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> Lack of Faith
Parand Ara
Posted: August 03, 2018 09:49 pm

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It has not been easy.

As an adult Muslim female, Parand Ara had discovered the cruel nature behind mankind's hearts. And now, with the current political climate in her adopted homeland, the air of bigotry and hatred flowed far more freely than it had in many years. Racists and bigots felt more free to air their distaste for religion and races that were not their own, citing it being "Trump's America," and believing no more need be said. In their eyes, that was all the evidence they needed as to why they could say or do anything they wanted, to whomever they wanted.

Personally speaking, it was the single reason why she had hesitated bringing her little sister Larissa from Syria to America. True, Syria was a war torn nation that saw many innocents targeted and/or killed for the slightest infraction of faith. But then again, similar crimes have been on the rise in America as well. Haven't they? In Syria, one knew even from a tender age like her sister to always be on your guard and to know one's place.

In America, the nation was called the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, but that motto seemed more and more of the distant past. Now it seemed more of a nation where hate crimes were running rampant and their perpetrators shielded themselves behind the flag and their President. A country where the majority of politicians were male and taking it upon themselves to inform women what they could and could not do with their own bodies. Presuming to know better for the women than the women themselves.

Are you now starting to see the similarities?

But deep down, even Parand would be hard pressed to deny the fact that America was still a better option, the lesser of two evils, in which she could raise her sister in relative peace. Oh certainly they would find themselves opposed at some point by those in power or those who simply think they have power. And the second is definitely the more dangerous of the two.

It just surprised Parand that thus far, Larissa has not suffered much, if at all, at the hands or rather, mouths, of those she had assumed might take offense at a Muslim child in their midst. Mouths would be more appropriate a term, because if anyone were to deign to lay a hand on her sister, Parand would most likely be on her way to prison for a ghastly crime in defense of her flesh and blood.

And now, she and Larissa were in San Jose, for an upcoming event for Sin City Wrestling where Parand herself would be competing against a familiar face in Aviana Faith. But there was time enough to focus on her opponent and whatever this so-called "surprise" was that the hierarchy had in store for her and the other Bombshells on the roster. In the meantime, she felt it was proper time to take Larissa to a specific place that she herself might enjoy...

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Ranked as one of the top ten children's museums in the world, and one of the top five science centers in the world, it was a place that Parand felt Larissa might benefit from in both heart as well as mind. Girls were not privy to as extensive an education in Syria as they were here in the United States, and she wanted Larissa to have all the advantages that she did not at that tender age. She watched as Larissa's eyes dazled at the water vortex display, and even though you could not see the physical smile on her face, her twinkling eyes danced and spoke volumes as she watched Larissa giggle like the child she was as she stretched and shaped bubbles through a bubble wand, competing with other children to create the very biggest.

Larissa stood with a group of children of similar age, without fear, as they each took turns, extending their hands and gliding their fingertips across the smooth surface of the albino python being held by the instructor.

And during the tour, Parand stood and watched as Larissa listened with rapt and curious attention to the woman who was giving the presentation on the baby wooly mammoth exhibit.

All of this gave Parand hope for Larissa's future. And dare she state it; Faith?

Parand Ara: "I do not presume to know what this surprise is that Mark ward and Christian Underwood have in store for not only myself, but my opponent and the rest of the female locker room. I only know that I am once again facing Aviana Faith inside of the ring, and I acknowledge the fact that she indeed did emerge victorious in our previous encounter. I just do not wish for her to rest too long on these laurels, because they are a thing of the past. I have had victories of my own. from the very best in Vixen, to the lowest of society such as Jessie Salco. So do not presume to believe just because you defeated me once, Aviana Faith, that you shall do so again. If anything, the opposite is true. I have now had my chance to know why I lost, and to rectify that. Whatever this surprise is, it will be for my eyes and ears, not yours."

"This victory will be mine. I have Faith."

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