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> SCU Match Types
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: October 17, 2018 05:06 am

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This is a list of matches with names that may not explain the match or its rules. More to be added.

Boxing Match
10 rounds, 3 minutes per round
Judges to be added soon

Hardcore Match
This is a falls count anywhere match, in which anything goes.

Iron (man) (women) Match
A match with a set time of 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Match ends when the time is over, winner is the one who scored most victories in that time frame. As a penalty DQ will count as 2 victories.

Three rounds at three minutes each.
The match can end by Knockout, Technical Knockout, Decision, Disqualification, Draw or No Contest.
Both the referee and the ring doctor have full authority to stop the fight.
The fight is scored by three judges on a ten-point must system (The winner of each round receives ten points, and the loser receives nine or less. If the round is even, both competitors receive ten points).
If there is a draw after three rounds, the judges' scores are thrown out and one or two extra three-minute rounds are contested. The judges' decision will then come from the scoring of each extra round only. If, after the extra round(s), there is still a draw, the judges will decide a winner based on the flow of the entire match, considering even the slightest difference. A fight can only end in a draw if both fighters go down at the same time and cannot get up, or in the case of accidental injury in the late stages of the contest.
Three knockdowns in a round ends the contest, declared a technical knockout.
The mandatory eight count is in effect (regardless when the fallen fighter rises, the referee must count to at least "eight" on all knockdowns).
The standing eight count is in effect (the referee has the right to declare a knockdown on a fighter who appears to be in a dangerous condition to continue in the match).
A fighter can be saved by the bell only in the last round.

Last Man Standing Match
A hardcore anything goes match. Only way to win is by medical stoppage. These matches can only take place with a SCW & SCU Medical Doctor as the referee.

Mayhem Survival
A 30 wrestler intergender Royal Rumble
(Names are drawn out at random from a site that allows for a random drawing to be generated)

Misty’s Battle Royal
(Named after the great Misty O'Malley. Match is only used when a championship is on the line.)
A battle Royal of 8 or more for a championship title. The final two wrestlers go on to finish the match under a ladders match rules.

MMA Match
Two wrestlers face off wearing MMA 8 oz gloves. They can not leave the ring or the match is over. 3 rounds at 3 minutes each. Win by TKO, Tap Out or Judges decision. Judged by
SCW GM Brooke Saxon
(MMA Fighter)
SCU head of Security Mark Lawson
(Canadian Armed Forces Martial Arts Instructor and Military Police Officer)
SCU head MD Dr. Gracie Staggs
(MMA medical trainer/ MMA Historian)

No Holds Barred Match
Anything goes winner by TKO

Steel Cage Match
Winner by Escape or by Submission (No Pinfalls)

Sumo Match
A Sumo match can be won in a number of of ways. Firstly, you can push your competitor out of the ring. Secondly, you can grab your opponent's belt and force them out of the ring by pushing them or throwing them. Thirdly, you can force your opponent to the canvas.
Not Allowed in match.
hair pulling
striking the ears
attacking the groin area

Warriors Brawl
A 8 man or woman Elimination Chamber match. Four individuals will start the match as the other four will be locked in individual pods. Every 5 minutes a pod opens up and that competitor enters the match.
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