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> Not real competition
Trinity Jones
Posted: April 12, 2019 11:58 pm

Enter The Dragon

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It's the middle of the day as Trinity Jones can be seen walking down the sidewalk in New York City. Her hair is draped over her shoulders as she walks into a building. The sign above the building says Knuckle Up Radio. Trinity travels through the hallway as she comes to a large room with multiple microphones and headsets. The two hosts Charles Bronson and Kevin Long are nearly jumping out of their seats as Trinity turns the handle on the door.

Bronson: Ladies and gentlemen, we are being joined by a very special guest. All the way from Sin City Wrestling, please welcome Trinity Jones.

Trinity plops down in her chair as she places the headset over her ears. She waves at the two men as they immediately start bombarding her with questions.

Trinity Jones: I'm doing fantastic guys. I'll be making my way to Wales in a few hours and I'll be ready to fight.

The boys nod their heads as Kevin clears his throat.

Long: Trinity, this Sunday you will be facing one half of the mixed tag champions. What are your thoughts on facing Sierra Williams.

Trinity rubs her chin before smirking.

Trinity Jones: When the card was announced, I literally had no earthly clue on who Sierra Williams was until Felicity told me. I did some research and it finally clicked on why I didn't know her.

Long: What clicked?

Trinity: The fact that she is nothing more than a tag team wrestler. I mean she hasn't even had more than two singles matches. How can you justify being this great wrestler when all you do is rely on someone else? It doesn't take a lot of talent to stand in a corner and hold some stupid rope. Sierra is walking into a very different scenario. She won't have her boyfriend to help her. She won't have someone watching her back. One thing she needs to understand is that I'm not Evie Jordan. I'm a career killer. I have ended so many careers here in SCW that I could probably make it my mantra.

Kevin and Charles nod their heads. Trinity smirks.

Trinity: Sierra isn't real competition. She's barely in my league when it comes to SCW. She has no clue what awaits her come Sunday. I'm a woman on a mission. I've been on this mission since I started in SCW. No one will get in my way. I don't care who they are or what they have done else where. This is my realm and Sierra will get a strong dose of reality. The Dragon is coming to Wales and that spells doom for Sierra.

Before anymore questions could be asked, Trinity's phone rings as she steps out into the hallway.

Trinity: Hey Adley. Yeah, I'm almost finished. I'll meet you at the ferry in one hour.

A voice on the other end speaks rapidly in Trinity's ear as she just smiles.

Enter The Dragon's Lair

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