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> “How the tables have turned.”
Jessie Salco
Posted: February 08, 2019 11:37 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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Even though Jessie lost her match to Seleana that wasn’t the end of the story for either competitor, for starters Seleana was blindsided by her wife Crystal Hilton who subsequently revealed herself to be Christian’s Plan C who had attacked Seleana in exchange for a shot at the World Bombshell Championship (which would change hands to Alicia Lukas the following week) but the betrayals didn’t end there as Jessie would attack the current holder of the Golden Briefcase Kate Steele backstage and stole her briefcase in the process.

This all lead up to this week’s Climax Control emanating from SCW’s homebase Las Vegas, Nevada where the unthinkable was about to happen, Jessie was teaming up with Crystal to take on Kate Seleana in a match that would be the Main Event if it weren’t for a Roulette Title Match immediately following the match, Jessie looks to get her first win of 2019 and Crystal looks to build momentum towards her promised title match whilst both Kate and Seleana were out for revenge, can Jessie and Crystal win?

Local metal bar, Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday the 8th of February 2019, 18:00pm

The things I must do get what I fucking deserve.

You all saw what happened the other week, Seleana got blindsided by Crystal who was promised her fifty millionth title shot in exchange whilst I went and stole the Golden Briefcase from Kate and if my intentions for that briefcase weren’t clear already, I made them perfectly clear after Alicia won the World Bombshell Championship last week, and that brings us to this week, this week I’m teaming up with Crystal Hilton to take on Kate Steele and Seleana Zdunich.

Let me reiterate that, I’m teaming up with Crystal Hilton, I’m going to be tag team partners with Crystal Hilton, Christian is trying to force me to cooperate with Crystal fucking Hilton!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Christian was secretly hoping that I’d have enough of Crystal’s bullshit and cave her head in with the Golden Briefcase just so he has an excuse to not honor the agreement and hope that she’s completely forgotten about it by the time ger brains have been unscrambled.

As for Kate and Seleana, I’m not worried, the Swedish idiot got lucky the other week (much like she did all the other times Christian put an obstacle in her path) and I know what Kate can do from our time together in the Metal and Punk Connection, true, she also knows what I can do but here’s the difference, I’m the better wrestler out of the two of us.

As for why I betrayed her, it’s a cutthroat business, get fucking used to it!

“First Ben and now Kate.” Shane commented with a sigh and I rolled my eyes knowing exactly where he was going with this. “Is there anyone you won’t backstab?”

“Oh, give me a fucking break.” I responded as I rolled my eyes. “Ben didn’t deserve shit and I stand by it, that so called “legend” doesn’t win a title in six years and suddenly he gets a hashtag going and he’s the best thing since sliced bread? People call me a choke artist but if anyone’s a choke artist it’s Ben!” I added as I leaned back. “And notice how he’s disappeared from wrestling after he dropped the title to Ty? I rest my case, as for Kate, I’m saying the same thing I said back when I did that rant, it’s a cutthroat business.”

“A cutthroat business that you said you wouldn’t let get to you when you were first starting out.” Jake pointed out and I shook my head.

“I was young and naïve at the time, why do you think I went nowhere in those smaller promotions?” I responded with a frown as I folded my arms, and before anyone asks about the elephant in the room, the briefcase is back at the hotel, in the safe, and no, I’m not giving out the password. “It’s a dog eat dog business, what I don’t get is how wrestlers who have been wrestling longer than I have fail to realize that fact! I guess I’ll have to beat some sense into Kate and Seleana on Sunday.”

“Yeah, about that.” Shane responded as he shifted his weight. “You’re not okay with teaming with Crystal on Sunday right?”

“That’s like asking me if I’m okay with being unfairly banned from title shots because the company is run by vindictive morons, don’t believe me? Look at the hell Christian’s put Seleana through.” I pointed out before finishing my drink. “I mean, there’s no fixing his ugly nose but his nose had healed long before 2018 had ended yet he continues to put Seleana in shit situations and even got her wife to turn on her.” I added before shaking my head. “I’ve said before that this is a cutthroat business, but that attack showed Crystal’s true, ugly colors.”

“And that’s the first thing we’ve agreed on all week.” Jake responded with a chuckle and I gave him an annoyed glare. “Pity said week is almost over.” Jake added and I checked the time on my phone.

“Whatever, I’ve got a promo to do.” I responded before I stood up. “I know we want to be back at the hotel for the Hell’s Kitchen finale and since metal karaoke’s cancelled, you want to call it an early night?”

“Sounds good.” Shane nodded as he checked the time on his phone. “Send me a text once your done and we’ll meet you outside.” Shane added and I nodded before exiting the club, I could already feel a migraine coming as I remembered who I was teaming with on Sunday before I got ready to do my promo.

“So just to recap, asking to be rewarded for years of hard work? Not okay! Beating the crap out of your wife? Totally okay! At least, that seems to be Christian’s logic with his latest plan to screw over Seleana all though at this rate? He may as well put her in a battle royal featuring all the other Bombshells on the roster with the person who eliminates Seleana getting a shot at a title of their choice! And that brings me to my next point! This week I’m teaming with someone who, in the real world, would be facing assault/domestic violence charges in Crystal Hilton to take on Kate Steele and Seleana Zdunich.


“I don’t know if anyone’s picked up on this in the wars I’ve had with Crystal, both here in SCW and in Honor Wrestling, but we don’t get along, and that’s me being generous! In fact, I’m convinced that the real reason we’re teaming together is that Christian is hoping I’ll snap and beat Crystal so badly that he can back out of the agreement! Because come on, do you really think that someone who was that punchable a face finally got punched and is still bitter over it won’t try something like that?”

As for my opponents.

“Kate, in case you’re wondering, no I don’t have the Golden Briefcase with me, and I’m not telling where I’m keeping it, but in the meantime, look forward to my demonstration of what will happen to you when the bosses finally book a match between us! As for you Seleana, I’m surprised you haven’t quit at this point! I mean, whatever money Mark’s new contract is giving you can’t be worth Christian’s bullshit! All I’m saying is that he turned your wife against you, how long until Brittany turns against you to further her career? It’s a cutthroat business Seleana and this is your wakeup call!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“How the tables have turned! I’ve gone from bitter enemies with Crystal and best friends with Kate whilst not giving a shit about Seleana to bitter enemies with Kate, still not giving a shit about Seleana and……….being reluctant partners with Crystal! Come on, just because we have similar goals doesn’t mean we like each other! This is the Golden Briefcase wielding Heavy Metal Angel Jessie Salco signing off, see you idiots in the ring!”

I texted Shane and waited for them as the scene fades.

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