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Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:43 am

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 10k per character per RP period

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West
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Posted: January 05, 2019 09:19 pm

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The Golden Briefcase to my opportunity in 2019 part one.

The Investigation begins


We are in Tijuana, Mexico. Senor Vinnie suffered another defeat at the hands of the man that is still SCW World Heavyweight Champion Fenris. He is relaxing at poolside, a part of his daily routine that calms his mind, or at least that’s what he always attempts to convince anyone. He is sipping from a fruit cocktail that one of his maids had brought him a few moments ago, wearing his sunglasses that are hiding some blue marks that are still surrounding his eyes after his brutal contest that he had with the champ. After a few moments we see his maid walk over to Senor Vinnie as she is carrying his phone.

Maid: Senor Vinnie, there’s a phone call for you.

Says her soft sweet voice, something that always brought a smile to his face, but this time nothing helps to turn his foul mood upside down.

Senor Vinnie: Gracias….

He waits until the maid has left the swimming pool area and turns his attention to his phone, he sees a number that he does not recognize and answers.

Senor Vinnie: Si???

There’s a moment of silence on the other side of the line as this annoys Senor Vinnie and reacts once again.

Senor Vinnie: Si!!!

Voice: Now isn’t that a nice way to greet a friend??

The shock on the face of Senor Vinnie is visible as he recognizes the voice of the aunt of Ty West, the woman that he had a dinner date with last year. He sits right up and his forehead starts to sweat as he isn’t capable to say anything

Senor Vinnie: Err….

There’s a chuckle on the other line, clearly she realizes that she has caught him off guard

Valora: I thought I would surprise you while I am still in Japan, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed our dinner date that we had the other day and even though I prefer something rather sophisticated. Maybe something like Taco Bell???

He hears a chuckle, realizing that she is making fun of him and that causes the iceberg to melt and he becomes somewhat more confident to answer back.

Senor Vinnie: I would love to do that, but on the agreement that we would watch the classical documentary of the historical figure of Nacho Libre.

There’s a moment of silence before Valora bursts out in uncontrollable laughter, he cannot help it but admire the laugh and chuckles himself as well.

Valora: Documentary?? Oh I did not know that an actor as Jack Black did a movie based upon a real life story. But I am sure that you are willingly to tell me everything about this.

Senor Vinnie: Wel…, I…,… uhm.., but of course!! The man that is actually responsible of making masked wrestling the cultural artifact that it is today. I could talk about him all day long Senorita Valora.

Valora: Well I am not going anywhere for the coming hour or so, so why don’t you start big boy??

This caught him off guard, he thought that this phone call wouldn’t be a long one seeing that she is in Japan. But apparently she doesn’t mind the long distance phone call

Valora: But before you start, I was wondering. Why is it that you aren’t wearing a mask Senor Vinnie??

Senor Vinnie is silent for a few moments, staring at his drink as he realizes that it’s empty. Waving to the house for a refill as the maid returns with a new glass filled with the same cocktail that he was sipping from before taking the empty glass with her.

Valora: Well??? I’m waiting…

He grins, she isn’t a woman that likes to wait apparently.

Senor Vinnie: Well I used to when I was younger.

Valora: Oh really?? Was your name the same as it is today??

He chuckles as he shakes his head no, but realizes that she cannot see that

Senor Vinnie: No, I was named Senor Tijuana.

Valora: Senor Tijuana??

Senor Vinnie: Si…., something wrong??

Valora: Well, I know some luchadors and most of them have exciting names. I wasn’t expecting a name that is basically 90 percent based upon a city. I….

He chuckles, he actually agreed with her that the name wasn’t very exciting indeed.

Senor Vinnie: It’s okay Senorita, I wasn’t happy with it either. But try telling that to your 70 year old head strong grandfather that ran the local fed for many years. He told me that I represented Tijuana, that I had every possible quality that made the city a great one.

Valora: And did you??

Senor Vinnie: Well I was as green as a new born baby, I wanted to make the people happy and excite them with aerial tactics that has never been seen before.

Valora: Err..,

Senor Vinnie: Yes???

Valora: No offence, but your built isn’t what I would expect from a luchador. Aren’t they usually under 200 pounds??

He grins, he knows the stereo type lucha wrestler that came from Mexico

Senor Vinnie: True…, but I was fifteen at the time and I was hardly 120 pounds. I was skinny as hell but had a mean Jalapeno special.

Valora: Jalapeno special??

Senor Vinnie: Si…. It’s where I jumped up a few inches of the canvas and delivered a dropkick to the chins of my opponents.

This causes a hard laugh to echo through the phone that Senor Vinnie is holding to his ear, causing him to pull away and look at it with a confused look on his face. Clearly he was very serious, but apparently Valora took it as an apparent joke.

Valora: Oh that was a good one, I have to tell Ty this when I get back. You are so funny.

Senor Vinnie: Err…, gracias I suppose…

Valora: Wait, are you telling me that you were serious???

Senor Vinnie: Si senorita, I have the record of most broken chins in the history of my grandfathers organization that still exists to this very day.

Valora: It does??

Senor Vinnie: Si!! I fund it to bring in talented young kids and have the best teachers help them on their way to have such a great career as their hero… Senor Tijuana.

Valora: I thought you said that Senor Tijuana doesn’t exist anymore??

He chuckles,

Senor Vinnie: Well yes and no. You see, the original had been unmasked a few years after its debut. It was a mask vs. mask match and I lost, even though when I look back at it I am not sorry about that as it has brought me bigger successes than prior. But after my grandfather died I wanted to do something back for him and for the entire city. Not having a Lucha Libre show in Tijuana is something I could not bear. So I bought the rights and finance everything as I also made a new Senor Tijuana.

Valora: Ohhh and can you tell me who that is???

Senor Vinnie chuckles, he knows that men behind masks did everything to keep their identity a secret. As they are on the same level as movie stars, rock stars and other athletes that have made it in the world of sports or entertainment.

Senor Vinnie: I do not know…

Valora: Aww please?? Pretty please with cherry on top?? I won’t tell anyone.

He clears his throat before laughing, he is not sure whether he should tell her as she senses that and continues to use her charm to get what she wants.

Valora: I would…….

This last part is unable to be heard for the camera and microphone that monitors everything that is going on as she is starting to whisper something into his ear. Causing Senor Vinnie’s eyes to bulge out and sweat big time.

Senor Vinnie: IT’S MY NEPHEW PEPE!!!

There’s a silence on the other end of the phone for a few moments as if the answer that he gave her was rather anti climatic.

Valora: Your…. Nephew…. Pepe?? But…, uhm… he isn’t really built to be you know….. someone that could soar the air and do a dropkick.

Senor Vinnie scratches his head, clearly not understanding why she is reacting this way.

Senor Vinnie: Who cares about dropkicks?? Oh and for your information?? He has got more hang time than I ever had when I was at his age and he has already broken several chins of unsuspected opponents..

Valora: But….

Senor Vinnie: And he has got the ability to put you to sleep with his flying armpits…. Well he actually just drops himself on top of his opponents without jumping. But it is very effective for sure.

Valora: But…,

Senor Vinnie: And when he does his finisher then he really gets the crowd going.

Valora: Do I dare asking what hi finisher is??

Senor Vinnie: Oh sure…, it’s called the Tijuana book worm.

Valora: Book….. worm?????

Senor Vinnie: SI!!!! He grabs a book that he brings to the ring and whacks it across the face of his opponent when the referee isn’t watching.

Valora: He hits a book in the face of his opponent??

Senor Vinnie: Si!!! Well he has got a brick inside the book though, but that’s something that nobody knows besides me and him and well now also you. He then sits on top of them while reciting a verse from the book. I did that all the time when I was younger and did not had Pete yet.

Valora is quiet for a few moments before she sighs

Valora: I wish now that I had not asked about you ever been a luchador inside the squared circle, because the way you tell me about everything is not what I had expected

Senor Vinnie: You didn’t??? But what did you expect instead senorita??

Valora: Well, high flyers!! Daredevils, men that put their bodies on the line every single tim that they step inside the ring.

Senor Vinnie: Oh…., I understand. But I do that too you know.

Valora: But you don’t execute moves that could be the end of your career or even life!!

Senor Vinnie: Does that mean you want me to?? Because if that’s the case then I am going to try this cool move that I saw on tv the other day.

Valora: Err…, what move??

Senor Vinnie: Well it’s a move that they call the back elbow….

Valora: The Back…. Elbow??

Senor Vinnie: Si, oh you know the move?? That’s great, I was worried how I would explain to you on how I would explain it to you. Not that you don’t know anything about wrestling seeing your

Vallora: Were you trying to make me feel at ease Vinnie??

Senor Vinnie: Si Senorita

Valora: Not working…..

He realizes that he is pushing his luck and decides to drop his full explanation of the move and search for something further to discuss

Valora: But Vinnie? That move isn’t much of a aerial move isn’t it??

Senor Vinnie: No, but is that a must???

Valora: Well isn’t that what luchadors do???

Senor Vinnie: Well, I suppose. But I know a lot of other fun moves that would make your mouth water from excitement and enticipation. I….,

Valora: Well why don’t we agree on that I will call you next week and talk further into this. I have to get out and shopping with the others and stuff like that.

Senor Vinnie feels a bit sadness coming over him, as if he fucked up a possible long discussion with Ty’s aunt.

Valora: But why don’t I call you tonight?? We can talk about other stuff if you like?? Like what I had bought??

Senor Vinnie swallows hard, and then nods his head

Senor Vinnie: I would like that….

Valora: Okay, well we talk tonight then. Byee…….

She then has hung up on Vinnie as he is staring at the phone for a few moments before having his thoughts back to what I going on and starts to sip on his cocktail before the shot fades.

Search for the Golden Briefcase

We are outside the Gold Coast Casino, the arena where SCW will have its first super card being hosted in the new year. There is a camera crew waiting outside the arena as they are waiting for Pussy Willow who has to do an interview with one of the participants of the Golden Briefcase superstars ladder match. Namely Senor Vinnie.

Willow: Where’s that nutcase???

Voice: Excuse me senorita, but could you help me with a light for my pipe??

Willow: I’m sorry sir, but I do not smoke. Also I…..,

She turns around and stares at Senor Vinnie, who is disguised in a weird costume. Wearing a top hat and a weird coat that is also rather filthy. She looks stunned ass he does not know what to make of this before reminding that she is here for an interview.

user posted image

Willow: Err…, Senor Vinnie. I’m glad that you are here, now about that interview… I…,

Senor Vinnie: Who is Senor Vinnie my dear lady?? I am Vinnie Holmes, England’s greatest detective’s first cousin of his third wife’s family side.

Willow: Vinnie… Holmes??

Vinnie Holmes: SI senorita

Willow: What about the Spanish? Wasn’t he English??

Vinnie Holmes: Si…., but his third wife who was apparently Spanish descendent and that got stuck with me in my dialect. I hope you can forgive me senorita??

Willow: Uhm, well… I suppose… But can I ask you about your up and coming match Vinnie Holmes??

Vinnie Holmes: Match?? I am not a fighter senorita, I’m a lover and even more a trainee in the art of investigating.

Willow starts to scratch her head.

Willow: So what are you investigating then??

He looks around before turning his attention towards Willow and starts to whisper.

Vinnie Holmes: I was hired by this gentleman by the name of Senor Vinnie, seeing that you know his name makes you very suspicious senorita. I have to investigate you before I could offer you any information concerning these five other senors.

Willow: Investigation?? Me?? Look I am an interviewer for Sin City Wrestling and I was supposed to have an interview with you Senor Vinnie and…

Vinnie Holmes: He is not me, I am not him. We have similar features, but I have to disappoint you senorita Willow.

Willow: You know my name??

Vinnie Holmes: Of course, senor Vinnie has described you well as well as he had told me that you would be here around this time. He is having his siesta you see, it is way too early for him to suddenly barge in and do an interview around noon.

Willow: But….,

Vinnie Holmes: And he had told me that you were to have valuable information for me concerning the five others. But when I saw your appearance I thought I was being fooled by him. But I guess a senor always tells the truth.

Willow: Well I know that he is facing Johua Acquin

Vinnie Holmes: Interesting

He grabs a piece of paper and a small pencil and writes something down

Vinnie Holmes: Please continue

Willow: Caleb Storms, St. John Cross, Travis Levitt and Slappy McGoo.

Vinnie Holmes: Okay, I guess you are just another spy under the realm of any of these men. Until you have shown me proof otherwise I will keep you hostage for interrogation.

Willow: But…,

Senor Vinnie as Vinnie Holmes grabs her arm and drags her with him to a van that is around a corner of the arena. He opens the door and throws her in as the camera crew follows her in before he closes the doors behind him. There we see cactus Pete dressed with a bowl hat as well as a fake mustache.

Willow: What the hell??? Where am I??

Vinnie Holmes: You are at my private hideout outside my hideout where me and Cactus Pete Watson will interrogate you about the men that are a threat to the man that hired me to investigate this case. Tell me senorita Willow…, tell me about this….

He looks at the piece of paper

Vinnie Holmes: Joshua Acquin.

Willow: You want to know about someone you have already faced?? Look, I like a joke here and there. But Vinnie…, you need to be serious. I….,

Vinnie Holmes: Me?? Serious??? Oh that’s a good one, I need to be serious?? Look Senorita, I have looked in on this man’s records, because I had this hunch that Cactus Watson whispered into my ear that you would not help me. And these records told me that senor Acquin is merely an escape artist.

Willow: What??

Vinnie Holmes: SI!! You see, he has a history of not showing up when he is supposed to. He likes to keep people wondering whether he is this so called threat to them or just another pussy cat that you can brush it’s hairs without a glove.

Willow: Wait…, you already know???

Vinnie Holmes: What kind of nephew would I be of Sherlock if I did not know?? Just like Caleb is a washed up has been rock bum that just has got too filthy hairs that needs to be cut.

Willow: That’s because Senor Vinnie already faced them, but what about the others???

Vinnie scratches his head for a few moments before nodding his head in agreement

Vinnie Holmes: There you have a valid point that needs to be investigated Senorita.


Vinnie Holmes: What did you say Cactus Watson??


Vinnie Holmes: They are from an developmental company?? Interesting, but what could be developed there???

He looks at Pussy Willow, who rolls her eyes before sighing

Willow: They are wrestlers of the developmental wrestling program from Sin City Wrestling called Sin City Underground.

Vinnie Holmes: Interesting indeed…,

He remains silent for a few moments before staring at his cactus

Vinnie Holmes: Elementary my dear friend Cactus Holmes, I think it is a well deserved investigation that will get me closer to my….. err my clients goal to succeed whereas they must fail.

The shot fades

To be continued!!!

Senor Vinnie: It’s a new year, a new day, a new life…. And yet my goals is and will forever be the same. To be the next champion of the company and to put fears upon every other superstars hearts. Wondering what championship that will fall before my feet as I shall create a path of destruction as well as to be the well deserved El Campione. Of course the first thought would go out to the world championship belt. Waiting for that perfect moment to strike when the champion is down and ready for the picking.

I know that some of you have morals and are against taking advantage over a fallen foe, but to be honest. Who is willing to wait for a match that is fair, that has equal opportunities for both men to come out on top as champion. Well I guess none of you have ever played a game of Risk against me and could live the day to tell the tale of how you got beaten upon my terms. Because you moral fools prefer to see your hand picked victors be successful like that long haired, nose picking, beer swelling, barely having his hair cut idiot beat me again if he has the opportunity to play false. And I know when someone is playing false, because they aren’t obeying to MY rules!!!


Senor Vinnie: Now I know that these statements are very harsh, especially if people will come up to me and tell me that I have nothing that could back up these words. And if that holds any meaning then I would be impressed by the words of those who are just occasionally lifting their asses off the couch to grab another beer or so. But then again, what do I care??? I don’t, I only care about me. I only care about getting back on trail to become the next champion and if that means I have to win a ladder match against five other guys?? So be it.

So be it I say to you all, to those who I know and to those I don’t. As if it is an advantage for me to know someone from those who I don’t… the only thing that I know is that I have beaten them…, that I have crushed them in a one on one confrontation. A confrontation that made me think differently about them… well scratch that… I don’t… just like I don’t give a fuck about the other three… but where to begin?? Oh where to begin??

It was the summer of 69…., oh wait. That’s a Bryan Adams song right?? Well tough luck, I start the way I want to start. And if I want to start with Bryan Adams, then so be it. because the way I see it, I am the main attraction and those who are… will select those who aren’t. But for those who are unbeknownst to me, I will grant you the benefit of the doubt before I drop the summer of I kick your ass in the cold stature of January all over you!!!

I’m sorry, I should uphold my composure I know. Especially when I am to face a man that is so calculated as in Travis Levitt. Interesting bio my senor…, I hope you have served your time well preparing your craft to the fullest of your ability. A man that has faced even more current opponents in this match than yours truly… perhaps I am stunned to realize that I am not in the most favorable position to tell the world that I am the favor to succeed and win the briefcase at all? But then again, my ego has got so many zip codes that I lost track on how much superior my intellect can be compared to the average Joe. But I am sure that seeing that your name is Travis, forgive me for acting so unbeknown to your ability and your opportunity to cash in at any given time. That is if you know how to set one foot in front of the other at all times.

Am I rude? Forgive me for not being even ruder to begin with. I have been taught that being rude is the other way of sharing interest to another human being before trashing it down to the canvas and spit on them. Do I make sense? No? I don’t care, like you really matter to begin with. I am sure that you, just like each and every other superstar with half a peanut sized brain could tell me that I do not deserve to be in this match to begin with. Because I already had my opportunity…, yadda yadda yadda. Two times three makes six and you look stupid okay????


Senor Vinnie: But I can tell that your craft has been perfected right?? That’s always the thing these days as people are intended to showcase to the world that they have mastered the iron grip upon the opponents nerves and squeeze them tight as if they were Spock. Well I guess I have to deal with another master of the ring that came out of the ass of Fenris and saw there was an easy buck to be made in SCW. I mean seriously, who is next to fill in the footsteps that you have left Fenris?? At least you mount to make something out of your and sadly my in ring career, but then we have boring Jake Raab… the man that left me hanging to lose to you in a tag match. I mean seriously?? Just because he holds some stinking noodle belt doesn’t automatically mean he deserves to face you like I did??


Senor Vinnie: What Pete? He has to put that belt on the line for a unification match?? Well at least that’s one title I have to worry about and not having to deal with the boring promo’s of two but one fucking martial artist. But I am drifting away, I need to focus upon the man that would exist if Jake and Fenris had a baby… and poof here comes out Travis. Such a travesty to mock a man that is only two matches into this organization and has the honor and privilege to stand toe to toe with the future world champion. I would also feel the gratitude oozing off my shoulders and be blinded by perfection. And then I shove a boot down your throat…. Why?? Because you stink perro.

And before you start to accuse me of being a mean man that gives you foul language, no I did not. I just taught you some biology as well as Spanish. Because a dog is an animal, a sweet and kind animal that has a brain. And if you are smart and use one, I better urge you to stay away from and that ladder. Because not only am I one to climb a ladder to success., I am also one to drop one as if it was merely a broom that sweeps your entire stinking bedroom. You are welcome.


Senor Vinnie: Ugh…, what to do now? I could go for another new comer that I don’t know… or just switch over to a has been that aren’t even worth my attention. Oh the many decision that I have to make before bedtime is killing me. But like life has taught me often, I have to make the decision that serves me well… so I guess…. Like Become the Knight always says on his youtube channel… that it is time to ROCKON!!!

You have to forgive me, but my ability to dwell into many aspects of human interests is sometimes a blessing, but when it comes down to Caleb Storms… I would just rather settle with merely a curse. Yawn, yawn, yawn. That’s the basic three thoughts I have when it comes down to a Caleb Storms promo. Why you may ask?? Good question, let me give you the moment of time to explain before you are stoned after hearing his voice as if you are staring into the face of Medusa. But if I had to choose to fair better luck then I would go for the snake bitch instead of having to listen to your pathetic crap.

But I have told the world that I am a better man, I also believe in giving people a second chance. I just wonder whether the bosses of SCW have put their second chance routine on repeat with all the chances this Rockzilla and Acquin has gotten and surely will get after this. it’s such a shame that these ingrates are standing in the way of those who proclaim to have real talent. But perhaps I have spoken too soon and Caleb has grown some intellect after watching the first season of little Sheldon and thought he has grown a brain. Fat chance six string, you are still in diapers and evolution from growing from a baby to a small child has somehow dissolved and hid behind daddies secret porn stash. How I should know? Well let’s just say that I have taken liberty to at least acknowledge the fact that there’s an opportunity that you were conceived the old fashioned way. And then I kicked the living shit out of your parents for never making a mistake like that again.

Sadly that will not change anything to your in career existence, I have to just acknowledge the fact that you are there. That I just as well could give you the key to the washroom and tell you to wash my mariachi outfit as I am just a too busy of a man with all the conquering of the world. Büt thankfully behind every Batman there’s an Albert that will bitch and moan behind your back in his fucking British Accent while you cut off his financial supply three years ago. That’s how I think of YOU when you open your mouth and bore me with explicit foul behavior and sad language.

Maybe I should just send you to the Tijuana school of etiquettes, it will keep your filth inside and show some class to the outside. Oh who am I kidding, I better just beat the living shit out of you once again and hope that you aren’t just like a cockroach and multiply after being squashed underneath my boots.


Senor Vinnie: I know that these words may sound harsh, but I know that it’s the only thing that could possibly be digested inside his peanut brain. The rest of his skull is completely filled with every possible concert that has been performed by the Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and even the Discovery channel performing Bloodhound Gang. Because let’s be honest, every teenager that has zits the size of Alcatraz and a thirst for pie the size of the Grand Canyon is destined to have some flaws upon his repertoire. Telling the world that he is a part of the metal industry, well guess again little boy that plays the triangle and maraca’s instead. You just have no clue that you are up against a world class entertainer, both in the ring and on stage in front of more people than the universe has stars. And no dipshit, I am not referring to the has been artists that for some reason still have not felt that the OD has kicked in inside their systems. Oh man, do I enjoy bashing this punk ass kid?? Yup, but unfortunately I’m not being paid by the hour… so I guess it is time for me to move on

And I already hear the screams of everlasting joys… jut hold your breaths kiddo’s. You just never know whether that what you once had will ever be replaced by something better or worse…

Because here comes…. Slappy!!!


Senor Vinnie: Seriously?? Slappy?? I just see a 6’9 and over 300 pound monster that is called Slappy?? Well I am taking my words back Caleb, I guess people should just stop having children if you are from Kickapoo, Missouri. Because the way I see things it is better to just child support… that way morons like his parents would not dare to bear each other’s presence between the sheets and I have not got to deal with a guy that once got bullied. The kid that once entered a Be a Star campaign and thought to himself that he could change… And change he did alright, he became that what he revered the most. Well good for you, I hope that one day that they will make a movie out of your stinking life so that I do not have to read the book report that Slappy once forced another kid to write for him. Why Slappy?? Because you got tears in your eyes and have watched them fall down the side of your cheeks?? Wondering why nobody could ever understand your sensitive feelings?

So you changed into the man that many other Slappy characters have hated all their lives, what makes you any better big bear?? Well I tell you what it makes you, it makes you become just another example of how society DOES WORK!!!

You see big fella, you are just an afterthought of what society tries to create, now you can forget the few words that are difficult for you to understand. You know words like YOU… and words like see and even the difficult word that is big… three letters, one syllable that consists of one word. Now I can tell your brain is already working overtime. Causing you to forget the fact that we just surpassed new years eve and that fireworks have exploded out of nowhere and oh yeah… this super card, you have to climb a letter to retrieve a suitcase. Major difficulties for a giant like you.


Senor Vinnie: I have decided to give you a few moments to collect your thoughts, adjust to the city way of thinking that your home town where you come from never truly guided you through the thoughts that popped inside your thick skull. Too bad that most of them already vaporized after all your veins got clocked with beans and tators and stuff like that. That’s how you call potatoes right?? And I am aware that these words and contradiction when it came down to Caleb will disturb you. I see a pattern happening so far after referring to three of the five men that I have to squash between a ladder and the steps that a the symbol to MY success. Perhaps after the match is over, when you try to squash some fans at ringside for calling you a freak of nature or whatever… perhaps then and only then can you understand that I am superior and that I am even a better bully than you attempt to ever become.

Am I going to fast for you?? oh I’m sorry, here let me rephrase that…

He clears his throat before talking slowly.

Senor Vinnie: I…. am…. Better…. Than…. You…. you…. understand…. Me????


Senor Vinnie: I am sorry that I have to lower myself to standards that are beneath me. But then again, if I have to look up to this guy then my neck will get cramps. Seriously, can’t we all just be another Senor Vinnie?? just a light version of me?? I will throw in the extra sugar to fuck the minds of those who have the new years resolution to lose weight. Just like you should just drop your anger issues and become my personal whipping boy. Something that I am sure that you were good at.

And don’t threaten me with the fact that you have become a violent monster, because monsters don’t exist okay?? Not even those who live in your closet or hide underneath your bed. That’s just scary uncle Joey that is simplistic and has a mental problem and confuses bedrooms for a Harry Potter sequal to all the other stories. Just not realizing that this story will never be aired to begin with.

Talking about Harry Potter?? Here comes the vanishing trick once more…

A soft chuckle can be heard from the lips of Senor Vinnie as he is referring to Joshua Acquin.

Senor Vinnie: Are you going to hit the mute button once more Joshua? Or are you going to surprise me by stepping out of your comfort zone and be a tough guy that you proclaim to have been for how long?? Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t count all the years that I wasn’t around. I just entered this company a few months ago and already my career has reached a Hall of Fame status even before your single minded thought could ever come up with retirement. I mean seriously?? What would we have got to do without losers like YOU???
I know I caught you off guard, you didn’t expected me to use words of adding compliments to your fucked up career. Maybe, just maybe you will show up and even open up your mouth for a change. I mean that would be a true miracle that exceeds every expectation that I ever had of every miracle that dropped some shit on 13th street. But that’s because I want to share all my favorite thoughts of when I had to ace your legacy.

Lets see…. There was this time that…..


Senor Vinnie: My bad, I actually confused you with Caleb Storms who actually did show up and did do his everything that he has got inside hi arsenal. I mean seriously, you are even beneath the likes of Caleb Storms?? Even Casey Williams who is retiring has got more to look back upon in the last few weeks compared to your entire career. And you haven’t even considered retirement yet… I hope nothing is loose inside your thick skull??? Because if it were, I would be capable of perhaps getting worried. But just like every good episode of Star Trek, I just forget the entire second of what I your pathetic career in a nano second. Because let’s be honest, longer than that would be a slap in the face of every man that has beaten you prior to me beating you AGAIN!!!

Perhaps I should ask Vinnie Holmes to investigate the fact that you are incapable to water plants with some actual water, why you have not been able to mount anything that resembles ANYTHING to a success. And that’s something else than cutting your toenails or washing your hair…. It’s how you enter that six sided ring and beat the shit out of everyone before going for the victory. Victory Joshua, something you haven’t been doing for quite some time. I hope that Senor Underwood will take a ringside seat and enjoy some popcorn while watching me beat the crap out of you and everyone else in this match. Just imagining me beating everyone in this match. But mostly people like you amigo, because you are just like the flavor of the month. Explicit the one moment, new and exciting the next moment before being substituted by someone better and younger…

(coughs) Caleb Storms (coughs)

Truth hurts doesn’t it?? I hope that one day the federation could enter a new division besides that of SCW, SCW Underground. An federation for has been wretlers that are unable to say farewell to the sport that they love, yet unaware of the fact that it is just a one sided love that you are feeling, perhaps even wishing for.

Will you cry yourself at night, every time that you will go to sleep that you get flashbacks that I will climb down with the briefcase that cement my status as a future world heavyweight champion?? Roulette champion?? HELL< I’ll even throw in the tag titles if you manage to squeeze yourself inside a dress..


Senor Vinnie: Wait… the horror, just the thought makes me want to throw up. No Joshua, just stick with what you are good at… then I will do mine and beat you in this ladder match. Destroy you and every other wrestler and force them to stare at the ladder of a golden opportunity… for Senor Vinnie… future champion… I hope you can live with that Joshua…

And then there’s the Gospel…, the one of the purest of them all, he who believes all of his sins shall be washed away by doing the things that our beloved Father forbad us sinning humans to do. Though I ask of you to remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it Holy. To remember that God created the earth and everything that surrounds it and He rested upon the seventh day. Will you be a good little monk and respect his wishes to remain a devoted follower?? Or will you desire the lust of becoming world heavyweight champion so badly that you can almost taste it?? Clearly an example of how religion could be used in your advantage when you alter the words to your own simple minded existence of a created brain.

Oh I am sure that after telling these words that I will be condemned as a sinner to the realm of HIS Glorious plans for where each and every one of us is a pawn in his greater master plan to rid the world of the sins that US humans have put upon this world by merely believing the cunning snake and ignore the warnings of HE that created u to his very own image.

Though shalt not covet they neighbour’s house, they neighbour’s wife, they neighbour’s laves, animals or anything else… and yet you do don’t you?? I can tell that desire for the artifacts that people have created with their bare hands has made you a sinful man… but who am I to judge upon y our deeds, I am not HIM that shall judge you upon the final judgment that shall come. But just like every other resemblance to the weaker hearts and minds of those who came after Adam and Eve…. We are all those who dare to rebel to the wishes and the commandments of HIM that has been edged upon our souls isn’t it my dear sweet monk??

Is that why you hide in mystery my friend?? That you can pray to HIM in front of the altar that you have created. Where your lip whisper the same prayer over and over again, while your thoughts wander off. Wandering off to the hand made creations to honor HIM high above… knowing full well that we should not make any graven images…. Because that’s what the world title is to you isn’t it??? even if your lips will deny the facts that your heart is telling me otherwise. Your eyes are glowing in the dark when the lust once again pops up it’s ugly head and makes you want to chastise yourself over and over again, feeling the marks upon your body burn upon your flesh…. Feeling the punishment that you wish God himself would bestow upon yourself… knowing that even though how much you hurt yourself physically, it is nothing compared to that what HE shall do to you when HE feels you need to feel HIS wrath.

And then you have to deal with my wrath as well, you see Senor…. I am so much like you… I just do not allow hypocrisy to be an excuse to hide behind. To speak of the one and do the other before dropping upon your knees and ask for forgiveness for the sins that you have perpetrated upon HIS very own creation… the world that we live in, the oxygen that we breathe in and the food that we thank him every single day by closing our eyes and locking our hands in a prayer.

Do you feel special now little monk?? Are you now experiencing the first few steps into this world, where you are aware that you are not alone anymore??? Or are you just another troubled soul that is in dying need to find it’s forgiveness before you can allow your sinful thoughts to once again take over?? Why don’t you just eat the apple of forbidden fruits? Allow yourself to belief that you will in the end become just as powerful and almighty as HE Himself… because that would be the only reason why your quest for your very own sins will start with he SCW world heavyweight champion, by merely telling each and every one that you wish to hear it that it shall not end there… not my words, but yours my friend.

I will forgive you for the sins that you will perpetrate upon five other men inside that six sided ring with ladders everywhere. To fight the good fight for HIM high above, fighting in the ring of the number of the beast that will do everything to weaken your thoughts and tempt you to join the dark side of your own weak flesh. Oh I know all too well that your quest should not be easy, because if were to then HE would have asked a mere child to do his bidding… asking the child to do the most unforgiven act of showing love to HIM. It has not been like a child has not been set to be sacrificed before HIS very own need before HE showed mercy and allowed a young sheep to take it’s place.

You are not a man of God, you are a man of violence, you are a man of true dark desires that you have turned a blind eye to… and I know you will smile late at night knowing that I was true all along. Jut for your sins I will stop thee my dear Monk… I shall show you forgiveness after the bell has rang before I start to play to your sinful ears that the man has come around.


I know that there’s so many more days ahead before the final judgment that is the first ever big super card of the year 2019, but it feels like I have never stopped. That will be my edge heading in the coming week that I ahead of me. Patience is my virtue, patience is my stepping stone to reach up in the sky as I climb the ladder that will lead me to stairway to heaven. I shall be Robert Plant of the wrestling ring when I look up and see the golden opportunity reach closer and closer to my desiring fingers.

I hope that the world will understand that I am more than just a man that did not succeed against the world champ the first and second chance that was handed to me. But I am the man that believes in the lucky three…., fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice?? Shame on me… but three times?? Oh no…, that isn’t going to happen. Too bad that I have got to spend another week of making my point to five other men that should not even be here to begin with. Not because of my cocky attitude and undying trust in my abilities… more because pain will flow across your faces once more when I am done with you all. But you just have to wait… and see…. I have not even started yet and the world will be in awe….

The end….

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Caleb Storms
Posted: January 05, 2019 10:34 pm

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RP Title: “Golden Opportunity.”

The New Year was here and so was the first Supercard of 2019 as Inception III: Clash of Champions was just around the corner and whilst the Honor Wrestling and SCW Titles were being unified throughout the show the annual Golden Briefcases matches were taking place and Caleb Storms was taking part in one of them, who where his opponents? Joshua Acquin, St. John Cross, Travis Levitt, Slappy McGoo and Senor Vinnie, that’s right, two of SCW’s near do wells, three newcomers and the man who stormed through the competition in the Gold Rush Tournament only to finally be stopped by the champion himself where in the match, it was a great opportunity for the rookies and for Vinnie, a possible chance to get another shot at Fenris but a win here would put Caleb and Acquin on the right path but can Caleb win?

Local gym, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday the 5th of January 2019, 11:00am

Happy New Year everyone.

This time last year I was wondering what I was going to do once SCW closed its doors, I quickly found my answer in Honor Wrestling off course but now, one year later, the SCW and Honor Wrestling Titles are going to be merged and I’m in the running for a possible title shot, well, me and five other men as I’m among the competitors in the Golden Briefcase Match for a shot at any SCW title at any time, I already have an idea for what I’m going to do with the Briefcase after I win it but until then let’s talk about my opponents.

Joshua Acquin, St. John Cross, Travis Levitt, Slappy McGoo and Senor Vinnie, first off how is someone as big as Slappy going to climb that ladder without it tipping over? And don’t get me started on his name, as for the others, we all want the same thing and that’s a title shot but until then I have a Golden Briefcase Match to win.

And yes, I realize the irony of the Golden Briefcase being something I want after said briefcase being cashed in basically kicked off my Summer quest of trying to get a Roulette Title Shot last year but once I win, I’ll demonstrate what I’m going to do at the next Climax Control.

Just gotta get past five other men first.

“Come on Caleb, you can do it!” Katie encouraged me as I worked away at the bench-press, I’m not as strong as someone like McGoo but my bench press record is decent and I’m trying to set a new one before Inception III next week. “Just think of everything you’ll do with the Golden Briefcase in your hands!”

“Katie, I’ve been thinking about that since the Inception III card was announced last week!” I responded before I continued to work away at the bench press. “And unlike most things, I actually have a plan this time!”

“Well, that makes a change.” Katie responded as I finished on the bench press, I didn’t manage to beat my record this time but there’s still plenty of time between now and Inception III. “Any chance of you sharing it?”

“Not in front of the cameras.” I responded as I motioned to the camera. “Just in case the bosses get other ideas because mine are “too boring” or some shit like that!”

“They consider you a boring wrestler, what the hell do those idiots know?” Katie pointed out and I grinned in response before I got off the bench press to give my arms a rest. “Now, let’s see if I can do better than you.” Katie added before getting down on the bench press, given that she was not nearly as strong as I was, I took off a couple of weights to make it easier for her and kept an eye on her as she did the weights.

“Not sure if calling my bosses idiots is a good idea, though on the other hand Jessie seems to get away with it every other week.” I responded with a shrug as Katie worked away at the weights. “Then again, she might not get away with it for long if she loses her match to Sam Marlowe.”

“You’ve seen how fiercely she’s been defending the Legacy Championship since she won it in Honor Wrestling.” Katie responded as she finished on the weights and stood up. “There’s no way in hell she’s giving up the title without a fight.”

“Yeah but do I need to remind you about the gag gift she got Christian last month?” I pointed out and Katie laughed as she remembered Christian’s reaction. “Still can’t believe she got that custom made for a dollar.”

“Well, I can’t really imagine nose guards costing that much to make to begin with.” Katie responded as she shook her head. “Anyway, I’m off to the treadmills, anything you want to do before you do your promo?” Katie asked, and I shook my head, she took that as her cue to head over to the treadmills and I sat down on the bench again ready to do my promo.

“Remember my New Year’s Resolution? Be a champion by the end of 2019? Well, the New Year is here, and I have a golden opportunity to do just that in the form of the Golden Briefcase! All I must do is win the ladder match to earn it! And my opponents couldn’t be a more mixed bag if they tried! Joshua Acquin, St. John Cross, Slappy McGoo, Travis Levitt and Senor Vinnie are all that stand in my way of winning the Golden Briefcase and everything I’ve got planned for afterwards!”

And I’m starting with Vinnie.

“People call me and Jessie choke artists but not Senor Vinnie? I mean, he came from out of nowhere, ran roughshod over the Gold Rush Tournament but when it came time for the actual title match, he chokes and Fenris is still the SCW World Heavyweight Champion! I bet you’d love to get another shot at him wouldn’t you Vinnie? Sorry but your time in the spotlight is as broken as Christian’s nose after a punch from a Swedish woman!”

Next up is Josh!

“As for you Josh, you were all ready to jump to Jessie’s aid after that incident from last year but the mere moment you realize how much she can hold a grudge you back down? And as for demanding that Amy get a Roulette Title Shot, how well did that end for you? Oh yeah, you got choked out by Fenris in the Lion’s Den! Unlike Vinnie I don’t see you gunning for another shot at Fenris, unless you like getting twisted into knots by a former MMA Fighter but it won’t matter once I win the match!”

Next up is Slappy.

“So here we have this big, intimidating guy, and just to sharpen up that tough guy image, he has a Mastiff called Brutus! And then he went and named himself Slappy McGoo! I’m sorry but I cannot take someone with that name seriously! You could put Chuck Norris in front of me and tell me that he’s changed his name to Slappy McGoo and I’d laugh my ass off! And then promptly get my head shoved up my ass but that’s beside the point, your out of your element McGoo because you’re a big lumbering oaf in a match that requires speed and agility and that will be your downfall!”

I’m lumping the last two guys together, why? You’ll see.

“As for Travis and St. John, I’m lumping them together because I don’t really have much to see about either guy, John is the latest wrestling monk to come down the pipeline and Travis couldn’t be a more generic wrestler if he tried! I’ll give John credit where it’s due for winning his debut match at the Christmas Special but at Inception III I’ll be handing him his first loss and Travis his second as I climb the ladder and grab the briefcase!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up!

“This is a Golden Opportunity for one of six men but in the end only one will walk out with the Golden Briefcase and he’s me! Acquin, Vinnie, better luck next time! Slappy, Travis and St. John, you have a long road ahead of you if you want to make your mark in SCW, but it won’t be at my expense in this ladder match but ultimately you had better brace yourselves because there’s a storm brewing otherwise you’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms!”

I went to find Katie as the scene fades.

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Joshua Acquin
Posted: January 11, 2019 12:40 am

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Joshua is seen in a radio station being interviewed on a few topics.

Interviewer: Joshua your LFL team this week loss to the New Orleans falling to 6-7 on the season what are your thoughts as you look back on this week?

Joshua: Well we played better than they did but a few key turnovers is what did it in for us. As we move forward we have two more weeks left of the season. If we win we are in. We play Boston this week in Boston so I feel as we will win. I know the ladies are looking to do it and win out the rest of the season.

Interviewer: So is it too early to look at next season as far as who you are keeping and who is leaving the team?

Joshua: I know there is a few players we are looking at to fill some holes that we have seen this season. But before we do anything rash we will be looking over everything.

Interviewer: What about the hokey league you are starting up what is going on with that?
Joshua: It takes time and we are looking at starting later this year. We look to take over for the third tier as an equal to ECHL but able to do it better. I hope to be able to say more in a month or two.

Interviewer: One of the questions we have is political so far warning. With the government partially shut down have you seen any difference in your business, be it the resort, casino, or your wrestling school?

Joshua: I have not seen any difference on the day to day but I know I am being proactive and waiving fees for my school to people that are affected by the shutdown. First off this maybe there workout for the day and if I was to expect them to pay, I would lose people because when you have to choose the gym maybe the first to go. Secondly I want them to be able to come in and release anything building up in them. I want to let people know that what they are doing in Washington is affecting everyone. I commend the congress members that are not taking pay till the shutdown ends. Where the house seems more worried about getting Trump out and not about reopening the government. They also want to abolish the Electoral College, which is a stupid thing to do because when the cities are able to decide the election on their own if that happened. History lesson for people out there the reason for the electoral college is to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and not just what big city folks think. Places like Montana could care less about some of the things that are of a concern to New York City, and vise versa. The reason it is a big issue is because one member got more votes in the popular vote and lost in the electoral college vote. So when the party that is pushing for this lose and see they would have won with the electoral college what then.


Judas hits the PA as Joshua walks out to the ring.

Joshua: Almost one year ago I walked down to this very ring at Full Circle and faced three other men to become Mr. Sin City. Now I am facing five other men in this ring. Half of them I have faced in the past. I am seen as the veteran here in SCW. People want to say that I am washed up and I should just retire and let the new generation take over. I just can't do that because I still enjoy coming down to the ring and put on a show for each and everyone of you guys. I am one of eight wrestlers to come back to this event from last year. I am also making my third appearance at the Inception card, I am three for three along with four others. This event means alot to myself and many of the other stars in the back. My first inception was to claim the first SCW Internet championship. I lost that match to Bruce Evans, he was one hell of a wrestler. I will go out this match and give one hell of a show and be welcoming to the debuters coming out. New year, new me.

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Posted: January 11, 2019 09:19 pm

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I go on a travel and take with me…. A golden briefcase

There’s a shot of Senor Vinnie in his bedroom as he is looking through his closet, checking all of his clothing before placing them gently upon his bed. He closes the door after checking his closet for five more minutes and looks pleased. He stares at the bed where we see his bermuda swimming shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, some loafers and there’s a ticket with destination unknown. He has grabbed some socks and underwear and already placed it in a suitcase that is on the other side of his bed. He then grabs some pants and places it in his suitcase when his cell phone rings.

Senor Vinnie: Si???

He listens to the person on the other side of the line

Senor Vinnie: Gracias, I will contact Senorita Valora after I have packed my suitcase and prepare myself for the most important match of my life. The ladder match for the golden briefcase to grand myself a championship match any time during the next 365 days. And boy, I am a sucker for suitcases. And seeing that I am facing men that do not know how to pack their suitcases makes me a big time favorite to succeed in my quest of becoming the next World Heavyweight C`hampion.

He listens tot he other person and hangs up after thanking the person that he was talking to. He shoves his cell phone back into his tights and stares at the clothing.

Senor Vinnie: I am sure that people are often wondering what makes me tick, well the one thing for being a Mariachi artist and wrestler of the greatest federation known to mankind is the travel every single week after a show. Moving from city to city, learning something of the history that allows me to learn something from that city and then just spit at it…. realizing that nothing and no other place could ever compare to Tijuana, Mexico how beautiful it even may be. I mean sure, Boca Boca is very beautiful, great sandy beaches and the fruit is as wonderful like nothing else that you have ever tasted before. And yet, who cares about fruit these days?? Beaches get stuck between my toes and irritates me when I walk through it. And the worse part of it all is that there’s no road that I could hit with a ca rand get off that stinking island.

He huffs and looks annoyed

Senor Vinnie: People need smog these days, people are used to listening to mp3’s, watch movies on their cell phones and even have drones fly around because privacy doesn’t exist. Also nature is so fucking overrated, everywhere I go there are ants that will bite me in my legs and cause me to scratch the itch that it leaves me!! They should create something against those f***ers, but I am sure that those nature activists will disagree and tell me that those scratchy little freaks have a purpose and are quite cute!!!

He grabs a beach ball that he hasn’t inflated yet, believing that a blown up version can be put inside his suitcase without any problems. He attempts to close his suitcase and realizes that the adding of the beachball allows him to experience a moment of anger and frustration.

Senor Vinnie: Damn ball!!!

He pushes the lid of the suitcase down as much as it allows him to closing it, he even attempts to sit down upon it with all of his weight and jumps up and down with all of his might and clearly all of his weight. Just the moment that he senses that the ball is giving in and that he senses the suitcase tob e close enough for him to close it. He gets off the suitcase and attempts to close it, but the lid shoots open and the beachball flies into his face, causing him to stagger backwards and hit the wall with a loud thud. He holds on to the back of his head. He is scowling to himself before getting upwards and is ready to attack his suitcase, but realizes that he is being transmitted fort he fans to watch him on every possible fashion that you can watch televized programming of SCW.

Senor Vinnie: You are lucky beachball, lucky that I have a good sense of humor and I am feelign lucky. Lucky that I shall replace you with a special briefcase after this entire week. Facing five other men, five names that either are familiar or just plain and stupid.

He shrugs as he grabs the beachball and deflates it before placing it in his suitcase, this time not giving him any problems to close the suitcase.

Senor Vinnie: People talk too much without saying anything that makes sense these days. Everyone wants to become a world champion, obviously. But seriously?? Nobody of them deserves more than the man that KNOWS he has taken the world champion to the limit TWICE!!! The only man that he will be worried about while seeing him with a briefcase in his hands. I am sure that the suitcase will be as dangerous in these hands than a crossbow in the hands of someone that has two left hands during an apple eating contest.

He grins at the statement that he has made, believing that it made sense even though it didn’t. He turns towards the ticket that is fors ome reason without destination.

Senor Vinnie: To many there’s uncertainty about their destination, wondering how succesful or lucky they may get when they base their entire lives upon fortune. While yours truly, I am basing my destination solely upon hard work and determination.

He grins

Senor Vinnie: And then I shall grab a golden suitcase and hol dit dear to my heart, as if I am holding Cactus Pete in my arms… just without the sharp points that causes me to throw him into a pillow when I had forgotten that it is a cactus instead of a young child. Even though he has the same attitude problems that a child can have. Especially when it has to take a dump, only being unable to do so. So annoying that this little cactus can be when he hasn’t gotten his rabies shot.

Err… I mean his pokon and water, i mean seriously. I am a plant lover, he is my pryde and joy. But when it comes down to making decisions upon what is more important to me in my career?? Well then I am sure that Pete will understand that he needs to try harder to get lucky with our 24 year old neighbor that cactus sit him every now and then.

The camera man stops moving, shaking the camera in disbelief. Causing Senor Vinnie to react annoyed as he places his hands to his hips.

Senor Vinnie: What?? I guess you haven’t checked my twitter account?? I had a wonderful discussion with Senorita Valora, who told me that he shouldn’t do anything funny tot hat innocent girl. Who i may add is very mature for her age and never complained about sitting my cactus fort he money I am paying her to do so. Sure, I once came home and saw Pete tied up to some bedsheets. But I am sure that this is just what the youth do these days… So instead of firing her, I rather handed her a raise. That’s right, because by also shutting him up made me have the most wonderful evening while reading my favorite books.

Now i may have to agree upon the fact that the girl loves the money more than her job. But who wouldnt if the one that hires you is richer than the supposedly richest person alive. But who am I ?? Apparently someone smart and rich enough not tob e printed in your supposedly smart list of the Quote 500.

And when I look ahead, therea re five obstacles that is ahead of me. Five names, five souls that are bound to alter my destiny. Where it is upon me, yes that’s right. Yours truly to alter my destiny. To detroy the path that i have created since joining this organization. Where I have broken down any resistance that was put in front of me… All?? Well every possible threat except the one threat that is facing Jake Raab. Excuse me?? Raab?? The man that fucked me over during a tag team match?? The man that apparently could not have cared any more than he is attemptign to do right now???

But that will all alter eventually, because I believe in destiny… where I allow promises become a reality. A reality that ends up with the moment that my brain tells me that it is time…. Time to cash in my promised reality. The one reality that I decide WHEN and WHERE I alter faith. Not mine, but each and every other superstar out there. Where their agonizing sadness is that they cannot beat the seeming unbeatable champion known to mankind.

And with that realization comes acceptance, the shameful sigh that they bow their heads tot he man that seems to be unbeatable. Because as soon people accept what is their destiny, the sooner they become pleased with being second or any other spot that isn’t reserved as being number one. Just like YOU Caleb, even though you were brave enough… or should I say stupid enough to question my intelligence?? Allowing your easily to be manipulated to utter the words that I had already dictated for any of you to speak out as i fit was your own intelligent thought that nobody else could come up with.

Senor Vinnie: Si Caleb, I had already predicted that YOU or ANYONE else would utter the predictable words that I lost to Fenris. That it was time for someone else to take my spot and do what I could not do?? And what may that very well be little rockstar?? Climb a ladder and change destiny?? Being guaranteed a world title reign?? Nah ahh…., you see where you were right that the golden briefcase is a golden promise almost for people like YOU…. But almost isn’t enough for people like myself… whereas I had the world champion nearly upon his knees begging… and yet he never did… while people like YOU… and I say these words with the utmost of unlikely respect… will be laughed at as people like you are nothing more than a complete JOKE.

I could be talking about a monk, Joshua Acquin, a Slappy and whomever it is that I have seemingly forgotten. Not because they do not matter, but because I have had enough of wasting time upon those who do not matter. But you?? Well…., you are just like them… the only difference is that I know that you deliver…, that you will never miss a single week of doing your job and that what you love the most to do. Where you do not see it as your own job, but an oppertunity. An oppertunity to step out of the shadow of those who have ever overlooked you. Too bad that I never will. And that the only one that will stand in my way is the one who has HOPE and a DREAM tob e what I want to be…. World… Heavyweight… Champion…. Therefore and only then I will focus my attemption solely upon you Caleb… Because the others only SAY where the two of US believe that we can make a difference… Too bad for you Senor… unlike the result of that suitcase will be that I could challenge for any championship belt that there is out there… I will not go after the tag titles… leaving you with a shattered hope and dream that I would do anything back for someone that has a dream. A dream that will never happen… I hope that you can live with that reality… Because I can… I will… and I will lift a glass of champagne every single night in your own memory. Not because you are dead, oh no… because you are a fighter, a dreamer and someone that had hope. Hope is the biggest drive to continue where you know there was no hope at al lto go on. Not the biggest motivation at all…., merely a drug that you are addicted to…

I am addicted too Caleb… but the only difference between you and me is that I shall overcome where you will fail. Just like McGoo… and the rest that I already have mentioned… they will all sing the Blues while I shall reach out and extend my hand… towards the golden destiny that You will tell the world that in reality I have earned since day one… Something that will take you a while to gras pand move on… But moving on you will, you shall and you MUST…. Where you will feel pain on the day that I cash in and become champion… Whereas you and your career will be forgotten just like your hope and futile attempt to become the winner of MY golden suitcase…

Who is the choke artist then huh Caleb?? Who is the choke artist then…..

With that the shot slowly fades as we stare into the laughing Senor Vinnie’s eyes

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Posted: January 11, 2019 10:40 pm

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“Hold on, don’t look back…
You know we’re better, we’re better than that.
Lost and thrown away…
You know we’re better, we’re better than that.

...we are the strays.”

-Promo Class-

(We open to show the inside of Levi Russow’s gym as he stands in the corner in front of a green screen. We see various students working out on the equipment, some practicing moves in the ring, it’s a hustle and bustle kind of day. Levi looks around impatiently and checks his watch again.)

Levi Russow: SLAPPY!

(There’s a slight whimper from inside one of the nearby rooms.)



Levi Russow: Do NOT make me come get you!

(Suddenly like a scalded dog a behemoth of a man comes slumping out of the room walking over to Levi and sighing.)

Levi Russow: I know this part ain’t exactly your cup of tea but that’s why we work on it, right? Practice? Let’s go.

Slappy McGoo: I just can’t boss! I can’t be mean ta people!

Levi Russow: Slappy the athleticism and strength is only half of the game and you’ve got that in spades but if you wanna get that briefcase you gotta become the whole package! You gotta learn to promo! Now come on! You got this!

(Levi smacks him on the shoulder and bounces over beside the cameraman who calls action as Slappy stands there, slouching, absolutely mortified.)

Slappy McGoo: name’s Slappy McGoo...I-I’m the guy that beat Joshua Acquin in my debut and I, well now that I think about it I hope he’s okay I mean I’m not the kinda guy that just-

Levi Russow: CUUUUUUUT!

(Levi paces back and forth rubbing his face with his hands frantically before grabbing Slappy by the collar.)

Levi Russow: What. Was. That?

Slappy McGoo: Well Ion’t wanna hurt no one!

Levi Russow: Then WHY are you HERE?

Slappy McGoo: ‘Cause it’s always been my dream! Ya know that! I promised my dad!

Levi Russow: The people your facing? They don’t give a SHIT about your dream. They don’t give a SHIT about your bleeding heart. And they DAMN sure don’t give a shit about your FATHER.

Slappy McGoo: ...careful.

Levi Russow: What I’m trying to say is if you want to win that briefcase YOU have got to get fired up and get fired up in a hurry.

Slappy McGoo: I’m just not an angry guy!

-Suddenly Across The Gym-

(Jack Russow is struggling on the leg press and screaming for a spotter as two other students walk over and lean on the machine causing more pressure.)

Student 1: Awww is little Jackie havin’ a wittle problem lifting the weight?

(A trainer comes over and spots Jack as he gets up and starts to walk away ignoring them as Student 2 whips him around.)

Student 2: Y’know you don’t belong here, right? You’re only here ‘cause of your dad.

Jack Russow: Yeah, clever, haven’t heard that at all...excuse me.

(Jack turns his back and Student 2 shoves him into the nearby post as Jack hits with a thud. The two jerks surround him and start slapping him, taunting him.)

-Back Across The Gym-

(Levi is still giving Slappy an earful as Slappy hears a familiar voice scream “Leave me alone!”)

Levi Russow: This is WAR kid! So what are you gonna do about it! What’s it gonna take to get you fired up!

(Slappy suddenly and calmly moves Levi forcefully out of the way as a look of absolute murder flashes across his face.)

-On The Other Side Of The Gym-

(The two older students are spilling water on Jack and the entire class is laughing instead of helping. Jack looks like he’s in pain and everything’s hopeless when there’s a sudden shift in the atmosphere of the gym as Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop” starts playing over the sound system next and before anyone can react Student 1 turns around to a skull shattering headbutt. Levi’s eyes grow wide as he tells the cameraman to grab his gear and get all of this.)

Student 2: Woah...easy big guy, we were just teasin-

Slappy McGoo: You...DARE...lay a hand on my boy?

(Slappy literally grabs the kids legs and starts swinging him back and forth like a baseball bat crashing him into the wall, into the pillar, swinging him like an axe into the floor. It looks very reminiscent of the scene in the Avengers where the Hulk slams Loki around. Slappy lets go of the unconscious kid as Student 1 slowly gets up bleeding from a crack on his forehead.)

Student 1: P-Please…

Slappy McGoo: The fact he’s a Russow gives him TWICE as much right to be here as either of you two bottom-feeding pukes! And if you EVER touch him again, I will break you piece by piece until I feel you’ve learned your lesson. DO YOU UNDERSTAND.

Student 1: Y-Yes sir.

Slappy McGoo: Good! Now apologize.

Student 1: I’m sorry Jack.

Slappy McGoo: Awww that’s nice…

(Slappy gorilla presses the kid and throws him straight through the free weight station. Slappy screams in primal rage, absolutely snapped as he marches back and forth addressing the rest of the gym.)


(Slappy turns around and sees a camera in his face and gets absolutely livid. Levi backs up a little bit. He’s never been scared of anyone or anything in his life but he’d be a liar if he didn’t admit that “snapped” Slappy...concerned him a bit.)

Slappy McGoo: And you, vile cretin, ALWAYS sticking that God forsaken camera in my face WHAT DO YOU WANT HUH? You want a promo? You want answers? You just wanna come poke fun at the misfit? The outcast? The gentle giant? Look...LOOK at this.

(Slappy walks over to Student 2 and picks him up by the back of his head holding his bleeding visage towards the camera.)

Slappy McGoo: THIS is what you get! THIS is what happens when you pick on the wrong people! I want each and every bully in this world to pay attention that we aren’t TAKING it anymore! And I know you have...I know you ALL have. Acquin, Caleb Storms, St John Cross, Travis Levitt, Senor Vinnie...I know at some point and time YOU have ALL been guilty of treating someone “lesser” than you like dirt and IT’S NOT. HAPPENING. AGAIN...I WON’T LET YOU. That briefcase is just a bonus but if one of you cockroaches manages to slither your way up that ladder and take it before I get my hands on it...that’s fine. Because briefcase or not I WILL be champion of this company one day! Because it’s full of nothing but bullies and a-holes and I will RIP...THIS FOUNDATION APART...BRICK BY FREAKIN’ BRICK IF I HAVE TO! And when I stand on the mountain top and I hold that title won’t laugh at me ever again. NONE OF YOU WILL LAUGH AT ME EVER AGAIN! My size, my demeanor...say what you will, I wear it like armor!

(Slappy looks at the blood on his hands and rubs it across his chest like war paint making both Levi and Jack raise their eyebrows like “Thaaaaat’s not normal.”)

Slappy McGoo: Give me your weak...your tired...your poor. Give me your underdogs. GIVE ME YOUR OUTCASTS. YOUR MISFITS. I want you to reach out and touch your TV screen right now!

(Slappy touches the camera lens.)

Slappy McGoo: DO YOU FEEL THAT? WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER. WE ARE AN ARMY. THEY CAN’T HURT US IF WE BOND TOGETHER. And in this match, I’m going to show you all exactly what I mean. These five men...these five predators...they want to tear me apart. They want to prove that the weak have no place in this company. But the meek will inherit the Earth because win...or lose...this blood. This crimson war paint I adorn so proudly. I’m coming for that. That briefcase may be of gold but it will drip rubies when I grab ahold of it because my hands will drip with the essence of your lives. There will be WILL be yours...and you ARE looking at the next holder of the Golden Briefcase. Scene. OVER.

(Slappy smacks the camera aside and storms off into the back as Levi checks on Jack and we go to black.)

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SCW Inception III
Golden Briefcase Ladder Match

SCENE ONE: LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS (feat. Pandora Barrett)






Light filled the screen, the darkness broken with the flick of a switch, and it takes a few moments for the fuzziness to clear away. When it does, a shirtless Travis Levitt is revealed to be sitting with his back against the tiled wall of a bathroom. His hair is disheveled and draped around his face, and in his hand is a simple black bouncy ball. He blinks a few times to try and get his sight back, as in the doorway stands Pandora Barrett in an oversized t-shirt and some panties. The Malicious Mademoiselle has one hand on the doorway, the other reaching up to run through her hair as she looks down at Levitt.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"So late that its early."

Levitt sighs and throws the ball again, watching it bounce off the floor and hit the wall with a Thwock! before coming back to his hand and being caught easily. The Phoenix squeezes the ball for a moment, knowing full well Pandora is just staring at him and waiting, and he finally looks up at her and sighs.

"Did I wake you?"

"No. Well....I woke up when I turned over and didn't feel you there. But the ball didn't wake me. Lack of balls in my bed did."

Travis looks up at her, grateful to see the smile on Pandora's face as he lets out a soft chuckle. There are few people that can get behind his guard, but Pandora is easily one of them. She's always seemed to know when he needs to be left alone, or when he needs company and to be kept away from his own thoughts. He throws the ball again - Thwock! - catching it as Pandora moves over slowly, slipping down to sit beside him, and just watching as Levitt squeezes the ball a little. The two of them sitting there for a few silent moments before Pandora reaches up to rub at his shoulder.

"How bad is it?"

Of course she would know just what to ask. They'd talked about his problems before. Travis didn't lie to her when they got together. He'd wanted her to know everything. To know just what she was getting into. She'd never judged him, and he wasn't sure he could ever thank her enough for that. He squeezed the ball again and then shrugged slightly.

"Bad enough. Couldn't sleep. this loop in my head, ya know. Get some soma. Sleep enough to find my cycle again. It'll just be this one time. I'm strong enough now. I can do it. Just once, thats all I need, just this once...."

Levitt lets out a long sigh as he looks down at the tiled floor of the room, teeth sinking into his lip, and clearly fighting against an inner desire right now to give in to his addiction. Pandora watches him, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck, just being beside him and letting him know she is there. It takes him a few moments but he finally chuckles and looks back towards her.

"Its not easy. I knew it wouldn't be easy. But I can't help but think......what am I fighting for? Why do I have to fight? Why can't I just....who cares if I have just one pill?"

"You would care. And you know you would."

Levitt looks at her and nods softly, her words easy but enough to make him see the truth behind them. He lifts his hand to throw the ball again, but then stops himself, just looking at the ball, and then lowering his hand with a sigh. Pandora leans over to press a soft kiss on his shoulder, and he looks at her with a small smile. Slowly feeling the urge fading away as with each passing moment his control slowly takes back over, and he looks at her with a grateful smile.

"This is what I was afraid of, you know. Getting back into the business.....I knew there'd be nights like this. It's not about the wrestling. That's the easy part. The moment I step out from behind that curtain, it's game on Girlfriend and all my instincts are driving me. And I can do that part in my sleep. It's this. These moments. This life on the road....this is where the dangers are."

"Is it one of your triggers?"

"Kind of. Stability is suppose to help with recovery. You find a routine, and you stick to it. Wake up. Eat. Hit the Gym. Work. Go Home. Sleep. Thats the ideal life for a recovering addict. And for 6 months thats all I did. Just got into that routine, and stuck to it. And it worked for me, and it kept me sober."

Pandora watches him with a worried look in her eyes, her fingers idly running over his bicep as she just listens for a few moments. This is one of the reasons Travis loves this woman. Pandora has always known just when he needs to vent, and when he needs to just sit in silence. Their not conventional, they never have been, but they work well together and they both know it. Pandora watches his face for a few extra moments before speaking up quietly.

"If it worked....why change it?"

"Because it took six months for the wrestling bug to overtake my sobriety."

Levitt looks at Pandora and she can't help but smile, because they both know what the wrestling bug is like. This business isn't the kind of business you can just dip a toe in and then leave. Once you're in, there's no way out. Not if you truly love this business. Its worse then any drug that way, and they both know it. Pandora nods as she realises what he means and Levitt turns to face the wall, tossing the ball again with another thwock and catching it. He looks at the ball for a moment before letting out a soft sigh.

"When that happened, when that need to wrestle overtook my sobriety, I knew I was in trouble. Knew I'd be diving headfirst right into the deep end of my recovery. Sink or Swim. And I thought I'd be able to handle it, and so far, I have. But every now and then, there's a night like tonight. A night where my brain is so busy trying to go over every little thing I know about my upcoming matches, that it just won't shut up and let me sleep. And those thoughts creep in. And once they find a foothold, their hard to shake off. It starts as a little tossing and turning in bed...."

"And before you know it, your tossing a bouncy ball at a bathroom wall and trying to shut your brain off entirely."

Levitt looks at him, a soft smile stretching her lips and Travis sighs.Leaning back and resting the back of his head against the wall, while staring up at the ceiling. He just stares for a few moments and then speaks softly.

"Maybe it was a mistake to come back. Maybe I should just go home, try and find a normal life."

Pandora doesn't say a word in response, just watching his face as Levitt keeps staring up at the ceiling. The Scream Queen just letting him be for a moment, until she reaches up to grab him by his goatee. Travis gasps, but Pandora is insistent as she pulls Levitt's face down until he is staring into her eyes and she smiles softly.

"Stop being stupid. You hear me? If you hadn't come back, we wouldn't be here. You're well liked and respected, and you're getting exactly what you want, remember? This week you have a chance in SCW to get yourself a guaranteed World Title Shot. So, stop being stupid. Put your ball down, get your ass up, and come back to bed. I need my snuggles."

Levitt stares at her, and Pandora deliberately keeps a firm hold of his goatee until Travis does his best attempt at a nod with his goatee still being held onto. Pandora lets go with a smile, and then leans in to kiss his cheek gently before standing up with a big grin stretching her lips. She holds a hand out towards Travis, and he takes her hand before shaking his head as he climbs up.

"Is it bad that seeing you get so bossy is such a turn-on?"

"Of course not. You're my Bitch."

Pandora keeps her hand in his as she walks him back towards the bedroom, and Travis can't help but tilt his head slightly and nod.

"Yeah that sounds about right."

And with a final CLICK the lights cut out and the scene cuts to darkness.




The scene opens up on a shot of the ring inside the Gold Coast Casino. It's hours before the show, so there is still some roadies around getting stuff set up, but there are no fans here yet. A couple of the roadies turn towards the doors as they open, and into the room walks Travis Levitt in a hoodie and a beanie. Levitt nods at them, and they give him a polite nod back before turning away and getting back on with their job. Levitt himself just stands a few steps inside the room and staring at the ring, and then around at the seats. It's empty right now, but he can already picture what it's going to look like tonight, and the rush is slowly buzzing inside him. Stepping down the aisle, he walks closer to the ring and reaches out to run a hand over the apron. Spotting a nearby production member, Levitt reaches over to pat the man on the shoulder and point at the camera nearby.

"Can you....."

The man nods and Levitt smiles appreciatively. Watching for a moment as the man hefts up the camera, and then gets it rolling. The shot now switching to a facial shot of The Phoenix, as he stands poised, hands in his pockets and his eyes on the ring. Turning to look at the camera with a soft smile.

"Hello SCW. This is 'The Phoenix' Travis Levitt, coming at you live from the Gold Coast Casino, all thanks to my friend.....uhhh......what was your name?" "My name's Jeff." "Of course it is. But that's the only word you'll be hearing from Jeff today. Isn't it, Jeff?" "I....I guess s---" "Jeff! What did I just say? Ixnay on the alktay!"

Silence is the only answer and Travis shakes his head as he turns his gaze away from the man behind the camera to look back into the lens. His posture is showing his calm demeanour as he takes a slightly backwards step, turning to look at the ring and staring for a few seconds before speaking up again.

"So, here we are. SCW's first supercard. My first supercard as an SCW Superstar. Inception 3! CLASH! OF! THE! CHAMPIONS!"

Levitt bellows out the last four words, hands raised as if putting them across the marquee himself. A couple of the roadies glance over to see what is going on, but most of the staff around the ring area is too busy still setting things up to giver Levitt any notice, as he stands there posing for a moment and then looking back at the camera. Arm raised to the camera, and he pulls back the arm of his hoodie to show off his skin.

"You can see the goosebumps, right? Tonight is going to be amazing. I've had goosebumps for days just thinking about it. tonight, in this ring, it's me and five other superstars, all looking to bring our best, do our best, and try our best, and all of it for one thing. Just. One. Thing."

Levitt smiles softly, letting out a soft breath as he looks back at the ring and then up towards the rafters. Eyes visualizing his target for tonight before he looks back at the camera.

"The Golden Briefcase. A guaranteed shot at any SCW Title. the stakes don't get much higher then that. Since the very first day I entered this business, I have always dreamed of being a World Champion. But whenever the opportunity has come up, I've choked on my chance. Every. Single. Time."

Levitt looks down at his feet again for a moment, scuffing at the floor before he shakes his head and turns towards the ring. Stepping over to reach out and run a hand over the apron, as if somehow touching the ring will give him some sign of how his night will go. He waits a moment but then turns back to face the camera.

"And yet.....if I had the briefcase, that curse would be all but over. Because I could cash in whenever or wherever I like. No more fighting on neutral terms, or at the champions advantage. The advantage would be /all/ mine. And you should know, I have no hesitation in cashing in when a champion is at his weakest or most vulnerable. Won't stop me even a little. I want to be World Champion. I /will/ be the SCW World Champion. And while tonight gives me a great chance at getting my shot, my goal doesn't change tonight. Win or Lose. I am still coming for that title."

Levitt's intently staring into the camera again, seemingly considering stepping closer, but he instead reaches back, resting his palms on the apron of the ring and hopping up to sit on the edge. A slight smirk on his lips, tilting his head as he stares into the camera.

"But, before I can go for that briefcase, I have to face a few facts. Like the fact that all five of the other men in this match want it just as badly as I do. That all five men know the stakes, know their chances, and are coming for it just as hard as I am. Caleb Storms. Joshua Acquin. St. John Cross. Slappy McGoo. Senor Vinnie. Five men that are coming into this match ready to give it their all, and will happily step all over my bloodied broken body if it means they can take that briefcase."

"Now, since I came to SCW, I've had two matches. One where I stomped the holy hell out of Joshua Acquin. And one where I went to war with St. John Cross and Lachlan Kane. I'm one and one. And I'm okay with that. Because I knew coming back into this business that it wouldn't be as simple as coming back and winning every match. Nothing is ever that simple. But I can guarantee you, Cross felt our match every bit as much as I did the next day. And thats the thing that is important. If you're going to beat me, I'm going to make damn sure you feel the effects the next day. I will fight, and I will claw, and I will scratch for every last inch inside that ring. Every. Last. Inch. So a victory over me....thats no small thing, Cross. And I tip my....well, beanie to you. You got the win. You didn't pin me, but you got the win. Good work."

"And now, here we stand again. Yet another match where you don't need to pin me, but can still beat me. Intriguing prospect, isn't it? The chance to win that briefcase, get some sort of bragging rights, while still not actually beating me. Impressive. But thats if you make it up that ladder first, Cross. You're fast, I know that from experienced. You're determined and you have every bit of a chance to get that briefcase. But thats just it. You have a chance. And I just.....I can't see you doing it again, Cross. Not beating me twice in a row. Something tells me you're in for a fall from grace."

"And as for the other man I've already faced.....Acquin, I don't know what logics or decision making went into deciding which people were in this match, but there is a giant part of me that believes you were picked as the sacrificial lamb. the man thrown into the match just to be a body for all of us to stomp on. Seriously, when was the last time you actually entered a match with ANY actual chance to win? It hasn't been lately. Before our last match, I told you that you were the welcome mat. The example I'd use to make sure everyone understood just how dangerous I can be. And now, we're going to be in the same ring again, and this time there's no disqualifications. I am going to /love/ messing you up all over again. And tis time, I'll be able to use a lot more then just my body. Survey Says Mr. Nightmare is in for a hell of a time."

"And then.....Jeff, who was I upto?"
"Uhhh....Cale---" "Jeff! I told you not to talk! I didn't want you to actually answer the question! Anyway, Caleb Storms. I can't say I know much about you Caleb. I'm sure if I wanted to find footage, I could. If I wanted to discover more of your dreams and aspirations and hopes, I could. And that would make it all the more fun when I crush them at Inception. But, unfortunately, I'm almost feels bad to say, that to me you're just like Acquin. A body to fill up this match, but not an actual threat. Tonight's forecast says that you're going down in flames. No storm warning. Oops."

Levitt shrugs slightly, and then lets out a breath. Looking left and right he finally spots something he is after, hopping off the apron, and walking away. the camera moves to follow him, and we see Levitt walk over to a catering table. Picking up a bottle of water, he cracks it open and takes a deep swig, letting out another breath before looking back towards the camera.

"Man.....five opponents sure makes a guy have to talk a lot, huh?" "I mean, yeah I g--" "DAMMIT JEFF! YOU HAVE ONE JOB!"

Levitt shakes his head, taking another swig of his water and then heading back towards the ring. Reaching the apron again, he hops back up so he's seated once more, and looks at the camera for a long moment and then speaks again.

"And now, we move onto the two men I know only by reputation. Senor Vinnie and Slappy McGoo. Now, while they are both stupid names, neither man is actually stupid. And I certainly would never want to imply that Slappy is anything other then a fine upstanding and amazing citizen. Mostly because I'm afraid he'll eat me if I do. Slappy is the kindest sweetest young man I have ever met, and if there really is an everafter and an Almighty Father then....well, you got one sick sense of humor. Putting a soul that sweet and innocent in a package that looks like it's going to jump on your head just for looking at him....I get the joke. I just don't like it. Especially since I have to share the ring with him. But there is one small mercy to be granted here. This is a ladder match. Which means in order to win, you need to climb a ladder. And I don't think mankind has yet evolved to the stage where we can develop a ladder that can hold that boy. It's a small mercy, but considering the situation, I'll take it."

"And now, finally, we reach Senor Vinnie himself. the one man in this match that has more motivation then any other. How many times have you choked against Fenris now, Vinnie? Two? Four? Twenty? Does it even matter? Time and again you've had your shot at the gold, and you keep falling short. So, I think I speak on behalf of all the people that have been forced to listen to your mariachi 'skills', when I say we hope you fall on your cactus and meet a prickly end. The same way there eardrums did. You are the man in this match that has already fought for the World Title, and been taken seriously doing it. And just choked."

"I get what that's like, Vinnie. I do. I've choked every single time I've had my shot at the big one too. And as much as there is a part of me that wants to step aside and let you get another chance.....I can't do that. No matter how much Petey tries to bribe me for it. Because I need this as much as you do. I want this as much as you do. This is my chance, my moment, my night! And I don't care if its a cactus, a guitar, or a UFO itself spinning out and around inside this arena to try and confuse me.....I will not be denied. Not this time."

"Tonight, I'm entering that ring, with five men each as hungry as I am. Well, Slappy might be hungrier. But thats in a literal sense. In a figurative sense, I think I might have him beat. But even though every man is coming in to give it their all, their can be just one winner.....and your looking at him. Tonight, I take the next step on my road to redemption, when I climb that ladder and I seize MY Golden Opportunity! And there is nothing any of you can do to stop me."
"They could climb the ladder first..." "DAMMIT JEFF! ONE JOB!"

And with that the scene fades out as Levitt hops down and storms off in an angry mood.

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DATE: December 24, 2018
LOCATION: Bingham Residence

St. John Cross was determined to save Christmas from its annual abandonment at Effie Bingham’s house. Although he was raised in the cult setting of Missio Dei, Christmas was one of the high festive days of the Order. It was one of the few times where the Order joined the rest of the world in the festivities. However, Effie didn’t celebrate Christmas for non-religious personal reasons. In fact, she planned to sleep through most of the holiday week. She laundered all her lounge pants and sweatshirts, stockpiled every non-Christmas movie she could get her hands on, and ordered enough food to survive several winters. Simply put, she hated Christmas.

St. John, however, was determined to change the Christmas experience for Effie come Hell or high water. And his efforts weren’t without success. He convinced her to let him set up a 9ft Fraser Fir Christmas tree in her front room. There was even enough space for the gaudy star tree topper. By Christmas Eve, there were already several wrapped gifts under the tree. One was from Aron and Fen. Several were from Ty, who joined St. John’s mission to eradicate Effie’s grinch heart. There was even a gift for St. John from Effie, proof that her heart was thawing.

It was late afternoon on Christmas Eve, when St. John found Effie in the kitchen. She was so focused on reading the faded words of an old cookbook belonging to her grandparents’ housekeeper that she didn’t hear him walk in. There were baked sugar cookies on a cookie sheet. Though they were a bit lopsided, but St. John was impressed with her effort. Ever since they admitted their relationship was more than “just friends” and were sharing the bed, Effie had become more domesticated; something St. John was determined to enjoy quietly.

ST. JOHN: smells really good in here, Eff.

Effie turned to see St. John leaning on the door frame, wearing a black suit with matching dress shirt and shoes. She looked at him with a confused expression. Reading her expression, he filled her in on the reason for his attire.

ST. JOHN: Aren’t we going to that shindig you told me about the other night? Please tell me you didn’t forget. It took me nearly an hour to put myself together with these damn bandages across my chest and back!

Twenty four hours earlier, at SCW Climax Control 225, St. John earned a hard fought victory against Lachlan Kane and Travis Levitt in a Glass Bulb Match. All three men left the ring lacerated and bleeding despite St. John’s victory. A few stitches and miles of gauze and bandages were protecting the wounds from infection and further damage. But his injuries were not going to stop him from giving Effie a Christmas she’d never forget.

EFFIE: Oh yeah. I figured we weren’t going with your back all fucked up.

Effie dropped her gaze back into the cookbook, biting the inside of her cheek, and avoiding his eyes.

ST. JOHN: Do I look like I’m going to let you off the hook of wearing that sexy red dress you bought?

She hopped off the stool she was sitting on and walked to the oven.

EFFIE: I was hoping…

As she spoke, Effie pulled another tray of cookies from the oven with an oven mit.


When she straightened up, St. John saw some darker than normal cookies on the sheet. But they weren’t good enough for Effie. She unceremoniously dumped them in the trash. She slammed the oven mit on the counter as St. John walked to her.

ST. JOHN: It’s okay, Eff. You’re being too hard on yourself. They actually didn’t look bad at all. With some frosting and no one would know the difference!

St. John wrapped his arms around her. She snuggled into him, something he enjoyed thoroughly.

EFFIE: I’m really trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I really am, Sin. It’s just not that easy for me. It could take me years to get rid of my deep-seeded hatred. Besides, I should've said no to Alexander about this party. He just wants to impress me.

St. John squeezed her tighter unconsciously as his mind raced.

ST. JOHN: Over my dead body. If anyone is going to show you off, it’s me.

He kissed her cheek like it was his personal stamp of ownership.

ST. JOHN: Plus, I’m your plus one slash security detail tonight.

Effie smiled and caressed his face. She liked knowing that he was a bit overprotective of her.

EFFIE: You have nothing to worry about, Sin. Alexander is one of those snobby white guys who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. He thinks I’ll be dying to get back with him, especially after declining his party invitations for years and now finally accepting it.

St. John turned to look at Effie, also wondering why she would accept the invitation after years of rejection.

ST. JOHN: Why did you accept?

Effie paused as she searched for an answer. Nothing.

EFFIE: I really don’t know.

St. John offered a shot in the dark, hoping he was part of her thought process.

ST. JOHN: Was it because of me?

Effie shrugged her shoulders. Still nothing.

EFFIE: I have no idea. I don’t always have a reason for my impulsive decisions.

St. John chuckled loudly to hide his true intention: a sigh of relief.

ST. JOHN: That would explain some things.

He pinched one of Effie’s bubble butt cheeks which made her jump and leave question alone.

ST. JOHN: Why don’t we go make our cameo appearance at the party then come back and do our gift exchange?

Effie sighed and reached for the oven dial to turn it off. She playfully pressed her ass onto his crotch before standing upright.

EFFIE: Fine. I’ll go get ready.

Effie got on her tiptoes and gave St. John a kiss before heading up out of the kitchen and up the stairs to take a shower.


DATE: January 11, 2019
LOCATION: Olympia LV Wrestling School

St. John sits on the bench of the men’s locker room of Olympia LV Wrestling School. He’s dressed in his wrestling gear and boots. There are still a few red marks on his back from his grueling Glass Bulb Match victory at Climax Control 225 but most are completely healed up. He starts to tape up his left hand as he starts speaking without looking at the camera.

ST. JOHN CROSS: The Golden Briefcase Ladder Match. The golden opportunity to face a SCW champion. The thing is it’s being touted as an opportunity to take a championship from said champion when they are most weak.

St. John chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief.

ST. JOHN: This isn’t a golden opportunity. This is a shortcut! This is the epitome of why professional wrestling needs new blood like me. Call me a saint, a goodie-two-shoes, a moralist, I think it’s quite apparent in the last few weeks since I arrived in SCW that I don’t give a damn what people think of me. I do things right. I do right by people. Even if it means being perceived as a self-righteous asshole. Does this mean I will throw away the ladder match at Inception III? I don’t think so. I’m going to take this so-called golden opportunity to swipe a cheap championship and turn it into an opportunity to turn SCW and professional wrestling golden.

He pauses to redirect the tape through his fingers.

ST. JOHN: You see, it’s time someone steps up and changes the status quo. It’s time for a golden age in SCW. It’s time to see who really is the best wrestler in the world and instead of who is more popular. This ladder match will be a test of which wrestler, whether Caleb Storms, Joshua Acquin, Slappy McGoo, Travis Levitt, Senor Vinnie, or myself can overcome the odds to take one more step towards wrestling supremacy. This is what I strive for in SCW, more than championships, more than accolades, more than fame and fortune. I want to be the best and leave no doubt about it.

St. John checks the grip of the tape.

ST. JOHN: It’s time I become my own man. No more Missio Dei. No more Blackwatch.

He completes his left hand wrapping and looks up at the camera confidently.

ST. JOHN: It’s time I live on my own terms, expecting nothing from no one. I’ve learned to give a lot more than I receive, to go after what I want and don’t stop until I get it. I know people will tell me to do things differently. And depending on whether you’re your own man or not, their words will or won’t matter. So, my question, to you gentlemen, on the eve of Inception III, is, who are you? Are you your own man or the result of someone else’s choices. The ladder match will determine your true answer. See you there.


DATE: December 24, 2018
LOCATION: The Rothchild Estate

St. John’s eyes widened when he saw the spectacle that was the home of Alexander Rothchild. If he thought Effie’s family home was large, it was a guest house compared to the Rothchild Estate. It was larger than life, especially decorated for Christmas, with all the accompanying amenities of high society. As Effie drove up to the valet station in front of the house, she heard St. John curse under his breath.


Effie smiled brilliantly as she stepped out of the car and traded car keys for ticket. Effie was absolutely stunning as she walked down the stairs of her family mansion. She was the epitome of the Lady in Red in a matching red satin dress and high heels; she had her hair swept up allowing her elegant face and neck to be exhibited. For girl who hated to dress up, Effie cleaned up divinely.St. John waited for her and she took his arm before heading up the walkway to the double door entrance. The servant attending the door gave Effie a warm smile of recognition.

SERVANT: Ms. Bingham, what a marvelous pleasure it is to see you again.

Effie shook her head but returned the wam sentiment with her own smile as they stopped in front of him.

EFFIE: Lourdes, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Effie?

Lourdes responds with another smile like that of a grandfather.

LOURDES: At least one more time… Ms. Bingham.

St. John was going to be left out of the warm pleasantries since he expected a more hostile welcome. He put his hand out to Lourdes, who looked at him surprised by the gesture. He awkwardly shook his hand.

ST. JOHN: Sir Lourdes, I’m St. John Cross. I’m Ms. Bingham’s hired security.

Effie gave him a glare and a light elbow into his side.

LOURDES: Just Lourdes, Mr. Cross. I’m the Chief Steward for the Rothchild family.

St. John rolled his eyes at the thought that there were still master-slave type working relationships in the world, much less the United States.

ST. JOHN: Well, to me, you’re Sir Lourdes. I think you’ve earned that honor.

Lourdes cleared his throat.

LOURDES: I think you’ll be quite safe here, Ms. Bingham. Hired security is quite unnecessary.

Effie shook her head as she corrected Lourdes.

EFFIE: Oh, no, Lourdes. St. John isn’t here to protect me. He’s here to protect everyone else from me!

The old gentleman couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

ST. JOHN: So I can count on your assistance if this party goes into rave-mode right, Sir Lourdes?

Lourdes nodded approvingly and motioned for them to enter the soiree. As they prepared to leave Lourdes and enter the house, Lourdes leaned forward and whispered something to Effie that the old gentleman hoped stayed personal between them.

LOURDES: I like him, Ms. Bingham. He seems...a better fit for you.

Effie smiled and spoke a little louder than the servant but looked at St. John.

EFFIE: Yeah, I like him too.

LOURDES: Does Mr. Rothchild know about him?

Effie shook her head in the negative.

LOURDES: Oh my… he’s currently in the ballroom in case you want to avoid him.

EFFIE: No, not really.

She winked at Lourdes before St. John led her into the main soiree.

ST. JOHN: Peace, Sir Lourdes!

Effie and St. John entered the ballroom. It was like nothing he’d ever experienced yet had seen in videos and books. High society in all its glory! St. John leaned his head towards Effie and said in a low voice.

ST. JOHN: So, who is this Rothchild guy again?

Effie just looked straight ahead.

EFFIE: My ex… Look, there’s something you should know about Ale-...

Effie was interrupted by a booming male voice.

VOICE: What the fuck are you doing here, Effie?

The curse word definitely got St. John’s attention, especially with the tone of voice. A big, overweight man with short dirty blonde hair and a size too small suit stalked toward them. St. John quickly recognized the familiar facial features.

OVERWEIGHT MAN: And who the hell is this? Are you bringing your homeless shelter buddies to parties now as part of your philanthropic endeavors now? You could have at least bought him a haircut!

Effie rolled her eyes. St. John feigned cool, calm, and collected even though he wanted to punch a hole in the man’s fat face.

EFFIE: How nice to see you too, TJ. Sin, this is my brother, Tracy Bingham Jr.

Tracy corrected Effie’s introduction immediately.

TRACY BINGHAM: Tracy Bingham the Second! Junior is such an... uncouth title.

The friendly exchange that St. John had with Lourdes was nowhere to be found with Tracy. St. John switched into pre-match mental exercises as he stuck his hand out to greet Effie’s brother.

St. JOHN: St. John Cross. Nice to make your acquaintance.

Effie recognized the tone in St. John’s voice. The corner of her mouth twitched upward as she recognized the tone of voice used by the exiled monk when cutting match promos.

ST. JOHN: You have a wonderful sister. The clients at the homeless shelter are quite fond of her work and dedication. You should come by sometime and help out, Junior. I’m sure no one will mind your uncouthiness.

St. John smirked at Tracy while glaring at him in the eyes. He was daring the man to do something about his comment. Tracy rolled his eyes and ignoring St. John altogether. He turned his attention back to his sister.

TRACY: I thought after that incident with the lawyer we would be blessed enough to never see you again.

Effie laughed in her brother’s face.

EFFIE: Well isn’t that your dumb luck, huh, TJ? Alex invited me.

Tracy’s eyes bulged out at the thought of Alexander Rothchild with his sister once again. He shook his head disapprovingly and walked away from the scene when he saw people listening to their conversation. St. John looked at Effie with his smart ass smirk.

ST. JOHN: I guess we won’t be making his Christmas card list next year. So what happened with the lawyer?

Effie shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

EFFIE: TJ and my other brother tried to sue me for part of my mother's inheritance since she wrote them out of her will. I simply brought up that if they continued with their frivolous lawsuit I would reveal to the judge how they used me as their corporate whore. They were quick to back off after that.

ST. JOHN: And I thought I had family problems. So what were you going tell me before your uncouth brother interrupted us?

The color in Effie’s cheek faded to pale.

EFFIE: Alex… well… he kind of wants to get me back.

He cocked an eyebrow. The thought of any guy touching her other than him made his blood boil.

ST. JOHN: Get you back? Like in revenge or back in his bed?”

Effie winced a bit as she was reminded of her past.

EFFIE: Remember when I told you I was engaged before?

A flare of the nose revealed St. John’s escalating reaction.

ST. JOHN: Yes…

Effie put her hand in his hand.

EFFIE: Alex was my fiance. He never wanted to break up but he just… he just wanted to tether me, cage me, turn me into a clone of his mother.

ST. JOHN: Seriously?

Effie nodded in the affirmative, hoping St. John could keep his cool knowing he was in her ex-fiance’s house. She grabbed a flute of champagne as a server goes by with them.

ST. JOHN: Why didn’t you say anything to me before coming here?

Effie looked him straight in the eyes.

EFFIE: What difference does it make? I don't want him back.

There was anger in his eyes but he was controlled enough to not make a scene.

ST. JOHN: It does a make a difference. I can’t stand by here and watch him make moves on you.

Effie tightened her hand grip.

EFFIE: He's going to be too busy with his current fiancé. I wouldn't worry.

St. John wasn’t convinced but he decided to end the conversation there.

St. JOHN: Where to now?

Effie was still concerned about the effect of her revelation on St. John but she wasn’t going to press the situation.

EFFIE: How about we mingle for 30 mins then leave. Though seeing my brother pissed off was the highlight of my day.

St. John looked around at the people surrounding them. He shook his head in disbelief.

ST. JOHN: Are all these people as stuck up as your brother?

Effie responded effortlessly.[i]

EFFIE: No… worse.

[i]The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. A tall, handsome and rugged man entered the dining room and walked straight toward the. St. John swore under his breath as the man stopped in front of them.

TALL MAN: Ms. Bingham? Mr. Rothchild would like a word.

The tall man gave St. John a once over before he continued.

TALL MAN: In private.

St. John’s eyes shot to meet Effie’s for any indication of what to do. When she didn’t give any response, he interjected himself into the conversation.

ST. JOHN: Seriously? Wherever she goes, I go. Understand, Stretch?

Effie finally nodded in agreement. The man speaks quietly into his earpiece, unseen before now. He seemed to agree to something and waved them on.

TALL MAN: Mr. Rothchild will see you now.

The tall bodyguard walked a few steps ahead of them so Effie whispered to St. John.

EFFIE: You thought that was Alex, didn’t you?

Effie nudged St. John’s side, enjoying the jealousy raging in him.

ST. JOHN: I’m a bit out of my element here.

Effie smiled devilishly.

EFFIE: This is Hendrick, Alex’s personal security chief. I wish Hendrick would’ve let me fuck him but he's got a long time girlfriend.

Dt. John’s eyes bugged out as they started to ascend the stairs. His mind was spinning with all the information.

EFFIE: Alex wasn't really a guy I picked. He was one of my father’s corporate hook-ups.

They stopped in front of a set of double doors. Hendrick turned around and stepped in front of them.

HENDRICK: I gotta check you.

Effie rolled her eyes and lifted her arms. St. John was raised his eyebrows in surprise.

EFFIE: I may have hit Alex a few times with some inanimate objects hidden on my person.

Hendrick nodded at St. John when he found nothing on Effie.

ST. JOHN: You too.

St. John reluctantly raised his arms.

ST: JOHN: Look, Stretch, the only piece you’re going to find on me is the one between my legs and it can shoot your eye out.

Effie laughed out loud. Hendrick didn't react but declared him clean. He knocked once and motioned for the pair to enter. Effie turned the doorknob and entered. The moment of truth had arrived.

DATE: January 11, 2019
LOCATION: Olympia LV Wrestling School

St. John just completed a sparring match with four bigger men. They are all worse for wear. St. John looks loose and ready for more action. He looks at the camera as if looking at his Inception III opponents.

ST. JOHN: Gentlemen... there are two types of competitors in this business: the mediocre and the elite. The mediocre work until they’re tired, until their friends call them to go out, or until they’re bored. The elite don’t stop. Nothing can distracts them. If they’re tired, they keep going. If their friends call them, they respond “some other time”. If they’re bored, they thinks about the final outcome, smile, and keep going. The mediocre take forever to make progress… if they even make progress. The elite make progress often. The mediocre let mistakes and errors bother them. The elite love mistakes because they learn vital lessons from them. In order to be an elite, you need to develop the habit of sacrifice. Being an elite doesn’t mean you don’t have a life. It means you work until you’re finished and then reward yourself. Mastering your craft, in this case, the wrestling ring, requires time away from friends, family, and hobbies. It’s the price you must pay to get what you want. If you’re complacent and don’t care to achieve more, then sacrifice isn’t something you need to worry about. If you have the fire, the need to achieve more, to be great, becoming an elite isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

St. John cracks his head side to side.

ST. JOHN: I don’t see this ladder match as a golden opportunity to take something I don’t deserve. This ladder match, like the glass bulb match before it, and my debut match are all my golden opportunities to become an elite in professional wrestling. I’m not looking for shortcuts. I’m looking for opportunities to be the best of the best which means I’m willing to sacrifice, achieve, and be great.

The camera slowly pans out as St. John prepares for another go around with the four beasts.

ST. JOHN CROSS: What about you, Caleb Storms? Are you hurricane or a morning drizzle? What about you, Joshua Acquin? Are you a championship material or a permanent journeyman? What about you, Slappy McGoo? Nevermind. What about you, Senor Vinnie? Are you the real deal or are you just another figment of your broken imagination? What about you, Travis Levitt? Will you join me in the ascent to greatness or are you just a flash in the pan? I know who I am. Do you?

DATE: December 24, 2018
LOCATION: The Rothchild Estate

Alexander Rothchild was not a big man. When he stood, he was about 5 feet 8 inches. He was thin with glasses and dark hair. Upon seeing Effie he smiled widely.

ALEX: You look stunning, Kitty.

Effie's face scrunched up.

EFFIE: I told you to never to call me that!

Alex laughed.

ALEX: Still feisty as ever.

Alex walked around the desk and stopped in front of Effie.

ALEX: You’ve turned down my invites several times, so I was intrigued to see you on the guest list. I’m hoping you’ve given my proposal another serious thought.

Effie shook her head vehemently.

EFFIE: Nope. I still don't want to marry you.

St. John figured this was the best time to introduce himself into the situation.

ST. JOHN: St. John Cross. Nice to meet you, Mr. Rothchild.

Alex weakly shook his hand and turned his attention back to Effie.

ALEX: What if I said I could bankrupt your father and brothers? I know how much that would turn you on.

He reached out and touched a strand of her hair that had fallen loose. It was apparent that Alex was very much still in love with Effie much to St. John’s chagrin. Effie grabbed his wrist.

EFFIE: I came because you invited me. And to tell you, for the last time, that we broke it off for a reason. You need to focus on Brooke.

Alex took his hand back and laughed.

ALEX: Brooke married Harding last month. She couldn't handle me always talking about you.

St. John had never felt so much jealous rage in his life. He wanted to grab Alex by his scrawny neck & snap it like a twig. Yet for Effie he maintained his steely expression.

EFFIE: Not my problem.

Effie’s nonchalant attitude only enraged the smaller man.

ALEX: I have been more than patient with you, waiting for you to come to your senses. No one is going to look after you like me. No one will treat you like the queen you are. Don't you see? You are mine! You were promised to me! And you know, Effie, that I always get what I want. Always.

Effie looked at him intently then started laughing in his face. Her laughter only enraged the man. Alex lifted his hand and went to slap her when, quick as lightning, St. John grabbed his wrist.

ST. JOHN: Is this how you treat a Queen? Well, this is how I treat a sniveling little bitch!

St. John put all his jealousy into one punch that landed square on Alex’s nose, snapping his glasses in half! Alex’s scream brought the security beast back into the room.

ST. JOHN: Oh shit!

ALEX: Take this garbage to the curb.

Alex was holding his nose as Hendrick took hold of St. John’s arm and started pulling him out of the room. St. John didn’t resist much as the pain in his back was great. Effie turned to follow.

ALEX: Not you, Effie! I'm not done with you.

He pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket to sop up the blood pouring from his nose. Effie smirked as she shook her head.

EFFIE: I never even started with you. I was only with you because my father told me to so your father would close that deal with him. Then I got wise.

[i]Alex growled at Effie’s flippantly attitude.

ALEX: I was your first, Effie!

Effie shrugged her shoulder.

EFFIE: And you left a lot to be desired. Another reason why I left.

She waved at him and followed Hendrick out. St. John could have left things be but he let his pride get the best of him. He was not going to let Hendrick escort him out unceremoniously. Plus, Effie, at one time, wanted to sleep with him. So, he spun out of Hendrick’s grip and laid a boot to Hendrick’s midsection. The kick doubled him over. St. John used all his strength, not to mention ignoring the searing pain in his back and set him up for his Soul’s Demise vertebreaker. He dropped Hendrick neck and head first into the tile floor. There was a sickening thud as Hendrick went limp. St. John groaned loudly as he got up. He could feel a warm moisture adhere his shirt to his back. However, he taunted the unconscious Hendrick as he stood over him.

ST. JOHN: Take your own trash out, bitch!

Effie looped her arm with hers to give St. John stability.

EFFIE: We need to bail before they call the police.

The party was still going strong as they raced towards the door. Effie spotted the open bar and swiped a bottle of whiskey before the bartender saw her take it. While they waited for the valet, Effie screwed the top off of the whiskey bottle and took a quick swig before handing it to St. John.

EFFIE: Drink this. It will take the edge off until we get home.

St. John wasn’t accustomed to drinking hard liquor but the burn was better than the pain. He took a long swig as the valet brings the Porsche up. Effie helped him into the passenger seat.

EFFIE: Easy, Big Boy. You're starting to bleed out of your jacket. Good thing my seats are leather, eh?"

St. John gave her a pained smile.

ST. JOHN: Sorry, Eff. That wasn’t my brightest idea, but, damn, it felt great to drop that asshole on his head.

Effie snarled at him as she closed the door. She trucks around the car and gets into the passenger side.

EFFIE: It's not Hendrick's fault he works for an asshat.

ST. JOHN: Okay...fine! I did it out of jealousy since you said you wanted to fuck him at one time! Sue me for being in love with you, Effie.”

Effie rolled her eyes but slightly smiled at his statement.

EFFIE: I'll get you home and clean up your back.


DATE: January 11, 2019
LOCATION: Olympia LV Wrestling School

St. John has wrapped up this training and cleaned up. He heads out of the training facility where Effie is waiting for him in her Porsche.

ST. JOHN: Gentlemen, are you ready? I’m ready for this golden opportunity, whether briefcase or not, because I decide my destiny. At Inception III, I set my destiny even if it means I have to destroy yours. See you soon.

He jumps into Effie’s Porsche and they squeal out of the lot.
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