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> ALICIA L (c) V WINTER v BRITTANY W. v TRINITY J, Honor Women's Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:42 pm

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Alicia Lukas
Posted: October 30, 2018 03:30 am

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Scene One-The day of…
Off Camera
Atlanta, Georgia
6 Months Ago

Her hand reached out taking the lipstick and popping the top. She took a deep breath and slowly ran the edge over her lips. The color coming out and coating them as she pursed them together. The rest of her makeup was done and finished as she felt a hard jerking motion. Alicia turned and smiled as her sister Zoey and her best friend Lara Chambers helped her with the wedding dress, pulling it up in place and making sure the buckles and zips were done up.

Lara gave a small wink in the mirror to Alicia as she turned to talk to some of the others in the room including Alicia’s mother Barbara who was still in awe of Lara, her fiery red hair done up beautifully as she moves around the room in her bridesmaids dress. Alexandra “Pixie” Kelly moved over to talk to Barbara as well, Barbara seemed more comfortable talking to the smaller woman. Zoey laughed to herself as she sat next to Alicia, her long blond hair done much like Lara’s but with a few strands at the front flowing down over her cheeks. Alicia closed her eyes and breathed deep, her hands sitting in her lap clasped together as she let the voices and noises of everyone getting read drown out to silence.

Her heart beat slowly as she calmed herself. As she reopened them she smiled at herself, studying the look in the mirror. Her hair was done in an old Roman style as seen in various paintings and artists renditions. The back braided across and flowing down her back. Zoey smiled and gave her sister a small nod as the insanity and chaos raged around her. Alicia, the one person who should be nervous and anxious was calm and collected. Lara led people out the door to go finish preparations in the main hall. ”How can you be so calm? Zoey chuckled a little as she asked the question. Alicia smiled back warmly with a deep sigh.

”I’ve competed around the world. I’ve been in hostile areas where I didn’t speak the host language. I’ve had my head kicked in and I’ve been thrown onto concrete.” She shook her head and turned to Zoey looking her younger sister in her bright baby blues. ”I’m going to marry someone I love and trust. That’s so much more rewarding. What have I got to be nervous about?” There was a small moment of silence between the two, Zoey understood and gave her sister a small hug before getting to her feet walking awkwardly in her heels. Zoey was 5’10 and physically well built. She had the broad shoulders and natural muscle definition of their father who was a seven-foot-tall monster.

But Zoey had the same softness to her that Alicia did. Zoey was training to be like her older sister, and she had the skills to be like Alicia, to be a force in the wrestling world. But she was as uncoordinated as a baby giraffe taking its first steps in her heels. Alicia smiled remembering a few hours ago when Lara Chambers, a woman who had been more of a mother to Alicia than Barbara tried to help Zoey with her heels. The time ticked down and Alicia grabbed a pair of earrings.

They were large and silver, they were from her mother, handed down from her grandmother and her mother. She put them in and admired the family heirlooms, the diamonds set in the shape of rain as they dangled down and the light caught them. She smiled wider, her cheeks turning red as a voice cut through ”You look beautiful” It was her father Jason, his short grey hair styled and cut as his freshly shaven face curled into a smile. He looked her up and down as he stepped in and opened his arms giving Alicia a hug as she stood up.

”Thank you for being here. I know it’s hard since, you know, Mom.” He laughed to himself and shook his head before sitting on the arm of the small couch in the room. Alicia picked up her veil adjusting it in the mirror. ”I understand, I also understand why you want Lara to walk you down the aisle instead of me. I just wanted to say I’m proud of you. Now, I need to go make sure your brother and sister don’t murder each other.” He pushed up to his feet before stopping and reaching out to slightly move her veil making it completely straight before pulling it down over her face.

”I’ll see you out there kiddo, I love you Violet” Alicia gave him a nod and a smile, her birthname making her cringe a moment but the happiness and weight of the day keeping her happy. ”I love you too Dad….” There was a knock on the door, Zoey poked her head in and smiled “Ali, it’s time….JOSH FUCK OFF…” Zoey closed the door as we heard a loud smack, Alicia stood up and took a deep breath grabbing her bouquet stepping towards the door.

Scene Two-The Challengers…
On Camera
Tuscon, Arizona
Present Day

”Ladies and gentlemen the word of the day is confidence”

Alicia Lukas leans against a wall, her arms folded over her chest with a large smile across her face, Her ruby red lips curled upward as her bright blue eyes stare ahead.

”There is nothing wrong with having confidence in your own abilities and who you are. But no matter how good you are in the ring or in anything you happen to do in life there is always that chance you’ll run into someone better, or that on that day or night they are simply better. I know that there are people in this world that can beat me, I also know there are people in this world who aren’t as good as me but due to luck, divine providence or even my own mistakes could pick up a lucky win over me.”

“At Climax Control 220 I made my Sin City Wrestling debut. I stepped in the ring with a woman who has been in and out of the company for years and obviously considered herself a flag waver for SCW in Parand Ara, and I get her motivations. Here comes Honor wrestling, a company that for two years set a high standard for competition, sharing many talents with SCW, and we merge. We come into SCW with me as the top women’s champion in that company and Parand wanted to desperately to believe that she was superior.”

“Despite all the evidence to the contrary…”

“See Parand needed to believe that SCW was better to convince herself she could beat me. She needed to try and get a mental edge. The only problem is if you look at all this logically then she never stood a real chance without one of those other things like luck or me screwing up. Some of the best of the best in SCW, women who Parand has never beaten. But because the ring said “Honor” and not “SCW” in her mind it didn’t count. That is a weak mind, a weak way of thinking and in the end, it cost her because she underestimated me. She underestimated a woman who has been a champion in one form or another for over 6oo days….”

Alicia laughs and shakes her head pushing off the wall pacing a little as she seems to get fired up on the beautiful spring day.

”600 days of dominance. 600 days of being a leader in three separate divisions over two companies. All of that overlooked and thrown away because it wasn’t in SCW. That is a close-minded way of thinking. And I just showed why. I proved why. See winning is what I do. I have lost in my career, everyone does at some point. Staying undefeated in every single form of this business is so difficult and hard that it’s damn near impossible. But you look at my career, my record and what I’ve done then you should never underestimate me. And now I get to head into my first SCW super card. High Stakes 8.”

“And I get to defend MY Honor championship.”

“You know, that title everyone considered dead and buried, apparently. Well, I get to walk out to that ring and put it on the line. And I don’t just face one opponent, no, that would be too easy and honestly. Given my history. Boring. So instead I get to face an old foe in Winter, an impressive woman in Trinity Jones and a girl from a wrestling family, much like myself in Brittany Williams. And honestly, I’m excited to get my hands on Winter again. For those who don’t know Winter and I have quite the history.”

“See at one point I was friends with Stephanie McDiddle. She was like an annoying younger sister. Well, I already had one of those but you get the point. She and I laughed and would talk and but there was a respect there. Then one day, everything changed. See Winter as she decided to be known decided to start with me backstage at an Honor show, we brawled, we fought and then as time went on Winter ended up in Mercedes Vargas’ little group known as “GIFT” with Mercedes, Delia Darling, and Tatsu Ikeda, the women Winter won tag gold with.”

“Impressive right?”

“Well, it would be if Winter hasn’t failed to do anything else of note the entire time she was in Honor. Stephanie will tell you she’s some big star and she’s amazing but any time she has ever been noticed or looked at in a spotlight is due to other people. She burst onto the scene in that stupid band with Mel Reeves, Kate Steele, Kenzi Grey, and Cass Baumer. She rode on their coattails before then trying to ride on mine, then Tatsu and Mercedes. But now here we are in SCW where it’s time to have new beginnings right Stephanie?.

Alicia can’t help but scoff and shake her head with an annoyed growl under her breath.

”You might be passable in the ring. You might be better than many people believe or even better than your record and past show. But you’re not better than me Stephanie. You stood there days before our last one on one match and told the world you were going to “end” my title reign, that you were going to take the Honor title back to GIFT. You failed. And here you are in a new company with the same opportunity. Which will probably end with the same result. I mean hey, you could get a cheap win, maybe pin Trinity or Brittany while I’m not looking. It wouldn’t be out of your character would it Steph?. Being cheap?”

“Cheap shots, cheap words, cheap friendship. You and the rest of GIFT have been a thorn in my side long enough. I have beaten Tatsu, I beat Delia, I beat you and I beat Mercedes. All four of you were always second place to me. And now you came over to SCW and are expecting things to change. But the only thing that will change Stephanie, is how bad I embarrass you and how badly beaten you are when I leave your lifeless carcass in a different colored ring….”

Scene Three-I do…
Off Camera
Atlanta, Georgia
6 Months Ago

It all hit her at once, the weight and gravity of it all. Alicia had been married before. Two years ago she stood in her own backyard in Las Vegas, shocked as everything was set up, a celebrant, a makeshift wedding that Alicia didn’t want or need. Her mind flashed back to that moment. The smell of the fresh cut grass, Chris Cane’s family and friends standing there with none of hers. Her stomach sank, her stomach twisted. She didn’t want it at all. Marriage to Chris Cane, it was a mistake, a horrible one.

She remembered walking down the makeshift aisle, she wore a pair of cutoff daisy dukes and a mid-rift top. Her hair was a mess, she had no makeup. No time to fix herself up. She arrived home to grab clothes and a few other things, the intent was to leave Chris, to walk away and every single fiber of her being had told her that night to run. To ignore the eyes staring a hole through her and all that Chris had set up. But she stayed. In a state of shock she stood there and said the words, she said “I Do” she went through with it.

But she was a different person two years ago, standing with a different man. She had been broken and hurt at a young age by the man sitting in the front row. Her father Jason Maxwell. She had run through a series of painful relationships, each one leaving scars and pain on her in different ways. Either mental or physical. Ronnie, her son's biological father, Jacob Cass, Chris Cane, Travis Blake, Kaden Kessler. Each one had taken and taken and taken and left her in pain and a little more broken.

But now she stood at the end of a new aisle, in a beautiful hall, her family and friends sitting and waiting with warm smiles and happiness. Her sons Rory and Ryan sitting next to their grandmother who struggled to keep in tears. Lara stood next to her with a smile and her hand locked in Ali’s as she walked her friend down towards the wedding party. Michael’s groomsmen and best man. Ali’s bridesmaids stood opposite them. Her sister Zoey her friends Pixie and Cass. And there with his back turned was Michael. Her heart fluttered and her breathing moved faster as they reached the end of the aisle. Lara slid Ali over near Michael and took her place as her Maid of honor.

The celebrant started talking and it became a blur. Ali closed her eyes and listened for her time to talk. She and Michael looked towards each other and as he uttered the words she couldn’t help but smile “I do” he said them so easy, they moved smooth and full of confidence and a certainty. The same questions were asked of Alicia, she didn’t even cringe at the mention of her full name Violet Alicia Maxwell. Instead, she took a deep breath and just as smoothly as Michael she uttered the words. ”I do

And it was done, they were one. Michael moved her veil, he looked into Alicia’s eyes and kissed her as the music sounded, their friends and family applauded and laughed. Zoey comforted their mother, her brother Josh even gave a large smile at Ali and a nod. They moved passed everyone as they stood and outside towards a waiting car. As they sat in Alicia let out a deep sigh and sat back. Michael just stared at her his eyes full of a love and devotion she’d always wanted but never dreamed she would find. This was it, what she had wanted. Love.

And she was never going to let it go.

Getting Married, seeing Michael, being in love.

Scene Four-The Challengers..
On Camera
Tuscon, Arizona
Present day

Alicia laughed to herself and shook her head as we come back to the present day. Her long golden hair moving as her head does side to side.

”Trinity Jones. The woman who calls herself “The Dragon” And despite my history with Winter and Brittany’s lineage you Miss Jones are the one I’m concerned about. Brooke Saxon aggressively courted you to try and bring you to Honor, you seem to have impressed here in SCW despite never being able to get your hands on any of the gold. Hate to rain on your parade here and state the obvious Trinity but being the main one I’m worried about in this match still doesn’t say much.”

“See, I don’t know that much about you. I’ve heard your name around, I’ve heard you’re talented and you have a certain tenacity about you. You were here before SCW took its hiatus and as it came back and rose back to prominence you returned to and try and make a name for yourself again. And here you are. A title shot at High Stakes 8. Now, I know you’re probably confused since this is for a title that isn’t really SCW branded. But, let me introduce myself just in case you’ve been living under a rock since I came back to the US three years ago and if you missed what I had to say to Parand before I re-arranged her facial features.”

“My name is Alicia Lukas, and I am one of the best professional wrestlers on this planet. Every single company I have ever been in I have ended up being a star and dominating. In Honor, I had two separate runs that ended in gold. In WWH I was the most prolific woman on their roster and destroyed anyone close to me. In LAW in the space of two and a half months I went from opening the show to facing their world champion and if the company hadn’t of shut it’s doors I would have made Gabby Camacho my bitch too and I would have taken that title. And now Trinity, I’m in SCW”

Alicia winks and folds her arms again.

”And now, SCW is mine. That might be arrogant, that might be a little out there and some of you might take issue with it. Thing is, Trinity, you have never faced an athlete like me. You’ve never faced someone as dangerous as me and at High stakes, I’ll prove it. I don’t care who I’ll be in the ring with and which one of you actually gets in my face first. Hell, I’ll whoop all three of Y'all. But I have to ask and wonder Trinity, why didn’t you make the jump to Honor while SCW was closed?.”

“Were you scared?”

“Did you look at Honor and see that while Mercedes Vargas was holding one title and being a “good” champion I was ruling the entire company making the Legacy title mean the most and think, “Nah I can’t compete with that?.” I wouldn’t blame you, Trinity, I wouldn’t hold it against you or think you were a coward. In fact, I’d admire you for being smart. It’s just too bad come High Stakes you’ll be just another victim of the most prolific female wrestler on the planet today….”

Alicia scoffs and moves a few strands of hair from her eyes.

”Oh, you know I almost forgot Brittany Williams. The lil dream machine right?. Daughter of the..” Alicia laughs ”Legendary Todd Williams and Crystal Hilton. The girl who tried to sneak her 5’2 ass into Honor but was too young. You know, you should be happy they didn’t allow you to sign a contract Brittany. It saved you. It gave you a few months before eventually being put in my way. See I understand a little of what you’re going through. Y father was a wrestler too, my brother tried to be, my little sister is, I come from a wrestling family. But while you try and live up to the “potential” tag, I already passed the point people thought I would get to.”

“You though?. You have been the SCW roulette champion, you held it for less than two months before being embarrassed by Evie Bang. I believe we call that a TRANSITIONAL championship reign. See Brittany, I don’t do that. When I win a championship I make it mean more than when I won it, I don’t let a title become a joke by holding it after fluking a win and trust me, you fluked a win, you ain’t shit.”

“But somehow, someway you have been put in this fatal four-way. Thing is, I can understand Winter being there, she was a contender in Honor and she’s also one of Mercedes little buddies. Trinity I can understand, she was in SCW before and since her return has shown promise. But you?. You I don’t get. I would of rather have faced Crystal again, she and I have unfinished business, she beat me in LAW, I beat her in Honor. I would love to ring her scrawny neck. But I guess I’ll have to settle for you.

Alicia rolls her eyes and steps forward showing off her red and black “Strong style southern belle” shirt.

”I don’t want to mince words her ladies. This is a big match and I don’t care how many of you there are. I could lose the championship by one of you pinning the other and unlike Mercedes Vargas, I won’t whine about it and I’ll admit you BEAT me. But the truth is if any of you want to make a real statement, and I mean a REAL statement. You’ll come after me. I don’t fear any of you, I won’t look to simply escape with the title, I’ll be looking to win. I’ll be looking to stamp my dominance on this match, on my ongoing title reign and on SCW as a whole.”

“This title is a part of my legacy and my destiny. I am one of the best in the world and that isn’t just some stupid tagline or nickname. It’s a fucking challenge. It’s a challenge to any one of you or any of the other SCW women to step up. And notice I used the word WOMEN, not bombshells. For 179 days as of the recording of this promo, I have been the Honor wrestling women's champion. And I dare, DARE any of the three of you to step up and beat me for it….

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Kate Steele
Posted: November 03, 2018 06:16 pm

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UCLA Medical Center
Really Good News
Off Camera
October 26th 2018

Brittany Williams along with her mother Crystal Hilton sitting down in the waiting room of the UCLA Medical Center. Brittany couldn’t help but stare at her hand which was wrapped into a tight sling. She glanced at her mother who just seemed to be slouched down against the chair. They had come to the medical center for a follow up appointment with Brittany’s Orthopedist to check on the status of wrist that Kate had seriously aggravated. Brittany sat patiently as she glanced over at her mother who seemed to be extremely sick.

“Mom are you okay?! You really look like you are about to throw up…”

Crystal however can only sigh in return as she crosses her arm and looks back at her daughter.

“I am sure it’s not that important. Besides we didn’t come here to worry about me or what my body is going through even though I am pretty sure I missed my period…”

Brittany couldn’t help but be extremely loud as she yelled out at the top of her lungs.

“What the fuck do you mean you think you missed your period?! For Christ sakes are you pregnant?!”

Crystal just shrugs her shoulders as she glances right into her daughter’s eyes.

“I really don’ know but yes I did sleep with your father. I really don’t want to take a pregnancy test because if I do that is going to ruin everything for me. You know how I feel about abortion I am totally against it but having a baby would pretty much destroy my marriage with Seleana and it would totally stop me from getting in the ring and competing with Kate. After everything that woman put you through I need to put that Bitch squarely in her place. I won’t rest until I wrapped my hands around that bitch’s neck and choke her out for the way she abused you. Nobody takes away a dream of my daughter and gets away with it…”

Brittany however just shakes her head as she looks deeply into her mother’s eyes.

“Look maybe this has been perhaps the biggest blessing. Maybe not for you but to be honest I really got to take another glance at life from the sidelines. Maybe just maybe I had been a little overbearing inside of the ring. I was too much into myself and it really didn’t get me anywhere. Being sideline taught me the lesson of humility and it let me know I can’t get anywhere on bloodline alone. I need to put the time and effort in, and I need to actually work for the things I want in life…”

Crystal however shakes her head in disgust.

“That’s not what I want to hear Brittany. You are my daughter and you deserve to be at the forefront of everything. After all you have my blood running through you and that automatically means you perfection in its purest form, and don’t you ever forget that!”

Brittany however shakes her head with a sigh as glances back at her mother.

“Look I really don’t know what dad said or did to you but since your little affair with him you have been acting strange. This isn’t you. What happened to my carefree mother who was happy with the world and appreciated that she could be a light and symbol to her family and fans?! What happened to the woman that wouldn’t let anything get under her skin and she didn’t take everything to heart? Where did that woman go…”

Crystal however seems absolutely disgusted as she glances directly into the eyes of her daughter.

“That woman went away the very moment that petite blonde Bitch decided to put her arms on you. She could have done anything she wanted to me and I wouldn’t have batted an eye but the moment she tried to break your arm she fucked with the wrong Bitch. That’s when I knew Christina wouldn’t be enough… That’s when I knew that the world needed me in my most evil form. They no longer needed Christina Rose, they needed Crystal Hilton, you needed it and that’s what I had to give in order to appease the masses…”

Brittany however shakes her head as she glares daggers into her mother.

“Bullshit! You didn’t do that for me… You did it for your own selfish needs! Despite what Kate may have done to you I told you it was okay to fight back. That didn’t mean give in to the evil desires of your heart. You broke Seleana’s heart by sleeping with dad, and in the process you not only hurt one relationship but you hurt three. How is Kimberly supposed to feel about dad?! How is Seleana supposed to cope with you, and most of all Seleana and I have a very healthy relationship. Now all of that is tarnished for the simple fact that you had to be completely selfish. I don’t want to go back to how things were in the past… Sure you might have been one of the best women wrestlers in the world but at the cost of having a bad relationship with your own daughter isn’t anything to celebrate. Now you might very well be pregnant but you don’t even want to take the time to get a fucking test. It’s absolutely ridiculous and it’s selfish. You can’t make up for the seventeen years of hurt you have brought onto my life but you could perhaps make sure your relationship with whatever you are carring is amazing…”

Crystal however doesn’t want to hear that as she rises up to her feet and looks back at her daughter.

“I told you I am not pregnant! Would you stop saying that… I can’t afford to get pregnant especially when I am in such top shape. This is my story and it’s all for you…”

“Stop trying to use me as your scape goat mom… You are doing this for yourself just like you didn’t say anything to dad when he abducted Kate’s daughter. There should be no reason for you to stoop to a level so low and sometimes I don’t even know who you are anymore. Kate is awful for trying to end my career but you are just as bad for doing the same thing in return. I thought we were past that point of playing the childish games. Let’s just solve everything in the ring…”

Crystal can’t say anything as she just nods her head in agreement. She looks at her daughter as she shakes her head in disgust.

“Whatever I was hoping you could see it my way but maybe you are the one who has gotten too soft. I guess I don’t need to be here at the doctor’s with you either. I am sure you can find your own way home… I’ll talk to you later or maybe I won’t whatever Brittany.”

Crystal storms her way out of the medical center leaving Brittany in the waiting room. It isn’t long before someone in a pair of white scrubs walks into the waiting room.

“Ms. Brittany Williams the doctor will see you now…”

With that Brittany rises up from her chair her arm held tightly in its sling as she follows the medical assistant. She finds herself in a room by herself and she can’t help but glance at all of the various items in the room. About five minutes goes by and as it does that is when we are able to see a man holding a clipboard in his hand walk into the room. Brittany smiles as she looks up at the doctor.

“Hello Doctor Matthews….”

The man smiles as he nods his head in return. His smile is wide as Brittany is a bit taken back.

“How are you MS. Williams?! I have some amazing news but first I need to tell you that I am very disappointed that despite have a sprained wrist you still decided to play in the LFL. That is something I wouldn’t have really approved but…”

“Look Doc you clearly don’t understand I am the best receiver on my team. They need me to catch touchdowns and…”

“And I don’t need to hear any excuses… I looked at your new X Rays and well I actually like what I see. The amazing news is that your wrist has fully healed what looked to be a bad fracture wasn’t as bad as we initially thought. It was just a sprain and all of the damage seems to really have healed. I know these two months have probably felt like hell but I can fully clear you for whatever your heart desires…”

Brittany’s eyes light right up as she looks directly at the Doctor.

“Wait does this mean I can play softball again?!”

“OH you can definitely play softball and I would actually take it a step further. I would say you can wrestle again. I know it’s your dream so you might as well show everyone why you are the Lil Dream Machine or whatever it is that you call yourself…”

“Wait so I can wrestle again?!”

Brittany can’t help but scream out of excitement. She jumps out of her seat as she walks over to the doctor giving him a one armed half hug. He smiles as he looks back at her.

“Yes you can wrestle again and you can do so much more than that! Just promise to take it easy and don’t get in too much trouble…”

With that the doctor looks at Brittany’s arm and without hesitation he helps her take off the sling. Brittany’s arm is free and Brittany is all smiles as she looks back at the Doctor.

“So I guess this is really it…”

The doctor smiles in return as he can’t help but smile at the teenager.

“Yes and just remember if you feel something out of place to make sure you come back here as soon as possible but I rather not see you again. You are young and you just need to go out there and have fun.”

Brittany is all smiles and she now hugs the doctor with both of her arms. She backs away from him as she jumps up and down for joy.

“Thank you so much! I can’t wait to tell my mom! She is going to be so excited about all of this. I am just happy that it wasn’t broken. This could have turned out to be much worse than it actually is!”

With that Brittany runs out of the room and she goes back to the waiting room hoping her mom is there. She yells out at the top of her lungs.

“Mom! Mom! Guess What!”

However her yells are all for nothing as Crystal is nowhere to be found. Brittany can only sigh in return as she shakes her head and leaves the hospital. Her mother was long gone and she just needed to deal with it. It seemed as if her mother had some problems of her own to deal with and it’s on this image that we fade out on.

On Camera
Hottest Free Agent Ever
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The cameras come into focus and as it does we are able to see the one and only Brittany Williams. She is all smiles as she looks deeply into the lens of the camera. She shakes her head as she showcases her arm to the screen showing that it is healed. She smiles widely as she looks back at cameras and run her fingers through her hair.

“Hello everybody in case all of you may have forgotten my name is Brittany Williams and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that it feels great to be standing before you all right now. On September 2nd I really thought my world was crashing down before me. September 2nd is the day that everything changed for the worse. I gave it my all to Dani Weston but she was just too much for me and at the end of the day she beat me to advance in the quest to face Mikah but aside from that what really hurt me was the fact that Kate Steele had to attack me after the match. She used me as a way to get to my mother. In her ongoing war with my mother it wasn’t enough that she broke the arm of her personal assistant in Chloe Martin but she targeted me. Everything seemed like a blur but from watching the video Kate grabbed a hold of me and she forced my mother to watch…”

Brittany just shakes her head sighing as she looks away from the camera before she slowly brings her eyes back to the lens.

“Teddy held my mother in a full nelson and from there Kate wrenched back as far as she could on my arm. She pulled back as far as she could go until she heard a snapping noise. In that instant I knew something didn’t seem right with my arm. I could remember riding in the ambulance and being driven to the local medical facility. It is there where they placed my arm into a cast and my initial thought is that it was broken. I thought my entire career had come to an end. I was forced to step down from SCW, I was forced to step down from the LFL for a while. I am the Captain of my high school softball team and I even had to give that up. Aside from SCW I was in another wrestling company where I was a proud champion and I even had to relinquish my belt. Ring announcing in Honor for their Pride show just felt awkward having to do it with one hand. Nothing felt the same for me and it killed me having to give up so much of the things that I loved more than anything else in the world…”

Brittany just shakes her head in disgust as she continues to express herself.

“However you could imagine how much a smile was brought to my lips when I found out that my arm was only sprained and not broken. That is the best news that I could have received and that means I don’t have to step away for as long as I thought I was. As you can see there is no cast on m arm neither is there a sling or anything that resembles that. You want to know why I don’t have anything on my arm?! That’s because I went to my doctor and he officially gave me the okay. He told me that I am one hundred percent cleared to return to the very thing that I love, and now that I got that okay you better believe that I am coming full force to pick up on the things that I missed so much. In order words I plan to return back to wrestling and make a huge Fucking impact and there isn’t anybody in any company that will have the power to stop me!”

Brittany smiles as she runs her fingers through her hair and continues to speak.

“That’s because I am the Lil Dream Machine and iw as always taught by my family to make my dreams become a reality. I was taught to always fight and to never stop or give up on my dreams. So I guess this is the official return. This is where I make my huge return to the ring and I can’t think of a greater place to do so than at the biggest show of the year in SCW at High Stakes. High Stakes is when it is all on the line and it’s on this sage where I will walk into the ring with three other women and I will leave with the Honor Championship proudly across my shoulders. It doesn’t get any better than this right?! I am only seventeen years of age and I am going to end the year by being a top tier champion. Not many can say they were a World Champion by my age that is just so insane… What makes it even better is I have the chance to take the Honor Championship and walk away with it… After all you heard what Christian said on Twitter the other day. I don’t even have a contract whatever happens after High Stakes would have to be negotiated. So in other words I guess that makes me the hottest Free Agent in all of SCW doesn’t it?!”

Brittany smiles wider than before as she looks back at the camera.

“There is so much I could do with the Honor Championship after High Stakes. I could hang it on my wall and leave it there after all I am a Free Agent or perhaps I could hold it hostage until SCW pays me what I rightfully deserve. Show me the dollar signs because you know I am worth that much. After all you see what my last name is ou know what bloodline I have coursing through me. Half Hilton, Half Williams that alone makes me worth so much money and I have some major wins under me so you know I have all of the talent in the world to do the unthinkable. So it’s not a matter of it, it’s a matter of when I walk into that match it won’t be long before I leave as the brand spanking new Honor Champion…”

Brittany begins to laugh as she nods her head in agreement and continues to speak.

“I am indeed back bitches! I know the last time you all saw my pretty face before I got injured I had a great run as the Roulette Champion and perhaps I may have bit off a little more than I could chew when I called out Evie Baang and got her to come out of retirement to face me. I practically begged for it and I didn’t deliver once I got what I wanted. I got some things to learn about myself and I realize that I might be taking this whole second coming of Crystal Hilton a little too far, but that’s the thing. I don’t want to get caught up in being a second coming of somebody else. I rather make my name on being myself and now that I am standing before you all with an arm that’s one hundred percent I am going to fuck up everybody that gets in my path!”

Brittany runs her fingers through her hair again as she continues to speak.

“I am going to beat down everybody that is in my path and I am not going to rest until I walk away as a champion. I know that might be a lot of big words coming from a girl who didn’t really have a strong showing in her last few matches but I do know that I have the talent to really beat whoever gets in my way. After all somebody put me in this match for a certain reason. Perhaps I got added to this match because they wanted to see me get pinned and they wanted me to learn a taste of humility. Or perhaps it was because they figured I would be easy pray and Winter, Alicia, or Trinity could go about their business looking strong while I get left in the dust but let me make something clear. When I was in Honor I might have been the pretty face that hid behind a microphone and announced everybody to the ring but in SCW I am something different. I am a woman who has been to the top before. I have put down my own step mother, I have destroyed the likes of Sam Marlowe and I have even beaten Mercedes Vargas. I have beaten former World Champions and now it’s time to kick it up a notch and claim a World Championship for myself. It’s time to win the Honor Champion and that would be the true definition of leveling up!”

Brittany yells into the camera as she has a wide grin on her face.

“GET ON MY LEVEL!!! You all aren’t on it yet. I am nobodies door mat and as far as I am concerned the three other women in this match can all go to hell or shove it. Whichever they prefer that’s on them but this is my ring. I am the Princess of all of SCW. This is my Kingdom and all a princess is in my mind is a Queen in waiting. I am ready to step out of the comforts of my shell and I am ready to really develop into that star I was meant to be and there isn’t a damn thing that anybody in this company can do to stop that. These are three scrubs who have no business in being in the ring with me and I will make sure to prove exactly why as soon as the bell rings. The biggest mistake anybody could do was put me on the wrestling card. I am walking into this match with a chip on my shoulders and as it was announced I know there will eventually be some mergers down the road. I would love to win the championship so that I could go on and face Dani Weston again. I think that is the ultimate goal in my mind…

Sure I could take a backseat and do the whole free agent thing but this is my home. This is where I want to excel and for the first time in my life I am sharing the same company with my parents as their equal. Know I can’t change my childhood or the way that I was raised but one thing I can do is accomplish something that they could be proud of me for. Something that they both are successful at and I can show them that the gift of wrestling isn’t going to die with me but it’s going to live on. It’s going to be passed down to future generations and I am the living embodiment of everything that they represented. I share two amazing families within my body. As a Williams I have my father’s attitude of living for the dream, and I have my Auntie Jenny’s desire to keep on fighting despite how stacked the odds might be. I know that I might be knocked down a bunch of times but I must get back up, and I will fight and fight until I reach the top. That’s what being a Williams is in a nutshell but as a Hilton I have my mother’s drive on being the best! Making sure everybody else knows that I am God’s gift to Earth and nobody out there can tell me that my shit stinks! There is a reason why my mother has four Hall of Fame rings and that’s because she steals the show wherever she goes and that’s the type of star power that I have within me. My parents both accomplished things on their own but if you combine the best traits of the both of them you get me...”

Brittany points at herself smirking.

“And with me you get the best of both worlds. That could only spell trouble for whoever gets in my way. I will make sure that everything is focused on B Brat and I don’t give a shit on who gets their feelings hurt. I won’t rest until my name is in the bright lights where it deserves to be. Trinity, Alicia, and Winter I know I spent so much time talking about myself but I will get to you later. I deserve to have my moment especially considering that I thought I lost everything. We fall down so we could learn what it means to get back up. I will rise back up and nothing will stop me from ascending. So you noobs better start grinding that XP because I will celebrate. I will Fortnite dance in celebration after my big title win. Sit back and watch or like it. That’s really your only two options in all of this. B Brat signing out…”

With that Brittany can’t help but chuckle in return as we slowly fade out on this image.

Off Camera
Los Angeles, California
Back To Future!

Brittany Williams had did everything she had set out to do. Not only was she completely healed from her sprained wrist but in her last adventure she had went back in time and saved her best friend from death and managed to rescue her grandfather in the past. As amazing as things seemed to be going for her Brittany still felt uneasy about what was occurring in the present. She didn’t like how her life was going with all of the kidnapping and the ongoing war between her family and the Steeles. She knew that everybody could be better than this. Brittany needed to do something about it. She always felt this need to be a hero and she was going to do whatever it took to save the day. She didn’t care about the circumstance or even the consequences. As long as she got her way that is all that mattered to her. Brittany. Brittany stood in the secret area at Rose Productions Movie Studio. She walked up to the time machine and smiled as she started to enter it. She wasn’t alone however as her best friend Ryleigh Knite was right by hers side.

“What are you planning to do Brittany? Don’t you think you learned your lesson from using the time machine so much…”

Brittany however shook her head as she glanced back at her best friend.

“You don’t understand this is something I need to do… It’s really ridiculous right now. Two marriages are hurting and I can’t watch my mother and Seleana fight just as much as I watch my father and Kimberly get into it… All because of a stupid wrestling feud! That in itself seems absolutely dumb…”

“So what exactly are you going to do?!”

Brittany smiles with a wicked grin as she glares directly at her best friend.

“I am going to go back to about a month ago to the night my mother slept with my father.”

“Wait a minute… Have you ever went back that close in time… It seems like such a dangerous play and you could really fuck some things up. Perhaps you could make things worse…”

Brittany shakes her head in utter disgust as her best friend tells her the truth.

“Look I know it’s a really risky play but what do I have to lose? My mother is hurting right now. The only reason she even slept with my father is because she wanted to bring out her old self for me. That’s not what I meant at all when I wanted her to bring herself back to her old form. I just wanted her to be tough and not let people step all over her, but she took things to the extreme, and I think she might even be pregnant!”


“Yeah my thoughts exactly and my mom is such a great actress she doesn’t want anybody to know. She is using her skills to try to hide the fact but I know the symptoms… I know what she’s trying to do and she isn’t going to fool me. I don’t mind having another sibling but at the cost of my mother hurting Seleana she really doesn’t want to do that, and I know she doesn’t. I need to stop her in her tracks…”

Ryleigh nods her head in agreement as she just sighs in return.

“Wow it seems like you already made your mind up. Do you need me to go with you or…”

“No this is something I need to do alone and besides we already have saw what happens if you get involved in the past. I think we would be better if I just do things on my own. I don’t want to put you in jeopardy ever again. That is really unfair to you and I love you way too much to see you hurt…”

“Wow it’s not like you to actually be thoughtful about anything…”

Brittany nods her head in agreement.

“Yeah… Don’t take it for granted but this is something I have to do. I am sorry if it’s not how you imagined it but you should understand my thoughts and feelings. I have to save everybody the trouble and maybe just maybe I can reach them or at least try…”

Ryleigh nods her head as she looks back at her friend.

“Ok I understand. You have to do what you have to do Brittany. I am not going to stop you but just be careful. We never really dealt with going back so soon in the past. Who knows what recent events might be changed.”

Brittany nods her head as she smiles at her friend.

“Don’t worry I will be careful. I mean nothing all that bad can happen. Just look at Max from Life is Strange in the end she ultimately got what she wanted right?!”

“Yeah… She created so many fucking time paradoxes and fucked up so much to the point she needed to let things play out in the way they were originally supposed to go…”

“That’s if you went for that ending! I always saved Chloe! I don’t give a damn about anybody else I just need to protect my world and as long as I can do that, that’s all I care about in the end.”

Brittany waves and smiles to her friend.

“Take care Ryleigh and I promise I will see you when I get back…”

With that Brittany continues to smile as she sets her time machine to the respective destination, and within moments she presses the button and finds herself in a different time period. She goes back to a little over a month ago and she is in New York City, and to be more precise at her father’s restaurant. She steps out of a closet which is serves as the gateway to her time machine and she could see her father sitting down at a candlelit table.

New York City,
Black Dragon Restaurant
October 5th 2018, Back In the Past

Brittany slowly walks over to where her father is sitting and she has a grin on her face as she calls out to him.

“Hey dad…”

Todd is taken back as he looks right into her eyes. He doesn’t even know what to say as he tries to catch himself.

“Wait what are you doing here and what happened to your arm? It’s supposed to be broken and…”

Brittany shakes her head as she looks at her arm with a chuckle on her face.

“It’s funny how things work right?! Especially considering you know that Auntie Jenny gave me the power to time travel. I am from two months in the future, and I bet if you call me I bet myself from this present day would probably pick up…”

Todd smirks as she takes a sip of his champagne and smiles in return.

“Well played Brittany but seeing from your arm I guess the broken arm isn’t as bad as everyone thought it was…”

“Nope it’s actually only a sprained but I bet you feel like a real ass for kidnapping Kate and Teddy’s daughter. That’s not how I ever wanted things to turn out and you are much better than that…”

Todd however shakes his head as he looks deeply into I daughter’s eyes.

“And what exactly am I supposed to do. Kate attacked a member of my family. She tried to end your career and you knew that wasn’t going to sit well with me, and if your mother wasn’t going to do something about it I just had too…”

Brittany shakes her head in disagreement.

“No you never had to resort to this just for you to embarrass my mother. Just for you to cheat on your wife and sleep with mom again. I don’t care what Kate did to me but it never had to end up with you sleeping with my mother. You know that is something I can’t get behind especially seeing as both of you are happily married. Why ruin a good thing…”

“Your mother wants to become her old self… She needs too if she is to survive this war with Kate and you know it as much as I do…”

Brittany however shook her head with a sigh.

“No that’s where you are wrong. My mother doesn’t have to become the Queen Bitch in order to be somebody in this world! She does fine all by herself which is why she gets that Hall of Fame spot! The one that she has been fighting tooth and nail for… She gets that spot!”

Todd just shakes his with a sigh.

“Who gives a shit. I just want your mother to be with me again. I am not happy with my life. Perhaps if I push the right buttons she could be mine again. I miss her Brittany and…”

“No! You aren’t going to ruin two relationships just to get mom back. That’s not how it works and you won’t use your manipulative ways to do that either. My mom is happy with Seleana. She loves being where she is in life and this little one night stand gets her pregnant! There’s no turning back after that and…”

“So what Brittany maybe a child would bring us back even more!”

Before Brittany could say anything in return that is when we are able to see Christina Rose in the restaurant. She has her arms crossed as she has overheard the entire conversation. She walks over to Brittany and stands next to her daughter.

“So what exactly were you hoping to get out of tonight Todd a night with me?!”

Todd doesn’t know what to say as Crystal rips into him.

“No that’s not how this works. Look whatever you had planned I don’t want any part of it especially seeing Brittany standing here obviously whatever happens wasn’t all that serious to begin with. I don’t know what ou are trying to play at Todd but kidnapping just to get even for something someone else did to us isn’t the way to go. I am not going to cheat if it means I ruin things with Seleana back at home. I can’t do that to her that woman loves me way too much…You know what I don’t have to stay here and talk I am just going to leave…”

With that Brittany and Christina leave the restaurant and they stand on the outside looking at one another. Brittany hugs her tightly as she looks up into her mom’s eyes.

“Thank you mom… That means so much to me…”

“Don’t mention it pumpkin. To be honest I was going to do something I regret but I just couldn’t go through with it especially after watching you there… I think I can understand what’s going on…”

“Mom you don’t understand, you were pre….”

“I know and if I was in that position I would probably do all I can to hide it. I would feel too embarrassed by my actions to really defend myself. I love you Brittany at the end of the day I want what’s best for you but I don’t want to lose my sanity in order to defend you either. I am still trying to find that medium where I can be cool mom and tough mom…”

“Just don’t change… Stay true to what you want. Especially seeing as I am the spoiled brat and I need the strong mother to show me the things I shouldn’t be doing. As long as you can do that and stay your ground… I know I will turn out fine…”

“Well seeing you standing here right now trying to save me from doing something stupid I know how much I mean to you. I am sorry if I wasn’t the mom you always wanted…”

“Wanted… Maybe not but you are what I need and I am happy to have you in my life…”

“Yeah stop trying to make me get emotional Brittany. Now why don’t you go back into your time machine and go back to the time period that you came from. There’s no reason for you to be here anymore. I know what I need to do…”

With that Brittany nods her head hugging her mom tightly as she quickly runs back into the restaurant and into the closet. She travels back to her time and finds herself in her own timeline. As soon as she steps out of the machine she is treated to the sight of her mother. Christina walks over to Brittany as she looks down at her stomach with a smile on her face.

“I remembered what you told me back then and… You don’t have to worry about anything…”

“Thank you mom… Thank you….Just take it easy and love Seleana. The others will still probably come down on you for what you did but…”

“I know Brittany but it’s okay… Thank you for saving me… I love you so much….”

“I love you mom…”

Is all Brittany can say in return as the mother and daughter hug one another and it’s on this image that we fade out on.

On Camera
All Hail Princess Brittany

Our scene comes into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Brittany Williams holding her scepter in one hand she is wearing her cape and has a tiara proudly on her head. She smiles evilly as she looks into the heart of the camera lens and cracks a wicked grin as she begins to speak.

“So this is what it’s all about?! Being able to compete on the biggest show of the year for SCW! I am not going to lie I am absolutely thrilled to have found myself competing on this night and I know it’s a night I am going to remember for a very long time. Everybody would do anything to get a championship match and seeing how SCW never did get me my rematch at Evie after I begged for it I am finally getting what I deserved. Hell I might be getting something better because I get the chance to be a top champion. This is my moment and you better believe I am going to make the most of it. Brooke is a fool for not letting me on the roster when I asked to be on it. I would have stolen the show. I would have been the youngest champion ever and I would have slapped the living shit out of the entire roster but it’s better that I wasn’t put on the roster. I guess it was best that I was forced to stand in the shadows and be a ring announcer because I would have fucked up everybody that got in my way…”

Brittany smiles as she nods her head in agreement.

“You better respect royalty, and I deserved better. So after all of this time you have finally got it right and for that I am absolutely thrilled about the whole ordeal because I can basically tell SCW to shove it and Honor to piss off while I ascend to greatness. You book me in a fatal four way with who exactly?! You put me in the ring with Trinity Jones?! Has Trinity ever done anything to warrant herself such a huge opportunity?! I mean she barely got by in SCW. She hasn’t really amounted to anything. She’s just another one of those Traci Patterson’s taking up a space. She’s a waste of a talent and is well beneath my talent level. She barely wins in this company and it must sound really fucking smart just throwing her into such a huge title opportunity. That makes no sense whatsoever…”

Brittany nods her head again as she seems disgusted.

“But I can see this for what it actually is. You put a useless cunt such as her in this match as a way to protect the prized Alicia Lukas to make her seem like she’s important and that is just dumb no matter how much you look at it, but I really don’t give a damn. She isn’t on the level that I am on nor is she deserving to be anywhere near this match. I don’t know what you were looking at when you wanted her to be part of Honor. You must not know how to look at talent properly but don’t worry I am personally going to fix that issue for you because I will dispose of her like the trash that she is and I will show everyone why I am the one who is meant to win this match…”

Brittany giggles as she speaks some more.

“But wait there’s more that’s only the first piece of trash in this match next up you have the likes of Winter Elemental in this match as well. You have the woman that hails from Canada or whatever she is from. She isn’t worthy of being in this match. I don’t give a damn how many matches she has won in Honor how many times she has built herself up into getting into the hunt. Nobody believes she can overcome the hump to get to where she needs to go. Winter isn’t great, she isn’t amazing, she is mediocre at best. She’s a woman who has made her career on being in the shadow of somebody else. She is a glorified tag team wrestler AT BEST! What has she really accomplished aside from being in a group or attached to anything that involves one. Sure she does amazing with her little group of GIFT… Sure she’s amazing with Tatsu and she did have a successful career with her former girlfriend in Rachel I believe. Hell she was even a member of Guilty Pleasure with superstars Kenzi Grey and of course Kate Steele, Cass Baumer, Melissa Reeves… All names who are somebody who is somebody in the wrestling world. Winter got her big rise to being noticeable by being attached to something else or in someone else’s shadow but never anything on her own… When she is forced to stand on her own feet she fails miserably at it so what can you expect from her in a match where she has to fight against three other women?!”

Brittany laughs.

“My thoughts not much… But let’s let her keep thinking she has the talent because she is going to fall hard and it’s fucking personal. I don’t give a damn if she isn’t friends with Kate anymore but that blonde bimbo tried to end my career and anyone attached to her is going to get what they deserve. I don’t care if the relationship isn’t there anymore in my eyes I am going to see you in the way that you were all of those days ago, and that spells trouble for you Winter! So if I was you I would get Delia Darling on hand, I would get Tatsu, Mercedes anybody that you can because you will fall short especially when forced to be in the ring with a princess such as myself. So bring it Winter show me how Hardcore you can get I can assure you it won’t be enough…”

Brittany offers a long drawn out laugh as she speaks some more.

“I guess that brings me to perhaps the biggest threat in all of this match or should I say the most overrated cunt in all of this match and that would be the one and only southern piece of trash in the form of Alicia Lukas. Alicia Lukas welcome to SCW and I know you are probably gloating over the fact that you beat Parand in your debut match but the truth is everybody basically fights her on her way into this company. It’s a way to weed out the people who actually deserve to be here and the people that sucked. So congratulations you passed the first test. So you must think you are the Queen Bee of everything but you really haven’t proved anything yet. That’s just the first step. Now you get the true test and it’s a test that you are going to fail because you get to be in the ring with me. I get it Alicia you must be a big fucking deal. You have traveled all across the world. You have been seeking competition everywhere you go. You haven’t lost a match in nearly a year who gives a shit. You haven’t faced me and I feel that you and I are going to have our share of problems… You don’t deserve to share a ring with me…

Yes I hold a grudge against you because you love to take shots at my family. It’s one thing if I talk shit about my own mother but I am not going to have some stranger talking shit about my mother. I am not going to have you disrespecting me because that’s what you are doing by mentioning her over and over again, and sub tweeting her across Twitter. Grow the fuck up if you got something to say you need to say it to her face. That’s what I would do. But hey let’s not detract from what’s true here and it’s the fact that you suck. You got your big break by being something in this world by… by… by putting Courtney Leinart in her place?!”

Brittany drops to the floor and begins to laugh hysterically as she shakes her head.

“Damn that must be impressive Courtney Leinart, and you gloat you are soooo amazing, and so good. When your ass went to LAW and had to fight my mother on her territory your ass got put squarely in your place. Sure you can talk shit and shout out your accomplishments like it really matters but I rather focus on being in the ring with real names. People that matter like maybe making my debut against an SCW legend Amanda Cortez who was a former World Champion or wait I did that. Or maybe beating the likes of Sammi Marlowe a former multiple time champion oh wait I did that too! I think I made enough of an impact so now you will be in for a real test because you will see if you can level up and show if you are worthy of being in the ring with me.

I find it funny you can travel everywhere in hopes of looking for the best competition but stay in your own little bubble. I know you have been a champion for a long time in Honor. An awesome Legacy Champion followed by an Honor Champion. Hell you never even lost your Legacy title you had to relinquish it but all good things must come to an end. Streak were meant to be broken and I know I am the one who is worthy of breaking that said streak. I am the one who will make you learn what humility is and I will proudly raise that title in the air and celebrate my huge championship win. After a few days of being removed cleared to compete I feel like I am the best shape of my life. I feel like I am worthy for this moment and nothing will ever stop me from claiming what I am trying to gain. Time to put your ass to rest! Brittany went down to your beloved Georgia and I was looking for gold to steal. You can call me evil, you can call me the devil, but you can call me princess because royalty will be standing tall by the end of the match. Royalty that is me!

I am the past, present and the future. This is my ring, and nobody is on my level. So try your best and it won’t be enough. See you soon bitches try to keep up will you?! Even so it won’t be enough. Bye bitches!”

With that Brittany cracks an evil laugh as she does the princess wave and we slowly fade out on her.

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Scene one-The Honeymoon
Off Camera
Paris, France
6 Months Ago

Her eyes fluttered open as the sounds of the city could be heard in faint moments outside the window. Alicia smiled as she remembered instantly where they were. Paris. The cliched honeymoon destination of destinations. But this was new for her. Alicia had only ever been to Paris to work. In, work and out again, onto another city, another country, another match, another company. As was the nomadic life of a professional wrestler not signed to any major company. As a rookie, as an unsigned talent and again as a young woman looking to make her mark she had been able to visit many different places.

Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America. She’d been everywhere. Wrestled everywhere. But this was different. This was life, relaxing. It was real. They flew in the morning before. Michael smiling as he took a deep breath in as they found a cab. They spent the first day checking in and getting settled. Learning the layout of the surrounding areas near the hotel. They ate in the restaurant under the hotel, they drank wine. There was no looking at the time, there were no worries about an early bedtime to catch a 5 am flight for either of them. It was a real holiday. A time for the newlyweds to celebrate alone.

Alicia’s sons, Rory and Ryan were safe and sound with their biological father. Their house was being looked after by Alicia’s sister Zoey. Everything seemed perfect. Everything felt perfect. And then it hit her. She was content and happy being a wife, a mother. She could do as she wanted. Michael had a great job, a healthy business. Alicia had savings, a bank account and a name she could trade off. Did she really want to keep traveling? Did she really want to be away from Michael?. And then there was the other question. Did they want to try for a baby now?. The question burned at the front of Alicia’s mind.

She remembered what it was like at home. Seeing Michael with her boys, the smile on his face, the flush in their cheeks. She would stand and cook, laughing at them playing. It was the life her mother wanted for her with Ronnie. The life she was raised for that she had hated and rebelled against for so long. Now though, it seemed to clear. As she lay on the perfect white sheets in a wonderful hotel. She stared at Michael as his eyes opened, he looked down finding Alicia awake and her head on his chest, her hand sitting on his chest as her chin came to rest there too. They didn’t speak just yet. Letting the moment stay between them.

Her bright blue eyes stared into his as she pushed herself up to look at him. Her long blond hair swept over to one side, her left leg curled up and over his as they had slept intertwined. A small laugh escaped her lips as Michael was the first to speak. “This is a beautiful way to wake up. And one that might spoil me as we grow old.” He shot out a grin, it was cheeky and boyish with a hint of attitude and charm. Alicia laughed again and buried her face in his chest blushing. Even now, two years after they first met. And now a married couple he was still able to make her act like a nervous teenager.

“You have to stop that sir. I will keep blushing until my face burns.” She sat up and stretched her arms out before sliding off the bed grabbing his shirt and some of her underwear. She slides them on and stood near the window looking down from the third floor to the street below. Her smile stayed locked as she let out a small sight that slipped down and outward. Michaels' ears picked up and at that moment their bond which had been so strong became more noticeable. He stood up moving beside her sliding a hand around her hip.

”A Euro for your thoughts?” Alicia scoffed and tried to hide her laughter under a snort before tilting her head. ”Just thinking. You make me happy, that’s all really” He gave a nod and kissed his wife on the cheek before sitting on the edge of the bed turning Alicia to him, taking her hands in his raising his eyebrows. After a few moments, Alicia cleared her throat getting ready to speak. Michael knew her well enough to know that if there was something, anything on her mind all he needed to do was wait and she would bring it to light.

She inhaled a deep breath and looked to the ceiling and back down again rubbing his hands with her thumbs. ”I just, I’ve never been this content and the more I think about it. The more I feel that maybe, maybe I should retire. From wrestling. Be at home with you and the boys.” There was still silence as Michael listened, he gave a small nod moving his lips together taking her words in. Alicia though continued. ”We could try for a baby, hope for a girl…”

Her cheeks were red again, she swallowed hard as Michael smiled and seemed lost for words before shaking his head and getting to his feet, his hands drifted up to Alicia’s face, he cupped her cheeks and gave her a slow passionate kiss before placing his forehead against hers keeping them so close she could hear the speed of his heartbeat. ”I love you. But you and I both know that is the moment talking.” Her heart sank, she didn’t understand just yet. Michael, however, understood it all.

”Right now, that’s what you want. But the Alicia Lukas I know still has a lot left to prove and many miles in the tank. There will be a time for all that, retirement, another child, a quieter life. But if you did that right now?. You’d have regrets.” There was a pause as she let his words sink in. He was right of course. He knew Alicia better than anyone else on this planet. He understood what drove her, what she lived for and what she needed. He was in every essence of the word, her soulmate. ”You will take the world in your hands and rule it with an iron fist….but right now. Breakfast” He laughed louder and kissed her lips again before turning and grabbing the menu and the phone, he started ordering in French. Bad French. And Alicia just slowly smiled and chuckled. She was still in heaven…..

Scene Two- Look back to go forward
Off Camera
Kyoto Japan.
2 Years Ago

She swung the door open and stepped in. Her long hair tied back in a bun, very similar to how it was the first time she stepped foot in the hallowed dojo. She took a deep breath in, memories flooded back as a smile came across her ruby red lips. She took her sunglasses off and slid one side in the neck of her black and red “Kyoto-sun dojo” shirt. It was faded and clearly very worn. Alicia stepped across the floor and stopped just inside before slipping her shoes off, bowing as she crossed from the hardwood to the carpet. Despite being alone she felt comfortable.

Her feet touched the training mat, they felt the same as they did from day one. Oddly smooth and very little give in them, the balls of her feet being able to feel the floor underneath. Alicia moved across looking over at the old ring. The ropes tightened after the morning training session. A smirk came across her lips as she walked over to it, reaching out with her fingertips she smiled as a little shock shoot up her hand and arm from the canvas. She walked around it tilting her head as the experiences of the past which felt like a lifetime ago came alive in her memory.

A smile shone across her face as she leaped up onto the apron, she grabbed the top rope and pulled herself up and over it with a jump landing on the canvas before spinning on the balls of her feet like a ballerina would on a stage. She turned and spun before standing in the center, she closed her eyes remembering every movement, every bump, every shot. The pain shooting through her back. The anger at herself when her mind begged her body to quit. The feeling of crawling along the mat throwing up in a bucket.

Her eyes sprung open and she took off hitting the ropes crisscrossing the ring hitting them harder each time. The tight cables leaving welts against her back, arms and shoulders with each whip. She rolled across the canvas popping up to her feet bouncing up and down stretching out before shadow boxing, throwing a few punches a duck, a weave and a running bicycle knee. Alicia breathes deeply with a smile and a chuckle under her breath.

She turned to look at the mirror across the room. It was the full length from the ceiling to the floor and ran along the entire south wall of the dojo. Her eyes trailed across her own body. Her hair back to the length it was when she first walked in here six years ago. But the rest has changed. Her body once too thin and untoned was now replaced with a fit, toned somewhat muscular frame. A woman's body with hips and thighs, she was now an athlete. Her face while still pretty was strong and fierce with burning blue eyes. The innocence and weak nature long lost along with her fears.

There was nothing she feared now. Nothing that worried her to the point of tears. She looked down at the canvas. She used to be ruled by her emotions, her fears. For so long it was fear that drove her. Fear of losing, fear of letting people down, fear of being nothing and nobody. But that was gone now. Now there was a need for competition. A need to face people as strong as her, a need to be beaten to grow. The only fear she had left burning in her mind like a hand, held over an open flame.

Just how far would she go?. Alicia looked back in the mirror before noticing something. A young girl, maybe 18 years old was in the corner folding towels. A task Alicia knew very well. She walked to the ropes leaping out and to the floor. As she moved closer she realized the girl was caucasian. A gaijin like her. “They have you on towel duty too huh?. That wasn’t very fun...better than toilets though right?....”

The was no answer. The girl just stayed focused on her fast. A large bruise under her right eye and a cut on her lower left lip. Her long blond curls hung loosely down the sides of her face. She was tiny, skinny and her body looked beaten in other ways. Her knuckles were skinned, her legs bruised. She moved quickly folding the towels and leaving them in piles of three. Alicia gave a nod folding her arms looking over at the wall of graduates. “I was right where you are now. They haven’t had many women here, let alone western ones. And I’m the only one to leave here with honor…. “

Alicia smiles focusing on the wall, the names around her, many now a who’s who of names in Japan. But one picture stood out. A small frame with a skinny girl with short pink and blue hair. Underneath it had her birth name “Violet Maxwell” and under that, it said ?????????or Peru u~ori?. Pale Warrior in Japanese.

“They don’t want people like us to succeed kid. So I know things are tough right now. And I had no one. There was one guy here who seemed to care but in the end, he was a quitting bitch like everyone else. No one will ever have it harder in a place like this than us and we’ll also have the lowest expectations….but fuck that….we can also be the toughest, the baddest….and the ones with the biggest heart and resolve. So I’m telling you...not asking you….to hang in there….cause I-”

Alicia looks down to the girl and stops. Where she was is an empty space. The towels still left in a pile. None of them folded. It was like no one had been there. Alicia looked around and shook her head as she noticed the classes filling in, she smirked as she walked past them, many stopping recognizing her from the picture bowing as she passed.

It’s good to be a goddess….].i]

Scene Three- A true champion
[i]On Camera
Atlanta, Georgia
Present Day

”Do I really need to do this?

Alicia Lukas sat with her legs crossed on her front porch. Her hat flipped backward as her heart sank realizing a few days away from High Stakes she was being forced to do another promo. She had planned just to save up all her anger and frustration over her opponents till the match and just unleash it with fists, kicks, suplex’s and submissions. But here we are.

”Ok. Well, first off let me be real fucking clear on this. I am the only real champion in this match. The other three, as good as they might be in the ring aren’t in my league in skill, attitude or fucking looks. See the second I found out who I was facing I went about my business. Researching strengths, weaknesses, habits, height, weight, shoe size...IQ...and trust me, with one of you those last two numbers were a little too close together.”

“Hi, Brittany…”

“Now, it’s hard to just pull things out of my ass for a promo without repeating myself and unlike Brittany, I don’t want to say the same thing five different ways. But, it’s really annoying and insulting to me that I put so much effort into promoting this match, for MY title in SCW at one of the biggest shows of the year and my efforts have not been matched by any of the women who want to take this title from me. See Winter has been silent. She’s been silent in promoting the match, on twitter, on shows. Which if you know Stephanie it’s really really out of character for her since usually you don’t find her with her goddamn mouth closed or her phone not sitting in her hand.

Alicia pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath taking a drink from her water bottle trying to calm herself down. The anger, frustration, and rage building up.

”I know Winter better than most people. I’ve been through alot with her. From friend, to rival, to enemy. And never have I gone up against her and it’s come this close to a match where she hasn’t had some smart ass bullshit remark and gone on about how she’s better than me and how she wants to make outlandish promises she never backs up. But nope, this time there has been silence. This time she doesn’t care. But here’s the thing. I care. I care about this title, I care about the legacy of Honor wrestling and the SCW merger. I do not want the memory of that company to die and get swallowed whole by SCW.”

“But then again, some people obviously don’t care. Like Trinity Jones. Does she even know she’s booked?. Is she alive?. Has anyone checked local hospitals or morgues?. Her apartment?. A dumpster behind an Arby’s maybe?. Has anyone seen this woman?. I want to believe she cares, but it’s obvious she doesn’t. And why should anyone else care if she doesn’t?. Why should SCW fans and management care if Trinity Jones can’t be bothered to open her mouth?. Again, I care, I care because I am what a champion should and does look like. Trinity and Winter have been guilty in their silence…”

“But Brittany Williams has been guilty in opening her mouth.”

“See Winter and Trinity so far have not said anything stupid due to not saying anything at all. But this silly little idiot ranted and rambled for way too long. And now, well now before I destroy them all physically I need to destroy Brittany Williams verbally….”

She sighs deeply and shrugs.

”The word “overrated” gets thrown around way too much in this business. And to have it used by a wet behind the ears, worthless rookie daughter of a pair of wannabe has-beens is something that doesn't so much wound me as it does enrage me to the point of furious anger. And not just that but I want you to slowly look in the mirror Brittany. Realize that the woman staring back at you, in one word did more damage to her own family’s legacy than I could ever hope to do.”

“See Brittany, you said I was a stranger who insulted your family. I’m not a stranger to your mother. See Crustal and I have battled it out before and she even has a win over me. One single win, in LAW. Every other time in Honor I was better than her. I made her my bitch yet you called me OVERRATED. So tell me, if I beat Kenzi Grey, Your mom, Mercedes Vargas, Jesse Salco and every other big name in Honor and most of SCW as well as big names all around the world then you, YOU, just insulted all of them.”

“Good job,”

“But this right here is a problem with people like you Brittany. Your youth is a great asset, it means you can learn, you can grow and you have your whole life ahead of you and you have a great youthful energy, but you’re also inexperienced. In and out of the ring. You can’t beat me in the ring, in a promo or in anything else. Maybe one day you will, maybe one day you’ll be better than your mother or father or anyone else in your stupid family. But right now, when you make stupid comments on social media about being “booked to take the pin” you automatically lose. When you loop yourself into a spiral of comments that say the same thing fifty different ways and think you’re clever because you have “so much to say” you just look like a rambling fool. And now, well Brittany...sweetheart….I’m going to have to destroy you...and break you...and end you. And at High Stakes, when I hold MY title in the air….you’ll know that “overrated” is the last thing you should EVER call me”

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Off Camera
Houston, Texas
Such a Major Fuck Up

Brittany Williams enjoyed the fact that she could travel at time at will. It was what was most important to her. After all whenever something was majorly fucked up within her life she would always use the time machine to do the unthinkable. She would go back in time and change the history so that those around her would benefit from life’s unfortunate events. She went back in time to learn more about her mother when she was carrying her. She used the time machine to save her grandfather and bring him to the future, and even when she fucked things up she even used it to bring her best friend Ryleigh back even when her future form told her she would be the reason for her best friend’s death. She would even use it to stop her mother from making the biggest mistake of her life. As good as all of this was Brittany felt distant from helping out with her own life and now the unexpected happened.

Brittany had been living with her boyfriend Jordan Parker Kane ever since Kate Steele had hurt her arm. He was helping her recover but the two would get into it and because of many disagreements their relationship was officially over. Brittany had so many tears rolling down her cheek. She had a suitcase in her hand and a cell phone in her other. She didn’t know who to call or let alone what to do. She thought this was going to be her time. She thought her and JPK were going to defy all odds break the Kane and Williams curse and show everyone that the two could make it but that wasn’t the case.

She held onto her suitcase as tightly as she could. She thought about changing the situation. She would go back and time and make Jordan regret his decision or she would be there a lot more for him. There was so much she could have done and so much was going through her head. She decided to drop her bags down and she ran towards the time machine that she hid in some woods but as soon as she reached them that is when another time machine appeared before her. Brittany was taken back as she could see her future form stepping out of the unit. Brittany was dressed to impress as she sported high heels an expensive business suit and long straight hair. Future Brittany smiled at present Brittany one who was about 27 years old glaring at the one that was only 17.

“So I guess this is it… You just want to go back in time and try to force a relationship to work? That’s really pitiful of you and of course you are better than that. After all you are me and I would know best… Side note that nappy hair needs to go look professional the future CEO of Willcorp and Rose Productions should look better than that…”

“So I guess business is good? That’s always a good thing…”

“Yes and I even have J2H and Melody Grace signed to do a huge trilogy for us. The box office is going to eat it right up. You know how much of a ham J2H can be but show him a big enough check and it’s easy money…”

“Right… Look I appreciate you coming back to the past or should I say present to gloat about my future accomplishments but I rather focus on trying to gain back someone that I lost… I love JPK and…”

Brittany begins to cry but her future form just shakes her head as she looks down into the eyes of the teenager. She seems really disgusted as she begins to speak.

“Is that what this is all about?! Actually don’t answer that seeing as I came from the future I already knew the answer to that. You need to relax. You just can’t use the time machine whenever things don’t go so well. That would fit into the column of personal gain…”

“I am not a witch and this isn’t Charmed!”

“But you catch what I am trying to say and beside you can’t just go back and time. Especially you didn’t see how things played out. I remember when i was in your same exact spot but then future me visited me and told me the reasons why I shouldn’t go back. As far as you are concerned have some class you are a Williams and you have that Hilton blood in you. You don’t need to be chasing after anyone let them come after you…”

Future Brittany can’t help but crack a wide wicked grin as she nods her head in agreement. Present Brittany just stands there as she wipes the tears from out of her eyes.

“And how are you going to tell me not to do something?!”

“Because I know how things play out and the biggest things in life come to those who wait…”

Brittany smiles as she shows the huge engagement ring and wedding band over her finger. She winks at present Brittany as she looks back at her.

“Things do pick up and the best is yet to come but you need to wait and really take a glance over your life. Things aren’t as bad as they appear to be. It does get better and there are better fish out in the sea. Trust in me I have been on the road you were on. It might seem bad but just trust in me when I say just give it time. You will really like what’s coming your way…”

Brittany nods her head as she begins to fold her arms not knowing what to think.

“Yeah but things just seem like they suck so much right now. How can I possibly calm down?!

“Because no man is worth fighting this much over and forget I even said anything. You are going to do what you want to do at the end of the day so I might as well let you do exactly that. Just remember how I look. I am all smiles. Just because things suck you can’t always run to the time machine. You can’t always ask for a reset button sometimes you need to play through the game and see how things end up happening at least for the first playthrough…”

Brittany chuckles.

“But you know me. I need to have the perfect play through. I need to get all of the achievement points and trophies I possibly can.”

“Life isn’t a video game Brittany…”

“Fine! I know what I need to do just relax okay I won’t go back in time. I will let things play out and will take things from there…”

“Good although I know you were going to do that anyway. I am from the future after all…”

“Right now if you would excuse me I have some place I need to be…”

Future Brittany nods her head with a grin as she looks back at her past form.

“And I do too. I got people I need to talk to. I got Michael B Jordan waiting for me, and I have some other star studded actors and actresses who are all waiting to get a gig with my studio. I’ll catch you later…”

“Wait I have to see you again?!”

“Duh time machine, whenever you are going to fuck something up majorly I will hunt you to make sure it doesn’t happen. Anyway catch you later noob!”

With that future Brittany waves the present form away. She takes her time machine back to the future while the present sets the coordinate to present day Hollywood Hills, California. It was time to go home and as Dorothy said there’s no place like home…

Off Camera
Hollywood Hills, California
The Zdunich resident

Brittany’s time machine landed her right where she wanted to be. She was back at home. Her time machine found a nice resting place in the living room’s walk in closet, and Brittany emerged out of the closet with her huge suitcase in her hand. She was heading for her room when she was stopped by her step mother Seleana. It had been a while since the two of them really had a heart to heart with one another. They glanced at each other as Seleana offered a wicked grin.

“Hey chickie… Is everything okay?!”

Brittany nodded her head as she looked back at her step mother with a sigh on her face.

“Yep… Just moving back in! Jordan didn’t want anything to do with me obviously and there’s better place to be than home right? It feels like it has been a hell of a ride but I am happy to be back home. I feel this is where I truly belong…”

Seleana nods her head with a smile as she looks back at her step daughter.

“That’s good the house has been quiet without you and I love having you here. I know that Halo…”

Before she could even finish her statement that is when Brittany decides to cut her off. Brittany drops her suitcase as she gazes right into the Swedish woman’s eyes.

“Look I think I need to tell you something…”

“And what is that exactly chickie?! If you got something to say you know you can tell me anything right?!”

Brittany takes a long deep breath as she begins to share her heart with her.

“Well I know things haven’t really been going well between my mother and you. It has been a lot of ups and downs since this whole sex tape ordeal…”

“I know and it hurts a lot. I just wish she would sit down and talk to me. Was it something that I did?! Does she not want to interact with me anymore or maybe the sex wasn’t good enough?”

EWWW TMI step mom! I totes did not to hear that. I honestly think it was none of the above. My mother is the type that is hiding a lot of emotional baggage. She blames herself for me getting hurt. When she visited my father she was trying to seek approval and my father has always had a way of knowing how to manipulate the women he interacts with. He knew exactly what to say to my mom to get her to do what she did. Well my mom was even hiding a bigger secret from you…”

“And what’s that chickie?!”

Brittany can’t help but sigh as she begins to share her heart again.

“That one little night stand resulted in her getting pregnant. She couldn’t tell anyone because she was disgusted with herself. She wanted to be better than what she was. She wanted some peace of mind and she is one who is against abortion…”

“Why didn’t she tell me this?! Star and I could have worked things out. I love her Brittany she’s my wife. Sure we have her share of problems but I am here for her and we could have dealt with it. I am hurting over what she did but…”

Brittany cuts her off again as she smiles wide.

“And that sounds absolutely amazing and all but I want you to know that I actually went back in time. I actually went back to the night that my mother had the affair with my father or is it the other way around? Anyway I went back in time and I stopped it from happening…”

Seleana raises her eyebrows in return not knowing what to say to any of this.

“And why did you do that Brittany?!”

Brittany giggles.

“Because I didn’t want my mom to do something stupid she would regret. She isn’t pregnant because I changed something in the past. I changed it because I love you and I like the bond that we have together. You are an amazing step mother and you really took me on as yours. Despite what I might say behind a camera or what happens when we are standing face to face in the ring I love you. You are my second mother and I don’t want to lose you mama! I don’t even know what to call you but that’s something I am still trying to figure out!”

Seleana’s eyes open wide up as tears start flowing from it.

“And I love you too. I know Christina’s life isn’t easy. I don’t know how she balances being the owner of a movie company, a wrestler and a wife. It just seems like so much to balance but I want to know every aspect of her life. When I married her it was for better or for worse. I am going to be with her through the thick and thin and she needs to reach out to me Brittany despite how bad things are. We just need to talk…”

“And now that I changed the past and she isn’t pregnant you both can really sit down and focus on that. I want you two to work out. My mother has been married four different times so let’s make this one really count. I am pulling for you and I feel at home with you. I won’t allow my mom to fuck something up that means the world to me so I will always have your back because you have had mine…”

Seleana hugs Brittany as tight as she possibly can and that is when more tears flow from the eyes of the taller blonde. Brittany squeezes tighter than before as the blonde looks into her eyes.

“So chickie answer something to me why are you here with a suitcase?! What happened?!”

“Jordan broke up with me… He was cheating on me and I am going to be back at home again. Is something wrong with that?!”


Is all Seleana can say as she starts smiling again.

“Why are you smiling?!”

“Because one person’s trash is definitely another person’s treasure, and you do know that ever since Halo moved in all she does is talk about you. She always ask if Brittany is going to come home, she always ask if you are okay, and she is even trying to become a wrestler…”


“It was hard for her to hide but that girl really likes you and…”

Brittany takes it all in as she throws her suitcase to the floor and she quickly runs up the stairs. She bursts into her room as she could see the tall blonde just sitting there.”

“Hey Halo…”

“Hi Brittany!”

“So my mom tells me you been worried about me?!”

“Yes ever since Kate hurt your arm and…”

Brittany doesn’t say anything as she walks over to Halo and plants a kiss on her lips. The kiss lasts for a while and Brittany slowly backs away as she smiles in return.

“I am sorry for everything. I won’t ever hurt you again. I am here for you and….”

“Yes Brittany?!”

“I want to be with you…”

Halo is taken back as she glances back at Brittany. Both of them smiling at one another as Halo responds in return.

“I would like that…”

“Good because I would love it….I won’t let you go Halo…”

Brittany and Halo just look into one another’s eyes and it’s on this image that we fade out on.

On Camera
Rose Productions

Everything comes into focus and as it does we are treated to the sight of Brittany Williams. She is sitting down in a huge throne and she shakes her head In utter disgust as she looks deeply into the lens of the camera.

“Do you smell that?! It absolutely reeks in here but that’s mainly because this Sunday SCW will be having its biggest card of the year. This is the night where the award winners will be announced and of course we will witness three individuals getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. It doesn’t get any better than that and it’s such an amazing night to be a part of. People should be thrilled and happy that they have found their way to the card but sadly not everyone seems to be filled with happiness. Not everyone is as thrilled as I might be and it’s a real fucking shame that Alicia and I are involved in a match where there are two wastes of fucking spaces who can’t spend any time talking up this match. It’s been about two weeks since this card was announced and you would think with the huge match implications on the line especially when the Honor Championship is at stake these women say something but we haven’t gotten anything”

Brittany shakes her head in utter disgust as she continues to speak.

“Zero, nothing, nada… They have literally said nothing and to be honest I don’t even know how they deserve to be in such a huge marquee match. With Winter I know how that big run near the end of Honor went. She was damn near untouchable. She picked up some huge wins but she did everything using the help of Tatsu. That’s not impressive that makes you a fucking leech. That means you need others in order for you to succeed and that’s not a good thing…”

Brittany shakes her head as she continues to speak.

“So a glorified tag team wrestler and lapdog at best is going to puff her chest out to try to win a championship on her own? A singles championship at this just seems absolutely stupid. Winter has never won a singles title so why would she start doing so now? The reality is she won’t and despite what may have happened in Honor on an SCW card she won’t beat me. Not now and certainly not ever!”

Brittany continues to shake her head as she lets the grin escape her lips. She smiles as wide as she possibly can as she begins to speak some more.

“And Trinity Jones who’s cunt did she lick or who’s dick did she suck to get placed into this huge marquee match? I am being completely honest. She was never any good in SCW. Her biggest claim to fame was losing a bunch of matches to Alice Knight, and pretty much losing match after match. How does a woman like that find her way into a match like this fighting for a top tier title?!”

Brittany shakes her head in disgust.

“It’s a really fucking shame but I guess anybody will get handed a title shot. No true spirit of competition it’s just a way to devalue the Honor title and it really sucks especially when the winner of this match will ultimately go on to face the winner of Dani Weston and Apple Coren. You will need to be at the top of your game especially if you go on to face the woman that just beat Mikah. One would need to be at their very best. Winter doesn’t have that triat and Trinity never had that trait…”

Brittany begins to laugh.

“Yet Trinity was somebody that was close to signing with Honor and it was going to be a huge deal?! That sounds like a big fucking joke. Honor you can be better than that but then again with the Honor Champions that were in the company before Alicia the whole thing is a big joke. I guess that brings me to the likes of Alicia Lucas the woman who feels she is the best at everything. She is superb in every single thing but in my eyes she is just a real life Mary Sue. She’s just a woman who is perfect in every single way, has no flaws, is the best wrestler ever, and honestly it’s a load of horse shit!”

Brittany takes a long deep breath as she continues to speak.

“Oh yes Alicia Lucas is so amazing and she will tell you that she dominated Honor her Legacy title reign was like none other but she’s also the same fucking woman who couldn’t pry the championship from Samantha Tolson. Sam fucking Tolson she couldn’t beat! Fought her to a draw and Mercedes comes around takes the title off of Tolson making it look easy and that’s when Lucas finally takes the title off of Vargas. On top of that there was a time when Alicia technically wasn’t in Honor but she was still acknowledged as the Legacy Champion and after weeks she finally decided to sign a new contract under the new regime and she returned with a continued title reign?!

That’s not a fighting champion you sat on the fucking sideline as others fought, as everyone was fighting week in and week out trying to prove themselves just for you to return and say hey look I am still champion!

That’s about equal to my mom gloating over her Internet Championship reign yet as soon as she won it SCW closed shop and she’s still running around claiming she’s this awesome champion with an awesome reign yet never defends. But i guess that’s your logic isn’t it Alicia?!

Yet you feel this need to keep talking shit about me, you wish to keep running your mouth and in the end you are the only one that looks stupid. Yes I am my mother and father’s daughter. Yes I do have that blood running through my veins but since day fucking one I told the world I am here to make a name for my own. I am here to showcase myself a part from them but I guess you don’t pay attention. Grab a history book and pay attention you might learn something!”

Brittany crosses her legs as she glares deeper than before into the cameras.

“Yes Alicia you should be proud after all you are doing everything in your power to piss me off aren’t you? Talking shit about my family, talking shit about me, taking shots at my step mother. Yet in reality this isn’t about any of them! This is about me and you are going to get fucked up! You don’t make any sense you get into an argument with my mother and yet this year she won the World Championship unified it with her own midcard title something YOU failed to do in YOUR match with Sam Tolson, and she is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday. I would say that’s pretty fucking current adding ring number 4 to her collection. Where are our rings? Where are the symbols in which you can talk shit?!

But I already know how this is going to go. You are going to lose miserably. You are going to look absolutely dumb and are going to throw the biggest hissy fit when you lose claiming it’s a fluke. Maybe you might go on to chase after other multiple companies so you can dominate them but then I guess that would make you just another modern day Sam Tolson. Win titles lose them and chase after brand new companies so you can say you were the first at something. IT’s a joke or maybe you could be a modern day Kandi Washington a woman who was “absolutely” perfect in everything. “won” every match but never counted any of her loses.

You can say something the same way in five different ways but no matter how much one might try to word shit, at the end of the day shit is shit no matter how much I have to say I think you should know. I am by no means perfect and after losing my Roulette Championship I never did get a rematch but this is my road to redemption. This is me getting back to where I need to be, and after I beat you, you will be an after thought. So come at me Brah for you aren’t on my level LEVEL UP NOOB!”

With that Brittany waves to the camera and it’s on this image that we fade out on.

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Thursday Oct. 11, 2018
Somewhere in the snowy mountains of Canada

We see Stephanie McDiddle walking about the Canadian Arctic tundra with her wolves. She wears an all-white camo suit with white boots. Her MP7 on her side and bow and arrows on her back.

The clear afternoon brings in the hottest weather she will expect for today. A whole 4 degrees Fahrenheit or -15.5 degrees in Celsius. The wind blows but not too much, just enough to make it feel more like 2 degrees 4 Fahrenheit to 16.6 Celsius.

The 6 wolves walk along on her side, three to her left and the other three to her right. They hunt tonight’s dinner. If that fails Stephanie had set up two fishing lines on a small lake after she drilled two holes on the ice that was 13 inches, (33 Cm)

The goal is to catch an Elk or a Moose if they are lucky. They have only been walking 30 minutes when the wolves start to pick up a scent of some kind. Stephanie notices that the alpha wolf is picking up the scent strong. Stephanie slows down to allow the Alpha wolf to take the lead in the hunt.

The wolves start to pick up the pace forcing Stephanie to jog in order to keep up with her pack.

Master Lilly and Rachel scene here
(The call between the two, the details on what is going on, why the help, what to look out for, the ins and out on the place)

Meanwhile in Foshan, China we see Lin Ting Lu wearing her red hanfu robe, she is seen in her bedroom packing her bags on top of her king size bed as she gets ready to fly out to Hawaii with a few of the Elders. A little getaway for a week before the biggest show of the year in all of wrestling. Honor Wrestling’s Wrestle Bowl III. Okay I mean SCW’s High Stacks VII.

So much is at stake on Nov. 11. Just one month With Blasted Monk set to return on Ont. 26. With Master Lilly still trying to figure out what Song is doing. Orchid taking on some of Lin Ting Lu’s duties. Jon Dough Also showing up in SCW in a week from now.

Lin Ting Lu’s is been very busy as of late. A few more fighters making there way to the ring soon, this is the only time she will have to enjoy a mini vacation before everything turns into chaos.

As she finishes packing her suitcase, Lin Ting Lu decides to make her way to the kitchen so she can boil some water to make herself some needed herbal tea. While pouring the water into the cooking pot her other work phone starts to go off. Unless its a wrong number most calls on this phone are never good. Lin Ting Lu grabs the phone and sees an unknown number but knows that the area code is set in Canada. Thinking it could be the wrong number she decides to take the call.

Master Lilly: Hello?

???: Is… is this Lilly?

Outsiders have no clue who this phone belongs to. Lin Ting Lu pours the rest of the water onto the pot then goes to take a seat on a wooden chair that is placed on in the corner so she can get a great view of the pond and the ducks that call it home.

Master Lilly: Well, not many call me Lilly, those that do call my personal phone. You voice, I know it but I can not put a face or name to it. May I ask who is speaking?

???: You might remember me. It's Rachel diMaro. But you may remember the last name, Ferguson.

Ling Tin Lu leans back on her chair as she knows exactly who this is. She is not sure to be shocked or worried. One thing's for sure, happy or cheerful are not what she is feeling at the moment. Not on this phone, something must be wrong and Lin Ting Lu knows to be careful what is said in case Rachel is in trouble and not in a place to speak.

Lilly takes another second to think and figures maybe Rachel lost the personal number and this is all she can find. Not sure whether to go with her first gut feeling or not Lin makes sure to be careful.

Master Lilly: Of course I remember you, one half of the first ever Hardcore Tag Team Champions in Honor Wrestling. You know people still talk about your run as champion.

Lin Ting Lu keeps it cheerful and short. This allows Rachel to confirm that Lilly know who she is and also to keep it normal in case this is just a greetings call.

Master Lilly: So, how’s life after wrestling?

Rachel: Some time back, when Stephanie was in the hospital, you told me if I needed anything… to call. Lilly, things are bad.

Rachel’s voice is sad, almost broken. Lilly can hear in her something almost hollow in Rachel's voice when she speaks.

Rachel: I need help. That… kind of help.

Lin Ting Lu tilts her head to the left then to the right as she gets her thoughts together.

Master Lilly: I see you're in Canada or have a Canadian number of some sort. Is it safe to talk right now or is this you making sure you can reach me and plan on calling later? I want to make sure it's safe to talk before we go any further.

Rachel: It's safe. My hus… husband took everything. I'm just out of rehab for the third time, meth. He's trying to force me back on. I'm at a friend's right now.

Lin Ting Lu gets up as she can see her pot of water is at a boiling point.

Master Lilly: Understand that what you are asking for cannot be known to anyone including your friend. I need some information in order for me to best help you. before we can go any further, this friend of yours, is this someone Mr. DiMaro knows of?

Lin Ting Lu pours out a cup full of water onto a cup and places a small tea package into the cup. She goes back to her chair as she listens to Rachel.

Rachel: Yes, but not closely. I worked with her at the firm. When Fabriozo got me fired, she made sure to keep tabs on me. Far as he thinks, she was just the dumb broad in HR. I don’t want the drugs anymore. I need to get away from him. He’s too far under. I need an escape out of Calgary and fast.

Master Lilly: Will, this is something that we can handle but it will take a few days to get everything ready on my end. I’ll need a few things from you but the two things I need before anything is to know who he is and is there a place your friend can go for her safety?

Rachel: We’re plenty safe here. We’ll be okay for a few days. Fabriozo diMaro is a member of the AB Oil Conglomerate. Sounds on the up and up, but they deal with oil exports with Saudi Arabia, siphoning off the top of what is exported to the US. We were hired… I was hired to do their books, what I assumed was my husband’s company. I got hooked on meth due to the long hours I had to work and got sucked into shit I didn’t want to be. There’s more but that’s the short version.

Master Lilly: The house the two of you live in, does it have security guards, security cameras, anything like that I need to know about?

Rachel understood what Lilly was trying to do. Bring back the woman she was, the woman before the wrestler, the accountant. Rachel looked around the place, kicking herself for not thinking about this.

Rachel: Nothing like that anywhere, but I can secure this place temporarily. There’s only the main code at the front entrance, but calling me first, I can meet you somewhere.

Master Lilly: So you just need to leave, you don’t need us to take care of him. Will he not go looking for his wife? If he wants you on drugs then he must have a reason. This reason can be the same reason he will go looking for you.

Rachel ponders the questions. Is this not the reason you called Lilly? You know this is what she does. This is your call, Rachel. Say what you’ve thought about doing for the last few months but couldn’t grow the stones to do. Rachel’s hand shakes, her eyes burn with tears that won’t flow.

Rachel: I want him gone. He has to disappear.

Master Lilly: With what you told me so far, a small team will be put together. One thing I will need from you will be to text me the address where you and your husband live so that I can get satellite footages of the area.

No fee for this job, something like this can run in the mid 6 digits but when one of our own top members needed help, you were there for her so this will be done free of charge as a way for me to thank you for what you have done last year. However, it will be 7-10 days before all of this can happen. Can you give us that much time to get everything ready?

Rachel: That’s fine. I’ll text you the address now. I’m flying out to PEI in a day or so to see somebody, it’s where I squirreled away money so I can get out. I can stay under his radar until then. He’s overseas now anyway. And you will be paid, don’t argue. Thank you.

The two hang up, Lin Ting Lu takes a sip of her tea as she watches the ducks sleep by the side of the pond. Lin Ting Lu goes to take another sip when her phone goes off with the address needed.

Back to Stephanie in Canada

Surveillance meeting in China
The gangs in China getting the final briefing on the job)

Oct. 16, 2018
Foshan, China
Master Wong’s Office

The scene opens up with Wong, Lin Ting Lu, A full masked person in a navy blue ninja outfit, and Matt Spears. They sit around a long table with Lin Ting Lu and Master Wong sitting on each end. We can hear a chopper landing on one of the two helipads at the dojo.

After a few minutes, we see Stephanie McDiddle walk into the office with her duffle bag dressed in a Hello Kitty t-shirt and blue jean shorts.

Stephanie looks around before taking a seat on the other side of Matt Spear.

Stephanie: Just Matt and I? Not much of a team, I guess this must be an easy job eh.

As Stephanie makes that statement we hear another chopper landing on the other helipad.

Stephanie: Oh, I guess we have someone else joining us?

No one says anything as Matt looks at Stephanie shrugging his shoulders as he is clueless to what is happening and just knows they have a job to do.

Stephanie: So everyone is mute now eh?

Master Lilly: Where waiting for the others to arrive.

Stephanie: Oh, like who?

Master Lilly: Relax, you know how this works Stephanie.

Matt Spears: Yeah, Stephanie!

Matt says with a smirk.

Stephanie: You shut up your mouth!

As the two play fight we hear another chopper approaching the dojo. Stephanie realizes this is not one from the dojo as this sounds more like military, a blackhawk to be exact. Not being able to help herself she adds on.

Stephanie: Oh? shits hitting the fan eh? This is going to be a fun job.

Lin ting Lu shakes her head as Stephanie has no clue to what is going on and may not be so cheerful in a few minutes.

After a few minutes, the door opens, Stephanie turns around in shock as she sees Eyesnsane and Head Honor Security Ted Capper a US Air Force MP. Stephanie knows Eyesnsane only gets called in to her jobs when a sniper is needed. Ted has never been in a job and is a bit confused. Then her eyes light up and now very unsure what to think as fellow Canadian, SCU Champion Stewart Mason walks in as well. Stephanie knows that he is a top level Bounty Hunter that serves all of Canada. Stephanie looks at Master Lilly to figure out what is going on.

Master Lilly: Thank you for joining us, now we can get started.

Everyone takes a seat as Orchid walk in with a tray holding cups with hot tea. She gives everyone a cup then leaves the room shutting the door behind her then stands guard to not let anyone else in.

Master Lilly: As you all know, we have been hired for a job.

Lin Ting Lu looks at Stephanie.

Master Lilly: This one is personal and we will take care of this right?

Stephanie face changes, a sparkle in her left eye is seen for a split second.

Winter: Yes, all jobs get taken care of.

Master Lilly: Glad You can join us Winter as this is something you need to take care of. We don’t have time for Stephanie to cut me off mid sentence or freak out or anything she will do.

Winter: Stephanie is on stand by, please carry on Master.

Master Lilly: We have been hired to do a rescue mission, of course as always there will be no witnesses, we will need your expertise to get in the facility and rescue someone you know all too well.

Winter: Is an Elder in trouble?Someone from the Dojo?

Master Lilly: No, it’s someone else. Someone you know as Syrin Elemental.

Everyone in the room turns to look at Winter, Mason takes a drink of tea as he watches everyone looking at Winter.

Winter: Is she one of the witness that we can not allow?

Master Lilly: That sounds like a Stephanie question.

Winter: It was, she wants me to ask you.

Master Lilly: No, she is in trouble and you will be getting her out.

Winter: Then why is Eyesnsane here?

Master Lilly: To make sure you and Syrin get out of the house in one piece.

Winter: Ted has never been in a job, when did he start working for us?

Master Lilly: She is in canada and he will be flying her out of the country, you know that no one is going to question a MP.

Winter: Forgive me for asking so many questions but, well, do you think it’s wise for an outsider like Mr. Mason to be present for this.

Master Lily: Stewart is the only one that is aware of this job. We hired him a few days ago while he is between cases of his own.

Winter: So he knew about this before any of us. Can you please explain?

Lin Ting Lu looks at Mr. Mason to allow him to address the question.

Stewart: While you all have been getting ready to come out to China, I have been watching the building you will be hitting. This guy, Rachel’s husband means nothing to me, I know what he is capable of. I was hired to make sure Rachel was not hurt in a way. Which I understood, now I want to say this and I will only say this once. The man in question has someone working under him. He goes by the name of Slim, he is to stay alive at all cost. A half million dollar bail was set for him and he skipped town. He is wanted and on my list. I have done my part in watching the place for an exchanged to getting Slim alive.

Winter: So you're getting paid twice? Double dipping, I like your style.

Stewart: I’m here for Slim and the half mil, any other funds that may find their way into my bank account I accept, and my girl has expensive tastes you know.

Winter: I see, well if the job to to get Syrin out, and keep Slim alive then so be it. Everyone else.

Winter says looking at Lin Ting Lu.

Master Lilly: No witnesses.

Stewart: After watching the place, I say this should be a easy job. No security but everyone that does enter the building seems to be armed, but no one ever stays for long. No camera in the building on the outside or in. I know that they have three highly trained guard dogs but that’s about it. They can be taken care of with darts.

Winter: Darts? Damn it Master Lilly, I love his style.

Winter looks at Stewart.

Winter: As for this Slim guy, who is he, what does he look like so I know to leave him alone?

Stewart: Slim has not been seen in the area but works closely with Mr. diMaro. I have intel that Slim will be arriving in a few days and he doesn't like strangers. It is best to make your move when he arrive. That way we all get what we want in one swoop.

Winters: How would I know it’s Slim and not some guy named Joe?

Stewart: Guy has distinct dragon tattoo on right side of his neck, and always wears Hawaiian shirts and is about 6’2 and roughly 250 lbs and has a love for brunettes ya know, preferably with a large chest. Slim jumped bail on a weapons charge, and make no mistake about it I’m here to collect.

Eyesnsane: So Slim is like a bad guy in a movie. He is called Slim but is a big dude. Like how the bad guys is named Mr. Biggs but he is only 4 feet tall.

Winter: No is not the time for your smatass remarks.

Eyesnsane: Hey, I have only one job here so sorry if I try to be funny or make light of everything.

Winter: You want me to jump the table and have Stephanie drag you around the room by your left ear? I would find that funny?

Eyesnsane: Nah I’m good.

Master Lilly: Can we move on? I’m not here to waste Mr. Mason’s time with your kiddie back and forth.

Eyesnsane: My bad.

Master Lilly: Stewart will drive us from the hanger to the building then back to the hanger to fly out of there. He knows Calgary better then any of us. This way he can take the safest route without us being spotted.

Stewart: And when we get to the hanger, my old buddy Dieter will fly where you need to go for a fee of course, he may come off as a little crazy, but you won’t find a better pilot anywhere.

Master Lilly: That works as I'm a bit tied up on who all I can bring over there.

Everyone’s phone starts to go off at the same time. They look at the message and it reads.

Slim is set arrive Oct 31, If you do not act on that date Slim will be gone. Mr. diMaro will be at his home waiting for him then.

Stewart: Okay, we all got the same message. I have done my part and will do what I agreed to do but we have to do this Oct. 31. I will not let Slim walk away, luckily I know a brunette who can “distract” Slim if necessary.

Master Lilly: Okay, we have a date set. Everyone understand something. I don’t care how this gets done but no matter what, Syrin walk out alive on her own two feet and Slim walks out alive however it fits Mr. Mason at the time. Do not screw this up or Something bad may happen to Syrin and Slim will get away never to return. Guys, Stewart could have grabbed Slim a few days ago but didn’t want to alert Mr. diMaro on our behalf so again. Do not screw this up for Mr. Mason.

Stewart: This guy has eluded the authorities with DiMaro’s help and Lilly is right I could have grabbed him in Winnipeg a few days ago, but with further guarantees of extra funds, I allowed him to keep moving to where he was intended to be.

Lin Ting Lu hands everyone a yellow folder with snapshots of Slim, Mr. diMaro and Syrin along with more details on what is going on. Winter sees the picture of Syrin and sees that she is not the Syrin she remembers. It strikes a nerve seeing that Syrin is not in good shape. Winter allows Stephanie to return.

Stephanie: Rachel does not look to be in good shape, this is very and I mean very unlikely of her.

Stephanie reads on to see that Mr. diMrao has been drugging her up on meth. This pisses Stephanie off and cant help but yell.

Stephanie: Oh fuck this, someone is getting an arrow to the forehead, Eyes, do not get trigger happy, this fucker is all mine.

Matt Spears: Wait, I thought you and Rachel were not on good terms?

Stephanie: My business with Rachel is just that, my business. However no man drugs up a women, only a bitch ass will do that to somebody. Fuck him, he dies. Like Eyesnsane would say…

Eyesnsane: Nope…. You can’t steal my line…. That’s it, Thats all.

Master Lilly: Okay, you have just over a week to get the plan together. Good luck to you all.

Master Wong gets up from his chair and walks over to Stewart, he hands him a small package with $10,000 in Canadian money then whispers to him.

Master Wong: This is just a little extra for your time, I just ask that you watch Winter, in the heat of the moment she is capable of killing everyone in the room, Slim included. If you need to dart her then go ahead, just don’t kill her, she means too much for the dojo

Stewart nods letting Wong know that he wont have any issues and neither will Winter.

Wong leaves the room as everyone starts going over the intel Lin Ting Lu gave them


The night before the job
(They set up shop near the targeted location and get ready for the next day)

Stewart partner Gail has set the group up with an apartment that sits across the street from the diMaro b property. Gail manages to sweet talk her way out of signing a 12 month lease to just a one month rental.

The group have been at the apartment for 5 days now. Matt Spears has been taken note of who enters the building and how long they stick around. While they know that Slim will be alone and does not like strangers, Matt can not take any chances. Matt also has figured out just how long they keep the dogs out and when they feed the dogs.

Stewart has given Matt the proper darts to take them out just in case.

Eyensaane sets up his sniper gun towards the front door. He can cover just half of the front as the building is shaped in way to only get half. Eyesnsane and Winter have to figure out a way to get everyone to that side of the house.

Stewart and Winter go over the plan as Stewart will be entering the building with her. That is the only way to get Rachel and Slim alive without Slim bailing, ruining the whole job.

Stewart: The best way to do this is with two person teams, Winter you will be with me, we’ll get Rachel and should Slim slip out there’s a hot brunette ready to take his ass down, which room is Rachel in.

Gail walks in the room.

Gail: You guys need to get this done, I don’t know how many more “Dinners” I can have with the landlord before I start to lose my lunch.

Stewart: Reminds me of that job we did down in Boca.

Gail: No that guy actually showered.

Winter: Oh, had it been up to me, Syrin would have been out of there. But a deal is a deal and Slim has to go down as well. I just hope Syrin didn’t forget about our plan.

Gail: Plan?

Winter: I do this stuff as a job, like Stewart Syrin is a former military of the Canadian Forces. We came up with a plan in case one of us is in some shit. Only it may set off the dogs. Syrin knows that if a strong order of blueberries enters the room then I am not far behind. If she can remember that then she will know that something is happening once she gets a whiff of my blueberries.

Gail: I see you send in some “special” blueberries as a tip off.

Winter goes to her bag to get out a bomb to show Gail

Winter: When you were in child in school, did you ever have anyone throw a stink bomb that smelled like rotten eggs. If so it look just like this, only I use blueberries so that Syrin knows it me.

Gail: Okay I get what your saying, and for the record I was throwing most of the stink bombs.

Winter: The goal is to throw one in the vents. Of course when Stewart and I know its safe to do so.

Ted enters the room in a panic.

Ted: Guys we have a issue.

Matt Spears: What’s going on?

Ted: I’m listening to the police scanner and two units have been called to the diMaro’s home. No reason was given but this may blow our cover.

Winter: Shit, Ted, do what you have to do to get them to not show up.

Ted: No issue if this was in the states but I don’t have that pull in Canada.

Winter: I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.

Stewart: I have a relationship with law enforcement, let me handle the cops.

Stewart looks at Gail.

Stewart: Suit up babe, we need to run some interference.

Winter: Ted, let them handle it… Wait what kind of suit, this is Gail, no offence. We talking sexy outfit or bounty gear?

Eyesnsane: Why not both?

Gail steps out of the room and after awhile reenters.

Gail: Both has always worked for me.

Winter: Ted, get your uniform, when they see two of the top Bounty Hunters they have with a US Air Force MP. Im sure they will leave it alone and let Stewart handle everything.

Eyesnsane: If not then, you know.

Winter: If you shoot a cop, do you really think Slim will show up tomorrow knowing the cops will be all over this place?

Eyesnsane: Just saying.

Stewart: No cops will need to be shot, trust me.

Winter: Forgive my friend, he has one job and really likes to do his one job.

Ted returns in uniform as Stewart gets his badge out.

The three walk out the house and go down the block to stop the cops in a place Mr. diMaro can’t see them.

The cops arrive and stop at the corner when they see Ted, Gail and Stewart.

Stewart: I’ll handle this.

The passenger gets out the car as Stewart walks over. The two talk for about 30 seconds. The cop enters the police car and takes off, the second police car follows the 1st.

Ted: Well that was quick.

Stewart: When you make their job as easy as I do, well let's just say, I get rewarded when needed.

Ted: One hand helping the other, I can dig it.

Gail: Good as that is the one cop I don’t care for.

Ted: Does she not shower?

Gail: Real funny, no she looked a little trigger happy to me, probably looking to make a big bust to impress her bosses, and we can’t have a trigger happy cop fucking this job up.

Ted: Eyesnsane would have killed her. Stewart, good job taking care of what could have been a mess. [/color]

Stewart: No problem.

Gail: We should head back. You all may want to get some rest tonight, We don’t need you guys blowing this for us.

Ted: That won’t happen but I do agree with getting some rest.

The three walk back to the apartment. Ted walks over to his rollaway bed set up in the room he shares with Matt and Eyesnsane. Matt looks at the time and decides to call it a night as well.

Eyesnsane goes to the kitchen to get a glass of Jack Daniels with little bit of coke. Gail goes to her room she shares with Stewart. She keeps the light on and door open as she is there looking at the cameras she amd Matt placed earlier in the day that over looks the back of the house and side Eyesnsane can’t cover.

Stewart and Winter stay in the living room watching the building from out the window. Winter and Stewart make small talk.

Winter: You don’t sleep?

Stewart: I’m on the job. What about you?

Winter: I’m on the job.

Stewart: That’s good to know, now before we go any further have you ever been in this type of dangerous situation before, I need to know you won’t crack if things go south.

Winter: Gail, please get your man a drink, I’m about to fuck his brain… Sorry, I’m about to blow his mi… Fuck, I mean I got some shocking news for him.

Gail walks out the room and looks at Winter.

Gail: Don’t try to find a way to word things around me. If you only knew.

Gail goes and takes the Jack Daniels bottle that Eyesnsane is babysitting. She pours three drinks. One for her, Winter and Stewart. She walks back to the room and hands them the drinks while standing next to Stewart to hear what she has to say.

Winter takes a drink while looking out the window, focused on the apartment.

Winter: Stephanie went to China the night she met Master Lilly. At the time she was homeless, her father died and her mother never wanted her. Stephanie was only 12 years old at the time. SHe met Master Lilly by luck, walking the streets of Portland Maine she bumped into Blasted Monk.

He and his mother Master Lilly were there for a kung fu tournament that she was hosting. It was could and I only had a sweater and jeans on. He bought Stephanie inside the building to warm up.

That night Master Lilly asked where to drop her off to. Stephanie gave them her fathers address as she was still going there when she could. When they arrived the police were there. The courts have been looking for her to send her to a foster home.

Stephanie had heard what happens in those paces and didn’t want to go, she would rather be homeless then what could happen. Mster Lilly understood and snuck her into China.

Master Lilly used her powers in China to get the Chinese government to give her power of attorney of Stephanie McDiddle. She started learning Kung Fu, Master Wong,, the head of the dojo had found out that Stephanie’s dad had trained her in the art of survival, the real deal, mountain man style. At 12 she was better then any archers in the dojo.

Master Wong took her under his wing to train her to be an assassin. Only a handful get selected.When she was 15 the Chinese military had made chips to place on soldiers. It was to make them better, AI to take over and handle any missions that was to dangerous for the everyday army man.

The chips had defects and got rid of that plan. Master Wong bought the chips at a ow price. He wanted to test them to see if they really would work. I am Winter, chip 93 trained to handle any job. Stephanie McDiddle is the host, I winter, handle the job. When not on the job Stephanie is who you see, in the wrestling ring, Stephanie is who you see, she goes by WInter the wrestler since that is my name.

I am nothing more but a Chip as Syrin would like to say when we would fight. However, I am more, I am trained for things like this, I don’t feel pain. Stephanie will but not I. I am trained for two things, Get the job done and to protect my host, Stephanie McDiddle.

Now, I’m sure that us a lot more than you could have ever expected but now you know why I can assure you we have this job taken care of and why I and Eyesnsane can sit here and make jokes.

I would ask you the same thing but I know the training you received being part of the Canadian military, I lived with one in Syrin as Rachel was trained in sme hardcore stuff. Plus I been in the ring with one of your other soldiers in Earl Lockyer and he never cracks under pressure either. So I know you have what it takes to help get this done.

I am correct to think this way right?

Stewart: Wasn’t expecting your whole life story, so it’s good to know I can rely on you.

[color=cyan]Winter: Any other job I would take the lead, Master Lilly wants you to lead because she knows that this job is personal on two levels. Stephanie McDiddle’s mom never wanted her after she got with a man who ended up drugging her up and became depended on drugs. The other, I, the Ai was trained to kill and to learn. I learned many things that would freak the normal person out. One of those things was love. I love Syrin and seeing this shit happen does not sit well with me. I will make sure Slim stays alive but if he stops me from getting Syrin out then you might be fucked. I will snap Slim’s neck in to then burn him to the point that only his teeth are left.

I will do what I can to not have that happen but I will do what I have to so that Syrin is safe.

I know I said way to much but just saying yes, I can handle it means nothing. Now you see and understand that I can do this job.

Gail: That explains why this version of Winter is nothing like Winter the wrestler. Winter at work is like watching a 13 year old running around with Tatsu. I prefer Winter 93 over that annoying ass child.

Winter: I can understand that, that is Stephanie and tatsu trying to pop the crowd as they say in the business. That allows them to get booed yet cheered at the same time. I myself hope they move on from that but for know it works for them and they have titles to show for it.

Stewart: I get in the ring and get shit done, the crowd hates me for it and that puts a smile on my face. You can be a champion and not act like you’re in high school.

Winter: I agree but not everyone can be like Stewart, it's natural for you to come off that way and it works perfectly. For the Kawaii Dragons, acting like high school kids works for them. I just hope they find something else that works soon.

Stewart: That Kawaii Dragon thing works great it keeps your opponents off balance, and it annoys the shit out of Earl and Dahlia, professionally of course.

Winter: That’s the goal for them, personally they love everyone and knows that without everyone on the roster then there is no Kawaii Dragons. Stephanie is such a wrestling fan. She has a storage unit that no one knows about. 90% of it is filled with wrestling stuff. Ring gear, posters, toy figures, it's pretty cool but I’d prefer to fill the room with different types of bows and arrows, parts for my MP7, my rifle. Things like that.

Gail’s phone goes phone. She heads to the bed room to get her phone then returns.

Gail: Babe, looks like Slim’s plane arrived a few hours early.

Stewart: Where is he know?

Gail: On his way to diMaro’s.

Stewart: Well wasn’t expecting that, but our job hasn’t changed

[color=cyan]Winter: When you run out on bail, one must try to be step ahead. This is why Gail getting the apartment was perfect. I’ll get the sleepy heads up.

Gail: Yeah you wouldn’t think so if you knew what I had to do to get this place and what I’ve had to do to keep the landlord at bay.

The mission

Scene opens with Ted walking down the street, blending in with the area. Gail stands outside the apartment as look out. Matt Spears is behind the building, Eyesnsane is inside the apartment wearing a heat seeking pair of goggles as he stands by the sniping rifle. Stewart and Winter are seen across the street in front of the building behind a tree.

Winter looks around to make sure the coast is clear. Stewart kicks off the tree to get a higher jump to grab on to a branch. Stewart quietly holds on the branch with one hand, he uses the other to hug the tree as he uses his feet to push himself up a foot.

Stewart pulls himself up standing on the branch, he jumps off doing a front roll onto the grass. Winter walks around the tree, she kicks up with one foot then uses the other foot to kick off the stone wall to get high enough to get her hand over the ledge. She lifts herself up and hops over the 12 feet wall and lands on her feet.

Gail gets on the headset.

[color=orange]Gail: Okay Matt, they have made it to the front lawn.

Matt Spears: 10-4

Matt throws five raw steaks to the backyard. The three dogs that had been staring at Matt, daring him to jump over run to the steaks. Matt climbs up between the garages between diMaro’s place and thee house next to him on the left. He gets on top of the garage and hits all three dogs with a dart each.

Matt: The dogs are down, you guys got 30 minutes before you have three pissed off dogs waking up.

Gail: Okay, stand by as I hack the door for you two.

Stewart and Winter go behind two huge plants as Gail gets her phone out. With the door lock already programed on her phone she does her hacking magic and gets the front door open after about 45 seconds.

Gail: Front door is unlocked.

Eyesnsane: Copy, guys, I show all three upstairs, one in one room and two in another.

Stewart nods as he and Winter slip inside as they approach the stairs, Winter grabs a blueberry bomb and tosses it up a vent above her head. Stewart makes the quiet noise with his finger over his mouth, silently he and Winter make their way up the stairs and towards the first room. Stewart slowly turns the knob and notices a guy lookin out the window, Stewart works he way up behind and with a quick neck snap one guy is down.

Eyesnsane: Looks like one is laying down, I assume that is Syrin as the other seems to be pacing in the other room. Winter, your just to the left of the one laying down. Stewart, the other looks to be to rooms to your right.

Again Stewart nods, and he and Winter move to the next room. Stewart slips into the room and that guy is taken out, and they make their way to the next room. Winter peeks to take a look and does not see Syrin. She singles left but points at Stewart then to the right letting him know that she is going for Syrin.

Winter waits as second before heading out and jumping over the downed person.

Eyesnsane: Next room Winter.

Winter gets her MP7 ready and aimed at the hip as she slowly opens the door. She looks in and sees Syrin on the bed. Next to her is a dresser with a cup of water and a opened up piece of foil.

Winter walks in and leaves the door open to not have it squeak trying to close it. Syrin is laying on her side facing the opposite way, something is wrong, Syrin always laid on her back or on the side facing the door, never away from it.

Winter takes two steps then jumps on the bed putting her left hand over Syrin’s mouth to keep her from screaming.

Winter: Master Lilly sent us here for you. however you have a wanted felon in the house and I have a Bounty Hunter here to pick him up. We must be quiet or we're fucked.

Winter says in a very low voice to Syrin’s ear. Winter lets go of Syrin’s mouth and turns her on her back. While she is not harmed in any way Winter can tell that Syrin is high on something at the moment. Winter gets on top of Syrin and leans in to have her hair on Syrin’s face. Syrin, for a second, opens her eyes and thinks she’s hallucinating but can’t speak and closes them again. Then opens them again quickly, sees who it is, sees the shimmer in her eyes and nods in agreement, understanding all that was said.

Winter: Smells like blueberries, everything will be over soon just got to wait a bit. Waiting for the bounty to let me know that Slim is handcuffs. We have one on the floor as well.

Matt Spears: Guys, the darts didn’t last as long as they should have. They’re starting to wake up.

[color=tan]Eyesnsane: Winter, get her out of there now. Stewart has Slim, no need to wait.

Winter: I know, I’m just making sure Syrin is okay and is willing to go. Also, is there anyone else that is suppose to come here. Is there anyone we need to handle before you leave to a safe place? We can’t have this come back to us.

Syrin nods no weakly. She tries shaking off the cobwebs in her head, still unsure if what she is seeing is real or drug-induced. She reaches out to touch Winter’s cheek as a tear falls. She shakes her head again, fighting the fuzziness.

[color=red]Syrin: W… Winter? No.

Winter: Yes it’s me but no time now we have to go.

Winter helps Syrin slip out of the room and are making their way towards the stairs, when suddenly DiMaro steps out from behind the wall blocking their way.

DiMaro: What do we have here some sort of rescue mission, well you’ll leave here over my dead body.

DiMaro raises his pistol and points it at Winter and Syrin who are frozen in place.

DiMaro: Say goodbye ladies.

DiMaro smiles as he places his finger on the trigger when suddenly a shot is heard Winter looks to see Stewart standing on the top of the stairs.

Stewart: We got 5 minutes before he wakes up.

Stewart says as he then motions for Winter and Syrin to follow him. Stewart grabs Slim who he had leaning against the wall. Winter holds on to Syrin just in case as the job is to get her safe and not hurt. As the three head outside we see Gail driving a car with Ted in the front seat.

Ted gets out and opens the back door, we hear Matt running to the front of the house.

Matt Spears: The dogs are awake guys,we need to bounce from here.

Matt yells as we hear dogs barking in the background. Matt jumps the gate as Stewart takes a moment to laugh. Winter looks at Stewart unsure why he is laughing, until Stewart pulls the knob and opens the front gate.

Winter laughs as Stewart goes out first. The dogs come running. Ted grabs Slim from Stewart and throws him in the back. Winter pushes Syrin out the door and into Stewarts hands as Winter runs out and slams the front door behind her.

Stewart tries to help Syrin into the car but she refuses as she looks up and stares into the sky. Winter tries to snap her out of it but Syrin looks at Winter.

Syrin: Is that Eyesnsane with a Timberwolf at that window?

Winter: Yeah, you two seem to have the same choice of rifles.

Stewart gets in the car as does Ted.

Winter: You guys go, Syrin and I will meet you guys in the hanger with Eyesnsane.

Stewart: Alright, I get on the horn to Dieter, and tell him to have the plane ready when you get there.

Winter and Syrin go to the apartment to meet with Eyesnsane. Eyesnsane smiles at Syrin.

[color=tan]Eyesnsane: You know you love it. Look at it, have fun.

Eyesnsane steps away as Syrin goes to the sniper looking at it. She stares at it then into the scope. Winter and Eyesnsane go to the bed room to gather the rest of there stuff. Four minutes go by as it takes them that long to pack everything.

Eyesnsane: Looks like the job is done.

A single shot is heard from the sniper rifle.

Winter: No, now the job is done.

Eyesnsane: You think so? You think she did it.

Winter: Lets just say that she took a shot in the air for old times sake.

Winter and Eyesnsane come out the room and see Syrin with the sniper rifle in pieces ready to be cleaned out.

Eyesnsane: I thought she was high on drugs?

Winter: She can be blindfolded and have one arm tied behind her back and she’ll still manage to take that sniper rifle apart and put it back together in 3 minutes.

Eyesnsane opens his bag, Syrin places the gun parts in the bag. The three head out to the other getaway car.

Eyesnsane: As per orders, I have to take you to China, you don’t have to stay long but Master Lilly is there and wants to know everything is okay. She can only know that if she sees you in person, Standard protocol


The Hanger

We see Gail looking at a laptop as Matt, Ted, Stewart, and Dieter walkaround the plane as the crazy pilot can’t help but give Ted and Matt a tour of his beast ass plane. In the background we can hear Slim banging his head against the car window as he sits in the back handcuffed

Eyesnsane pulls up into the hanger and gets out the car. Winter gets out from the back seat then helps Syrin out as well.

Ted gets on his phone and sends Master Lilly a text letting her know everyone is alive and ready to head to China. Eyesnsane gets the stuff out of the trunk as Gail closes up the laptop. Gail walks over to Stewart.

Gail: Right on time, Min Ting Lu just dropped $200,000 in the account, it’s in US currency but we can work with that.

[color=yellow]Stewart: I smell trip to LA coming soon, and you did want a bigger pool.

Eyesnsane hands Stewart the keys to the rental he was driving.

Eyesnsane: Good work, I’m sure next time we’re needed in Canada, Master Lilly will see if your free.

Gail: She has our number.

Deiter: Okay, everyone heading to China, please board this fine airplane.

Winter: That was fun for what it was worth, see you around the locker room bro.

Stewart: Just remember, I’m not your bro when in the locker room area.

Winter: Your my bro, not Stephanie’s version of Winter.

Stewart nods as Winter winks at him then enters the plane.

Deiter: Been awhile since I been to China, hey, they still cook bat soup up there. Been awhile you know.

Ted: Oh shit, he’s into that shit.

Eyesnsane: It’s not too bad to be honest and yeah, I know a spot.

Stewart: And you would be shocked to find out just what Dieter is into just ask his wife.

Deiter does one more check on his checklist to make sure the plane is ready to go. Gail goes to the rental she drove in as Stewart taps on the plane telling Deiter.

Stewart: Get them there in one piece and when you get back hit me up.

Stewart goes to the rental Eyesnsane drove in on and gets in. Gail and Stewart drive off on the rentals as Deiter slowly drives the plane out the hanger.

Rachel heads to China

Ted: Well,Deiter, looks like that bat soup is going to have to wait.

Deiter:Why is that?

Ted: The boss was suppose to go to Hawaii before the job and waited to it was over. She just texted me saying to meet her and her son Blasted Monk there as they plan on staying the week while he were off work.

Deiter: You had me at Hawaii my friend. Looks like I’ll have to trade bat soup for polynesian shrimp.

Ted: See, that's what the fuck I’m talking about right there. Fuck yeah, love me some polynesian shrimp.

Deiter: Let’s get’er done.

Everyone but Deiter jerks back as he pulls up to the air very fast. Syrin passes out next to Winter. Matt gets up and finds a blanket and throws it at Winter.

Winter: I will kick your ass if you throw something else at me.

Winter cover up Syrin as she sleeps off the drugs.

Eyesnsane: Deiter, got any Jack Daniels?

Deiter: Do I look like I drink Jack Daniels, that pussy juice boy, man up and drink this right here.

Deiter pushes a knob that opens up a mini bar in the rear of the plane. Eyesnsane sees a bunch of bottles with no labels on them. He opens up up and takes a smell.

[color=tan]Eyesnsane: What the hell is this shit?

Deiter: That my friend is the best moonshine north of the Mississippi.

[color=tan]Eyesnsane: Oh nice.

Nov. 1st 2018

After a day in Hawaii and Syrin sleeping the whole time, she finally wakes up in a hotel room not sure if everything was a crazy dream or real. Stephanie looks out the window as she see Orchid pushing Blasted Monk off a bar stool waiting for some drinks or food.

Stephanie turns and sees Syrin sitting up on the bed scratching the top of her head as she looks like she is trying to figure out where she is at.

[color=teal]Stephanie: Well look who finally fucking woke up eh!

Syrin turns to her right only to see Stephanie standing by the window.

Syrin: I know I’ve been asleep awhile, but unless this is 2017, why am I back in Hawaii with you?

Stephanie can’t help herself.

Stephanie: Yeah, it's the end of 2018, you been asleep for 16 months now eh!

Syrin looks at her oddly, remembering the sense of humor and the ‘eh’. Winter was gone.

Rachel: Why did you help me? Okay, first, thank you. Second, why? After everything I said and did. You could have walked away.

Stephanie: Yeah but it’s a bye week at work and I’m fighting Trinity Jones who is blah and Brittany Williams who I’m sure will do what everyone in her family does and show up for a title match that we all are a part of vs Alicia Lukas. So I figured, well it’s the bye week, I have nothing better to do so why not eh.

Rachel shakes her head. She expected that kind of answer, but hoped for something a little more pleasant. She shrugs, as she gets out of bed, looking for water.

Rachel: Filling your superhero quota, got it. Is he gone? Fab. Did you take care of him? Where’s Lilly? I need to know this so I can get out of here.

Stephanie: Master Lilly wanted you to go to China but she was set to go to Hawaii when you called her. She waited to everything was over and taken care of. She then decided to go to Hawaii and have us meet her here. She figured a few days away from everything would be good for you, me, Matt, sorry Jon Dough, Eyesnsane, Ted and even Deiter before we have to head back to our normal lives. Before you ask, Deiter is one funny fucker form your neck of Canada. He is the pilot of this whole thing.

Rachel paces around the room, shaking. Not from the lack of drugs, but from a combination of anger, not knowing what she needs to know, and confusion. Seeing Stephanie again opened up many old wounds in her that she tries to keep hidden.

Rachel: Take me to her. I know you don’t like me being here as much as I don’t like being here either. Let me talk to her, put me on a plane, and I’ll walk away again and leave you to whatever you do now. I’m sorry she put you to this.

Stephanie: Wait, so um, no Hamster dance?

Stephanie says with a smile.

Stephanie: Okay, okay, Master Lilly is chilling at the beach, we all been here just a day and thought it was best you rest up in a place you might enjoy. IF you wish to leave then fine but yeah at least talk to her first.

Rachel saw something Stephanie didn’t. A note of rejection, a spark of resentment. Both of them being proud people, it was a dance neither liked dancing but would never admit to. Rachel sighs, and knowing she’d get cold-cocked or worse, hugs Stephanie and smiles.

Rachel: One Hamster Dance, for old time’s sake. I actually kinda miss it. And you.

Stephanie: Well okay but if you charge at me then you will see Master Lilly at lot sooner as I throw you out the window. You been warned… eh!

Stephanie gets out her phone, she goes to youtube to play the hamster song. The annoying lyrics start to play as Stephanie starts to sing along with the song. Stephanie prances around the room then moves her left leg in and out as the rest of her body hopes in one place. Before she can continue she falls to the floor laughing her ass off.

Stephanie phone stops laying the song as her phone starts to ring. She sees that its Master Lilly and picks up.

Stephanie: Hello?

Master Lilly: You hungry? Did you want me to order you food and send it to the room?

Stephanie: No, I think it would be best if Rachel got some fresh air, I'm sure she is tired of breathing in the second hand smoke of my um cigars.

Master Lilly: If she woke up and is feeling up for it then yes, I think that would be a good idea.

Stephanie: Okay, I’ll ask her and see what she says.

Stephanie hangs up the phone and looks at Rachel.

Stephanie: You hungry? Food is on me… well not on me on me but well you know what I mean eh!

Rachel: Shame it’s not on you. *laughs* As much as I love the smell of weed, that is all I smell. Open the windows girl, damn.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah, well I like to smoke what you gonna do about it eh?

Rachel: Don’t tempt me, babe.

They look at each other for a minute before both clear their throats and decide leaving the room to meet Lilly is the best option.

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