit dysfunctional at times. They were really off in this match and were the FIRST team eliminated! My jaw hit the floor when that happened, but when all was said and done Team BJ..**giggles**...prevailed and came out as the first ever two-time tag team champions!

And how about Dax Beckett’s and Celeste North’s actions?! Dax Beckett turned on Dying Breed and joined the Bad Boys and Celeste North, with the help of the Mean Girls, put on one hell of a beat down on Delia Darling, cementing her takeover of the hated women’s stable! I normally have a better sense of these things before they happen, but that I did NOT see happening at all, even though it should have been obvious from the start, right?! Well played, C and D. Well played.

Mikah walked out with a title! Not the World Bombshell Title, but she defeated Polly Playtime and is the next Bombshell to get added to the list of triple crown winners. Yes, she is a triple crown winner. Remember that brief Roulette title reign? Anyway. Congrats to Mrs. Green on her title win! And congrats to Despayre for a huge successful title defense against Xander Bishop and Calvin Harris! Great performance by all three, though, and any one of them deserved to win that one.

Now let’s get down to the Co-Main event, because we had a returning Hall of Famer in each match and man oh man, there was no denying each one was meant to be the Main Event!

First up we had the beautiful, first Bombshell Hall of Famer, Vixen Staggs returning to face off against the equally gorgeous and fun-loving Melody Grace for the World Bombshell Championship! I knew it would be a great match because 1. It’s Vixen Staggs! And 2...It’s Melody Grace! I’m glad that Vixen stepped up and accepted Melody’s Challenge, but my only question now is...Who is next?! Vixen sadly fell just a little short against Melody, so which Bombshell will be next to step up against Melody and try and end her reign as World Bombshell Champion?! Come on ladies don’t be afraid! And let’s not wait for the Blast From the Past to determine the next challenger.

And I saved the best for last, because in typical fashion, the World Heavyweight Championship was the best of the night, in my opinion! I have no doubt in my mind that this one will be the first on the list of Match of The Year candidates in the Year End Awards next year. With two explosive talents such as J2H and Drake Green going head to head for the World Heavyweight Championship, I had no doubt in my mind that my eyes would be glued to the screen the entire time during this one, and they WERE.

Drake Green not only wanted to give J2H ANOTHER beating of a lifetime and shut the longest reigning Champion up, but he wanted to win the title for a record breaking fourth time! And J2H wanted to exact his revenge on Drake Green for that vicious attack at Inception earlier this year, keep his reign going and send Drake back into retirement where he thinks he belongs. Only one could walk away with the victory and in the end it was…

DRAKE GREEN! I seriously COULD NOT believe my eyes as Drake did the unthinkable and ended J2H’s near four hundred day World Heavyweight Championship reign and was announced as a four-time champion! I was stunned I tell ya! Stunned!

Cue in even BIGGER shocker as J2H’s henchman(is that what he is?), Rage, ran down to the ring, briefcase in hand and attacked the new champion! And not only that, but...HE CASHED IN THE BRIEFCASE! Rage did what I NEVER expected him to do when he cashed in on a clearly exhausted Drake Green. AFTER wearing him down even more with that running big boot and he cashed in that briefcase and defeated Drake Green for the World Heavyweight Championship! It all happened so fast, I wasn’t sure what to think. The World Heavyweight Championship changed hands TWICE in one night. Once in amazing fashion and the other...Well, not so much.

That just capped off an already incredible and event filled night, and I think I’m going to go watch it for a second time because it was THAT good. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you go do so NOW because you don’t want to miss out on anything that went down.

Anyway, that’s about all I have for you folks tonight. I wish I could have discussed everything that happened, in detail, but the post never would have ended and it’s better if you just go watch the show for yourself. Seriously...GO WATCH IT NOW!

As for me...I’m off to watch it again as I nurse this nagging headache and relax for the night. Stayed tuned for next week’s post! Thank you again for being a loyal reader! You all are truly amazing and it’s why I write and do what I do! *Smooches*

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The Faithful Fangirl
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