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Evie Baang
Posted: August 03, 2018 11:41 pm

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24 hours after Summer XXXTreme;
The biggest hit of the summer had been and gone in the Sin City Wrestling world, but yet there was still a need for a lot of the Superstars and Bombshells to celebrate. With a number of titles changing hands, there was endless after parties that were being thrown all over the two in Los Angeles. After all what a better place to party as the ship docked and booted the SCW wrestlers and fans off, leaving them to stay and play or head off back to their homes. The popular decision among many was to stay in LA for one night before heading off for almost two weeks of peace and quiet before Sin City Wrestling, kicked off its next cycle.
To be honest it was something Evie didn’t want to think about, her future in Sin City Wrestling was now connected to her newly won Bombshell Roulette Championship, her prize for blowing Brittany Williams out of the water. Yet, the whispers of a rematch were already looming and the thought of her having to face her again, was a sickening thought. However, in this business it is what it is and regardless of what Evie said, there was no doubt she would be staring across that six-sided ring looking down at Brittany once again and she had a feeling it would be one day very soon. The Hilton, Williams, Rose connection had a knack for always getting their rematches, so it wasn’t a big shock to Evie that Brittany was already demanding hers. The Aussie would have to cross that hurdle once she got to it, as for right now her mind was elsewhere.
Looking up across the room, Evie’s green eyes fell into Ben’s blue ones as he looked at her wondering what she was thinking about as she seemed a little distant. Ben was dressed from top to tail in grey suit, with a black button up business shirt, while shiny black shoes housed his feet. His brown hair was getting long, but he had it effortlessly but roughly at the same time styled so that his curls were on show. His face was just sprinkled with the hint of his facial hair starting to grow back. Evie would like to think he was growing it for her, as he knew how she felt about his beard but to be honest he just hadn’t had a chance to shave over the past few days. His mind was elsewhere and rightfully so.
Evie was sitting on the couch, not dressed to impress but still her tight ripped black jeans, hugged her in all the right places, while her white spaghetti strapped satin Dior shirt displayed her cleavage just enough to get his attention. Her had her right foot folded up underneath her left as she turned her attention away from him and back down to the novel that was in her lap. He noticed her shift her attention away from him and that’s when Ben made his way over towards her, his long strides eating up the distance between them. Once Ben was beside her, he looked down at her before he parted his lips and started to speak.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come out with me? We can celebrate together.”
He thought she was a feeling a little left out from his plans, but truth be told she wanted him to go out tonight. No there wasn’t trouble in paradise it was just Evie was itching in her seat to make an important phone call, but she couldn’t do such a thing with him lurking around their hotel room. Turning her attention back up to him, she noticed Ben had reached out with his left hand, almost demanding hers as he pulled her up off the couch and into his arms. His hands snaked around the back of her body, resting on the low of her back, cradling her as his eyes locked onto hers. Ben had to admit he was pretty good at reading people and right now Evie was being a little sheepish around him, it wasn’t a good feeling, but truth be told, if he knew what she was up to there would be no way he would go out tonight.
“I’m sure.”
Evie wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him loosely so they could still look at each other whilst they spoke. Flashing him a smile she did her best to ease his mind on going out tonight. To be honest, she didn’t mind when he went out with the boys, it’s not because she didn’t care it’s just she knew it was good for him and with what was happening, she knew he would need this night out, now more than ever.
“Is it because Jamie will be there? You two will need to learn to get along one day.”
He said with a smile, but deep-down Evie knew he wasn’t joking. Jamie and Evie hadn’t always see eye to eye, but he was a huge part of Ben’s life and she would never drive a wedge between them. It wasn’t because she didn’t like him, she did, he was equally sarcastic as she was, and she enjoyed his company it’s just Jamie always seemed to have a pure idea when it came to Ben being in a relationship and right now, he wasn’t exactly dating an angel.
“You know I have no problems with Jamie.”
Her thick Australian accent made that a little hard for him to believe but she was being as honest as she could be. There would be a time where she could honestly seem all of his friends being on board with them. However, that wasn’t her concern right now, she had two man concerns in her life and that was one Ben’s health and two, getting him out of the hotel and on to his boy’s night.
“She says while crossing her two fingers.”
Ben winked, implying he was joking but Evie wasn’t having a bar of it as she lifted her right hand and slapped it against his chest. As if to push him away, but his grip around her back didn’t change and he wasn’t going anywhere. Looking down at her he smiled, before she reminded him about his pending plans.
“He dislikes me, not the other way around… but whatever, I think it will be good for you, Jamie, Drake and the rest of the boys to go out and celebrate. I’m sure Bear and I can find something to do.”
At the sound of his name, Bear lifted his head up off the ground from his sleeping position to look up and over at Ben and Evie. Once he worked out that they weren’t calling him over he just gently rested his head back down onto the floor and closed his eyes. Proving that he was definitely in no mood to be doing anything or going anywhere. If Evie was planning a raging night, Bear was not going to have any part in it. He had exhausted himself from, running rings around Ben earlier like a crazy hound who had just been returned to his owner. Ben couldn’t help but feel like there was something else behind Evie’s push to get him out that door, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, so he tried another avenue to get her to spill her thoughts.
“We don’t have to hide anymore, you know that Eves?”
His soft lips pressed against her forehead as if to reaffirm what he had just told her. Evie couldn’t deny it, it was a good feeling to finally be able to be affectionate with him in person. Not only that to be seen with him in public, sure it must sound crazy, but Ben had promised the world an explanation and surely everyone was just days away from finding out why they had decided to hide away in the shadows when it came to their relationship. Pulling away from her, he looked down at her his eyes locked in hers while she licked her puffy lips.
“I’m not hiding, you just need to go and have a good night with the boys, but not too much of a good time because the next few days will be tough on you. You can call me when you’re done, and I’ll come collect your sorry, drunk arse.”
She rolled her green eyes to drive her point home, but he knew that she would do it regardless. Ben just sighed before he pulled Evie into his chest, before he rested his chin on the top of her head holding her a close as he could to him. He knew the next few weeks were going to be rough and he was glad that he had Evie there to keep him sane through it all. Evie just linked her arms around his back and hugged him tightly, not knowing what the future held for him but if she knew anything was for certain is that she wasn’t going anywhere, this was just a slight bump in the road and once it was all said and done they would have forever to focus on.
“Are you sure?”
His voice vibrated down her face from his chin resting on her head, even though he spoke in just above a whisper. Evie pulled back from the hug, so she could look him firm in the eye as she spoke to him. She knew that he was uneasy about going out, but it would be good for him even if he didn’t or couldn’t admit it.
“For the love of God, I’m sure… now go, because the quicker you leave, the earlier you’ll be home and well, if you play your cards right, when you get home... we can re-enact our title wedding night.”
It was her turn to wink, as she slipped her hands down his back. Her hands sliding on his suit fabric with ease before she slapped her hands on his round behind, causing him to jump and within a blink of the eye the tempo changed between them two of them. As Evie sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, she had that glimmer in her eye, the one that he knew all too well and suddenly the thought about going out to celebrate with the boys was the furthest thing on his mind.
“How about we…”
Before Ben could finish his sentence, Evie placed her right index finger over his lip before she replaced it with hers. She lightly kissed him stealing his attention from what he was going to say, moving it to kissing her. She had an odd way of controlling him at times, but he wasn’t going to complain. His hands moved down to her behind as he lifted her up from the ground, forcing her legs to wrap around his waist before she broke the kiss to glare down at him.
And just like that, Evie had changed the tempo once more as she slide down his body making her way back to her feet before she pointed towards the door. On cue there was a knock on their hotel door that hindered any further distractions. Ben just sighed as he adjusted his shirt before he looked down at Evie who had a smug smirk on her dial.
“Alright, alright… I know when I’m not wanted.”
Putting his hand sup in the air Ben faked retreat as he headed towards the door, however before he left the hotel room he checked to see if he had his wallet, his keys and his phone. Just as he went to open the door and greet his ride, he spun around and planted a firm kiss on Evie’s lips catching her a little off guard, before he turned his attention towards Bear. With a quick ruffle of his hair, Ben said his goodbyes before leaving through the door and heading out on his boy’s night. Leaving Evie alone with Bear, where the two retreated back to the couch.
Evie waited a few minutes before she pulled her phone off the glass table that was in front of her, her finger quickly sliding across the screen to unlock it before punched in a few numbers. As she waited for her call to be answered she found herself, nervously biting at her manicured nail in suspense. It didn’t take long for the other end to pick up and without even a single second for them to answer the phone correctly Evie’s voice was heard.
“What’s the verdict?”
She dropped her hand from her mouth as the person on the other line spoke, it didn’t take long before the nervous look on her face turn to one of hope as she smiled.
“So, you’re saying there’s a chance.”
And that’s where I will leave you all, wondering what on earth Evie could be talking about and why was she smiling as if everything was finally falling into place. For the rest of her night she didn’t struggle with that old saying “don’ wait up” because she was too excited to even think about sleeping. After so many years of heartache and struggles, with her always having to fight things were now starting to fall into place.
A week later;
The two had moved back home to Maine for Ben to undergo his treatment, it was a hard road travelled but Ben had managed to keep his spirits up for most part of the week. It was now Friday and after a week and bit of being poked, prodded, moved he was slightly getting over it all. It was too much for him, not only that he wasn’t sleeping the best, wasn’t overly hungry, didn’t really feel like moving but the doctors had advised that, this would be normal for the first few weeks of treatment. He would just have to hang in there before his body, would start to rebound on it own.
It was early Saturday morning and the thought of going out to face the day was already exhausting to him, but Ben managed to get up and move to the side of the bed. Planting his feet on the ground he sat there for a moment in time to collect himself, the white bedsheet was still wrapped around his waist not giving away his goodies. However, his chest was bare, as small bruises could be vaguely seen. Turning to look back, his eyes laid on Evie’s who had been watching him struggle this morning. Evie flashed him a reassuring smile, before she too made a move, she scooped up to her knees and shuffled up the distance between them. So, she was now hugging him from behind, her head resting on his right shoulder as she just wanted to comfort him. Evie wasn’t the best with words at times like this, but she could see that Ben was down and out for today without it even starting and she was desperate to see his smile.
“Good morning.”
She softly spoke to him, before she backed away, to reach out for her phone that was sitting on her bedside nightstand. Ben just faked a smile before he groaned in pain. Returning to his side, Evie placed her arms on the top of his shoulders before she gave them a slight rub with her thumbs.  
“I don’t know about it being Good, Eves.”
She frowned at his honest statement, but she was destined to make this day a little better for him and for once in her life she was nervous to see his reaction. Evie swept her long black hair over her right shoulder, before she tucked her head into the side of his neck, lining it softly with kisses before she swallowed down her nerves. Reaching down with her left hand she grabbed her phone, before she unlocked the screen. Bringing it around the front of him, she lifted up on her knees, so she could see her phone. Ben’s attention shifted to look at the bright screen in front of him.
“I think this might make it a little better.”
She was wishful, hopeful, as she watched Ben’s eyes read over her phone screen, before he blinked as if he was processing the information he was taking in. He couldn’t believe it, turning to look at Evie with a shocked look on his face Ben, couldn’t find the words right away to speak.
“What are the odds?”
Evie sighed the odds weren’t good or in their favour, but truth be told she was more focused on the fact that there was a chance. Even if it was just a slight chance, something good could be coming their way in the future.
“Against us, but there is a chance.”
Ben’s lips turned as he smiled slightly, due to the excitement in Evie’s voice. He hadn’t see her glow like this is a long time and he knew she was telling him this now to get his mind back to the main goal right now and that was getting better. Moving towards her, he reached out and grabbed the side of her face gently. His fingers cupping behind her ear, as he brought his lips to her. He was gentle, soft and seemingly feeling a little brighter than the doom and gloom that was hanging over his head before. Ben broke the kiss to quickly speak to his lady.
“One day.”
Her green eyes were locked on his, before she nodded towards him. Without any words the two agreed to look at this avenue later, however the thought that it could be possible was enough to ease some of the gloom that was circling both of their heads. Evie knew they both had a long bumpy road in front of them, but she hoped by sharing this little nugget of information with Ben it would reaffirm to him that she was thinking long term. Evie was thinking about the future, there future and right now even though things weren’t the brightest or happiest… there was a little light at the end of this tunnel that they both could work towards. No, I’m not talking about the afterlife, I’m talking about hope.
Seleana Zdunich, Climax Control 211… I can’t say I’m not surprised. Although I though for sure that Brittany Williams was going to be blessed with the rematch she had been begging for, but hey… I didn’t get the little Princess... I got the newly crowned mother in law. It’s a sick little web that Sin City Wrestling weaves at times, everyone is either related or fucking but hey… I can’t complain, since Summer XXXTreme was kind enough to bring me not one but two trophies… one being the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Roulette Championship, two being my title husband… Ben Jordan. Turns out that good things do come to those who wait. I’ve been waiting a lifetime to become a triple crown champion, regardless of Fenris’ claim to being the fastest rising student of Gabriel and Odette Stevens he still has miles to walk to escape my shadow.  
So, now here I am just days away from my first defence of my Roulette Championship and I’m staring down the barrel pointed at Seleana Zdunich. The stand out star from the Ultimate X Battle Royal, apparently. The one who held on but couldn’t quite make it to the final to face Mikah for the Bombshell Championship. The one who could have had it all if it wasn’t for one woman who stood in her way… Dani Weston… wait did you think I was going to say Crystal? HA, no… people seem to forget the efforts that Ms Weston put in that night and over shadow it with the same fucking family that always gets the glory… the Hilton, Williams, Rose connection. The fuckery is strong with that lot, but still they get worshipped and placed on a pedestal for all to see and marvel at.
Well that all comes to a halt this weekend at Climax Control. One more from this fucking family will step up to the plate only to be knocked down. Seleana do you really think you have what it takes, to remove my grasp on the Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Championship? If your freshly crowned daughter in law couldn’t beat me, why do you think you would even come close to standing a chance? I’m so sick of hearing about the greatness that this family holds over the wrestling industry, when it’s clear to me all of you are the same, weak, pathetic, vile humans still reaching for greatness.

I don’t need to prove anything to you, or anyone else for that fact because let’s face it... I ran rings around Brittany at Summer XXXTreme this year, the year before I did the same to Crystal and now at Climax Control I’ll put Seleana back in line... there will be not cutting the cue, there will be no jumping ahead. I show everyone, once again what I’m capable of... and now the options are endless, the era of Evie in the Roulette scene has begun and may the fucking lord have mercy on you all.

If you didn’t think I was unpredictable before, you’re about to witness something extra special because the Roulette scene is right up my alley. Anything can happen, each match a surprise in itself and if you don’t think, for one moment I won’t capitalise on that you have another thing coming.

Defeating Brittany with ease was just the beginning, defending against Seleana will be a breeze and there is nothing stopping me from becoming the longest reigning Sin City Wrestling Bombshell Roulette Champion... in history.

So I will see you Sunday night Seleana, and unfortunately for you this won’t be the time you step in and be the saving grace for your fucked up little family. You will just be another message sent, until everyone realises who the fuck I am and what I’m capable of. You’ll be the message that I will send to Brittany and that message will be loud and fucking clear, you shouldn’t have brought me back just to disrespect me... it was the worse fucking thing she could have done because now everyone I come face to face with will suffer at her dumb shit decision. It’s just so satisfying to know that the first person that Mark and Christian put in front of me was you Seleana.

Seleana I hope you are vaguely ready for what you’re about to encounter because as far as I can see it, facing me will be your biggest challenge in Sin City Wrestling so far and trust me when I say this, you’re miles out of your comfort zone and I will expose that for the world to see this coming Sunday. And you’ll have to step back and ask yourself why? Why would I treat you so badly, why? Would I purposely go out of my way to send a message through you? It’s simple, I was forced back into this world... and now the rest of you will have to put up with the fact that Brittany Williams couldn’t handle her end of the deal. He failure in stacking up, it was will ultimately tear you all down.

So Sunday night at Climax Control, think again before you say that beating me and taking my title will be easy... because you’ll be in the fight of your life Seleana. I’m not the one to play games or mess around... I will be heading into Climax Control with one goal in mind and that’s defending my Bombshell Roulette Championship and I’ll do so by any means...

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