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> "For The Greater Good.", vs. Blade Alexander
Lachlan Kane
Posted: June 07, 2019 11:45 pm

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The scene opens up on a darkened alleyway in a nondescript location somewhere in Tucson. Litter and debris swirled around in the wind as the sound of footsteps could be heard approaching. Lachlan Kane stopped just short of the camera, dressed in dark denim jeans, black boots, a black T-shirt and his signature leather jacket and a cocky smirk gracing his lips as he folded his arms across his chest.

So I’m on the road to Into the Void, where I’ve got a title shot against Griffin Hawkins in a dream match that no one even knew they wanted. But before we get there, we’ve got a little pit stop in the form of a match at Climax Control against Blade Alexander.” Lach grinned. “I gotta say, as much as I love teaming with my beautiful fiancee, the fact that I’m getting to face off against new faces almost every week is invigorating. Now Blade, I can’t say I know a whole lot about you. I did catch your match at London Brawling, and I gotta say that was kinda disappointing. You lost...because of a train.” Lachlan shook his head. “And then, your follow up two weeks later at Climax Control, where you tapped out to Jake Raab. Man, I thought this match was going to be something to get me ready for Griffin, but all it seems to be to me is an easy paycheck. And that’s the ultimate disappointment.

He sighs, leaning against the wall and sliding his hands in his pockets. “Oh well. At least I know I’ve got a guaranteed killer match coming up for me at Into The Void. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to walk in on Sunday and phone it in. No, I’m coming in to give 100% like I always do. Just sucks knowing that it’s only gonna be a five second match. I’ll barely have time to break a sweat. But just know that your sacrifice will be for the greater good as I go on to claim the Roulette championship.

With a cocky little wink, he turned on his heel and walked off into the darkness.

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