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> Sin City Underground Ep 46 Results
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: January 10, 2020 03:18 am

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January 9th 2020 Sin City Underground - Ep 46 Recorded in front of a live audience at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

The fans inside of the FedExForum in Memphis, TN come alive as the lights in the arena begin to flash. They wave their signs and merchandise for their favorite stars as the camera pans around. However, the view soon switches to the backstage area, just outside of the administration office. Tad comes into the shot and walks to the opened door, looking at a man who is adjusting the sign on the door. He peeks inside to see Donna sitting at the desk and he steps inside.

Tad: Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a mess, and finding my way through the parking lot was a hassle. There was an Escalade parked in my spot, so we might need to get that towed.

Donna: Tad, please sit.

Tad: I appreciate the extra time and not having to be here for the set up, but…

Donna: Sit…

Donna nudges the seat out from under the desk with her foot and points to the seat. Tad’s eyebrow shoots up his forehead and he pulls the chair out more. He takes his seat across from Donna, an unusual spot for him to be seated.

Tad: This must be how Kelli, Halo, and the Kawaii Dragons must feel when we call them to the office. Are the police at the ready?

Tad chuckles and playfully turns around to look at the door, where he does see two armed officers standing by the door. He laughs and points at Donna.

Tad: You went pretty far to make this joke look authentic. Kudos for that. Am I rubbing off on you already?

Donna: Please, be quiet for a minute. I have some serious business to discuss with you.

Tad nods his head and continues to chuckle. He leans back in his chair and crosses one leg over his knee, bouncing the foot as he is already impatient to get to the point. Donna sighs and stands up from her seat.

Donna: It’s no secret that we rarely ever see eye to eye. I’ve even gone as far as to berate you in front of the talent and the production crew. I’ve told the boss just how damn worthless you are I don’t know how many times.

Tad: If this is your way of saying “thank you” for sticking up for you on Twitter with Kelli and Halo, there’s no need. Believe it or not, I was being sincere.

Donna: I know, Tad. And that’s what makes this difficult for me. We don’t get along, but we manage to work together, and put out an amazing wrestling product that most people didn’t predict to last for almost two years now, over one of those right here in Sin City.

Tad puts a hand over his heart and smiles at Donna.

Tad: You like me. You really, really like me, don’t you?

Donna: I wouldn’t go that far. But, I almost respect you. Regretfully, this will be the last time we speak as SCU officials.

Tad’s eyes widen and he looks over at Donna, really looking at her now.

Tad: Wait… You’re…

Donna: Yes.

Tad: … leaving SCU? I… I almost don’t believe it. The owner finally trusts me to run this place on my own. No offense, but it’s about fucking time.

Donna goes to object when there is a bit of a thud coming from the doorway. Donna’s eyes looks up to the door, and dread comes over her face. Tad looks back and he looks like a mixture of sickened and confused.

Gianni: Eyyyyy! Donna, I see you ain’t delivered the bad news yet. Look here, ya didn’t do the worst job, Thaddeus. You just ain’t done the right job. The owner agreed to a decent severance package, but ya lost. Now scram.

Tad’s eyes immediately shoot back to Donna.

Tad: What the actual fuck is this greasy polished meatball talking about?

Donna: I was trying to ease you into it, and let you know that it was completely out of my control but…

Gianni: Ya toast, kid. A thing of the past. Ya expiration date’s already been met. Ya stink at ya job, so the boss decided to put someone more effective in the driver’s seat, yaknowhatimsayin’?

Tad: Then why in the blue hell did he put *you* in charge? What do you know about running anything aside from your mouth?

Gianni steps inside and places his bags down on the floor. He gives Donna a pat on the butt, with a bit of a hint to step to the door and outside of it. She puts her hands on her hips, but it doesn’t seem to stop her from turning around and walking out of the door. Gianni sits down on the desk, just inches from Tad’s face now.

Gianni: I ran the single most dominant faction in SCW, Honor Wrestling, Northern Lights Wrestling, and SCU fuh years, dawg. I contained chaos and directed it where it needed to be. I didn’t let it overrun me and my work, like ya been doin’ with GRIME. Quite the problem ya leavin’ me with, by the way.

Tad: Please, accept my apologies for that, you shitty, bloodied sphincter.

Gianni: No need. As of right this minute, ya terminated. The new GM for SCU is Gianni Di Luca. GRIME is gonna go back to the hole that they crawled outta. And SCU’s gonna see a future for years to come. Now, get the fuck outta my face before ya feel the Stempede…

Gianni waves Tad off, but Tad steps up and punches Gianni right in the face. He leans the much larger Gianni over the desk and begins hitting him with Headbutts in lightning quick succession. However, after three, the police grab Tad and place him in cuffs, jerking him back. Gianni spits a bit of blood on the floor and pops his jaw as he looks back at Tad.

Gianni: Now ya know how Kelli and Halo felt. Difference is, ya ain’t got nobody to bail ya sorry ass out after a few hours.

Gianni cracks his neck as the officers drag Tad backward. Tad turns his head and looks back to Gianni.

Tad: Have fun with the Hardcore Tag Team Championship Match tonight, and make sure to assign extra medical staff to standby.

Gianni: What the hell are ya tawkin’ about?

Tad: The one taking place in the G.R.I.M.E. locker room that I signed just before I came into the office. Good Shepherds against Kawaii Dragons, surrounded by G.R.I.M.E. members.

Tad is then forced out of the office by the police officers. Gianni shakes his head as he tries to look aimlessly through piles of paper to find this.

Gianni: Son of a...

He sighs. After a second, he looks around, almost like nothing ever happened, and he puts his bag on the desk, starting to set things up the way he wants them. The first and most important is a Veronica Taylor poster (available at the merch table during breaks) right behind his desk.

A white light flashes from behind a door. Father Gerald walks out of the room in a suit. He is followed quickly by Mother Mavis and Virginia Mae Putnam, who are both dressed for battle. Brother David rounds out the group… or so we think, as Sister Esther appears behind him, dressed in her usual white Sunday dress and hat. However her latest accessory of a nose guard sticks out like a sore thumb. Esther stares at the other Shepherds as they walk down the hallway.

Gerald: Ah what a glorious day to be the Heavenly Tag Team Champions.

Esther: With all due respect speak for yourself Father. You four get to walk around as champions while I’m stuck behind this mask when I’m fine.

Gerald: You are absolutely not fine. The doctor has cleared you to come back as of next week but I think you need more time.

Esther growls and stomps her foot like a child.

Esther: I don’t need more time, daddy! I can go out there right now and tell Jenifer Lacroix to get back in line while I get my rematch against that bitch Kelli Torres and take my title back.

Mavis looks like she wants to slap Esther but Esther takes one step closer to her mother.

Esther: The Lord hath given me percocet and he hath taken away my patience in doing so.

Virginia: Sister Esther I am appalled by your vile language and your blatant disrespect of the fifth commandment set forth by God himself unto Moses.

Esther’s lips begin flapping and she makes a mockery of Ginny who is just about ready to slap Esther herself.

Esther: Oh cry my the River of Babylon Ginny Mae Putnam. You’re only here because Father won’t let me wrestle. Otherwise I would be in my ring gear and I would be kicking the holy fucking shit out of Winter Elemental and I would put Miss ‘Murica out of her damn misery.

David: Where was that fight at December 2 Dismember Sister Esther.

Esther: Blow me David!

Gerald: ENOUGH! Brother David, silence is golden. Mother Mavis. Sister Ginny Mae. First Corinthians chapter 11, verse 3 through 16 “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man”. Our dear Esther wants so badly to be back in this fight that she’s letting the ways of the women of SCU influence her tongue. That will be a thing of the past very soon because my patience is wearing thin with that.

Before long, Dev Khatri approaches the group and Gerald looks right at him with a smile as long as the nile on his face.

Gerald: Howdy child. You find any good news in that book I gave you?

Dev shuffles nervously.

Dev: I’m still reading through it but there are a lot of interesting things to consider in it. But I came here to ask for your thoughts on your match coming up momentarily.

Gerald: It’s a fine howdy do from Tad on his way out of the door. Our titles won’t go anywhere, no matter who is involved and who isn’t. I trust all of my Shepherds, Ginny Mae included.

Dev: You’re not worried about GRIME getting involved? They’ve been causing a lot of problems lately.

Gerald shakes his head and laughs.

Gerald: Everyone in SCU is afraid of GRIME right now. They fear that satanic blasphemous whore and her army of demons. The Good Shepherds do not. We are guided by light. We have nothing to fear. If anything the Kawaii Dragons are the ones that need to fear GRIME. They are alone. We are not. It is simple.

Dev is about to speak but Mavis steps in.

Mavis: The Good Shepherds just won these belts from The Monstimals. We do not plan on losing them so quickly. Ginny Mae and I don’t care how far we have to take this match to keep the belts around our waists. After the blunder at December 2 Dismember we cannot afford to lose our belts. Certain members of The Good Shepherds take titles more seriously than others.

Virginia: Making my debut in such a match is not ideal but we all have to make our break somehow. It’s just unfortunate for Winter and Tatsu that they have to be the ones to stand in my way.

Dev again wants to say something but Mavis and Ginny walk away to head to the locker room to begin the match. Gerald and Esther and David stare at Dev before following after them.

user posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted image

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Good Shepherds vs Kawaii Dragons
2 on 2 freebird rules

Inside of the GRIME locker room, we see Angel of Filth, Javier Gonzalez, Hitamashii, Rory Rockefeller, and Jacob Johnson are standing in a circle, surrounded by masked wrestlers. The rowdy bunch is circled around referee Jade Pham and a member of security. Standing by the door, Liam Gagnon raises the microphone to his lips.

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Locker Room Brawl for the Hardcore Tag Team Championships!!! Iiiiiiiiiiiiiintroducing first, the challengers. Tatsu Ikeda and Winter Elemental… The Kawaii Dragons!!!

“Gimme Chocolate” plays over the speakers at ringside, blaring through the building as Liam steps aside as do the hungry GRIME members. Winter and Tatsu step through the door and walk to the center, swinging their Kawaii Sticks to keep GRIME members as bay. Once in the center, they taunt and tease in their typical cute way as they settle in and wait for their opponents.

Liam: Aaaaand their opponents… from Tulsa, OK representing the Church of the Good Shepherds… Mother Mavis Shepherd and Virginia Mae Putnam!!!

“Spirit In the Sky” plays over the speakers and a white light flashes through the door. Virginia Mae and Mavis walk through the door. They carry The Good Book with them and they make their way through the circle of GRIME members. Once in there, Mavis opens the book to a certain page and she begins to speak out.

Mavis: Psalms 139:12 says, “Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day Darkness and light are alike to…”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Winter knocks Mavis in the side of the head with her Kawaii Stick. Ginny rips the Good Book from Mavis’ hand and cracks it over the head of Tatsu.

Gena: GRIME shouts out in approval as they lean down to watch closely. Winter turns around and swings her Kawaii Stick at Ginny, but Ginny ducks it and grabs onto it.

Chad: She kicks Winter in the gut and rips the Kawaii Stick from Winter’s hand. She tosses it to the GRIME members as she pummels Winter to the floor.

Gena: Mavis holds onto her head as she stands up, only for Tatsu to grab onto Mavis’ head and begins rapidly alternating her feet from left to right with kicks to Mavis’ head.

Chad: As Mavis falls back into the GRIME crowd, Filth shoves her back into Tatsu, giving her the push that she needs to jump on top of Tatsu Lou Thesz Press style! Boom, boom, boom!

Gena: Winter knees Ginny in the stomach and flips her off and to the floor. She steps on the bench and then jumps off with a Double Knee Drop to Ginny’s stomach, rolling her over for the pin.


Chad: Green grabs Winter’s leg and pulls her off, just as Ginny kicks out anyway, but Green made it a point to say that it’s not over til GRIME says it’s over.

Gena: Mavis is done pummeling Tatsu, and she pulls her up to her feet. She flings Tatsu into GRIME, but Tatsu Baseball Slides under their legs.

Chad: She leaps up onto the back of Rory Rockefeller and leaps off with a Missile Dropkick to Ginny, who has just gotten up. Mavis turns around, but Winter grabs The Good Book and smacks her with it!

Gena: Tatsu gets a boost from Winter to land a Split Leg Moonsault on Mavis, hooking the leg.


Chad: Orange hits a knee to the back of Tatsu’s head to break up the pin. This gets Winter feeling a certain kind of way as she picks up a Kawaii Stick and bashes Orange over the head with it!

Gena: Grey holds Winter back as Crimson begins beating Winter with a chain! Winter can’t block any of it, and she gets busted open!

Chad: Tatsu jumps on Crimson’s back and begins biting at the back of her head while letting out a battle cry! She’s literally fucking biting her!

Gena: OH! Green comes out of nowhere with a baseball bat to Tatsu’s back! Tatsu falls off of Crimson’s back. Mavis and Ginny stand up and watch the onslaught with smiles on their faces.

Filth: Hey Good Shepherds. You’re not afraid of G.R.I.M.E.? You think we’re some kind of passing phase?

Yellow: Lass uns eine verdammte Nachricht senden!

Chad: GRIME begins circling but it only takes a second before they begin pummeling Ginny and Mavis as well. Jade Pham tries to restore order, but the security man pulls her out of the way.

Gena: There is just a blanket of black hoods and glowing masks as GRIME beats down both teams. Jade has lost control for the first time ever in her career as the referee for Hardcore Tag Team Matches, and she calls for the bell!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: David and Gerald rush into the room to try to help Mavis and Ginny, but Rory, Hitamashii, Jacob, Javi, Light Blue, Yellow, and Sea Green take them down quickly to the ground.

Liam: This match has been thrown out due to GRIME interference!!! Therefore, still your Hardcore Tag Team Champions… The Good Shepherds!!!

Gena: The crowd boos loudly as GRIME takes it to anyone that moves. After a couple minutes of the mayhem, Tatsu, Winter, Mavis, Ginny, David, and Gerald are all thrown out of the door and onto the concrete, curled up into balls, spitting out blood, bruised and battered!

True to Gena’s word, each person has a medical examiner approach them. Tatsu and Winter fight them off as they get to their feet. They stumble around as they turn around to go back to the locker room to continue fighting, but they are blocked from it.

Filth: Stay the fuck down, if you know what’s good for you…

Medical and security begin dragging the Kawaii Dragons backward as The Good Shepherds accept the medical attention.

The cameras cut to the boiler room where evil laughter fills the space. Stephen Lance is standing in front of a SCU cameraman as his client is behind him.

Stephen: SCU, have you truly forgotten that every night the 6’8 weapon of destruction competes is a homecoming? Why are we even talking about Dorian? He hasn’t done anything of significance since he signed. He has been a failure. Hell, he has flip flopped between personalities it’s hard to Phaethon anyone in this crummy place would actually care if he was coming home.

Stephen pauses as he looks up towards Powershock.

Stephen: Powershock will enjoy playing spoiler. He wants his Underground championship back and if he has to start leaving broken bodies in his wake then so be it. Just know, Dorian will be the first of many to CLICK DOOMSDAY.

Stephen cackles as Powershock and Aeriel steps out of the shadows. The cameras fade out as the trio head towards the ring.

user posted imageVSuser posted image
Dorian B vs Powershock

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

Lights go down low as "Starboy" by The Weeknd bounces through the speakers in a seductive tone and Dorian Brown comes out in a brown leather biker jacket and matching pants. He has a bar of chocolate in his hand and he bites a piece off the tip before handing it to a fan along the aisle. He swerves them hips before he rips off the pants to show off his silky tights that have chocolate bar brick prints over it. He loses the jacket to show off his body, moving hands up and down stomach and chest.

Liam: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the Memphis native weighting in at 224lb and standing at 6'1 he is Dorian Brown!!!

Dorian comes to the ring as he gets on the apron. He puts one leg through the ropes and stops to swerve his hips again but with more power this time. He comes inside that ring and drops to his hands and knees as he moves across the ring seductive until he gets in the corner. He stands up and lick his lips as he watches the audience fall under his spell.

The arena lights turn to a dark red tint as smoke fills the stage, ramp and ring. A thunderous gong sounds as a wicked scream is soon heard through the speakers. Sinister laughter follows before "Indestructible" starts playing. A man wearing a dark red mask with a blood red jumpsuit walks out onto the stage followed by two individuals. The masked man stands on the stage as the woman clings to his arm and the man is pointing at the ring.

Liam: From the Depths of hell, accompanied by his mouthpiece Stephen Lance and his valet Aeriel Sizemore....please welcome Powershock!!

Powershock throws both arms up and out as pyro goes off. He then sombers down the ramp while keeping his eyes pointed at the ring. A sly smirk appears on his face as he steps up onto the ring apron and steps over the ring ropes.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: It seems like Dorian knows that his usual tactics won’t work with Powershock. He licks at his lips and leans down, studying Powershock’s still body.

Gena: Powershock doesn’t so much as allow his chest to heave as he looks right back across the ring at Dorian. Dorian starts to walk toward Powershock, and the audience elevates their volume.

Chad: Dorian second guesses himself as he steps back a few paces. Powershock continues to stay still until Dorian rushes at him. He catches Dori with a Throat Thrust.

Gena: As Dori turns around, Powershock lifts him up into a backwards Atomic Drop, causing “Hot Chocolate” to hold onto his cocoa puffs! Dori’s eyes bulge out.

Chad: Powershock grabs onto Dori’s throat and tosses him back into the corner. He charges up to Dori and begins hammering him into the corner with repeated Shoulderbutts.

Gena: Dori sinks to the mat. Powershock lifts him up to his feet and goes to send him to the opposite corner, but Dori reverses it on him, following it up with a Money Flip to Powershock!

Crowd: *POP!*

Chad: Dori jumps to the second ropes and swerves his hips before coming off with a Swivel Leg Drop, hooking the leg.


Crowd: Awwwwwwwww!

Gena: The crowd is not happy when Powershock kicks out. But Dori lifts Powershock up from the mat and drops him with a Jawbreaker. He flips over into a Bridging Pin!


Chad: Dori kips up and waits for Powershock, dancing in place as the crowd whistles for him. As Powershock gets up to his feet, Dori goes for a Spinning Back Heel, but Powershock grabs his leg.

Gena: Dori wraps his legs around Powershock’s neck and does an Inverted Headscissors Choke, while… twerking? Powershock claws at Dori’s legs, but he’s not letting go.


Chad: Powershock is finally able to throw Dorian’s legs back, breaking the choke. Dori bounces off of the ropes and hits a Shoulderblock to Powershock’s midsection.

Gena: He runs against the ropes and flies off, grabbing the back of Powershock’s neck for a Running Bulldog attempt! He then calls for the Hershey Bomb!

Chad: I always loved seeing the Hershey Bomb! Dorian lifts Powershock up and shoves his head between his legs, but Powershock tosses him overhead!

Gena: Oh fuck… GRIME members Rory and Jacob and Javier come rushing down the ramp. They grab at Dori’s legs, but he repeatedly kicks at them! The ref doesn’t see this as Powershock is struggling to get past him to get to Dori.

Chad: Dorian pops up and rushes at Powershock, ducking a Clothesline and jumping up on his back, bringing him down to the mat in a choke. This buys Holly Wood time to run down with The Fox Brothers to stop GRIME from getting inside!

Gena: Powershock gets to the ropes rather quickly, using them to pull himself up and buck Dori off of him and to the mat. As he turns around, Dori kicks him in the gut and struggles to nail the Hershey Bomb (Stalling Sitout Powerbomb)!!! He hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner via pinfall… Dorian B!!!

“Starboy” begins playing over the speakers and Dorian doesn’t take time to celebrate. He finds himself in the growing brawl between more and more GRIME members rushing out. He grabs Rory and spins him around, punching him in the face, only to have it broken up quickly by security. Coming from behind them, GM Gianni Di Luca comes out with a microphone in hand.

Gianni: This shit don’t fly with this GM, bro. GRIME wants to steal titles, and run around doing what they want because they ain’t got an SCU contract, then they can get the fuck off SCU television. Get outta here, huh?

The situation comes to a halt as GRIME stares up at Gianni. Much to everyone’s surprise, they walk up the ramp as ordered. This shocks Dorian, Holly, and the Fox Brothers, who stand on guard, waiting for GRIME to do something else, but GRIME walks one by one through the curtains, causing a huge pop to come from the crowd.

The scene opens backstage at SCU Underground where we see Ariana Angelos warming up for her match against Veronica Taylor when she is approached by Dev.

Dev: Ariana, tonight you are facing your biggest challenge of your career as you go up against Veronica Taylor, any thoughts on this?

Ariana: Veronica might be a former champion, but it isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with her kind.

Dev: Her kind?

Ariana: The pretty girls that are vain as all heck! I had just graduated from high school before I enrolled at the Go Gym so memories of my time in school are still fresh in my mind and Veronica is no better than any of them! And I’m not understating the fact that she’s held more titles than I care to count both here in SCU and in SCW but at the end of the day, there will only be one winner of this match and your interviewing her! Fortune favors the bold Dev and whilst I ended 2019 with my shoulders being pinned to the mat, I intend to start 2020 by giving Veronica a close up look at the Angel’s Descent by the Greek Angel Ariana Angelos!

Dev walks off as the scene fades.

Veronica Taylor vs Ariana Angelos

The match starts off evenly as the two go back and forth with some chain wrestling. Veronica would gain the advantage with her cheating ways having poking Ariana in the eyes. Ariana will find a way to kick out at two. Ariana will continue to fight off Veronica before catching her off guard with a superkick. Ariana would quickly get on the top turnbuckle to hit her Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press). Ariana would go on to shock everyone as the young rookie would pin the former Underground champion cleanly in the middle of the ring.

We cut towards the back as Shelby Holt, Ivory Sullivan and Shannon Middlebrooks are standing in front of their locker room. Shannon is holding the same pipe she used to send message to Celeste. Shelby and Ivory look to be showing the same look as Shannon.

Shannon: Last week, I made a statement and I didn’t need words. Everyone has been so caught up in their own world that they forgot about the original trio of SCU. Instead of saying words, I decided to let my actions speak louder. I wanted to send a message to that stupid cunt Kelli Torres. She has something that I made worthwhile. I aim to save the combat division from a pathetic excuse of a champion.

Shelby and Ivory both smirk.

Shelby: Shannon isn’t the only one who is fed up. Ivory and I are done playing nice with everyone. It’s time we show how serious we are about being the best trio and it starts with us taking out nobility. Then we will get back those hardcore tag belts.

Ivory pounds her fist into her hand before they just walk off.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
Nobility vs New Foundation

Liam: This next 3 on 3 match is set for one fall!!! Fist on the way to the ring Shelby Holt, Ivory Sullivan and Shannon MiddleBrooks… The New Fountation!!!

"Into The Rush" starts blaring as Shelby and Ivory coming bouncing out from behind the curtain. They greet the fans before sprinting down the ramp and getting ready for the match.

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Melissa with a stern look on her face. After a few moments, Chanelle walks out from behind her. They clap within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Liam: And next, Chanelle Blade, Melissa Ruin and “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Melissa and Chanelle as they first go ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Melissa, holding her hand from the outside, as Chanelle is standing in front of her on the ring apron. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: We start things off with Ivory and Melissa. Melissa walks to the middle of the ring, Ivory turns around and tags in Shannon instead. Shannon gets in the ring, Melissa rushes at her… Shannon gets her hands out to push Melissa away.

Gena: Shannon gets in fully in the ring. Melissa rushes at her again but gets nailed with a big boot. Shannon grabs Melissa and lifts her to her feet… Melissa quickly kicks Shannon in the knee then punches her in the gut.

Chad: Melissa goes to punch Shannon again but gets nailed with a short-arm clothesline. Melissa goes down hard, Shannon looks at Angel and taunts her. Angel brushes her off as only Angel can.

Gena: Shannon grabs Melissa by her throat and picks her back up to her feet. Shannon Irish whips her to Nobility’s corner. Angel tags herself in, Shannon charges right at Angel. Angel drops down to the mat and grabs on to Shannon’s ankle.

Chad: Playing the ground game? Shannon is the bigger of the two… Shannon uses her free foot to kick Angel in the stomach.

Gena: Angel gets kicked a second time. Shannon lifts Angel to her feet. Shannon bends Angel over and brings her hand underneath for a Pumphandle Slam but Angel counters with her Face Blower!!! (Face Buster)

Chad: Angel goes for the cover!


Chad: Shannon kicks out and gets to her feet at the same time as Angel does. Shannon goes to grab Angel but Angel ducks underneath. Shannon turns around and gets her face raked by Angel’s nails!

Gena: Angel hits a dropkick, Shannon stumbles back. Angel runs to the ropes, Chanelle tags herself in and gets in the ring.

Chad: Angel and Chanelle goes to grab Shannon but Shannon nails them both with a two arm clothesline. Shannon goes and tags in Shelby, Shelby gets in and tags in Ivory. Ivory gets in and both grab Chanelle’s arm to force her up. The two nail a drop kick! Angel gets to her feet as Melissa jumps in the ring.

Gena: Ivory and Shelby grabs Angel but Melissa kicks Shelby then elbows Ivory to break Angel free. The ref gets between them to get Angel and Melissa out the ring. Shelby rolls out to the apron as Ivory and Chanelle get to there feet. Ivory hits Chanelle with a chop to the chest! Chanelle returns the favor with one of her own! Ivory blocks a second chop from Chanelle then tries to grab her but Chanelle grabs Ivory first and drops her with the Azz Backwards!!! (Bridging Belly-To-Back Suplex)

Chad: Chanelle goes for the cover!


Chad: Shannon and Shelby get in the ring as does Angel and Melissa.


Chad: Shannon break up the pinfall!!!

Gena: All six women start to brawl… We knew it was a matter of time when a brawl was going to kick off!

Chad: The ref tries to get in the middle of Angel and Shebly… Shannon lifts Melissa up for a military press and throws her to the outside hitting the outside floor hard… Chanelle gets dropped with a DDT by Ivory.

Gena: The ref manages to break up Shelby and Angel but Angel eats a clothesline from Shannon. Shelby and Ivory are ordered out of the ring but Ivory is the legal one not Shannon!

Chad: Melissa gets on the apron and asks Chanelle for the tag. Chanelle ignores her and runs at Shannon, Shannon rushes in and grabs Chanelle getting her up for her Roll Tide Roll!!! (Gutwrench Flatliner)

Gena: Ivory gets out the ring quickly as Shannon goes for the cover!


Gena: Melissa gets in the ring!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Melissa wasn’t able to save Chanelle on time! Shelby and Ivory get in the ring. Melissa backs away as Angel slides in the ring to stand next to Melissa.

Liam: Your winner of this match… Ivory Sullivan… Shelby Holt… and Shannon Middlebrooks… The New Foundation!!!

The New Foundation exit the ring and celebrate outside as they walk up the rampway. Chanelle gets to her feet as she watches the three laughing it up. Chanelle turns around to face Angel and Melissa.

Melissa looks at Angel, Angel turns her back on Melissa. Melissa turns to Chanelle and runs right at her to spear her to the mat. Melissa starts to punch Chanelle in the back of the head. Angel turns around and grabs Melissa to pull her off of Chanelle.

Melissa starts yelling at Angel while point at Chanelle. Angel puts her hand in front of Melissa to shut her up. Chanelle looks at Angel, Angel slaps Chanelle in the face the pushes her towards Melissa.

Melissa kicks Chanelle in the stomach then gives her both middle fingers. Melissa kicks Chanelle again for good measure then turns and grabs her head... Ruinously Stunned!!! (Cutter/Stunner)

Chanelle turns around stunned as Angel grabs Chanelle and drops her as hard as she can with the KashFlow!!! (Code Breaker) Chanelle goes down. Angel looks down at Chanelle with a look of disgust before motioning for Melissa to hold her up as she does Angel begins to yell in her face angrily.

Angel: You’re worthless! You cost us everything!

Angel then slaps her then keeps slapping her over and over again. As the boos get louder with each slap from the Trillion Dollar Princess.

The boos turn to cheers from the whole arena as Torielle Jackson runs down and goes after Angel Kash. Melissa turns around but Angel is pushed by Torielle and collides with Melissa.

SCU Security rush to the ring as does some of Angel Kash’s bodyguards. Torielle goes over to Chanelle as we see her trying to get to her feet by the use of the ropes. Angel and Melissa exit the ring Security try to get close to Angel but the bodyguard back them off as another guard gets Angel and Melissa to start leaving the area.

Once Chanelle gets to her feet she sees Nobility leaving her behind. She turns to the ring to see Torielle Jackson standing by her side. She stares at her for a second, getting into a defensive stance, but Torielle shakes her head. She outstretches a hand. Chanelle turns and walks away, leaving the ring. Torielle is right behind her, not giving her the space as they disappear behind the curtains.

The SCU-Tron above the stage comes to life and the crowd immediately lights up in cheers as the flamboyant yet fun graduate of the GO Gym, Helluva Bottom Carter aka HBCarter, stands in the backstage area, between the ‘gorilla position’ and the rec area where the men and women of SCU go to relax during the show and between interviews. Carter is sporting a black ‘Hello Kitty’ belly shirt, displaying his toned midsection, and matching booty shorts. He even has a playful, pink mohawk style to his dark blonde hair. Kicking his high-heeled boot up against the wall in a vertical split, Carter stretches his hamstrings as he is approached from behind by none other than roving backstage reporter, Dev Khatri.

Dev: (ahem) Excuse me, Carter?

Carter lowers his leg and turns aside to address the somewhat diminutive reporter who stands a few inches shorter than himself. Carter looks him over and smiles, and despite the fact that Dev wasn’t his type, Carter never the less is the playful sort and he bumps his hip into Dev’s own.

HB: How you doing ‘Big D?’

Dev flushes at the use of that particular nickname by that particular superstar. He clears his throat and tries his best to address the young man.

Dev: Yes, er… you’re looking limber. I mean…!

Carter’s face lights up with much amusement at the effect he had on this poor soul, and he laughs and reaches out a hand to pat him on the shoulder. Dev closes his eyes and shakes his head in disbelief at his Freudian slips.

Dev: I mean, you’re limbering up. Stretching! … For your match against Eyesnsane?

HB: Mm!

He nods his head in the affirmative and resumes stretching, extending his arms above his head and bending at the waist to the right.

HB: The minute the match was announced, Gabriel called and he was all ‘mother hen,’ warning me to be ready at all costs because the plonker I’m up against…

Dev: Eyesnsane?

HB: Yeah, him. Gabriel wanted to make sure I was aware that Eyesnsane would be ready and would be gunning for me. I guess he’s had issues with other graduates of the GO Gym in the past and had a few hiccups, and is going to want to use me as a means to an end.

Dev: You think he wanted to face you specifically, knowing that you’re still in rookie status?

Carter thinks about this fppr a brief moment and shrugs.

HB: I mean, it’s possible, but judging by what this guy’s accomplished in the big leagues, I’d hate to think he’d resort to wanting to face a rookie for the sole reason he thinks I’d be easy.

Carter looks at dev and does a double take before he self corrects.

HB: I mean ‘easy’ as in an easy win. I won my first two singles matches and they were hard…. Opponents! But this guy? He’s a member of the Elders stable… or was….

Carter frowns and looks at Dev.

HB: Is he still…? Never mind! The Elders are elite status, and they won the world tag titles of Sin City Wrestling by beating Jamie Dean and Ben Jordan, the current SCW Heavyweight Champion! That means a LOT! His rep speaks for itself, which is why I guess when he returned he pretty much by-passed the entire roster to get pushed right up there! There are only two possible explanations; one… it’s like you insinuated. He thinks a rookie will be a way to get a quick and easy win. But I was trained by the BEST so you know getting a win against me will be anything BUT easy!

Dev: And the second reason?

HB: Well it’s like the promo said. He’s had a bug up his ass because he’s had trouble with other GO Gym grads so he wants to try and use me to get his first. And it’s been a long time since I’ve been any man’s first but…

Carter shrugs his shoulders with an impish smile.

HB: I want Gabriel and Odette to be proud of me. My bestie, Ari, too. This is my first match of 2020 and a win here is going to spell out how well the rest of the year is going to go for me. And how bad it’s going to go for Eyesnsane. Bottoms Up!

He flicks his tongue between his index and middle fingers to a blushing Dev before he spins on his heel and sashays away.

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Helluva Bottom Carter vs Eyesnsane

Liam: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

"#1 Crush" by Garbage begins too play and Carter steps through the curtains, holding an ankle length, sleeveless black robe closed in front of him. he then whips it open, revealing his ring attire of a printed belly t, booty shorts and thigh high boots. He holds one hand behind his head while running the other hand down his body while grinding his hips to the music.

Liam: From Seattle, Washington, weighing 176 pounds, he is the "Hardcore Bottom" -- Helluva Bottom Carter!

Carter drops the robe to the stage and runs toward the ring, slapping hands offered out to him all around the ringside area. He then hops up onto the ring apron in a split and slides beneath the bottom rope. He crawls seductively on all fours until he arrives in his corner. He pulls himself up and then lays across the top corner, awaiting the start of the match/his opponent's introduction.

The lights in the arena go out. The tron starts and the music hits the PA system. A spotlight shines brightly on a spot on the stage as smoke comes up from a circle where it is shining and Eyesnsane is slowly elevated from beneath the stage as he comes into view.

Liam: From Chicago, IL, standing at 6’2” and weighing in at 230lb, he is… Eyesnsane!

Once on the stage he stops and curls his left arm flexing his bicep for a moment as he looks out at the crowd. Then he makes his way to the ring, walking up the stairs before stepping into the ring between the top and second ropes and heading to the far turnbuckle where he climbs up to the second rope as he folds his arms in front of himself looking out at the crowd for a moment before hopping down.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Eyesnsane is quick to get across the ring and he ties up with Carter. Carter leans in, getting mouth to mouth with Eyesnsane, quickly turning things around.

Chad: Eyesnsane pulls away and wipes at his mouth as Carter grabs Eyesnsane’s arms and wraps them around him as he grinds his hips, adding insult to injury.

Gena: Eyesnsane shoves Carter away and immediately takes him down with a Clothesline. He grabs onto Carter’s hair and wraps his legs around Carter’s neck with a Head Scissors.

Chad: Carter kicks his legs around and quickly latches onto the ropes, causing a break. Eyesnsane honors the break and pulls Carter up to his knees. Carter looks up at Eyesnsane with a devilish smile.

Gena: Eyesnsane backs up, but finds himself against the ropes. Carter shimmies over toward Eyesnsane, tracing his defined pecs with his fingers. Eyesnsane smacks Carter’s hand away and then wraps his arms around Carter’s neck in a Rear Naked Choke.

Chad: Carter feels the reality of the situation and all the games end… no, he’s still trying to grind on Eyesnsane. However, Eyesnsane is not letting it affect him as he tightens the hold.

Gena: Carter reaches around… I just had to put it that way, didn’t I? He grabs Eyesnsane’s elbow and tries to loosen the grip, but Eyesnsane is giving Carter no distance.

Chad: Carter tries to find the ropes, but Eyesnsane is in the way. He is starting the fade when he thinks of something? He literally reaches around and grabs “something” of Eyesnsane’s that instantly makes him let go!

Gena: I can tell you exactly what he just grabbed! But either way, Carter keeps his own lock on as he catches his breath. He sits up and lets go as Eyes tries his best to reestablish himself.

Chad: Carter gets up to his feet and he bounces off of the ropes. As he comes back, he spins and drops an elbow to the top of Eyesnsane’s head, sending him down to the mat. Carter rolls Eyes over and hooks the leg.


Gena: Eyesnsane powers out of the cover as Carter bounces off of the ropes and comes back with low Dropkick to the side of Eyesnsane.

Chad: Carter lifts Eyes up from the mat and sends him into the ropes. Carter follows, but Eyes jumps onto the second rope and vaults off with a Back Elbow to Carter, dropping him to the mat.

Gena: Eyesnsane thinks it through carefully as he circles Carter. He picks Carter up and then hits a chop to the less built chest of Carter.

Chad: Carter falls down to one knee. This allows Eyes to hit an Elbow Smash to Carter’s head, sending him down to his hands and knees. He then steps over Carter, rolling him into an Inside Cradle.


Gena: Carter gets the shoulder up in the nick of time. Carter rolls back, and as Eyesnsane gets up, he rushes at him, jumping up for a Hurricanrana, but Eyes drops him with a Powerbomb!

Chad: Eyes goes for the cover, but Carter rolls him over into an Arm Drag, locking his legs around Eyes’ arm, using his feet to hold Eyes’ shoulder in place to wrench the arm.

Gena: Carter pulls on the arm, twists it, turns it, and Eyesnsane is feeling the burn. He shouts as he puts one arm under him. He does a push up, holding his position.

Chad: Eyesnsane gets up on one foot and one knee. He gets ready to stand up, but Carter whips him right back down to the mat!

Crowd: *POP!*

Gena: Eyes holds onto his shoulder, trying to work his arm out from the iron grip of Carter’s thighs, but he’s having no luck. He starts working his way to the ropes where he eventually gets the break.

Chad: They both get up, and Eyes surprises Carter by lunging, but Carter hits the Passion Fruit (S.O.S.)! He quickly climbs to the top rope and looks out across the audience. He launches himself off with the Fruit Fly (Corkscrew shooting star press)!!! Hooks the leg!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner… Helluva Bottom Carter!!!

Carter celebrates as “#1 Crush” by Garbage plays over the speakers. He rises up with both arms in the air, even before the referee can raise them up. He jumps up and down in excitement, living the victory for a moment before exiting the ring, leaving Eyesnsane to hold onto his ribs as he starts moving.

The cameras move backstage to find Angel of Filth eating spaghetti off of Javier Gonzalez' stomach as the members of G.R.I.M.E cheer her on. Rory stomps his foot on the ground as his way if cheering her on. She gets down to the last few noodles when there is a knock on the door. Filth laps the noodles up and then raises her stained face from Rory's midsection. She wipes at her face, only spreading the mess to her arm in the process, belching.

Filth: I told you I could get rid of your leftovers from last week.

Filth goes and opens the door. She lets out another belch and stares right in the face of the person standing on the other side of the door.

Eric: They make the so called leader open the door. Hmmm.

Filth: Or, the "so called leader" wanted to see for herself exactly who the fuck is interrupting her dinner time.

Eric: That would be you. See all you had to do was continue to eat your dinner and have lackey one or lackey two or any of the other hidden guys open the door.

Filth rolls her eyes.

Filth: You act like we operate on some kind of hierarchy where those sitting on top can't fend for themselves. No, G.R.I.M.E is not so delicate. I'm perfectly capable of answering doors, or kicking an asshole in his pea sized nuggets…

Eric: You hear that Javi? You may need to watch out with this one. So what you’re saying is that you’re not in charge, you’re just the one that never shuts up?

Filth shrugs her shoulders.

Filth: If that's how you want to look at it, that's your problem, Bucky Jr.

Eric turns and looks at the camera then back at Filth.

Eric: I’m sure most look at it that way. Noe go fetch me the person in charge.

Filth goes to speak, but then Javi steps from around the corner. His face lights up as he looks at Eric still standing there.

Javier: Heyyyyyy! Look who it is, vato! You wanna speak to someone in charge, homes? I got you. But I get the feeling what I got to say ain't gonna sit so well on your pride, mang. So what's up? What's good?

Eric: Now see, that I understood.

Eric looks past Javi.

Eric: So Jacob I guess when you got a second we need to talk.

Eric looks at Javi.

Eric: Thanks for the info mang.

Javi holds onto his stomach and leans over laughing, then pointing at Eric.

Javier: Ohhhhhhhh you got jokes, homes! I thought your entire career was enough of a joke, but you keep rolling out them hits, mang…

Eric: Good, pointing at me was wise of you, the jokes are over. Your leader has arrived.

Eric says as he invites himself in the room. Javi holds his hands up in tubular shape in front of his eyes and he looks around all animated.

Javier: Oh! Where?

Javi then removes them from his eyes and looks at Erick.

Javier: Because right now, all I'm looking at is a rat, a rodent only your missing the tail, and the pair of balls it has homez!

Filth walks up to Eric.

Filth: I can help with the scent of a rat.

Filth says as she uses Eric’s sleeves to wipe her face with.

Eric: What you see is the closest thing to what you all claim to be. You guys act like your the only ones to join SCU for what they promised. As I look around, I’m the only one here to have been the Combat and Hardcore champion. The two titles that are what you all claim to be about. Does that make me the leader? Nah, but does it mean I belong here more than anyone else? You bet your fucking ass it does. Who here can say any different? Who can say they have done what I done, Anyone?

Rory wipes off his abs and sits up from the bench. He raises a fist to Eric.

Rory: I was there in Honor. I saw it while it was going on.

Light Blue: Shut up, you idiot!

Rory narrows his eyes and lunges at Light Blue. Filth reaches back and slaps the back of Rory's head and Light Blue's heads. She leans on both of their shoulders as she stares at Eric, snapping her fingers for everyone else to shut the fuck up.

Filth: Go on. Let's hear it. Why do you think you belong in this locker room aside from a few Championship belts?

Eric: For starters, I don’t have to belong, it’s already my locker room. You can snap all the fingers you want. You can order them to do your deeds. They’re no different than the ones in SCU who listen to someone. I played by my own rules. If these people you surround yourself with were loyal to you the way you want them to be would agree with what I’m saying. I and I alone went after a group of fake ass wrestlers called the Bad Boys. When your boy toy Javi was nothing more than an annoying pimple in someone’s butt. I helped him find his way by bringing him, Tim Staggs and I as a group noone was able to destroy. We we’re so crazy we got destroyed from the inside. Even Javi can’t lie about that.

Javi wants to argue, but as Eric said, he can't. He nods his head and Filth looks around the room.

Filth: Okay, okay. Listen. A couple of things. One, you're not the leader of shit. You will never be the leader of shit. I am not even disrespecting you. That's just a fact. All jokes aside, I run this goddamn camp. Two, I'm still trying to decide if I want to let them kick your ass for a couple of reasons…

Eric: Let me guess, kick my ass and ruin the main event to stick it to SCU.

Eric looks at Javi.

Eric: Tell your girlfriend here how the best way to stick it to SCU it for me to walk out with the TV title and bring it here to GRIME Wrestling.

Javi looks at Filth as she thinks about it for a second, imagining the possibilities. She gives Eric a once over and then speaks up.

Filth: I'm going to let you in. You can run with us. But you better bring that TV title home to mama.

Eric: The title is coming home to GRIME. The title will be with its king. I run what happens on TV. The title will just prove that. You will see tonight, then when II come back here. I’ll decide who gets a shot at my TV title. Since I’ll allow you to be second in command you can have some input on who I challenge.

Filth nods her head.

Filth: I tell you what… Go to the SCU locker room, get your shit, and come back here before I personally beat your ass.

The members of GRIME "lead" Eric out the door.

Rory Rockefeller and Jacob Johnson vs The Fox Brothers

Rory and Jacob will attack the Fox Brothers before the bell would ring. The ref would try to break it up but the attack would turn into a full out brawl as G.R.I.M.E. Members Crimson, Grey, Green and Orange rush the ring side to join in on the attack. The six on two is to much for the Fox Brothers from the start. The Ruin Twins rush the ring to help the Fox Brothers but the 6 on 4 is too much for the sets of twins. The sides would even out as Underground Champion Celeste North and Jenifer Lacroix rush the ring and clean house. Celeste would remove Rory and Jacob from the ring by throwing them both over the top ropes. Jenifer would end up knocking out all the GRIME members with one punch each. Rory and Jacob decide not to get back in the ring when they notice that Jenifer is wearing brass knuckles on both her hands.

We go backstage to see Le Coven standing by a closed door. They have their ears by the door. Celeste shakes her head as Jenifer quietly opens the door. We see Winter and Tatsu on the floor drowning their sorrows after a hard loss by stuffing their faces with chocolate.

Le Coven walk in the room, Jenifer slams the door shut as loud as she can. Tatsu and Winter don’t even flinch. They just sit in one place handing each other pieces of candy. Celeste and Jenifer look at each other then back at Tatsu and Winter who now have their hands out towards Le Coven with pieces of Kisses candy to offer them.

Celeste: You guys look as sad as that em… Damn it, that um…

Jenifer leans in to Celeste.

Celeste: Thank you, you two look like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Winter: Hey Champ, do you not watch the show or something? We been fighting for months to get a shot at those Hardcore Tag Team Championships. And we didn’t even lose the fucking match.

Tatsu: Yeah! We didn’t get pinned, or submit, or even knocked out. Those GRIME jerks ruined our match and made fight pointless. Fucking Tad!

Tatsu shoves her hand back into the bag of candy and she pulls out several pieces. She furiously unwraps them and stuffs them into her mouth, chewing furiously.

Celeste: This place is overrun with assholes lately. GRIME is at least upfront about it, unlike that bitch, Shannon Middlebrooks. Oh man, the little girls’ bad mood is rubbing off on me now.

Winter: There’s plenty of chocolate to go around. Except she’s not welcome to it because she only has reasons to celebrate, getting handed a title shot out of nowhere.

Winter points over at Jenifer. Celeste narrows her eyes at Winter, seeing that Tatsu isn’t paying attention at this point. She walks over to Winter and slaps her upside her head to knock sense into her.

Celeste: She only fought for the chance for a year. Have some fucking respect, and both of you shut down the pity party.

Celeste rips the bags of candy from their hands and tosses them over her shoulder as the pieces rain down on the floor. Winter digs inside her shirt and takes out a snicker bar. She opens it up and gives half to Tatsu.

Tatsu: Go suck on Jenifer’s tit. Kawaii got screwed.

Jenifer takes a step towards Tatsu. Tatsu presses her back against the wall and slides up, pushing off with her shoulders.

Tatsu: Winter-Dragon right, Jenifer handed title shot. I no scared of you so back off, Kawaii Dragons got bone to pick with dumb witches.

Winter: You mean bitches?

Tatsu: No, I know what I say, I mean witches but yes, Winter-Dragon, they are also bitches.

Celeste: Sticks and stones, I guess… Wait, a bone to pick with us? Well this should be good.

Celeste stands next to Jenifer as the two now stand a foot away from Tatsu. This prompts Winter to get to her feet and quickly gets in front of Tatsu.

Winter: Jenifer did shit and got a shot. You done less and became champion. Kawaii Dragons had to endure shit from Donna, Tad, take on everyone and anyone. You two do shit and fucking rob the Kawaii Dragons from being 2019 Tag Team of the year. We don’t care that your losses equal a big fat zero. Fuck off or we will kick your asses right here and we won’t stop.

Winter steps right up to Celeste as the two stand nose to nose

Winter: You know damn well when Kawaii Dragons go after something, we don’t stop. You may think that you can beat us in the ring but we wouldn’t stop there. We’ll have you double looking everywhere you go, at home, at the airport, anywhere. However, you Champion know that you and Battle Angel over here got bigger fish to fry then to be dipping into our tag team division.

Celeste: Attack me. You can’t do a damn thing to me that I haven’t endured at some point in my life. Neither of you can. Just because you two have your noses so far up Delia Darling and Mercedes Vargas’ sour splits does not mean shit to me. You two girls are so much better than that, but do not mistake my kind words for fear, because I’m not going anywhere right now. This is our locker room too.

Tatsu walks over to stand next to Winter.

Tatsu: Wait… We thank you for looking out for tag division. GRIME attacking Fox Brother and Ruin Sisters not sit well with Kawaii Dragons, bullshit match for hardcore titles not sit well with Kawaii Dragons. Le Coven stealing our award not sit well with Kawaii Dragons but we thank you and we see that we now have to be together to stop GRIME.

Celeste adjusts the Underground Championship on her shoulder and snubs her nose at Winter’s insults, not saying a word about them, but also not backing down. As a matter of fact, she takes one step closer, using her nose to nudge Winter back a step to put her in her place.

Celeste: Your passive aggressive bullshit might work with a lot of other people. You got the wrong witch bitches for that though. But you were right about one thing. We do need to stick together so that these GRIME assholes don’t run right over us. If there’s one thing that I do know is that you two don’t give up for anything. I would trust you two to have our backs.

Winter: You can count on me to have our back as you can count on my mama Mercedes to kick your ass every time you have a singles match with her.

Tatsu: I have your back like I have the back of best fighter ever from France. Delia Darling!

Jenifer: Oh, sacre bleu…

Celeste: And I’ll have both of your backs, just as I have the back of the best FoShan Bombshell ever… Song. I’ll tell Uncle Dax you said hi.

Celeste winks at Tatsu and then to Winter. She and Jenifer turn over to the lockers and begin getting their things together.

We go to a different spot backstage as we hear commotion going on as a fight has broken out. We see Andrew Borg and Stewart Mason trading punches. Andrew grabs Stewart and runs towards the wall sending Stewart’s back crashing to it. Andrew goes to punch Stewart but he moves out the way causing Andrew to hit the wall.

Stewart nails Andrew with an elbow to the side of the head causing him to get dazed. Stewart grabs Andrew’s head and slams it against the wall. Stewart then grabs Andrew and gets him up for a side slam causing Andrew’s head to hit the middle plate of the Combat Title.

Stewart gets up as Andrew lays there heading his head. Security rush in to break it up. They grab Stewart and move him away as Andrew rolls to his side holding his head.

Alexis Staggs is seen backstage finishing getting ready for her upcoming match. She’s already in her ring gear and she’s doing some last minute stretches, focusing her mind on Denise Andrews. As Alexis limbers up, Dev Khatri approaches her.

Dev: Alexis Staggs...not Skaggs. Loosening up those muscles?!

Alexis looks at Dev and lets out a half laugh, rolling her eyes in the process.

Alexis: Just a bit. Not that they need much loosening. Can I help you with something?

Dev: Hey I’m just here doing my job. You don’t seem to do much talking around here, and I thought you might want to change that up. Issue a last statement before your match against Denise Andrews?

Alexis laughs. She stands up straight and lets out a sigh before giving Dev her full attention.

Alexis: Look, not much really needs to be said about Denise. Does it? I mean, up until last week I didn’t even know who the hell she was. I did some digging and found out she’s Travis Nathaniel Andrews’ daughter. Ok. Didn’t realize he had a kid, but like I care either way? Travis is irrelevant, and she is, too. She’s just an obstacle on my way to the bitches I REALLY want to face.

Dev: Kawaii Dragons?

Alexis nods.

Alexis: Damn straight. Those two whores have been a thorn in my side recently, particularly Winter, and I’ve had enough of their shit. If Tatsu wants to get involved, fine. I’ll gladly kick both their asses if need be.

Dev: You said recently you’d face them in a handicap match. You must be awfully confident to risk agreeing to that.

Alexis: You’re damn right I am. Hell hath no fury like Alexis Staggs scorned, and they’ve done scorned me pretty damn bad. And they’re gonna pay for it. But first I have supposedly royalty to assassinate. So, if you’ll excuse me…

Alexis simply waves before she turns and walks away without another word. Dev stands there for a moment, scratching his head before he shrugs and walks off in the opposite direction.

Denise Andrews and Ella Singleton are making their way towards the ring as they stop mid stride to look at the camera.

Denise: I’m not going to waste my breath talking about the has been Alexis Skaggs or whatever she goes by these days. Now that I have put those three slugs behind me. I am focused on putting The Society first. That starts with the total annihilation of Alexis.

Ella nods her head as they keep walking.

user posted imageVSuser posted image
Alexis Staggs vs Denise Andrews

"Unbreakable" by Fireflight starts to play in the sound system and a video montage of some of Alexis Edwards memorable moments appears on the screen. Seconds into the music, Alexis appears from behind the curtain, standing at the top of the ramp and throwing her hands in the air as her music plays, and the crowd now cheers her on.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV standing at 5'5" and weighing in at 120lb, she is... Alexis Staggs!!!

She looks around the crowd and smiles before she starts making her way to the ring, high fiving and slapping hands along the way. Once to the ring she slides in under the bottom rope and jumps back to her feet. She jumps up to the second turnbuckle, throwing her hands in the air to another round of cheering from the crowd before she jumps back down as her music dies down. She stares back towards the entrance as she waits for her opponent to enter.

Liam: And… from Las Vegas, NV… Denise Andrews!!!

“Boom Clap” strikes up as Denise steps through the curtain with Amelia by her side. The two glare at the ring while showing disgust on their faces. Denise walks down with a little strut and emulates her father. She slides into the ring as Amelia stays on the floor.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Alexis moves quickly across the ring, taking Denise down to the mat with a Spear. She throws punches at Denise so quickly that Denise can’t even turn from one to the other.

Chad: Denise finally gets her feet under Alexis and shoves her off to her ass. Denise gets to her feet and charges Alexis, but Alexis moves out of the way and Denise falls over the middle rope.

Gena: Alexis gets to her feet and she sits on Denise’s back, keeping her leg firmly across the back of Denise’s neck to choke her. The referee asks her to stop, but she doesn’t. The referee begins counting.


Chad: Before the referee can give her one last warning, Alexis gets off of Denise. She steps back and waves Denise forward. As Denise gets up and turns around, Alexis charges her, and Denise tosses her over the top rope and onto the apron.

Gena: As Denise turns away, Alexis grabs onto her hair, but Denise rips free and hits a Superkick that sends Alexis off and into the barricade. Denise steps through the ropes, and as Alexis comes off of the barricade, she dives off!

Chad: Alexis is right back on the barricade and Denise is against her, feeling the effects of that risky move. Alexis takes a second to get her wherewithal back, and then she shoves Denise off.


Gena: Denise grabs Alexis and sends her to the ringpost, but Alexis catches herself and stops. As Denise comes back at her, she uses Denise’s own momentum to send her flying into the post at full speed!



Chad: Alexis slides back inside of the ring and takes a step back as Denise stumbles, holding onto the apron for balance. Alexis bounces off of the ropes, looking for a Baseball Slide, but Denise dodges it and pulls Alexis back outside!


Gena: Alexis goes to punch Denise, but Denise ducks and grabs onto the back of Alexis’ head, dragging her over to the ring steps where she pounds Alexis’ head into them repeatedly!


Chad: Alexis is finally able to stop her from the rampant assault with an elbow right to Denise’s face. She then whips Denise back inside of the ring. Alexis climbs onto the apron and Denise kicks her in the gut. She sets her up for a Vertical Suplex!

Gena: But Alexis slides out of it and drops down Denise’s back, getting her into a pin!


Chad: Alexis slaps the mat, frustrated. She gets up and drags Denise to her feet. She sets her up… Put On Notice (Kudo Driver)!!! Alexis then hooks the leg as the fans pop loudly for her!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Liam: Here is your winner via pinfall… Alexis Staggs!!!

“Unbreakable” plays over the speakers as Alexis stands up. She looks around and then walks over to the ropes. She points to the back, signalling for the Kawaii Dragons to come out in a crude manner. She sits on the ropes, opening the ropes as a sign of welcome as she waits. After a moment passes, no one comes down the ramp, and the fans begin to boo. Alexis turns around, just as Denise is back on her feet. She tries to Clothesline Alexis, but Alexis dodges it and trips Denise over the middle rope again, only this time, she dumps Denise outside. As she does this, we see Tatsu Ikeda half way down the ramp waving at Alexis with an ornery smile on her face. Alexis waves her forward and Tatsu approaches. She walks up the ring steps, and Alexis steps back, wanting this fight more than anything. Tatsu steps onto the apron and she points behind Alexis and giggles. Alexis turns around, not seeing anything, but as she turns back, Tatsu is inside of the ring with a handful of Alexis’ hair. She jumps and brings a knee right to Alexis’ chin!


Tatsu waits for Alexis to get back up and she charges at her with the Flight of the Dragon (Continuous Whirlybird Headscissors, 5 spins), taking Alexis down and posing with a smile on her face. She waves to the booing crowd for a moment before getting up and leaving the ring. “Karate” by BABYMETAL plays over the speakers as she skips up the ramp, turning around once to admire her handiwork.

Life of Agony’s “Lost At 22” hits and the crowd explodes as their fellow Tennessean, Halo, walks through the entryway and starts to nod, a broad smile upon her face. She walks slowly to the ring, slapping a few hands as she goes, a new experience in her career all around. Halo steps into the ring, holds a microphone high and the crowd cheers again.

Halo: Memphis, how the hell are y’all doin’ tonight?

The crowd response tells her she’s gonna be a fan favorite tonight.

Halo: Yeah, me too. I ain’t been this close to home in a coon’s age, y’all! I grew up a little ways to the east from here and I love that we have brought this to y’all and you better believe that even if I wasn’t booked, I was gonna be on this damn show! Them country roads done brought me home!

Looking around the arena, she nods slowly as the crowd starts chanting for her.

Halo: Yeah, that was the bad news… the good news is that Veronica Taylor ain’t booked here tonight for television either! Though, knowing her, she’ll show up somewhere, network exclusive or not. But… nevermind them for the moment since this ain’t really about them anyway.

She pauses and looks up at the ceiling.

Halo: G.R.I.M.E…

The cheers suddenly change to boos.

Halo: Some shit might have happened, but I know y’all can still hear me and I’m gonna tell anyone in charge here, anyone in charge with y’all, whoever I gotta talk to… I want me a piece!

Her gaze moves down to the camera.

Halo: The only question is, are y’all gonna bother to answer...

There is an odd echo of laughter coming from the speakers, that of a female.


After a few seconds, lights flash up to the upper deck of the arena and we can see Angel of Filth sitting with a bucket of popcorn in her lap. Sitting next to her is Javier Gonzalez with a cold one in his hand, knocking it back with his feet propped up on the seat in front of him. To Filth's left, Hitamashii and Jacob Johnson and Rory Rockefeller wave to the cameras as they lean over the seats in front of them. The masked members of G.R.I.M.E stand all around them, only Grey, Orange, Crimson, Green, Yellow, Sky Blue, and Sea Green have their masks lit up.

Filth: Halo, sweetheart. You should know better than to think that G.R.I.M.E. wasn't going to answer you. We're not Veronica Taylor, Angel Kash, Stewart Mason, or your wife whose name I won't bother saying on television, because she doesn't matter anymore… Not like she ever truly did, though…

Filth grins, looking straight down at the ring as if to look right into Halo's eyes herself. She gives a fake vapid fluttering of the eyelashes to add salt to the wound.

Filth: But seriously. It takes a shit ton of balls to walk around here, carrying that last name, what with all the failure attached to it and all.

Halo: Y’all sayin’ I should drop it just cause I’m the only one still works here? And here I thought you called me the second filthiest one here....

Filth and the rest of G.R.I.M.E. look to one another like they are huddling over the answer. Filth taps the mic against the arm of her seat, causing a screeching feedback noise to echo throughout the arena. She brings it back to her dark lips.

Filth: No. You should change the name because it labels you as weak. It labels you as someone who would rather piggyback off of someone else's success… I.E. Kelli Torres… than go out and put in the work to build your own success. Your wife's family's M.O.

Filth shrugs her shoulders.

Filth: Don't get me wrong. I see you for who you really are. I see the shadows that you run from. I see the darkness of your mind. I see all of your dirty little secrets. Coming to Tennessee also took big balls, 'Lo. In another timeline, I could see you sitting up here with me right now as G.R.I.M.E. member Gold. But… here we are, and there you are. Living like a true Williams. How pathetic…

Filth looks around at the G.R.I.M.E. members who all agree with her in an uproar. The fans boo them hardcore, so Filth reaches into her bucket and throws a couple fistfuls of popcorn. Someone says something that Javi doesn't like, so he tosses back his brew and then cracks it over the back of the seat, making a scene as he threatens the thousands of fans booing them.

Halo: ¡Ay pinche cabrón! Y’all gonna keep threatenin’ people who won’t fight back, or y’all gonna grow a set and nut up against me?

Javi stands up and points right down at Halo.

Javier: ¡Ay, perra endogámica! You saying you want a piece of Javier Gonzalez? Well you had your chance, mami. Vete de aquí…

Halo shrugs.

Halo: You’re right, besides I curse better in Spanish than you do anyway! But how about y’all’s tattooed maven there?

Javi can't help but peel off his shirt to show it off and throw it out into the crowd. Filth slaps at his stomach and admires her handiwork. But then she snaps back to the matter at hand.

Filth: You want a piece. I want the whole fucking thing. The difference is that not many in SCU want to step up to G.R.I.M.E. but the entirety of G.R.I.M.E. is willing to step up to you. Hell only knows how much I would love to get my hands all over you…

Filth flicks her blackened tongue out after saying this, cackling alongside Hitamashii, in unison.

Halo: So what’s stoppin’ ya?

Filth thinks about it for a second. She hands the popcorn over to Javi. She rolls her shoulders around before walking over to the railing. She begins stepping down each stair in dramatic fashion. The crowd begins to roar in approval as she steps closer. Halo even goes as far as to go to the ropes, sitting on the middle one to welcome her in. Filth' s steps pick up the pace until…

Filth: These guys are stopping me…

The light shines on Filth and the SCU security team, seeming to have doubled in size. Filth runs a finger up Casey's chest seductively before blowing a raspberry.

Filth: Hey, remember when you guys used to be fun? I miss those days…

Filth takes several steps backward until she is once again in full view. G.R.I.M.E. members back her up on the steps.

Filth: Raincheck?

Halo steps back from the ropes and just shakes her head in disgust.

Halo: Y’all gonna get all hot and bothered and then act like a typical dude and say, “Well, I sorta got mine… finish yourself off…” while also…

Staring at Filth in disbelief, Halo shrugs almost sadly.

Halo: Really? I got arrested twice here and that’s all it took to stop you from even making a damn date?

Filth sighs into the microphone. She looks dead serious at Halo from hundreds of feet away.

Filth: Respect for the jail time, but… I'm just too pretty for prison, so…

Filth giggles and flips her hair over the one unshaved side of her head.

Filth: You want me all to yourself? I could see it happening, you dirty butch top. But, I prefer a gangbang scenario. The more the merrier.

Filth puts her hands down her stomach and into her pants, biting her bottom lip before pulling her hand out and points right at Halo

Filth: You want a piece. Let's go three on three. You find two sacks of shit who want to have your back. I've got plenty of volunteers behind me. And in the gangbang scenario, I love surprises.

Halo: Any two?

Filth: Any two, filthy.

Halo: You’re on, I’m sure I can find somebody!

Filth is smug as she nods her head, as if to say "if you really think so." She goes to speak again when Gianni Di Luca comes out onto the stage.

Gianni: Ey yo. Hate to burst ya bubble, but I'm… my name ain't Tad Ezra, and you two never spoke to me about a match. In case ya wasn't clear on my job duties, lemme break it down for ya.

Gianni does his signature laugh.

Gianni: A bunch uh borin' shit, like makin' sure the ring is put together, the lights is where they gotta be, book venues for future weeks… Oh, and book matches! Shocker, right? See, I got an eye for money, an… this ain't it. And since ya overstepped ya boundaries, my niceness done ran out.

Gianni winks and points up to Filth in the nosebleeds. She glares down at him.

Gianni: So if ya broads wanna rip each other's heads off, it ain't gonna be in a SCU ring. Take it to the parkin' lot for all I care.

Filth: Great idea. The bloodier the better, also an attribute I enjoy in gangbangs.

Gianni: Yeah, yeah, yeah… not in my ring or on my screen. Now cut them upper lights.

Gianni makes this abundantly clear. However, Halo nods her head agreeing to Filth's terms. Filth nods back with a wicked smile on her face, shrouded in the shadows. The crowd cheers at a deafening tone.

user posted imageVSuser posted image
Main Event
SCU TV Championship
Holly Wood vs Eric Weaver

"Hollywood" by Collective blasts over the sound system as a pink shadow box appears through the curtains.

Liam: On her way to the ring, from Hollywood, CA standing at 5'11" and weighing in at 165lb, she is... Mz Holly Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

The silhouette of a lovely lady dancing is seen from the inside, seducing the crowd with her feminine wiles. It comes to rest at the edge of the stage, and after a moment, the lady inside kicks her way through the thin paper to reveal... Holly Wood! Mz. Wood if you nasty. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder as she raises her arms in the air, loosening her hips before sashaying down the ramp. She climbs onto the apron, swaying her hips back and forth as she lowers herself down into a split position. She crawls under the ropes and does a sexy pose on the mat before leaping up, dancing around the ring to the music as she waits for Eric Weaver.

Liam: And his opponent…

Take Five starts to play as we here the jazz beat coming we see Eric Weaver coming from the curtains.

"Won't you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five"

Liam: The challenger, from Chicago, IL… Eric Weaver!!!!

"Though I'm going out of my way
Just so I can pass by each day
Not a single word do we say
It's a pantomime and not a play

Still, I know our eyes often meet
I feel tingles down to my feet
When you smile, that's much too discreet
Sends me on my way"

Eric slides in the ring from underneath the bottom ropes.

"Wouldn't it be better
Not to be so polite
You could offer a light
Start a little conversation now
It's alright, just take five
Just take five"

As the music fades we see Eric holding his right hand in the air as he looks over to the crowd.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: Holly Wood gets to the middle of the ring, Eric does the same as he extends his hands up for a test of strength. Holly thanks for a second but gets his hands up.

Gena: Eric tricks Holly Wood as he kicks him in the gut. Eric goes to grab Holly Wood but he nails Eric with a knee to the stomach. Holly Wood grabs Eric and drops him with a DDT.

Chad: Holly stomps Eric in the chest… GRIME starts walking down the rampway! I guess Eric is going to play the numbers game on Holly Wood to steal the title from SCU!

Gena: Holly gets Eric to his feet. Holly hits a Dropkick that knocks him back to the mat.. The GRIME Members enter the ring. Holly stands in the middle of the ring surrounded by all the GRIME members.

Chad: Eric gets to his feet and points at Holly Wood. Holly Wood spits at Eric then gets his hands up to block his face as all the masked members gang attack Holly Wood.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: GRIME ruining yet another match, this time the main event!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chad: This is not fair. The Mask wrestlers are just stomping away at Holly Wood. Eric orders them to stop.

Filth hands Eric a microphone.

Eric: This company is now under new management. It's not time to show you all an example of how things are gonna go around here.

The masked members hold Hollywood as he stands in the corner watching Eric laughing at him. Holly looks out of it but does let out a smile before passing out. As Holly Wood's slumps over Eric gets attacked by Rory, Javi, Jacob and Hitamashii. They gang attack him until he drops to the mat. Rory and Jacob get Eric to his feet.

Filth: Your little stunt of walking in MY locker room like you own the place, and because it gives me great pleasure to ruin the SCU Main Event, are the reasons for what just happened. This is a message to anyone and everyone to watch how you come at G.R.I.M.E.

Filth nails a super kick to Eric. Rory and Jacob keep him on his feet. Javi comes in and nails Eric with one hard right heymaker that knocks Eric out. Filth orders everyone out of the ring. The mask wrestlers leave Holly Wood alone and grab Eric. They drag Eric's body up the rampway with them as the show goes off the air.
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