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> Heavy Metal Mania
Metal Maniacs
Posted: September 10, 2017 10:25 am

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Tag Team Name:
Heavy Metal Mania

Members Names:

Wrestler 1:
Twisted Sister
Wrestler 2: Iron Maiden

Combined weight:
281 lbs.

Entrance Music:
Hollywood Undead - "Day Of The Dead"

Hollywood Undead's "Day Of The Dead" begins to play and the crowd hushes as they turn their attention towards the stage. The curtains fly open and the first to appear is Doctor Kraven Moorehead, escorting none other than Anthrax who is riding -- a child's tricycle!? And HE is pulling behind him, riding in a litle red wagon, the violently psychotic tandem of the Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister, known collectively as Heavy Metal Mania.

Justin: Introducing from the Asylum! Accompanied by Doctor Kraven Moorehead and Anthrax, at a comboined weight of two hundred and eighty one pounds, Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden -- Heavy Metal Mania!

The fans stare with wide eyed awe at these lunatics as they arrive at ringside. The two women shriek at the top of their lungs and laugh as they are herded by the 'good doctor' from their ride and towards the ring. The women screech and lunge at the fans, causing the crowd to jump back, before the finally roll into the ring. Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden run around the ring, hitting the ropes and the corner, screaming and laughing until the Doctor escorts them to the corner and Anthrax flops onto his chest and stomach, chin on his curled ffimngers while he kicks his legs idly and watches for the opposition.

Favorite maneuvers:

Twisted Sister:

1- Brawling tactics (punching, kicking, choking, hair pulling, eye gouging, etc)
2- Body slam
3- Rear choke tailspin
4- Clothesline
5- Brawling outside of the ring
6- Use of weapons
7- Powerbomb
8- Piledriver
9- Spine Buster
10- Fireman's Carry Into Face First Slam

Iron Maiden:
1- Brawling tactics (punching, kicking, choking, hair pulling, eye gouging, etc)
2- Body slam
3- Use of weapons
4- 360 Hair Spin
5- Corner mauling
6- Standing hair pull
7- Crucifix sitdown powerbomb
8- Two-handed choke slam
9- Clothesline
10- Big boot

Personal finishers:

Twisted Sister:

Omega Driver

Manic Compression - Rubik's Cube

Iron Maiden:
Glam Slam into sitdown cover

Belly to Back Piledriver

Double Team Specials:
1- Flapjack into X-Factor
2- Wheelbarrow stunner into deadlift release German suplex

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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

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