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> Alia Starr, The Elegant Heel
The Elegant Heel
Posted: July 02, 2019 11:10 pm

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Alia Starr


Birth Name: Alisha Summers
Wrestling Name: Alia Starr
Nicknames: The Elegant Heel
Picture Base: Stephanie McMahon
Date of Birth: Sept. 24 1976
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 137 lbs
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Now Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada


Character Disposition / Alignment: Heel

Brief Character Overview: Alia is a complete bitch, she knows what she wants and does not care who or what she has to do to get it. Alia knows this business like the back of her hand, she knows what it takes and she does not give in. She demands respect, and will put anyone in their place.

Ring Psychology / Strategy: She will do whatever it takes, legal or not in the match to win. She will not back down, or give in. She is ruthless and strategic.


Theme Music: “Through It All” – From Ashes to New

Special Entrance [Optional]: Your Character's special entrance. Write it exactly how you want it to be posted, preferably in present tense to fit the show format. If their entrance doesn’t change or you don’t want to write one, feel free to skip this. If you do not have an entrance we will just have you come out to your theme song

Tendency to Cheat:

Motivation to Compete:
- Gold, she likes to be on top

Favorite Match Types: Anything..She loves to play
Least Favorite Match Types: Ladder
[OPTIONAL] Favorite Weapon: Chair, or her body


Signature Moves:
1. Powerbomb
2. Neckbreaker
3. Driving Elbow Drop

Finishing Moves:
1. The Starr
Chick Kick

2. Elegance

Common Moves
1. Clothesline
2. Tilt-a-whirl
3. DDT
4. Dropkick
5. Bitch Slap
6. Uppercut
7. Bulldog
8. Moonsault

In-Ring Strengths: She will never back down, she is strategic.
In-Ring Flaws: She is cocky, sometimes too cocky and will end up giving her opponent the upper hand.


Alia made her own way for herself, growing up in Toronto Ontario. She was kicked out and disowned by her family at 16, when she got pregnant with her first child Mia. She has never stepped inside a ring, she didn’t know the first thing about wrestling, but she knew she had to ensure a future for her and her child. She found a gym in Toronto that helped her, trained her, and prepared her for this life she lives.
It wasn’t long after that she started her career, crappy matches in rundown gyms throughout Toronto, making a name for herself. Soon she signed her first real contract with SFW and began her main stream career. This nobody young girl from Toronto, she pushed her way to the top, winning the SFW Women’s title twice, gaining respect from the fans and from the locker room, even so much as to finding love in the business and marrying. Soon it all came crashing down, SFW wasn’t doing well in numbers, the roster started to slip, and everyone knew the door were going to close. Too add insult to injury she and her husband at the time began to argue and not see eye to eye on what to do next, it came to a point, and soon after filed for divorce.
Soon after she began her whirlwind relationship with her best friend’s ex Ace Hart, travelling with him and eventually having two children together; Seth and Brittney.
Alia missed the ring, she decided to have one last go at it (or so she thought one last go) and signed with W2k. This is where her career took off, she was in with some of the greats in the business, she got to get in the ring with some of the best competitors she had ever faced, she was pushed to her limits night after night, once again winning Championship gold, she was on top, she had Gold and she was married to one of the best. But good things don’t always last, love and hate blur together and this career takes over your life. She was missing out on her children growing up, her eldest already partially grown at this point. Her married on the rock, she took her final bow and hung up her boots to be the at home Mom and do what she needed to do for them.
It’s been years since anyone has seen Alia or heard from her. Everyone wonders if she really did take her final bow.

Any Championships, tournaments, winning streaks, or notable achievements go here.

• 2x SFW Women’s Champion
• 2x W2K Women’s Champion


Your First Name: Ashley
Age: 31
e-Fed Experience: Too many too count
Twitter: @theelegantheel
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