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> Wolfslair v Sass N Bash, Mixed Tag Team Championships
Mark Ward
Posted: July 19, 2020 11:10 am

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Post all roleplays for this match here.

Limits: 1 RP per week per character, 5,000 words max.

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Alex Jones
Posted: July 28, 2020 04:09 am

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It’s a boy
New York, New York
3 Years Ago

Alex sat next to Sonja in the waiting room. His hand in hers as he gave it a small squeeze. Sonja gave him a wink as she used her free hand to flip through a magazine. Alex looked around the room, other couples, women in various stages of pregnancy. Sat with their boyfriends, husbands and baby daddys. Alex made awkward eye contact and gave a small nod to a few of them. He noticed their eyes all studying and staring. One or two recognised him, others just seemed to judge.

Alex sighed catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His body still healing from the match he had last week. Bruises, cuts, burns. He could help but laugh to himself as others seemed to turn up their noses. Alex scoffed and folded his arms over his chest. Sonja turned her head with a sigh noticing people staring at her. “Ignore them Alex.” Her voice was soft and measured, her hands found his again as she pulled his hand to her growing stomach.

He calmed down and leaned over kissing her cheek. Sonja’s skin was soft and smooth, she let out a small giggle as his beard tickled her. Alex moved his hand over her stomach and looked down tilting his head. His smile not leaving his face as Sonja seemed to purr out a happy sigh. “Sonja Jones?” The name rang out through the waiting room, a tall young woman holding a clipboard stood at the doorway. Alex stood up helping Sonja to her feet as they moved to the back.

They entered the small room as the woman sat down motioning for Sonja to lay down on the chair next to the sonogram. Sonja pulled up her shirt sheepishly as Alex gave her a small wink. The gell squirted on her stomach. Sonja jumped and laughed as Alex looked down. “Sorry about that,.”

The sonographer hit a few keys grabbing the wand. Sonja looked up at her husband with a grin. “It was cold” He chuckled as the sonographer reached over placing the wand on Sonja’s stomach, she moved it up and down and around putting slight pressure before hitting a few keys.

She did it again and smiled before looking over at them. “So are we wanting to know the gender?” Alex smiled and gave a nod as Sonja cleared her throat.

“Yes please…”

She clicked the board and hummed out a tune before turning the screen to them, the measurements recorded as the woman leaned in and pointed. “Well, I do believe that you’re having a little boy” Alex’s jaw drops as he turns to look at Sonja, she leans back in the chair and squeezes his hand with a grin. The sonographer saves the images and hands Sonja some paper towel before getting up to leave the room leaving a still shot on the screen.

Alex stares at it before turning and kissing Sonja slowly resting his forehead against hers. She can’t help but laugh and smile again as she wipes the gel off her growing baby bump. Alex sits back and shrugs. “Well, there you have it...a son…” Sonja nods slowly and seems to beam happiness. She clears her throat and tilts her head. “A little you...Pixie and Elena will be pleased...and your sister…” Alex gives a small nod and folds his arms.

“You’re assuming our son will take after me, he could come out as a sweet, smart, funny little blond. Like his amazing mother…” Sonja rolled her eyes and pulled her shirt down.

“Flattery?...Alex you already knocked me can knock that off…” He raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

“Smart ass….”

A few months later

Alex stood with his arms folded looking over the gym. Various students, local rookies and some who travelled further all to be a part of “wolfslair”. They moved in the ring hitting the ropes hitting the mat and some of them sat watching others as well as warming up on the various machines and gear around the large building. A smile came across Alex's face, they all wore black t-shirts with the gym logo, they all worked themselves hard and listened to his advice. It allowed him to work out but to give his knowledge to others.

After a few moments he turned with a grin seeing Sonja walk in with a smile. Her long blonde hair flowing down her shoulders, a smile on her face as her hand seemed to drift and stay on the small baby bump forming. She moved up next to Alex looking over the students, trainees and advanced trainers. She sighs happily and grabs Alex’s hand squeezing lightly. “They’re coming along nicely love.” Her voice was soft and content, her touch showed love and compassion. She enjoyed having Alex home, even more so away from the hardcore styled matches he had been forced to compete in lately.

Alex gave a small nod as Sonja sighed deeply and turned to him, her eyes staring up as she seemed to make a conscious effort to look adorable. Alex raised an eyebrow looking down at her before smirking. “What have you done?” Sonja smiled and shrugged before getting close kissing his lips softly. “Sonja….”[color] She looked down and gave a small shrug before turning to look at the entrance, there standing in the doorway was Austin James Mercer. Son of Christian Mercer. Alex sighed and rolled his eyes shaking his head.

Sonja squeezed his hand again and pulled Alex’s face to his with another small smile. [color=red]“Why?”
She leaned in close whispering.

“He’s back working, he requested to come train here and Christian called me.” Alex groaned and looked over at Austin again giving him a small nod before pointing to the ring, he looked at Sonja and shook his head before turning and taking her to the small office in the corner closing the door behind him. “Problem love?”

Alex ground his teeth together and ran a hand through his hair. “Since when do we do favors for Christian Mercer?” Sonja rolled her eyes and stepped back, folding her arms over her chest.

“I’m doing a favor for him and you’re doing one for me…” He sighed again and looked up at the ceiling throwing his arms in the air. Sonja smirked and shook her head lightly. “Stop acting like you’re not going to just do as I ask Alex.” He turned his head to her slowly and shook his head with a laugh.

“Ask? you’re telling me…”

“Yeah same thing, look the kid is talented, his father is an investor and without Chris we wouldn’t have got it up and running. He has never asked to change anything at all, he has had our backs this whole time and...Elena asked too…” Alex’s head hung down as he moved his hands over his forehead to his pressure points on the side of his head. “Alex, it’s not a major thing….he’ll work hard, he won’t want preferential treatment…”

She leaned up kissing his cheek, Alex gave her another nod and wrapped an arm over her shoulder. “You’re lucky I love you….”

Bash the sass

”Breaking records taking scalps”

Alex’s mouth twisted into an arrogant grin, his arms folded over his chest as his eyes slowly trailed up. He tilted his head and smiled before moving his arms outward with the palms up.

”Is anyone really surprised? When I asked Johanna to team with me this was always the plan. It was to help her get noticed and break her out onto the world stage. It was to make sure all the women in SCW’s bombshells division knew her name and the kind of fire she was bringing with her. We were going to step into this division, dominate for as long as we could before I would refocus myself on the SCW world title. And Johanna would be unleashed into the Bombshells world. A monster made of German engineering and disciplined principals mixed with someone who understood the worlds failures.”

“ The only downside to all of this, is that for us to both separate and do this we need to lose the mixed tag team championships, and neither of us likes to lose.“

“So where do we go from here? Where do two people who know they could dominate anywhere they choose go when they are being The flag bearers for an entire division? You see the mixed tag team championships have always been an oddity in this company. When Sun City came back from its hiatus and the bombshells and men’s tag divisions died this was their solution, and it was a good one. The thing is, the division became a place for people to try and grab what they were called easy championship. A title that they could just throw in their resume to make it seem like they have done something great. That is what Mercedes Vargas and Kain did.”

Alex narrows his bright Blue Eyes, his mouth again turned into a smirk. His long dark hair curled down the sides of his face down his back and shoulders, his upper body covered with a black and red wolfslair shirt.

”But slowly, those championships gained more respect when Lachan Kane and Sierra Williams, collectively known as team eggplant got their hands on them. They defended those championships with pride, they set the single rain record in both days and defences, they made those championships matter. Then of course one team has to come in and fuck it up for everyone. Gamer Inc, the douchebag mystery machine wannabes who looks like what would happen if the Scooby Doo crew took a detour onto a video game pornset.”

“They should have their pictures put up somewhere in a wrestling dictionary that proves what happens when you have a fake lazy champion at the head of your division. They beat dominant champions with a fluke and then not only didn’t give them a rematch didn’t even defend the championships, held them up, and then vacated them are cowards. So the division once again had to rebuild itself, London Underground did a great job, the belts have built and built and became something worth holding again. And we have become a large part of that.

“Jo and I have been dominant champions, we have the record for the amount of defences, we have faced anyone who they want us to, and if we get past sass and bash, will be breaking the length record as well“

He steps around the room, his eyes darting back-and-forth. Alex is deeply conflicted in himself. He clears his throat and then turns back as if he’s looking the viewer dead in the eye.

” I would be lying if I said I didn’t see sass and bash as some kind of threat. See even though they have failed at every chance to capture the mixed tag team championships they have still tried everything in their power and have not given up. That kind of commitment, that kind of drive should always be respected and should always be looked at as a positive in any team, or any wrestler. With that being said, this is a situation I know if I take care of my 50% I already know that the other 50% is automatically taken care of. See, Bella Madison has already gone against Jo in tag and singles matches. And Bella has tried with all of her heart each time, she has put up a great fight, she has shown the world that she’s more than just a pretty little blonde who thinks that she can hang with the big girls. Bella Madison has shown she is the real deal”

“But Jo was one of the biggest baddest bitches around. All the women are wolfslair are. My sister Charlie, Alicia Lukas, Kallie rezik, and Johanna Krieger

“They are taking over the wrestling world and it is unfortunate that Bella is in a company where two of them are. It means it’s gonna be very hard for Bella to ever hold the top championship, Alicia is right there at the top of the mountain and will refuse to be toppled. And in the mixed tag team division? Well, we’ve already seen where that road lies. So I know that I’m not gonna have to worry about the other half of this match, I just need to focus on my own side. I just have to focus on Malachi.”

He pauses, looking around the room again. It seems so silly, being in a suite on a cruise ship. A cruise ship that was docked and not moving. Alex shook his head at the absurdity of it all and re-focused on the match. Re-focusing on the young man who he was going to have to destroy to keep his championship

” oh young Mr Malachi. No one can doubt your talent or your drive. No one can question your heart or your devotion towards winning these championships alongside Bella. I’m not going to sit there and insult your intelligence and say that you like any kind of conviction, because the truth is you don’t. You do not like the mental tools or even physical tools to go well in this business. It is unfortunate Malachi, that you are trying to come up in this division while I am on half of the champions. You see as talented as you are, as young as you are, you are not on my level. And yes I do say that with a certain area of arrogance about me another lot of confidence. But it’s confidence and arrogance that I have earned through almost 2 decades I’ve been one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet.”

“I have been a world champion almost everywhere I’ve gone, and everywhere I’ve gone I’ve had at least one championship. I own my own school where I am training the next generation while still being in my prime. I saved a company from going out of business to the point where this company wanted to merge with it instead of just buy it out. I am one of the greatest names in this business. And it’s time that sin city wrestling remembers that, because I’ve been so quiet and so respectful of everyone’s time and I have let others take the spotlight. And I’m not just talking about the other ”names” in SCW like Vinnie or Ben Jordan or Fenris. I mean people like Austin who is one of my closest friends, I mean people like Griffin Hawkins who is also one of my friends. And I even mean you and your brother. I am going to continue to rule the mixed tag team division right up until the point where they either need to strip us of the titles because of lack of competition, or they just stop putting me against the best of the best.”

“Now here is the part where you come in Malachi.“

“To get what I want, to get where I need to be, I need to get in that ring for this years iteration of summer XXXtreme. And I need to beat you. And I don’t just mean I need to pin you or I need to grab a hold and make you submit or make it so that you can’t answer to the count of 10 I mean I have to get in that ring Malachi, and beat the shit out of you. And I know the reputation you’ve tried to cultivate for yourself, this persona where you don’t give a shit. Where you were getting the ring and you will do Whatever it takes to win.”

“But the last few months Bella has made you weak. When you first came into this company you attacked your own brother and you hit the ground running. Now? You show respect, you show restraint and you seem to believe that doing that will get you further in this business, kid I’ll give you some free advice without you having to come and be a member of my gym. Respect can be earned and respect can be taken. I have earned it. Now you need to take it. And you need to do it by letting your balls drop, and you’ve gotta do it by not being a pussy. So get in the ring with me and show me what you’ve got Malachi. Because you will be facing a bonafide legend.

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Johanna Krieger
Posted: July 30, 2020 06:37 pm

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It had been weeks since Johanna and her father had left her superintendent's office. Weeks since Johanna had reported what she saw and directed him to0 the proof. But there had been nothing. No word on the officer in question, no arrest, reprimand or even rumor of investigation. Johanna had a dark feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something was wrong, something was being hidden and she was in the dark.

The only things that had changed were her fellow officers and her father. The officers she didn’t care about, they had always treated her differently due to her father and her family's history, but her father. He had become withdrawn from her. Drinking more, not able to look her in the eye. This bothered her more than she let on. She sat at her desk, mit was almost the end of her shift, she had not been called for any task meetings, not asked to patrol or chase up a lead.

Johanna just watched the clock, watched asd it ticked down to another boring day where she would just collect her paycheck. This isn’t why she joined, this wasn’t why she followed her father's footsteps. The clock struck 5. Johanna sighed and grabbed her jacket throwing it on before walking out towards the front door, then she saw it. The officer from the tape, leaving the superintendent's office, he laughed, turning around and shaking her boss's hand.

Johanna’s jaw dropped. She quickly slid back behind the wall, she watched as they talked and joked before hearing words that sent a chill down her spine ”I’ll take care of Kriegers daughter..” She took a sharp breath in and shook her head. She knew a coverup when she saw it. Johanna turned and moved towards the back door of the building. She slipped out the door and walked around to her car.

She went to unlock the door when there was a sudden hard shot to the back of her head. Her face hit the frame of her car and she went down, everything went fuzzy as she laid on the hard concrete of the parking lot, a few more shots hit her but she was already out of it. Then she heard a voice, it came down from above with a viral spit like poison. ”Stop looking, leave it alone. Just do your job elsewhere. This was a warning. Next time we won’t be so nice”

Whoever it was chuckled, he gave her one final shot kicking her in the ribs as he walked away. Johanna laid there for a few moments, the pain shooting through her body as she slowly got up, she grabbed the door handle to help her up looking at herself in the window of her car. There was a cut on her forehead where she hit the car, it trickled down the side of her face and went through her hair. She got in her car grabbing some napkins from her glovebox wiping the blood away, she sneered and gripped the steering wheel.

She was angry, angier than she had ever been. This was a coverup, her boss was against her, a man she knew was friends with her father. Her father, it suddenly ran through her mind. Did he know?. Was he a part of this? Her heart sank, but she needed to know. She was going to find out, and it wasn’t going to wait.

She looked in the mirror and her nostrils flared, she started the engine and backed up to speed off to see her father. But the anger was still there.

Maximum effort

Johanna hated this. Being on a cruise ship.; Even if this year it wasn’t going anywhere, just staying docked. The swaying of the ocean was still there, the smell of the salt air, the squawking of the seagulls. She turned up her nose looking out over the balcony, watching the sun dance across the waves.She shook her head and sighed before beginning.

”Here we go again. You’d think by now Bella Madison and I would be sick of seeing each other. Singles matches, tag matches, running into each other backstage, at catering. I swear I’ve seen Bella face to face more than I have seen members of my own gym since I got to SCW. And I get why. We are the mixed tag team champions and the division right now has some amazing teams in it and Sass and Bash are right up there.”

“We have Mikah and Kris Ryans team, there’s the Barnharts, London Underground are still here, the good shepards and yes even the Trenton Tigers are a thing.”

“But the team on top of the world, on top of the mountain is, wolfslair. For over 160 days we have been the champions, we have defended the titles more than anyone else and that means we have the proof of being able to say we are the best mixed tag team in the world. And it nis up to all those teams to beat us and take our throne. But, this time, going into Summer XXXtreme we have a team who has never had a one on one shot against us. Well, here’s their chance…”

Johanna chuckles to herself moving through the room, her hands gliding over the pristine surface of the small bench in the kitchen area of her room.

”I want to make it perfectly clear. I don’t dislike Bella or Malachi. I think they are a good team. But the problem is they are facing a GREAT team. Alex and I have been dominant since we stepped in an SCW ring as a team. And who has challenged us?. Who has been able to get in that ring and look like they were going to take the titles from us? The elders? Nope. Trenton tigers? Nope. Sass and Bash failed in a triple threat match. But now they think they will fair better team vs team with no one else?”

“Look, as I said, I don’t hate Malachi and Bella. But I won’t be as nice as Alex was. See he wants people to step up and stand up, he’s doing this so Malachi can get better and Bella can realise her potential. Me? I don’t really give a shit if Malachi becomes the next big thing or Bella gets a championship and her “big win” to prove she is as good as she believes.”

“All I want to do is destroy people, get paid for it and show that I am a dominant champion. And that is exactly what we’ll do. Malachi is a good athlete, he’s a talent for sure, but he’s facing a legend. Alex is one of the best to ever be in a wrestling ring. Championships everywhere, tournament wins, over a decade of dominance. Alex is a beast in that ring. And me?”

“Well Bella knows all about me, don’t you Bella?”

“You have tried time and time again to best me in the ring, but each time you have been found lacking. And it’s not because you’re not talented dear, it’s not because you’re not a decent wrestler or tough. It’s because you’re simply not as good as me. You try to put forward this bad girl persona. Hell it’s even in the name of your team. Sassy? think being Sassy is a trait that intimidates anyone”

Johanna couldn’t help but laugh and roll her eyes. She folded her muscular arms over her chest and sighed deeply

”Face it Bella, you’re a sweet little girl full of respect and admiration. And there is nothing wrong with that. You just don’t have it in you to pull the trigger like I do. See, if I’m angry enough I break people. If I need to, I break bones, and end careers. And I don’t feel bad about it. That isn’t you Bella. You don’t have the callous nature needed to do that. But I do. And in this match when we get tagged in to face one another, if you don’t give up and show your heart and soul to the millions of people watching at home, then...I’ll break you. I’ll beat you...and I will walk away with my championship held high..with no remorse…”

“That is the difference between us. And that is why you will always lose…”

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Posted: July 31, 2020 09:09 pm

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Cheap Shots
Following CC275

I can’t believe that almost just fucking happened.” the curtain to the gorilla position swings open broadly and Bella Madison storms through to the other side, chugging on a bottle of water before whipping it to the side landing it in a trash can, without barely looking. She stops for only a moment, catching her breath as Malachi walks out from the area with a couple of bottles of water in his hand. He tosses her another one, as she is in mid-stride, pacing. “I mean, are you kidding me right now? I show the woman all the fucking respect in the world and she tries to attack me after she already had me beat?

I’m just glad you had the presence of mind to powder out before she could do whatever the hell she had in mind.” he says, grabbing at her face to make sure there was no damage.

She sighs, pushing his hands away from her, “I’m fine. Embarrassed but my ego will heal.” she takes a moment just to really process what happened, “What do you think Johanna would have done?

No clue, love.” he says before placing a kiss on her forehead, “Anything to keep you from being more than ready for our match against them, more than likely.

What. A. Bitch.” Bella quips and that causes Mal to snort with laughter, causing him to spray a bit of salva onto her head, “OH EW!!! COULD YOU NOT!

I’M SORRY! You completely caught me off guard with that one.” he says laughing while taking his hand to her forehead, wiping it down.

Good thing I need a shower, last thing I need is your snot in my hair.

I...” he stops himself short and looks around.

What? ...out with it. Let it go Mal or you're gonna end up bursting a blood vessel in that head and you’ll die and leave me all alone and I refuse to be a widow!” she says playfully poking him in his side.

He grabs her hand and pulls her close and whispers low, “Too many ears for what I want to say.

She looks up at him with her eyebrows raised, “Tease.


You know...I gotta give you credit. I know it’s been hard holding back on everything lately....feeling like Mark and Christian are trying to egg you on into you losing your temper and in return they are trying to pull this shot out from under us. I’ve been impressed but listen...” she takes a deep breath and holds his hands, “Don’t think I don’t know that there is one hell of storm setting in, in that head of yours. The restraint alone is impressive, considering your track record.

The punching bag has been very therapeutic.” he says with almost a growl.

I know it has. If you want to unleash everything that you have had to hold on it. Do not hold back because you think they will pull this match out from under us at the last second. Too much work has gone in, promotional wise, and I just did not get my ass kicked for 15+ minutes in opening this show for no reason. There’s respect and then there’s pandering...and I refuse to pander to anyone.” she glares down the hall a she’s waiting for something but it doesn’t come, “Respect given has gotten us this far but after what just happened here...

He stops for a moment and looks at her, “You sure you didn’t get kicked in the head?

Oh a few times, nevertheless...I’m done letting our good behavior be the catalyst for people to talk shit about us. They wanted us to stand in line, we did. They wanted us to fight for our shot, we did and we won. So now what? We’re supposed to just accept the fact that if we unleash even for a moment that it’s all gone? Fuck that.” she smirks as she takes his hand and they make their way down the hall, “This time last year, you took me onto that cruiseship, just so I could have a few days of relaxation away from what was my life. Not only did I have the time of my life, I came out of it, not only with business contacts but a contract for a place I barely knew looking for a chance to not be under any kind of pressure from my family name. I spent a year here with so many amazing chances and matches, coming so God damn close to the Roulette Title, only to have it slip through my fingers and back at the bottom. What good has playing nice done lately for us though?

Mal falls silent because he knows when she gets going like this...there is no stopping her.

I almost got my head taken off tonight. That’s what it got me. And who knows, maybe it’s because Johanna sees us as a legit threat to Wolfslair’s Title Reign. But I’m done playing nicey nice anymore. I will respect the fuck out of what they have done for the Mixed Tag Division. They are an unstoppable force, but I will not show respect where it is refused to be given. If I have to piss a few people off in the process of that...

Sounds like you’ve been teetering on the edge of this.” Mal speaks up.

For a while now. Bad enough you got Krys and Mikah chirpin’ constantly. I’ve been in a bad mood to boot with everything else. I’m not even mad about the loss...” she sighs as they reach the door to the assigned dressing area and she sags against the wall, “I just feel like unless we win this damn thing, we will never get the respect that we have fought so damn hard for.

Mal smirks at her, “I understand that completely.” he glances around for a moment, “Tell ya what, I’ll make a trip to catering, get something to snack on for us and some more water while you change. We’ll get the hell out of here, go get a giant thing of ice cream from that place you found and we will start game planning. Tomorrow we hit the reset button, train our asses off and once we hit that big ass boat, Wolfslair and SCW will never know what hit them.

Maybe tacos and tequila wouldn’t hurt. I do have something I need to take care of before we hit that reset button tomorrow, but that does sound like a plan.

He raises his eyebrows at her, “What something?

She bites her lower lip with a sheepish smile on her face, “Just...something.

Bells” he said, drawn out and in a warning tone.

She smiles gently, and places a kiss gently on his lips, “Stop, it’s nothing bad. Honestly, I should have done it days ago, but it came to me earlier and if I don’t handle it, it’s going to keep festering and I am going into this with a clean slate of personal issues. I’m not gonna let my own mind get in our way and cost us this. It’s happened one too many times. Our life is finally starting to calm down and there are only a few missing pieces.

He just glares at her, “If you insist but you know how stubborn she is.

Well...” she smirks with a gleam in her eye, “Aren’t you lucky you are engaged to someone who is just as, if not more stubborn?” he just sighs and looks up as to curse the Gods, “Go, I’ll be out in about 15 or so

Yeah yeah. I’ll be back in 20 to be on the safe side.” he goes to turn to leave and stops, “ more thing.

He pulls her ring out from his pocket, grabs her left hand and slides it back on her ring finger before giving her hand a kiss before her.

Be right back.

Maid of Honor?
The following day

Hurricane Bella blowing through Las Vegas on a mission. Before Malachi even woke up, she was sufficiently caffeinated, a kiss on his sleeping cheek, a scratch of the pup’s head and she was like the wind, out the door.

First stop? A dress shop that she found a week previous. She stopped herself from going in because her best friends were still healing from the battle they were all in together. She had been through this before, they were still new to the war they were all in together. But it’s time they come out from hiding and first up was the woman of the hour, Malachi’s baby sister, Alanah. She had 4 dresses picked out before a woman even approached her, ones that screamed her future sister-in-law and in a bit Mattie Comier. Mattie would probably still insist on making them herself, as part of her rehabilitation but this was just stop one. Second stop? Was going to make sure that this rift ended once and for all.


Ohhhhh I know you’re in there...” Bella stands in the hallway, arms full with a couple of dress bags and a big gift bag.


Jack! Open the damn door!

Who is it?

Candygram, Amway...Jehovah’s Witness. OPEN UP SUCK NUGGET BEFORE MY ARMS BREAK!

The door swings open to see Jack Russow standing there with a smirk on his face. “Suck nugget?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Is she here?

Course she is. Not sure if she still wants to see you or not. I thought you’d be on the ship by now anyways.” he leans against the door frame, playing with a fresh apple, staring at Bella that is struggling just a little bit with everything in her arms.

I really need to talk to her, please? Even if it's just for 5 minutes. Quick in and out and then I’m gone and you won’t have to deal with me for another week.

Jack shrugs, “Convince me.

Pardon?” she says glaring at him.

Convince me that you should be let in to see Alanah.” he says taking a good chomp out of it.

Look, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important. This is the first time I have actually come here to even try to talk to her. Everything else has been by text and voicemail. I just...” she looks over her shoulder just trying to get a glimpse in but her 5’5” frame compared to someone with an extra 9 inches on her proves to be almost impossible, “....dammit...Jack.

Nice try.

She looks down and sighs for a moment, before she catches a glimpse of Pip, “Hey, uhhh...what is Pip doing?

I’m not falling for that.” Meanwhile behind him, she smiles as she sees Pip riding by on his chariot, the Roomba. may wanna...look at the master.” she says between her suppressed giggles.

I wanna what?” Jack turns around and sees Pip with a big smile on his face, “Oh dammit...not again. PIP!

Bella takes that chance to slip pass him and makes a b-line right for their bedroom. She opens the door to see Alanah sitting on the bed. She quickly closes the door behind her as we hear Jack trying to catch the tiny pup, “Hey!

Bella, how’d you..?” Alanah looks at her with surprise with her doe like eyes.

Oh Jack is such an easy mark.” she says as she lays things down on a chair next to the door. “How are ya?

I’m...I’m alright. You?

Me? Well, all things considered, not bad. Except that my best girlfriends have basically refused to talk to me. Sorta hated that, and weighed a lot on my shoulders.

Alanah sighs, “I’m sorry about that. I’ve been meaning to call but...

Bella smiles softly at her, “I get it. We had a crazy match, full of emotion. What happened after that was even worse. But after everything I was really hoping to be able to sorta sit back with you and with Mattie and...I don’t know...maybe celebrate the fact that we are all back together again. I don’t blame you for being upset and I can never ever apologize enough for what happened. I didn’t want to beat my best friend for my first title.

I know, Mal told me you didn’t even want to look at it for a while.” she said standing up, tucking her hands behind her.

I really didn’t. I thought I’d feel better...but it didn’t. Not being able to talk to you was the worst of it though because I had so much stuff I wanted to talk to you guys about that needed to wait til Mattie came back.” she looks over at the big gift bag and grabs it, “Which is why I’m here. I needed to take care of things before Malachi and I headed west for a few days.

Oh that’s right, the Summer Xxxtreme show. I can’t believe you get to go on that big ship again without me!” Alanah says crossing her arms in front of her.

It’s not like we’re gonna be out on the water this time though.

Still!” and the girls laugh a bit. Alanah gave her so much shit about it last year that it was a running gag between the two.

Well to make up for you not being able to do it again, I hope what I got here will make up for it a little bit and I promise to bring you back some souvenirs.” Bella hands her the bag and smiles. “Go ahead!

Alanah takes the bag from Bella and turns around to open it up to pull out a big bottle of red and white wine. They’re favorites to share. Next she pulls a card out. “You may wanna read that before you go digging any further.” Bella says.

Alanah opens the card up and reads it out loud. “Sis, while I know we are not related by blood but you are still a blessing to me. I cannot wait for the day we are related by law and nothing would make me more happy if you played a huge part in my special day as I marry your brother.” Alanah starts to tear up a bit, “Now that you’ve read this, look in your bag once more.” she drops the card to the side and pulls up a glob of tissue paper with something inside that says ‘OPEN ME LAST!’. She rips into it and once the paper is clear she holds a small teddy bear wearing a shirt that says ‘Maid of Honor’. By now tears are falling from her eyes, “Oh...Oh Bella.

She turns around to see Bella standing there holding 4 very cute looking dresses all in Alanah’s favorite colors. “Whadda say sis? Wanna help me plan my biggest day in my life?” Alanah just stands there in silence, “I couldn’t picture anyone but you and Mattie doing this with me. She’s actually my next stop but I needed to ask you first.

Alanah looks at the dresses and back at her best friend, “Mattie is going to kill you if you actually bought these.

Only borrowed. Figured I’d give us a good start though. that a yes?” Bella says with hope in her voice.

HELL YES!” Alanah wraps Bella up in a hug that causes Bella to drop the dresses on the ground and hug her back. “We need to go see Mattie. NOW!” She quickly turns around and grabs the wine and puts it back in the bag as Bella cleans up the dresses and grabs the bags they came in and the girls scream out the door past Jack.

HEY! Where you goin’?” he says watching the girls make their way through the front door.


And just as fast as they came through they were gone. Jack just stands there with a confused look on his face for a moment before... “Hey, Jack.” he spins on his heels and looks at Bella leaning a bit into the doorway, “Thanks.

She winks at him and takes back off after Alanah with laughter filling the hallway.

Clear Conscious. Clearer Goals.

After a few more days back in Vegas, the Sun Princess was open. This beautiful ship brings back a ton of memories for Bella Madison, as she walks out on the balcony that adorns every room, coming from checking out her and Malachi’s room. Just as amazing as last year, just as comfy and somehow they got lucky enough to get an ocean side. She takes a deep breath in and almost shivers. Los Angeles weather is so much different from the desert they have made their home in lately but she welcomed it, even if it was only for just a few days.

This view is amazing! I don’t even care if we’re never leaving port.” she says planting herself on one of the lounge chairs. “I forgot what this was like, which is just sad. Stupid virus turning the whole damn world turn upside down in just 5 months. I can’t remember the last time I even saw my actual home but still, just to get out of Vegas. They may have to carry me off this ship, kicking and screaming with how this feels right now.

Things are finally starting to feel normal again. Mattie and Alanah forced her to take the dresses back, as predicted but they spent hours just talking like nothing had ever changed. Mattie with her drawing pad had her and Alanah’s sketches of their dresses, up to the detail of their measurements. They even began talking about her wedding dress. All they needed was a date but with what was looming for Bella and her fiance, Malachi, they tabled that discussion til they returned....hopefully victorious.

Still...Wolfslair looming, her loss to Johanna AGAIN has forced her to train harder than ever. She’ll be damned if she came face to face with her again, that the threat she dropped following their match would somehow become reality. The Mixed Tag Team Championships in their grasps and their hands raised high.

The goal from day one, was to pave my own path in SCW. Last year, when I came on the trip, I was just there to hang out and take it all in. I was in awe of it. After a week of hanging out with this crew, I took the initiative and had a wonderful chat with Mark Ward. He knew of my family, and where I came from but I knew that my journey here was not going to be an easy one. Honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.” She stretches out a bit and smiles. “In the year that I have been with SCW, it’s been nothing and everything like I expected. I’ve been given chances, only for it to be just shy of getting that moment. I appreciate every single chance I have gotten, it shows that the powers that be see something in me that I didn’t think was possible this time last year.

I know I have their respect, I know I have some respect from a select few of my peers. But for some reason, there is a fine line. That line was crossed 2 weeks ago at Climax Control. Wolfslair has run roughshod over the entire division, a few different ways, a few different times. We watched as they dominated every challenger that has come their way, including us. I mean, we weren’t the ones that got pinned but nonetheless Wolfslair still remained on top. Where they want to remain. They have broken a lot of records, even Lach and Sierra’s. You can’t help but sit and just so slackjaw at their work.

That’s where she leans forward, her hands together under her chin with her engagement ring glimmering in the sunlight, “But then Johanna just had to go and fuck up that respect. I don’t know what the hell I did, maybe I pissed you off in a former life somewhere. Maybe you just hate my face? Or Johanna sees something. Sass n Bash is an actual potential threat to their reign. Which in that case GOOD! I want them to actually have that fear because I know it’s going to be a hell of a fucking fight. A fight that at the end of it will still make them realize that we were not going to just lay down. Malachi and I have been fighting like hell for a chance. We’ve had to pull some white rabbit’s out of our hats in the process and some look at it like we are whining. That is the furthest from the truth. Nothing that we have done is a lie. Prove us differently, we dare you. We have stepped up and backed up EVERYTHING that we have set out to do.

Is that why you attempted to attack me after you already had me beat, Johanna? Because you know Malachi and I will back up what we say, and take the Mixed Tag Titles from you and Alex? For a big bad ass bitch, who already had me down, you sure went out of your way to make a point. Too bad I was quicker on my feet.” she scoffs, “I guess we just have to earn a tad bit more respect by doing the one thing that no one in SCW has yet to do...and that is FINALLY beat you two.

She slides off the chair and takes one more glance towards the ocean before entering into her room. “We’ve held off, we have bid our time, we have bit our tongues til they bleed. We have faced and jumped through every hoop, some of them even on fire. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, we have Wolfslair’s attention. We have a lot of people’s attention. Good! I’m glad because here on Sun Princess, where it all began for me a year ago, there will be nothing sweeter than getting that 10 pounds of gold. With no more hoops, with no more extra teams or added on stipulations. It’s finally going to happen.

And if you are sitting there waiting for a thank you? We’ve already said it. We’ve done what was asked. And now, we’re going to do what we said....and we’re not holding back anymore.

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April 12, 2019
Paris, France

The past few days had been a whirlwind, but things had finally seemed to calm down. After rushing over to Paris from his home in Ireland, Malachi was now settled in Bella Madison’s apartment, while the two of them laid on the couch together watching a movie. He stared down at her, sleeping soundly as the movie played softly in the background. A fond smile made its way onto his face as he brushed aside a lock of hair that had fallen over her forehead, leaning down to kiss her cheek.

Only a few days ago, he had gotten a frantic text from Bella, saying that she felt like she was being followed. He had immediately driven from his home in Waterford to nearby Cork, and hopped a flight leaving for Paris. When he arrived at her apartment, she seemed to be in the throes of a full-blown panic attack, and it had shaken him right to the core. Even though they had only been seeing each other for not even a month, he was worried for her, and promised that he would stay with her as long as it took for her to feel safe again. He had gotten bits and pieces of the story from her about her history with this Reverend Syn, and it took every ounce of his self-control not to board another flight to the US, track him down and tear him limb from limb. It was bad enough that he hadn’t been there in time to stop whatever had happened. That honour had been Levi’s, though he took his sweet time to get there. That thought got his blood boiling even hotter, and he felt a rage towards her so-called “family” for allowing this to happen, presumably as some sort of punishment for her involvement with him.

He was pulled from his thoughts when Bella shifted in her sleep, and when he looked down at her, he saw her clutching a leather-bound notebook. It was slowly slipping from her grasp, so he gently pried it from her hand and went to put it on the coffee table. But it flipped open to the last page she had apparently been writing in, and he gave it a quick glance…

April 12th, 2019
It's only been a few days since the scare. Mom and Dad have come and gone, my apartment feels like Fort Knox with the security system that they had installed while they were here. And yet...the dreams remain. More like nightmares. Same thing every night, everything dark, alone...cold...and he comes screaming out of the shadows. I've had that damn nightmare almost every night...that was until last night.

I still can’t believe Mal dropped everything to fly from his home to Paris, just to make sure I was safe. He told me it wasn’t a big deal, as it only took him an hour and a half. But just the fact that he was willing to do that for me…and he’s stayed by my side the whole time.

I know that so many people are trying to tell me that he’s nothing but trouble. That if I continue pursuing this relationship with him, he’ll only end up breaking my heart. But after what he did for me, I know that I’m making the right choice by taking a chance on him.

Is that what she really wants? Mal thought to himself. He wasn’t exactly opposed to the idea of a relationship with Bella. She was funny, smart, kind, beautiful...and while everyone assumed that he was only interested in her to rile up Jack, he genuinely cared about her.

He felt Bella stirring a little again, and he quickly shut the book and laid it down on the table. She turned over to snuggle closer to him, a little smile appearing on her face though she stayed asleep. He mirrored the smile, softly kissing her forehead. “I won’t make you regret your choice,” he whispered to her, tightening his arms around her slightly as he felt his own body begin to pull him towards sleep.


Present Day

Standing on the deck of the cruise ship leaning against the railing, Malachi kept his gaze out to the horizon. For the second year in a row, he would be appearing at SCW’s Summer XXXTreme card, in a title match no less. Last year, he had been one of six participants vying for the Roulette Championship, but this year he was teaming with his fiancee Bella Madison to finally get their long-awaited two-on-two match against Alex Jones and Johanna Krieger of Wolfslair for the Mixed Tag Championships.

He knew there was talk about it, as well. He knew that all the other teams believed that the only reason they even got this opportunity was because they “whined” about it. Disregarding the fact that ever since they made their intentions in the mixed tag division known, they had fought tooth and nail against every single obstacle that had been put in their path. Of course, there had been some shenanigans that they had been none too pleased about, and they had voiced their concerns. If narrow-minded people wanted to call that “whining”, then that was their prerogative. All Mal knew was that everything they had done had led them to this point, and they were finally on the threshold of tearing the belts away from Wolfslair and becoming the new Mixed Tag Team Champions.

Presumptuous? Maybe. But no one had ever accused Malachi of being humble, that’s for sure.

You know what? Fuck every single last one of you that said we did nothing but bitch and complain to get to where we are. Bella and I have busted our asses each and every time we stepped through those ropes, we did everything that was asked of us and then some. Was it so wrong for us to want a little goddamn respect?” Malachi snarled into the camera when we suddenly hear a record scratch and walking in from off-screen enters his fiance’ and tag team partner, Bella Madison, in a very sultry looking business jacket and skirt combo with her hair pulled up into a ponytail wearing thick black frame glasses and matching black stilettos and she’s holding a bunch of folders. Malachi suddenly looks like he’s about to fall overboard as Bella addresses the camera.

Hi! We are known affectionately as “Sass ‘N Bash” and I will be your guide to navigating the rage of Malachi today! So whenever Malachi speaks, I will provide a network pleasing cleaner translation to help you understand his meaning! Consider me his “sportsmanship translator”! This is a completely original idea...once again, this has never been done. DON’T LOOK IT UP!!!” Bella chirped as Mal has not taken his eyes off her ass since she walked into frame.

FUCKIN’ HELL WOMAN!!!! YOU’RE GONNA KILL ME!!!” Malachi barked in a high pitched voice as Bella pops her ass towards him a little more and gives him a playful wink before turning back to the camera.

That means that Malachi approves of my outfit! Awww thank you baby! But maybe save your focus for Wolfslair?” Bella calmly suggests as Mal continues staring at her ass until Bella turns around and whacks him on the top of the head with a folder. “FOCUS YA PERVERT!!!” Bella barks before turning back to the camera with an ever-so-sweet smile on her face.

Malachi seems to have shook it off and the blood rushes back to his face. “Y’know ever since we got here it’s been nothing but bullshit after bullshit and non-stop talking heads coming outta the fucking woodwork trying to say ‘Oh they’re just a bunch of whiners, don’t give them anything’ and honestly...give? GIVE!? The fuck kinda distillery refuse you lot drinkin’ before you take to Twitter!? GIVE us!? We have never been given ANYTHING. And if we have, all we’ve been given is endless amounts of shit from these slack-jawed, paste-eating NUMPTIES that couldn’t carry my jock sweat in a duffle bag!!!

Malachi growls as Bella takes a step forward and translates, “That means Malachi thinks we have been treated unfairly by less than reputable rapscallions and falsely labeled as whiners that receive handouts. While we respect everyone’s opinions equally, we would really rather that misconception cease if at all possible.” Malachi cocks a bewildered eyebrow at her as they make awkward eye contact and she shrugs at him before he turns back to the camera.

And now we got these WOLFSLAIR shitheels to deal with and we hear all you CUNTS out there countin’ us out before we even get to the fight! Well what the fuck would YOU know? Look, we got as much respect for Wolfslair as the next lad and lass but if THEY are where you’re hearin’ this ‘whiner’ shit about? They, and you, are about to catch the business end of my boot, innit! For monthsI’ve been sittin’ back bitin’ my tongue, tryin’ to do what was best for business but when that business decides to take a shit on everything you done for it then it’s time to raise a little hell!

Malachi snarled as Bella sighs and speaks up, “Malachi would like Wolfslair to know that we do respect them and this is nothing personal, but if they were behind the whining accusations, we would prefer for it to stop. Malachi wants you to know he has been cordial to this point and he’s less than excited about the reaction and respect we’ve been met with.

Malachi kicks off of the railing and points directly into the camera, “And your so-called bullshit ‘Management’ and their sideways upsidedown weird ass booking need to be slapped upside the fuckin’ head with a steel gauntlet! Callin’ me a coward!? Callin’ my brother a disappointment? You have attacked me and mine at every turn!!! What? Did you think I was just gonna bite my tongue forever?!? Did you think there wouldn’t be repercussions for your crap!? No no, now you get to watch as I take every one of your so-called ‘opportunities’ and I burn them alive right in front of your eyes! Who the fuck do you think you’re talkin’ about!?

Bella’s stance takes a notably stronger build as she starts to sarcastically smile, “Malachi would like management to know that while they may have not always seen eye to eye, Malachi is grateful for this opportunity and by golly, we’re not gonna let’cha down!

Malachi almost pulls his hair out but regains his composure and kisses Bella on the forehead.

I understand what you’re doin’ but that ain’t what I was sayin’ at all!” Malachi muses.

Mal, babe, we’re supposed to be the good guys here, remember?” Bella chirps back.

I’M NOT dearest...I don’t want them to think I’m a good guy.” Malachi seethes behind a forced smile.

I understand that, dear, but maybe we should move on and actually talk about Wolfslair, d’you reckon?” Bella inquiries, pulling the glasses to the tip of her nose like a sexy librarian.

Mal can’t help but chuckle for a moment with his back to the camera so nobody can detect before he whips back around. “Understand, Jones? You seem alright but your bitch, Krieger? You EVER try and put your hands on my girl after a match again and I’ll fuckin’ throw you in the fuckin’ furnaces! Your useless ass would finally be good for something! They’d be able to make 80 trips around the world off your arm flab alone you gutless swine!

Bella smiles a little darker at this one “We addend our previous offer of respect to just Alex Jones and Malachi would like to request that Johanna Krieger have more care moving forward ‘lest we, too, forget this is just pure competition and sportsmanship. A.K.A keep your FILTHY WHORE HANDS OFF ME YOU CHICKEN SHIT CUNT!!!

Malachi looked at Bella almost beaming with pride. Had he been a bad influence on her? Had she been a good influence on him? Meh, 50/50 I guess.

Come Summer XXXTreme, those tag team titles get a new home. You lot have been nothing but dominant but you lot have also never fought the both of us head to head. There’s been nothing but dead weight thrown in the trench for you lot to skirt by on but the running ends now!” Malachi barks.

What Malachi means to say is that we are coming to the Summer XXXTreme event to give it our all and we are confident in our ability to win these championships!” Bella mused warmly.

We are WALKING into the Wolfslair and putting both of you mangy, flea-bitten, Old Yellers down for good and we are gonna be the new face of this tag team shit! Don’t believe me? Prove me the fuck wrong, White Fang! I got a double barrel with your name on it!” Malachi smirked as Bella just cocked an eyebrow and flatly says “Malachi is not impressed by you. Or anything you’ve done. Or any of your antics and your cheap shots, and he believes you have outworn your welcome so we are going to have to put you most rabid of mutts down.

Malachi swaggers two steps forward absolutely giving the camera the business as he becomes a bit unhinged.

So fuck this boat! Fuck your ‘whining’ accusations! Fuck your talking heads! Fuck David Byrne! Fuck you Mark Cross! Fuck you Christian Underwood, you cheap shot shit startin’ artist! Fuck Key ‘n Peele! And fuck you, Wolfslair!!!” Malachi barks as Bella screams “FUCK EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!!!” as Malachi turns and looks at her as she straightens her hair and her skirt as she had just come uncorked for a moment and thrown the giant pile of folders she held at the camera in rage. She clears her throat and looks around awkwardly, “I uhh, I suppose that one kinda...spoke for itself, didn’t it.” To which Malachi saunters over to her, grabs her, DIPS her, and plants a massive, cheesy, Hollywood style kiss on her before he pulls her back up and lets her go as her glasses are askew and her hair is mussed again before he rubs her chin with his thumb. “Fuckin’ HELL I love you, woman! YOU LOT CAN FUCK OFF NOW TOO!!!

The camera crew doesn’t need to be told twice as they pack up and we end on a shot of Mal holding Bella towards the front of the ship almost in a bad Titanic reshot.

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