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Christian Underwood
Posted: December 30, 2018 07:46 am

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 5k per character per RP period

“To err is human - but it feels divine.”
? Mae West
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Austin James Mercer
Posted: December 31, 2018 07:23 am

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“There is one rule, above all others, for being a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.”
? Robert Jordan, The Great Hunt

Prologue-The inevitability of death

Acceptance that your life will end someday is always a difficult pill to swallow. As you go through your life you know it’s coming but it’s always far away. You tell yourself “there's always tomorrow”. But what if it all ended tomorrow?. Could you look back on your life with pride?. Could you see your time on earth as more than a series of wasted opportunities and potential?

A crisis of conscious thought.

When you lose people in your life and they are still alive there is a feeling of being able to fix whatever is broken between you. A feeling of need and want to repair that bridge. But as the sun sets and the time gets shorter and shorter you still keep telling yourself that same damn thing. There is always tomorrow.

Always another day.

Always another sunrise.

Always another sunset.

But there will come a time where your sun no longer rises or sets. You’ll never see it, never feel it, never know what it’s like to repair that bridge or lay down the hatreds of the past. To leave it all on the table. To know that you left things a little too late and watched every chance and moment to fix it fly by. And it will just be for one reason and thought that…

There was always tomorrow….

For me, there have been to many tomorrows that never came. Too many moments that I simply let slide by unnoticed. Regret is a funny thing. You can live with it, you can even let it go from your mind for a time. But when a memory is sparked it is always there, hanging over you like a dark cloud. And honestly, there is nothing you can do once it’s hanging there.

You can push it down, pretend it doesn’t bother you. But regret was there yesterday, it’s there today and it will also be there tomorrow…..

Off Camera
New York City
2 Weeks Ago

Sonja Jones: Are you sure about this Austin?

Sonja’s voice was calm and sweet. Her long blonde hair tied back as he sat in her home office. Alex moved outside humming as he held Dylan, their newborn son. A child that was only a few weeks older than his own son Marcus. Sonja had been pregnant the same time as Lisa, the two women getting close and bonding over that. But more so as friends with their love for Austin's father. Sonja as a best friend and Lisa as a daughter.

After a few moments of looking over the papers, Austin simply gave a small nod and sighed signing the papers and sliding them back to Sonja who slid them into a file and put them to the side.

Sonja Jones: For what it’s worth I think you’re doing the right thing. I know it can’t be easy and there is some hatred the-

Austin James Mercer: I don’t hate her Sonja…

Austin spoke carefully. He knew Alex was in the hall, Lisa was in the lounge and the door was slightly open. All of them had a history with her. All of them missed her. Alex had lived through losing her before. In more than one way. Lisa understood her reasons and was forgiving. Austin had been vocal about his disappointment in the entire situation. But he sat there now in front of Sonja, a woman who was close with both his father and his step-mother. He needed to choose his words carefully, and his tone.

Austin James Mercer: I understand why she keeps her distance. Why she stays away. I understand why the family fell apart and I understand why now it’s all gone. It doesn’t mean I like or accept it. But I also am not going to step on my father’s wishes…

Austin was calm and his voice was low. He got to his feet and looked down at the papers he’d just signed. Sonja tilted her head trying to read his emotions. She’d been good at that. She was able to read his fathers and understand his pain when things of the past had bothered him, hurt him. And now Sonja stood reading the sons face as she had Christians.

Austin James Mercer: I was never going to contest it. She deserves the house, she deserves the money. Izzy needs it. As does Elena. He loved them both as he loved all his family but...I’m a grown man, Lisa is a grown woman and we can take care of ourselves. We’re alone

Sonja Jones: Who said you were alone Austin?...

Her words stopped him as he went to turn. Sonja moved around the table and sat on the edge in front of him, her hands clasped together as he towered over her. Austin was not a small man at all. Christian had been about 6’2, not a small man either. But Austin towered over his father when he was alive. But he had kept the amazing athleticism that Christian himself had possessed, even in his advancing age the man was a beast in the gym and his younger, stronger son had trouble keeping up.

Sonja Jones: Alex and I are here. Alex is fond of you, in a way he could never connect with your father given their...history. The Valentines, Elena...all of it. But you he saw a way to...I don’t know..atone for his own sins. And I’m here too…

She shot him a smile. A warm one that cut through the doubt in Austin's mind. He couldn’t help but shoot a small smirk as he heard Lisa laugh. The first time he’d heard it since Christians passing as Alex fired off another small joke about the wrestling business. It was music to his ears and he realized. Sonja was right. They had all been brought together. It was not Austin and Lisa that was was her….

Sonja Jones: And there’s something else….WolfsLair…

Austin James Mercer: Am I still alright to train there?

Sonja Jones: Train there?...of course...we wouldn’t kick you out ever...and it would be a bit hard since you own 50 percent of it…

Austin was shocked. His jaw dropped and he had no idea what to say as Sonja held out a letter. He opened it and read it out loud coming to the final words. Christian had left his half of the gym to him, he was now Alex and Sonja’s partner. He smiled slowly and swallowed hard taking in a short, sharp breath.

Austin James Mercer: Well, I guess I still have a home….thank you, Sonja…

She gave him a nod as he turned to find Lisa standing in the doorway, Marcus in her arms asleep as Alex stood behind her, Dylan also passed out in his father’s arms. Austin gave a small smile and a nod to Alex who did the same as they passed through silently as to not wake the boys.

On Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada
Present Day

”I was wrong…”

Austin’s voice booms as he snarls with a slow shake of his head. His voice seemed full of anger and frustration. His body language was tight and tense as he moves back and forth.

”I was ready to dive head first into SCW. I was ready to stand up and say “I am a part of this” but it seems like SCW would rather reward those who are nothing but whiny, arrogant idiots than those who are ready to do the right thing. I came in and despite my growing ego, despite the fact I had confidence I still gave respect to those who it was due. One of those men was Fenris, our world champion. The entire world wanted to see it. The entire world was ready and stood around in awe as we eyed each other off. He is a beast of a world champion, a pure fighter ready to throw down whenever it’s needed. And I am a six foot six beast, with skills and a lineage deep-rooted in this business. SCW had a pile of money laying there ready to be taken….”

“A dream match…”

“But, what did they do instead?. Did they book me in fair one on one defences? No, don’t be ridiculous. They put me in a match where I didn’t even have to get pinned to lose the title. And now, now a man who did nothing to earn the shot to begin with who simply whined and bitched like a child is holding a title for a company HE NEVER FUCKING WRESTLED FOR against a man who is going to murder him. Good job SCW. Really great. It’s nice to know you will hand people title shots and matches just because they cry and bitch. Jake Raab should never have been in that match. He should never have had a shot at the Honor title and now you have him against Fenris and someone like me...the next real star of your company curtain jerking a tag match against...Gamer INC?.....”

“Are you serious?”

Austin growls and turns his nose up with a deep sigh after, his large arms fold over his chest, over his black and red wolfslair shirt.

”I tried to do it your way. I tried to come into SCW and think it was all going to be fair. But now, now I see how it really is. See my tag team partner didn’t want to come to SCW. He told me straight up, they don’t want you there, they won’t give you a fair shake Austin, and I thought he was wrong when SCW went rhrough with the match with myself and Mickey. I thought SCW was going to be that land of opportunity. Then Jake Raab whines to get put in that match and I watched as all I worked for got pissed away because SCW is being run by fucking morons who do not want Honor stars to get ahead. Sure you’ll take the publicity of having our names on a card to get people through the door or to buy the goddamn shows but, to actually have us as stars….I’m waiting to see how you’re going to fuck over Alicia or Jesse next, although Jesse used to be a golden girl of SCW so, I guess that won’t happen.”

“But Alex and I have to face Jimmy Andrews and Jack Steward. The mens side of that little stable.”


“Two former world champions who are two of the best professional wrestlers on this planet have to face a couple of geeky dumbshits who haven’t done anything in SCW?. Ever?. This is the bullshit I’m talking about. You have Alex Jones, a nine-time world champion a TWO TIME HONOR champion and myself in the opening match of your supershow against….video game streamers?....”

Austin pauses for a moment and shakes his head again mumbling under his breath.

”I don’t care what wrestling training you two think you have. I don’t care how good you two believe yourselves to be. You need a reality check. I’m six foot six, a former world champion, I bleed and sweat for professional wrestling. I eat, sleep, breath and shit professional wrestling and you two along with the two women in your group are nothing but twitch streaming gamers?. I mean hey, I play games in my down time, I love fortnite, I love call of duty, Skyrim is a game that I put so many hours into I lost my six-pack for a year. But that is a hobby. This is my job, this is my life. And you think it makes me smile knowing I have to get in the ring and face people like you?...”

“Alex and I are going to tear you limb from limb…”

“This isn’t a game, you don’t have any extra lives or respawns, you will not have a teammate to fucking med pack you. You have a guy who is a bonafide legend in this business and a pissed off giant. You two make a mockery of pro wrestling and I refuse to put up with it. And before, well before this bullshit with Jake Raab happened I would have just shrugged, I would have said “hey, good on you for getting into the ring and trying your hardest,” But now?. Well now I just want to hurt you both to the point where you’ll quit and get the fuck out of my sport….so at Inception, this will not be pleasant for you, this won’t be some fun night in the will feel pain, you will feel helpless...and I will feel….vindication... ”

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Alex Jones
Posted: January 01, 2019 12:03 am

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Chapter one-The beginning.
Off Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada
5 Years Ago

Alex walked around the house doing up a pair of gold cufflinks before stopping in the mirror with a grin. His long black hair was tied back, his beard trimmed, a custom cut and tailored suit and some expensive cologne. Harley was with her cousin, watched for the night by Eliza and Kayla. Alex prayed that he wouldn’t get his daughter back with a whole bunch of fake tattoos like last time….
HeI cleared my throat and took a deep breath as he heard Ana in the bedroom, He knew she was getting ready for their date night. He was excited to get out with her, just them. He was even more excited to see what she’d be wearing. It made him happy that even after knowing her for ten years, after them being married and going through everything he still wanted to rip her clothes off and go at her like a sex-crazed teenager….

The door opened and Ana stepped out. To his confusion, he didn’t find her in a beautiful dress or gown, or a little black dress that she usually wore when they went out as code for “yes I’m hot.” No this was Ana in a pair of comfy jeans, a shirt and her sneakers, a suitcase being pulled behind her as her phone as glued to her ear. She stepped out and passed Alex heading to the door, she hung up the phone and he coughed to get her attention causing her to turn around.

“Uh…what…what’s this?”

Ana swallowed hard and had a small look of embarrassment before it was quickly wiped away with “business Ana”, she clasped her hands together and smiled politely. Her years of training in social graces coming in handy…too bad Alex was her husband, not a goddamn business associate.

“I have to go and sort out a few things with Zack Goldman, the owner of that lovely little company that made me VP…..”

Alex stuttered and shook his head sitting back folding his arms as he shut off. He felt angry and even a little jealous. But mainly, he was upset and betrayed. Alex let out a sigh and cleared his throat trying to calm himself down and not even show the pain.

“I thought tonight was a date night Ana, we’ve both been so busy and we haven’t done this since-“

“Look, Alex, I get it but I don’t have time for your needy shit right now….”

Ana stepped forward, any remorse or sadness she had was gone, a switch had been turned and she stared at him with those steely eyes full of confidence and now an annoyance. Like he was an inconvenience, she gripped the suitcase and started to calm down, He obviously didn’t hide his hurt very well, her eyes softened. But her phone vibrated, she looked at it and sighed.

“My uber is here, I need to go. I will be back in a few days. This is important Alex….I love you….”

“I love you to……”

The door shut behind her as she walked down and out to the car waiting for her. Alex shook his head and sat down alone, the house was so quiet. No Eliza or Kayla, no Harley. He was alone. Alex always hated the silence…it was deafening. He looked down at his phone as he received a message. His heart lifted and he quickly made arrangements….at least she had time to catch up….

A few days later…

Ana sighs as she walks into their New York home, her heels click and echo across the dimly lit hallway, the house is quiet as Harley and the staff sleep… She leaves her case by the door, slipping out of her shoes as she reaches the lounge.

She yawns quietly to herself, padding across the carpeted floor she falls onto the couch beside Alex, who doesn’t say a word but half smiles at his wife as she kicks her legs up and lands her feet in his lap.

“Sorry it’s so late..”

She yawns again, glancing at the clock to see it’s nearly 2am

“You should have gone to bed…”

Her eyes flutter a little as she leans back into the couch, staring up at her husband she muses with a hushed voice…

“Zack had me running all around everywhere today… I am honestly exhausted!”

She settles into the couch a little more with a small sigh, closing her eyes as she continues to speak…

“I’m sorry about our date… I know it was important to you…”

She mumbles the words slightly as her eyes continue to close. Alex gives her a small nod and sighs deeply, he holds back a yawn and instead lets out a grunt as he pushes himself up leaning his arms on his knees.

“It’s ok Ana, I understand.”

He smiles warmly at her and takes a deep breath shifting his weight to face her.

“I’m sorry I overstepped, that I let it blow up everywhere.”

He swallows hard as his voice breaks a little obviously upset at the situation.

\“I missed you and I took out missing you on you. So I’m sorry….”

He coughs and sits back putting his arm up offering the area for Ana with a grin. Ana half opens her eyes and shrug, She stayed where she was though, not moving to curl up against his side..

“I know you understand that for this venture to be successful, sacrifices must be made…”

She closes her eyes again, smiling to herself…

“I must say, I am quite excited… I think Zack is an innovator in this industry you know… Big changes are coming and Athos Corp is going to be right at the helm…”

She nodded, half opening her eyes once more as she glanced up at her husband with a small smile…

“I missed you…”

She offers, her voice quiet and soft for a moment…Closer to the sweet Ana he was used to, as opposed to the business partner he had been sharing his home with the last few weeks…

“But, as I say… Sacrifices must be made….”

Her voice switched again as she closed her eyes a third time, a small gasp of a sigh escaping her as she failed to stifle another yawn.

“Yeah, clearly.”[.color]

Alex’s voice changed from calm and understanding to cold and harsh. He sat up and clasped his hands together.

“I know that this is a big opportunity for you...and us..and Athos…”

He pauses again and turns his head to look at her.

[color]red]“Just remember, that I exist...and that your family exists…”

He stops for a moment and stares at Ana, his eyes trail over hers, to her cheeks and then her soft lips. He smiles and shakes his head.

“I know you exist love…But I am so.. Very… Tired…”

She says each word in a drawn-out breathy way with a little flutter of her eyelashes as both eyes open, Alex smiles and runs a hand through his hair staring at her. He stuttered for a moment, obviously wanting to say something. After a few moments he reaches forward picking Ana up in his arms, he kisses her lips and smiled walking towards the bedroom. He stops at the door with a grin, he balances on one foot opening it with the other stepping through as Ana giggles.

Promo One-Who I am
On Camera
Wolfslair Gym, New York, New York
Present Day

”You go to war in the strangest of ways. You go to war with and against strangest for the simplest of reasons that when a truly righteous one appears you feel even more moticayed to succeed. That is where we are right now. You see ladies and gentlemen. Wolfslair is more than a gym now. It’s a movement. A movement in SCW and a subdivision of the Dogs of war You see SCW, a storm is coming and those caught in it will be stranded without a hope…”

Alex Jones stood next to one of the rings in the Wolfslair Gym in New York. His long hair tied back in a bun with his arms folded over a black and red wolfslair shirt and a paif of black jeans. His slight Texan accent being hidden by the slow and deliberate pacing of his words.

”I wasn’t going to come here you know?. I had nothing left to prove. I am a nine-time world champion, numerous other championships and tournament wins. Most recently WWH and not one but TWO Honor championships. In fact I was the first one. I ran through a tournament of the “best” wrestlers on the planet to be crowned the champion. I then went back with the title I never lost and beat the crap out of Kevin Hunter to become the most dominant Honor champion they ever had. When Honor announced it was merging with SCW I was done. I was ready to retire, to walk off into the sunset and spend time with my wife, my daughter and my son. I was happy just travelling to Portland every few weeks to make a few appearances and collect a pay check after that….but then Austin gave me a little call…”

“He told me what was going on, he told me that while he had no problems defending the Honor title he resented that he was defensing it against two men who had neever stepped foot in an Honor ring. Casey Williams got a shot when he lost to Austin the week before. Caleb Storms didn’t get pinned, he was a former Honor wrestler so why was Casey selected over him?. Why was Jake Raab put in that match when all he did was whine like a child?. And then backpeddle in a promo when it was brought up?.Is this the company that Honor thought was a good move for them to join?. Honor has lost it’s identity.”

“The merger was supposed to be both rosters coming together to make a bigger company. Brooke Saxon was supposed to help make sure Honor stars didn’t get lost in the shuffle. But look what happened. Austin was screwed over, they have tried to screw Alicia over but she is too much of a name and a true champion to let that happen. I came back, I stepped in an SCW ring and look what has happened. Am I treated like the former world champion I am?. People know who Alex fucking Jones is yet I am treated like a nobody, I am treated like I unknown rookie. Hell, you ask Roxi Johnson who I am, you ask Mercedes Vargas who I am, you ask Amy Santino or Crystal Hilton who I am, you ask Teddy Warren or Todd Williams who I am.

Alex paces back and forth now, clearly angry and frustrated already. His eyes flash with fire as he slowly laughs to himself.

”SCW could be a great company, but it needs to recognise what Honor was, it needs to see the company it was, the quality of wrestler that was there. I look around SCW and I see a list of people I could destroy. See Austin is still young. He’s a 26 year old kid with all the attributes in the world to be a legend. But I have been around long enough to know my worth and to know that I am one of the best. I have the track record, I have the name. And now I’m here to show it. Fenris, Caleb, Vinnie, Monk and shit...Mickey Carroll if you can fucking find him, they will all fall to me and Austin. But first. First we walk into the first show of 2019, the supercard for SCW to announce to the world that the company is going to grow. We walk into Inception, the night of champions and we destroy Gamer INC. We destroy two men in front of the female side of their little group and we show that the future of SCW should be built around Austin James Mercer and Alex Jones…”

“The Wolfs Lair….”

“But, if you people thought we came alone or it’s just going to be us, you are sorely mistaken. At inception it will all become clear, but I want to touch on something Austin said. See he brought up Gamer INC and their stupidity. He brought up the fact that they are nothing but a group of twitch streaming video game players. But I want to focus on the actual, wrestling career. Or rather lack there of. I look at SCW’s past and as a collective group, since August what the hell have you done?. Most in SCW have something, anything to their names. But in five months you four, Chari, Beverly, Jimmy and Jack have done NOTHING. Not a singles title to your names, not a mixed tag title. And you guys seem like you should be mixed tag team specialists. But, here’s the thing. Careers are not just about championships, it’s also about making a mark and beating bigger names to show how good you can be…”

“And you have nothing there either…”

Alex scoffs and shakes his head moving through the gym stepping nacross to the accomplishments section with replica title belts hanging up on the walls with different magazine covers and awards. Alex smiles and shakes his head.

”Jimmy, Jack, I would like to hope that you’re not gong to fall into that stupid trap of looking at myself and Austin and saying “well you did great things elsewhere but this is SCW”. The wrestling world is open and everyone knows about others accomplishments. Look at Amy Santino, she and I have known each other for years and while she has had HUGE success in SCW, she was also a success inj NCW, same with the likes of Mercedes Vargas who has been a huge name in LAW, Honor, IWF and now she’s over in my former place of business WWH. No longer do we ignore other companies. So therefor. You all need to look at what I have done and ask. Can we beat Alex and Austin?”

“I know you hope to. And while Jack is, well Jack is a joke I can see potential in Jimmy. See, Jimmy has wrestling in his blood. Jimmy has family in SCW’s past. But hasn’t lived up to that potential. The only one of you who has a real wrestling pedigree is Char. And she isn’t involved in this and is being held down by the rest of you.”

“And the worst part boys, is that I’m actually rejuvenated. I’m reknewed. See towards the back end of Honors ruyn I had started feeling the pressure, feeling tired and run down from holding the mens side of Honor up. See whule the womens side had Mercedes, Alicia, Jesse and Delia, the mens side was me!. Austin hadn’t yet joined to put his mark on Honor, Mickey was a fluke of a champion and as much as he wanted to try and be me, as much as he wanted to hold that Honor title and be a champion that actually meant something he crumbled and fell faster than anyone could imagine. I walked away and found myself. And the resurgence of Alex Jones isn’t just abut me. It’s also about Austin, it’s about the name Wolfs Lair and will also be about the re-emergence of the Dogs of war. Wilves, travel in packs...and we will all...CRY...FUCKING...HAVOK…”

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Gamer Inc
Posted: January 01, 2019 06:53 am

Nerds with Attitude

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Off Camera

It's close to four o'clock in the morning as Jimmy Andrews is sitting on the floor in his Las Vegas loft. The blinds on his window are still shut as he stretches out his leg. He proceeds to stretch his other leg before standing up to his feet. He glances over his shoulder at Debbie Finch still sleeping on the left side of the bed. A soft smile drifts across his lips as he calmly exits his bedroom and enters the main living area.

"Well time to get a good workout in before meeting up with Char and the gang," he quietly says to himself. Jimmy's loft doesn't have that much workout equipment. To some it would be a problem but for Jimmy this is a way to try new things. He starts his workout by holding himself up by placing his elbows on top of his kitchen counter. He does this for five minutes dropping and pumping out sixty push ups. He turns over onto his back and does thirty crunches followed by forty bicycles. A small string of sweat is starting to drip down his forehead as Jimmy kips up to his feet.

Jimmy is just about to wrap his workout when his cell phone rings. Jimmy playfully snaps his fingers while gliding across the floor and picking his phone up off the coffee table. He looks to see who is calling before answering. "Hello," he bellows through the phone as Char pulls her phone away. She looks at it with a weird look on her face. She places it back against her ear. "Hey Jimmy, did you happen to catch the early promos cut by Alex Jones and Austin Mercer?" she asks him as Jimmy is looking through his fridge.

"No, I haven't had the time between spending the day with my Uncle and wrestling a show last night in the MGM Grande, I just didn't watch them. Why?" he asks. "No reason, it appears they are just taking the same page from everybody else. I guess because we play video games that we aren't taking our jobs seriously," answers Char as Jimmy just rolls his eyes. "What did Jack have to say?" he asks as Char goes silent.

Jack Stewart, a nine year pro, has been called a lot of things throughout his career. He's been called a nerd, a geek, an idiot, a joke but the one thing he can't stand is when people brush over his career like it means nothing. After Jack saw the promos, he left the office. "Jack's not here Jim," Char finally answers as Jimmy smirks.

"He's probably hitting the gym. That's usually what he does when he gets upset," says Jimmy. "Nope, he's not in the gym. I called Heidi and she hasn't seen him either," retorts Char with a hint of concern in her voice. Jack and Char has been the best of friends since their middle school days. Jack moved around a lot due to his father being a Solider and his mother being a career lawyer. Char knew when something bothered Jack, he would disappear for days.

"Jimmy," voice echoes as he lifts his eyes up. "Who was that?" asked Char. "Probably Deb, she stayed the night last night," he answers. Char woos him through the phone as he shakes his head. "Nothing happened. I slept on the floor while she took the bed," he says as Char playfully nods her head. "Sure, I bet you were a complete gentlemen," she jokes. Jimmy chuckles as Debbie stumbles out into the living room.

"Guess I better go, talk to you later Char," he says before pressing the end call button. He places his phone down while looking at Debbie. "What are you doing up?" he asks her. Debbie puts her hands next to her head. "Why are you yelling?" she answers. Jimmy looks at her with a look of confusion on his face. "I'm not yelling Debbie. You had quite a bit to drink last night," he says softly. Debbie was celebrating her divorce being finalized by downing a bottle of Jim Beam and a few glasses of Captain Morgan Coconut rum.

Jimmy pulls down his can of Folgers French Roast coffee and a filter. He sifts some coffee into the filter and places inside his coffee maker. "I'm going to make you some coffee," he says. Debbie inaudibly tells him thank you as Jimmy turns his back and lifts his eyes up toward his ceiling.
I wonder where Jack went after listening to those promos Char had mentioned. I haven't seen them yet but going off what Char had told me. It sounds like the same tune with a different voice. For once, I would like people to see past all the video game and vlogging that we do to see we are very passionate about this business.....

Jimmy's thoughts are cut off by the beeping of his coffee maker. He walks over toward the cupboard that holds his mugs and opens the door. He pulls down a basic mug. "Do you like creme and sugar in your coffee Deb?" he asks politely. Debbie tells him yes while trying to keep herself from vomiting all over his nice sofa. Jimmy pours her a cup of coffee and walks it over to her,

"Thank you Jimmy," she says while taking the cup. She takes a small sip while leaning back a bit. Jimmy starts straightening things up as Debbie looks at him. "I guess you have a big match coming up," she mentions as Jimmy looks at her. "I don't see it as a big match Debbie. This is the first time since Jack and I signed with SCW that we will team together but it's not our first time as a team," he replies while placing his mat inside the closet next to the television. Debbie takes another sip of her coffee.

"Have you formulated any kind of response to those rude scroundrels?" she asks him. Jimmy shakes his head. "No, I haven't had time to watch those promos," he answers. Debbie looks shocked as she leans forward, picks up the remote in her free hand and turns it on. Several local news begin to play as Jimmy chuckles. "What are you trying to do?" he asks.

"Where's your roku?" Debbie responds as Jimmy tilts his head to the left. "I'm going to try and pull up those promos so you can get a good feel for them," she torts as Jimmy looks at her. "Why?" he asks sarcastically. Jimmy had been researching both Alex and Austin ever since Inception 3 was announced. Every day he is constantly checking their bios and trying to find old matches to study. Debbie finds SCW TV and turns it on. As soon as she does, the promos from Jimmy's opponents were playing on a loop. After listening, Jimmy just smiles as he looks at Debbie. She had fallen asleep as Jimmy steps into his bedroom and shuts the door.


Vlog Episode 1
On Camera

After Jimmy shuts his bedroom door, he strolls across the floor and sits down his rolling chair. He positions his webcam before pulling it up. He checks the focus and makes sure it is ready to roll. After the inspections are finished, Jimmy leans back in his chair and presses the record button.

Hello guys, welcome to my first vlog on my own personal channel. I know it's been a wild couple of weeks but we got through it. We almost got our chance to fight for the mixed tag belts but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards. That is okay because we as a unit now know what we need to do to improve ourselves when it comes to performing inside the ring.

Jimmy repositions himself while trying to find the best way to record this promo.

In two weeks time, Jack and myself have found ourselves in a tag team match against Austin Mercer and Alex Jones. Now on paper, this is a match where Jack and myself have no business being in but that's just not the case. Jack and I are looking forward to this bout not because of who we are facing. Oh no. It's because we are ready to prove why we are a threat in the tag team division. Now I'm certain, Alex and Austin would rather I sing their praises about all they have accomplished in their careers. I would do that but for some reason they have sung the same song and dance as everyone else.

They think because Jack and I play video games as a second job that we aren't trained wrestlers. I guess they missed the part where I am constantly competing outside of SCW as a way to improve my skills. As Austin pointed out, he is six foot six inches tall which means we can't hurt him in his mind.

Jimmy pushes his chair back and stands up straight.

I know you didn't do your homework because you would have known that I am six feet six inches tall. I managed to glance at your bio plenty of times. You call yourself a former world champion but there is no world championship listed in your achievements. So either you are fabricating everything or you think that matters in this match. Both you and Alex have done nothing but bitch about how you are treated here since the merger. Did you ever stop and think that no one forced you to come here? No one held a gun to your head and told you to come to SCW. You chose to come here. You chose to sign your name on the dotted line. Which means, you can bitch all you want but it's not going to make a bit of difference. There is a lot of talent on this roster and you are not going to jump over them just because you constantly say your name like it has magic powers.

I have a name too but I'm not riding it like I'm owed something. No I rather work for my accomplishments. However, if you think I'm going to be intimidated by either of you then you are barking up the wrong tree. My first match here in SCW was against a creepy clown. If the clown couldn't scare me then what makes you two any different. Judging by how you two are, I say you are ungrateful. Seriously, you should be grateful that Mark Ward and Christian even put you on the card in the first place. They could have just left you off altogether but they didn't. Instead of showing gratitude, you have hissy fit because you expected to be handed some kind of title match. That might work in other places but not in SCW.

No, you work for it. If Honor was just a grey company then why did they merge with SCW?

Jimmy walks back toward his chair and sits back down.

I get it. You two want everyone to drink your kool-aid. You want everyone to bow down before you and worship the ground you walk on. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen. No, because while you two may be good as singles competitors, you are entering our realm. Jack and I have teamed for years. We have won World Tag titles and regional tag titles. So instead of glossing over our wrestling backgrounds, you might want to rethink your strategy. Because we aren't just gamers or geeks. We are competitors who will stop at nothing to prove everyone wrong,

Austin and Alex, you may be the best but come Inception 3. You will find out that we hit just as hard if not harder. For the record, we know this is real life. We don't need respawns. We just need our athlecism and our wit. You may be world champions but that won't matter when Gamers Inc annihilate you.

Gamer Inc

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Gamer Inc
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December 22, 2018
Off Camera

It's a cool day in Kansas City, Kansas as Jack Stewart is sitting in a green plastic lawn chair. He is holding a tumblr full of Sprite as he watches his two nephews playing football in the backyard. His smile grows when soft footsteps come up behind him while placing a hand on top of Jack's shoulders.

"Hey mate," says Josiah as Jack looks up. "Hey Josiah," replies Jack as he gets up quickly and greets his old partner. Josiah smiles while hugging his old friend. "What are you doing here?" asks Jake as he watches Josiah sit down in the chair next to him holding a bottle of Corona. "Your mom called me. She told me you would be coming for Christmas," answers Josiah as they look out at the two kids playing.

Jack was happy to know his mother would call his old partner. Jack sips on his Sprite as Josiah clears his throat. "How is life Jack?" asks Josiah. "Life is good. I have a thriving gaming channel and I own a few media companies," he answers as Josiah takes a good swig of his beer. "How about your wrestling career?" asks Josiah. "It's going okay. I haven't been able to find that spark that I did several years ago," answers Jack.

Josiah excitedly yells for one of the little ones as they start playing a little more rough. "What you need is to find that dark place again," replies Josiah as Jack looks at him. "You know what I mean Jack. I have seen you compete. You fight timidly and I know that's not who you are. You are a vicious competitor with a thirst for violence. Hell, that's what made you a multiple champion," he continues. Jack sits in his chair thinking as Clary steps out from the house. Clary Fitz, Jack's old high school sweetheart, places her onto his shoulder.

"Hi Jackie," she says playfully. "What do you want?" asks Josiah as he lifts his eyes to see the wench. Jack doesn't say anything as Clary plays with her hair. "I heard Jack was single now and thought I come by," she answers as Josiah looks at him. "What happened with you and Felicia?" asks Josiah. Jack looks at his old friend. "I divorced her after I found her fucking some dude," he says as Josiah's eyes go wide. He had no idea Jack was going through hell but kept a brave face. "I thought your life was going great," remarks Josiah.

"It is going great. I have a beautiful daughter who turns three this year. I have three best friends who watch my back. I have another good friend who I come to for advice. I have a mentor who keeps me on my toes. What more can I ask for," replies Jack. "You could have me," taunts Clary as she twists her hair around her finger. Jack still hasn't acknowledged her as Josiah leans back in his chair. "You could be a champion," he jokes as Jack leans back in his chair. "That'll come in due time," says Jack as they continue to watch the kids play.

December 30, 2018
Off Camera

Eight days have passed since Jack spent Christmas with his parents. He was traveling through San Diego while heading towards his ex-wife's place to pick up his daughter. On the way, he sees his old stomping ground Hell Championship Wrestling. Seeing that he was going to be a little early, he decides to pull into the parking lot. He finds an empty space parks. He kills the engine and steps out of his car.

Jack walks up to the front door, opens it and crosses the threshold. He sees the wrestling ring set up in the corner and smiles. Thinking no one is inside, he throws down his small bag into the corner. He starts heading for the ring when a man steps out of the shadows. "Hello Jackson," says the voice as Jack stops in his tracks. Jack turns to see Dustin Holt leaning against the door jam.

"Hi Dustin, I didn't know you were going to be here," replies Jack. Dustin chuckles while shoving one hand into his pocket. "I normally would be home but I have a show coming up in a couple days," remarks Dustin. Jack rubs the back of his head while standing up straight. "What brings you back?" asks Dustin. Jack sighs. "I have a match coming up in two weeks but I don't think I'm ready for it," answers Jack as he hangs his head.

"Why do you say that?" asks Dustin as he peels himself off the door. Jack shrugs his shoulder. "I guess everyone keeps calling me joke. So I am starting to believe it," answers Jack as Dustin shakes his head. He walks over towards his ring and looks over his shoulder at Jack. Jack raises one eyebrow as he sees Dustin hop up onto the apron. "What are you doing?" questions Jack. Dustin doesn't say a word as he motions for Jack to get into the ring.

Jack smirks as he sprints and slides into the ring. For an hour and a half, the two traded holds. Dustin would strike with a German Suplex but Jack would block the third. After Jack connects with a snap Suplex, Dustin calls for a timeout. "Hey, there is no timeouts in wrestling," jokes Jack as Dustin laughs. "For this old man, you can make an exception," states Dustin as they just sit on the mat. "For the record, you haven't lost a step. You just need to stop listening to what others are saying. What you really need is confidence in yourself," says Dustin as Jack nods.

Jack looks at his sweat covered hands as he lifts his eyes up to Dustin. "I think you are right. I have been hiding in my own mind," Jack states as Dustin laughs. The two men step out of the ring as Jack heads for the door.

January 4, 2019

On Camera

Jack is once again sitting inside his recording studio. He has a plate of pizza with a cup of Root Beer sitting off to the side. His webcam has been up just waiting for him to hit record. He positions himself directly in the center of the shot. He smirks a little before moving the cursor towards the record button. He clicks on it.

What's up my friends and welcome to another vlog. Today, I would like to talk to everyone about words. Words can be very helpful or hurtful. It's all in the way you present them. For example, earlier this week Alex Jones and Austin James Mercer have done nothing but insult me. I had no idea, we were the problems for their booking for Inception 3. I didn't know I had that much power. I thought Jimmy and myself were like everyone else. We are booked when needed otherwise we just sit in our locker room and enjoy the show.

The video keeps rolling as Jack picks up his soda and takes a sip.

2019 has finally arrived as Jimmy and I look to make our Inception debut as a tag team. Now this may come to you as a shock but this won't be the first time we have teamed up. Despite what you might think, Jimmy and I know each other very well inside and outside the ring. We work together on plenty of video shoots and we train together. Not to mention, we have won several tag team championships together. Now why are Alex and Austin dismissing this. Is it because they are so bitter about being small time heroes? Or is it because they want everything handed to them based on their own fantasy?

Look we get it, you two are FORMER world champions. Notice the emphasis I put on that word. You two are like Jimmy and myself championship less. Now tell me, why must you feel the need to remind everyone of what you have done prior to your signing. Are you truly afraid that someone will forget? How can they? You mention it every five minutes. I'm a former world champion myself but I don't talk about it. Why? Because it doesn't matter. I am here and I am working my way up.

I was a lot like you when I first started out. I constantly talked about my accomplishments and practically begged management to book me in high profile matches even if I didn't earn them. All because I kept saying I'm a former world champion. Yes, that's a great accomplishment but once you sign on the dotted line to a new place. Your accomplishments turn into ash because they don't matter.

Jack sneaks a bite of pizza while taking a minute to catch his breath.

I bet you are probably thinking to yourselves. Oh, Jimmy and I aren't making much sense. We are just sounding like two guys who want to avoid the inevitable. That's where you two are making the biggest mistake in your lives. You see, I'm not a joke as you think. I am a very skilled wrestler when that bell rings. I am one you don't want to trade holds with due to how technical I am. Jimmy is just like me. We don't rely on one aspect. We rely on multiple. You see, he is the speed while I am the power. What do you guys have? Besides big egos which could be your Achilles heel.

Alex said himself. He didn't want to come to SCW. Not because he was afraid but because he knew he couldn't hang. I mean it's simple to be the top dog when you are in a very small pond. Once you enter the ocean, you get swallowed up by the Sharks that swim freely. Now, I'm not saying Jimmy and I are sharks but when it comes to tag team wrestling. We are the best. We don't need championships to make ourselves believe. We need confidence which we have in spades.

We have chemistry. We have each other's back. What do you guys have? Besides the ability of bitching about things you have no control over and the constant need of talking about your accomplishments. I swear if you two say former world champions again, I'm going to jab a retractable pen through my own ears.

Inception 3 will not be the welcome wagon you two will like. Mainly because it's going to be the reminder that Gamer Inc will be champions in the near future. Now why don't you guys go buy a Nintendo Switch. It's the only chance you got to beat us. You may not like Gamers but it's going to take gamers to defeat two ungrateful shitheads. See you at Inception 3 if you two show up.

Gamer Inc

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Austin James Mercer
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Off Camera
Las Vegas Nevada.
Last Week

The nerves in his stomach rattled like coins in a jar. Every second that passed brought him closer and closer to his destination and a reunion he never thought possible or wanted. He sat in the back of the cab, his long hair tied back in a bun away from his face. Dressed in a navy blue suit with a matching tie. His beard trimmed short as he watched the Vegas strip fly by. Austin's hands came to rest on his knees as he tried to keep his breathing low.;

He looked to the side to the empty seat, knowing that Lisa wished she could be there. He has left her and their child Marcus at the hotel, safe and away from the insanity of the strip and the past of Vegas Austin had been told to go to. The bright lights and the bustling city started to fade. The landscape became that of a rundown urban space. The underside of Vegas most people never saw or cared to know. Run down houses in the shadow of the large towers and casinos in the now distant skyline.

The cab came to a stop as Austin handed the driver a few bills stepping out onto the street. He did up the buttons on his jacket looking at the number on the front of the house. The gold paint chipped off now leaving a grey steel shell. The grass on the front yard was unkempt and long, full of weeds and other trash laying inside. Austin walked up the broken and cracked concrete walkway, the steps onto the small wooden porch cracked and strained under his weight as he stood outside the door.

His head told him to run, to just not deal with it, his heart screamed to knock and see. As his knuckles hit the heavy wooden door his heart seemed to skip a beat. The lights inside were on, the curtains though were drawn across the front window. Austin stood and waited for what seemed to be an eternity. Each second that ticked by feeling like a minute. He slowly started to back away when he heard the door unlock, he stopped dead in his tracks as a woman slowly looked around the corner. Her hair in a straight ponytail. Her eyes tired and darting around. She looked at him confused as if not registering who he was.

“Hello?...can I help you?”

Her voice was the same, she looked almost as he remembered her. Except for a few extra grey hairs and wrinkles. Austin swallowed hard and smiled weakly. “Hi, Mom.” The words rolled out of his mouth with labored and fractured breath. The woman narrowed her eyes and looked at his face more closely, her own mouth hanging slightly open as if she’d seen a ghost, she stepped forward out of her house, her hands shaking as she got close to him.

He towered over her, his muscled 6’6 frame towering over her compared to the small boy he was when he last saw her all those years ago. She put her hands on his chest with a sigh. “Austin?” Her voice broke, the emotions welled up in her eyes as Austin tried to keep himself calm, his arms wrapped around her after he gave her a slow nod. She held him tight, a hug he never got as a child. But this was different. This was not the desperate woman clinging to her youth and wanting a man she could never have and punishing him for it.

No, this was a frail old woman. Clearly full of regret and sadness that Austin saw in her eyes as the realization of who he was seemed to set in and restart a heart that had until then only been used to keep her alive, shuffling through life. As they pulled apart she wiped her eyes and turned opening the door wide. “Please, please come in...excuse the mess I wasn’t expecting company.” Austin stepped in the door and was hit with a wave of heat and smell he couldn’t describe. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness. As they did he noticed the room and almost tripped over a box on the floor. The smell of stale cigarette smoke and flat beer hung in the air. A smell Austin remembered from his youth. He turned and looked towards the couch, covered in a ragged old blanket, torn and stained and a few crushed cans.

He bent over to move them but his mother quickly shuffled in front of him. He hands wiping the cans aside as she straightened the blanket out and stood back. “Please, sit...I’m sorry about the’s been a rough few...well years…” Austin cleared his throat and tried to keep all the emotion in, he sat down and smiled politely as his mother scrambled before sitting on the recliner next to the couch. She looked at Austin taking a deep breath, she suddenly took a deep breath in and shot up. “Oh I should… do you want a drink?. I have beer, or...water?...” Austin stood up and took his mother’s hands as she shook, she seemed to calm looking up at the young man her son had become.

“I’m fine, please...we have a lot to catch up on.” Austin spoke slow and calm, his voice lowering as he sat back down. “It’s been a long 14 years. I’m married, I have a son. Your grandson….” Her eyebrows shot up as her hands raised to her mouth covering it, the tears forming in her eyes as she let out a small noise from under her breath trying to keep everything in check as she took it all in, then it happened a nervous laugh, a flash of happiness. The tears. “Oh...what’s his name?..what is your wife’s name?..oh I am so sorry for all the questions….”

He smiled and laughed as well, he was calmer. Like his father and upbringing had taught him. The politeness of class. “It’s alright, My wife’s name is Lisa and our son is Marcus… He pulls out his phone showing his mother a picture she puts her hands over her heart and exhales deeply. “She’s beautiful, and he’s perfect...I bet Christian loves him…. Austin's heart sank. He assumed she’d have known. That someone would have told her or that it would have been news. He looked away and even in her state his mother picked up on it. “I’m sorry did I say something wrong?”

He turned his head and smiled lightly again shaking his head. “No, I just thought you’d have known. Dad…...Christian passed away.”

There was a silence, an uncomfortable one. Austin had no clue how to react, how to feel. He hadn’t said it out loud or talked about it too much. Most people did the talking for him. Apologies and condolences. She didn’t take the news well. Her eyes welling up in tears as she looked away. “That is unfortunate.” Austin raised an eyebrow. “I thought you and he..hated one another…” She sat back and shook her head as if this thought, this revelation was a sobering one. Her life and past flashing through her mind as Austin waited for an explanation. “Hated?…..I loved that man….not enough it seems…”

“Loved him…” Austin said it under his breath almost in disbelief. Why did women always love what they couldn’t have?. There was a line of them through the years. Yet only one that he held close to his heart. The ultimate irony. “Mom….” She looked over, hazy-eyed as tears rolled down her cheeks, she wiped them away hastily as if ashamed. “I want to help…” She tilted her head as if not quite understanding. Austin looked around. The aging furniture, the trash build up, the bottles and cans of alcohol. He sighed and turned his head back to her. “You can’t live like this. I want to be a part of your life, I want you to be a part of Marcus’ life….but you need a life to have us in first….”

The silence returned. It was heavy and thick. The air between them seemed to become suffocating as the silence itself became deafening. Then he heard the words he’d never expect but hoped beyond normal convention he would “Thank you……”

On Camera
Las Vegas
Present Day

”I think I overestimated the intelligence of the team we’re facing….”

Austin sighed deeply and looked over at Alex who just sat back on a chair, his legs kicked up on a table, his phone in his hand as he seemed to send off a few tweets or messages, a smirk on his face as he gave a nod to Austin who continued.

”I thought, despite the fact these two were nothing but streamer gaming trash that they would have some kind of comprehension of the business they seemed to dabble in. They sat there and repeated the same mantra over and over that they were wrestlers, that they had been in the business. Jimmy even bringing up his “name” in the business much like my own. Despite the fact I had already done that, I sat there and looked into the camera and talked about Jimmy being a part of a wrestling family. Only for him to also bring it up. It really amazes me that two morons who had nothing to talk about so they replied to what Alex and I said could also get it so totally wrong…”

“Boys, if you’re going to just use the “I know you are but what am I?” approach could you at least LISTEN to what we said?. Use your ears, they’re those things that frame your faces.”

“See Jimmy, I never said you weren’t a big guy, I was just pushing forward how big I am. You and I are both tall, but if you look at me I look like I should be on an ancient battlefield swinging a fucking ax, holding a horn full of mead and destroying all those in front of me as a warlord or a king. I look like a warrior. You look like a tall apple genius at the apple store who fucks up and locks iPhones for good. See you can reply to all of that but it doesn’t make you smart to come up with answers. And Alex and I listen to what we both have to say too. See Jimmy said that I wasn’t a former world champion, that I was a liar.”

“A liar…”

Austin pauses for a moment and looks over at Alex again who just smirks and shakes his head.

”So putting aside that I was the Honor champion a few weeks ago, the top title in that company. I had also been the WWH Hellsgate champion, the world title on one of WWH’s brands. Just because something isn’t called a world title doesn’t mean it isn’t. Just like how, you two can call yourselves professional wrestlers but, are you really?. What is your typical day?. You wake up, eat breakfast, start up a gaming PC or console, capture some footage or turn on a streaming service and start going. You wait for all your subscribers to send you money, like some kind of cyber begging weirdos.?”

“You guys eat and sleep and think about video games, the name of your team is the name of the gaming company you work for. It isn’t just a fun little side thing to get fans on your side. And speaking of which your fans are the same people who stand in the street and think doing the floss is funny.”

“Now, I might be wrong. I might be assuming things. But my gut feeling is usually right. You don’t take wrestling seriously. You don’t take me seriously. You don’t take Alex seriously. And the disrespect I got shown, is what brought Alex back. He told me what was going to happen here, he told me the path that I was walking down and I didn’t believe him, I didn’t take him seriously or heed his warning yet here we are. I don’t take you seriously because you have done nothing to grab my attention, you say the same thing about me but you brought up “bios”. Alex and I are well known, something we brought up.”

“You guys hate that right?”

“You hate that we bring up our pasts, you hate that we throw it in your faces that we have been successful everywhere we’ve gone. And then ask if it’s because we’re worried that it will be because people will forget. No, it’s because people like you have no idea what respect is. You don’t respect the business, you don’t respect peoples pasts. All you do is look at SCW, think you’re hot shit when you have done nothing here and run your mouths and what’s worse? cheer you for it….”

He shakes his head, almost shocked the worlds came out of his mouth, the anger rising up with his voice as it gets deeper and adds in a growl.

”The fans. These people. When I signed with SCW I wanted to give them all a show, I wanted to be a man they could believe in. I wanted to put on a show against Fenris and be the final Honor champion to carry that belt with pride and then it hit me like a goddamn truck. These people have no idea what they are doing or what Honor is. Not the company or the word. said it…”

“If Honor was such a great company why did it merge with SCW?”

“Well, aside from mismanagement on behalf of the Saxon family. Both companies needed it. SCW needed it as much as Honor but since day one DAY FUCKING ONE because of how the Saxons have handled it and the goddamn narrative that SCW has pushed forward everything is about SCW talent, everything is about SCW originals being the best of the best. But you all want to call it “whining”....”

“Imagine you put everything into a career and a company, imagine that company says that we are going to make this leap and it’ll be fifty-fifty. That everything will be equal. That you will have to fight to keep your position but no one will get an advantage only to find out that it’s bullshit and you are now a second class citizen?...wouldn’t you be a little-pissed off?. Wouldn’t you think it was a miscarriage of justice?. Alex and I are prepared to fight for our spot and prove everyone wrong but if you’re expecting us to be silent about it, if you’re expecting us not to throw how good we are in everyone's faces then you’re just plain wrong…”

Austin paced back and forth before stopping for a moment and taking a deep breath.

”The fact is I shouldn’t be in this tag match with the likes of you, I should be in a match against Fenris, something even Jake Raab himself just admitted to. He doesn’t belong there, he doesn’t belong with that belt. He didn’t pin me,l he didn’t make me submit, he beat that giant fuck up Casey Williams and then got a free pass to the semi-main event. The truth is Jimmy, Jack, your precious SCW, the company you decided to put over as superior to where I came from, fucked up. They fucked up and they fucked over a future star of this place all because they wanted to shut Jake Raab up or give Casey Williams is a stupid little fairy tale ending and in the process, they unleashed something on SCW that will bring it down and burn it…”

“Wolfslair isn’t just the name of a gym, it’s not just the name of a tag team. Wilfslair is the future, wolfslair, are destruction and you two have a few choices. You can either keep running your mouths like the ignorant little morons you are, or you can open your ears, listen and learn and come into this match knowing you're outclassed in experience, in st5ar power, in skill and basically everywhere else and still try and beat us. See if you do that you’ll earn respect. And you can earn even more after you’re beaten, when you two look at Alex and look at me and say a simple “I’m sorry”...”

“Say you’re sorry for being ignorant, you’re sorry for making a mockery of professional wrestling, you’re sorry for even entertaining the thought for a moment that you could EVER be better than us. At Inception….Wolfslair rises…and for you?’ll be game over….”

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Chapter Two-When it rains it pours
Off Camera
Las Vegas Nevada.
5 Years Ago

Alex sighed happily as he sat by the bay window in the lounge room of his large Las Vegas house that he and his wife Ana owned. His eyes stared out at the beautiful day, the sun was shining as the small gated community went about their day. Men rode their ride on mowers or in some cases had their gardener’s doing it.

Women sat on their decks laughing with their iced teas that they had probably “long islanded” up. A typical day in a beautiful upper-class suburb of Las Vegas. Ana and Alex were not openly accepted in the community. Alex’s long hair and tattoo’s and Ana getting looked at with lust by all the sad old men in the neighborhood.

Alex looked down at Harley, his and Ana’s baby daughter, she fumbled with a teething ring giving it a bite, or rather gum as Alex smiled. Her light and wispy blonde hair tied in tiny little pigtails. She sat happily on her father's lap as his hand trailed up and down her back calming her. She made cooing noises as she turned her head to look outside as well.

“It’s a nice day isn’t it baby girl?” Harley gabbled some baby language at Alex, her little blue eyes turning back to him as he couldn’t help but smile at her. They both turned as they heard a door open. Ana emerged hanging up her phone looking annoyed. She stepped down the hallway out into the large lounge and stopped looking up at her husband and child.

Ana sighed and looked down at her phone before sliding it into the pocket of her tight black designer jeans. Alex threw up a half smile and a nod, his heart sank as he knew what Ana was about to say. She cleared her throat and moved towards him before leaning down and picking Harley up in her arms.

“Um Harley, mommy has to go out today as there has been an urgent meeting….” Ana looks from her daughter to Alex, her eyes full of apologies, she looked over at one of their nannies calling the older woman over handing Harley off with a smile before turning back to Alex. “I’m sorry Alex I know we planned to have this day but I-“

Alex put his hand up and smiled shaking his head with a slight cough, He gets to his feet and slides his hands down Ana’s arms before looking into her eyes. “I know, and it’s fine. You don’t need to apologize…” Ana smiled back and shook her head. “Are you sure you’re ok with this?...”

Alex turned and sighed deeply looking back out the window. “I understand Ana, sacrifices need to be made. You have things to do and they are important…..I’ll see you tonight ok?.” Ana gave a small nod and turned pulling her phone back out dialing fast. Alex looked down and then back up outside. Happy families walking their dog, fathers playing with their kids, mothers laughing at them.

“Sacrifices….” Alex scoffed and grabbed his own phone looking through it with a grin. “Hey Harley…ya want to go out?”

A few days later

Alex walked along the hallway leading from the kitchen out into the large lounge room. His hand lightly touching the wall with his fingertips on his left hand as a bottle of water stayed in his right. He took a sip and sighed as he heard nothing but silence in the house. A rare thing when you have young children.

He smiled and sat down on the couch before a familiar sound filled the air Ana yelled, a deep yell obviously showing her anger and frustration at a situation, Alex raised an eyebrow as Ana stormed down the stairs with a paper in her hand, she held it out for him to see. [color=purple]“What the hell?...”

Alex shook his head looking up at her and smirked trying to turn on the charm to defuse the situation. “What’s what?...sorry baby you’ll have to be more specific…” He let out a light-hearted laugh hoping his jovial nature would lighten her mood.

She tossed the papers down into his lap with an angry noise, storming across the lounge, reaching the window and spinning on her heels, shaking her head as she almost laughed with the rage she could feel building…

“YOU PROMISED!” She couldn’t control the volume of her voice as she shook her head still, waving her hands at the papers now scattered on the floor with a huffing noise “You promised that you were cutting back, that we meant more than some pig-headed pride.”[/color

Alex sighs and opens the papers to find a contract for another company. He slid it onto the glass table in front of him and got to his feet with a shake of his head, the jovial, lighthearted side seeming to slip away a little as he took a sharp breath in. [color=red]“Pride...Promises….”

Alex pauses for a moment and looks down at his wife with a smile that fades away. “I promised I would cut back, stay home, be there for you...but you know what I find when I stay home Ana?....” He raises his eyebrows with a hurt nervous chuckle. “An empty house….”[color]

[color=red]“I find maids, nannies….but no you...cause you’re not I signed a contract to work two extra dates a freakin...what….”
Alex steps back and shakes his head swallowing hard.

“So you promised… And you lied.” She nods to the door now, where one of the house employees stands with a couple of matching luggage pieces, her eyes prick with tears as she looks back at her husband. “You lied to me… After everything…” She shook her head slowly, snapping her head back to bite down the tears as she stared him down, her gaze almost burning a hole through him…. “Enjoy your empty home… And your two extra shows.”

Alex scoffed and threw his hands in the air stomping back and forth for a moment. “So you’re going to make a big show of this huh?....say that I lied?...ME?!” Alex stares up at Ana as she leaves, his voice rising louder to echo through the huge room with the high ceilings. “I’m not the only one that broke promises!.... YOU WALKED AWAY NOT ME…” The front door slammed shut behind her, Alex stopped and exhaled loudly and hard. He looked around and suddenly felt so alone. His hands shook, his voice cracked and for the first time in a long time, he had no idea what to do…

Athos Corp New York Hotel-A week later

Alex took a deep breath in, his eyes staying locked on the door. The number engraved in a golden circle that shined under the light above, he reached up and knocked lightly on the door waiting, his mind burning with questions. He heard the latch click and the door open and his throat stopped mid swallow causing him to almost choke on his breath. Ana opened the door and looked up at Alex, her eyes a little red as she fumbled her hands away from her stomach. She was quiet and reserved but had a wave of anger and sadness boiling under. Alex’s eyes softened and he had to push down a smile. His body ached and the urge to just grab Ana and hold her was almost too strong to bare.

But Ana’s eyes and body language put a stop to that, and an awkward silence passed between them before Ana cleared her throat and broke it in her low tones. “So, what do you want Alex?”

He sighed and looked away shaking his head, he looked around the hallway and then back up at Ana keeping his voice down. “Can I come in?. Just to talk?” Ana went to say something but stopped looking out into the hallway herself and the businesswoman took over. She realized this could be bad publicity for Honor and looked up giving him a nod moving away and into the room leading Alex.

He walked in and as the door shut behind them Ana folded her arms and gave an unhappy groan. “Well?...your text said you wanted to talk…you’re lucky…I had just woken up my lawyer…”[.color] Alex turned and shook his head. [color=red]“Lawyers? we need that?” Ana shakes her head and sneers. “I never thought we would, but when you decided to lie to me and break promises…well…I have to think about what is best for me, Harley..and…” She trails off for a moment looking down. “You promised me…”

Alex sighs and seems to let it all go, a large breath follows. “I did and I’m sorry…”

Ana goes to talk but she stops with a stutter. “I-you what?” Alex steps forward and looks down and away as his voice seems to break. “Ana, I let my own feelings take over and focused so much on what I wanted and how wronged I felt that I didn’t even…I didn’t take yours into account…and I’m sorry…” Alex pauses for a moment and lets out a deep sigh. Ana steps back and away from him seemingly anxious.

“Too little too late….” Her voice is hushed and quiet as it breaks a little hearing his. Alex steps forward and shakes his head almost forcing her to look at him. “I didn’t fight for you, Ana. I didn’t understand but I do…after what happened we both-“ “After the miscarriage…..say the fucking word, Alex…” Ana interrupted with a burst of anger and emotion, Alex gave her a nod and looked away again. “After the miscarriage, we both pulled away. And I hurt you, I did break a promise….I love you Ana…this is worth fighting for.” Ana shakes her head as the emotion seems to overtake her for a moment, the mask breaks down and her breathing staggers. “No…you don’t get it Alex…it’s all happening again….I’m pregnant…”

Alex stops in his tracks and he seems to go white, Ana looks up at him and then away as her heart drops. “You…you’re pregnant?” She nods slowly and places a hand on her stomach, then she feels his hand sliding over hers holding her stomach too. She looks up and see’s it. Alex’ smile. “I love you…I always have…..I’m so sorry Ana…” Ana closes her eyes and nods again shooting him a small grin. “Just take me home?.....please?” Alex leans down resting her forehead against hers before kissing Ana lightly on the lips. “Home is wherever you are….”

[b]Self Importance{/b]
On Camera
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Present Day

”So, apparently talking about our pasts, our accomplishments and goals we have reached is taboo here. It’s funny, these members of “Gamers INC” not only decided that Austin and I talking about our pasts was offensive to them but also the fact Honor wrestling even existed. Now, instead of going back over what I’ve done and reminding the world just how good I am I guess I should mention that Jimmy and Jack have a few advantages over myself and Austin…”

Alex pauses for a moment and slowly steps back and forth, his hair tied back in a bun as a smirk comes across his face.

”You two have more experience as a tag team. See Austin and I have never teamed together. We may know each other really well, we may be united in a common goal. But in the ring, we haven’t worked together. So yeah, you two have that advantage, you know how to read each other in the ring, you know when the other one is in trouble and will need to tag, when to get involved and when not to. You have that edge, you have that advantage. That is something Austin and I have to overcome.”

“Another one? two have home field advantage.”

“Austin has had a few matches here but he’s still not looked at as an “SCW” guy. And this is my first appearance here. Despite knowing a lot of who is in the company and who has been in the company I never stepped over that line. See I have always had my eye on this company. I9 have always looked at SCW as a possible home but things just never lined up. I was always somewhere else. Working in other places, dominating in other places. The stars never aligned. That is until this merger….of it really a merger?...”

“A merger would have been that we all come in and our champions faced SCW champions while both Honor and SCW stars entered into number one contenders matches to sort out a joint pecking order. But that isn’t what happened.”

Alex pauses again and laughs to himself, his eyes trail over everything as he looks out the window down onto the Vegas strip.

”We, want to fight to earn our place. Thing is this was never about being handed anything. If Honor had just closed and we all happen to join SCW then yeah, you start from the bottom, you work your way up. No matter who you are. But when this company and Honor decided to integrate. The second Brooke and Henry Saxon decided to sell out and Brooke took her cushy ass job here as a GM then that means what you earned in Honor, you earned in SCW. But we have been looked at as second-class citizens and all you have to do to see proof of that is too look at how Austin has been treated. Not so much me, I was gone as I said but Austin. Jimmy, Jack, you two along with the two female members of Gamer INC are a great team of people, you are neck deep in the mixed tag division and you all work together and push yourselves and hey...that’s great…”

“But Austin and I are former world champions, a fact you two seem to piss on because it’s not an “SCW title”. You two just breeze past it and say “yeah so what?”. We are a level above you two, and the fact that we are facing you two in one of the biggest shows of the year is an insult. Austin is a fucking killer. He wanted to become an SCW guy he wanted to love this company and its fans but these people and the rest of you have pissed on his legacy and his career. Austin should have been in that co-main event against Fenris and now, Fenris gets a low-quality opponent in Jake Raab who never EARNED SHIT and we have to face you two?.”

“That’s bullshit…”

“But, we’ll be good little boys, we will turn up to the gold coast casino on the 13th, we’ll full fill out media obligations and then when Inception 3 starts, Austin and I are going to make an example out of you both. And it’s not that much of a personal thing, yeah, it pisses us off you’re these gamer nerds while he and I do this, and only this. But I don’t hate either of you and neither does Austin. We don’t pity you we don’t even dislike you. But SCW needs a wake-up call. SCW needs to realize that they could become such a bigger company, a brand that everyone has their eyes on and a place for great wrestling. Austin and I are the future for SCW. And it starts at Inception….”

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Nerds with Attitude

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A quick update
On camera

It's a beautiful day Las Vegas as Jimmy Andrews is standing outside his single floor condo. His hair is a little messed up after a seven mile run. A string of sweat drips off his cheek as he holds up his cell phone. He turns the camera towards himself.

Hi Guys, I hope you don't mind the sweat. I just ran seven miles and it's just a quarter past 10 in the morning. I feel great and later I will be joining up with Jack to discuss our upcoming tag team bout with two ungrateful slimeballs. If you said Austin James Mercer and Alex Jones then you clearly pay attention. Jack and I haven't really been sweating them too much since all they talk about is how they are former world champions.

Jimmy walks through his front door, drops his keys into the ceramic bowl next to the door.

I would love to give you guys a house tour but I seriously need to get ready. Which means I need to shower, get dressed and down to the office for a bit. Char and myself are trying to get our Las Vegas location working since we train here mostly. Our power has been working great but something keeps shortening our electric. We think faulty wiring so Char is waiting for the electrician to do a full check. In the meantime, Beverly is back in Los Angeles doing some editing for a video she had done for her personal channel.

We are planning to do a live stream here very soon. We do have a big announcement that will totally rock the gaming world for like ever. So stay tuned for that but for now I will stop recording so I can take care of a few things. Catch you all real soon.

Jimmy waves goodbye before clicking out of his camera. He places his cell phone on the same table before running towards his bedroom and shutting the door.

Meeting up with Char
Off Camera

A few hours later, Char Kwan is pacing back and forth in front of the receptionist area. She just had a very bad conversation with the electrician as she was trying to figure out how to say it to Jimmy. The sliding glass doors open as Jimmy steps into the building carrying his wrestling bag and wearing a light brown leather jacket.

"What's up Char!" he says loudly while raising one hand into the air. Char nervously acknowledges him while biting down onto her middle finger nail. "This is bad Jimmy," she implores as Jimmy looks at her. He knew she was meeting with the electrician but didn't quite know how it went. "How did the meeting go?" he asks. "Not good. He said we have several faulty wires in the office and said we have faulty wiring in the conference room. He estimated that it would cost us roughly around ten grand to get the entire building rewired," she answers.

Jimmy sees the dilemma as he rubs his chin with his index finger. "What are we going to do?" asks a frantic Char. "That's a very good question. Have you spoken to Jack about this?" counters Jimmy as Char's eyes widen. "You are joking right? Do you really want to see Jack blow a gasket?" responds Char as Jimmy thinks.

"I should call my uncle," suggests Jimmy. Char looks at him with a questionable glare. Jimmy's uncle, Travis Nathaniel Andrews, built this building several years ago when he was in a relationship with a gold digging tramp. He didn't bother to check if it was up to code when he gave the building to Jimmy. Char thought it was a shady deal to begin with but she didn't want to get involved. "Do you think he would help?" asks Char thinking back to how Travis treated Jimmy a few months ago on Climax Control.

"I'm not sure to be honest. It is his building so I'd imagine he would want to help or fight his twin brother in court. Mason Andrews, Jimmy's father, is a very successful criminal lawyer who has put away criminals and helped people against shady business deals. Char thought about it but looked back at Jimmy. "I have another idea. How about you and Jack win at Inception 3," Char suggests as Jimmy taps the side of his head.

"That's actually not a bad idea. Jack and I do have a strong bond that is hard to break," replies Jimmy. "Not to mention, you guys have been on the same page this entire time," adds Char as Jimmy agrees. Jimmy looks around as Char pulls out her cell phone. Without saying another word, he throws down his bag and nods his head at her.

Office Shoot
On Camera

Jimmy walks toward the back of the bottom floor so the doors wouldn't affect the sound quality. Char pulls up her camera app and switches it to video camera mode. She presses the record button and points her finger at him.

Told you I'd see you guys again. As you can see, we are in the bottom floor of our office building. I won't bore you all with the details but I thought this would be the perfect backdrop. I know that my career as been questioned by Austin James Mercer. I know he has questioned my drive, my heart and my passion. My return question for you sir Austin is WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? Seriously, who are you to question my heart for professional wrestling. Do you know that I spend my days off from Sin City Wrestling, competing in various small promotions right here in Las Vegas? Did you know that I recently just won my first world championship in Casino Wrestling Entertainment. So if I wasn't serious about this sport then I wouldn't spend most of my time perfecting my craft.

Also I noticed you completely brushed off the fact that we are the exact same size. Sure, you got 10 pounds on me but we are built differently. You are built from the waist up which means you have a strong core but you have weak knees. It would be a real shame for me to take out one if not both of them. As you can tell, I am built from the ground up which means my legs are just as strong as my torso. You said you could wield an axe once used by the vikings. I find that funny since I wield one when I dress like one.

Jimmy takes a seat on top of a bench as Char follows his movement.

You call us disrespectful. You want us to apologize. First off, how are we disrespectful when all you have done is make fun of what we do outside of the ring. Jack and I are gamers. It's no secret hence its part of our company name. We enjoy playing video games because it builds community. Do you know how many wrestling fans we have met who play video games? Did you know we once held a gaming tournament in the locker room and a lot of our co workers showed up to either participate or watch? You see, we don't make a mockery of this great sport. We just make it better by bringing people together.

Second, why should we apologize? We have done nothing wrong. Unless being ourselves is wrong then I guess we should just act like two pompous assholes who believe they are above everyone else. You know Austin, you should be grateful. Mark and Christian could have left you off the card completely. At least they gave you an opportunity, to prove why you belong in a championship match. Instead of being grateful, you decide to sound like a spoiled little girl who just got her favorite doll taken away. I mean seriously grow up. You aren't special so stop acting like it.

You may have ruled in other companies and that is great. However, you can't just waltz into a company, say your name like it has magical powers and expect to be given a main event spot. That's not how this works. You earn shit here.

Jimmy takes a minute as Char shakes her hands. Jimmy looks at her as she motions to continue.

What can I say about Alex that hasn't been said before? You are like Austin. You think you deserve something just because you came over from Honor. I'll let Jack talk about Honor. However, you did make a valid point. You are in uncharted territory. You and Austin have never teamed together. Of course, you made it clear that you have known each other though. That is great. However knowing and being able to work together are two separate things. Seeing how both you and Austin want the same thing, I really don't think your egos are going to help. Jack and I have been teaming for more close to eight years. We have been friends for longer than that but we had to grow our chemistry in order to work as a solid unit. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.

Now you guys are thinking it's going to be a cakewalk when you face us. Boy, are you two wrong about that one? You two may be top singles competitors but this isn't a singles match. This is a match where you need to know your partner has your back. This is a match where you both need to be on the same page. Judging how you talk, I sense that neither of you are on the same page. While you two are bitching like girls about this match, Jack and I are thrilled for it. Where you see it as an insult, we see it as an opportunity to make people notice that no matter the pairing. Gamer Inc is the team to watch in 2019.

Inception 3 is the night where we continue our pay per view dominance. You see our last big time match was back at Blaze of Glory when we defeated the Heavy Metal Maniacs. Do you want to know what's even more awesome? I was on the winning side. Funny, how fate just keeps putting me into these situations.

Jimmy stands back up as Char looks a little concerned.

So Austin and Alex, you can continue acting like girls because it's going to be fun watching you cry at the end of the night. Why? Because Jack and I are going to march down to that ring. Look you both square in the eye. Drop you with the Broken Console and leave while the crowd is going crazy. You can say it's insult but by the end of the night. You won't be able to say a damn thing. So keep calling us gamers like its supposed to hurt because we will be the ones LEVELING UP

Char presses the stop button as she notices her phone is at twenty percent battery. Jimmy smiles as the scene slowly fades.

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WARNING: The following contains some strong language

Off Camera

Jack Stewart was rushing around his house as his ex wife was dropping by to pick up his daughter. He and her try to get along for Kylie's sake. "I really hope she doesn't bitch at me this time," he mutters to himself while picking up a few toys off the floor. Kylie Stewart, Jack's five year old, was up in her room watching television when Jack calls to her from downstairs.

"Kylie," he shouts while keeping his head pointed towards the window. "Yes, daddy" she replies. "Shouldn't you be getting ready to go," he responds. "Do I have too?" questions Kylie as Jack secretly wanted to say no but that wasn't the agreement for now. "Yes, your mother will be here any minute," he answers as a silver Honda Accord pulls into the drive way.

A loud sigh bellows from Jack as he watches his ex exit her vehicle and walk up to the front door. Jack doesn't even move from his spot as Felicia opens the door. "Hey Jack," she says politely as Jack doesn't say anything. "Are you still mad?" she asks as Jack looks at her. "No, I'm not mad. I'm fuxking disgusted with you," he says in a low tone. "Watch your mouth," she scolds him as he rolls his eyes.

"Do you want Kylie to pick up those bad habits?" she asks as Jack looks at her dumbfounded. "Really, you are going to bitch at me for cussing but it's okay for you to fuck any Joe blow with her in the house," he answers while crossing his arms. The divorce had just been finalized a week before Christmas but there was still a lot of tension. Jack had caught Felicia screwing the plumber in their guest bedroom. "A girl as needs even if you couldn't meet them," she says. "Sorry, that I had to be a fucking grown up," he fires back.

Kylie Stewart was sitting on the top stairs with tears welling in her eyes. She didn't understand why her parents were fighting. While they were still fighting, Kylie pulls out her cell phone and calls Char. "Hello," Char says after the first couple of rings. "I'm scared Auntie Char," Kylie says softly as Char is still in Las Vegas with Jimmy. "What's wrong Kylie?" she asks while looking over at Jimmy. "Mommy and daddy are fighting," she answers with her voice cracking. Char's heart drops a bit as Jimmy notices her change. "I'm sorry honey. Uncle Jimmy and I are in another city. Do you need someone to pick you up or something?" she wondered with worry in her voice.

"I want the fighting to stop," she cries. "Oh, honey" replies Char. As they continue their conversation, the fight between Felicia and Jackson starts to get even more heated. "What do you call being a grown up? Playing video games and pretending to be a wrestler," she says as Jack looks at her. "You ought to be thanking me for all those expensive clothes I bought you. You also should thank me for your house since I had it built from most of wrestling checks. Plus, Kylie doesn't complain," he retorts. "Do you leave her alone? Do you let those idiots take care of her?" asks Felicia as Jack growls. "Those people are my friends," he answers as Felicia rolls her eyes.

"Kylie!" yells Felicia as Kylie quickly hangs up the phone. "Coming mom," she replies while running downstairs. "It's time to go," she says firmly while holding out her hand. "Say goodbye to daddy," she says. Before Kylie could answer, the door opens as Beverly Milsap is standing on the door step. Felicia turns her nose up as Jack looks confused. "It's a long story Jack but Char called me," she says while bending down. "Hi Kylie," she says with her arms open wide. "Good grief," huffs Felicia.

Beverly stands back up and looks at Felicia. "You had best watch what you say next Felicia. Because if your baby girl wasn't standing next to you, then I would jar a couple of your teeth loose before popping your two fun bags," she says as Jack snickers in the background. "This is why my lawyers are working on giving me full custody so trash like you won't influence my daughter," she says. Jack steps forward and gives his daughter a hug. He then looks into his ex-wife's eyes. "The only trash I see is the milky bitch standing in my doorway," he tells her as Beverly chuckles.

Felicia scoffs before yanking her daughter out and forcing her into the car. Beverly watches as Jack just leans against the door frame. "That bitch needs help," says Bevelry. "More than you know Bev. Why did Char call you?" he wondered. "She said Kylie called her after hearing you and bimbo there fighting again," she answered as Jack shook his head.

"I was afraid of that but thanks for coming over," he says. "No problem, besides I figured you would like some help setting up your camera," she replies as Jack nods. Beverly enters the house as Jack closes the door behind her.

On Camera

Beverly is just finishing up with the video camera as Jackson is standing inside his living room. His shirt is unbuttoned a little too show off some skin. Beverly checks to see if he was ready. He gives her a nod of approval which she in turn motions for him to begin.

The last time I spoke to you guys, I tried very hard to be respectful towards tweeddle Dee and tweeddle dumb. If you don't know who I am referring to then let me provide you with their names. Austin James Mercer and Alex Jones are two guys who came to Sin City Wrestling following the recent merger between SCW and Honor Wrestling. That merger was beneficial to both parties but at the same time it created this false security for these two blowhards. Before I move on and talk more about these sniveling ingrates who are so ungrateful it's sad. I want to share with you a little about me.

Before I came to Sin City Wrestling, I was signed to Honor Wrestling. In fact, I was one of the originals who had signed during the Henry Goldman era. That was the same era where Alex Jones was Honor Champion but he fled after losing to Kevin Hunter. Now when I resigned with the company, Brooke Saxton and Henry Saxton made bunch of promises to me that never came to fruition. Now you guys may have been giving the moon in Honor but I was treated like common trash. However, when I first signed here. I was welcomed with open arms. I wasn't giving a bill of goods. I was told to just show up and work. That's what I am doing.

Jack moves toward the mantle where places his arm on top of it.

Now I said all that to paint a picture of how Jimmy and I are different than the bitch fucks who keep whining about not getting a world title match. Look guys, you may have ruled the yards in other companies where you could be the top dawgs without trying. However, you came to SCW where you work for what you get and judging by how you completely dismiss us. It's pretty clear, how pathetic you two turds are in the end.

First of all, why are you two so hung up on the fact we play video games? Is it because you guys aren't coordinated to play them? Or is it because you shitheads don't like the benefits of playing video games. For example, when we play online, we are building a community full of gamers. Did you know almost every gamer are wrestling fans? Did you know several wrestlers on the roster play video games?

Second, when are you two going to realize that Jimmy and I aren't just gamers? We are serious competitors who thrive on competition. Of course, you shits wouldn't quite understand that since all you talked about was how you didn't belong in this match. Listen, if it weren't for us, then neither of you would have been booked. So why don't you just take your balls out of Alicia Lukas' purse and actually give this match some respect.

Otherwise, Jimmy and I will give you both something new to whine about. Like, how two professional wrestlers who love video games beat two FORMER world champions in one match. Or how we embarrassed you to the point of no return.

Jimmy slowly starts unbuttoning his shirt the rest of the way as Beverly just looks on. He removes his shirt as the camera shows his body covered in scars.

Austin claimed that I wasn't serious about this business. Take a look at me Austin. Take a good look. Do you see these scars? I didn't get them from playing video games. I didn't get them from making vlogs. I got these scars from wrestling. Imagine that, when it comes to professional wrestling I am dead serious. Jimmy is the same way. Weeks leading up to a match no matter if it's on Climax Control or a big show like Inception 3. I don't touch a single video game. Why? Because I am focusing on my opponent. I am training my body to absorb pain so I can continue. I don't stop until the match is over.

So while you are making assumptions about me Austin, you had best realize that I am more than capable of breaking your knee. I am more than capable of sending you back to playpen you came from. You can bitch all you want about how we don't belong. You can make empty threats about beating us into a bloody pulp. You can do all those things but there is one thing you will fail to do. That is to break us. You talk so much crap about being a former world champion that you completely lose sight of what is in front of you.

Alex even admitted that you two have never teamed together. Which spells disaster for both of you. Why? Because you both have hidden agendas which will cause a rift between the two of you. Jimmy and I don't have any agendas besides walking into that ring on Sunday and giving the crowd what they paid to see. You see, you two can overlook us. You can pretend that we aren't a threat in your fantasy world. Because here in the world, Gamer Inc will be setting the mark. We will set the bar so high that everyone after us will have to step up their game.

You see that's what we do. We elevate everyone all the while we are carving our own paths toward the Mixed tag championships. So boys, you can keep acting like you have sand in your asscracks but in the end WE WILL SEEK AND DESTROY.

Jack smirks while motioning Beverly to zoom in on his face. She does just that as his white teeth glisten in the camera.

Time is almost up. The game is almost finished. No reset button to press. No restarts will be allowed. Your life is very low. Your survival rate is nearing zero percent. That means one thing. YOUR FINISHED. As an old friend of mine once said, SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK!!!

Jack smirks as Beverly stops the camera.

Gamer Inc

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