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> Unbreakable
Griffin Hawkins
Posted: January 10, 2020 09:59 pm

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I should be preparing for my match..but I had other plans. See, my friend sent me a New Year's Pinata...but for the life of me, I could not get it open. I tried everything and the damn thing just couldn't and Alice were in the locker room trying to break it. We tried throwing it at the wall, beating it with baseball bats...Alice was so desperate she was about to use my guitar..

Griffin Hawkins: Hey hey hey! Don't use that! That was a gift from Eddie Vedder, I can't break this baby! Let's use something else.

After coming back from looking around the arena, I brought me and Alice two Sledgehammers as we proceeded to bash this unbreakable ass and get the candy. We continue bashing...then the hammer suddenly breaks off and goes flying behind me...luckily noone was hurt.

Griffin Hawkins: What's this thing made of, Kryptonite?!

Alice..bless her heart uses the now broken stick to try and break the Horse open, she is definitely getting frustrated here.

Alice Knight: Why can't you just die?!

Soon, Charles walked in the locker room to see us trying to get it open.

Charles Hawkins: What in God's name are you two doing?..

Griffin Hawkins: We're trying to break open this stupid Pinata and it won't break...

Alice Knight: We've been at this for an hour and nothing has worked.

Charles Hawkins: Griff..shouldn't you be more focused on your match against Alex Jones?...

Griffin Hawkins: When I don't get my candy, I don't get help me out here!

I continuously kick the Pinata...throwing chairs onto it, but it doesn't break.

Charles Hawkins: Have you lost your mind?! You got a big match coming up and all you're worried about is some Pinata? Where's your priorities!

Alice Knight: Hey! I got an idea!

She rushes over to the table and grabs what looks to be a wrestling magazine. She sees an article on Alex Jones, ripping the page out and tearing the head of Alex off, taping it to the head of the Pinata.

Alice Knight: There, now it's Alex!

Charles Hawkins: Are you sure it shouldn't go on the other end?..

Alice Knight: No, it's gotta be real as possible!

Griffin Hawkins: I don't get what you're saying...

Alice Knight: You're facing Alex Jones right?...this Pinata can represent him. Use it as practice for the'll be able to beat him, and then open the Pinata at the same time!

Griffin Hawkins: But there's no wheel...

Alice Knight: No problem!

She then spins her arm if she is spinning the actual wheel, making sounds with her mouth. Her hand stops in mid air, pointing upward.

Alice Knight: A Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Charles Hawkins: Well Griff, it's show time. Find yourself a ref and you got a title defense...

It seemed weird, but in a way it made sense. I grab the Pinata and make my way out into the hallway, wondering what kind of match this was going to be.


The match was on...and it was me against Alex...or the Pinata, whichever you prefer. I see a referee over by the road agents.

Griffin Hawkins: Hey you! Get over here!

The blonde referee looks at me as if to say "who me?" as he makes his way over.

Griffin Hawkins: You're a referee...I just spun the Roulette Wheel, right now it's a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

He looked confused..not sure what to make of this.

Jacob Summers: Uh...who's the opponent?

I hold up the Pinata with Alex Jones' face on it.

Griffin Hawkins: Alex Jones!

Jacob Summer: ...uhh, that's a Pinata....

Griffin Hawkins: Look, you're a referee..and my taxes pay your salary, now get to work!

Jacob Summer: Actually...Mark Ward and Christian Underwood pay me...

Griffin Hawkins: Will you stop being difficult and officiate the match?!

Jacob Summer: Uhh....ding ding.

With that, I throw down "Alex", dropping an Elbow onto the pinata. The referee doesn't know what to make of this as I begin pounding on the candy filled dummy, DDTing it as I begin covering it.

Griffin Hawkins: Count it!

The referee counts....1....2...

I let go, nothing thinking "Alex has had enough." I slowly get up.

Griffin Hawkins: Come on you colorful jackass, get up!

I scoop up the Alex Pinata, throwing it against the wall. I grab a chair and continuously beat it down, just thinking on the match between me and Alex that's gonna be intense. I then notice what looks to be a ladder, thinking this could be a ladder match.

Griffin Hawkins: A Ladder Match Alex..its possible!

I then grab the ladder, slamming it down onto the Pinata...all I see is Alex in the possible Ladder Match. I begin to climb the ladder, pretending I'm climbing to get my belt..but the Pinata falls over, making the ladder tilt. Luckily I jump off.

Griffin Hawkins: Crafty one arentcha Alex!

I get on the ground, pounding my fists, waiting for "Alex" to get up...then a stagehand comes by.

Stagehand: Oh cool, a Pinata!

Like a cobra, I jump up, and in one swift motion, hit a jumping cutter onto the Pinata...dropping it as I make the cover. the Stagehand looks on baffled...and the referee has no choice but to make the count...

Jacob Summer: One....two...three!

The "match" is over. The man is confused...not believing what he just saw. I am handed the title as I look him over.

Griffin Hawkins: What? You act like you never seen a Roulette Title Match before..

I shake my head and walk off with the title..and....well, Alex the Pinata. I realize that my match is gonna be way different than the one I had with this Pinata....hopefully candy will pop out of Alex if I bust his head open...


Cameras come to the locker room...where the Pinata remains unbroken...I sit on the couch, thinking on the match coming, the first important match of the new year. I look to the unbreakble pinata and then to the camera.

" word can mean so much. Something that can't be destroyed, something that can't be disassembled. It doesn't have to be a can also be a person. Throughout my career..many tried to break me..but could never truly do it. I was told to my face that I don't got what it takes to make it to the top of this sport..the more they tried, the stronger I became. When I returned to SCW there were people like Travis telling me my time in this sport is over and that I should retire....but I ended up proving him wrong.
Throughout 2019...I'm sure Alex Jones was told the same thing, how he doesn't have what it takes to be champion...but he has yet to prove anyone wrong as throughout 2019 he has yet to really accomplish anything...until now. In my first SCW Match of 2020....I start the year when I take on Alex Jones for the first time ever.."

I look over at that's just taunting me. I refocus and look back to the camera.

"Alex Jones...heh....of all the years we've known each other, we finally face off one on one with all the gold on the line. Now..for a while, I thought you and me were cool. I long as we have been in SCW, we haven't had any problems. It was until some weeks your promo against Bill Barnhart, you said that I needed to get my head out of the clouds and realize this is a business and friendship means nothing. That's strange coming from you because if memory serves me correct...the first one who welcomed me back to SCW was you. You shook my hand, you gave me a hug and's good to have you aboard man, you're gonna do great things here. If I go by what you said weeks ago..I would've spat in your face..shoved you aside, and went on my way. I realize this is a do you think I got so far? In that ring, I have no friends, just opponents. I went out and fought for 15 years just to get my name on the map..and I had help from no friends, I did it all on my own. I didn't have to follow around a group..nor did I need to stay around them to get noticed. I'm one of the premiere names of SCW...and that is on my own."

I felt that someone needed to talk some sense into Alex...and it had to be me.

"I remember when Teddy Steele was on twitter, you told him the SCW Roulette Title is not on your radar because you're chasing the World Heavyweight Title. And now..after many failed're after the Roulette Title. Why is that? Could it be because you couldn't get the job done no matter how many chances at the World Title you received..and now you figure the Roulette Title is the only choice at this point? See..this title is the second most important titles in the company today. The only thing higher is the World Heavyweight Title, that's my ultimate goal. And for the last few months I've been showing that this belt is the workhorse title. While most belts around you have changed, the one constant that's remained is that I an a fixture in the Roulette Division. One day I will become World Champion..and it's gonna be on my own merits. But until that day comes..I'll continue to defend this Roulette Belt against all comers and further cement my status as one of the greatest of all time."

I lay back towards the couch, relaxing.

"On had the gall to tell me to shine the Roulette Title up for if you're just gonna go through me that easily and take the gold. Let's just get some facts straight Alex. I am the Roulette Champion...and it's not because I kissed anyone's ass, nor have I been protected since I've won the title..despite what Travis Levitt may tell you. I have defended the title against anybody and everybody who stepped up no matter what match the wheel stopped on. You act as if it's a given that you're gonna be the new by all means, I should shine it you say. Well, the only problem is, I've heard the same thing from a million different guys. Lachlan Kane, Malachi, Caleb Storms, Travis Levitt, Mark Cross, Bill Barnhart...they've all said the same thing..yet here I remain still the Roulette Champion. Do you REALLY want to make the same mistakes that they have? The world knows your ego is a huge...but it's let you down before...don't allow it to happen again."

I can't help but notice that Pinata...still looking at me....

"On told me not to rope you in the same category as Mark Cross..the man I've defeated. Here's the truth Alexander...Mark Cross is one of the brightest stars in SCW. No matter how much you tear him down, he'll always fight his heart out..and he gave me a run for my money at December 2 Dismember. Plus...he's actually a Champion...the Underground Champion in fact, the same can't be said for you. I mean...where's your title? Exactly. You attack his weaknesses and other people's weaknesses just to cover for your own insecurities. And the biggest one is that you have been here for a year...and you haven't held one championship. As good as you were in Honor have NOTHING to show for what you've done in SCW. 2019, you've done absolutely nothing but get gift wrapped chance after chance after chance at the World Title..and you wasted them all. Meanwhile in 2019 I've been busting my ass, putting the Roulette Title on the map, facing all comers. I've held this title since May..proving all the doubters wrong who said that I don't got it anymore. And now once again...I prove it against you."

I think I might have been onto something here...

"Although had many chances to go for the title, but you'd rather sit in the background while Austin James Mercer becomes the man to beat for it. There were times in my career when a friend of mine had a World Title, but I didn't just stand by and do nothing. You said months ago that friendship is nothing in this business. If that were true, why didn't you go up to Austin and DEMAND a title shot? I mean, he would've been happy to give it to you, but you chose to remain as a cheerleader. It seems that you were always a bridesmaid, but never a bride. I myself have a goal..and that is to one day become the World Heavyweight Champion, something you have never done here in SCW. But until that day..I'll continue to defend this belt against anyone who wants to try me...especially you."

I slowly get up, the Pinata falls over.

"Now you find yourself facing me for the title...this seems to be your last chance at a major belt. You had your shot at the World title...where was this hunger for the Roulette Belt months ago? It seems that you're after this belt...because it's your last hope at ever reaching for a title here in SCW. If you blow this opportunity, what's gonna happen to you next? Are you gonna find a partner and go for the Tag Team Titles?...probably not because you've alienated yourself from the rest of the locker room with your cocky attitude, acting as if you're better than everyone else...if you want my title? Come get it. Don't come at me as a friend, come at me as a threat. Because I am man enough to tell you that I do indeed consider you a threat to my reign, and I am gonna do everything it takes to leave the arena with my belt."

I put the title over my shoulder.

"I don't want you to think in any way whatsoever that I am disrespecting you Alex...nor am I looking past you. Because I know the kind of athlete you are. I know the kind of person you can be with your back against the wall. I learned a long time ago...that the one thing worse than a savage's a trapped savage animal. Which means you're gonna come at me all guns this point you're desperate, you're wanting to take all your frustrations out on me as you look to take my gold. I realize this is an uphill battle, especially in a match where neither of us is gonna know what the match is until the wheel stops. It can be anything...but the truth is, you won't break me, nobody has been able to break me. I am looking to start off 2020 with what may be the match of the night. It's time I break you."

I get up and leave the room as the camera continues to focus on Alex The Pinata before turning everything off.

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