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> Teddy & The Gem Stones
Kate Steele
Posted: June 14, 2019 11:48 pm

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Off Camera
Somewhere near Fort Defiance, Arizona

Teddy couldn’t help but enjoy his newfound self. He had every reason in the world to be smiling. He had everything going for him. Despite becoming a dick to that of his wife and on television he didn’t mind it because everything was steadily coming his way. He had just signed the big deal with Rose Productions movie studio and now he had two beautiful women escorting him everywhere he went. It was like all of his dreams were coming true. Teddy didn’t bother to leave the hotel. As a matter of fact he did quite the opposite as he was in the hotel’s Jacuzzi and in the hot tub right beside him was the two smoking Emerald and Ruby. Both of them rested their heads on Teddy as he smiled and leaned his head upwards gazing at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe where his life had taken him. How he was in the position that he was currently in next to a couple of beautiful women. He slowly smiled as each of the women kissed him softly on the cheek but he wanted more. He gently grabbed a hold of Ruby’s face and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. It was in that moment when we are able to see a blonde figure walking towards the Jacuzzi that woman is none other than Chloe Martin of Rose Productions. The COO of the movie studios walks over to the pool with her iPad in her hand as she looks over at Teddy.

“I would say it looks like you are having a great time…”

Teddy smiles as he looks at Chloe before he turns his eyes back to the two women that he is kissing.

“I would say it’s going a little better than great. I have everything I could have ever imagined. I have beautiful women by my side. I have the endorsement of one of the biggest studios in the world and I don’t know how it could get better than this…”

Teddy smiles as he looks at Emerald now and he goes to move his lips onto hers. Chloe however can’t help but chuckle as she replies back to him.

“I am really happy that you are enjoying yourself lover boy but I just wanted to tell you that today is all about great PR. Of course we are going to line up those commercials you wanted as well as get one of the best writers to write you some awesome music. It doesn’t matter what people thought about you in the past. The only thing they will be focused on is how you are one of the biggest attractions in the world point blank. You will have the album among everything else that follows it. just continue doing what you are doing and leave the rest to me…”

Teddy smiles as he looks back at Chloe with a grin on his lips.

“And where is Crystal in all of this. I would have thought the owner of the company would have had a bigger say when it comes to her biggest attraction… I love Emerald and Ruby but I do need Crystal here…”

Chloe smiles as she shakes her head.

“I wouldn’t push your luck… Mrs. Zdunich is dealing with her own personal problems and right now she is focused on dealing with her own issues. If I was you I would just focus on what you are doing which in itself is an amazing thing. Keep building yourself up, and just keep on promoting the brand. As long as you do that everything will be in the palm of your hands. You can get whatever you want. It is all yours for the taking Teddy just prove that you want it…”

Teddy smiles as he licks his lips in return. He looks back at Chloe grinning.

“So what exactly is it that the studio wants me to do next. I mean we can’t do much being out here in fucking bumble weed. Seriously what is there to do in Fort Defiance?! I mean it’s just a small town with a bunch of Navajo running around. Not that I have anything against them but I am used to living in a mansion. I am used to being around civilization and these idiots don’t need to see me. The quicker I get out of this shit storm of a town and back to wearing my gorgeous make up and taking over with my stage presence is the quicker that everything will be right in the world…”

Chloe thinks about it for a few moments as she looks at Teddy.

“Actually on the contrary I do believe we could use this for our advantage. You are a star and the whole world needs to see what you are about Mr. Warren. Don’t you want to have that star power for yourself?!”

Teddy thinks about it as he smiles in return.

“Of course I want that star power… Who doesn’t want to be a star?! That’s all I ever really wanted…”

Chloe nods her head in agreement.

“Good that’s what I wanted to hear, let me ask you a question. How does your wife feel about all of this?!”

Teddy takes a long deep breath as he slowly replies back.

“To be honest she isn’t too fond of what I have become. She thinks I am being an idiot and she is a tad jealous of me hanging around all of these women…”

Chloe can’t help but crack a wide evil grin as she looks deeply into the eyes of Teddy.

“Good we can use this to our advantage…”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Chloe… Look I love hanging out with these women and it’s amazing and everything but I love my wife and….”

“No… You won’t be hurting her… I just want you to get the publicity and on top of that aren’t you sick and tired of people talking you down. I know it must upset you when people constantly mention how you are a bitch because you took your wife’s name. Or how they claim you aren’t a bread winner. This is your chance to change those very ideals. You have the people talking but now it’s time to take it even a step further. It’s time to make everything about you, and to shape everything slowly around you. So this is what I am picturing since we are in Fort Defiance. We go out to the canyon and you teach these two beautiful women how to wrestle. It will be sexy and amazing, and your stardom will surely continue to rise upwards…”

Teddy smirks as he looks at the two blonde who keep kissing him before he moves his attention over to that of Chloe.

“Is that it?! That doesn’t sound too hard. Count me in people will talk about me and iwil lmake that money!”

“Good that’s what I wanted to hear… Now go on and get changed. I have the limo waiting in the lobby. They will bring you to where you need to be and I’ll do the rest!”

Teddy smiles as he gets out of the Jacuzzi and he could be seen clad in a tight fighting male thong.

“Thanks Chloe you really are the best…”

“Wow Teddy… Yeah… Ummmm you just hop into the limo. We will have your change of clothes in there. You don’t mind these ladies changing in front of you in the limo do you along with you changing in front of them?!”

Teddy smiles as he helps the two women out of the hot tub with a huge grin on his face.


“Good now get going… I have a feeling you are going to like what I have in stored…”

Teddy and his Gem Stones make their way to the car and it is at this moment where we are able to see the likes of Chloe picking up the phone. She can’t help but offer a very wicked grin as she speaks on the phone.

“Hello… Yes this is Chloe from Rose Productions Movie Studio Teddy said to meet him in the canyon so you two can work out together. I have a feeling it’s going to be quite the amazing time!”

With that Chloe hangs up the phone as she couldn’t help but wait in anticipation for what was going to happen next.

What’s happening SCW Universe. It is yours truly the one and only Teddy Warren and I just want everyone on the planet to know that it feels really amazing to be standing before all of you right now. After all you should all give me the proper praise and admiration that I rightfully deserve because I am a big fucking deal in SCW. I am Christian Underwood’s chosen one and I love being in this spot. Some people wrestle for the glory, some wrestle to win championships, while some others wrestle for the sake of being the best and making sure everyone knows that when it comes to wrestling they cannot be topped. However when it comes to me I am simply one of a kind. The reason why I step through the ropes and find myself wrestling in that ring is to let everybody know week in and week out that I am the sexiest man in all of wrestling.

Have you actually had an opportunity to glare at me? Whenever I look at myself in the mirror it is all simply magical. It just doesn’t get any better than that of me. I am a very handsome man and I know there are men who line up that wish they could look like me while many wish they could date me, and when it comes to women they can’t help but be all over yours truly. Sometimes I just can’t help it myself. It should be a serious crime to look as gorgeous as I do.

But hey when you are me what else are you really going to do. Damn it feels so good to be me and on top of that you have me being accompanied to the ring by the most gorgeous blondes in the business today in the likes of Emerald and Ruby. They are just so great and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. Not now and certainly not ever.

I know some would say that I am full of shit considering that the last time I competed in the ring I couldn’t make it past the likes of the Metal Maniacs but the reality is I wasn’t cut out for that tag team bullshit. That might have worked for a time in Honor and Kate and I may have had a run as tag team champions but that was such a long time ago. What I would rather focus on is doing everything in my power to rise through the confines of the ranks and show why I am among the top tier business in the ring today.

I beat Goth in my last outing and yet I still didn’t get any fucking respect. I didn’t get any respect because it was a bullshit win and nobody can stand in front of a camera and tell me how amazing I am. Don’t you understand that I am the Crown Jewel of all wrestling and with my gemstones I can’t be beaten. I am one of a kind and I should be looked upon as being that good.

I know some might be laughing at me and no matter how many times Christian disowns me as being his chosen one I know damn well that is exactly what I am. He worked his ass off to get me on his roster and I want him to acknowledge just how important it is that I grace his ring besides who else in this company can wear makeup like I do. Who else can wear a perm like me?! I am glistening and my shine is worth far more than any bombshell or superstar. The name of Teddy should be shouted upon the roof tops. It should be acknowledged world wide and just like a Teddy I should be hugged because I am quite the lover. My love knows no bounds and there’s no telling how far I will go in order to prove why I belong here.

I guess that brings me to that of you Blade Alexander. I have noticed that you have been here for a while haven’t you. You are a man that prides yourself on being the Original Sinner or what have you.

That sounds absolutely weak if you ask me. I mean you were here a long time ago and what exactly did you accomplish because from what I gathered it hasn’t been all that much and if you accomplished anything it isn’t impressive by any means.

So am I really supposed to come out there and get all dolled up to face you?! I don’t think so… It don’t work like that boo boo… I am a Gemstone… I am worthy of so much more. When the bell rings you will see that I am 18 carat strong and you simply are just pyrite. I’ll see you soon loser and I will make this quick… That’s a promise….

Somewhere in the Canyon in Fort Defiance, Arizona

Just like Chloe promised Teddy was brought out to the canyon and it was a hot day out. This was supposed to be a wrestling training event but instead it seemed as if Teddy was filming something with the two Gem Stones. The two gorgeous blondes were sweating in the hot sunlight. As they were stretching out in front of him in tiny fitting bikinis, Chloe smiled as she clapped her hands as she glared at Teddy.

“Ok Teddy let’s pour some of that water on them unless you would rather rub some of that special oil all over them…”

Teddy seemed a little confused as he looked at both women but instead of arguing it he decided to go for the rubbing oil. He picked up a bottle pouring it over their bodies as he used his hands to rub it in. He moved his hands passionately all over their bodies grinning all the while of doing so. Chloe smiled as Teddy did exactly what he wanted to do to the likes of Emerald and Ruby.

“Good job… Keep it up… You are doing an amazing job. You have no idea how good this will look for the cameras. This is the reason why you are our biggest star and just wait until we actually get you three in a studio. The Gem Stones are going to be the biggest hair metal band on the face of the planet. I had my doubts at first but you really have talent…”

Teddy smiled nodding his head in agreement.

“This is way better than just being considered to be a drummer…”

Chloe opened her eyes in amazement.

“Drummer, you have so much more talent than just that!”

“I know I do and under the guidance of you along with the studio I will go so far in this business. There’s no telling where I might just go…”

Teddy can’t help but add more oil to the females and it’s at that moment when his wife Kate walks onto the scene clad in her exercise gear.

“Teddy sweetie are you ready to work o….”

Before she could finish her statement she sees Teddy’s hands all over the two women’s bodies. Kate’s eyes fill with tears as she slowly crosses her arms.

“So is that all I am to you?!”

“Kath-Lyn wait I can explain… It’s not what it seems… Look they might be my Gem Stones but you babe will always be my….”

Kate shakes her head as more tears flow down her cheek.

“No I don’t want to hear it!!!”

Kate angrily takes off her wedding ring as she chucks it at her husband and storms away.

Teddy seems confused as he looks at Chloe who keeps the cameras rolling.

“Like I said this publicity will make you the star you want to be…”

Teddy looks at his wife walking away as he keeps his eyes fixated on the two beautiful women in front of him, and it’s on this image we slowly fade out on.

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