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Lady Apple
Posted: July 13, 2019 12:00 am

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The night filled with stars is muted by the steam rising from a warm pool that fogs the windows of a glassed-in room. Inside, a woman can be seen resting on an inflated chaise that floated on a lit up pool water while softly playing music of the song “High Heels” can be heard. To one side of the pool, a familiar assistant can be seen pacing along the side of the pool as she reads from an IPad.

Ivy The Assistant: Um, pardon milady but I wanted to bring to your attention your diary. We have been here at your manor for too many weeks now. You have obligations that you have let drop and you need to respond to them.

Apple Coren lets her eyes drift open as a half-smile begins to creep along her ruby lips. Looking at her assistant, she nods regally as a hand begins to drag through the water. Ivy stops to watch her, nibbling on her lips in worry as Apple begins to speak.

Apple Coren: Ivy, we have been in the manor because I refuse to deal with the pitiful obligations that you are referring to. I am meant to be at the top of society and there isn’t anyone that could argue that it is highly annoying to realize that those peasants are too sycophantic. Whatever shall I do for excitement Ivy?

Apple splashes in the pool as she dismounts the chair and slides into the water. Diving below the surface, she breaks the surface to brush her hair back as she moves up the steps of the shallow end of the pool and into the moist air of the pool room. Reaching a chair where a thick Egyptian towel is laid, she picks it up and rubs it along her damp skin.

Ivy once more spares a look at the IPad and then clears her throat.

Ivy The Assistant: You have been called out by Mr. Ward about not being a productive employee.

Apple gets a confused look on her face before speculatively tapping a finger against her lips.

Apple Coren: Mr. Ward? Productive employee? What are you on about?

Ivy The Assistant: You are contracted to Sin City Wrestling milady. You were mentioned by Mr Mark Ward as someone that is not putting in an effort in SCW. He has booked you this week against someone and has indicated that you have something to prove to him.

The sneer that crosses the face of Apple gives Ivy pause. Tossing the towel to the side, Apple moves to a chair where she sits down and stretches out. From one side, a footman approaches with an appreciative smile and hands a glass to Apple who raises an eyebrow before smiling as she accepts the glass then waving the footman off. Taking a slow sip, she notices that Ivy is watching her intently.

Apple Coren: Why should I prove anything to Mr Mark Ward Ivy? What has he done for me…absolutely nothing if you ask me.

Ivy The Assistant: He is your boss milady!

Apple Coren: He is a man who disappeared for how long Ivy? A man who thinks the world revolves around him and that all the employees of Sin City Wrestling has to dance to his tune. Really Ivy, one must ask if one shouldn’t give him a taste of his own arrogance. I am not one to dance to someone else’s piper no matter who it is. Does he know who I am Ivy?

The assistant nods slightly as she turns slightly to move to another chair near Apple.

Ivy The Assistant: I believe he is your employer milady. I hesitate to think what he might do if you do not show up for the match that he has booked you for. I haven’t seen any action threatened but from the tone of his correspondence he will be apt to punish you in some way milady and that is what worries me.

A chuckle escapes from the young noblewoman who once more sips from the frosty glass before answering.

Apple Coren: Oh Ivy, I can hear your concern and believe me, I could not be arsed at Mr Ward’s threats. Obviously I have no intention of giving him the satisfaction of saying that I am not capable of doing what I need to in the ring. I rather think that he is just putting on an attitude so he can act the big man…

Apple raises her hands and makes an air quotes action with her fingers that has the eyes of Ivy widening in surprise.

Ivy The Assistant: MILADY!

Apple Coren: Relax Ivy. I have no intention as I said. But I will be at Climax Control at … where is it this time?

Ivy quickly pulls up her IPad and reads before looking over it and speaking.

Ivy The Assistant: It is in Primm Nevada. What the card says here is that you are facing Sierra Williams

Apple Coren: Who?

Ivy The Assistant: She is the former tag team champion with her husband Lachlan Kane.

Apple looks thoughtful for a moment, her voice softly questioning herself as she speaks.

Apple Coren: Isn’t that the bombshell that Billie Ball or Boobie Doll said was a man? I thought there was a rule that the male superstars couldn’t put their hands on the Bombshells? What is Mark Ward about?

Ivy The Assistant: No no no, Sierra is a woman and a tough one at that. I hesitate to say that she could very well win this match between the two of you at the weekend.

Apple shoots a glare at Ivy who gets to her feet and then moves towards a camera that is sitting on the bar where the footman is standing and watching Apple who leans back in the lounge and sips again at the drink. Coming back, Ivy holds up the camera and offers a smile at Apple.

Ivy The Assistant: I think that you might want to send a message to your opponent for the week. I am sure she has already said something about you and one would not want her to get the last word in.

Apple Coren: I suppose Ivy that you are right and as I am apt to say, no one should be getting the last word in this match but me. So how will we film this warning to Sierra Williams?

Ivy looks around then her face lights up as she looks to see the lights around the diving board of the pool looking very interesting.

Ivy The Assistant: Why don’t you speak from the diving board. A place where you can make a statement before plunging into the pool. I will film it from here.

Apple looks towards the diving board then at Ivy and nods slowly before she gets up and walks towards it. Climbing the small ladder, she holds onto the rails. Ivy presses record then points at Apple who begins to speak.

Apple Coren: I hear that I am being commanded to present myself at Primm Nevada to participate in Climax Control. Well, I will be there and it isn’t because Mark Ward is trying to throw around his idea of power. I will be there because I have decided that I am someone that the minions of fans need someone to elevate their lives just a little. And who better to brighten their lives that someone who has brightened the lives of England’s society.

Apple Coren: I have decided that I am going to have a go once more at this wrestling thing and why not start with this week’s Climax Control. And I hear that I am facing Sierra Williams and if I am honest, I really don’t have the time or inclination to worry about what she might say about me because I don’t really care. Oh, trust me, I can’t be arsed to listen to a bloody word she might say about me and how I have competed in the past. Because the past is the past and I really didn’t put my all into my matches. But now I have a reason to in the future and that is because I want to prove to everyone that I am the threat that I consider myself. And this week, I am making the plunge into the bombshell division and I am going to make the biggest splash ever.

Ivy The Assistant: That sounds arrogant Milady.

Apple Coren: That Ivy is the truth. At the weekend, I am going to beat Sierra Williams and then I am going to really stir things up in that division.

Before Ivy can respond, Apple moves to the end of the board and dives into the water that has Ivy stumbling to avoid which sends the video to black.

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