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Posted: May 22, 2020 09:56 pm

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Where: In the Hotel
When: Friday afternoon, about 3PM

*The scene fades in on Friday afternoon, about 3pm, in the room where they had set up for Candy to do. Marcus Cage and his wife, Candy, were in there. Marcus was sitting in a chair, playing a game on his phone. Candy was getting all her supplies ready for any of the roster members who would need hair care today. She got her shears and combs all set and then plopped down in the stylist chair. She let out a big sigh as she plopped, loud enough to catch his attention.*

Marcus: I know that sigh, and that face, what’s wrong?

Candy: I’m tired of this lockdown, All I do is go from home to here and back home and then a match and then repeat. It’s kinda boring.

Marcus: I get it, but things are changing. Slowly.

Candy: Too slow.

Marcus: Just focus on doing people’s hair, and your matches. You’ll be fine.

Candy: I do have a super big match that I’m so excited about this weekend.

Marcus: I know. You have not stopped talking about it for almost 2 weeks now.

Candy: I can’t help it! I’m so excited! And I want to be a part of Team Hero SO BAD!

Marcus: I know you do. So you go out there and you prove why you belong at their sides. And not as a sidekick. You are not a tagalong, or an afterthought, to the heroes. No… you are no one’s sidekick.

Candy: But… sidekicks are cool too! Like Robin! He gets to fight all those bad guys with Batman! Or what about Tails? He is Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick and he can fly and everyone loves him! Or what about Yoshi to Mario? Everyone loves that cute dinosaur! He’s my favorite too! And don’t forget about everyone’s favorite Wocky.

Marcus: Wocky?

Candy: YEAH!!! The big furry guy in Star Wars! RAWWWWWWWR

*Candy does a hilarious “impression” of Chewbacca… but it sounds more like she is just trying to gargle. Marcus holds in a chuckle.*

Marcus: Oh… Chewbacca the WOOKIE.

Candy: Yeah! Sidekicks are so awesome! Like Gabby to Xena? She saved Xena so many times, and she started out all sweet and nice like me and she became a …

*She whispered towards Marcus*

Candy: A bad-...butt…

Marcus: A bad ass?

Candy: Yeah… but I can’t say that. What about Donkey to Shrek? Even when Shrek was mean to him, Donkey was loyal and helped him. Or even better what about Sam to Frodo? He wasn’t to focus of the story but in the end he was the hero. See what I mean? Being a sidekick isn’t bad. It isn’t what people think. And I don’t wanna interrupt their team dynamos.

Marcus: Dynamics?

Candy: Yeah! They are so cool and awesome. I adore Roxi and Keira! They have been super super nice to me since the day I met them. They don’t make me feel stupid, or anything. They treat me like a real person. I know I’m not the brightest crayon in the toolbox… but they treat me like a real person. And Keira challenging me to a match means so much to me. She’s super nice, and it’s gonna be awesome to get in the ring with her. I don’t even care that I’m going in off a loss.

Marcus: You did amazing last week against Alicia.

Candy: I know. I did my best and she was better than me. I’ll get her next time. I just want this match this week to go good. Of everyone on the roster to give her a challenge, Keira chose me. And she says I’m her best friend! Which is so cool.

Marcus: See? Just a few weeks ago you were so worried that no one liked you. And now… you have not one… but 2 best friends on the roster who like you and support you. I don’t think they’d ever let you be a sidekick… because they know and I know that you are NOT second best. Keira wouldn’t have picked you out of everyone to give her a hell of a match.

Candy: But what if I don’t do good enough and they don’t let me be their sidekick.

Marcus: That won’t happen. You impress people every week, whether you win or lose. And I’m so proud of you. You are strong and powerful… confident and beautiful inside and out. I know it, the fans know it, and Team Hero know it. You are not the sidekick. You are a hero. And you prove it all the time.

Candy: I just wish we could kick Corina’s butt so we could all hang out and get fans back in the arenas. I wonder how Super Candy would handle the situation???

*The screen went wavy as it slowly focused in on Candy’s face, tilted, and deep in thought. We were now in the mind of Candy… and it was kinda scary… and sparkly… Anyways… The edges of the screen were faded a bit, showing this was a dream sequence. The scene stabilized in the lobby of the hotel that all the SCW stars were quarantined in. It was quiet, only a few employees going back and forth, when a young woman wearing a superhero costume jumped into the scene. Her hair was medium brown and down, in waves as it flowed over her shoulders. She was wearing a bright pink… and I do mean BRIGHT PINK… spandex “superhero” costume with a giant, extra sparkly and glittery “C” emblem on the front and a matching pink cape. Of course, sparkly and glittery boots to match, and a belt. She was wearing a matching face mask that covered her eyes, leaving the rest of her face visible. It is obvious that it was Candy… or was it?*

Super Candy: Hello, citizens! It is I, Super Candy! And I’m here with my trusty sidekick… The Fluffinator!

*She held her hands out to the side and on cue Fluffy runs into the scene wearing a matching cape and mask, with an “F” symbol on it instead of a “C”. Candy smiled as Fluffy, I mean, the Fluffinator, sat at her feet and barked.*

Super Candy: Today, me and The Fluffinator are going to battle the evil and mean CORINA! That mean old person who is keeping us all locked up and making us wear masks and get tested all the time. We are gonna take her down and fix everything! We just gotta find where she is hiding so we can bring her to justice! And then… everyone will be free and we will have saved the day! Are you ready, Fluffinator?

*The Fluffinator barked twice in agreement. In a VERY over the top fashion, Super Candy grabbed her cape and made it flutter as she raced off towards the front desk where she encountered a person working.*

Super Candy: Hello, working citizen. Have you seen the Evil Corina?

Worker: Uh… no?

Super Candy: Are you sure? Don’t make me use my superpower on you.

Worker: Super power?

Super Candy: Yeah! I am Super Candy and I am on a super secret mission to stop her and end the lock down. And if you don’t tell the truth, I’ll have to use my super truth power to make you tell the truth.

Worker: Uh… I think she went towards the elevators?

Super Candy: Thank you, hard working citizen! Keep up the good work! Let’s go Fluffinator!

*She made a super dramatic exit with Fluffy, erm, The Fluffinator close in tow. She heads towards the elevator and pushes the button.*

Super Candy: I think we are on the right trail, Fluffinator! And when we catch the Evil Corina and beat her, we can prove to everyone that we can be the perfect addiction to Team Hero!

*Fluffinator barked excitedly as the door to the elevator opened and they got in. When the door closed you could see that she was standing next to Marcus. She looked at him and smiled.*

Super Candy: HI MARCUS!!!

Marcus: Oh hello, random super hero. Who are you? Madam Pink? Lady Glittersparkles?

Super Candy: NO! It is I, Super Candy, and her loyal sidekick, The Fluffinator!

*She then leaned over and lifted her mask a little and whispered, excitedly*

Super Candy: It’s me! Candy!

*Marcus reacted the only way he could… pure shock! Like his mind just exploded everywhere! His wife was the pink, sparkly superhero in the elevator with him. Who knew???*

Marcus: NO WAY!!!

Super Candy: But you can’t tell anyone my secret identity. I don’t want my enemies to try to hurt you to get to me.

Marcus: No one would believe me if I tried.

*She smiled as she put the mask back down. They rode the rest of the elevator in silence. When they got to the top, the door opened and Super Candy hopped out. She turned around before the door closed*

Super Candy: Good day, random citizen that I don’t know and am certainly not married too!

*She winked at him, mouth wide open and totally over emoting. He smiled and nodded back as the door closed. As soon as it closed, an overdramatic scream was heard down the hallway. She looked at the Fluffinator and they took off towards it. They rush down the hall to see 2 people who look like Malachi and Bella Madison in trouble!*

Super Candy: Fluffinator! Execute operation Save The Besties!

*A woman dressed up as what can only be described as a rip off Catwoman comes into the scene. She has “EC” on the front of her costume, and her face is covered mostly with a mask.*

Bella: Help us, Super Candy!

Malachi: Only you can defeat the Evil Corina and save us all from her evil lockdown!

Super Candy: Fear not! Super Candy is here to save the day! I’ll use my superpower of truth!

*She then, in the most over acted thing ever seen, glared down the Evil Corina. She was exerting herself and Evil Corina was weakening*

Super Candy: Why are you locking us all up?

Evil Corina: BECAUSE I’M EVIL!!!

*Candy broke the gaze and dropped to a knee, weakened. She reached into her utility belt and had something in her hand. She stood up slowly and looked at Evil Corina. She held her clenched hand out and in a swift movement she opened her hand and blew! She blew a hand full of glitter all over Evil Corina! Evil Corina fell to the ground, weak.*

Evil Corina: Oh no! You’ve beaten me! How did you know I was weak to glitter?

Super Candy: That’s a secret! You’re done, Evil Corina! Super Candy has defeated you and will take her place on Team Hero!

*Super Candy put one foot on Evil Corina’s chest and did a super hero pose. Malachi and Bella hopped to their feet and both hugged her.*

Bella: Thank you Super Candy!

Malachi: You are my hero, Super Candy. If only I knew your secret identity so I could be your Bestie!

Super Candy: I’m everyone’s bestie. All in a hero’s day’s work, citizen!

*The screen went wavy like it did going into this sequence and faded back into reality, a close up of Candy’s face. She was dazed out and smiling. Marcus looked at her, confused and a little worried.*

Marcus: Uh… Candy?

*She snapped out of it and looked at Marcus with the biggest grin on her face*

Candy: That’s exactly how it has to go! Keira and I are going to have such a big match and it’s gonna be so much fun. But Super Candy would be the PERFECT sidekick for Team Hero.

Marcus: I’m sure they will be more than happy to team with you. They’d be lucky to have you. But not as a sidekick. You are no one’s sidekick. I told you earlier, you are a hero.

Candy: Yeah! I’m a hero! Just like Super Candy.

Marcus: Exactly like Super Candy.

Candy: Man, is it Sunday yet? I can’t wait to get in the ring with Keira. It’s gonna be so huge, and if I can win… that would be HUGE.

Marcus: Very huge. But remember, winning isn’t everything.

Candy: I know. You taught me that.

*She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek as the scene faded to black*

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