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> “About Time!”
Caleb Storms
Posted: June 26, 2020 05:32 pm

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Following the events of the Queen for a Day Climax Control there was even more controversy than what was surrounding the card as not only had Christina succeeded in her plan to get a guaranteed title shot by winning the Control your Destiny match (albeit after she had been knocked out by the Georgia Drop by Alicia Lukas and only won the match because Roxi had the presence of mind to blind tag herself in) and Seleana Zdunich had won the Roulette Title ending Violet Amelia Holt’s reign after one defence but again it was because of Christina’s interference.

The bosses had apparently found a loophole in Christina’s declarations but that would have to wait until Sunday night which was going back to the standard Climax Control format, until then Caleb Storms was opening up the night against Malachi in a Roulette Rules Match, this wasn’t their first meeting as they had competed against each other in the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match at last year’s Summer XXXTreme and Caleb was coming off a win in another Roulette Rules Match at Into the Void where he pinned Tiberius the Great of Elysia in a Hardcore Rules Match, can Caleb go two for two?

Hotel bar of the Saxon Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Friday the 26th of June 2020. 18:00pm

Honestly, I am not sure what I was least surprised by last Sunday night.

It’s between Christina trying to take all the glory for herself in the Control your Destiny Match (and nearly costing her team the match in the process) or Christina helping Seleana win the Roulette Championship in last week’s main event helping Violet join the ranks of the shortest reigning champs in SCW history in the process, as for the fallout from that joke of a card, we’re going to have to wait until Sunday night for that and that brings me to my next match.

Segways, gotta love them!

In this week’s opening match (provided that special SCU match doesn’t bump it up a bit) I’m taking on Malachi in my second Roulette Rules Match in a row, for those who might not remember my last opponent, don’t worry he’ll be a footnote in SCW history soon enough but the point is that I won that match and broke my losing streak even going as far as to use Tiberius’s own tricks against him and I look to continue my upward swing with a win over Malachi.

At least now I do not have to google bible quotes that are relevant to my feelings towards my opponent!

After last week’s show (and everything Christina really) I need a strong drink and my supply in the hotel room has run out, in other words we decided to take Lemmy with us to the hotel bar for a drink, and yes we do have water and food for Lemmy in the room but we don’t want him to mess up the room (which I’m pretty sure will come out of my paycheck if he did) hence why we’re bringing him up with us.

He has already turned on the Labrador charm for a few of the waitresses.

“Okay, so that’s one soda for both of you and one water bowl for the pooch.” The bartender commented before he handed us our drinks, me and Katie took our drinks first and once I had set my drink down I took the water bowl and passed it down to Lemmy, he had been lying down at my feet up until this point but once Lemmy saw the water bowl he sprung to his feet with his tail wagging, as the clearly thirsty Lab practically dove into his water bowl I paid for our drinks via contactless credit card. “Have a good night folks.”

“Thanks.” I thanked the bartender but by them he had gone off to serve another customer, I glanced down at my now one-year old dog and smirked. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he hadn’t drunken anything all week.”

“It is Las Vegas right at the tail end of June, pun not intended.” Katie responded before she took a sip from her soda. “I think the only ones suffering as much as he is in our room is us because of our mostly black wardrobes.”

“I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, most metal shirt designs look better on black shirts.” I shrugged before giving Lemmy a few strokes. “Surprised there aren’t more SCW/SCU stars up here, but I guess they are down at the gym.”

“You’ve spent most of the week training for the match against Malachi, you’ve earned the break.” Katie responded and almost on cue we could hear a female Australian accent that we had heard on SCU.

“Finally getting my hands on Veronica and making my in-ring Climax Control debut on the same night?” Krystal Wolfe muttered under her breath as she walked towards the bar, the Australian Bombshell was looking at her phone as she approached the bar and wasn’t looking where she was going, because if she was, Krystal would’ve realised that she was about to step on Lemmy’s back paw. “Can this weekend get any……...” Krystal never finished her sentence as I was unable to move Lemmy out of the way in time (you try picking up a fully grown Labrador) and sure enough Lemmy let out a surprised yelp making Krys jump in the process. “What the……….”

“You just stepped on my dog’s paw.” I informed her and she glanced down at the Labrador before patting it on the head.

“Oh Lemmy, I’m so sorry!” Krystal apologized to the dog and he wagged his tail as if to say, “no worries”. “I really should’ve been paying more attention Caleb, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, I tripped over him more times than I can count and yes that includes the shows before the lockdown.” I assured her and Krystal grinned before grabbing a seat. “Good luck against Veronica.”

“She needs the luck, been working on improving my speed all week, she’ll have nowhere to run.” Krystal responded with a grin before ordering a drink. “And that was before I knew I was going to be wrestling on Climax Control this week.”

“Speaking of which I have a promo to do for my match against Malachi.” I responded as I checked the time on my phone and the two women nodded before I went off to another part of the bar to do my promo.

“All that matters about Into the Void is my win over Tiberius and his disappearance, but you know what? That is fine by me because I picked up my first win in a while and this week, I am competing in another Roulette Rules Match, this time against Malachi in the opening match! The last time we faced off in something that involved Roulette Rules was the last Summer XXXTreme where we competed in the Ultimate X Over the Pool Match that was won by Teddy but this is our first one on one meeting.”

And now I have the theory that Teddy winning basically doomed 2020!

“Malachi I’ve been watching you wrestle since you joined SCW and whilst your debut match was against Fenris you have managed to bounce back from getting your head kicked off which not a lot of people can do for obvious reasons, but I have a winning streak to continue this Sunday at Climax Control regardless of what match type the wheel will land on because I’m feeling good about my chances heading into this match.”

But I know it will not be that easy.

“Why the bosses decided to stick us in a Roulette Rules Match for the opening match off the card I don’t know and we both know that the wheel can work in our favour or against you! Hell, you have first hand experience in this because your first Roulette Title Match was a Lingerie Match against Griffin, a match that traumatised Jason Adams for the rest of his life I might add, for obvious reasons I am hoping for literally any other match type.”

Even a lion’s den match! Anyway, I decided to wrap things up/

“At the end of the day Malachi we’re both young hungry competitors with nothing to lose and everything to gain from this match but like I said I recently picked up a win in another Roulette Rules match and whilst you are a talented wrestler and a far better opponent than Tiberius the not-so Great of some made up place, in fact when I saw this match my first thought was “ABOUT TIME!” because you are my first decent opponent since the start of the last Supercard Cycle but you had better brace yourself for the Metal Storm that’s brewing or be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms!”

I re-joined my wife, Lemmy and Krystal as the scene fades.

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