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> "A dose of penicillin..." 1/1
Liam Ryan
Posted: July 12, 2019 10:07 pm

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This scene takes place in the headquarters for SCW and as the cameras are zoomed in on the front of the large business-like building, a white range rover is seen parking into the two hour visiting zone. Stepping out from the driver’s seat is Evelyn Welch. Evelyn Welch has on a short grey mini skirt with a matching blazer that’s buttoned up her midsection. Just enough to expose the top of her cleavage. Stepping out from the backseat are two enormously muscular man in similar closes. Both have shredded jeans, but one has a white tank top and the other has a black tank top. They head into the building following Evelyn Welch as she walks over to the front desk woman in the lobby. She sets her hands on the countertop.

Evelyn Welch: “Evelyn Welch for chairman Ward please.”

The secretary looks up at her and holds her hand up to Evelyn.

Secretary: “One-second please ma’am.”

The woman grabs the phone and presses a button speed dial.

Secretary: “Hello sir, you have Ms. Welch here to see you.”

She pauses and seconds later she’s hanging up the phone. She holds her hand up and directs the trio to the left.

Secretary: “You may go in.”

Evelyn cocks her head up and motions for Sebastian and Silas to follow her in as they begin walking over to the chairman’s office. The chairman, inside his office, has a glass of bourbon on his desk and he’s taking a sip from his “on the rocks” glass. He sets it back down on his desk before stepping up out of his chair. He walks out from behind his desk and reaches down to pick his glass up off the desk. He starts to take another drink from his glass when his office door opens. Evelyn walks in first and she holds her arms out toward Mark Ward as she’s headed toward him.

Ms. Welch: “Mark, dear!”

She walks into Mr. Ward’s office and greets him with her hands on his shoulder blades. She kisses him on his right cheek, then his left.

Mark Ward: “Well, well, if it isn’t Evelyn Welch, or is it just Ms. Welch?”

She looks over her shoulder as the door closes after two big men: Sebastian and Silas enter the office behind her. She looks back at Mark and smiles.

Ms. Welch: “You’re my boss. You sign my paychecks, so I’m not really picky on how you address me.”

Mark’s eyes travel behind her as he looks over at Sebastian and Silas. He points over at them and looks down at Ms. Welch.

Mark Ward: “Quite the squad you have there, Ms. Welch. Are they to be expected on escorting Liam to ringside for his debut?”

She softly smiles with her hand over her mouth.

Ms. Welch: “Oh, no not this week. They are just an extra insurance policy to ensure Liam Ryan is safe in numbers. You never know when trouble may arise with celebrities or reality stars.”

She smacks her lips and smirks.

Ms. Welch: “But, you know Mark—this is my client’s official debut and I know the theme around here is short of like Big Brother’s theme every year: expect the unexpected. Do you really think putting my client in a match with the psychotic Anthrax is really safe?”

Mark folds his hands together and shrugs his shoulders.

Mark Ward: “You know Ms. Welch, if he’s going to be the next big thing, your words, he’s going to have to take on a slew of diversity in SCW. We have some of the best wrestlers in pro wrestling. If you’re worried over his debut opponent, I don’t know if joining SCW was in your best interest.”

Ms. Welch: “You misunderstood me, Mark.”

She snaps back hastily and angrily.

Ms. Welch: “Don’t try to use my words against me, kay? I was simply asking because you know I only expect the best for my client. I only want the greatest possible deals for my client. I want Liam Ryan to be your next headliner and basking in the spotlight. Putting him in the ring with a complete psycho isn’t really wrestling; it’s career suicide. This is the exact reason why I hired the enforcers Sebastian and Silas to ensure Liam’s matches remain safe, fun, and exclusively wrestling matches!”

Mark Ward: “Then, what’s the problem? It seems like you’re ‘smarter’ than me and thought of all scenarios? Why are you here?”

Ms. Welch pushes her hair back as she brushes her fingers through her blonde hair. She laughs nervously as she glances away at Mark before connecting eyes with him again.

Ms. Welch:“Why am I here? Do you speak to all your talent this way? I just wanted to chit chat with the man who is responsible for creating it all. call it brown nosing, call it ass kissing if you wish, but I call it getting to know the mind of the master of SCW! I want to know the next obstacle or barrier in Liam’s future.”

Mark Ward: “I admire you desire to get to know the boss and thank you for the compliment, but I don’t really know his next venture quite yet. Things kind of just fall into place from match to match for some superstars. He’s a fresh face. I want to see just how well he can hold his own in the ring.”

Ms. Welch: “Then how about we just leave this little meeting as a to be continue for now? I’ll just see you in a week or two, hm…”

She says arching her eyebrow.

Mark Ward: “That would be fine, Ms. Welch. My door is always open, unless I’m in an important meeting or press conference. Do give Liam my best wishes this week.”

She rolls her eyes and nods with a forced smile on her face.

Ms. Welch: “Will do, Mr. Ward.”

She raises her right hand and waves.

Ms. Welch: “Tata for now.”

She spins around and motions for Sebastian and Silas to follow her as she escorts herself out from Mark Ward’s office. Mark holds his hand to his forehead and bows it to the floor as he shakes his head in confusion.

Mark Ward: “She’s a prime reason why I like to drink. God!”

He turns around to go back to his desk and the cameras fade.


Back to the Hotel…

When the scene reopens up, they are back at the Marriot hotel and Liam Ryan is just getting out of the shower. He has a Marriott towel around his waist as he’s standing in front of the mirror, flexing, and posing in his reflection. Evelyn Welch makes her way out of the elevator and leaves Sebastian and Silas to continue up to the next floor. She pulls her plastic card key from her blazer pocket and she continues toward to her room. She slides the key into the door and when the light turns to green, she pulls the doorknob. She walks into the room and passes Liam Ryan in the bathroom. She pauses and steps back as she looks over at Liam Ryan.

Evelyn Welch: “Uh, what are you doing?”

She says with an awkward expression on her face. Liam strokes his hands through his hair and flips it to the side.

Liam Ryan: “Hm? What’s wrong with what I’m doing?”

Evelyn shrugs her shoulders and continues toward the beds. She walks to the furthest bed and sits on the foot as she begins to remove her heels. Liam follows her out from the bathroom as he adjusts the towel around his waist.

Liam Ryan: “What’s wrong with you?”

He scratches his head and stops at the dresser. Evelyn looks over at him and licks her lips.

Evelyn Welch: “I tried my hardest to get you out of this match.”

Liam Ryan: “Why?”

He pulls out a wife beater tank top and a pair of basketball shorts from the dresser. He tosses them onto his bed and then reopens the top drawer as he starts to go through his underwear and socks.

Evelyn Welch: “I don’t think it’s the direction I wanted for you. I want you to be the future of this company and well, Anthrax is just trash. He doesn’t represent anything good. By facing him, your stock in his company could plummet! I cannot have my name on a failure! It’s all about direction Liam.”

Liam shrugs.

Liam Ryan: “I was just going to go in there and win, but if you don’t want me to take part in it—I guess we can just not show up.”

Evelyn sets her shoes on the side and props up off the bed as she unbuttons her blazer. She slides her blazer off her shoulders and sets it on the back of the chair. She has a red vest-like halter top with her midsection revealed.

Evelyn Welch: “NO!”

She yells.

Evelyn Welch: “I mean, we can’t just not show up. I promise the chairman we would show up and when you win, I will renegotiate a different direction for you.”

He peeks his head out from the doorway and looks over at her who is adjusting her lipstick.

Liam Ryan: “Alrighty, if you insist, but I just figured you wouldn’t want to be at ringside. I mean, the guy has these two ugly hags in his corner! Talk about ugly!! They are ooglay! My mommy always told me not to fight with ugly people because ugly people have nothing to lose, so they tend to have few limitations.”

She holds her hands to her chest and looks over at Liam.

Evelyn Welch: “Do I look like a fighter to you?”

She turns back to the mirror.

Evelyn Welch: “I AM A BUSINESS ASSOCIATE! I don’t think Christian, nor Mark would put my well-being in harm’s way. I don’t think anybody wants a lawsuit on their hands because I would own this entire company!”

He steps out of the bathroom again and drying his hair with the towel as he’s wearing the basketball shorts and wife beater he pulled out.

Liam Ryan: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know. But what is the Iron Maiden and Twisted Sister interfere on Anthrax’s behalf? I can’t hit a woman, even though I always tweet I’m going to drag Teddi or Rinna on twitter: they are just words!”

Evelyn rolls her eyes.

Evelyn Welch: “I’ll have them barred from ringside, so they can’t interfere. Don’t you know I can work my magic with the official? I am very persuasive when I need to get my perspective over.”

They look over at each other and both begin to laugh amongst each other. The scene fades once again.



Liam Ryan: “Into the Void VIII was quite the show. I enjoyed it from top to bottom, but part of me wonder how it would have been had I been booked on the card. Could I have made the show better? Could have walked out with a title or at least some contender’s spot? Into the Void nonetheless lived up to the hype of the masses and the SCW’s universe were not disappointed. The SCW has promised entertainment since day one and since day one, they have followed it up with action. Now, I’m officially apart of SCW’s shows. Some could say I’m SCW’s property now. I’m owned by the SCW. Am I?”

“Or am I owned by my business associate? I’m owned by somebody. I have no problems saying I’m a piece of property. I served two terms in the USMC and as a marine, we are owned by the United States’ government. We are controlled from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. We are monitored every single moment of every single day. Everybody we do reflects the USMC and the federal government. A lot of people do not know the sacrifice us marines make by joining the corps. Women who marry into the society think it’s all fun and games, but it’s more than just great medical benefits, GI bills, and veterans’ benefits!”

“To be a marine, it takes self-control, focus, determination, strength, and discipline. All characteristics and adjectives that wrestlers must have to be successful in the squared circle. I don’t need to be some monstrous athlete to be successful. I don’t need to be the size of Goliath. Even in Biblical sense, Goliath could not measure up to David’s heart and determination. He had the passion and drive to defeat the giant.”

“I’m lucky though. My debut match isn’t with somebody massively bigger than me. He’s only 6 foot and 205 lbs. That’s only four inches taller and thirty-two pounds bigger. I shouldn’t have much problems handling him in the ring. In my first-ever wrestling match, my biggest fear was who was I going to face? Was he going to be a giant or big fat Bubble from Sing-Sing prison in upstate New York? You never know too much about who you’re going to be stepping inside that ring, but you always have to be familiar with your opponents. You have to match wits them and, in some scenarios, even outsmart them. The psychology aspect of this sport is even more important than physical skills and abilities, but don’t think for a minute I’m just pipsqueak who doesn’t know how to throwdown or takedown an opponent. I’m well-balanced in all areas of professional wrestling… believe that brother!”

You can tell a lot about a person when you just find out where they are from. My opponent is a psychological mess. He’s a mental disaster. He’s a nut case. He has no hometown pride. He probably doesn’t even remember where the hell he was born, let alone feeling a sense of comfort and luxury in a place! The man is coming from the Asylum. My mom was a nurse in an Asylum like institution and guess what? The best of worst crackheads and nutcases are put in asylums. The men and women who are not fitted for society because they lack a sense of right and wrong belong in asylums. I’m stepping foot in the ring with a man who isn’t all in there. Based on his name, he probably has a personality disorder or two.”

“Fucking psycho.”

“Yeah, I called you a psycho. I might be a registered nurse and took an oath to save a life, but guess what? I’ll still call you a fucking psycho. Like I said man, you are a product of your environment. I’ve watched some of your past matches and there’s no real logic to any of them. There are just a bunch of bouncing from rope to rope. There’s just attacks on your opponents. The only reason why you come close to winning is because you surprise your opponent. The element of surprise is your weapon and I can’t fault you there because when I was an active marine, the element of surprise was a concept we used in war. We took our opponents by surprise and this was how we prevailed every single time during deployment. Another thing the marines taught me was be prepare for anything and everything! Don’t ever let your opponent throw you off guard.”

“I’ll look at you like an IED planted somewhere in the open field of Iraq and Iran. You’re not going to get my hummer and blow my squad up. You want chaotic; well, let’s do the damn thing. Let’s dance. No matter how chaotic you might think you are, I’m going to be 110% more chaotic! The element of surprise is going to be your shortcoming, much like everything else in your life. I’ll send you back to the asylum on a first-class flight from Vegas with two black eyes, a bloody nose, and a stiff dick!”

“Fucking lame ass.”

“As a matter of fact Anthrax, I think I’m going to call you Lisa Rinna. Or do you want to be Teddi Mellencamp? Do you even watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!?”

Liam slaps his hand across his forehead.

Liam Ryan: “Lisa Rinna is also known as LIPSA! Follow #RHOBH on twitter and you can be caught up about Lipsa. She’s also on QVC selling ugly shawl like thingies. You’re Lipsa or Teddi-man hands and I’m the Queen Lisa Vanderpump. If you’re going to take a shot at this V, you better not miss! I think you’re perfectly fitted to be the new version of Lipsa or Teddi because like them, you are an infectious disease.”

“Sick fucks.”

“The most humorous thing about who I’m facing is his name: Anthrax. What is this, the year 2001? Are we terrorists now, using anthrax to fight our battles because we are too cowardly to for hand-to-hand combat? If I am inhaling your scent, will I suddenly be diagnosed with the infectious disease? Come on Anthrax, you have had to come up with something better than that. Where’s the originality? Where’s the cleverness?”

“Well, if you want to be Anthrax, then you can call me Penicillin, doxycycline, and ciprofloxacin. Do you know the irony in those three names, Anthrax? You should if you’re really “Anthrax.” The originality behind those three names are antibiotics used to treat anthrax. In other words, if we want to get rid of the disease anthrax, we just have to take one of those antibiotics to fight it. I have the secret weapon none of your other opponents even thought of using. I hope you’re ready for the side effects because it’s only going to get worse from here, buddy.”

“If you want to be an infectious disease or even a common sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis, at the end of Climax Control—I’m going to kill you with the first antibiotic… penicillin!”


The scene fades to black.

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