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> The Japanese Siren returns to Go Gym, Char Kwan/TT
Trenton Tigers
Posted: June 26, 2020 02:59 pm

Enter The Dragon

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It’s been a long time since Char Kwan has been this excited since joining the wrestling business. Her chance to regain a championship she never lost. Climax Control could be the night history is made. Before she could share her own thoughts on the situation, she can be seen sitting in the living room of her home in Walnut Creek, California. She is watching one of her good friends Spencer Gosling play a game of Madden NFL 20. She is enjoying some company since the announcement of social distancing. Char is sitting in her recliner which is six feet from her couch with her legs curled up underneath her.

“You aren’t having any luck are you,” she comments while watching her friend getting beat by the computer. Spencer is grumbling underneath his breath while trying to figure out how to get back into the game. “Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s proof that my game has lacked since this quarantine came into effect,” he replies before screaming at the television after throwing an interception. Char is softly chuckling underneath her breath while watching her friend struggle.

“Have you talked to Jackson since returning to Sin City Wrestling?” Spencer asks while pausing the game to pick up a soda off of the coffee table. “I spoke to him when I resigned back in May. He was happy that my career won’t come to an end before I was ready,” she answers in between sips of her water. Spencer exits out of the game while putting the wireless controller onto the couch cushion. Spencer stands up to his feet as Char picks at her fingernails.

“What are you doing Spence?” she asks curiously. “I’m looking to see what other games you have,” he answers while walking towards Char’s entertainment center. Spencer thumbs through her different titles before looking over his shoulder. He notices Char seems a little down on herself. “What’s the matter Char?” he asks with a voice of concern. “I’m wondering if it was worth it. My friendship with Daniela is important to me but everyone else doesn’t seem to have any respect for me,” she answers. Spencer stops looking at her game titles and turns to face her.

“Fuck them,” he says. “Spencer!!!” she replies with astonishment. “What?” he questions with confusion on his face. “You know I don’t appreciate that kind of language,” she answers. Spencer shakes his head. “Sometimes Char, you have to resort to that kind of language in order to get your point across. Sometimes you have to force people to respect you,” he adds. Char listens to what he was saying as she contemplates on everything she has done in her career.

As she continues to converse with Spencer, her phone dings. Char looks down at it and smiles when she notices a text message from Cheryl Hastings. Char smiles as she replies to the text. Char looks up at Spencer who is confused. “What was that Char?” he asks her point blank. “That was Cheryl. She was letting me know that Brandon Sludge and myself will be representing the Trenton Tigers on June 28 in the main event on Climax Control. I just was telling her that I’m in it to win it,” she tells him. Spencer looks around the room before picking up a video camera off the third shelf of another bookcase. Char smiles as she places her feet on the floor and pushes herself up out of the chair. Spencer motions to her that he is ready to record the video.

Hello everyone from Walnut Creek, California. I thought I could have used some rest and relaxation after watching my teammates once again come up short. I know it has to be painful for my best friend Daniela. She has been very vocal about wanting to become a champion here in Sin City Wrestling. I want her to become a champion. I, myself, would love to regain a championship that I never lost in the first place.

Before I can add more gold to my championship wall, I need to get the job done on June 28 in the Go Gym. Now I am fully aware that Wolfslair has been one of the most dominating teams to have held those belts or so they say. I remember Team Eggplant saying the same exact thing but my old team Gamer Inc proved them wrong. It will be just as sweet when Brandon and I shove our boots straight down your throats. I have heard all those idiotic comments that Joanna made and I have to question her logic.

She claims that she could win every single title in the women’s division. How is that possible? You lost to Andrea in your debut match. How many times did you end up losing on your own before teaming with Alex? The same question can be posed to Alex Jones. You both have made a lot of comments but every single word just came out of your asses instead of your mouths. It has to be very frustrating to know that your opponents make excellent comments about you and yet you dismiss them.

I mean ever since you showed up Alex. You haven’t done a damn thing you promised. You promised to the world you could beat Fenris but failed. You promised that you could beat Griffin Hawkins but failed. You failed on your own so you had to find someone who failed just as much as you did. You and Joanna have been a great force. You have been an incredible team. However, your arrogance overshadows your own intelligence. London Underground is another team that operates under the freebird rule. We just use to make you guys actually think for a second. We want you to understand that everyone in the Trenton Tigers is hungry for gold.

You question our passion. My passion for this business is so high that sometimes I forget that I have other passions in life. My heart hurts for this business. I have had more heartaches in this business than I have had anywhere else in my life. My love for this business is unmatched. Yes, I love playing video games but when it comes to competing inside that ring I just can’t get enough. That is why when I returned to Sin City Wrestling I wanted a solo match before putting all my focus on being a team player.

Let’s talk about talent. Joanna, I’m sorry but I just don’t see any talent inside your body. Why do I say this? Because, I have watched every match you have competed in and haven’t found anything that would make me excited about facing you. You let your anger dictate on what you do inside that ring. You have proven that you lack the discipline to string moves together. Hell, I’ve seen you against Daniela. I must say you had no answer for her at all. I see the same thing happening when you go up against me. The difference between Daniela and myself is that I’m more balanced. I utilize a great ground game but I can fly with the best of them. Joanna has no idea what awaits her this Sunday. She can make all the claims she wants but in the end it won’t work.

Brandon and myself are going to prove that our chemistry is unmatched. We will work together with one goal in mind. Alex Jones and Joanna both have hidden agendas. They don’t want to be the best team. They want to be the best individuals. The Japanese Siren will strike when you least expect it. It’s time for a new champion to emerge and THE TIGERS are coming to town.

Trenton Tigers

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