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> FENRIS v JAKE RAAB, World title v Honor title
Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:39 am

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Posted: January 06, 2019 12:41 am

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The reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Fenris, was seated on the black cushioned bench of a state-of-the-art Weider 8500 Smith Weight Cage, his shins behind one of the lower pulleys for a leg workout; his legs one of his primary weapons used in both his Mixed Martial Arts as well as professional wrestling career. And while the rest of his body shown the hard evidence of his usual workouts; sculpted pecs, six-pack and biceps alike, it was his legs that remained most impressive. All the better for those lethal barrage of kicks and the strength they carried with them -- evidence by the fact he was able to deliver a German suplex once to the near four hundred pounder, Casey Williams.

The training facility, the very one owned by SCW greats Gabriel and Odette Stevens, and where he had made that first jaunt onto this career path, was where Fenris had been spending the vast majority of his time ever since the official lineup for Inception III had been announced, and his unification match against Jake Raab made official. It had even gotten to the point where Gabriel and Fenris's MMA coach, Maksym Petrov, had instructed him to reduce his in-ring sparring matches for concern of risking an injury beforehand. And while he was unhappy with this decision, Fenris had to admit silently that the two men who were responsible for the successes of his mutual careers probably knew better than he.

Clad in his usual white with light gray accents, he wore new workout clothes bought for him as a gift from his now-official boyfriend of Ty West; matching compression pants and shirt with a loose fitted shorts worn over the pants. If truth be told, Fenris was only slightly surprised at the gift, seeing as how it covered much of his body and Ty tended to prefer the exact opposite. What lightly tanned flesh shown was glistening with marked perspiration, as his face bore the sign of intensity that he had become well known for in his training regime. Only this time, for this match, he had upped his training schedule around the clock, becoming extra stringent on his diet, his in-ring and MMA workouts (what he was permitted at least), and even his sleep patterns. He had all but eased up on his consumption of alcohol, save for one or two drinks in the evening, and much to Ty's consternation, Fenris had opted to forgo any form of sexual contact. Why? Fenris was so determined as to the outcome of his upcoming match with Jake Raab, he simply wanted to remain focused, and physically Ty seemed to have this way of driving him to distraction. Not that the decision was any easier on Fenris!

"Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! That's all you ever are!"

Yes, the Icelandic rant was heavily accented as the champion went on one of his usual tirades, directed at the opposition set before him. For the sake of whomever had their eyes on him, the translation appeared onscreen for their benefit. Fenris continued his leg presses as he shifted his head slightly to the left so that his stare bore down into the onlooker, the 'fire' of the Northern Lights practically dancing in those cobalt blue orbs.

"Yeah, Jake Raab, I'm talking to you because all respect for your mad fighting skill aside, it's all you've done since you first showed your ass in my turf. Bitching about booking, whining about expectations...."

Fenris frowned and shrugged his shoulders, feeling at a loss.

"I mean, what the fuck!? I thought you were a man and here you've been acting like a spoiled little girl who got told she's not really a princess like her daddy claimed all those years! Is that what it will take to calm you down Jake and make you act like a goddamn man? Because if so I'll go out and buy you a cute little tiara to call your own and you can be the little princess that you've been acting like since August!"

He finally paused in his workout routine and picked up a towel that rested on a side bench and patted down his warm, moist skin. He then rested his forearms on his knees, taking a few deep breaths to get his breath back before he went on.

"You really have no idea why this match is not going to go your way, do you?"

He turned and pointed directly at the camera before picking up a bottled water to refresh himself and prevent any dehydration.

"It's because right now you would be the worst fucking excuse for a champion to represent this company! Ever since you came here, you've been doing nothing but go on and on, like a recording on an endless loop, about how much more you know and how much better you would run a wrestling promotion! Really! Is that why a new Raab has to show his face every year or so, gain whatever can be accomplished, no matter how insignificant, and then move on? First it was Lord Raab. Then it was Konrad. Wait..."

He crowned and held a finger up as if to stall his train of thought. He then shook his head.

"Sorry. Konrad really doesn't count, does he, since he lasted all but one match before he tucked his tail between his legs and walked out. And now here you are!"

He held his hands toward the camera in presentation with a mock smile on his face.

"Jake Raab! You know, it doesn't seem to matter to you how relatively little experience you have in this business. You just know infinitely more than anyone else. Mark Ward and Christian Underwood have been involved in the wrestling business since the late nineties, trained under some of the best, both held so many world championships so you'd think they'd know how to run a wrestling promotion, right?"

He shook his head, eyes closed and bottom lip stuck out.

"Apparently not, at least according to you and yours. Because al you do is tell everyone what Mark and Christian are doing is wrong, whether it be the booking or what they expect from the men and women they're responsible for the careers of. Your family history, the legacy of the Raab family name and the mutual success of its family members just makes you automatically right and those two men wrong, is that it?"

He widens his eyes and nods.

"Makes sense! They have close to two decades of experience between them, but that really doesn't mean shit, right? You want to be this big success but you don't want to have to make personal appearances or grant interviews during shows, right? You want all of the glory and hype but you don't want to have to do any of the work that comes with it. I mean, do you actually think our friendly little talks, you know..."

He uses a forefinger to motion back and forth between the camera and himself.

"... like the ones we're doing right now? You think this is enough?"

He turned his head away and openly scoffed.

"Fucking bullshit! That's like an actor who expects to get by with just appearing on a TV show or movie but not grant interviews or make appearances! Or a musician who thinks their recordings are enough but shouldn't have to tour. Are you kidding me? There are thousands of actors and musicians who don't even try to put in the work and just skate by with a little stage or screen time and think that makes them a success! Then there are actors, like say the guys from 'Supernatural' who are always making appearances at conventions and they keep themselves in the eyes, minds and hearts of the fans who support them and that is why they are so popular and successful! And why once that show ends, they will always have work! But you...?"

He leans back and holds a hand up, palm out.

"Oh hell no! Not the Raabs! That's too much fucking trouble for us! We have better things to do than to put in a little extra hard work to keep our names on the marquee! That's what Mark and Christian are for, after all! I'm not the most fan friendly of people. I can admit that. People don't approach me as often as they do others. But... I. Still. Do. It! Because I know those people with their asses in the seats out there are the ones supporting me! If they want my name on a piece of paper or to stand with me for a picture, then fuck yeah!"

He nodded with a bright smile for a change.

"I'll do it and be glad of it! And if someone wants to talk to me a little more about my match, I have no problem telling the world about how I'm going to kick your fucking head clear into the sky box! I know what's expected of me! I know what my responsibilities are and unlike you? I don't think I'm too good to put in an extra few minutes of my time in order to do it!"

That being said, Fenris then stood up and moved out from the confines of the workout machine and walked over toward a treadmill so that he might work on his conditioning. He had went for his usual run around the park this morning with Kyssa, never minding the cold, but he still wanted more. It was not just his fighting nor his wrestling skills that had allowed him to outlast all of those opponents in the past. But his conditioning did as well. Pressing a few buttons to turn the machine on, the treadmill started to move at a brisk pace and Fenris's legs along with it.

"Let's not forget Jake. You came to SCW looking for work, not the other way around. Mark and Christian didn't go looking for you, thinking that you might be the next big thing so they signed you before anyone else had the chance to snatch you up."

"Oh and then there's your fascination with trying to tell the higher ups who should and should not be receiving championship matches. Like it's any of your fucking business in the first place! It wasn't affecting you any at the time so who the fuck do you think you are, assuming you have the right to affect the careers of others!? And people say I'm full of myself! I never went and told the bosses who should be getting a shot at my championship, and you know why? Because whoever wanted a shot at the world title, I gave them one! The bosses come to me with a contract for a defense, and I signed the damn thing! Did everyone who I defended against deserve it?"

He shrugged as he jogged.

"Don't know. Don't care. If they wanted one, they got one. Because, you see, that's what a champion does. They defend their championship! The wider the variety of challengers are, the better the champion is! I've faced everyone from giants to vampires, former world champions and whoever else had it in their minds to take what was mine! Men like Senor Vinnie earned their title opportunities twice over, while I myself called out men like Casey and Joshua Acquin! And after Inception III when I beat your ass and hold two titles instead of one, I'll go right on and keep defending against whomever! First order of business will be Austin James Mercer, and Ben Jordan?"

Fenris cast a sidelong look to the camera and a smirk while his jog continued.

"Still looking towards you. I'm patient -- I can wait."

Fenris then hit a button and the treadmill slowed to a crawl and then stopped entirely, and he stepped off. Grabbing his towel and water, Fenris casually walked around the other work out machines and found the object of his desire; the punching bag that dangled precariously between two of the wrestling rings that were stationed on the forecourt of the gymnasium floor. Setting the towel and water on the ring apron, Fenris picked up two white, imitation leather gloves used for MMA fighting and fixed them on his hands. He strapped them on tightly before he turned to the punching bag and readied himself, both clenched fists up.

"You know what the ironic thing is, Jake? You're now holding the Honor world title. Had Mark and Christian listened to you or paid any attention at all, you never would have been in that match in the first place before you sure as shit didn't deserve it!"

Fenris begun to strike out at the punching bag, his gloved fists whipping outward in a blur of lightning quick reflexes honed through years of hard work and training.

"Which if you think about it, really makes you nothing more than a goddamn hypocrite. Did anyone else but me notice that when the match was signed between Austin, Casey and yourself, you said nothing against it? Not a word! You could have bowed out, but you didn't. You could have stepped aside and told the bosses to just make it between Austin and Casey because you weren't ready and did not deserve it, but you didn't. And when you won? You could have abdicated the throne, but you didn't! You could have handed it back to the staff, but I'll tell you what; you can just show up in Las Vegas and hand the Honor belt to me because, let's face it! It's going to be the end result anyway. We can just make it easy on you and cut out the middle man!"

Fenris hops back a step, then lashes out with a bare foot, delivering a kick to the punching bag that admittedly held more force behind it than even his fists did.

"Now I've had a shit load of people get after me about my attitude, saying that I'm arrogant. But when you're now fifteen and zero, and the current World Champion, I'd think that I earned at least some right to be a little full of myself! So I have to ask, just what the hell is your excuse? You haven't exactly lit the world on fire like the previous Raab lineage has. You're boring as fuck, but when it comes to whether or not you can fight?"

Fenris looked into the camera and shook his head with a smile.

"That I can't deny without making myself out to be a liar. I know this first hand because I went back and watched some of your MMA fights, and can't help but wonder if you did me the same. But it was when we met inside of the ring in that tag team match that really fucking got me excited! All due respect to men like Casey and Vinnie, but nobody has ever hit me in a wrestling match the way you have! Finally there's a man out there that can match me as an equal..."

He paused and looked up in thoughtful contemplation before resuming his workout.

"Well, maybe not as an equal but close enough. Guys who have claimed to have MMA experience come and go here it seems, but you proved yourself. you can take a hit and deliver one as well and that was enough to get me excited for the chance to face you one on one! I just didn't think it would be at Inception over two championships. I had expected and hoped for it to be against Austin, but here we are."

He stopped striking the bag and lowered his arms. He stood rigid before he turned his head to the camera.

"Two championships, Jake. One chance to make history. They say that first big act sets the tone for the rest of the year. 2019 is going to be off to a great start for me."

He shook his head with a smile.

"Not so much for you."

He grabbed his towel and water bottle and walked off toward the showers as the light in the gym slowly dimmed.


"You got home safe?" Kristjan asked his mother as they conversed over a Facebook chat, her lovely and smiling face seen on the screen as she spoke to him from all the way in the family's native Iceland. After the New Year's holiday where the family celebrated one last hurrah together, Kristjan and Aron's parents and sisters flew back to Reykjavik with the sworn oath that they would let the brothers know that they had arrived safely. It was a tactic used by parents the world over, and neither Fenris nor Aron saw any harm in turning the tables on their parents for the same sole purpose of ensuring their safe and timely arrival.

Touched by the display of love and concern, and yet still believing that just a touch of mischievousness lay behind it, Eva, their mother, smiled as she shook her head. "I told you we would." She said amicably. "No reason for you to second guess or harp on us, Kristjan."

"Well now you know how A and I feel, having to do the same every time we travel somewhere." Fenris sat back in his favorite chair, across from the laptop that rested on the coffee table that was front and center in his and Aron's shared home. He had a touch of a cocky swagger to his lips at having used a parents own tactic against them, but that was wiped pretty quickly clean by the raised eyebrow of his mother.

Kristjan cleared his throat and said, "Of course, it's cute when you do it." Eva rolled her eyes with a shake of the head.

"Nice save." She chided her oldest son. Say what you might about his anger or arrogance, but Fenris was first and foremost, a momma's boy and deferred to her without question. She then smiled and asked innocently, "And how is Ty?"

"Fine." Kristjan shrugged, answering simply. He stayed one more night here and went home. His aunt should be back any time."

"I liked him. Very much." She said. "The whole family did."

Kristjan scoffed, "I noticed! Elin and Viktoria wouldn't leave him alone! I should have given him a bell to ring every time they tried to corner him!" Which was the truth. His sisters, even the sweet Freyja, had found Ty to be sweet and attractive (especially attractive), and spent more time talking to him than they did to their own brother! At least, once Elin and Viktoria got over the embarrassment they suffered when they had discovered Ty spoke Icelandic well enough to have understood everything they had initially been saying about him!

Eva said, "Well I was actually wondering how things were between you two. I mean, you seemed very happy when we were there and you didn't really say much about each other. Ty was working hard to make a good impression, but you seemed awfully quiet."

Kristjan shrugged, "What was there to say?"

"Oh I don't know." His mom answered. "Perhaps you could have told us more about how you two met? I'm surprised your father didn't corner Ty to ask what his intentions were."

"Yeah." Kristjan huffed. "That would be all I need."

Eva continued, "And admittedly after that ordeal you had earlier this year with that Kris Ryans, your father and I were a little surprised you met someone. Or at least, that you've settled into a relationship with someone. You always seemed to avoid getting serious with someone."

She gave her son a meaningful look and asked, "Not to pry sweetheart, but are you two serious...?"

"We just started seeing each other, Mom." Kristjan sighed. "We haven't even really went out on what I guess you'd call an actual date. Just clubs really, or hanging out at each others' place. Everything..." He paused as if he were searching for the right words that wouldn't end in his own embarrassment or discomfort. Talking about a relationship with his mom wasn't exactly high on his priorities list. "... It just sort of happened. We're taking it slow."

Unseen by Kristjan or Eva, Aron had walked past his brother and overheard that last part and rolled his eyes quite dramatically at Kristjan claiming he and Ty were "taking it slow." Judging by the barnyard noises those two made every time Ty spent the night, it hardly would qualify as taking anything slow!

"Just relax, sweety." Eva smiled, wanting only the best for her children and deep down, she adored Ty and thought his charming and soothing personality would mesh very well with Kristjan's blunt and heated own. "Try to enjoy yourself and see where things lead."

Kristjan paused for words but then simply nodded with an acceptance. "I will. We're going out for a drink tonight. Last one before my match so I can focus on training."

"Well I have to go so I'll let you get ready." She smiled, then kissed her fingertips and gave an affectionate wave toward her boy. "Love you!"

There was nothing quite like a mom telling you that she loved you. It brought a smile to even Kristjan's perpetual 'sourpuss' expression he wore predominately on his otherwise handsome face.

"Love you too." He responded sincerely, and reached up to turn off the chat when his mom left him with one final thing to say. "Oh by the way dear, I gave Ty my number so he can call in case you do anything to him I should know about."

"Wait, what!?" Kristjan frowned, but it was too late. Eva had beaten him to turning off the chat and the screen went dark. "Now wait a goddamn minute...!"

Later that evening...

The nightlife in Las Vegas was always something one had to experience for oneself. For some, it started early, but most of the trendiest nightclubs along the Strip or near enough didn't really even get started until well after ten at night. Given the fact both men had important matches to train and prepare for, they had agreed beforehand not to venture to one of the trendier nightclubs along the Strip. Rather, Gabriel had suggested another place for Kristjan to try, called McMullans Irish Pub. And what better time than now to give it a chance?

McMullans was found on Tropicana Avenue, and unlike those aforementioned nightclubs, was open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The interior was crafted in polished wood, from the walls to the floors and paneling. With the flag of Ireland and flags of varied Irish sports teams, there was a quiet charm to this place that drew one in. You could step inside and practically believe that you were in Ireland. Ty and Kristjan had set foot inside, and immediately both men were smitten with the place, perhaps to the point it would become their regular hangout when out and about.

The place was busy, but not annoyingly so, and it has that feel when people looked up and smiled at the new arrivals before they went about their business. With the televisions along the wall each broadcast to a separate sporting event, it was clear to be first and foremost, a sports pub and restaurant. Ty and Kristjan were escorted by a young woman in green and white attire, up a step in the far corner, near a bar and separated from the floor by a crossed wooden banister, beside a smaller second bar counter. After placing their order for drinks but declining anything to eat for the time being, the two men settled in for the evening in order to talk and hopefully grow a little more closer and understanding between them. After all, they were still in something akin to a trial period for what was just beginning. There was still so much that neither knew about the other.


The fact was, Kristjan preferred places such as this by comparison to the overly crowded nightclubs that housed the young and loud. Where crowded dance floors dominated the social scene in sacrifice to a quiet night and a drink, which is what he wanted.

"It was nice of your brother to invite Aunty Lora over to watch a movie." Ty said amicably as he picked up the frosty mug of beer that he had ordered, a stark contrast to the glass of Scotch that the man seated across from him at the small table had in his own hand. Ty had learned since he was still getting to know this man, that to Kristjan, beer was all well and good, but he much preferred the hard stuff. Pun not intended. Scotch was his favorite, but he also enjoyed tequila, rum, and the like. Ty himself was not much of a drinker, and after his little episode of being found naked on a beach after downing just six bottles of beer, he knew he had to watch his own intake. At east for the time being.

"Better that than her plans to stay home and cook more stuff for us to freeze and eat later." Kristjan said softly. "Already having trouble keeping our freezer door closed."

Ty smiled, knowing his Aunty had only the very best of intentions in mind as there was nothing but the truth spoken in those word. Lora had privately expressed concern at the brothers Baltasarsson habit of ordering takeout for each and every meal as opposed to dining on something more substantial and nutritious. Lora and Eva, during her time in the states visiting her sons, had went into maximum overdrive, cooking up a storm and having it frozen for the brothers to thaw and eat at a later time.

Kristjan continued, "But I know A just didn't like her spending another night alone in that hotel she's been staying at. She still tried to refuse but I told her if she didn't get her ass over there, I'd come to her place and give her a lap dance."

He then frowned and added, "I should probably feel insulted she accepted the invite so fast."

Ty snorted on his drink, knowing the opposite was true. His aunt would have been embarrassed and mortified had Kristjan followed through on his threat, and the thing was -- Ty knew this man well enough to know that he would! And apparently, so did his Aunty Lora!

Setting his mug down, Ty laid his strong forearms across the table and brought his eyes up to the man that had somehow captivated him, despite the fact that never before had he felt attraction to another man. Not until he met Kristjan Baltasarsson, that is.

"And how about you?" Ty asked.

"How about me, what?"

TY sighed, "You've been pretty quiet lately. Even before your family left you started to pull back."

"I didn't pull back..." Kristjan shook his head in denial, but looked up and saw only a smile on Ty's face. Ty nodded, showing his pearly whites and he said, "Oh, you did. Is it the match with Jake?"

"Fuck no." Kristjan frowned, picking up his glass of Scotch and he tossed the remnants in a single swallow, impressing Ty -- and turning him on if he had to admit it.

"Your family?" Ty asked. "I thought you'd be happy with how well we got along."

"I'd have been happier if my sisters didn't keep trying to feel your arms." Kristjan scoffed, making Ty blush as he remembered how many times the three young women who called Kristjan 'brother' found whatever excuse they could to feel his arms and give them a squeeze. It wouldn't have been so bad when Eva had broken it up but then the mother of this family snuck in a little squeeze of her own, just for fun.

Ty looked downward at the table, his eyes finding the glass of beer and his fingers slipped around it as he found himself asking, "Are you regretting anything?"

"What?" Kristjan asked, looking up sharply. "Why the fuck would you ask a question like that!?" He caught himself, and both men looked around to see if the outburst had drawn any unwanted attention but the chatter between friends and the televisions were loud enough that nobody had taken any notice.

It had been a foolish question, but some insecurities were not so easily overcome. And ever since the moment when Kristjan had bitten him on the shoulder in a moment of passion, and had declared publicly that Ty was his, he had been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Perhaps believing the old adage that if something seemed too good to be true, it often was.

"I know." Ty exhaled. "I'm sorry, it's just..." he shook his head. "When things were going so great over Christmas and then you started to seem withdrawn..."

"Look..." Kristjan started to say. "This is all new to me, okay? I don't know how to handle being in any kind of relationship as opposed to us just fucking each others brains out." Ty's ears colored from the colorful way Kristjan had of turning a phrase. Not that it wasn't true. They hung out and talked, but when they were in bed together...


Kristjan continued, having taken no notice to Ty's reaction, "I didn't know anything like this was going to happen. I didn't think it ever would and I accepted that. I also can't believe I'm saying this shit in a sports pub of all places!" He looked around, now feeling somewhat self conscious as Ty snorted back a laugh.

Moving on, Kristjan said, "Right now I'm just not in a good way I guess. You remind me of someone I knew years ago..."

"Jökull." Ty said softly as he raised his mug to take a drink, "I know." And he froze. Shit. He slowly lowered the mug, not having taken the swallow of its contents and he looked up find Kristjan simply staring at him.

"What?" Kristjan finally said, not sure whether or not he had heard Ty correctly. "What did you say...?" He shook his head, closing his eyes. "How did you... who told....!?"

He opened his eyes, and Ty could see the anger building up to an alarming level.

Kristjan whispered, "The only person who would have.... could have..." And his face went dark, and devoid of emotion. "Mother..." And he stood up and practically shoved his way out from behind the table, nearly toppling the chair he had just vacated over.

"Kristjan....?" Ty said, sanding up but the man, his man, was already headed toward the door!

"Shit...!" Ty muttered before dropping some cash for the bill on the table so he could hurry after Kristjan before disaster struck!

Back at the condo...

The condo was dark, save for the flickering lights emanating from the large HDTV where the scenes from the most recent "Predator" movie was showing, and Aron and Dani Weston sat on the sofa, across from it with a big bowl of buttered popcorn between them to share. The movie was proving quite bloody and intense, so much so that Ty's aunt Lora, who had been invited over by Aron to watch, huddled herself across the room and sat at the island bar counter that separated the living room from the kitchen. Enough space and distance so that she could still watch, but also avoid too much of the bloodshed onscreen which was not to her liking. Lora had not even intended to accept the invitation, as horror movies were not to her tastes, but the sweet boy Aron had been so insistent she not spend the evening alone, she was simply unable to refuse his kind offer.

A handful of times Aron's cell started to go off, telling him that he had a call, but in a moment of annoyance, he had switched it on silent so they wouldn't be disturbed from the proceedings of the movie. Oh but how he should have answered when it first went off, to at least see the warning text sent from Ty! It was why none of them were prepared for when the door to the condo swung open, causing a surprised shriek from Lora to erupt and startling Aron and Dani enough to spill some of the popcorn from the bowl and onto the floor, but Kyssa ran over and ate it up before anyone had the chance to prevent her from doing so.

An extremely pissed off Kristjan stormed inside, breathing heavily and a concerned Ty came in quickly after him! Lora had just calmed herself and stood up from where she had seated herself on one of the three white stool chairs, as Dani scooped up the spilled popcorn that Kyssa had missed, and Aron stood, looking confused.

"Jesus, K! You scared the shit out of us!" Aron exclaimed, almost not noticing his brother's current mental state. At least, not until it was a little too late. "I thought you two were going to be out later than..." But it was then that he noticed something was off as Ty approached Kristjan and placed a hand on his arm, and Kristjan promptly pulled away, his eyes glaring hard at his brother.

"What's wrong?" Aron asked, his eyes switching back and forth between his brother and Ty. "Didn't you have a good time...?"

"Do I look like I had a fucking good time!?" His brother bellowed, to which Aron frowned and answered truthfully, "How the hell should I know? You're always like this!"

Aron sat back down and picked up the remote to continue with the film, but Kristjan stormed over and tore the device from his sibling's hand and heaved it across the room! The remote struck the wall and shattered upon impact, the back casing breaking off and the batteries spilling out!

Dani backed up several steps, the shock evident on her face as Lora's own eyes widened. She had been told by her nephew that Kristjan had something of a temper but until now, she had seen no evidence of it. He had been flirty and charming, if with a bit of sauciness, but never angry. And never at his own flesh and blood.

"What the hell...?" Aron stood up, but he said nothing more as he saw clearly for the first time the dark emotion threatening to erupt from his brother. His eyes were aflame and his breathing was growing deeper and more erratic as he fought to control his temper.

Ty tried again to rest a hand on his boyfriend's arm, saying, "K, calm down..."

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Kristjan yelled. "Not after what he did!"

"Me?" Aron was legit confused and concerned. At a loss, he asked, "What? What did I do!?"

"You told him..." Kristjan said, taking a step closer toward his brother who subconsciously took a step back, despite the confidence he had that he would never lay a hand to him. In all their years as brothers, Kristjan never struck him. "You told him about Jökull!"

Aron stared at him for a moment before he frowned, "Is that all?"

"Is that fucking ALL!?" Kristjan yelled. "Isn't that enough!? Who the FUCK do you think you are telling ANYBODY about him!"

It was then that Aron realized, unlike the others, that Kristjan wasn't this overwrought emotionally in an effort to reign in his temper. He was fighting like mad not to shed a tear in front of Dani or Lora, or especially Ty, at the memories brought forcibly up at the mention and memories of his cherished Jökull!

"Who's Jökull?" Lora whispered innocently to Dani, but the name was just as lost on Aron and Kristjan's temporary roommate as it was on Ty's aunt. Aron, having overheard, turned his head toward them but jerked his head back when Kristjan bellowed, "LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M FUCKING TALKING TO YOU!!!"

"You're not talking to me, K. You're yelling at me!"

"You're damn right I'm yelling..."

"Well knock it off!" Aron raised his own voice, surprising all -- even his brother. Aron was so kind hearted and soft spoken, none of them had ever heard him raise his voice to that level. The surprise lasted seconds, but it was enough and once he had calmed down, Aron spoke up and said, "Yes. I told him. K, you were treating Ty here like shit and I...."

"Who the fuck do you think you are, sticking your nose into my private life!?" Kristjan would not allow Aron to finish his line of reasoning, interrupting him with a raised voice.

"I was trying to help!" Aron pleaded.

"Who asked you to!?"

"No one! But you were running the risk of losing something that could be the best thing to happen to you since...." But he stopped before he spoke the name again, but he needn't bother. Kristjan did so for him and said, "Go ahead. Say it! Since Jökull!"

"Yeah." Aron sighed after a pause. "K, please. You have to believe me. And it all worked out, right?"

But his pleas were not having the positive effect that Aron had silently hoped for. Kristjan continued to stare with hard, unyielding eyes at his little brother and Aron could feel the simmering volcano growing in intensity beneath the quiet exterior, threatening to erupt at any given moment. Over the years, his family and what few friends he had, knew one thing about Kristjan without a shred of doubt; he was at his most dangerous when he was quiet.

This quiet.

"You listen to me..." Kristjan took a step closer to Aron who had to resist the urge to take a further step back. He was confident Kristjan would never strike him, but there was that lingering doubt that left him not quite certain. And that scared him more than anything. The tension was thick, as the discomfort was evident on Lora's face for being present during a heated family squabble, and Dani for caring so much for both of these men like they were her own brothers. And who wants to watch your family fight?

And Ty? He felt the worst of all because it was his own slip of the tongue that spilled the secret that Aron had divulged something so personal to him.

Kristjan was now right in Aron's face, sticking his forefinger into his younger brother's chest. Aron met his gaze and would not back down, even though seeing the emotion threatening to spill out from his eyes was almost more than he could stand.

" little shit!" Kristjan hissed. "You took the most painful and darkest moment of my life, my biggest fucking regret, and shared it despite having NO RIGHT to do so! I've been betrayed before but I never thought my own brother would stab me in the back!"

"Stab you...?" Aron stood there, shocked at the accusation, but he was unable to finish the words, his mind at a loss at Kristjan's accusation. Fortunately, he didn't need to, because Ty came to his defense.

"Come on, K." Ty reasoned in the soft, understanding voice that belied the heart the man possessed. He was big in physical stature, but his heart was even bigger. He went on, "That's going a bit far, isn't it?"

"And you!" Kristjan whirled around, confronting Ty who blinked back in surprise.

"Me?" Ty frowned. "What did I do???"

"You knew about this, the entire time, and you didn't say anything!?" Kristjan confronted his boyfriend, his already volatile temper having yielded to its natural course.

Ty regained his composure, and stood strong as he said, "Oh I don't know. Maybe because I was worried you'd react the way that you are now?"

"So, what!?" Kristjan held his arms out. "Was all this since he told you just one colossal pity fuck!?"

The words were out there before Kristjan could stop himself, and immediately he regretted it. Especially when he saw the hurt, stricken expression on Ty's face. It was that moment when Lora had almost stepped up to confront Kristjan for insinuating such a hurtful thing to her dear nephew, but Ty wouldn't risk his beloved aunty possibly drawing the ire of this situation which was fast growing out of control. Ty held his hand up to stall her, and the hurt, pained expression on his face slowly subsided and turned upset. Angry.

"Pity fuck?" Ty asked. "Is that all you think you are to me?" But Kristjan just stared at him, unwilling -- or unable -- to form a coherent answer through his pain and rising anger.

Finally he drew in a deep breath forced his anger down and said in a hard tone, "I just find it funny that we only got serious after he told you! I...." But the struggle against his natural response was too much to bear and he cursed, "Fuck!" beneath his breath before he moved toward the front door of the condo.

"I can't deal with this shit right now!" He said, and Ty wheeled around and asked, "Where are you going!?"

"Out!" Came the answer, and that was when Aron's own temper betrayed him, and he himself said something he would soon deeply regret.

"Oh that's right!" Aron confronted Kristjan, taking a seat back down on the sofa to calm himself. "Run away like you always do!"

And the silence was immediately deafening, threatening everyone in its wake. No sooner had Kristjan opened the door, then he came to a halt, frozen as if in time. He slowly turned his head to glare at his brother over his shoulder and hissed between clenched teeth.

"You know what?" he whispered, which was a tell-tale sign of a warning. "You're right. Why the fuck should I leave!?"

He turned about and stormed right over to the living room, and grabbed Aron by the arm, roughly pulling him up to his feet! He declared, "I paid for this place! My name is on the lease!" And he all but dragged Aron past the shocked trio of Ty, Dani and Lora as he said, "Get. Out!" And he shoved Aron through the door and out into the building's hallway!0

Aron caught himself from falling and turned, staring in shock at his brother as Dani took a cautious step forward and said, "No, wait! He didn't mean...!" But Kristjan turned on her and growled, "I think I can decide for myself what I did or did not mean!"

Kristjan turned back to Aron who took a step toward the door, and the younger sibling said, "K.... where do you expect me to go!?"

"Go back to Iceland for all I care." Kristjan declared in a calm, ominous tone. "Or better still? Go to hell." And he slammed the door in Aron's face!


"Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."
~ Volsunga Saga, c.19

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Jake Raab
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How's Jake's acting classes going? Huntington Beach, California. Friday 21st December. (Off camera)

It's the last day of the year for the acting school students and although Jake has yet to make friends, he has been chatting to a few people and things are still tough at times for Jake to be this super entertaining charismatic guy, someone who doesn't really know how to make people laugh and make people want to see him more than just being a wrestler. Although a lot of people have asked Jake why it's so important to be an entertainer in wrestling and he shrugged his shoulders, although Edgar kept mentioning it's so Jake can stand himself out from other wrestlers in the wrestling business.

The family legacy wasn't really a factor for Jake, considering he didn't get help from Konrad or Lord Raab being in the wrestling business. There is one thing Jake didn't understand as while the others went home, he was desperate for answers as he knew he wanted to be an entertaining wrestler which was more difficult than performing moves in the ring as he says this.

Jake Raab: “I don't understand why wrestlers have to be different in the ring with their personalities. Do you know why that is?”

Edgar Davies: “Well it's because everyone knows it's just for business. It is hard to understand to move away from your original self to being a guy in the wrestling business. The fact is it's because wrestlers want to make extra money.”

Jake Raab: “Truth been told, I don't give a damn about getting lots of money. I don't do this for money and nor do my cousins either. They have their own reasons as to why they wrestle, but it's never been for money.”

Edgar Davies: “While they may not wrestle for the money, but they make lots of it. They know they can be different from how they are out of the ring. It's hard to understand for a rookie wrestler like yourself, heck it's hard to understand actors and actresses having to be pushed in the role of something uncomfortable from their original selves, but they work hard to be better actors and actresses.”

Jake nods as Edgar knows Jake's an Honor champion, the first and last guy ever in SCW to capture the belt away from the former champion who was in Honor Wrestling Austin James Mercer. He knows when Climax Control show is on Sunday, Austin may moan and complain about Jake being champion.

Jake Raab: “I got to be honest, I didn't even know anything about facing Fenris for the Honor and SCW belts until after I won the match. It was something I was put in and truth been told Edgar, I'm afraid of making the same mistakes as before against Fenris.”

Edgar Davies: “You said it yourself you're a rookie to the wrestling business, you're bound to make mistakes, but you learn from them.”

Jake Raab: “I don't get why Fenris still thinks he can wrestle without shoes on. This isn't MMA, it's wrestling. I wear boots and I used to be an MMA fighter.”

Edgar Davies: “Again, Fenris does it because he stands out to the rest and you can say he's suited for high flying wrestling, but that's what I've kept telling you that he does those things because he is a different beast altogether.”

Jake Raab: “I'm not afraid of Fenris as such. He beat me because I underestimated him and I admitted that.”

Edgar sees Jake being as truthful as he can be with the mistakes he's made in the wrestling sport already with him feeling the pressure of facing Fenris for the top two titles which it wasn't meant to happen for Jake, but he did and Edgar remembers the one thing Jake said that could help him.

Edgar Davies: “Remember when you said you wanted to be an honourable champion?”

Jake Raab: “Yes.”

Edgar Davies: “You can be an entertaining one at that. It's difficult, but there's a way. You got to figure it out. I know you're struggling in the acting school, but that's why you're here, to get better.”

Jake Raab: “Yes, I feel the Honor title has made me want to be honourable and I can change that into the match against Fenris. I can show him that the title has made me change my ways and be the guy who goes out to entertain people and show off this wonderful belt.”

Edgar Davies: “Just remember, it's because of your mentality that you won the belt. Not many wrestlers can right a wrong and you've done that. However, you must not overlook your opponent again.”

It's obvious to Edgar that Jake wants to be better, otherwise, he wouldn't have shown up every single day and although he's stumbling pretty bad, it was a learning curve for Jake and he says this to Edgar.

Jake Raab: “When I face him next year, I'm starting things on a fresh with me not feeling the pressure of the family name and being a better-behaved wrestler, coming for one purpose, to show Fenris I've earned my titles and I know he's mocking me, but I can mock him too. I can mock his accent and mock everything he's done in SCW so far.”

Edgar Davies: “Except wrestling results.”

Jake Raab: “Yes. I'm going to do a lot of digging on this guy to show how serious I am without speaking bullshit, without being a disrespectful brat who shot himself to the top by bitching and complaining about people demanding title shots. I'm going to be the new Jake Raab who can be honourable just like the belt says on the tin.”

Edgar Davies: “Well said kid. We won't have any more lessons until next year, but think about changing your tone of voice, think about changing bits of your personality and make it your own. Don't force it, but do things that will make people laugh, like Fenris's voice for an example.”

Jake understands as he nods as he takes a quick drink of water, even if he was having a lot of pressure on himself to do well and to take Fenris's belt away from him, being the first guy in SCW to beat Fenris at his own game and be the SCW champion.

Jake Raab: “Obviously I still not a fan of how he got in the wrestling business by his friends helping him to be a wrestler. I messed up about his MMA career, yes, but that's down to my lack of research about Fenris.”

Edgar Davies: “I assume you respect him in a way, right?”

Jake Raab: “I'm not sure after everything we both said to each other. I already know he's saying I'm a joke and how he wanted Austin to face him in a match. I want to change by gaining and earning respect in the ring by performing to my full potential and show the world how much this honor belt has wanted me to change myself to be a better person.”

Edgar Davies: “Prove it next year you're a champion who can be taken seriously and start from square one with your behaviour. You need to practice talking in front of a mirror so you can see your facial expressions and do some sort of movements with your body language. Heck, maybe show off your funko pops you like collecting that can also stand you out from the rest too.”

Edgar has seen pictures of Jake with the ton of funko pops surrounding his home as he's almost got every single one of those figures in boxes, even ten shelves full of them, leading to another two empty shelves to put more on and Jake nods and speaks.

Jake Raab: “That's a good idea. I could show off some funko pops to the world. I mean I heard one of the wrestlers in SCW was showing off Pokemon Go game backstage, why can't same be done to this? I also thought of being a guy who can promote everyone to eat fruit and vegetables everyday cos that's something I believe in.”

Edgar Davies: “Those are really good ideas. See, you got some ideas under your belt and we'll work on them in your first lesson next year to combine funko pops and promoting fruit and vegetables to eat every day. Have a great Christmas and New Year and I'll see you on January seventh.”

Jake nods as before he goes, Edgar gives Jake a present as everyone got one from the acting coach and Jake says thank you to Edgar and he leaves the school to head back to his apartment, knowing he has to do some Christmas shopping himself to get his cousins, their loved ones and their kids presents for Christmas tomorrow before the big match against Fenris for the Honor/SCW title Unification match.


Challenged into something I wasn't even aware of. Jake's camera. (On camera)

“I know Austin and Alex have been bitching and complaining as expected because of how I got to the title and truthfully, they earned that right because it was pretty much karma for me and I know how much I fucked up already with that. I know I'm going to do everything possible to start from square one and starting all over again because two thousand and eight was pretty shitty for me, even when I won the Honor title, I felt I didn't deserve it and I still don't.

That's because I've not had the chance yet to prove myself and I knew once the Honor belt was around my waist, it would change me for the better cos you see Fenris, you may think I'm a joke and last year's version of Jake Raab, I was. I'm a changed man now because when I think about it, SCW management wanted me to be more honourable as a champion and well, you know the result of that.

Truth been told, I wasn't even aware I was facing Fenris for the Honor/SCW title unification match until after I've won the Honor title and truthfully, I wished that Austin was in the match because he does deserve the rematch and if I win SCW title, he will have the first shot of it and Fenris will too. Fact is Fenris is on a roll here since he joined SCW and overcoming nearly everyone he's faced, even successfully defended against Vinnie on Christmas special show of Climax Control.

However, it doesn't appeal to anyone when I studied more about you, you have exposed yourself as a pretty bad champion. I'm not speaking about your results and in-ring performance because you truly deserve to be a champion with that, but more of the scandals you've got yourself in during your time as champion in SCW with the notion of you rumoured to be gay and dating two other men. Nobody wants to see a champion putting themselves in the bad press like that. I might have done the same, but not in that sort of way.

Dude, you can shrug me off as an opponent and you can laugh at the thought of you fighting me instead of Austin, but you damn well know I will prove to you that the title has changed my overall behaviour to being an honourable champion and I'm already proving that to you. I don't even know why you're still not wearing wrestling shoes, despite not being an MMA fighter anymore.

I wear wrestling shoes because I want to look the part of being a pro wrestler, then again, you might be barefooted because you want to stand out from everyone else who wears shoes in the ring. I'll prove to you this year, there's no more flat out trash talking Jake, taking a giant shit on the business on top of you being my opponent because you are a threat, I was wrong to mock you for your achievements.

But you can't deny you got into the business the easy way from your friends getting you there. Konrad and Markus weren't there for me and that's not because they didn't give a damn, they had their own careers to focus on, on top of their family too. Fact is I will never be another Konrad or another Lord Raab. They are a different league to me.

But we are in the same league, despite the wins and losses ratio being very different, but have you really learned anything from your wins? Have you really learned anything about wrestling? I have to say you haven't really learned anything because you've just been destroying opponents. No fault of your own of course, but I'm glad I've made mistakes because it makes you stronger and be a better wrestler and a better person.

That's what you'll see from me as I've been busting my ass week in and out for this match because it means everything to me Fenris and even if it's two MMA guys aiming to beat the living shit out of each other, weapons, MMA style fighting or not, I will still confidently say I can and will defeat you in the ring next Sunday and I will have no problems overcoming the champion who's so highly rated and you'll have to fight with every inch of your bones and body to defeat me, to defeat a guy who will do anything possible to make you tap out or pin you for the three count. More to be said next week.”

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Reykjavik, Iceland - Landspítali, the National University Hospital of Iceland
Twenty something odd years ago

"Come on, now." The father Benedikt said gently as he held the hand of his son, a four year old Kristjan Baltasarsson, leading him into the small room where his mother Eva laid in bed, exhausted and recovering from the birth. His two older sisters, the six year old Elin and eight year old Viktoria, stood clear across the room, backs to the wall as if they were frightened at the prospect of catching something from the small bundle wrapped in a blanket and held to their mother's bosom. His sisters had ugly looks on their faces, and for once it was not directed at Kristjan himself, But at their new baby brother.

But that was lost on Kristjan, who paid his sisters no mind, as was the usual circumstance. Even at this tender age he knew it upset them greatly when he ignored their tantrums and spoiled brat moments, of which there were plenty. It was simply the prerogative of the little brother to be as great a nuisance to his sisters as was possible. Of course, by just being born he had been considered a nuisance. What could he say? His older sisters were bitches.

Bottom lips jetted out, arms folded and eyes narrowed, they watched as their "daddy" led Kristjan around the bedside and helped him stand up on a small stool so that he might get a closer look. Eva's eyes finally pried themselves away from the new addition to their family, and came upon until then, her one and only baby boy.

Kristjan's small fingers curled in the blankets that covered his mom and he leaned up to get a better look. Eva moved her body slightly to the side and winced, her recovery still a long way from being over after going through a seven hour labor and delivery. The small baby in the blanket was asleep, But his fingers moved, as if they were testing themselves. Kristjan looked up and saw what would be pride swimming about in his dad's eyes, even if he did not understand that at the time.

Little Kristjan looked back to his baby brother as his mom said, "Sweetheart, meet Aron. Your new baby brother."

Kristjan stared at his new little brother, and the newborn's eyes were open and gazing back toward him, taking in this new addition even if he was too young to focus properly.

"Don't worry." Kristjan whispered more for his own benefit than for baby Aron or his parents' benefit. "I'll protect you."

The Baltasarsson home -
Six months later

"Okay, be careful now Kristjan." Eva said as she carefully laid the baby Aron into her other son, the four year old Kristjan's lap. He had practically begged his mom to let him hold the baby. Eva resisted at first, as any mother might at allowing someone else, anyone else, to hold their child. But Kristjan was persistent, even all those years ago, up until the point where she had finally relented.

He had climbed up onto his mom's favorite chair and scooted all the way back so there was plenty of room on his lap. Then he did just as he was shown by his father and wrapped his arms up in a cradle under the baby to support Aron's body and head.

Eva stood back and watched with a smile as Kristjan gazed down at his brother who looked up at him with wide eyes, his tiny fingers seemingly reaching out towards the one who had promised those months ago to watch over and protect him. Eva picked up her camera from the table, and with a smile of delight, she captured the moment for the future.

Just at that moment, the telephone rang and Eva said to her son, "Be careful with him, Kristjan. I'll be right back as soon as I get that." And Eva reluctantly hurried away to answer the phone, then get back to the moment at hand. Only mere seconds later, his sisters swooped into the room like two little vultures stalking their prey.

"Why do you want to hold the little rat?" Elin said with a disdainful sneer on her otherwise pretty face.

"Leave him alone." Kristjan answered back, not looking at them But keeping his eyes right where they belonged; on Aron. But simply acknowledging the two was enough to give the two spiteful little girls an intense amount of pleasure, and it set them off.

"He's just a little rat!"

"Eww! Look how wrinkly he is!"

Of course, neither little girl was foolish enough to say any of this loud enough for either their mother or father to hear, nor risk it when they were in the same room. As far as Elin and Viktoria were concerned, they were Eva and Benedikt's little angels.

Kristjan finally looked up at them with a pouty, upset look on his cherubic face and he scowled, "I said leave him alone!"

"Oh yeah?" Viktoria smiled nastily. "Or what?" And that said, she reached right over and pinched the baby's skin between her thumb and forefinger, causing the baby to elicit a sharp cry of pain! Baby Aron's cries immediately filled the house But that was nothing compared to the cries of his sisters because as he promised, Kristjan protected Aron by reaching out with his free hand and socking his sister right on the shoulder.

Viktoria gave a great performance, grabbing her shoulder and sobbing great tears while Elin yelled at Kristjan for "attacking" her! Eva came running in and immediately she was bombarded by cries and protests from every side of the room, most notably her new son Aron and the rather impressive performance by Viktoria!

"I didn't do nothing!" Sobbed Viktoria. "He just hit me and Aron started crying!"

"That's right mom!" Elin defended her sister. Viktoria didn't do anything to him!"

"Kristjan!" Eva scolded her son, despite his tears and protests and she pulled Aron from his arms, much to his sisters' mutual delight. "I can't believe you it your sister! You know better than that!"

"No, mommy...!" Kristjan tried to plead his case But Eva had her back turned and that is when Kristjan saw the smug expressions of satisfaction on his sisters faces at having turned the tables on him and gotten him into a fair amount of trouble.

"Just wait until your daddy gets home young man!" Eva said with that dangerous tone only a mother can perfect. "He will ... wait, what's this?"

For the first time, Eva noticed the nasty bruise on Aron's arm where he had been pinched. She lifted the blanket to get a better look at it and showed concern as she looked at her other three children for an explanation.

"That's what I was trying to tell you." Little Kristjan said defensively. "That's where Viktoria pinched him and that's why I hit her!"

Eva's head snapped up and she stared at her two daughters who had sudden 'deer caught in headlights' expressions on their faces!

The Baltasarsson home -
Three years later

"What are you doing?" The seven year old Kristjan asked three year old Aron who was carefully walking from out of the kitchen with two large glasses of milk in his hands, taking extra precaution not to spill them on their mom's freshly cleaned floors.

"Taking these to Elin and Viktoria." Aron said mildly, so innocent in the ways of his sisters at this period in his life that he couldn't understand his brother's sudden annoyance. Kristjan pulled the glasses from his hands, spilling just a bit over the rims of the glasses, and set them on a table before he took Aron by the hand and marched him into the living room where their two sisters were lounging back, snacking on candy and listening to music without a care in the world.

"Where's our milk, slave?" Elin cackled, and Kristjan stepped in front of his brother protectively and he narrowed his eyes into slits.

He said, "Mom and dad didn't leave you in charge while they went to our school for meetings just so you could boss us around! You're supposed to be taking care of us, not making him take care of you!"

"I can do whatever I want!" Viktoria declared hotly, and Elin smiled, nodding her head in agreement. "I'm the boss! Me!"

"That doesn't mean you can just boss us around and make us get you things!"

Viktoria hopped to her feet and marched up to confront her brother, who at this age she was a fair few inches taller than him given the years between them in age. Behind her, Elin lounged back with a candy bar in hand, fully enjoying the show.

Viktoria declared, "Oh yes it does. I can tell him what to do and he has to do it, and the same. Goes. For. You!" She added with a swipe of her arm, and the sweater that was their fathers that she was wearing, several sizes too ,large, had the long arm slap her brother across the head, resulting in her grand smile.

An hour later....

"We're -- home...?" Benedikt called out and he and his wife stopped short in the door frame to find their two oldest daughters harnessed to the family coat rack, the sleeves of Viktoria's sweater wrapped back and around both girls, effectively tying them to place. The girls were still struggling and crying as the parents leaned over to look into the kitchen, only to find Aron seated at a chair and on a phone book for leverage so he could reach the bowl of fruit rings cereal Kristjan had poured for him for "supper."

Las Vegas, Nevada -

Kristjan aka Fenris woke up in the middle of the night, the dreams of years past still haunting him ever since he had thrown Aron out of the condo that they had shared for all these months together. He frowned, fighting to get the sleep from his eyes and he squinted towards the clock to read the time.

3:43 AM

Shit. Almost two hours earlier than he had planned to rise to go for a run and begin his day. AS he sat up in the bed, the moonlight that drifted through the drawn shades in his room gave off a tantalizing shine on his bare skin from the waist up.

Normally Fenris slept naked, which was much to his preference, But ever since Dani had taken up residence in his brother's bedroom, he had yielded to at least sleep in a pair of boxer briefs. This was the end result when Fenris forgot about his guest and walked out in the middle of the night to get something to snack on from the pantry --- and Dani apparently had the same idea and instead got quite the show!

For now, he remained where he lay. Kyssa gazed up at him with those baby blue puppy eyes and he shook his head.

"Now don't you start!" He said in a hushed whisper. "It was his own fault!"

But the canine whined before she scooted further up the bed and laid her head gently across his stomach. She got what she wanted in that regard at least, as Fenris subconsciously reached up with his hand to lightly scratch her behind the ear, her favorite "happy spot." But he knew his beloved dog's behavioral patterns well enough through the years to know she was missing Aron, having been used to his presence for so long. Animals were affected negatively by change on a far more personal scale than humans were, as they understood the circumstances far less, if at all.

And yet despite his animosity towards his brother, Fenris could not help But feel the sting of the past few days absence. Despite what he said on social media, he did, in fact, know where Aron was. Gabriel had sent him a text to tell him Aron was staying with him for the time being. And yes, Gabriel went on further to explain to his charge during a phone conversation that while he didn't know the entire story, he did know that Aron had divulged a dark part of his brother's past to Ty West.

What surprised both brothers was when Gabriel had agreed with Fenris, although perhaps not to the same degree. Gabriel had told Aron between the two men that what he had done was wrong. He had no right nor business telling anyone anything so personal a secret from Kristjan's life. Betraying a loved one's secret was just that; an act of betrayal. Aron may have meant it for the best, But sometimes doing what was best, was not doing what was right.

But, he also told Kristjan when he had come to the gym for a training session, that too easily could the bonds between family be shattered. And the bond between Aron and Kristjan was something he had marveled at ever since he had first met them. If Gabriel was to be perfectly honest, it reminded him somewhat of the love Gabriel himself had for his pseudo 'little brother' Despayre and vice versa. And so, after their very last training session before Inception III would take place, Gabriel left him with two simple words in advice;

"Fix this."

A far easier task that was said than done. Fenris's temper had cooled no more now than it had the moment he had slammed the door in Aron's face at the end of last week. He had told everyone present that Aron was not to be let back, even warning Dani that she would be next if she made that grievous error in judgement. He then locked himself in his room and effectively isolated himself. The evening had been ruined, and it was Aron's doing.

It had been Aron's fault entirely.

"Fix this." Fenris scoffed as he finally rose, feeling it better to get up rather than toss and turn in bed in a vain attempt to reclaim his sleep when he knew he had little to no chance of it happening.He pulled on a t shirt over his head and slipped on a pair of pajama pants before he opened the bedroom door.

Kyssa was the first one out, and her master soon followed. Too soon for breakfast, that was unfortunate. Several times Dani had surprised him and Aron during her stay with home cooked breakfast, usually wheat pancakes which Kristjan had quickly grown fond of. Only after the disaster of a weekend this past week, Dani hadn't indulged him. It was almost as if she were upset or angry with his treatment of Aron, not the other way around. That, or she was simply nervous about doing anything in his present state of mind that might set him off anew.

He knew how she had felt. The one consequence he should have foreseen to his actions occurred early this week when he had made his usual weekly video chat with his mom back in Iceland...

"Where's your brother?" Eva asked, her inquisitive eyes roaming around the screen, as if she were trying to gain some glimpse of the young son that was not there.

"I don't know." Was the honest answer to her question, But Eva frowned at him as if he had spoken some foreign language that neither were privy to understanding.

"You don't know? What do you mean you don't know?"

"I haven't seen him in three days, Mom." Fenris confessed. "We had a fight, and I threw him out."

Eva's eyes widened as the words her son just uttered slowly sunk in. "You -- what?"

He said, "I found out Aron told Ty all about Jökull. Maybe that's why Ty took an interest in me." He exhaled a deep breath he hadn't even realized he had been holding. "Pity."

But Eva simply stared. Straight ahead.

At him.

"You threw your little brother out of your home, with no money. Only the clothes on his back. In a strange city in an even stranger country!?" By the last few words, Eva's sharp words grew in decibels, and Fenris had to fight to keep from flinching as if he were a small child once again. Say what you will about his father being the disciplinarian when they were children, but Eva was the heart of the family that kept them together and when she lost her temper...

Well, it should tell you something when it even gave someone like Kristjan pause.

"Where is he!?" She had demanded of him but al he could or would say was "I told you; I don't know! He could be on his way back to Iceland for all I care!"

It went downhill fast from there. Everything from "How could you do such a thing to him!?" to reminding Kristjan how he had promised to watch over and protect his little brother all those years ago! Like he needed the reminder. The worst was when the tears started flowing from his mom's eyes. She didn't do it as a means of emotional blackmail. She simply reacted as a mother would, being fearful not just for the welfare of her child, but seeing the breakdown of the loving bond between her two sons who had always been there for one another.

"Mom..." He had started to say, but she cut him off, "Don't. Just ... don't."

She wiped at her eyes unsuccessfully with the back of her hand, before she looked straight at her oldest boy with tear stained eyes. She then said the most cutting remark a loving son could possibly hear, "I am so disappointed in you." Shocking him to the core.

She then slammed the laptop shut, effectively ending their conversation and leaving him in the proverbial dark.

This week had been a fucking nightmare. And it was all Aron's fault.

Las Vegas, Nevada -
Gold Coast Casino

Even at this early hour, the upper parking lot on the roof of the Gold Coast was packed with vehicles, from tourists and locals alike, who sought to make use of the restaurants, gambling facilities and entertainments being offered. Not far from the famed Vegas Strip, a mere four minute drive from the most famous casinos and attractions in the world, the Gold Coast was at no loss to bringing people in, especially this weekend as preparations were underway for the third annual Inception event for Sin City Wrestling, both the first Supercard and show in general of 2019.

Inside, there was a bustle of activity as music played across unseen speakers, with no clocks in sight so as to assuage the guests from realizing they've spent too much time risking their funds in games of chance. Men and women, young and old alike, sat at the tables and slot machines, enjoying themselves both privately as well as interacting socially with their friends and families, and in some cases, newly met acquaintances. The entrance double doors to the casino's lobby opened, and in walked the face of the SCW Superstar division, "The White Wolf," Fenris; the reigning World Heavyweight Champion.

Having been up since six a.m. and finished his usual run along Charlie Frias Park, Fenris had cleaned up and opted to hit the locale where in just two days time, he would be making history against Jake Raab. SCW always ensured their shows here at their home base went smoothly by setting things up at the start of the weekend, and Fenris wanted to get a bird's eye view of what was dubbed as the "California Ballroom," where a host of wrestling shows promoted by SCW had been held over the years. Dressed casually in a pair of old, faded blue jeans, a white muscle shirt open at the sleeves and his favorite white cap he (finally) retrieved from Ty West, Fenris blended in well enough with the rest of the casino's "guests," save for the chilly weather drew a few curious glances in his direction for wearing something that exposed so much of his upper body. Other glances, perhaps admiring ones. Either way, Fenris did not care. He knew he was attractive, But simply did not care. And as for the cool weather? He was from Iceland! This was nothing! No, his mind was on something else entirely.

Jake Raab.

Maneuvering through the bodies and past a golden Buddha statue on his far left, Fenris turned a corner and arrived at a pair of escalators that would take him, and soon hundreds of wrestling enthusiasts, upstairs to the ballroom salons where the show would take place. Hands on the moving guardrail, his fingers drummed slightly in a sign of both patience and annoyance until he arrived at the top and gazed about at the activity that surprised even him.

Staff of both the casino and Sin City Wrestling alike were moving in every direction, entering and exiting the Ballroom and setting up tables in the foyer where souvenir stands and meet and greet sessions with the fans would take place before and during the show. He could see the sound and video equipment being set up for pre-match interviews and post-match celebrations to the victors, But he spotted the open double doors along the center of the hall and set foot inside. One hotel employee thought to intervene, suspecting him a fan, But an SCW employee quickly intervened before any hostilities could break out and Fenris entered, unmolested.

As expected, the six-sided ring had already been set up, most likely during the earliest morning hours by the hard working ring crew employed by Mark Ward and Christian Underwood. Despite the fact that the two men rarely saw eye to eye on anything, their one consistent was they took no chances when it came to any show, especially the Supercard events that they promoted. Everything was done early, and tested multiple times to ensure a quality production from every aspect. As a matter of fact, Fenris spotted Christian, Starbucks coffee in hand as usual, across the ballroom with Mark, inspecting something or other while talking to a member of the production crew.

Fenris watched as several workers carted in stacks of folding chairs to set up around the ringside area for the fans, and so as not to get in their way, he backed up along the wall beside the entrance, and his eyes seemed to be entranced as he stared straight ahead toward the ring.

"You know, when this match was first announced, I had it in my head that Jake Raab was just some lucky bastard who practically had a championship fall in his lap. I thought he was narrow minded and took one too many strikes to the head, But I realized after listening to him run at the mouth, there is so much more to him."

His Icelandic words were translated to subtitles as usual, and Fenris folded his arms across his chest and his gaze narrowed.

"I never gave him enough credit for being so fucking stupid as he has pretty much proved himself to be. I thought that maybe, just maybe, there might be some chance he and I might have at earning one another's respect."

He jetted out his lip and shook his head in denial.

"But all that pretty much got thrown out the window after I saw that bullshit show he treated everyone too last week. I could see that Jake was a fighter. I experienced that first hand. I also knew that he was a dumb ass, But I had no idea that he was also a fucking bigot!"

Fenris turned to direct his gaze into the camera and he nodded knowingly.

"Yeah, I imagine that you're watching me right now Jake. You were probably camped out at your laptop, just waiting for any sign of life from the real champion between us, so you could watch and get all butt hurt at whatever it was that I might have to say. But don't for a second think that you can deny it now."

He shook his head.

"You pretty much told everyone just that, that you had issues with my being gay because you said it was one of the things that made me a bad champion to represent SCW! In your own word, the rumor of my being gay was But one of the scandals I was involved in that made me such. Well newsflash, Jake! It's no rumor. If you'd paid attention and did the research that you seem to have started to take pride in, you would have found out that months ago I was pretty much dragged out of the fucking closet, kicking and screaming along the way! I had no god damn intention of my private life being made public save for one colossal fuck up on my part, But the truth is I can own up to that! I had only myself to blame for my private life coming into the public eye. I made my peace with that..."

He shrugged casually.

" to speak, But to call it a scandal? For you to say that was one thing that made me a bad champion?"

"And maybe, just maybe, you thought you might kill two birds with one stone and use probably the worst time in my life against me in some sad little attempt at ring psychology. But that would be stupid of you Jake. Trying to use my lowest point as a means to gain some form of psychological edge against me would only result in pissing me off, not psyching me out! And true, when you get under the skin of most opposition, it might give you a distinctive edge. But against me?"

He shook his head, eyes blazing.

"All it's going to do is piss me off, and you can ask anyone who's been in the ring with me, anyone who has known me personally since I entered this business. Pissing me off is the worst mistake you could possibly make when you have me standing across the ring from you!"

He bit his lower lip and nodded.

"Oh I'll admit that was the worst period of my life, where I could have fallen no lower, But was it because of what I was? No. It was because of what I did. And before you get ahead of yourself Jake, no. I don't for a second regret that brief period of time I had with Kris Ryans. Only the lack of thought behind it. And if you had done your homework like you suggest you had? What the fuck was that bullshit about me dating two men? Where in Hell did you get two? Ty West. He's the only man I've dated ... well, ever. Kris and I? We fucked each others brains out, and that was it. Big difference. And that was long before Ty and I ever started seeing each other."

He unfolded his arms and shook his head, standing upright from where he had been leaning back against the white colored walls.

"All that shows is your fucking ignorance at the world around you, and prejudiced against your own flesh and blood. After all, your own cousin, Lord Raab, was here long before I ever was and we all knew that he and his hubby Samuel McPherson were playing regular rounds of 'hide the kielbasa!' In fact, from some of the promotional videos that Gabriel and Odette forced me to watch, those two made it somewhat of a habit for awhile!"

Fenris then cast his eyes upward while holding up a forefinger.

"And correct me if I'm wrong, But didn't Lord Raab once hold the very same title I do now? By you own admission..."

He held his arms out and cocked his head to the left.

"... wouldn't that make your cousin a bad champion? Or is that different because he's your family, one of the high and mighty Raabs? I imagine it would, seeing as how you appear to not just be a bigot, But a raging hypocrite. Accusing me of taking the easy way out to get into this business, using the connections of my friends to transition from Mixed Martial Arts to professional wrestling. To that, all I can ask is..."

He frowned and blurted out.

"What the fuck are you on about!? I didn't even know who the hell Daniel Morgan and the rest of London Underground were when they approached me backstage after my last fight in EliteXL! Up until that point, I never watched a professional wrestling match in my life! I didn't know shit about the business or the people involved! I didn't know who the hell Gabriel or Odette or Despayre or any of those at that gym were when we were introduced! All I knew was Daniel and his team came to see my fight, and they thought I could make it in a different form of contact sport; wrestling! They talked Gabriel and Odette up as two of the best trainers the business had ever seen, so I thought 'What the fuck? My time in MMA was at a standstill for now, so why not give it a shot?' And you call that the easy way, my friends getting me there!?"

He jammed a finger back into his own chest.

"I got myself there, bitch! At the time, I would hardly call any of us 'friends,' which I'm certain Daniel and Gabriel would readily agree! Now, maybe. I'd like to think so. I'm not exactly the most likeable person on the planet. But I went in there and earned my spot at Gabriel's camp! I busted my ass to learn what he and his wife wanted me to learn! Or, wait a minute, were you possibly inferring that they were responsible for getting my foot in the door with SCW? If that's the case, then pardon me for going all grade school on you But DUH! Fucking yes they helped me get signed, and I have no god damn shame in admitting that! Everyone -- EVERYONE -- has some help getting that first foot past the door! Even you, Jake!"

He held out a hand toward the camera with a look of wonder on his face.

"Or... do you want to deny that as well? Were you the type to hang out in the lobby of the SCW office and when Mark or Christian approached, you jumped up and down like a little boy, waving your arms and crying, 'Pick me! Pick me!' Maybe your family didn't help you directly, But are you seriously suggesting that the name Raab played no role AT ALL in you getting signed!? Don't be stupid Jake and fact facts! If your last name wasn't Raab, you would never have been looked at twice! They would have just seen you as just another MMA fighter who wanted to be a wrestler, looking to do what I've already done! Like it or not, it was your family name that got you signed. It was your family name that earned you respect! It was your family name that got you that title shot to earn the belt you're wearing around your waist right now after dropping two matches back to back! So don't go accusing me of taking any short cuts because I trained and used legit contacts to earn a contract! Whereas you have been living off the family name since you made yourself known!"

Fenris then slowly stepped into the main aisle between the rows of chairs being set up and approached the ring. Once at the ringside area, he sat in one of the many chairs reserved for the VIP fans and guests of the SCW Superstars and Bombshells. He leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees.

"Jake, if you think my unbeaten streak is in any way some form of hindrance, then maybe the bosses should be checking to see if you have anything in your system that's obviously making you delusional. Every opponent that I've been in the ring against, from Ty West to Casey Williams to Ben Jordan, has brought something different to the table. No two wrestlers are truly alike, as each has something different to call their own speciality. Their own strengths, their own weaknesses. I'd like to say I agree with you that I've destroyed my opponents to date, But..."

He shrugged with a cocky smile.

only person I can honestly say I destroyed was Kyle Kavanaugh. Anyone else? I dealt my damage, But I suffered it as well."

He frowned.

"Can you seriously accuse Casey Williams, or Dmitri, or anyone else I've been in the ring with, of being 'destroyed'? Because if that is what you're insinuating, then you've just displayed a sore lack of respect towards each and every one of them! If I was unable to take a beating, then I never would have been a success in the cage or in the ring! Those men I wrestled? Every one of them made me bust my ass to earn those wins! Each and every one! I had to think and reflect on what Gabriel taught me, remember strengths and weaknesses, and look for openings! I had to adapt to every man I was in the ring with because what I did to one wouldn't necessarily work on another! So yes, Jake!"

He nodded, his eyes emblazoned with annoyance and anger.

"I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from winning! Not just from Gabriel and Odette, But from every goddamn man I've been in the ring with! It wouldn't be called competition otherwise! To learn and adapt and come out ahead! And yes, the same thing happened when I was in the ring with you, in that tag team match. I learned where MMA was concerned, you are the real deal. Not some fucking pretender like Quinton Cross who fights underground in parking garages and calls it Mixed Martial Arts! You went through the same shit I did and earned your spots, just like I did! My trainer was an MMA legend in Maksym Petrov. I don't know who the hell trained you, But whoever they were knew what the fuck they were doing. You see, I can respect that. I can admit that!"

"You hit me in that tag team match and gave me a fight that I've been dying to have ever since I first set foot in the ring! All I needed since then was for you and I to have ourselves a private match, one on one -- and here we are!"

He swept his arms out before sitting back and stretching his legs out.

"I still think that it's bullshit that you got your hands on that title the way you did, But the Norns must have something in store for you. Maybe it was simply to lead you to me so I could make history as I know I'm meant to. To walk into Inception III with the SCW World Heavyweight title, and walk out with your Honor championship. Making myself the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World!"

"And so long as you tossed the first shot in my direction, I don't feel so bad now in thinking what a load of horse shit it is that you even have that title to begin with. With all you said about me taking the easy way into this sport, at least I earned my place at the top of SCW! I went through the entire field of the Blast From the Past to become the Number One contender! I earned the World title I have now by winning it, and yes. I even later faced the man who vacated it and silenced any doubters or critics by beating him! And you?"

He raised his brow questioningly and waved a hand from left to right. He then closed his eyes and snapped his fingers in sudden realization.

"Oh that's right! The hierarchy felt so bad about you showings lately that they tossed you a bone and put you in that title match with Austin and Casey. And sure, things worked out in your favor, thanks to the machinations of the Norn, But guess what, Jake?"

His solemn face suddenly turned into that of a broad smile, his lips spreading and his pearly whites showing.

"In the end, it is in the Book of the Norn that it be my fate, my destiny, to make history this Sunday and become the first Undisputed World Champion, and I will be doing it at your expense! Your reign as the Honor World Champion will be very short, and extremely embarrassing! You will be just a blip on the radar of the history of Honor Wrestling. And me? I will continue on as I have been, being the best SCW has to offer, moving on to bigger and better things, and leaving you far, far behind me."

Fenris then stood up and turned around, making his way toward the open double doors to take his leave. But just before he stepped outside past the frame, he paused and turned back around.

"Oh and for the record Jake; I wrestle barefoot not because of an image But for simple comfort. And for the safety of my opponents. Because if I can knock their asses out with a kick with a bare foot, what the fuck do you think the end result would be if I were wearing boots!? So drop that funky foot fetish you have going, Jake. You're not my type."

He then stepped out into the hall and the doors closed behind him.

"Where wolf's ears are, wolf's teeth are near."
~ Volsunga Saga, c.19

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Jake Raab
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Last day of acting school before title defence. Huntington Beach, California. Friday 11th January (Off camera)

It's been a very tough week for Jake since the acting school returned from it's Christmas break, even if Jake made some more friends and them understanding about why it's important for wrestlers to find something in their personalities and it seemed like although he's still struggling to find himself of what makes him stand out to everyone in SCW. However, his interests are now discovered of him liking Big Bang Theory and The King Of Queens comedy series he likes. He also became a fan of Arrow TV series too.

A lot of Christmas presents he got were mainly funko pops stuff and even some Arrow DVD's from the TV series as he loved watching Oliver Queen using bow and arrow to destroy targets instead of guns which is what attracted him the most. While he was still trying to think of how he'd portray himself on camera, he says this.

Jake Raab: “Do you think people would take a liking to me if I dressed up like Oliver Queen?”

Edgar Davies: “I think so yes, at least it'll be an attempt to stand yourself out from the other SCW stars. Look at Caleb Storms. He like metal music, right?”

Jake Raab: “Yes.”

Edgar Davies: “He always wears a metal band shirt because he wants to be known more than just being a wrestler. He uses music to entertain himself and apart of who he is as a wrestler. He does well because everyone knows who he is. The only thing they know about you is how you won the Honor title and how you were an MMA fighter.”

Jake Raab: “No, I'm known for being another Raab name.”

Edgar Davies: “Yes and that's alright because they know how different you are to them, in fact, you are trying to fit your persona to the pair of them. Got to admit, it's not working out very well. If you go along with the idea of Oliver Queen and dressing up like him, you'll be someone standing out.”

Jake Raab: “Wouldn't it be a complete rip off though?”

Edgar sees Jake's concerns about him being worried about ripping off Arrow actor because Jake likes the TV show as of late and he wonders how to answer the question and he speaks.

Edgar Davies: “Nothing in this day and age is original anymore. How many films and songs have been copied? How many comics have been ripped off in films and TV series? A ton of them and half of them have been a success out of it.”

Jake Raab: “That's true.”

Edgar Davies: “I think you're uncomfortable of knowing how to be an entertaining guy because you're being pressured to do so. I do see where people like Fenris come from though, you are pretty much not someone who really sparks a fire.”

Jake Raab: “It pisses me off that I had to resort to bitching and complaining just to get myself somewhere. Obviously, the wrestling part has lost its name and it's about entertaining people now.”

Edgar shakes his head at Jake as he still doesn't really get it and he says this.

Edgar Davies: “It's not about entertaining people. After all, you didn't win a title because you were entertaining, did you?”

Jake Raab: “It might as well been, considering my methods of getting there was disgusting.”

Edgar Davies: “You have the chance to change that now and be the guy you want to be. I know you have the charisma and persona in you, you have to be confident and comfortable of getting out of your comfort zone and do things for yourself. That's what people are saying, try to do something new.”

Jake nods as he was glad to get this private time to chat as everyone does at some point every single week, except Sundays because Edgar was attending SCW events with Jake now to get him comfortable of standing in front of a crowd to talk. He sees Jake being a shy kid of doing things for himself.

Edgar Davies: “There's nothing wrong with doing things that you like from TV and try to copy it because the end of the day, at least you've tried. Caleb Storms might be doing something that it's been done before in wrestling, but is a success like other wrestlers are.”

Jake Raab: “Good point. He goes to metal gigs at times.”

Edgar Davies: “While you can't go to the filming of the arrow, Big Bang or The Kings Of Queens TV series, you can, however, try to use the things you like in your character. It will help you, regardless if people think you're ripping them off. You can be the German version of them.”

Jake Raab: “Hm, putting my nationality into things doesn't sound like a bad idea, although I won't speak in German cos nobody will understand what I'll say.”

Davies nods, it wasn't a good idea for Jake to speak in German cos of nobody being German in the company. He notices that when he stepped into an SCW arena for the first time and notice all the wrestlers doing their own entertainment stuff.

Edgar Davies: “What I mean is be Oliver Queen, but instead of the hoodie coat being green, have the hoodie coat being in German flag colours. Be a guy who does archery backstage or even in front of cameras for your videos and use it as something you can be entertaining with.”

Jake Raab: “That's a really good idea. I knew I continued my sessions with you for a reason. I did not think of that. I will totally consider it on Sunday. Maybe I practice backstage first on camera instead of standing around, doing interviews or talking to the crowd like a complete dork.”

Edgar Davies: “You noticed when I enter in this place, people stand outside, waiting for your autograph and pictures being done?”

Jake Raab: “Yes, it's why I'm late to your sessions sometimes and I feel bad about that.”

Edgar nods as while it was never pleasant for Jake to be late for his acting sessions, he also understands it's the lifestyle of being a professional wrestler. Of course, the fans get autographs and pictures done with some of his other friends since some of them were in films or TV series with some of the top actors and actresses, most of them were for Jake.

Edgar Davies: “I can understand, being a champion and all. I expected this publicity to blow up when you won the title. Anyway, I let you get on with your day, but for now, I give you this amount of money.”

Jake Raab: “For what?”

Edgar Davies: “To get the clothes to dress up like Oliver Queen and get some bows and arrows as well, even if they are just toy versions, still would work.”

Jake Raab: “Yes, I keep that in mind, although I won't do it in my videos just yet as I need to be comfortable first, maybe try it out on the show on Sunday and see how people react to me.”

Edgar Davies: “I think very positively. See you on Sunday.”

Jake nods as he leaves the acting school as he was beginning to understand, even in that private chat with Edgar how important it was to be very different to everyone else and coming up with the idea of being Oliver Queen, the German version of it as he goes home, with something that he'll likely take the idea upon mainly because it was certainly something he can offer to SCW audience. He goes off to sleep before getting up in the morning to get Arrow dress up clothes as apart of Jake's potential new persona he'll go along with in his wrestling career.


Meeting with Konrad and Markus Raab. Huntington Beach, California. Saturday 12th December. (Off camera.)

After going out shopping for almost the entire day nearby for Arrow dress up clothes to be a wrestler he should be, he arrives at his house, seeing both of his cousins there, although Markus has been there for a long while, having the patience in the world, was a different story for Konrad as he only just this second arrived as he lets his cousins in the apartment before closing the door behind them.

They go up the stairs and Jake unlocks his front door to allow Konrad and Markus in the door before closing the front door of his apartment and it's been a while the last time Konrad had walked into the apartment, although the tiredness and the marks from the ladder match Konrad had twenty-four hours ago was right in Jake's face and he asks while Konrad sits down.

Jake Raab: “You alright Konrad?”

Konrad Raab: “I'm good. I had a ladder match in England last night for the Dragonweight title.”

Markus Raab: “Really? I didn't know that.”

Konrad Raab: “Well, I did challenge Luna Baby for the Dragonweight title a few weeks ago and well, I lost after Luna blew glitter mist in my eyes. I was so close to winning that title, but at least I'll get another opportunity for it at the next Rebellion Pro Supershow.”

Jake nodded, he wonders how he's going to react over a title loss. If there's one thing Jake hadn't complained about, it's losing matches. That's the only thing Konrad could respect with Jake is he was able to handle losses better than he did in his career before July. Markus also has an upcoming title match himself on Monday as he mentions this.

Markus Raab: “It's about time I got a title match.”

Jake Raab: “Oh yeah, you kicked Zombie's ass, right?”

Markus Raab: “Giving him a beating he deserves. After talking shit to me, I haven't heard a word from him since. He's a stupid cunt.”

Jake Raab: “Indeed.”

Konrad Raab: “Do you understand now after all of the problems I'm going through in Supreme why I got pissed with you?”

Jake Raab: “Oh, not this again. Can we drop the subject?”

Konrad Raab: “No we can't because you don't understand that Sin City staff aren't trying to screw you unlike Kayta is. She screwed me over more than once and I've got to defend Supreme Championship Wrestling at the PPV after hearing from Jerry this morning my challenge to Autumn has been accepted.”

Markus nods as he saw the End Of The Year rumble and he was glad he didn't take part, despite his near times he did consider taking part, but it's just as well he didn't when he's got a Baltimore title match coming up on Monday and Jake says this.

Jake Raab: “I'm already sick of Fenris talking about my past. It's just him lacking material at this point.”

Markus Raab: “I don't look up other companies often, but you are also aware you're facing Magdalena Lockheart and Dave Rydell on Monday?”

Konrad Raab: “Yes, Jerry also told me that match this morning too, but I'm more focused on defeating Autumn Valentine in the ring.”

Jake Raab: “I feel the same of being focused to defeat Fenris right now, especially he speaks a lot of crap, especially about how you tucked your tail and ran away.”

Markus Raab: “Which is not true.”

Jake shook his head in agreement on it not being the complete truth of the situation and it makes him want to defeat Fenris for saying a stupid statement in his eyes and he gets things out of the bag with arrow dress up clothes, bow, arrow and a lot of archery paper targets as it got both of his cousin's attention.

Konrad Raab: “What's this stuff?”

Jake Raab: “Do you know a TV series known as Arrow?”

Konrad Raab: “I've heard of it.”

Jake Raab: “I love the series so Edgar told me to go and buy the dress up clothes because he feels it would help me stand out from the rest of the SCW guys and be as everyone wants me to be entertaining. I thought it's perfect as it's something I love watching.”

Markus Raab: “Well if that's what you want to do, that's a great idea.”

Konrad Raab: “Certainly one nobody has thought of to give you.”

Jake Raab: “Not at all because you see, nobody thinks to use bow and arrow to use as targets and that's what I'm going to do. I need to do this, although I'm not entirely sure how the reaction will be.”

Konrad Raab: “You'll be fine. Nobody knew how to react to me when I changed my persona up to The Iceman. Took a lot of hard work to know it worked to my advantage, more so now when I'm mentally better prepared for matches.”

Markus took a drink of his coke as he mentions this after taking a sip of it.

Markus Raab: “I agree, you've grown into a man now. If Konrad can change, you can as well Jake. Fact is, Fenris is just full of himself just because he's on a winning streak. His streak isn't going to last very long.”

Jake Raab: “Not at all. After all, it's not like winning a title shot after winning the Blast From The Past tournament is history-making stuff anymore. What I did was more worth writing down in the record books than Fenris has and that's the only thing I can back up on, on top of me being an MMA star more than just being in Elite XL.”

Markus Raab: “Not when I've been there, done that before his ass came in.”

Konrad Raab: “You're right on winning the Honor title is history breaking stuff, but I do feel winning the tournament is breaking records, although I see you're point on that.”

Jake has some sort of disagreement with Konrad, although mentioned the point of the thing was Jake was the only guy in the history of SCW to win a title from another company. He already thought to put his clothes on, although Markus notices the new hobby Jake has which is near enough covered the entire house as he says this.

Markus Raab: “What's with these stupid toys you have there?”

Jake Raab: “They aren't toys, they are known as funko pops. Very collectable items.”

Konrad Raab: “Yeah, Sebastian has got a few of them, well-wrestling ones and Roderick has got Ice Hockey ones.”

Jake Raab: “I do have a Fenris lookalike funko pop, although I made it myself, much like I made myself and you both one too.”

He goes upstairs and gets them out of his bedroom to show that he's made a black and red stripy mask funko pop of Lord Raab and one blue mask of Konrad as he gives them to both of his cousins to take home. Markus asks a request.

Markus Raab: “Do you mind if you do me one for my husband, Samuel McPherson?”

Jake Raab: “Sure man, no problem at all, although I really would like to meet Samuel someday.”

Markus Raab: “You will today actually since you're coming to Las Vegas with me anyway, gladly allow you to stay at my headquarters with Samuel as I won't be around tomorrow or Monday, got a match to prepare for. Before that, however, I want to see how the future Jake Raab looks like in the wrestling business soon with those clothes in the bag.”

Even Konrad did as well as Jake went upstairs to change into his Arrow gear as he got a bow and arrow, although they were a toy, but he felt comfortable as he looked into his wardrobe mirror and looks good, even lining the arrow up to the mirror as he comes downstairs to the living room and shows both Raab's the future of Jake in the wrestling business.

Konrad Raab: “You look really good. Was that coat modified?”

Jake Raab: “Yeah, rather than having the green to go with it, I made sure I got it specially made in German colours. I feel great, even had a small eyes mask with it too.”

Markus Raab: “It's totally different for sure, however, I still think you need to keep your focus on Fenris and kicking his stupid arrogant ass to hell because he will lose to you, that's a damn fact because me and Konrad believe you can do it. Me and Konrad believe you can knock this fucker out to pieces.”

Konrad Raab: “Truthfully, he's got a big mouth who has no facts about me whatsoever.”

Jake Raab: “Fenris talks shit to his buddies on twitter behind my back because he gets mad and pissed off. He's a fucking pussy for doing that. I know what I have to do to defeat him. I believe in myself more than he does with himself right now, knowing the pressure is on him to lose.”

Markus Raab: “Damn right.”

Konrad Raab: “I have to go, got a flight to catch to Chicago to check on how Mattia is doing with money stuff on top of that triple threat match I got to take part in.”

Markus Raab: “Let's go to Las Vegas, I'll gladly allow you to stay at the guest house

Jake allows Konrad to leave to head to the airport to fly to Chicago, while Markus waits around for Jake with him packing his things to head to the airport also, but going to Las Vegas for the big title match against Fenris for the Honor/SCW titles on hand for the winner to walk away with both titles after Inception 3 Supershow was over.


You've not reached the record books Fenris. Jake's camera. (On camera)

“What do I mean by this title? It's simple really because you see, you can brag about being an undefeated champion and winning some mixed tag tournament to earn a title shot for the SCW title and win it. Truth is, it's been done before by many wrestlers so that's not history breaking stuff anymore. What I have done was a much bigger achievement by defeating the Honor champion Austin James Mercer, being the first and likely the only SCW star to have done that.

That is much bigger than what you've done. The fact is you keep bringing up the same shit of me complaining and whining, but that part of me is over and you're fucking stupid if you keep mentioning something I've even gotten over. I've moved on, unlike yourself who keeps dwelling in the past.

Are you really this fucking stupid when you said Konrad tucking his tail and ran away from Sin City Wrestling. Do you know why he didn't sign a contract to SCW? It's because he had other commitments in Supreme Championship Wrestling because say the Supreme Championship Wrestling PPV was this week because they have PPV's on Sunday's and the Sin City Wrestling Supershow was as well, how the fuck would he get to wrestle two matches in different locations in one day? Explain how that would work? Of course, it wouldn't because it's unrealistic you dumb fuck.

You bitched and moaned every single time we've spoken to each other on what I've done last year and I've admitted my faults of my behaviour I'm changing. You can't seem to look at the fact of me being honor champion has made me change my outlook for the business, but you refuse to see that. I never asked for a title shot either, it just happened, but I'm ready for a fight, especially this should've been a Lions Den match because you've not faced anybody who's been in an MMA octagon as apart of the MMA business.

Well, you did in the tag match, but did you hear me bitching about that loss? No, I said I would be willing to wait in the back of the line to earn my shot for the opportunity. If you think I should've rejected a title shot, you're more stupid than I thought as I refuse to be a god damn coward and even if I did it that way, you and everyone else would've bitched and complained about being a coward and that's something The Raab's are never known for.

We stand our ground always and it gives me great pleasure to produce my MMA skills in the ring and beat your ass, even if you're talking shit about me on twitter to your buddies who are too cowardly to direct those comments to me. It's easy to work to talk that amount of shit about me when I don't have an account to respond back like pussies you all are for not being direct to me with your words.

Also, I do sign autographs and take pictures with the fans, you idiot. Every single day I step into the acting school, I get approached to get autographs signed and pose for pictures. I don't need cameras as proof for that because my acting teacher is there to witness it. Besides, doesn't everyone around here do interviews? Fact is, you may call me boring, but at least I'm working on being entertaining by going to an acting school to improve on that, unlike yourself being boring as hell to stand and do interviews every week as everyone else does around here. I never seen you do anything entertaining myself.

But what do I know, considering you've made the mistake of exposing your private life? You can say oh Markus and Samuel exposed it too, but was anything they have done was shown on camera to the world? No, you stupid cunt, nothing they did together was on camera so how do you know they did the stuff you claim?

I had a great MMA trainer known as Kazimir Sokolov who trained me to be the best fighter in the world and I left because I've done everything in the sport and I had to learn wrestling from scratch. Wasn't by Lord Raab who I didn't even talk to or Konrad himself, I learned how to wrestle by some guy who also has experienced the transition as I did know as Brock Jones. It was only when I started in Code Red Wrestling that Konrad discovered me wrestling for the first time and he didn't know until after I fought Sally Talford in a match too.

I know you're a tough wrestler and I know you've been on a winning streak, but the fact is all winning streaks come to an end at some point and that time is sooner than you think with true competition you have right in front of you, a guy who has changed for the better and will still change for the rest of his wrestling career, being the only guy who has legit pro MMA experience which is another reason why apart from these titles will make the match history breaking as well.

I was known more than just fighting for one MMA company, I fought in all MMA companies around the world to get better with the sport and I did. I can't wait to kick your thick head to your skull and be the first guy to defeat you in a match on my own without any help to win the SCW title from you. You may have defeated me in a tag match, but it will be a different story when you'll look at the lights, knowing you got pinned or tapped out in the middle of the ring and me walking away with the belts in my hands, bitching and complaining about it most likely just like Austin James Mercer has done, especially when you've never lost a match in your career. Good luck Fenris because you're gonna need it.”

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