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> SCU Underground Ep. 38 (Results)
Tad Ezra
Posted: November 02, 2019 03:25 am

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SCU Ep 38 Halloween Special

user posted image
October 31st, 2019 at The Golden Ring Casino

The show opens up with a wide shot of the sold out crowd at the Golden Ring Casino. The camera zoom in at the ramway were we see AML. The band gets ready to open the show by playing the shows theme song.

Crawling After You cover version by AML

Behind the band the SCUTron turns on as we a the SCU opening package. We see the Fire Dragons winning the Double Down tag team titles as Mark Cross stands on the middle turnbuckle with his title held high and Valentina standing in the middle of the ring holding hers up in the air. The shot switches over to Halo and Merlot fighting on a ladder as the Underground title hangs right above them. The scene changes over to the crowd on their feet roaring and chanting like crazy as we see Alexis Staggs and Merlot Ayano having an epic stare down.

The next set of shots shows Dahlia Rotten pinning Winter Elemental to Tatsu Ikeda superkicking Melissa Ruin to Alex Rush backstage with his ryno Robbie Edwards. We see Eric Weaver get hit with a moonsault by Dax Beckett to them seeing John Blade dropping Dax Beckett with a death valley driver.

The next set of shots go Winter and Tatsu double teaming Chanelle backstage to a different backstage shot of the Fox Brothers and the Ruin Sisters laid out cold. Security is seen coming to their aid as the Monstimals are seen in the background looking on at their handy work. We then see Marissa Henry interviewing Dorian B when all of a sudden he gets sneaked attacked by Tim Staggs and Eric Weaver.

The next set of shots show Father Gerald and Brother David standing over Mason and Jason Fox in the middle of the ring as Father Gerald places a mini version of the good book on there chests. From there we go to another shot of all four of the Good Shepherds ready to attack Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine but it turns into just a stare down as we see Celeste appear next to Jerry and Jenifer standing next to Kandy Kaine.

The shots now change to different brawls over the last few months as it starts with Javi and Eric Weaver trading blows at High Stakes to Sister Esther and Torielle Jackson trading strikes during the Combat championship MMA match at Summer XXXTreme. To seeing Alexis Staggs and Brittany Williams trading chard chops to the chest. at SCU Ep 33 is Ladies Night. Then to highlights of Earl Lockyer, Dahlia Rotten, Todd Williams and Brittany Williams as they try getting the Hardcore Tag Team titles during the Skirmish match at Summer XXXTreme. From there we go to a clip from the Mayhem Survival as we see Merlot running at Mercedes, Mercedes going for a roundhouse kick, Merlot lowers herself in time and tackles Mercedes to the nearest to the corner to then seeing Merlot and Winter superkicking Denise over the top ropes and hitting the floor to then seeing Merlot holding Winter in the Vanguard Lock at High Stakes Pre-show main-event.

The next set of clips or short 2 second clips of all the SCU superstars. As we get to the end of the video it ends with Abaddon holding Mickey as he kidnaps him at Supernova taking off holding on to a rope make ladder on a helicopter as everyone on the boat looks on in shock.

The camera moves backstage to the GM office where Donna Beauchamp is seated on top of the desk. She is wearing devil horns with her red and black suit. She has her phone pressed against her ear with one shoulder as she fumbles through paperwork with her free hand, idly.

Donna: … Yes, I know what you’re saying… No, trust me, I do… No, hear me out. I am not his biggest fan either. He is the biggest pain in my ass...

Donna pauses and rolls her eyes.

Donna: Second biggest… But how do you expect him to make this brand any more gritty than it is when you have talents like Angel Kash, Valentina, Veronica Taylor, and Melissa Ruin running around? … Uh huh… Uh huh… Look, just don’t do anything rash.

Just then, there is a knock on the door. Donna straightens her blouse and skirt as she stands up from the desk.

Donna: I have to go. I have this meeting scheduled. I’ll see you later.

With that, Donna ends the call. She slides her phone into the pocket of her jacket. She clears her throat.

Donna: Come in!

The door opens to find Halo and Kelli Torres standing there looking somewhere between amused and annoyed.

Halo: Y’all rang?

Donna: Yes. I'm just waiting on that bumbling GM of ours to…

Just then, Tad walks through the door carrying a Starbucks cup in his hand. He sees that the party already started, and an amused look cones over his face.

Tad: Halo. Kelli. What a "pleasure" it is to see you both.

Tad makes air quotes with his fingers as he says the word "pleasure", making sure not to let it be mistaken that he is being serious.

Halo: Love you too…

Kelli: We thug lovin it over here!!! Halo and I been to jail, we seen things, crazy things. We did things, crazy things. Some, just one or two we are not proud of but the rest, oh you but your lame ass we proud bitches! We are not the ones to “provoke” little man.

Kelli says in a way to have him provoke the two women.

Halo: Watch it or he’ll…

Halo gasps mockingly.

Halo: Punish us more…

Kelli: Oh I am really scared. Tad and Donna have nothing on us Ms. Annis.

Donna: Tad is that pumpkin spice?

Tad: Yes it is.

Donna: Ah.

Donna takes the cup from Tad and takes a sip of it to Tad’s surprise.

Donna: You’re the GM right. They seem not to be taking you seriously.

Tad: Those that test me always come around, always.

Donna: Not all.

Kelli and Halo look at each other wondering why they are even in this meeting at this point.

Tad: Yes all, for example, tonight Halo and Kelli will take on the Hardcore Tag Team Champions, The Monistmals.

Donna: That means the Hardcore Tag Team titles are on the line. Not really a form of punishment.

Kelli: Hey, if I had known that dropping a few guards would have given Ms. Annis and I title matches then we would have done that a long time ago.

Halo: Hey if we double the damage we do to the guards can I get my title back from the wannabe champion.

Kelli: do not get ahead of yourself. They owe me a match against that trash of a champion. She is the reason I had to vacant my Combat title.

Kelli looks at Tad then brushes him off to look at Donna.

Kelli: Make it happen so I can be the Underground champion then Halo and I can have a bomb ass match for the title.

Halo looks at Donna then brushes her off to look at Tad.

Halo: While Kelli does that I can take on Sister Esther and take the Combat title from her. Then Kelli and I can have a bomb ass champion vs champion match.

Kelli: While Halo and I are also the Hardcore Tag Team Champions.

Halo: Oh of course. It starts with those Monistmals.

Donna: Like I said, they seem not to be taking you seriously.

Tad: Oh they will, they all do. All of them.

Tad takes back his cup of coffee from Donna. Before taking a drink he looks at Kelli and Halo.

Tad: Deal.

Donna: Excuse me? Your agreeing to this nonsense?

Tad: Donna, They just said they will do that as the Hardcore champs. Beating the Monistmals is not going to happen. Like I said they all change and see it my way. Halo, Kelli if, if you manage to win this match then yes. You both will get the title matches you just laid out.

Donna: How the hell is this a punishment?

Tad: Donna, you don’t like me, I get it. I don’t give a shit but I get it. But take a second to think about one thing. Have you ever seen me worried about a match I book? While you think about that also think about this. If I say this is a punishment match that they can’t win and if they do they get rewarded. Don’t you think I’m doing this for a reason. Trust me, any other time I’d screw with you Donna but they crossed the line and are lucky to have a job. Now let me do mine and watch the punishment unfold. Then you will see what I mean. They always come back around.

Kelli and Halo look at each other. Halo shakes her head holding her laughter as Kelli just shrugs at her.

Kelli: You ready to do this champ?

Halo: You bet your ass I am… Champ.

Kelli: Okay.

Tad: Best of luck ladies…

Tad’s smirk spreads from ear to ear as he watches Halo and Kelli get up and walk to the door, not paying him any mind. He gives a half-hearted wave to them as they exit. Donna looks expectantly at Tad, who sighs, about to explain as the cameras follow Kelli and Halo.

Halo: Tad thinks he has this in the bag. I know he’s got something up his sleeve but we got this Kelli.

Kelli looks at Halo.

Kelli: We really don’t.

Halo: What do you mean?

Kelli: This is a 2 on 1 match.

Halo: I’m lost here.

Kelli: My SCU contract clearly states that I only fight women. I am solely in the women's division. You are signed to a intergender contract. Tad and Donna know this.

Halo: Kelli we can do this. I know why you have a gender only contract. I know you been injured by male wrestlers but this will be different.

Kelli: How so mate?

Halo: When we spent the night in jail, we stood up all night talking remember?

Kelli: Yes.

Halo: You said you started your career two years ago at a Halloween show. That means tonight makes you starting your 3rd year. In your debut match you were in a 30 person royal rumble and came in at number one. You lasted half the match before being thrown over the top ropes. In that time you fought men and walked out. You faced a few men in tag team matches and never got injured. Your first injury came from a triple threat match when you had to take on two men. When you returned you wrestled great for a few months until they put you in a fatal fourway match with three men.

Kelli: Yes, I ended up getting really hurt. I was out for a long time. When I was set to return PW closed its doors.

Halo: Yes, tonight you face two men only it’s not a fatal fourway or a triple threat match. This is a tag team match. I’m your partner, I can’t say you won’t get hurt but I can say is that you won’t be alone out there like before.

Kelli: I don’t know.

Halo: Hey, if I had met you when I arrived in SCU then I’d understand you having doubts but I known you since before that. You followed me on Twitter 2 years ago then we meant a few months later at a American Murder Log concert. We clicked girl, I know one day you and I will have to face each other and we will get it on. Trust me, I fight my sister, my closest friends like the band, even my own wife B-brat. It doesn’t change anything it’s just business. Then a week later I team with them like it’s no big deal. We go to the ring and kick ass. If anyone gets out of line then we will kick there ass. Something you know how to do with your combat skills.

Kelli: Tad gets this one. I swear if I get injured I’ll find Tad and break his teeth and nose. He better make sure The Monstimals don’t try anything funny.

Halo: Hey it’s a hardcore match anyways so use those kicks and fists you got. Who cares who big they are. You can take them out.

Kelli: Yeah, you are right. Lets do this.

Kelli and Halo high five as the camera cuts away.

The camera cuts backstage where we see SCU’s Backstage Interviewer Marissa Henry in her Superwoman costume ready for an interview.

Marissa: I’m here with one of SCU’s newest signings and a recent graduate of the legendary GO Gym, “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

The camera pans over to show the young wrestler clad in a Wonder Woman costume and to say that she is a little excited is an understatement.

Ariana: Hi! So excited to be here!

Marissa: So, I can see, though I have to ask, your debut match will be the Open Invitational Battle Royal, are you worried about going up against so many wrestlers with more experience than you?

Ariana: A little but I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in myself! Not saying I’m going to win the match because, well, it’s a Battle Royal and who knows what could happen in a match like that! The only thing that matters is leaving a good impression on my debut and I intend to do just that!

Marissa: Well Ariana, I wish you the best of luck in your debut and I’ll be on the lookout for you!

Ariana: Thanks!

Ariana runs off as the scene fades.

user posted image & user posted image
user posted image & user posted image

Halloween themed stipulation - Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Halo Williams & Kelli Torres vs The Monstimals

Liam: This first match is set for one fall and is a Hardcore match for the Hardcore Tag Team Championship!

The crowd cheer as but turns to boos as Lost at 22 by Life of Agony starts to play.

Liam: First on her way to the ring, from Hollywood Hills, CA, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 144lb, she is… Halo Williaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams!!!

Life of Agony’s “Lost At 22” starts up and B-Brat walks out, smirking and twirling what looks like a long necklace as the crowd boos the second-generation star. Halo follows behind her looking stoic and simply ready to go seemingly paying the boo birds no attention at all. B-Brat takes her sweet time getting to the ring making sure she milks all the attention she possibly can as she drinks everything in. She makes her way up the steps and slips through the ropes effortlessly, Halo following right behind her. They take the center of the ring and B-Brat walks up to the ropes, flashing hand signals to the crowd as Halo stands behind her, simply raising her right fist to the sky. B-Brat steps back and smacks Halo on the belly, pointing to her as Halo simply stands tall, ready for war.

The boos go to loud cheers as The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone starts to play. Kelli comes to the cheers grew louder.

Liam: And her partner on the way to the ring… Kelli Torres!!!!

Monster and Animal I Have Become (mashup) by Skillet and Three Days Grace play over the sound system.

Liam: And their opponents. They are the Hardcore Tag Team Champions…. Sam McPherson, Lord Raab, the Monstimals!!!!

Samuel McPherson and Lord Raab come through the curtain with Henry Losak behind them as they walk side by side together to the ring, ignoring the fans as they step over the top rope together while Henry goes through the middle rope. Raab and Samuel do a holdup in the ring with the fans booing on them as Henry steps out of the ring with Raab and Samuel stand in the ring waiting for the match to start.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Monster and Animal I Have Become (mashup) by Skillet and Three Days Grace play over the sound system, everyone in the ring looks at the rampway. We see Tatsu Ikeda wearing a Samuel McPherson wrestling attire and who we can only assume is Winter Elemental in a full-body Lord Raab outfit with the mask.

Chad: Oh god, what are these two up to now?

The Kawaii Dragons walk down the rampway just like the Monstimals do. Sam looks at Henry. Henry signals for him to just relax and let this play out. Lord Raab looks on. Halo and Kelli are just as confused as they both turned to look at the ref.

The Kawaii Dragons enter the ring. Sam (Tatsu) stands in the middle of the ring staring down Halo and Kelli while holding on to the chest piece of the outfit. Lord Raab (Winter) looks up to have a staredown with Lord Raab.

Lord Raab (winter) raises a microphone.

Winter: You know I’m a fan. This outfit is one I bought at some store… Oh, he-he I mean at the SCW store. But this mask, this is the real deal. You remember giving me this mask at Summer XXXTreme. Hold on.

Winter looks at the crowd.

Winter: Trust me, Lord Raab is as bad as they come. I am just lucky to have caught Lord Raab in a not so bad mood and was somehow able to get him to see that I liked watching him back in SCW.

Winter turns to look at Lord Raab.

Winter: You know, when you were working on getting into the Hall OF Fame. Lord Raab understands that I liked it all, when you won when you lost when you lashed out and said fuck it and kicked everyone’s asses. But you Lord Raab. you and I need to be on the same page about something. I’m your biggest fan, but you have my title around your waste. And it’s okay Lord, I still love you bud but you know that a time will come when I have to take that from you.

Samuel takes a step forward. Lord puts his hand out to hold Sam back. Sam turns to look at Henry. Henry tells him to stay calm.

Winter: But since I’ll feel bad for taking your title I figured I won’t be doing that. Instead, I’ll take Sam’s and Tatsu can take yours. I’d feel more at peace that way.

Lord takes his hand and places it on top of Winter’s head then pats her head a few times.

Winter: No I want huggy not patty on the head like a doggy.

Winter leans in but Lord Raab moves his hand to the front of Winter’s Raab mask to keep her away from him.

Winter: Fine… For now, good luck, and be nice, I like Kelli and Halo. Beat them if you can but don’t hurt them. Especially, Kelli, she seems to get injured a lot. Oh wait I forgot, Kelli and Halo have to face The Monstimals. All of them…

Gena: What does she mean by that… Sam, I mean Tatsu charges at Halo and tackles her to the mat. Kelli also gets speared by Lord Raab, I mean Winter.

Chad: How about lil Raab and Lil Sam?

Gena: Sam takes a step forward but is stopped by Lord Raab. Brittany jumps on the apron to distract the Kawaii Monstimals. Lil Raab and Sam get back to there feet and point behind Brittany as we see SCU Security rushing the ringside.

Chad: Tad is seen coming out the curtain as well.

Tad: Sorry everyone. I have been busy with everything going on. I forgot to tell Halo that her manager Brittany is barred from ringside!

Gena: Oh come on, it's already a four on one match!

Chad: Security remove Brittany from the apron as Halo and Kelli get to there feet. Kelli and Security guard Kittie have a stare down.

Gena: Halo and Kelli turn around to face the Kawaii Monstimals. Kelli goes to kick Tatsu but she backs away as Halo goes for a clothesline but Winter ducks underneath. Halo keeps on running as she clothesline Lord Raab.

Chad: Lord Raab doesn’t even move as he just looks at Halo. Kelli goes for a fake left then nails a hard right hook to Tatsu as Winter runs at Halo and hits a dropkick from behind. Halo hits Lord Raab’s chest then drops to the mat. Lil Raab stares up at Sam McPherson. Sam grabs Lil Raab by the neck and lifts her up for a chokeslam!

Gena: There on the same team! Wait, Sam tosses Winter to Halo as she tried getting up. Winter back slams on to Halo upper body to drop her back to the mat.

Chad: Kelli grabs Tatsu and sends heer to the ropes, but Lord Raab grabs Tatsu and lifts her up in the air then shoves her towards Kelli. Kelli side steps out the way to avoid Tatsu. Sam walks over to Kelli, Kelli hits a low stiff kick to Sam’s leg to no effect!

Gena: Kelli punches his chest also to no effect. Sam goes to grab her but Kelli backs away then kicks him in the gut to no effect. Halo, Lil Raab and Lil Sam get up. Lil Raab grabs Halo but Halo nails a knee to her gut. Lil Sam pushes Sam as it looks like she doesn’t take kindly to being thrown around. Lord Raab grabs Halo off of Lil Raab and throws her over the top ropes.

Chad: Kelli grabs Lil Sam from behind and hits a German suplex. Kelli looks at Sam as Sam goes to grab Kelli. Kelli tries to break free but can’t. Sam lifts her up by her neck with both hands. Sam drops her with a sitout bomb. Lil Sam gets to her feet. She looks at Lil Raab and points at Sam. Lil Raab points at the Monstimals manager Henry. Henry points at Halo!

Gena: Lil Sam runs out the ring as Halo gets up. Lil Sam kicks Halo in the face. Halo stumbles back, Lil Sam runs at Halo. Halo grabs Lil Sam and sends her to the ring post!!!

Chad: Kelli gets to her feet as Sam looks on. Kelli throws a punch that just misses. Sam looks on as Kelli opens her fist and smacks Sam on the nose. Sam takes a step back. Kelli goes low and nails a right hook on Sam’s inner thigh. He grabs his leg as Lil Raab comes over to help.

Gena: Kelli nails Lil Raab and hits a superkick that drops her to the mat. Lord Raab goes to grab Kelli but Kelli ducks it then smacks the back of his neck. Lord Raab turns to look at her. He tires a clothesline but Kelli counter as she ducks it and punches him right in the armpit.

Chad: Lord Raab grabs his armpit. Sam nails Kelli from behind with a clothesline. Lil Raab gets to her feet, Halo grabs Lil Raab’s feet and knocks her back to the mat then grabs her to drag her outside the ring.

Gena: Halo grabs Lil Raab and throws her to the barricade. Lord Raab and Samual grab Kelli and Samuel gets Kelli up for a powerbomb and drops Kelli to the knees of Lord Raab as the nail there Powerbomb/double knee backbreaker combination!!!

Chad: Halo grabs Lil Raab and throws her to the ringpost. Lil Sam starts to get up. Halo rings to the other side of the ring and spears Lil Sam to the barricade!

Gena: Kelli starts to get up The Monstimals grab her and nail a Double Suplex. Halo slides in the ring. Sam grabs Halo by the neck and lifts her up. He grabs her but Lord Raab grabs on to her back and hits a backstabber as they nail Monstimals kill!!!

Chad: Sam covers Halo!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

The camera moves backstage to see Gianni Di Luca dressed up as a king. He is walking down the hallway, and as he comes to the catering table, he sees someone sitting in front of it. He laughs in a sort of seductive way as he walks up to Veronica Taylor. He presses himself against her and reaches down to grab hold of her rump.

Gianni: Well hello there, darlin’.

Veronica chuckles but its much deeper than her usual bitchy tone. She groans and rubs back against Gianni, feeling up on his chest beneath the jacket he’s wearing and she moans. She turns around and… it’s not Veronica Taylor at all. It is Sin City Underground newcomer, Helluva Bottom Carter!

HB: Well hello dear. Feel free to walk up on me like that any old time.

Gianni’s eyes widen as he looks down at Carter. He fumbles over his words as he tries to come up with a coherent word, but fails at it miserably.

HB: You have some pretty amazing assets. A girl would be pretty special to be your Queen. Luckily, I’m dressed the part.

Gianni: Yo, my eyes are up here.

Carter rolls their eyes and looks up at Gianni with an annoyed expression.

HB: And? It’s not like I’m looking at your eyes anyway.

Carter turns around and grabs their bottle of water with the words “Fancy Mineral Water” written over paper with black marker. They take a sip and wink at Gianni, though they still don’t make eye contact with him.

Gianni: You might wanna watch who ya mockin’ around here. Ya queen’s got some friends in pretty high places, and she don’t take too kindly to people tryin’a be in her league.

HB: Thanks for the warning. Luckily for me, I am in her league. I mean, you are more than welcome to see for yourself.

Gianni: I’ll pass, thanks.

Gianni rolls his eyes now and he takes a few steps back, realizing that he’s awfully close to Carter. Carter shrugs their shoulders as Gianni takes note of Carter one last time before shooting off a text. He walks off, leaving Carter to return to their business at the table.

We cut to the backstage area where we see Dev Khatri standing by in his Gilligan costume after what has just transpired in the ring.

Dev: Wow, what a night of action we’ve had tonight, and the night is still young! And with the Open Invitational Battle Royal coming up, who knows who will show up.

As Dev says this a female figure wearing a Jason Vorhees costume steps into view, she is a few inches shorter than Dev though her face is concealed by the mask.

Dev: Err, hi, are you another new signing?

???: Not exactly.

The woman removes her mask and the crowd boos as they recognize that figure as longtime SCW Bombshell Jessie Salco.

Jessie: God, I’m not looking forward to wrestling in that thing!

Dev: Wrestling? You’re in the Battle Royal?

Jessie: Why not? SCW didn’t book me for Climax Control this week and when I saw that SCU was holding an Open Invitational Battle Royal for the Halloween Show I decided “fuck Arizona, I’m heading down to Vegas for the week” and, well, here I am!

Dev: Are you still going to appear on Climax Control?

Jessie: I will, just to see what this announcement is about, I’m not heading back to Arizona until tomorrow but until then I’m staying here in Vegas and hey, if I get to throw out Christina’s kid in the Battle Royal whilst I’m at it then all the better!

Jessie puts the mask back on and walks off as the scene fades.

The screen is black burn then a voice can be heard…

???: The time has come, the circumstances are just right. A company, SCU has found a way to make wrestling and combat fighting into one. I’ve looked long enough, I’ve watched long enough. I’ve got that feeling, that fighting feeling and this company has a Combat title. The way I see it, there’s only one way for me to take that title. There’s only one way to show the world what real combat wrestling is, so congratulations. Congratulations to all the fans of SCU, you all are about to receive the gift of all gifts.

A match can be heard as it’s struck and a small flame appears as the hands of a man can be seen. The man is wearing a black tee shirt but his face is still in the shadows.

???: Stewart Mason, you are not alone. You are no longer without a rival, without a challenger that can meet you on your level. Do you see the flame on this candle? It represents the flame that has been reignited within me. Oh but it’s going to keep burning, this is no ordinary flame that can just be blown out. The hunt is on and I’m coming for you Mason. I won’t be stopped and I’m taking that title. Enjoy your time with it, admire it, hell love it. Because the clock is ticking.

The man bends down placing his face by the candle allowing us all to see Eyesnsane.

Eyesnsane: It’s just a matter of time before I become the new Combat champion and turn your light out.

He blows out the candle and the screen goes black as you hear Eyesnsane laughing menacingly.

We open up backstage at the Golden Ring Casino and it is there where we are able to see Gemma Frost dressed up as an evil witch. A few moments go by and we are able to see Christina Zdunich which we can hear a massive pop in the background. Crystal smirks as she is dressed up as that of Sailor Moon. She looks around embracing it in as loud Christina chants can be heard. It isn’t long before we see Brittany Williams next and when she appears we hear a lot of boos. Brittany shakes her head in disgust as Gemma begins to speak.

Gemma: Hey everyone let me welcome to the world of SCU Christina Zdunich!

Christina: Thank you so much and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that it feels so great to be here right now! You know High Stakes was such an amazing Super Card and even though I didn’t win my match against Jessie Salco it still felt good to be a part of a great show.

Christina smirks as she lifts a plaque up and smiles at the camera.

Christina: And at least I won feud of the year with Alicia Lukas. Alicia and I have had some war this past year. It’s been a war of wrestling, words, and so many emotions but she really is the best of the best, and she has all of my respect. She might hate me out of the ring and my actions in my personal life but I hope she can respect the war that went down into making our feud the most talked about feud!

Crystal grins as she continues to speak.

Christina: Tonight however is about enjoying Halloween and today I came dressed as one of my favorite anime character Sailor Moon. Serena or Usagi whether you prefer English or Japanese translation is so amazing. Such an innocent soul although she can be a klutz at times but deep down she is a great soul. Tonight Brittany and I will be entering into the battle royal and we just want to have a good time. Celeste if you are hearing I know you beat my ass during our last encounter in the ring and I hope you can forgive me.

Brittany shakes her head as she looks deeply into the lens of the camera.

Brittany: Blah, blah, blah… No one cares about that mom. What people care about is of course me Brittany Williams doing whatever it takes to get what I need and to push ahead. You all saw my wife doing super amazing, well what’s to stop me from ascending up the ladder and getting what belongs to me?! You can fucking boo me but I don’t give a shit about that.

Brittany twirls around as she shakes her head.

Brittany: I mean look at me I am dressed as Sailor Mini Moon because I just so love my mother!

Brittany rolls her eyes as she shakes her head in disgust.

Brittany: Look I am nobody’s sidekick let alone I am not going to be in anybody’s shadow. So even though you are my mother I will do whatever it takes to make an impact. Mark my words on that!

With that Brittany just sighs walking away as we fade out on this image.

We see jenifer wearing a NFW Women's World Champion and Omega Chaos Championship titles around her waist as she holds a bong, has a blunt hanging on the side of her head hanging on top of her right ear with her hair sprayed green as she is dressed as "Darth Ganja" Sativa Nevaeh.

We see her with birthday girl Zenna Zdunich dressed as The Painted Doll (from The Devil's Carnival) and older cousin Linnéa Lacroix as she is dressed as Marie Laveau (the New Orleans Voodoo Queen) in the background we can see about 25 people al in different costumes minging in small groups.

Zenna: Har du till och med rökt från den bongen ännu?
(Have you even smoked from that bong yet)

Jenifer takes a lighter and uses it to light up the bong.

Jenifer: Je suis au travail. Donc pas de THC seulement CBD.
I’m at work, so no THC just CBD.)

Zenna: Bra. Vi är i återhämtning.
(Good. We're in recovery.)

Jenifer: Oui, je sais, mais certains de ces moments étaient des moments amusants.
(Yes, I know, but some of those moments were fun times.)

Jenifer says as she winks at Zenna and Linnéa. Jenifer smiles then pauses as she sees Winter and Tatsu dressed as the Monstimals walking in.

Jenifer: Dames.

Winter: Dames? What the hell? Damn you bitch!

Linnéa shakes her head chuckling. Jenifer looks confused and looks at her cousin Linnéa.

Linnéa: Elle pense que vous essayez de l'insulter.
(She thinks you are trying to insult her)

Jenifer: Mais elle parle français comme moi
(But she speaks french like me)

Winter: And I do and? Oh, Dames as in ladies. Oh man, oops, Désolé je suis lent (Sorry I’m Slow)

Jenifer: C'est vrai
(That is true)

Winter: Regarde salope, je me fiche de savoir si c'est ta fête, je te botterai le cul.
(Look bitch, I don’t care if it's your party, I'll kick your ass.)

Jenifer starts laughing uncontrollably in Winter’s face which gets her to take off her Lord Raab mask. Tatsu grabs Winter and pulls her back as Jenifer takes a step towards them letting Winter know that she is not one that will put up with her bullshit. Zenna and Linnéa move to get in front of Jenifer.

Zenna: Steph, what is going on here?

Tatsu: Oh someone's in trouble now. She called you, you know what!

Winter smiles at Zenna and forgets everything that just happened.

Winter: Hi Zenna, happy birthday Zenna.

Winter says in a cute tone. Tatsu looks shocked as she expected Winter to tell Zenna it's Winter when at work.

Zenna: Tack.

Winter: You're welcome Zenna!

Winter says in a playful manner, Winter then turns to Linnéa

Winter: Hey babe, so em. When cloning becomes a real thing like for real, can I clone your wife so I can have one too. I just want everyone to look at the two of us and have them wondering why something as sexy as Zenna would hang out with little ole me.

Jenifer looks at everyone as she only understood 10% of that.

Linnéa: You are not a potato, Steph. No matter how mashed you make everyone else when y'all get in the ring.

Winter puts her hand on Linnéa shoulder.

Winter: I’m no potato, I’m a potatis, it’s swedish for Uglyducklingpotatohead.

Linnéa: Du är inte en potatis. Du är en vacker kvinna och du förtjänar det bästa.
(You're not a potato. You are a beautiful woman and you deserve the best.)

Winter turns to Zenna and gives her wink

Winter: You hear that Z? She said I deserve you!

Winter said as she holds her giggles inside. Linnéa and Zenna both giggle right along with her.

Jenifer: De quoi parle cette pomme de terre?
(What is this potato talking about?)

Jenifer says as she gives Winter the evil eye.

Linnéa: Steph pense que Zenna est attirante.
(Steph thinks Zenna is attractive.)

Winter: Vous êtes tous très attirants. Pas Jenifer, elle est un moche sorcière.
(You are all very attractive. Not Jenifer, she's ugly witch.)

Celeste: Jenifer, come.

Celeste looks at Linnea

Celeste: I'll take your cousin away for a few so she can Winter can chill out.

Le Coven go to mingle with others across the room as camaera cut off

Halloween Costume Battle Royal match to face the Underground champion at at SCU Ep 40 Nov. 14th.

The crowd goes nuts as a spotlight shines on the stage to show off Liam Gagnon in a Wizard outfit. He waves to the crowd with his staff, and they cheer even louder. He brings the staff to his mouth, and we see that it is also his microphone.

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen! It is now time for our Halloween Costume Battle Royal! The rules are quite simple. 20 competitors will start things off inside of the ring. They will continue until one person remains inside of the ring. Eliminations occur when a competitor is thrown over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor, or once a competitor is stripped of their costume!

Crowd: *POP!*

Liam smiles as the camera switches over to the ring. The lights sweep across the competitors inside of the ring. Some are obvious as to who they are, such as Tim Staggs in a “My Halloween Costume” shirt, Stacy Ruin as Joy Turner, and Mr. and Mrs Claus being portrayed by Jerry Cann and Kandy Kaine. Newcomer Ariana Angelos is adorned in a Wonder Woman costume. Holly Wood is dressed as Jessica Rabbit. Stewart Mason and Earl Lockyer are seen in lumberjack gear. Angel of Filth bounces up and down as she shouts “Gimme a B, gimme an A, gimme a B, gimme a Y!” for Baby Firefly, as she looks across the ring at Dax Beckett who is dressed as Captain Spaulding the clown. Chanelle Martinez is dressed as a Disco Dancer. And as we saw earlier, Christina Rose as Sailor Moon, and Brittany Williams as Sailor Mini Moon, newcomer HB Carter is decked out in their finest Veronica Taylor outfit, living the part as she admires her nails, having spared no expense on the human hair wig. Otherwise, we see Thing One and Thing Two, Marie Antoinette made up in white face paint, Robo Cop, Harley Quinn, and Jason Vorhees! The crowd reaches a new level of excitement as the referees surround the ring. Head Referee Ryan Richards calls for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: My, oh my! RoboCop gets a Superkick from Tim and he goes flying over the top ropes. He holds on tight to the ropes, but Tim jumps on it and bites his fingers, causing him to drop immediately! His helmet falls off to reveal he was Jacob Johnson!

Liam: Jacob Johnson has been eliminated!

Gena: There’s always one! Tim turns around to get an uppercut from Captain Spaulding, I mean Dax Beckett. Dax flings him across the ring as Joy Turner pulls the ropes down, and Tim goes flying over the top rope!

Liam: Tim Staggs has been eliminated!

Chad: Left and right! Only 18 more to go. Tim didn’t care for that one as he tries to go back inside of the ring. Constance Salazaar and Dylan Roberts hold him back from going in. Jason Vorhees grabs the back of Joy, er, Stacy Ruin, and goes to toss her to the outside!

Gena: Stacy holds on and Vorhees tries to pry her fingers off. Brittany Williams comes over and tries to help, but Harley Quinn comes over and hammers at Brittany’s back. This causes Christina Rose in her Sailor Moon outfit to rip the Daddy’s Little Monster top off her!

Chad: Harley’s down to her awfully tight shorts and her knee high socks now. She turns around and hammers Rose in the face with an elbow!


Gena: In the meantime, Brittany and Vorhees are able to work together to pry Stacy’s hands off of the ropes and she falls to the outside!

Liam: Stacy Ruin has been eliminated!

Chad: Harley pushes Christina into Baby Firefly, who grabs onto her arms. As Harley flies at Sailor Moon, Christina ducks and Baby Firefly goes flying over the top with Harley Quinn!

Liam: Angel of Filth and Debbi Ruin have been eliminated!

Gena: 5 down and 15 to go. Jessica Rabbit and Veronica Taylor are sharing words in the corner. Holly doesn’t care for what Carter is saying, so she flings her across the ring. As she comes running behind Carter, Carter jumps up!

Chad: Carter wraps her legs around Holly’s neck and repeatedly drags Holly’s face into their deiriere! Bounce, bounce, bounce. Holly pushes up on Carter’s legs, and Carter lands on the apron.

Gena: While they trade blows inside of the ring, Ariana Angelos and the mysterious Marie Antoinette are having the same back and forth in their own corner of the six sided ring. Neither one seems to be giving an inch.

Chad: Ariana goes for a Discus Clothesline, but Marie does a Matrix Evasion. She comes back up and grabs Ariana from behind. Ariana tries to struggle out as Marie goes for a German Suplex. But Ariana flips out, and as Marie goes for a Discus Clothesline of her own…

Gena: … Ariana does her own Matrix Evasion, showing that she can hang! Meanwhile, both of the studly Lumberjacks, Earl and Stewart, have Captain Spaulding down on the ground, stomping the living shit out of Dax Beckett!

Chad: Dax holds onto the bottom rope for his life as Earl grabs Dax’s legs and begins ripping at the clown costume. Dax tries to kick his legs, but it only seems to help Earl out. Stewart stomps at the back of Dax’s head.

Gena: Thing One and Thing Two come to Dax’s aid as they begin barking at Stewart and Earl. Stewart and Earl turn to look at them and they begin laughing. Stewart wraps a friendly arm around Thing 2’s shoulders and then swipes the wig off. He smears the paint.

Chad: That’s Mason Fox! That must mean Thing 1 is Jason Fox! The teal wigs are on the mat, and Stewart and Earl begin violently ripping the red onesies off of the Fox Brothers! And they’re off!

Liam: Mason and Jason Fox have both been eliminated!

Chad: Chanelle and Kandy Kaine are going at it in the corner as Jerry Cann comes over to Earl and Stewart. He points down to Dax, and the three men lift Dax up. Dax shakes his head as he goes over the top ropes and lands on one foot!

Gena: He winces in pain as he hops on the one foot and goes around the ring to the other side! This leaves Stewart and Earl to look at Jerry. They go to flip him over the top ropes now!

Liam: Jerry Cann has been eliminated!

Chad: Meanwhile, Christina and Brittany look over at Ariana and Marie giving one helluva show despite the amount of people still left in the ring! Brittany grabs the back of Ariana and flips her over the ropes and onto the apron, while Christina does the same to Marie!

Gena: Christina grabs hold of Marie, but Brittany scoops Christina up from behind and dumps her to the arena floor!

Liam: Christina Rose has been eliminated!

Gena: And that is the half way mark! Only 10 competitors left. Holly and Carter continue their back and forth on the apron as Carter goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Holly lands on the apron. Holly kicks up straight to get Carter, who grabs her ankle and spins Holly!

Chad: Holly holds onto the ropes as Carter jumps on Holly’s shoulders and hits a Hurricanrana, and handsprings back onto the apron!


Liam: Holly Wood has been eliminated!

Gena: Holly shakes her head as Carter gives a slap on their behind and a wink of the eyes. Meanwhile, The Lumberjacks see Brittany still celebrating fucking her mom over, and they are quick to dispose of Brittany while Marie and Ariana drop down to lower the ropes.

Liam: Brittany Williams has been eliminated!

Chad: Ariana is proving to be one fierce talent from the G&O gym, right alongside her other newcomer, HB Carter. Helluva Bottom sounds like my kinda friend. The Lumberjacks try to make fast work of Ariana and Marie, but Dax comes from behind and begins hammering away at both men!

Gena: Kandy Kaine finds herself the victim of a… Black Rose Overdrive? From Marie Antoinette, AKA Mercedes Vargas! Ariana Angelos lifts Kandy up and over the ropes for the elimination!

Liam: Kandy Kaine has been eliminated!

Chad: With all of the action going on inside of the ring, i just realized that Chanelle Martinez is sitting pretty in the corner, just watching the action with a smile on her face. She doesn’t realize that Jason Vorhees is lurking outside of the ring. Jason gets on the apron and pulls her over in a chokehold, dropping her to the outside!

Liam: Chanelle Martinez has been eliminated!

Gena: The Lumberjacks see Jason and they rip the mask off to reveal… Jessie Salco!! Jessie ducks between them as Dax is able to scoop Stewart up and over. Dax ducks just as Earl goes for a Clothesline, and Earl eliminates Stewart!!!

Liam: Stewart Mason has been eliminated!

Chad: Dax tries to dump Earl over, but Mercedes, Jessie, Carter, and Ariana see the tatters of Dax’s suit and they begin ripping at it and… OH CENSORS! Most of them don’t want to see just how hairy Dax’s nethers are!

Gena: If you thought that beard was something. It’s like a second beard. And off goes the hat. Do we have an elimination?

Liam: Dax Beckett has been eliminated!

Gena: Get that Yasquatch a robe, please? All the feminine energies left in the ring, with the pure testosterone of Earl. Earl feels the pressure as the ladies move in on him. He backs up, but can’t escape as they begin ripping his clothes to shreds. Fortunately for the censors, he is wearing tights underneath,

Liam: Earl Lockyer has been eliminated!

Chad: One penis left in the ring, and HB takes a few steps back before spitting Earl’s jean button at Ariana in the process. Respect… However, Jessie is quick to use the distraction to dump Ariana over the ropes!

Liam: Ariana Angelos has been eliminated!

Chad: Ariana didn’t care much for that and she steps inside the ring and pulls Jessie back over to the outside!

Liam: Jessie Salco has been eliminated!

Gena: It looks like we are down to the final two. A real Mean Girl, and someone playing a Mean Girl. And the real Mean Girl is playing the original Mean Girl. Mercedes looks around at the emptiness of the ring and shouts out in royal proclamation.

Mercedes: Deixe-os comer bolo! (Let them eat cake!)

HB: Mood!

Chad: HB turns around and does a quick twerk to go along with Mercedes proclamation. Mercedes charges as Carter and goes to toss them over the ropes, but Carter avoids collision and yanks the powdered wig off of Mercedes.

Gena: Thats not the way to get Mercedes out of this match to win a title match during your debut, sweetie. There’s like twelve layers to that outfit.

Chad: It’s meant more as an insult, like to say “I’ll snatch you bald, kween”. And the favor is returned when Mercedes rips the wig clean off of HB’s head! It’s a Queen Off!

Gena: Mercedes goes to kick Carter in the stomach, but HB trips her right up to the mat. She goes to rip at the dress, but Mercy kicks Carter in the stomach. She stands up and finds the weap stitch of the dress and snaps it right off!

Chad: HB holds onto it, but the jewels snap and begin falling right off, causing the grip to be lost, and Mercedes gets the dress right off!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Helluva Bottom Carter has been eliminated! Therefore, your winner to face Veronica Taylor on Episode 40 on November 14th… Mercedes Vargas!!!

Gena: No fucking way! That’s a dream match for SCU, and one we haven’t seen one on one ever!

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” begins playing over the speakers as Mercedes places her wig back on her head and celebrates her win. Carter stands up and shakes hands with Mercedes as we go to the back.

The picture comes to life, and as it does, it’s quite evident that the video was shot earlier in the day. The camera focuses in on five Sin City Underground crew members as they go about setting up the ring. They laugh and joke as they go about doing their work. Their high-spirited energy causes someone off-screen to chuckle. The camera slowly pans to the left to reveal Merlot Ayano. She’s seated in the third row.

Merlot: Hi hi!

The cameraman turns to leave, but Merlot motions for him to stay.

Merlot: Stay, stay! Besides, is better to capture Merlot now. In happy state right now. Probably won’t be when have to do sit-down with Winter.

The veteran wrestler leans back in her seat.

Merlot: May not know this, but Merlot no live in America too long. Came here around 2015, maybe 2016. So really, Merlot still relatively new, hai. Las Vegas? Was first place in America that Merlot called home. And even though spends most of time in Boston now, still consider Vegas as home. Friends are here. Started to build family here. And over the years, have wrestled in front of so many fans here. So, find it big honor to be able to perform at Vegas Ballpark, hai.

There’s a moment of silence before Merlot begins speaking again.

Merlot: This week, will be taking on Sister Esther. Is SCU Combat Champion.

There’s another pause.

Merlot: Sister Esther? Merlot consider herself woman of honor. So, will give credit where do. Your skills are amazing. And you hold SCU Combat Championship; is very distinguishing. However, no mean that you will just walk over Merlot. Is not happening.

She shakes her head.

Merlot: Match after match, Merlot has proven to be one of best in company. Pound for pound, is hard to find someone better. And may not hold a belt in SCU, but Merlot has captured hearts and minds of SCU fans. Because of that, Merlot never down and out.

Merlot nods her head.

Merlot: Will be gunning for you, Esther. So expect fight of life.

Merlot continues to relax in her seat. Eventually, the camera fades out.

Gemma and Gail are backstage, Gemma is decked out in Evil Witch costume, while Gail is dressed and black cat.

Gail points to people walking towards them, Gemma picks up here mic.

Gemma: Please welcome the only other two women that matter in this shithole, Sarah and the SCU Women’s television champion, Dahlia Rotten.

Dahlia and Sarah step into the interview area dresses as nineteen-thirties era gangsters.

Dahlia: Those costumes fit both of you.

Gemma rolls her eyes.

Gemma: Whatever, so you’ve been demolishing everyone woman who has come after your Television title, and tonight your’s facing the Merlot Ayano chick, so how bad ya gonna beat her.

Dahlia: Gemma, I felt Ms. Ayano has earned her right to face me here tonight, but just like all the others, that have faced me she will not be walking out as SCU Women’s Television champion.

Gemma: Yeah, but do you want to break her stupid looking face.

Dahlia: No not really, I mean I could easily.

Gemma: Why ya acting so goodie-goodie.

Dahlia leans into Gemma and whispers in her ear, Gemma nods.

Gemma: All right gotcha.

Dahlia: I said I would wrestling every woman from the SCU women’s title match that I won of course, and I’ve done that, and like I said I’ve beaten everyone one of them, and after I win tonight, we’re going to celebrate all of us, the entire Team Canada, no need to attend Le Coven’s party, we’ll have a party of our own, now if you will excuse me Ms. Frost, Ms. Weston, I have to go defend my title, and maybe break a face.

Sarah and Dahlia start to walk off.

Gail: Great costumes.

Sarah and Dahlia turn and wink then walk off.

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The camera moves back to Le Coven hosting the Halloween Party inside of the club at Golden Ring Casino resort. Jenifer and Celeste take a breath to welcome us back when a commotion from the corner of the club. A man dressed up as a royal entertainer comes walking through the door, banging a loud drum. He is followed by two men dressed similarly, banging on their small drums.

Celeste: What the…

Celeste and Jenifer begin walking over toward the line of men coming through the door, percussion players walk through, leading to two trumpet players. They spread out as Ms. Angelica walks through, dressed like a princess. Celeste approaches her, but Angelica yanks the microphone from her and she flips out a scroll.

Angelica: Hear ye, hear ye, basics and uggos!

The crowd in the club gets angry and yells out as Angelica scoffs into the microphone.

Angelica: Ummm, that means shut the fuck up, you idiots! Gawd, we’re just too classy for you assholes…

The crowd doesn’t quiet down, but Angelica clears her throat and begins speaking much louder and more shrill.

Angelica: You have been deemed worthy to receive the company of your new King and Queen of Sin City Underground. They rule with an iron fist, showing no mercy to the underlings who plague their rule. They protect you from mediocrity and the grotesquely hideous…

Angelica nods her head toward Celeste and Jenifer, who go to lunge at her, but the drum players block the path, drumming until Celeste and Jenifer take a few steps back, glaring.

Angelica: Sha… Anyways, without further adeui… please welcome your Queen, nay, your GODDESS… and her hunky king… Gianni Di Luca, and YOUR NEW UNDERGROUND CHAMPION… VERRRRRRONICAAAAAAAA… TAYYYYYYYYYYYLORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Angelica steps aside as four men carry a palanquin out, carrying Gianni Di Luca, dressed as a handsome king, and Veronica Taylor, dressed as an opulent queen, dressed to the nines and dripping in jewels. However, the jewels do not detract from the perfect fit of the Underground Championship around her waist. She stands up and gives an apathetic wave as she is carried out to center stage, preceded by the royal band, and Angelica. They make it to the stage and they step up, security setting into place as Gianni stands up. He lifts Veronica off of the palanquin and sets her down in front of the microphone stand. Angelica places the mic snuggly in the stand as Veronica slowly approaches it, looking around. But, before she begins speaking, she takes the belt from around her waist and unclasps it. She lifts it up into the air as the fans and fellow stars in attendance boo her loudly. This only puts a wicked smile on her face

Veronica: You may adore at will my subjects, see I did what I said I would do and put this Underground title around my lovely perfect waist. Like could you ever think of a better sight?

The boos grow which only grows her wickied smile. As she then lets out a wicked laugh.

Veronica: Oh boo hoo cry about basics, and bow to your goddess of mean. You know I have had a super successful time outside of the SCU and SCW. Titles, men, money, and you know pretty much everything? I have done everything I have ever set my mind to. I know most of you don’t know what that is like or how to do it? But thats okay we are all not Veronica Taylor and in fact only I am her.

Veronica points to herself in a cocky manner.

Veronica: I know its okay you can admire me at will basics I mean in just a short amount of time I saved SCU’s bombshell division. I took out Uggo Torress, and took down that failure basic uggo Halo Williams and saved this title from being around its waist. Because quite frankly she was a poor representation not to mention her pores are the worst girl don’t worry your gift basket of Veronicas Secret facial products are coming soon to you. Maybe then your hideous facial features can be smoothed over sorry bout it.

Veronica makes a kiss face as everyone boos loudly, as Veronica waits for them to quiet down before saying.

Veronica: Rule one When your Queen talks all of you shut your mouths got it?!

This only makes the boos grow louder as Veronica rolls her eyes. Placing ah and on her hip as soon they quiet down she begins to speak in her normal tone.

Veronica: Oh hush but the era of Mean is just begging and I will be champion aslong as I want to be and I want to thank some people. I want to thank the lovely Angelica for that lovely introduction and giving me the best contract this place has seen. And for having my back against the uggos.

Veronica blows hr a kiss which is returned by Angelica.

Veronica: Love you bae, but I also want to think this hunk in front of all you. A real man a man out all wish you could be like my boo my love Giani Di Luca. For always supporting me and having my back despite the basics and saving me from the masics.

Veronica giggled and blew one at him which he returned she mouthed love you to him.

Veronica: Last but night least I want to thank...ME! For being prefect, amazing, stylish, regal, and all and all for bringing back style and class into the SCU locker room. Well brining it for the first time because it never had it! And for soon to be the greatest and hottest champion SCU sorry bout it.

user posted image Vs user posted image

SCU TV Championship
Merlot Ayano vs Dahlia Rotten

Liam: This next match is set for one fall and is for the SCU Televsion Championship!!!

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout arena. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs waiting for Dahlia to come out.

Liam: And her opponent, she is the SCU TV Champion… From Team Canada... Dahlia Rotten!!!

Menage Et Trois By Paloma Ford starts to play. The crowd give out a big mix reaction as Earl steps on the stage accompanied by Dahlia and Sarah, they walk to the ring and enter, a spotlight shine on the rings, Dahlia and Sarah wrap their arms around Earl's neck and he gives the crowd an arrogant smile. Earl and Sarah leave the ring as Dahlia hands the ref her title.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Dahlia and Merlot walk to the middle of the ring. Merlot quickly comes in with a short forearm but Dahlia gets her hands up on time to block it. Dahlia kicks nailed with a low stiff kick from Merlot. Merlot goes for another which connects but drops to the mat as Dahlia's nails a hard chop to the chest at the same time.

Chad: Merlot looks up at Dahlia as the champ backs away letting Merlot get to her feet. Merlot walks up to Dahlia, Dahlia grabs Merlot and Irish whips her to the ropes. Merlot bounces off and slides underneath a big boot attempt from Dahlia. Merlot elbows Dahlia in the back of the knee. Dahlia drops to one knee.

Gena: Merlot gets to her feet and kicks Dahlia in the middle of her back. Dahlia arches her back in pain. Merlot side steps and kicks Dahlia in the chest! Merlot gets behind Dahlia and gets Dahlia to her feet. Merlot grabs her for the Straight-jacket German Suplex but can’t lift Dahlia off her feet!

Chad: Dahlia powers out of the hold. Merlot looks at the crowd than at Dahlia as she turns to face her. Dahlia grabs her as Merlot attempted to kick her to no avail. Dahlia picks Merlot up for a suplex but Merlot counters as she lands on her feet then hits a dropkick before Dahlia could turn around!

Gena: Dahlia staggers a bit, Merlot grabs Dahlia and tries to lift her for a bodyslam but can’t. Dahlia drops Merlot with just one elbow to the side of her head. Dahlia now grabs Merlot picking her up from the side then dropping her with the Sidewalk Slam!

Chad: Dahlia gets to her feet helping Merlot to her feet at the same time. Dahlia gets behind her and lifts her up for a Back Body Drop!

Gena: Dahlia is on the attack as again she helps Merlot to her feet but this time locks in the Bearhug!

Chad: It’s clear that Dahlia is focusing on Merlot’s back. Merlot’s been trying to lift her up. Merlot is strong and I think she can do it. I think Dahlia knows this too as focusing on the back will surely stop any chance of Merlot getting Dahlia off her feet.

Gena: Merlot stands in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. She waves no to the ref as she is not willing to give up just yet but a sidewalk slam, followed by a back body drop to now a bear hug. Merlot has to be in a lot of pain.

Chad: Fun fact, if you add up all Honor wrestling, NLW and SCU matches together. Dahlia has beaten more people than any other wrestler with the Bearhug. Beating Merlot is a matter of time if she doesn’t find a way to break the hold.

Gena: Merlot shakes her head no letting the ref no shes not giving up. The crowd chant for Merlot to try to break free. Merlot leans back then jerks forward nailing Dahlia with a headbutt! Dahlia nails a headbutt right back to Merlot!

Chad: Merlot looks out cold, the ref grabs her hand and lifts up in the air.

Gena: He lets go and it drops for one!

Chad: The arm goes up again and gets released for Two!

Gena: The ref grabs the arm a third time and let's go for three no!!! Merlot shakes her arm no! Merlot opens her eyes and yells at Dahlia. Merlot tries another headbutt but Dahlia moves her head to the side so the two just graze each other. Dahlia turns her body as she lifts Merlot a bit higher off the ground and drops her with a belly-to-belly suplex!

Chad: Dahlia goes for the cover!


Gena: Merlot gets a shoulder up at one and a half. Dahlia gets off of her and gets to her feet. Merlot rolls over to get on all fours, she starts to get to her two feet as Dahlia grabs Merlot head and drops her with a DDT!

Chad: Dahlia runs to the ropes and bounces off, she runs over to Merlot and jumps up and hits a leg drop. Dahlia goes for the cover!


Gena: Merlot again gets her shoulder up. Dahlia gets up and drops for an elbow drop but Merlot sits up to avoid contact. Merlot and Dahlia get to there feet. Dahlia grabs Merlot and Irish whips her to the ropes. Merlot jumps on the middle ropes and kicks off. She flips over and nails Dahlia from the middle of the ring with a Pele kick!!!

Chad: Dahlia falls to her rear as she sits up. Merlot swings her foot around and lands a stiff kick to the chest of Dahlia. Dahlia lays on the mat.

Gena: The crowd here chants for Merlot as she looks to gain the advantage!

Chad: Merlot gets Dahlia to sit back up and locks in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Dahlia swings her arms around as she tries and does manage to grab Merlot's head. Dahlia uses her power to throw Merlot over her shoulder with a snapnare.

Gena: Dahlia starts to get up but Merlot gets to her feet first. Merlot kicks Dahlia in the gut then grabs her as Merlot tries for a suplex but can't lift Dahlia off her feet. Dahlia reverses it to a suplex of her own as she gets Merlot up in the air and holds her there. Dahlia walks around the ring holding Merlot with ease.

Chad: Dahlia lets Merlot go to drop her, but Merlot lands on her feet! Dahlia starts to get to her feet thinking Merlot is down. Merlot grabs Dahlia from behind, Merlot lets out a scream as she gets Dahlia off her feet and slams her with a Straight-jacket German Suplex!

Gena: The crowd is off there seats as they cheer Merlot on. Merlot runs to the corner and jumps on the top turnbuckle. Merlot jumps off hitting Dahlia in the chest with a double stomp! Merlot goes for the cover!


Gena: Dahlia powers out as she sends Merlot flying halfway across the ring! Both ladies get to there fee. Merlot runs at Dahlia and jumps, she grabs on to the back of Dahlia's head pinning her jaw to Merlot's knee's as Merlot drops down hitting a jawbreaker!

Chad: Merlot gets up as Dahlia staggers back. Merlot hits Dahlia with a dropkick that sends the champion to the mat. Merlot turns Dahlia around and puts Dahlia's arm between her legs for the Vanguard Killer...

Gena: Dahlia rolls on to her back grabbing Merlot's arm as she pulls Merlot towards her. Dahlia gets her legs up and manages to wrap them around Merlot's arm and head for the Black Dahlia!!!! (Arm Triangle Choke)

Chad: Dahlia pulls Merlot in forwards her... Merlot taps out!!! Dahlia retains!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Your winner of this match... And still the SCU TV Champion... Dahlia Rotten.

Chad: Wow, Merlot took some punishment then fired right back but Dahlia was able to withstand Merlot offense enough to counter into her deadly submission hold...

Gena: Merlot and Dahlia stare each other down as the ref hands Dahlia her TV title. Merlot extends out her hand, Dahlia waste no time and extends her as the two show each other a sign of respect. The fans cheer them on and rightfully so.

Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu is seen backstage with his managers Johan Svennson and Giovanna Teixeira. He has his TV Championship sitting on his shoulder as Hitamashii decides to discuss how he feels about defending his TV title tonight against Powershock.

Hitamashii-I haven’t forgotten about you Powershock and the fact you cost me the Underground title a while back. I am going to prove that you are a shell of your former self and that you are not worthy of being the TV champion.

Hitamashii smiles as he thinks about how he won his first 2 defenses and plans on beating Powershock.

Hitamashii-I have beaten former champions in the past and tonight will not be different. I will defeat Powershock and show him as a fraud and that he is a failure as a wrestler and there is nothing he can do to defeat me.

Hitamashii cackles and he, with his managers in tow, decide to go into the locker room to get ready for his match as the scene fades to black.

There is a neon glow across the lounge of the Golden Ring casino and its obvious the place is lit. Rockers bang to Rob Zombie in their halloween costumes. But our camera struggles for a second before moving in an amateur kinda way. There is muffled talking when we approach the center of the celebration. AML bandmates are dancing with Le Coven while the music blares above their heads. The camera gets close when three people dressed as crappy sheet ghosts rush up to Le Coven carrying a trough. A fourth ghost follows behind when the camera sits still on a tripod. The fourth ghost lets go of a gutteral shout when helping the three lift the trough above the heads of Le Coven, soaking them in the process. The splash catches everyone off guard and the music cuts off as the sheets come off and we see all four Good Shepherds standing there in pure white garb. Father Gerald pulls a bible from his pocket and he holds out a cross while Sister Esther holds a microphone up to his mouth.


AML band members step up toward The Good Shepherds, but security is quick to storm between both groups, and they push the Shepherds back, but Gerald persists.

Gerald: I’ve just proved that these two are frauds, and that’s even worse than being actual witches. They want to be witches, and they try to fool everyone into thinking they are witches. They are heathens, and liars! They are undefeated, but they are nothing more than weak little girls. Playing dress up, pretending to be something, but they have turned their back on God. Surrounded by people who are doing the same thing. We are the Holiest of the Holy. We walk through the valley in the shadow of death. We will continue to fight the Good Fight, no matter if it is on the unholiest day of the year!

Brother David steps up as Gerald is overwhelmed with anger and steps away.

David: This whole thing is disgusting. The FANS OF SIN CITY UNDERGROUND don’t deserve to serve your depravity. You are forcing them to watch this instead of good, wholesome, clean wrestling that they do deserve! How dare you? How dare you spread your disgusting example of modern society? How dare you expose them to your filth? How dare you?

David has the microphone pulled away from him as he gets even more heated than his father. Mavis steps up as the security gets thicker between the growing groups. Celeste and Jenifer are angrier than ever as they shout but Mavis keeps calm in her righteous indignation.

Mavis: Just as there is no rest for the wicked, there will be no rest for the righteous. The night of the devil is the best time for God’s Soldiers to wage war on the devil’s minions.

Sister Esther brings the microphone to her lips to have the last word.

Esther: So consider yourselves warned, witches.

The security is able to push them away quickly, and they are literally shoved out of the lounge. The camera focuses on Celeste’s soaked garb and the green washing out of Jenifer’s hair and seeping down her face.

user posted image & user posted image

Singles Match - SCU TV Championship
Powershock vs Kingingiseisha Hitamashii Shirasu

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SCU Television Championship!

The arena lights turn to a dark red tint as smoke fills the stage, ramp and ring. A thunderous gong sounds as a wicked scream is soon heard through the speakers. Sinister laughter follows before "Indestructible" starts playing. A man wearing a dark red mask with a blood red jumpsuit walks out onto the stage followed by two individuals. The masked man stands on the stage as the woman clings to his arm and the man is pointing at the ring.

Liam: From the Depths of hell, accompanied by his mouthpiece Stephen Lance and his valet Aeriel Sizemore....please welcome Powershock!!

Powershock throws both arms up and out as pyro goes off. He then sombers down the ramp while keeping his eyes pointed at the ring. A sly smirk appears on his face as he steps up onto the ring apron and steps over the ring ropes.

Liam: Aaaaand his opponent, from Himeji, Japan, standing at 5’8” and weighing in at 192lb, he is… Hitamashiiiiiiiiiii!!!

The opening riffs of Fire In Our House by Astral Doors hits the speakers and Kingingiseisha “Hitamashii” Shirasu comes out to the stage, looking smug, and stands there as the crowd gives him boos. Hitamashii walks from one side of the stage to the other with a swag in his step before he looks around the crowd, and starts to walk towards the ring slowly, stopping halfway down the ramp and turning his head with his nose in the air to look at the crowd, their faces showing that they do not like the way he is looking down upon them. Hitamashii lowers his head slowly and turns back to face the ring, walking down towards the apron. Hitamashii climbs up to the apron and steps between the top rope and the middle rope, looking around at the fans as they continue to boo him.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Powershock rushes across the ring, and Hitamashii ducks out of the way, tripping Powershock up across the middle ropes. He begins stomping wildly at the back of Powershock’s head.

Chad: Powershock bucks Hitamashii off and he pushes himself up to his feet. As Hitamashii comes at him, Powershock puts his boot up and drops Hitamashii to the ground. He begins stomping at Hitamashii.

Gena: Hitamashii rolls over to the ropes and holds onto them, lifting up on them as he points back. Powershock doesn’t heed warning, so referee Dylan Roberts steps in between and points back. Powershock prepares to shove him to the side.

Chad: But Hitamashii stands up and charges at Powershock, defending the referee, and taking advantage of the situation by knocking Powershock down to the mat. He then drops a knee to Powershock’s face.

Gena: He grabs onto Powershock’s arm and stands on his hands before dropping his knees into the side of Powershock. Hitamashii repeats this. He goes to repeat this one more time, but Powershock reaches up and grabs onto Hitamashii’s throat!

Chad: He stands up as he grips Hitamashii’s throat. Hitamashii shakes his head from side to side as Powershock pushes him back a few paces. The powerhouse then goes to lift Hitamashii up, but Hitamashii elbows him in the side of the head rapidly.

Gena: Powershock weathers the hits and then plants Hitamashii on the mat. He then goes for the cover.


Chad: Hitamashii gets out from under Powershock and then stumbles to his feet. He turns around to see Powershock getting up, and charges at him as Powershock lifts him up out of nowhere for the Shock Treatment (Sidewalk Slam)!

Gena: But Hitamashii completes the rotation and hits a Cyclone DDT on Powershock. Hitamashii kips up and stomps around the ring as he touts himself to the booing fans. He grabs hold of Powershock and flings him toward the corner.

Chad: Hitamashii goes to lift Powershock, but he struggles hard. Powershock stumbles, but he eventually is lifted up onto the turnbuckle. Hitamashii climbs up and looks around, pointing to the crowd as he goes for the Concrete Heart (Dragonrana)!

Gena: But Powershock Powerbombs him right to the mat and hooks the leg!


Gena: Holy shit! He kicked out of that powerful maneuver! Even Powershock can’t believe it. Powershock lifts Hitamashii up, but Hitamashii comes behind him and brings him down with the Evil Is Forever! Powershock fights it with what he can.

Chad: Powershock is trying his hardest to get out of the hold, but it’s no good! Powershock begins fading out. Dylan grabs hold of his hand and drops it once. Twice. Three times!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner and still SCU Television Champion… Hitamashii!!!

Hitamashii takes his title belt and instantly slides out of the ring with it as his music plays. He celebrates on his way to the back, cackling as Powershock begins to stir inside of the ring.

Through the darkness the Underground camera cuts down a hallway. We find Abaddon in the depths of The Golden Ring Casino. The camera comes up from behind to reveal one half of our main event snickering under his breath as he constructs his weapon of choice in the Bring A Baseball Bat grudge match with Mickey Carroll later this evening.

Abaddon: Mickey, Mickey... Mickey. The seconds are spinning out of control. Your end is near.

The Destroyer cackles loudly from under his mask. He pauses abruptly mid laugh for a moment, contemplating the next element in his design.

Abaddon: This is the moment. This is the moment that you open your mind to the brutality that you are about to endure. Are you ready to take that journey this evening? This is your opportunity to step aside. This was your decision. You brought this on yourself. Tonight they say we finish this. Will this ever be finished? That is undetermined in my eyes. I trust you feel the same. Mickey,I will bring the true underground for what is our next evolution on this path.

Liam: This improv match is set for one fall!!!

The lights in the arena dim down as “Cupid Carries A Gun” by Marilyn Manson begins playing over the speakers. The crowd goes into an uproar of cheers as the screen is taken over by the picture of a silver moon behind a fog of clouds, with crows flying in front of it. Four shadowy figures emerge from behind the curtains.

Liam: First on the way to the ring, From American Murder Log… Zenna Zdunich and Linnrea Lacroix along with Jenifer Lacroix and Celeste North… Le Coven!!!

The crowd keeps the cheers going as the four walk down the rampway. The smiles and turn upside down as "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum starts to play. The four ladies get there gamefaces on as Father Gerald walks through the curtain with Combat Champion Sister Esther, Brother David, and Mother Mavis.

Gerald: Cut the music...

Gerald takes a step forward before speaking to the crowd that won’t stop booing him.

Gerald: Here we go…

The crowd finally stop booing to hear what he has to say.

Gerald: Here we are, just as we said we would not be. And in front of four heathenous indiviuals who are just dying to get a chance to get revenge on us. Not that we don’t just love taking the fight to the most unrelenting sinners that there are, but what would that make us if we wrestled tonight? We said we would not perform, and we intend to keep it that way. We will not compromise our morals, because we stare before us and see exactly where that would get us. We refuse to add to this abomination of a show other than what we had already done. So I apologize to the fans who want to see justice served, but sadly, you’re going to have to wait for a later date. We leave you in peace.

The crowd chant you suck to the Good Shepherds as the four ignore them and walk to the back. Le Coven, Zenna, and Linnea go from upset to dissappointed as they wanted some payback. The four of them exit the ring and walk up the rampway.

We go backstage to see Dev Khatri standing by in his Gilligan’s Island outfit. He seems to be waiting for somebody to come his way, but he is left standing there. After looking at his watch, he looks up and is startled to see a decorative dragon head staring right at him. He jumps back and holds onto his chest.

Dev:: Where the fuhhh did you come from?

Valentina’s Spanish accent trickles out from under the head.

Valentina: Down the hall, from where we walked? It’s funny that you weren’t expecting us when we were scheduled to be here.

Dev:: We?

The Dragon: Yep, both of us.

The sound of Mark “The Dragon” Cross’ voice is muffled as he steps back and then out from under the cloth of the dragon costume.

Dev:: Of course it would be you that scares the crap out of me. You have a history of it.

Valentina: Actually? This was my idea, amigo. After all, it is Halloween, and everyone is dressed up. Sadly we could not think of a better outfit.

The Dragon: We couldn’t? I suggested so many things.

Valentina: And I suggested this one, and it was better.

Cross rolls his eyes and looks at the camera as the crowd laughs. Valentina flips the ribbons of the mask back but gives Cross a chuckle to let him know that she’s just playing.

Valentina: Besides, you had the pleasure of looking at the best seat in the house.

A wink and the crowd cheers even louder with cat calls. Valentina sheds the large dragon head and sets it down next to her. This gives us a view of her half of the Double Down Championship belts. Cross proudly shows his off over his shoulder and the crowd cheers even louder.

The Dragon: Perks of being a champion.

Valentina: I saw what you ate at the catering table, and there was no way I was going to be in back after that.

Dev:: That’s right. I was distracted by all of the jokes and the elaborate costume, but you guys are the new Double Down Champions, the ones who ended the reign of Nobility. How does it feel to be part of the few teams who have won both the Hardcore Tag Team Championships and the Double Down Championships.

The Dragon: So, second best? Fire Dragons do not settle for second best. Team Canada or The Three Way are the ones at top, even if we hold these belts. They held both titles as well, but they also held the Pride Tag Team Championships. They ran over every team in SCU. We are aware that we have a lot of catching up to do, but we are prepared for the fight.

Valentina nods her head.

Valentina: There is so much more that the Fire Dragons have to offer the tag scene of SCU. We had a short time with the Hardcore Tag Team Championships. We stepped up to SCW for a month. Some of us were successful, and some of us were not.

Valentina’s eyes go to the floor and she takes a deep breath. Mark Cross puts a hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

Valentina: But regardless of that, we are here and we are the champions. We don’t intend to have a long title reign by dodging challenges and kissing up to the bosses. We show up to work every week, even when our predecessors do not, because they can’t be bothered. We are serious champions and we are going to defend these titles with honor and respect, regardless of who we are put in front of. Whether it be Nobility, The Ruin Sisters, The Fox Brothers, or Team Canada. We will take on all challenges such as The Monstimals, The New Foundation, Killer Kandy, or any other collection of amazing stars. We fully expect to have a match with the Kawaii Dragons soon, because we hear the whispers backstage.

The Dragon: I was “The Dragon” before you two left your mother’s tit. “Fake Dragons”? As far as you two are concerned, I am the Original Dragon, and you two have to live up to my standard.

Dev’s eyes widen as he listens to what Valentina and Mark are saying.

Dev:: That sounds more like a challenge than a statement. Are you two throwing down the gauntlet?

Valentina: Maybe. No, definitely. I might be part of A.G.I.F.T. with Winter and Tatsu, but when we aren’t wearing the catsuits like Charlie’s Angels, they are Kawaii Dragons, and we are Fire Dragons. Game on, girls.

Valentina picks her mask back up and puts it over her head. Mark smirks as he steps back under the robe of the costume. Fire Dragons move along as Dev smiles at the breaking news.

user posted image Vs user posted image

Main Event
Grudge Match - Bring A Baseball Bat Match

Abaddon vs Mickey Carroll

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a Bring a Baseball Bat Match, where the only foreign object that is legal is the baseball bat each man brings to the ring!

"When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” thunderous drums engulf the crowd, as a fog fills the SCU entrance. A light from below reveals the void that is the visage of Abaddon.

Liam: On his way to the ring, from the depths of your tormented mind, standing at 6' and weighing in at 220lb, he is... "The Destroyer"... Abaddon!!!

As the music intensifies, “The Destroyer” reaches the edge of the squared circle. He turns on his heel, and makes his way to the ring steps. Once on the ringside apron, Abaddon glides his finger over the top rope as he walks to the center. He turns, his head bowed. Spotlights hit him from all directions as his music reaches a crescendo of guttural screams, showing off his glass covered bat, as he swings it around.

The opening of "Amazing Grace" by Dropkick Murphys plays as Mickey pushes through the curtains. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it on the ground, quickly putting it out as he marches back and forth across the stage.

Liam: Coming to the ring, from London, England, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 190lb, he is "Sin City's Resident Shithead"... Mickey Carrrrrrrrrrrrolllllllllllll!!!

He looks from side to side, nodding his head at the cheers before pointing out into the audience, starting an powerful "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chant that really gets the crowd pumped. He dashes straight down the ramp where he leaps up and onto the ring apron. He paces back and forth, stomping along to the beat of the music before climbing inside. He looks up at the ceiling and then signals the trinity, kissing his bat and he points it up at the ceiling before slowly lowering it to Abaddon, showing off the black and orange garland, with barbed wire tangled in it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Mickey comes out of the gate swinging that bat! Black and orange garland with barbed wire, it looks like, is covering the bat!

Chad: Abaddon dodges each angry swing from Mickey, despite several close calls. He finds himself in the corner after a second. Mickey savors every second of it as he whips his bat around above his head.

Gena: Mickey nods his head as he adjusts his gloves. His spiked red hair and outfit paying homage to Syd Vicious, his costume from the ACW Costume Battle Royal in 2012 where he and Ben Jordan won the inaugural ACW Tag Team Championships.

Chad: And an attitude to match Syd Vicious. Abaddon doesn’t need a costume though. He’s scary as fuck all by himself, 365 days a year!

Gena: Mickey is done toying with Abaddon as he swings the bat down like an axe! But Abaddon rolls out of the way, catching only a small bit of his jumpsuit, near the shoulder. It tears, but Abaddon comes away unscathed!

Chad: Abaddon looks up at Mickey, and we can only imagine the look of pure satisfaction under that mask, because his posture says it all. He stares up at Mickey, and Mickey jumps between the ropes, looking to strike, but Abaddon swings his bat, hitting Mickey in the midsection!

Gena: The glass shards tear through Mickey’s shirt, and we can see the scratches on his stomach already! The sheer sight of blood gets the crowd pumped, and Mickey holds onto his stomach as he leans against the turnbuckle!


Chad: With such a hardcore gimmick, I forgot that countouts and disqualifications are in effect! Abaddon swings his bat at Mickey’s head while Mickey’s eyes are clinched! A shot like that could kill him!

Gena: But Mickey ducks at the last possible second!


Gena: Mickey swings his bat at Abaddon’s chest and he rips through the cloth of his jumpsuit! Abaddon is bleeding now! He growls as he swings at Mickey, who uses his bat to block another strike. Mickey rolls inside of the ring and points his bat down at Abaddon!


Chad: Abaddon stares up at Mickey, just wasting time. But if he wants to stick it to Mickey, then he needs to get back inside of that ring before the time runs out!


Gena: Just in the nick of time, Abaddon rolls inside, and then back out as Mickey’s bat literally sticks into the canvas! Abaddon nods his head at Mickey, almost in approval. Abaddon reaches inside and grabs Mickey by the ankles and takes him right off his feet!

Chad: He yanks Mickey outside of the ring, and Mickey’s bat is still stuck in the canvas, standing up at an angle! Abaddon gets on Mickey’s back and grabs onto his spiked hair and yanks his head up with one hand.

Gena: The other hand places the bat against Mickey’s forehead. The crowd shouts out, pleading with Abaddon not to do it, and Mickey tries to shake his head. But Abaddon rakes the bat up and down, back and forth, tearing Mickey’s forehead open!


Chad: Mickey screams out in agony as he tries to crawl out from under Abaddon. Once Abaddon is satisfied, he rams Mickey face first into the ring steps! He slides Mickey back inside of the ring and quickly goes for the cover!


Gena: Mickey barely gets his foot draped over the second rope, and this match continues! Abaddon picks up his bat and goes to swings it at Mickey, but Mickey rolls out of the way. He picks up his own bat, and he begins clobbering Abaddon across the back repeatedly!


Chad: Mickey is making Abaddon pay as the back of his jumpsuit is in tatters, and blood pours from Abaddon’s back! Mickey does not relent as Abaddon reaches for the ropes. He grabs them, and the referee calls for Mickey to step back!

Gena: The medical team is pouring down the ramp, but Mickey and Abaddon both shake their heads, letting them know that they are fine to continue. As the medical team insists, both men begin stomping, warding off the medical team!


Chad: FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! Let this brutality continue! Both men want to keep going, and the fans want to see this match to the end! Dr. Gracie raises her hands in surrender, but she stays at ringside.

Gena: Mickey turns back to Abaddon, his face covered in a mask of crimson as he sputters blood from his upper lip. He leans against the top rope as Abaddon does the same. Both men stare across the ring at one another.

Chad: Mickey points his bat at Abaddon, and Abaddon points his bat at Mickey. Both men meet in the center of the ring, and they begin swinging their bats wildly, blocking shots from one another!

Gena: Abaddon catches Mickey’s leg, but this leaves Mickey open to catch Abaddon’s left arm! Both men stumble from the tears in their skin, and the blood loss is starting to affect them both. Mickey. Mickey gets a hard, digging blow to Abaddon’s stomach, and Abaddon falls to his knees.

Chad: Abaddon begs for mercy, but Mickey swings right for Abaddon’s skull! Abaddon ducks, and catches Mickey right between the legs. Mickey goes white and he falls to one knee. His eyes are wide as Abaddon rakes back and forth before pulling his bat away.

Gena: Mickey’s breaths become shallow as he can’t help but grip his crotch. He looks up, his eyes following Abaddon as he gets to his feet. Abaddon toys with Mickey a bit before he finally cracks the bat across Mickey’s skull. His lights go out, and Abaddon goes for the cover!



Liam: Here is your winner via pinfall… Abaddonnnnnnnnn!!!

The crowd continues to boo as Abaddon stumbles to his feet. He is covered in blood, his own and Mickey’s. He walks circles around Mickey, staring down at him. He then throws his bat down on top of Mickey as he raises his arms, stumbling to one knee. The medical team rushes inside and pulls Mickey over as Dr Gracie tends to Abaddon, who shrugs off the help, celebrating his win. "When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” blasts over the speakers as the show goes off the air, focusing on the bloody massacre inside of the ring.

Tune in next week for Sin City Underground presents… Underground Ep. 39
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