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> Testing Myself, vs. Alex Jones CC228
Posted: February 09, 2019 12:54 am

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Testing Myself

SCW Climax Control #228
Travis Levitt versus Alex Jones

The scene opens up on a shot of an apartment. It's a typical little thing, a small kitchen and dining room, and as the shot settles into the scene walks Travis Levitt dressed in a plain singlet and jeans, and heading for the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he pulls out a bottle of water, before closing the fridge and his eyes flicker to a calender on the fridge door. There's a big circle around the 16th and Travis taps it before letting out a soft sigh.

"One more week."

A soft smile stretches his lips, and he taps the calender with a smirk. A moment later a pair of slender arms wrap around his waist, one of the wrists held in a brace, and then the sultry British tone of Pandora Barrett can be heard.

"What happens in one more week?"

Travis smiles as he reaches down to run his hands across Pandora's arms, before turning in her arms and grinning. Softly slipping a hand around the brace, he holds it up and looks at it softly.

"How bad is it?"

"Their not sure yet. Could be a week or two. Could be months. Got a doctor's appointment this week."

Levitt nods and looks at Pandora with a soft smile. Hand sliding up to cup her cheek and keeping his gaze on hers.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. I'll be okay. These things happen. Just have to work out how bad it is, then focus on my rehab and getting better. But soon enough the Scream Queen will be back and kicking ass again."

"I have no doubt about that at all."

Travis grins and the two share a small kiss, before Pandora glances past his shoulder to look at the calender again, and then up into his eyes.

"What happens in one more week?"

"One year sober."

Pandora's eyes widen and Travis smiles softly at her as he looks back at the calender. She watches his face for a moment and then Travis turns to face her again and he chuckles.

"It's funny, you know? I've almost been sober for one year, and yet it doesn't feel any easier. Just.....feels like an every day thing. This is what I do now. From milestone to milestone."

Pandora smiles a little, and then runs her hand over his chest tenderly before stepping back.

"Sounds like the kind of thing SCW fans deserve to hear about."

Levitt's eyebrows crease in confusion as Pandora walks out of the scene, but a moment later he catches a camcorder thrown towards him by Pandora and he looks at it. Staring at it for a moment and then grinning and looking in the direction Pandora left.

"Love that woman."

The scene cuts out and a few moments later it comes back on to a shot of Travis sitting on his sofa. The camcorder is cradled in his hands as he looks into the lens and then smiles softly.

"So, it's been a while for me SCW. Had a bit of a rough month. No relapses, but some hard nights. And I guess I got too focused on the title opportunity that I forgot my obligations. I'm not doing that this week. Because I know, as well as everyone else, that this week is going to be a big week. It's not a title match, not a title opportunity, but its a big chance for me. Because this week, I get to go toe-to-toe with one of the best in the business, Alex Jones."

"Now, me and Alex have never fought before. But I know who he is, how good he can be. I know that when it comes to stepping between those ropes, there are few people as determined or as naturally gifted as Jones. He is just that good. When he steps between those ropes, he makes it all look so easy. Every flip, kick, or hold.....he makes it look like he's been born for this. There was a time when I had the same kind of look. But over time, I lost that natural edge. Everything I do now, I do with careful practice and thought. Which, ya know, being a druggie for a while there really fucked up how good I could think."

"Next week......I celebrate one year of being sober. And its a big moment for me. Because one year ago, I hit rock bottom. I woke up, I looked myself in the mirror, and I realised I needed to change. And I found that inner strength and ability to fight this, and I put it to use. I cleaned myself up. And one of the main reasons I fought so hard to get so clean, was because I wanted matches like this. I wanted a career like this. A chance to face the best in the world, week in and week out. And I'm getting that."

"Alex has made one goal clear since he's come back. He wants that world title. And I've said the same thing. My goal was to finally call myself a World Champion. To finally claim a World Title. Well...."

Levitt takes one hand off the side of the camera, and a moment later brings it back into view holding up the glittering red PCWWA World Title. He's grinning as he holds it high for the camera to view.

"Goal Accomplished. It took me 16 years but I finally won my first World Title. And that moment, that sensation as I held my title high......nothing tops it. Greatest moment of my career by far. But you already know that feeling, don't you Alex? You already know what it's like to be a World Champion. Time and Time again you've won World Titles. I guess, little ol' me sitting here, holding up my title, and acting excited over one title win....thats nothing to you. I look like a bit of a dork."

Levitt pauses to shrug slightly, and then sets the title in his lap, propping it up so the title plate can still be seen as he gazes into the camera.

"Your probably right. One world title win doesn't mean as much. But I'm not settling for one. This is my first, but it won't be my last. Thats why fighting you this week is a good chance for me. A chance for me to continue down this path. To continue showing that I'm not just Championship Material, but I'm already there. I'm as good as anyone else in this company. I'm as good as St. Cross. I'm as good as Fenris. And I'm as good as you, Alex. I'm that good."

Travis smiles and looks away smirking, and then glancing back at the camera.

"this might just be another match to you. Another rung on the ladder, as you try and show off how good you are to the whole world. But to me, this is my litmus test. Can I truly hang with the best? Can I truly count myself among the elite? Or am I just going to be a one trick pony? I guess....I guess we'll find out this week. And I, for one, look forward to the test. See you soon, Mr. Jones."

And with that the scene cuts out.

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