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> SAM MARLOWE v JESSIE SALCO, Roulette v Legacy title
Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:45 am

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Jessie Salco
Posted: January 10, 2019 11:06 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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RP Title: “A title worth a damn!”

The New Year had started and for many people, that meant new beginnings, however for the Honor Wrestling Legacy Champion Jessie Salco that had a big hurdle in front of it as Jessie was facing Sam Marlowe in a Title Unification Match that pitted Jessie’s Legacy Championship against Sam Marlowe’s Roulette Championship! Jessie and Sam had met a few times in the ring and the last time they faced off was at the start of Ben Jordan’s #BenDeservesBetter Campaign last April which was a non-title match that Jessie ended up losing, can Jessie make up for past mistakes this week and bring in the new year as the new Roulette Champion?

Local metal club, Las Vegas, Nevada
Thursday the 10th of January 2019, 18:00pm

Yeah, yeah, happy New Year and all that shit!

I wanted to reign in the New Year on happier terms but once again the brain trust at the top of SCW decided to screw me over because of the myth that I can’t draw shit even though my reign as Honor Wrestling Legacy Champion proves otherwise, don’t think they were telling the truth when they announced the decision to unify the Honor Wrestling and SCW Titles together back in November, then again if you believe everything that comes out of their mouths then you lost the ability to think for yourself a long time ago.

To summarize, the bosses can’t stand to see their myths get busted, meaning they don’t like it when someone they claim can’t draw proves them otherwise! What can I say except they are idiots!

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I was a lot happier in Honor Wrestling than I had been for a long time because they respected talent, now that SCW brought out Honor? Brooke Saxton lost what little balls she had and became a glorified lapdog and SCW is getting ready to flush Honor’s Legacy down the toilet!

The joke will be on them by the end of the night, that’s all I have to say.

As for what we’re doing now, me and the boys have taken a break from training and I’m trying to take my mind off the SCW/Honor Wrestling bullshit so I’m here at my favorite local metal club with the boys, some might call this cliché for me, you know what I say to them? Go kiss Mark and Christian’s asses some more!

“I get the feeling that this is going to be a stupid question.” Shane commented as we sat down at a booth not far from the bar and the DJ booth by extension, it wasn’t karaoke night tonight otherwise I’d be all over it in a heartbeat. “But you ready for Sunday.”

“You mean “am I ready for Mark and Christian’s attempt to perpetuate the myth that no fan wants to see me be successful?”, because that’s pretty much what the whole title unification bullshit is about!” I responded as I rolled my eyes whilst “Laid To Rest” by Lamb of God started to play over the PS System thanks to the DJ. “I swear, if I had lost the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship to Ella Singleton back at High Stakes, I bet they wouldn’t be going through with the title unification bullshit.”

“But what about what Brooke said at the first post High Stakes Climax Control?” Jake asked, and I scoffed in response.

“All I’m going to say is that anyone who believes a word that comes out of that idiot’s mouth post buyout should lose the ability to vote come next election.” I responded with a scoff as I leaned forward. “Brooke’s pretty much a puppet these days, a ventriloquist’s dummy, emphasis on the dummy part, and you get no prizes for guessing who take turns playing the ventriloquist whenever she goes out there and speaks.”

“Mark and Christian?” Shane asked, and I nodded without hesitation. “Can’t believe I’m saying this but your sounding more and more like Alex Jones by the day, the conspiracy nut, not the former Honor Wrestling wrestler who’s making his debut on Sunday! And if you feel that strongly about Brooke, why are you on Honor’s side?”

“Because Honor Wrestling did what SCW doesn’t, respect talent.” I responded as I rolled my eyes. “And Mark and Christian aren’t half the businessmen they claim to be! They let Team Hero walk out of the promotion two years ago! I’d understand if Roxi and Keira were retiring to focus on raising a family but no! They’ve continued working for other promotions since leaving, and before you point out that that was more Christian than Mark, need I remind you that Mark let Steve Ramone quit?”

“Even though he had basically turned every arena SCW held shows in into his personal porn shoot?” Jake asked, and I nodded. “And didn’t he go into porn?”

“Don’t remind me, the images still haunt my nightmares! But aside from that, he was one of SCW’s best wrestlers and they let him go.” I responded before checking the time on my iPhone and standing up. “And on that note, I have a promo to do!”

“Already?” Shane asked as he checked the time on his iPhone and I nodded in response.

“Better to get this done early so I can enjoy the rest of the night.” I responded before making my way outside for some peace and quiet, so I could do said promo quietly, which I proceeded to do so.

“Well, here I am, getting ready to fight for a title worth a damn this Sunday at Inception III: Clash of Champions, what’s that SCW Sheep? I’m obviously talking about the Roulette Title? Hell no! Any title that was once held by Veronica fucking Taylor isn’t worth the toilet paper Christian uses to wipe his ass! I’m off course talking about the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship! A title that I’ve defended consistently since the buyout! Was it against the same woman who I had just defended the title against at Zero Hour II? Maybe but that’s not important, what is important is the end of Sam Marlowe’s reign!”

I said as I shook my head.

“Why did the SCW brass see fit to merge the Honor and SCW Titles? Because they realized that the Honor Wrestling Titles were outshining the SCW Titles every time they were defended on the same show but especially because I dared to have a successful title reign as Legacy Champion and spit in the face of the myth that I can’t draw! But no, because the brain trust that let Team Hero walk out of their company can’t have their intelligence questioned they are trying to screw us over! But they will fail! Miserably!”

It’s almost sad, really.

“Honestly between Selena breaking his nose and this, Christian’s temper tantrums are almost as bad as the current president’s! Note that I said almost because Christian’s temper tantrums aren’t trying to fuck up the country! Anyway, back to Sam, I’m just going to be blunt here, you have as much chance of retaining the SCW Roulette Title and merging my title with it as the bosses have at admitting that they ever make mistakes! Or Brooke for that matter as she’s basically become the bosses’ puppet by this point!”

May as well be a female Christian! Only without the broken nose!

“At the end of the day Sam, on Sunday the Honor Wrestling stars will stand tall as they win all their matches and humiliate the SCW Superstars, and I can’t wait for the look on the bosses’ faces when they see it for themselves! It doesn’t matter what stipulation the wheel stops on this Sunday Sam because either way I’m walking out with both the SCW Bombshell Roulette Championship and the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“The history books will remember Inception III for one thing, the night Honor Wrestling stood tall over SCW and gave two big middle fingers to the morons in charge of SCW! Sam, you’re a hell of a wrestler but since winning this title I’ve been unstoppable in title defenses and my last one will be no different! This is the Heavy Metal Angel Jessie Salco signing off, Sam, say goodbye to your title reign, Mark, Christian, the only thing you can look forward too is your plans for the show blowing up in your faces!”

I returned to the club as the scene fades.

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Sam Marlowe
Posted: January 12, 2019 12:23 am

SCW Elite!

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Sam Marlowe opens the door of her house in Vegas and moves to open up her mailbox. Reaching inside, she pulls out an envelope with a postmark from her hometown. Letting the lid of the mailbox close, she moves back inside as she slices the envelope open to pull something out of it. Looking at the photo in her hand, she smiles as her eyes become unfocused as she thinks back to that day…

Disembodied voices can be heard in a large open room where lights and staging areas can be seen. To one side, Sam Marlowe is relaxing on an equipment box with one knee pulled up to her chest and an arm wrapped around it. In the other hand, a small book is held up to catch the best light as Hamlet can be seen in gold on the green leather cover. Sam is dressed in a black and mesh shirt with a pair of black tights and a belt that rides low on her hips. Completing the look, a pair of black boots with a gleam of patent leather.

“Samantha darlin’, you look amazeballs,” drawls a rather high-pitched voice as a young fashionably mussed man walks towards her, one hand holding a camera up to focus on Sam who looks up and smiles at the cameraman. “Don’t you agree Colton?”

Colton Myers dressed in a sweater and jeans smirks at Sam who raises one slow eyebrow. “Yeah, I have to agree with you there,” he responds before winking at Sam. “But you might want to have someone do something about those…” he adds as he points to a pair of interns who can be seen watching Sam as she slowly closes her book and then sets it down beside her.

The photographer notices the smirks and moves to wave the pair of interns away as Sam moves closer to Colton. “I didn’t even notice they were looking but why would you have Lionel chase them off?” she asks her friend who shrugs as he puts an arm around the shoulders of the redhead to guide her towards the set.

“Maybe it was because I ain’t a person that appreciates men ooglin’ a girl I am friends with,” offers Colton. “Maybe it is because you are special to me or just maybe too much attention is on you and I want some too.”

Sam can’t help it as she clutches at her stomach to hold in her laughter. “You are too funny Camo,” giggles Sam. “Jealous of the attention being on me? That I don’t believe.”

“Must mean that you are special to me then,” he teases as the pair are once more joined by Lionel who sends one final glare at the two before smiling at Sam and Colton.

“I have to tell you that I really appreciate you helping me with filling out my portfolio for my photography final you two. I mean I could have done the obvious but I think I would be better off using my friends to tell a story. So here is what I want to see you doing…” says Lionel as he puts himself between Sam and Colton to bring them onto the set but each standing alone. “Here is the story. You are a pair of starcrossed lovers…Colton here is a little bit country and you Samantha darlin’ are a little bit rock and roll.”

The friends share a glance as Colton waggles his eyebrows. Lionel misses that but the giggle from Sam that followed makes him pout slightly. “Come on you two, this is serious. Now I want you Samantha to be all like singing and dancing while you Colton give us Marlboro Man look and I will write this story in pictures of the pair of you.”

Lionel nods once in emphasis as Sam gives an answering nod then moves to her mark. Someone in the large room turns on some rock and roll music that brings a smile to the face of Sam. Picking up the beat, she begins to sway in time as Lionel begins to shoot her movements. The sounds of the whirs of each frame of film being taken can be heard faintly under the sound of the music. Lionel takes a deep breath as he finishes then he holds up a hand and the rock and roll is cut off as a more country sounding song hits.

“Your turn Camo,” encourages Sam as she moves slightly. Lionel nods enthusiastically as he flutters around Colton to pluck at his sweater and muss up his hair. Colton fights the urge to brush away his friend’s hand but Lionel is quicker and he moves off to begin to capture the look of Colton as country music continues to play.

Suddenly Lionel raises a hand then motions for Sam to move in front of Colton who is laying on his hip with an arm curled to hold him up. “Now here is the joining of the pair…” he enthuses. “I want you Sam to be cheeky and Colton, you the dark brooding look of a cowboy…”

Sam smirks at Colton raises an eyebrow at the photographer. “Come on Camo, give us the smoulder,” teases Sam which only gains a grumble of agreement from Colton. Lionel agrees with Sam as he pulls back. Colton narrows his eyes slightly as Sam brings up a hand to lightly bite the mesh of the glove in a cheeky pose. Lionel smiles and then brings up the camera to capture the look.

“I’ll send you the pictures when I am done…” promised Lionel as Sam and Colton came over to see the image which he quickly pulls against his chest. The pair leave unsatisfied as Lionel looks down into the viewfinder of his camera and nods slowly.

“I think I have to get this framed,” says Sam as she moves further into the house after setting the picture down on the envelope.

A camera feed can be seen as Sam Marlowe looks intent into the camera lens of a facebook live posting. She can be seen in her Sam Marlowe baseball tee with her hair curling around her shoulders. She lets a smile cross her face as she begins to speak.

“Hi to all my fans and thanks for joining me on this Facebook Live post. Now I won’t have much time to take questions but I wanted to send out a message and let everyone know what is coming up for me and that is Inception Three where there will be title unification matches all night long. Now if you have not been keeping up with SCW you wouldn’t know about how Honor Wrestling has joined SCW and how the titles for both promotions will be unified at Inception,” says Sam.

Taking a moment to let that comment sink in, she pulls a bottle of water into the camera frame to take a sip before addressing the camera once more.

“And as everyone can suspect, I am also going to be defending my bombshell roulette title against the holder of the Legacy championship in Honor. And interestingly enough the person that I am facing is Jessie Salco,” admits Sam as she gets a pensive look for a moment. “How intriguing you have to say. Jessie Salco who has turned her back on the promotion that has given her chance after chance that she didn’t make the most of. I mean she is one hell of a competitor but when push comes to shove, she didn’t rise to the occasion successfully here when she faced the champions for title shots. But she beat one hell of a competitor to win the Legacy championship in Honor. And she is using that win to justify her turning her back on SCW because she believes that it has let her down…or rather management has let her down.”

Sam thinks for a moment as she brushes a hand through the red curls by her ear, tucking a curl behind it. “Speaking of…the name of her title is the Legacy championship. Which makes me wonder, what kind of legacy will Jessie leave behind her after Inception?” muses Sam. “I think that should she win then she will have deserved to talk about how she is a success and that Mark Ward and Christian were wrong.”
Sam looks to the side then reaching out of shot, she brings in a title belt, her roulette title and sets it against her shoulder with her hand caresses the gold as she continues to speak. “Jessie has said that she is going to take this title to prove that Honor is better than SCW. My opinion is, how is she going to react when in that ring I take the Legacy title from her?” offers Sam with confidence. “We both know how well she does against me in the ring. I mean Mercedes Vargas has put the numbers out there and if you look at them, there is no chance of Jessie walking out of the ring with the win. In fact, I am undefeated against her. Heck, I even ended her second bombshell roulette championship reign in twenty seventeen. So Jessie is talking out of her…”

Here Sam stops to look down at her title for a moment before back to the camera to change the topic. “Jessie, I know you desperately want to win this title and I am glad you are getting the chance to try. But that is all you are going to be doing…Try I mean. After all, I have so much to prove with the title and when it comes to the roulette title, I am the one that has been defining what it is to be the Bombshell Roulette champion and at Inception Three, there will be no chance of me losing this title and every chance of me taking your title because Jessie, I am that much more desiring of the win. But I know you are going to be quite the fight so when I win and unify the titles, I am going to know that I earned it by beating you in the middle of the ring,” adds Sam. “You see Jessie, I respect you as a wrestler, I really do. However, I also know my skills have been improving and I know that you are going to be one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced when it comes to this match. But it means that the win will that much sweeter.”

Sam smiles as she says that before once more getting pensive and crossing her arm over her chest as she taps at the tip of her nose with the other hand. “I suppose I could say that you will be the last ever Legacy champion but I just realized that when I win your title, that will make ME the last Legacy champion in Honor history.”

Sam looks down to the corner of the screen to see the time and sighs before offering the camera a smile. “I wish I could stay longer but I have to head out and get training for facing Jessie. So to the fans, thanks for joining me today and for Jessie…Good luck at Inception Three…you will definitely need it. And with that, I have a message for you Jessie…”

The image of Sam on the screen is replaced with another image…

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