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> Inception III Pre-show results
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: January 13, 2019 06:48 pm

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01/13/2018 Las Vegas, Nevada - Gold Coast Casino

Belinda: Hello everyone, Belinda Simone here with SCU Play by Play had Schaal, Former Honor reporter Diego Rodriguez, and former NLW/SCU play by play Nora Nadeau. First off thank you all for joining me tonight.

Nora: Happy to be here.

Diego: Same, it’s been a few months for me so to e here live to see the final chapter of Honor Wrestling come to a close means a lot to me.

Chad: Lot’s of great matches tonight. We have a huge lineup tonight, from grudge matches to title match to title merging. Tonight is something special for everyone here in Las Vegas. Two hometown companies merged as one and to see it finally become one big company right here where both started is just amazing.

Nora: Well, if you're going to start 2019 with a bang, this was the way to do it. Everything changes after tonight. No more Honor this or SCW that. We are all one when it's all said and done.

Belinda: That’s right after Alicia Lukas and Dani Weston end tonight's historic show we can all begin the new chapter of SCW.

Diego: For a company that closed for a few months to then reopen and buy the assets of the company that while working with SCW, it was also a rival as the two were splitting the Vegas fanbase. Now, these fans get it all in one roof under one banner.

Nora: I must say that from everyone in Honor Wrestling. It is only fitting that the last ever Honor match have Alicia Lukas in it. She faces one of her toughest opponents since becoming the Honor Champion.

Chad: Alicia does have the experience on her side however Dani has trained with some of the best to ever lace up some boots. And it has shown since she has arrived here.

Belinda: Dani Weston is definitely on track to be the next greatest bomb show on the roster however she still has some time to prove that and facing Alicia tonight is definitely going to catapult her to be one of the greatest. The same can be said for Alicia as she has shown her dominance in every company she has worked at however she is still new to this company and still needs to prove herself. This match tonight means more than the merging of two titles so it is only fitting that it is the main event.

Chad: I have to agree with that.

Belinda: The tag team scene in Sin City has been some of the best tag team action in recent time. You have the Double Down champions in the Three Way. The first to merge titles when NLW bought the tag team div from Honor Wrestling then changed names to SCU.

Chad: The Three Way ended Honor Wrestling as the Pride Tag Team Champions and had one hell of a year in 2108. they debuted At SCU Ep1 and beat the Avalanche Tag Team Champions to merge the two titles and create what is now called the Double Down Tag Team Champion.

Diego: They take on the Fox Brothers who shocked us all when they won the rights to become the number one contenders.

Nora: Now they get a chance at winning the titles. This would be by far the greatest victory for them and they can pull this off. This will be tough as the Three Way have been able to put every tag team in front of them down for the count.

Belinda: That’s just some of the action as then you have the Hardcore Tag Team Champions. Of course, if you ask them they will tell you but they are at the World Hardcore Tag Team Champions because no other company has the guts to have such a division, therefore, making them literally a unique set of Champions.

Diego: I been following the Kawaii dragons ever since the team form together. At first, it was just another team but when they join forces with Delia Darling and Mercedes Vargas to form the Gift then you know everyone was in trouble.

Chad: I have to agree with that. The two rookies formed a team and then locked themselves to two of the top performers in the industry. Delia’s wrestling career Maybe a bit shorter than Mercedes but she has dominated everyone in her path. Mercedes, the name speaks for itself I don't even need to add anything else behind that because of you do not know who she is or what she has then you are not a wrestling fan.

Diego: There is a reason why Winter Elemental has gravitated to Mercedes and listen to every word she says. Winter picked a good one to have as a mentor and so did Tatsu. With being guided bye to top-caliber wrestlers the Kawaii Dragons are going to go very far in the world of tag team wrestling.

Nora: The New Foundation will prove otherwise when they meet the Kawaii dragons in the ring tonight. Winter and Tatsu attack the wrong two girls bank at SCW High Stakes.

Belinda: It all comes to a head here tonight when those two teams collide. I don't even know what to expect from these four individuals. I have been calling matches for a very long time and it is a shame I cannot call this match because I have never called the match that literally started in a parking lot two miles away from the facility in which the ring is being held at.

Diego: The four will start in the parking lot of the Golden Ring Casino. This can end very badly. The four of them may not make it back on time as they will be too busy trying to kill each other within these two miles.

Chad: The life of a Hardcore Champion.

Belinda: That’s what makes the tag team division so great. You have a pair of Hardcore titles so that way we as a company can provide an element of wrestling unlike anything else. For individuals enduring it doesn't matter what gender squaring off any anything goes type of a matchup. Then you have the standard set of tag team belts that's awesome inter-gender. Those matches are among some of the best. Then you have another set of Tag Team titles, unlike anything you see anywhere else as well. The Mixed Tag Team Championship, except a title that puts a man and a woman together to form a team and fight any gender style match up. With Sin City having three different Tag Team titles two of them being unlike anything else you ever see in professional wrestling. I can sit here with a straight face and telling you this is the best tag team division that we have ever had and I will go as far as to say that this is the best tag team division when you compare it to any wrestling company in the world right now.

Diego: Team Eggplant, a team that was not in SCW nor in Honor but also arrived at the same time the merger took place. That is the team that took over the division. Nothing against teen eggplant butt no one expected that to happen as everybody expected that a team from honor or from scw would have been coming into this match as the champions. Instead, the closure of the Division Pro has blessed SCW with team Eggplant.

Nora: And tonight they phase one of two teams. One team that can easily be the power couple of this company, therefore, will probably have the team chemistry in their pocket over their first competitors which will be Amy Marshall and Jon Dough.

Chad: Jon Dough and Amy Marshall are the two out of the three teams tonight with the least amount of experience working together. However, with no one hears talking about is that those same two individuals have had more success in the tag team division then all the other competitors in tonight's matchup. Amy and Jon have one more tag team titles combined then pretty much any other two in this company. I mean we're looking at 6 Tag Team titles between the two of them so if there are any two individuals that you can put together and for me tag team with and see if they have what it takes to become the mixed tag team champions I can't argue with what other two to put together.

Belinda: On that note, I am being told that we have a camera already at the Golden Ring Casino parking lot. Let's go there now…

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Casino to Casino Ladder Match
Kawaii Dragons vs New Foundation

We see Ivory and Shelby talking things over as they wait for the champions to arrive. A crowd starts to gather around the parking lot where is the beginning of this match will take place.

As more and more people gather around black Town Car all rides in the parking lot. The car stops just a few feet away from Ivory and Shelby. The two women get ready to run towards the Town Car but then stopped when the back door opens and they realize it is not the Kawaii Dragons. Instead, we all four of Honor Wrestling referees as the four of them have been assigned the task of making sure fans do not interfere in this match while they try to make it from one casino to the other.

The camera goes back to the pre-show panel team sitting 30 feet away from the SCW ring.

Belinda: While we wait for the Kawaii Dragons to arrive we still have plenty to talk about, like the Combat Championships.

Diego: The Combat titles were talked about back when honor wrestling was still its own company. It is nice to see that this title is now a reality.

Chadd: the concept of it being matches under a different set of rules has made it very interesting division to say the least. Take Shannon Middlebrooks for example, we already knew how much is a Powerhouse she was butt put her in the ring under the combat rules and she's literally knocking opponents out within seconds of the match starting. [/color]

Nora: One can say the same about Dax Beckett. The Bad Boys may be known as a group of guys who tend to attack using the numbers game but individually each and every one of them can hold their own in the ring. SCW knows this very well as they have been successful during their time before joining Honor and continue that success and Honor wrestling.

Belinda: Shannon and Dax have done very well however Shannon is going to have her hands full tonight. I do not see her knocking out Denise Andrews within seconds of the match starting. We all know Denise has what it takes, she Won Future Story of the Year for 2018. That's an award you win for showing just how good you really are. The young rookie has shown heart and toughness and has one of the great wrestling minds one can have as a father/manager in Travis Nathaniel Andrews.

Diego: I do expect that match to be a good one to see just the same as Eric Weaver when he finally gets his hands on Dax Beckett.

Bellinda: Eric Weaver has been waiting a long time for this and we have recently started seeing a change in his behavior. Let's just hope that this change in Behavior doesn't be the cause of hand feeling in the event that Dax walks out victorious. [/color]

Chad: Eric has been Asuka star to watch out for quite some time. He puts on a great performance every match, I get that the win-loss, may not look that great in the record books for him but do not take anything away from Eric as he definitely has what it takes to walk out of this match victorious.

Nora: The difference between Denise and Eric is that Eric seems to be out for Revenge. And while Denise has her reasons and may have revenge on her mind she's also doing it to prove she is the next greatest wrestler. Her mindset has been the same since arriving oh, she has yet to lose focus or Eric, on the other hand, seems to be not the same as we are used to.

Belinda: I’m getting word that the Kawaii dragons have just arrived at the parking lot let's take it back to The Golden Ring Casino.

The cameras look up in the sky as a helicopter is seen hovering above the parking lot. Two ropes get thrown out of the helicopter. We see the Kawaii Dragons start to propel their way down the rope. Referees get in the way to not allow the New Foundation to start attacking them on their way down.

The Champions touch down to the ground, we see the two caring Kawaii kendo sticks on their backs. The referees keep them apart as they want to make sure all four of them already at the same time.

We start to hear a commotion from a distance as we see Casino security walking towards the parking lot along with casino owner Daniel Morgan. All the competitors turn to look at Daniel Morgan as he enters the parking lot with a folder in his hand. He walks over to the referees and has a conversation.

The referees explain to Awful competitors that the only way this match can begin as if all four agree to sign a waiver as the casino will not be held responsible for any damages or any injuries that occur during this match. The competitors and or the company of Sin City Underground will have to be responsible for any and all Financial damages that may occur.

Ivory and Shelby waste no time signing the waiver, they handed back to Daniel who then walks over to the Kawaii Dragon.

Winter: Wait, I need my lawyer for this.

We see Charlotte Elliott appear on the screen.

Charlotte: You are taking up valuable space for our customers to be parking I suggest you stop playing your little games and sign the goddamn paper.

Winter: Or what? What the f…

Winter gets cut off by the sound of Mackenzie Page clearing her throat.

Winter: What, I'll beat the living hell out of you too if you don't watch yourself eh!

Tatsu seeing how much bigger the two women are compared to her and Winter she quickly signs it and tells Winter to do the same. Winter signs of paper while mean mugging Mackenzie and Charlotte.

Charlotte: Anytime you want to step into the big leagues you go right ahead until then I suggest you save your little mean look to the little girls that you're facing.

Winter: Bitch, I’ll kick your ass at the very next CC. Don’t play with me you cunt I’ll fuck you up!

Charlotte laughs then looks at Tatsu with a straight face.

Charlotte: Check your partner here or you will be a singles wrestler a lot sooner than you planned on.

Winter gives Charlotte the middle finger then pulls out her kawaii kendo stick to defend herself. Tatsu grabs hers as well. London Underground leave the parking as we see Charlotte making a phone call while turning back every now and then to eyeball Winter.

The champions in the New Foundation turn to face each other as they prepare for their match. The referees make sure that there are ready and then moves out of the way for the match to begin.

Ivory picks up a bag that was hidden on the side of a parked car and throws it at Tatsu and Winter. They dodge it, which was just enough time for the New Foundation to pick up their own kendo sticks they had laying on the floor.

All four competitors run at each other and start swinging kendo sticks. They swing the sticks around trying to attack the other but they are just hitting each other with the sticks as if we were watching a lightsaber match between Tatsu and Ivory as well as Winter and Shelby.

The four go back and forth swinging sticks around as each one hopes to gain an advantage over the other. Shelby drops her kendo stick after a hard shot by Winter. Winter takes another swing but Shelby jumps backward to avoid contact. As Winter goes to bring her arms back around she gets tackled by Shelby heavy Winters back connect with the passenger from your vehicle nearby.

Tatsu allows Ivory to swing as she steps back to avoid the hit. Tatsu runs over to help winter as she knocks she'll be in the back of the head with her kendo stick. inter yells for Tatsu to duck as Ivory swing her kendo stick from behind. She misses Tatsu but catches Winter in the right shoulder blade.

Tatsu hits Ivory with a spinning front kick to the side of her head. Ivory goes down, on the way down she hits and breaks the side view mirror off the car. Tatsu yells at Winter to go to the ring. She will keep Ivory and Shelby busy but Winter refuses to leave her partner alone.

Shelby gets up, Winter goes to grab her but Shelby again tackles Winter, this time causing her back to hit the hood of the car causing a big dent. Tatsu lets go of Ivory and charges at Shelby. Tatsu grabs Shelby and slams her face against the back passenger car window. The window brakes knocking out Shelby for a bit.

Tatsu now turns around and catches a superkick from Ivory in the process. Ivory gets on top of the car and jumps down to hit an elbow drop on Winter but Winter moves out the way causing Ivory to hit the hood of the car instead.

Tatsu and Winter see that the New Foundation are both down. The Kawaii dragons look at each other and not. They take off running leaving the parking lot and the casino premises altogether. They look to see if they could find a taxi but see none in sight so they take off running towards the arena hosting Inception 3.

The camera cut back to Gold Coast Casino as we go live to the pre-show panel.

Belinda: Well it looks like the Kawaii Dragons are going to get here on foot.

Nora: For the record. Mark, Chris, and Brooke have hired a few of the Honor cameraman to film the Hardcore match. So will be ready to go back to the match at any time if any action starts to happen.

Chad: For now I have word that Marissa is backstage with the Double Down Tag Team champions, The Three Way.

Marissa: Please welcome my guest at this…

Sarah: When is this constant disrespect of your only tag team going to stop, how many of these team are we going to have to demolish before everyone in SCW and SCU realize how the heel we are.

Earl: You know Marissa, you’ve known us since our day in honor wrestling, and you know that when the bell rings there isn’t a tag on this or any other planet that can beat us. Hen this merger happened we figured hey it’s a great opportunity, but yet we ask you Marissa where is that great opportunity, two PPVs in a row and the top tag team in this company is once stuck to defending our title on the damn pre-show, fine have it that way, but let me tell you this its not going to turn out all that great for the Fox Brothers.

Dahlia: They think that because they had a few hardcore matches they suddenly have the necessary skills to stand across the ring from us, well their stupid, no DQ, means Earl and I can do whatever we want, and Marissa, we will do just that, they want to stick us on the pre-show fine, lets see how SCW and SCU react when we send the Fox Brothers out of here tonight in body bags.

Sarah: It’s been your pleasure.

Camera goes back to the Kawaii Dragons who are seen running down the strip of Las Vegas making there way to Inception III. Another camera merges in a split screen. We see Ivory and Shelby looking around realizing the Kawaii Dragons left already.

Ivory and Shelby look for a cab but none are in sight. They do however spot two men riding GT trick bikes. Shelby and Ivory run to the men and use their flirtatious ways to get the two guys who give them a ride to the arena. Each jump on the back placing their feet on the pegs connected to the back wheels as they hold on to the man riding the bikes.

Belinda: Were going to ringside for Jason Adam s and Gena Schaal to call the Double Down Championshp as the Fox brothers and the Three Way are already in the ring ready for there match to begin.

Double Down Tag Team Championship
No DQ Match
Fox Brothers vs The Three Way

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Jason: Mason and Earl start things off for this match. The two tie up in the middle of the ring. Mason gets the advantage with a wrist lock. Mason tries to twist the arm but gets dropped with a hard clothesline from Earl.

Gena: Masons gets right back up to his feet but gets dropped again with another clothesline. Earl gets Mason to his feet then Irish whips him to the ropes, Mason bounces off the ropes as his brother Jason makes a blind tag.

Jason: Mason ducks a big boot from Earl He heads to the opposite ropes but kicked in the lower back by Dahlia, Jason slingshots himself into the ring hitting Earl from behind with a shoulder tackle.

Gena: Jason gets on Earl’s back for a sleeper hold as Earl tried getting up. Mason get up as well and goes to help his brother out as he starts land punches to Earl’s chest. Dahlia gets in the ring and grabs Mason from behind dropping him with a backdrop.

Jason: The ref tries to get Mason and Dahlia to there corners but this is a NO DQ rule so the ref is powerless in this match.

Gena: Hearing how the crowd is reaction, I’m sure they are content with all four beating each other up at the same time!

Jason: Jason keeps the sleeper hold on Earl as Dahlia is choking Mason in the corner. Earl manages to get to his feet, Jason on his back still holding on to the sleeper hold.

Gena: Earl lifts his hands behind his head trying to grab the head of Jason. He might be trying to pull him off but it is not working, Earl ends up dropping to one knee. Daria turns around and sees this, she lets go of Jason and runs over to help out Earl.

Jason: Dahlia grabs Jason by his hair and yanks him off of Earl. Dahlia hits Jason in the back of the head with a headbutt. Mason leaves the corner and goes to help Jason… Mason catches a spear from Earl! Earl goes for the cover!


Gena: Jason kicks out at two. Earl gets off of him, Dahlia leaves Mason alone and goes to help Earl as they lift Jason up and hit a double suplex! Mason goes and grabs Earl’s neck dropping him with a swinging neck breaker.

Jason: Dahlia grabs Mason and turns him around to face her. Dahlia now grabs him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Earl and Jason get back to their feet and tie up. Dahlia kicks the back of Jason’s knee! This gives are the advantage and lifts Jason up to drop them with a chokeslam!

Gena: The crowd get on their feet as we see the Ruin Sisters running down the rampway! The three of them slide in the ring and attack Earl and Dahlia. Melissa hits a dropkick to the back of Earl as Stacy and Debbi double team Dahlia!

Jason: Again I must point out this is a no disqualification match so this is legal, the referee is powerless right now! The Ruin’s keep the attack going as Mason and Jason get to your feet and realize what is going on.

Gena: Melissa goes to help her twin sisters beat up on Dahlia. The Fox Brothers just shrug it off and double team Earl Locker as they hit a two-man powerbomb on him!

Jason: Dahlia from a defensive mode to an offense of mood and she tries to defend herself attacking all three of the Ruin sisters.

Gena: Unfortunately she is outnumbered as the three of them continue their offensive attack on Dahlia.

Jason: The Fox Brothers lift Ear back up again and nail another two and powerbomb! Jason goes for the cover on Earl. Sarah tries to get in the ring but is stopped by Melissa Ruin!


Liam: Here are your winners…. and the new Double Down Tag Team Champions… Mason and Jason Fox… The Fox Brothers!!!

Jason: Dahlia and Earl are laid out in the ring. Something we don’t ever see in SCU!

Gena: The Fox twins got major help from the Ruin Tins and their younger sister Melissa! I’m not sure what to think but I assure you the Three Way will not take this lying down!

Jason: Oh Sarah Lane didn’t win Manager of the Year two years in a row for nothing. Expect her to go to the bosses and raise hell about what just happened!

Chad: Jason is right, Sarah is not going to take this lightly.

Nora: Well We already seen one set of titles change hands. Were still waiting for the Kawaii Dragon or the New Foundation to make it to the arena to finish this Hardcore Ladder match.

Diego: From Hardcore to SCW’s version of hardcore, the Roulette Division will be something to see as well.

Belinda: Legacy Champion Jessie Salco and Roulette Champion Sam Marlow are the only two competitors that know each other very well versus the other Champion will be facing each other tonight. The both have spent years and scw and has been in the ring countless of times. However, tonight will be different as tonight the two of them walk in as Champions and only one walks out with two titles.

Nora: This match is definitely a hard one to call, both ladies giving it their all every time they faced each other and tonight will be no different. I wish both of them luck but as someone who used to work for Honor Wrestling. I’m kind of rooting for Jesse to come out victorious.

Diego: I too used to work at that company but I cannot take a side here. Both women are excellent competitors and it's a shame to see that one walk out of here with nothing while the other one will go home as the Roulette champion and will retire the Legacy championship.

Nora: I wonder what exactly will happen with the title as it will now be defunct after tonight?

Belinda: I am not certain what will happen however it is my understanding that they are given a choice. They can take the title home as a trophy for becoming the last champion or they can return the title back to Brooke Saxon. Her father Henry has agreed to take the titles back if the competitors wish and will pay them $20,000 as it is my understanding that is the value of the titles.

Nora: I assumed it was more than that.

Belinda: According to my records the Legacy titles we're valued at $20,000 wow the honor championships were founded at $25,000.

Diego: That is a lot of money, personally I would keep the title and hang it along with any other titles that these competitors have won during their career.

Chad: Jesse will do one better, I can see her running around with both titles if she wins as she will be claiming she is a double champion and I wouldn't blame her.

Diego: As for Ty West and Blasted Monk. This is a match that no one saw coming. That is not a notch on these men but I believe the fans saw this match being Shinjiro versus Ben Jordan. It could have easily been those two men but yet Ty West and Blasted Monk shocked everyone at High Stakes.

Belinda: Reasons why SCW is so great. You just never know who's going to come out on top. Both men have won their respective titles, they've earned the right to be called champions, and they each had a successful to title defense coming into tonight's matchup. This is not the first time blasted Monk has been a champion and I am 100% positive that this is just one out of many title reigns for Ty West.

Nora: Blasted Monktwitted earlier today that this match will be the match of the night. I think he might be right and even if he's not I guarantee they're both men are going to do everything they can to make it the match of the night including copy the match between Gabriel and Casey!

Belinda: We have sat here talking about the title matches but Nora does bring up a good point Gabriel vs Casey's going to be one hell of a match. This being Casey’s very last match with the company, you know he's going to pull out all the stops and Gabriel is not going to let Casey walk out of here with an easy victory. Expect the two of them definitely set up bar for the rest to follow not just tonight, but for a long time to come… Wait, we're going back to the Hardcore match as the Kawaii Dragons arrive.

Hardcore Casino to the casino Ladder match.

Kawaii Dragons arrive at the casino having his ran the entire time. They take a second to catch their breath to their distance they see to bicycles charging right at them. They move out the way as to not get hit by the two bicyclists. As the two bicyclist approaches them the New Foundation jump off the back of the bikes and run immediately towards the building.

Winter and Tatsu chase after the New Foundation as it is now a race to the ring. The New Foundation make it to the entrance doors, they open the door which allows the Kawaii dragons to catch up to them. A fight breaks out right at the entrance way. Security, as well as referees, rush over as to make sure none of the fans interfere for the safety of all in the arena.

Shelby grabs onto Tatsu’s hair and begins to drag her down the hallway heading towards the ring. Winter and Ivory continue their fight at the entrance doors. Ivory slams Winters head with the door and takes off she gets about 10 ft but then trips on a wire and hits the floor.

The fans erupt as they see Shelby dragging Tatsu by her hair down the rampway. Tatsu waits till they get to ringside 2 then push Shelby towards the ring post. Tatsu goes to get a ladder, she slides it into the ring.

Combat Champion Shannon Middlebrooks runs down the rampway and nails Tatsu in the back of the head with her championship belt. Winter starts running down the hallway. Ivory tries to trip Winter but she doesn’t fall just slows down as she struggles to keep her balance.

Ivory takes off running but she and Winter trip each other up causing them to fall to the ground. Shelby slowly slides in the ring. Shannon sets the ladder up for Shelby. Shelby climbs the ladder as Tatsu starts to come about.

Ivory and Winter are seen running down the rampway as Tatsu slides in the ring but Shelby grabs on to both titles. Tatsu nails Shannon with the Kawaii Mist (Orange Mist) Tatsu dropkicks the ladder causing it to fall but Shelby hangs on to the titles in the air. Tatsu tries to jump to grab her feet but is about 4 feet short.

Ivory tries to slide in the ring but Winter grabs her foot… Shelby weight is too much for the titles, they detach off the hook causing her to fall on top of Tatsu while still holding on to both titles…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Your winners of this match...and the new Hardcore Tag Team Champions… Shelby Holt, Ivory Sullivan… the New foundation…

Winter and Ivory's trade blows, Shannon slides out the ring to help Ivory but SCU Security rush the ring and break everything up. The remove Winter and others slide in the ring and grab Tatsu to remove her from harm's way.

Ivory slides in the ring, Shelby and Ivory share a hug before placing the titles on each other wasit.

Belinda: Just like that we have new Hardcore Tag Team champions.

Chad: Two title matches and two new champions. Will this trend continue tonight?

Nora: Could be, if so then it started a few weeks back when Jake Raab was crowned the new Honor Champion. Raab the one Honor Champion to have never wrestled in an Honor ring finds himself fighting as the top champion taking on the World Champion in Fenris.

Chad: We all saw how that went down the last time they faced off.

Diego: One thing we have yet to mention when talking about the other Champions as it does apply of them however it applies more here between these two individuals. Jake Raab and Fenris respectively are leading a division that has the most even level skill competitors we have seen in a long time. There isn't just one man in this division the outshines the rest currently the world champion has the best record but you cannot take away anything from these men that are all waiting at their chance to fight the champion.

Belinda: You have a point. Between, Austin Mercer, Alex Jones, Mickey Carroll, Blasted Mok, Ty West, Senior Vinnie, Daniel Morgan, Ben Jordan.

Chad: Just out f the many on that side of the roster. As Slappy McGoo, St. John Cross, Travis Levitt plan on climbing up the ranks as well.

Nora: It just goes to show you that rather is tag team division, the roulette division, the mixed tag team division, those that are considered in the world title picture and of course we cannot forget the combat and hardcore Tag Team titles. A company housing to brands arresting providing everybody with a little bit of everything. We know that you've enjoyed the pre-show and we also know that you will enjoy Inception III.

Belinda: Which begins in just a few minutes!

End of Pre-show
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