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> Dahl Family Barbeque, A war begins...
Bobbie Dahl
Posted: July 04, 2019 09:06 am

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Dahl Family Barbeque
Thursday July 4th
Let The Jealousy Fly!

Only four days have passed since Bobbie Dahl not only defeated Sierra Williams in their grudge match, but Bobbie also learned that not only is Artie most definitely not gay like she had thought for so many years, but that her best friend now had himself a girlfriend! What started out as a great day for her, quickly turned into a horrible night, and her normal fun and upbeat mood had changed drastically.

Because it is SCW’s normal post-supershow week off, Bobbie, Artie, Ronnie and Bobbie’s parents all flew back home to Illinois to enjoy the week together. Artie, of course, sat next to his new lady love on the flight while Bobbie sat a few rows back near her parents. She was relatively quiet the entire time, and her parents noticed, but they chose not to question her on it yet, as they suspected the reason for her foul mood. And the last few days have been much the same as Artie has hardly been around as he has spent time with Ronnie now that their relationship is out in the open.

Today is the first time Bobbie has seem Artie since returning to Illinois. When she found out he would be attending her family’s annual Independence Day Barbeque, she had hoped he would be coming alone. Alas, her hopeful smile turned sour as soon as she saw Ronnie with Artie.

“Ma! What the hell is she doing here?!”

Bobbie spoke through gritted teeth, and she couldn’t quite figure out why. Her mother gently slapped her arm, shocked at her behavior.

“Roberta Jean! Do you honestly think I would be so rude and not let Artie bring her? He asked if she was welcome, too, and of course I said she was. Your attitude is appalling, especially considering how wonderful of a friend Artie has been to you through the years.”

“Pffffft. I don’t get what everyone likes about her! Something about her just rubs me the wrong way, and I don’t like her. She may be his girlfriend, but she’s no good for him.”

“You might think that, but she seems to make him happy so let him figure that out for himself, ok? And be nice!”

Bobbie rolls her eyes and has to quickly put a fake smile on her face as Artie and Ronnie walk up to them.

“Artie! Buddy! About time you showed up again!”

She slaps Artie on the back nearly knocking him forward. Ronnie doesn’t seem impressed and checks to make sure he’s ok.

“Ronnie. Pleasure seeing you again…”

Ronnie feigns a smile, seeing right through Bobbie’s fake enthusiasm. Never the less, she and Bobbie exchange a brief handshake.

“Likewise, Bobbie. Mrs. Dahl, this is such a lovely home you have! And thank you so much for inviting me. It was very kind of you and your husband.”

“You’re welcome here anytime, sweetie. Any friend of Artie’s is a friend of our’s as well.”

Bobbie glares at her mother for a moment but it’s quickly as she turns to Ronnie and changes the subject.

“So, Ronnie, what exactly do you do for work? Or, are you unemployed because you and Artie have spent an awful lot of time together this week. That’d be hard to do with a job.”

Bobbie’s mother looks at her, appalled that she would ask such a rude question. Ronnie is quick to shoot that thought down, all with a smile on her face.

“Actually, it’s a little something called paid vacation. I’m a cashier supervisor for Walmart and I’ve got the week off so spending as much time with Artie as I can.”

Bobbie grins and has to hold back a laugh. Artie, meanwhile, is quiet through the entire conversation, unsure of how to get involved as the two most important ladies in his life get to know one another.

“Walmart, huh? That’s...nice.”

“I mean, it’s not much, but it pays the bills. Besides, it may only be temporary.”

“Why is that, sweetie?”

Ronnie smiles and looks to Artie.

“Depends on what we decide. If Artie continues going to the shows with Bobbie, my plan is to travel with him. If not, he’d find a job somewhere near here so we can spend time together.”

Artie’s eyes widen as Ronnie spills the beans, and Bobbie’s face falls. She stares at them, blinking and can hardly find the words. Her silence doesn’t last long, however.

“Looks like you’ll be quittin’ your job, honey, because of course Artie is going to keep coming to shows with me! He’s my best friend! He always comes to support me!”

“Bobbie, honey, it’s Artie’s decision. Besides, now is not the time to discuss this. Ronnie, would you like a tour of the house?”

“That’d be fantastic, actually. I’ll be back in a few, sweetie.”

Ronnie leans in and gives Artie a quick kiss on the lips as if showing off in front of Bobbie. Bobbie rolls her eyes and has to turn away to pretend to gag before her mother leads Ronnie off to give her a tour. This leaves Bobbie and Artie alone for the first time in several days, and Artie immediately tries to explain things to her.

“I-I-I was gonna tell you soon! I swear. I just hadn’t made up my mind yet so there was no need to tell you. Please don’t be mad.”

“Hadn’t made up your mind...yet? So you have now?! Glad I could make ya see the obvious, Artie!”

Artie shakes his head.

“I...I can’t keep travelling with you, Bobbie. It’s...getting to be too much. I can’t let Ronnie quit her job, and don’t need me. I don’t even accompany you to the ring because I’m not a contracted valet or whatever.”

Bobbie’s jaw nearly hits the ground.

“Damn that chick better be amazing in the sack for you to actually think about not tagging along to the shows! Either that or she’s one controlling—“

“She’s not controlling at all. I mean...she’s considering quitting her job and screwing up her financial well-being just to be with me. I didn’t make her offer to do that!”

Bobbie laughs.

“You’ve been my best friend for how long? And suddenly twinkle tits comes in to the picture and wants you all to herself! Seems kinda selfish to me…”

“Twinkle…??? She’s not being selfish at all. She thinks what you do is kinda cool, but she just wants to tag along and spend time with me, too. I’m sorry, Bobbie. But...I can’t let her quit her job. I’ll come to shows when I can, but...I can’t travel with you anymore.”

Before Bobbie can speak another word in protest, her mother and Ronnie return from Ronnie’s tour of the house. Mrs. Dahl can tell Bobbie is clearly bothered by something, but Bobbie quickly shakes it off and puts on a smile.

“I’m gonna go make us some of my special drinks! Artie’s will be non-alcoholic, of course!”

“How nice of you! I’ll take mine non-alcoholic, too, if you don’t mind. I’ve never been much of a drinker, especially in the heat.”

Bobbie smiles again.

“Sure thing Twinkle ti...toes! I’ll be back in a flash!”

Bobbie rushes off into the house to go make their drinks, while her mother disappears to go mingle with her other guests and to find her father. Ronnie turns and looks at Artie with a raised eyebrow.

“Did she really call me twinkle toes? Baby, that best friend of yours is quite a strange woman.”

Artie shrugs and lets out an awkward laugh.

“You don’t know the half of it.”

Ronnie just lets out a laugh as the two head around to mingle with everyone else. Back inside the house, they’re none the wiser to what Bobbie is plotting to do as she mixes their drinks. She has just returned to the kitchen after grabbing a bottle of laxative from the bathroom. She’s looking at it deviously before mixing some of it into one of the glasses with a grin. To hide the evidence she rushes back to the bathroom to return it to the medicine cabinet. However, while she’s away, her mother walks inside and sees the prepared drinks sitting on the counter!

“Bobbie, honey, I’ll go ahead and take these drinks out to Artie and Ronnie! Not sure what you’re doing, but hurry up! We’ve got guests remember!”

Bobbie has just closed the medicine cabinet when she hears her mother shouting to her.

“Shit! Ma! No!!”

But she’s too late. Her mother has already made her way outside and has handed each of the glasses to Artie and Ronnie! Bobbie rushes outside, hoping to catch them before either takes a drink, but again...too late. They both take large gulps of their cold drinks, and Bobbie has no clue which one got the laxative spiked drink!

“Mmm. Bobbie, this drink is fantastic! You’ll have to give me the recipe! Especially considering how much Artie loves it.”

Indeed Artie has chugged down the entire glass relatively quickly, showing just how thirsty he is. He hands the glass back to Bobbie, as she shakes her head and smiles nervously.

“No can do, Ronnie. It’s my special concoction, but thanks for the kind words.”

“Did you make more? It’s the best batch you’ve made yet!”

Bobbie takes the glass from Artie’s hand and goes to get him another glass- laxative free. She only hopes that Ronnie was drinking the laxative and not poor Artie, but only time will tell.

And boy does time tell. Within thirty minutes, just as they are getting ready to sit down and enjoy their food, sweat starts pouring down Artie’s face and he looks quite uncomfortable. Ronnie stares at him, a worried look on her face.

“Artie, honey...Are you okay? You don’t look so great.”

He nods quickly, trying his best to hide his discomfort. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t work but just as Ronnie goes to question him again, his intestines begin to rumble furiously and he jumps up quickly.

“Oh. I...I...I gotta go. NOW!”

And off he runs into the house, praying he makes it to the bathroom. Everyone looks around curiously, wondering has gotten into him, but most of them shrug it off quickly. Ronnie, however, turns and just stares at Bobbie suspiciously.

“He musta had something bad for breakfast!”

Ronnie folds her arms and just glares at her, knowing full well that wasn’t the case.

“That’s odd, because we ate the same thing and I feel just fine.”

“Well my buddy Artie has a sensitive stomach sometimes! I guess you just learned that, huh?!”

“Yeah. I guess I did. I better go check to see if he’s ok.”

Ronnie stands up from her seat, still giving Bobbie a stern look, and Bobbie does everything to avoid eye contact. She knows what she did, and so does Ronnie, but neither make a scene. Ronnie plays it off, for now, waiting for the right moment to defend her boyfriend and the man who Bobbie claims is her best friend.

And poor Artie is about to get stuck in the middle of two plus sized beauties in a fight for his affection, and he’s none the wiser…

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