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> Sin City Underground Ep. 15 2-27-2019 (CARD), Road to Blaze of Glory
Tad Ezra
Posted: February 17, 2019 12:31 am

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Underground: Ep. 15

Sin City Underground presents: Underground Episode 15
Wednesday, February 27th, 2019; 11:30pm
Las Vegas Convention Center

All segments are due on Tuesday, February 26th at 11:30am. EVERYONE is encouraged to submit a segment. This is SCU's go-home show leading up to the next joint Super Card, Blaze of Glory.


Number One Contendership: Hardcore Tag Team Championships
Dax Beckett and Dorian B Vs Cindy Warren and Eric Weaver

Cindy Warren has said time and time again that her and Eric Weaver are the best tag team in Sin City Underground, and that they are the team to beat. She might not be wrong, as it won them a contendership at the Hardcore Tag Team Championships. They will be putting it all on the line as they face off against Dax Beckett and the newly branded Bad Boy, Dorian B. After Eric Weaver defeated Dax Beckett for the Combat Championship, Dorian has vowed to avenge his newfound friends by punishing Eric Weaver and making him pay for his actions, despite Weaver’s convictions about the disease known as the Bad Boys.


Singles Match
Celeste North Vs Effie Bingham

Cupid is known for putting together two (or more) people with the best chances at getting along and creating a future together. But, he may not have 100% accuracy with his aim. While Celeste North and Effie Bingham were wildly successful in teaming together last week, it was not without complication. There were words, and this week, they find themselves on the opposite side of the ring as they take each other on, one on one.


Singles Match
Chanelle Martinez Vs Jenifer Lacroix

Jenifer Lacroix has been on a tear lately, going as far as to defeat the Underground Champion, Angel Kash, in a title match. Unfortunately, it was by countout as Angel Kash outsmarted Jenifer to keep her title. Since then, Jenifer has vowed to destroy Nobility in her quest to lead #LeCoven to becoming the most dominant force in Sin City Underground. This week, she is afforded the opportunity to do so as she takes on Chanelle Martinez in a one on one encounter that promises to be a fight for the ages.


Number One Contendership: Underground Championship
Jerry Cann Vs Stewart Mason

Last week, Jerry Cann was picked by our own sadistic Cupid to face Stewart Mason for the Underground Championship. Sadly, Cupid’s methods were interrupted when somebody attacked Jerry Cann, costing him his opportunity at the Underground Championship. But, where one opportunity is lost, another is gained when Powershock got his rematch against Stewart Mason, and won the Underground Championship. Jerry deserves his shot, and Stewart deserves his rematch, but this match will determine who is first in line at the Underground Championship.


Tag Team Grudge Match: Hardcore Rules
Kawaii Dragons Vs London Underground

Winter has run her mouth yet again.Tatsu told Winter she will always have her back, but is not to crazy about fighting the former SCW champions. London Underground is more than happy to shut Winter up or anyone for that matter. While London Underground may be known as two great wrestlers, the Kawaii Dragons are the hardcore princesses. The advantage should be behind the only two the be 2 time hardcore tag team champions in the Kawaii Dragons.


Number One Contendership: Underground Championship
Queen of Apathy Vs Angel of Filth

At SCU’s Inception 3, Queen of Apathy and Angel of Filth were involved in a triple threat for the Underground Championship where Filth was the champion. As per her rematch clause, Angel Kash was able to score a surprise win by pinning Queen of Apathy. Queen has argued that her title match should have been one on one against Angel since she won the contendership battle royal. Angel of Filth argued that she won the title fair and square. Tonight, we will find out who will get to take on Angel Kash at Blaze of Glory for the Underground Championship.

All of this, and so much more, as SCU takes over your screens!
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