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> St. John Cross, The 21st Century Monk
Posted: November 28, 2018 03:27 pm

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Name: St. John Cross (St. John is pronounced “Sinjin.”)

Tag Team Name: N/A

Height and Weight: 6’2” / 205 lbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Alignment: Neutral (Leans Face)

Physical Appearance:
user posted image

Wrestlers Gimmick: St. John is a monk who was exiled to the outside world for challenging the authority and belief system of his secret religious order. Although highly intelligent and well-trained, St. John is naive to the world but an eager learner.

Ring Attire:
user posted image
user posted image

Wrestling Style: All-Rounder

The Soul’s Demise - Anaconda Vise
The Soul’s Exile - Vertebreaker

Tag Team Finisher(s): N/A

Entrance: “The Soul of a Man” by Steven Stern begins to play. The lights in the arena dim with a sole spotlight on the ramp. In the spotlight stands St. John Cross with his hooded head lowered and his arms stretched out. After a few moments, he lifts his head and does the “sign of the cross” to himself before walking down the ramp. St. John is emotionless as he makes his way to ringside. He slides into the ring from under the bottom rope and in a fluid motion pops up to his feet. He pauses at center ring and faces the camera with his arms once again stretched out just glaring at his audience. He then backs up into a corner as he waits further instruction from the official.

Favorite Moves:
MMA Strikes & Kicks
Russian Leg Sweep
Springboard Forearm Smash
Springboard Clothesline
Suicide Dive
Koji Clutch
Triangle Chokehold
Spinning Wheel Kick
Missile Dropkick
Frog Splash
Running High Knee In Corner
Springboard Superman Punch
Fisherman DDT
Top Rope Elbow Drop

Brief History: The only verifiable information on St. John Cross is a birth certificate from Los Angeles, California with his birth date of December 14, 1993. His parents are John Mark and Catalina Cross. Any other information is still a mystery (but will be revealed as the character develops).

Achievements: St. John won his first three matches with a local indy promotion.
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