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> Changing attitude to be a better wrestler part 2.
Jake Raab
Posted: December 01, 2018 01:01 am

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Addressing Jake once again. Huntington Beach, California. Saturday 1st December (Off Camera)

It's one of those things where Konrad once again had to address Jake's behaviour. There were things needing to be said, unlike last week where it was clear Konrad didn't listen to him and he literally wanted to knock Jake out. However, it has made Konrad question for the future in SCW if he wants to be there after flat out calling him boring and Lord Raab as well. It did piss him off in a way that he was called boring because of them wanting to be wrestlers professionally, especially in Konrad's case of him being called a joke.

Of course, it wasn't for him to worry about as he knows the companies he wrestles in claim him to be a great wrestler that didn't care for his personality. Jake knew he was in a world of trouble and he already sits on his sofa in his apartment that nearly had everything in his own home now, even if there's still the last few bits left to do in the apartment and buying a bit more furniture before the apartment can call his home.

While Konrad did help with a few bits left to do to help Jake settle in his home, he didn't come here to help Jake or return to America for that matter, although he only came back to America after travelling to Germany to sort out a court case for Sebastian to get everything legalised for him to live with Fizz who only met Sebastian for the first time on Tuesday and after wrestling a match in England because he had matches against Lucy Wylde and Casterillo on Monday and Wednesday this week.

It was time for them to get down to it as Konrad Raab was already heading straight off to Chicago after talking to Jake, while his wrestling clothes are in the wash in Anaheim. He takes a drink of orange juice, while Jake had a coke as Konrad says this.

Konrad Raab: “What the hell are you doing?”

Jake Raab: “What do you mean?”

Konrad Raab: “You know what I mean, calling wrestlers out on the roster. I get it, J2H crossed the line when he trashed the company because he feels nobody does hard work, but it's not the right way to go around and call people out.”

Jake Raab: “Then explain to me how the hell do I do things right? How do I stand myself out from other wrestlers?”

Konrad Raab: “I told you, you have to figure out on your own what you want to be. I even told you to go and find somebody to give you some charisma lessons.”

Jake Raab: “I've been trying, but I can't find anybody to help me.”

It's not easy for Jake to find somebody who would help him work on his charisma and standing out from his cousins, especially that's the hardest part for him. He followed their lead and he didn't know what to do to change things around. One thing he's refusing to do however is agreeing with anything Christian said. Konrad says this.

Konrad Raab: “To tell you the truth, it's really made me question about joining SCW now after what Christian said on me being boring. Little does he know why I take wrestling seriously compared to the beginning when I made myself look like a joke when I was drunk and it made me mock this business. Granted, you've not been drunk, although I already fear of Sebastian wanting to go down this path.”

Jake Raab: “Sebastian wants to become a wrestler?”

Konrad Raab: “He also asked me to train him as well as me being his dad. My fears of him taking cocaine and being drunk have me really curious if I want him to be a wrestler. Much like I question about your behaviour if it's the right approach. I know you're struggling to stand out and we do need to find someone to help you find the charisma skills you need to be entertaining they want for some reason.

Jake Raab: “Yes cos nothing Christian said helped with anything on me being entertaining. He just doesn't have a damn clue what he's doing. Handing two rookie wrestlers a match against champions in their first match does not count them deserving.”

Konrad Raab: “Heck, I defeated one of the cooperation champions recently and I wasn't given a title match against him and his cooperation partner."

Jake Raab: “Exactly.”

It was the one thing they can agree on is the whole factor of rookie wrestlers facing champions in their first match wasn't something that should've been allowed, much like his match against Todd Williams when that match shouldn't have been allowed to happen either and Konrad says this.

Konrad Raab: “You need to pay attention to your opponents. I know how you feel with Fenris, don't need to ask you about him, but what about Ty West?”

Jake Raab: “Truthfully, no clue because other than being a Roulette champion, defeating Ben Jordan at a Supershow event, there's not much to say as I don't know the guy and I sure as hell won't disrespect him as much as I will with Fenris.”

Konrad Raab: “That's fair, but one thing you should know is that Fenris and Ty from what I recall are good friends. How close I have no idea, but unlike other wrestlers in SCW, you know what to do with Fenris, you know how to mould in his style of fighting and you know how to defeat him. I believe you can defeat him if you put all of your focus on him well Ty West as well.”

Jake Raab: “I believe you have some history with Vinnie as well, don't you?”

Konrad Raab: “Not so much, but just a debate we had on twitter about something to do with GZWA, can't remember. Anyway, that's not the point. Point is you need to focus more on your opponents. I know you're a kid learning the ropes, but already coming out to say you want to earn title shots is already making you stand out to the rest.”

Jake nods as he never was feeling the mould of wrestlers asking and demanding title opportunities, heck he requested to face Fenris in a non-title match before he fought him for the SCW title. It wasn't something he wanted at this time, especially he accepts the loss against Lachlan last week and is more than glad to wait behind the line.

Jake Raab: “That's true. I want to earn my shit in the ring before claiming to win a title. That's what Christian has to understand and I rather take longer to capture a title to get better in the ring than being like another Caleb Storms or Casey Williams, ask and demand to get title matches. I want to earn my place in SCW.”

Konrad Raab: “Fair enough, but just tone down the attitude on J2H at least. I know he's a flat-out coward, shit talking about you behind your back on Twitter is beyond stupid when you don't have an account anymore. I hate it when some 4CW stars talked shit about Lord Raab on twitter behind his back too, but just ignore him because the fact is, he was a very great champion, much like Fenris right now. However, if there's one thing I agree with you on, he should back up the fact that he was only the best in SCW, not in the wrestling business because if he wanted to prove he was a good wrestler, he'd join another company right now.”

Jake Raab: “I get it that you joined because you didn't want to be known as a one company champion, much like Lord Raab didn't either. You guys aren't scared of joining new companies and making them fresh with new competition you lot haven't faced before. That's why I respect you both more than J2H.”

Konrad Raab: “Now you got it, but it doesn't mean I'm happy with you because I'm not. You need to figure yourself out and be a wrestler I know you can be. The reason you lost was that you lacked focus.”

Jake pays extra attention to everything Konrad said as he drinks his coke as he listens to in his mind, the mastermind of wrestling of Konrad Raab who had far more experience as a bad guy and as a good guy than Lord Raab did. Lord Raab had no experience of being a good guy as it's never happened. Jake wanted to be both of them at the same time, but that's proving to be very difficult as he says this.

Jake Raab: “I thought acting like the pair of you was going to be easy, but I'm going one way than I should be. I'm not the funniest guy in wrestling or entertaining cos I don't know how to be any of those things. I want to find someone to help me with that, but nobody's willing to.”

Konrad Raab: “Give it time Jake and someone will help you. I mean, to be honest, you've not been there long enough to drink a cup of coffee. You need to give yourself sometime before claiming to ask wrestlers in the back and you should start doing that, even if you think everyone in wrestling hates you.”

Jake Raab: “Everyone does. I was lucky enough that Lachlan was pleasant to me, but meh, I just don't know what to do other than just being a wrestler to win matches. That's all I want to do because nothing I'll say on the show is gonna be any different to what I say on my videos and I'm beginning to see no point doing them if you have to be on camera on the shows as well.”

Konrad Raab: “It's from your own words, Jake. It's confusing I know, but this tag match might be a start for you to talk to someone, even if me and Vinnie will never get along, you might get along with him better than I ever did. Just go out there tomorrow night and bust your ass to win, focusing only on Fenris and Ty West.”

Jake Raab: “I'll try. Best if I pack my things up to head towards Nevada in a minute and you head towards Chicago. I'll see you soon.”

For sure, Konrad did need to go straight to Chicago for his match in another company as he left Jake's apartment and heads home, while Jake gathers his clothes together and takes a long drive straight to Nevada, nearer to where Lord Raab lives and checks himself in a hotel after parking his car up in the hotel before he goes up to his room and gets his camera equipment out of the bag to get it all set up and ready.


Things needing to be said to Christian and Fenris mostly, although some bits about my tag partner and Ty too. Jake's camera. (On camera)

“Let me just say something before I talk about my opponents. Christian, you clearly have no knowledge about wrestling at all. In fact, you placing champions to face against rookies is the dumbest thing you could ever do, much like me facing a rookie I lost to because I didn't have a damn clue about Todd Williams, much like Kain and Mercedes didn't have a clue about Lachlan and Sierra. What should've happened is have Lachlan and Sierra face against other teams first in their first match and then put them to face against the champions in a non-title match. No wrestling owner in the world would ever put rookies against champions, even in a non-title match. Next time, place new wrestlers against wrestlers who aren't champions first, then we won't have problems.

Do you know what? I rather wait for ages for a title shot by working my ass off to win matches, the right way of how to earn title shots than being handed title shots after winning one match against champions in a non-title match and do you know what? I respect Lachlan winning over me last week and he deserved it because of my lack of focus in the match. I'm not crying over the loss because I grow and learn from each loss to get better as a wrestler and that he beat me fair and square. Also unlike Caleb Storms, I accept waiting back in line for a title shot because of that loss as it's clear I'm not ready for a title match. That's all I say in the matter and that's final.

My apologies Ty West and Fenris, but things needing to be said to an owner who's piss poor at his job. My tag partner well all I can say is he did win the Gold Rush tournament and almost defeated Fenris and he did bust his ass in the tournament to win the shot for the title and congrats to him as already, Vinnie, I have respect for just down to what he did in the tournament to go through some pretty big names to get where he is now, top of the ladder and do I think he deserves another title shot? Yes, and I want him to get another title shot before I do.

Ty West is also another guy I've never ever had any interaction with mainly because I haven't had to, until now. What I do know is although he lacks confidence at times for some reason, he's shown that also he's earned his title when he defeated someone my cousins have never been able to do in their time here or rather in one match Konrad's had here, Ben Jordan. From that, it's never easy beating him anywhere and I only learned today that Konrad and Lord Raab are actually friends with Ben.

Anyway, the point is I have nothing bad to say about you because well, there's nothing bad to say really. I don't really know you other than what I've researched and being the guy who is a future SCW champion in the making and yes, I say that because you are dude and there's no denying that. Unfortunately for you, you're teaming up with the wrong guy which I have no clue as to why you want to be friends with that douchebag.

Oh yes Fenris, I called you a douchebag because you were the one who shit talked about me behind my back on Twitter, although credit you have spoken about me on camera, unlike your kiss ass friend James who's too cowardly to fight me and too cowardly to talk shit to me where I can see it, instead of protecting himself behind a twitter machine, knowing damn well I'm not on there. He's too gutless to go to other companies, knowing he can only be successful in SCW rather than prove to the world he can be champion in other companies and proving he can defeat wrestlers he's never fought before.

Fenris, the only reason why people know you more than me is that of your friends that are working or have worked in SCW from London Underground, Gabriel, Despayre and James. Without them, it would've taken you longer to do so. I'm not known because I never had help from Lord Raab or Konrad Raab to get where I am. I had to do everything on my own to get where I am, building myself up to be in the business, not with your assisted help from your friends.

Also, you're only champion right now not just from defeating other wrestlers in the company from your talent, but that's another problem, isn't there? There's no competition here for you and yet, you only promote your title in SCW company itself and being arrogant about it like everyone doesn't know you're champion which we do which I don't get why you have to flaunt it off every single week. The point is you never seem to break those barriers you have on wanting to defend the belt against wrestlers outside of the company, even if I'll think it's bullshit, but if you're good as you say you are and if you can defeat all wrestlers you've come across, what about challenging wrestlers from other companies for your title belt?

At least be a different champion in that than claiming you've defeated everyone because truthfully, you've not gone up against the newer names yet that've come in, especially you pay attention to Austin James Mercer because that guy can defeat you. I can see that coming a mile away.

I'm not denying your talent dude and I got very ignorant about the MMA thing, I crossed the line and I know you want revenge for it and I get that, but I won't be taking you lightly as much as you think I will, but I don't think anything you've done has been anything remotely entertaining either. Doing interviews for matches are not considered entertainment.

Tell me how to be entertaining because it's clear I can't do it right or stand out from everyone else who I feel is different to me. Tell me what's the right way of approaching wrestlers? Because I don't have a damn clue, but what I have a clue of doing is exposing my opponents weaknesses in the ring and doing a job of winning matches and if I lose, I will grow and learn from it and I'm sure Vinnie will sort me out because I'm still learning and willing to learn everything from it.

I'm confident enough to win this match without a single doubt on me because I'm not doubting my in-ring ability, knowing my weakness is my focus and I will be completely focused on Ty and especially Fenris one hundred per cent. I'm done here and I wish everyone the best of luck as always, but me and Vinnie, despite our lack of chemistry as a team, we will overcome Fenris and Ty West to see ourselves advancing and see how well we can work as a team. See you both out there on Sunday night.”

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