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> Entitlement... or lack there of, Vs. Aquin
Pretty Ty
Posted: August 10, 2018 09:22 am

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Bannington Visions Inc.
Office of President Chester Bannington
Los Angeles

“What the fuck happened out there?”

Chester Bannington, Esquire (Because he is the best of the best of the best after all) is definitely agitated. Once again we find ourselves in the office (which in my opinion is full of so many expensive items that I think he's overcompensating for something) of Ty West’s (and Effie Bingham’s) agent extraordinaire. Chester’s tone is not quite as angry as normal though. He has dark circles under his eyes, his tie is loose around his neck and his breath has the distinct odour of a cross between stale coffee and liverwurst. He folds his hands in front of him on the desk, staring down (or rather up at) his first client. Ty shrugs, obviously his loss has taken a toll on his confidence.

Chester: “You just choked at the end. You said you had this. That you were going to make that arrogant prick pay.”

Ty crossed his leg over his knee.

Ty: Well I didn't.

Chester is getting even more agitated, his neck is starting to turn red under his collar.

Chester: And now you are turning down a rematch with him? On air?! I don't even know who you are anymore.

Ty blinks once. He is dressed nice though. Polo shirt in a shade of blue that makes his eyes pop. His long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail (not a man bun though, cuz eww!) But the look on his face clearly shows his defeat.

Ty: I am trying to figure that out too.

Chester's face is now showing colour. He looks like the steam from his rising blood pressure is going to start billowing out his ears at any moment.

Ty: I don't want a rematch when I clearly am not ready to face him and win, Chester. It's strategic not stupidity. Why go out there and humiliate myself a third time? I need to work my way back up. I am always going to have him hanging those losses over my head like the arrogant asshole he is. When I get back in the ring with him, I want it to be when I am confident that I have the strength and knowledge to win. Then, and only then, will I get a rematch. I have already discussed it with the owners. They don't like my decision but they will respect it.

Chester looks speechless. He knows he can't argue Ty’s logic. It was a smart way to do it. Re-earn the shot so that when he did finally win, there would be no denying that he deserved it.

Ty: Why not focus on Effie? Doesn't she have a title shot too?

Chester's face softens but only enough that it doesn't look like his head is going to pop like a puss filled pimple.

Chester: Effie is a pain in the ass. I try to give her a makeover and as soon as the photoshoot is over, she's putting on her ratty clothes and sticking a cigarette in her mouth. And on top of that, she doesn't want titles. She's lucky that she has you vouching for her, otherwise I would drop her like the hot mess she is...

Chester shakes his head, obviously in pain over having to deal with the tomboy.

Ty: Effie is so fucking talented it's almost ungodly. She needs to have someone there when she gets propelled to the limelight. She may not want a title but she's going to find herself a champion, sooner or later.

Chester agrees but he still seems doubtful.

Chester: How's living with her going? Are you banging her yet?

Ty rolls his eyes. Between Effie and Chester you would think he was a lothario.

Ty: I have no interest in her sexually. And she's good at keeping the condo tidy. I can't complain. She does the housework and in return gets a place to sleep.

Chester seems to have lost interest now though. He's opening his desk drawers and looking through papers on his desk. Ty sighs before standing.

Ty: I gotta get going. I am going to Long Beach today and you know how LA traffic is.

Chester stops, looking up at him.

Chester: Must be good in the sack for all the trouble you go through for that kid.

Ty: She's not a kid. And it's not about that. I like her. No idea if she likes me back but I will keep going until she tells me to go away.

Chester smirks, once again folding his hands on the desk.

Chester: A glutton for punishment. Well good luck with that one.

Ty salutes him mockingly and leaves the office. God... we hate Chester so much, we wish Ty would fire him.


The West-Ward Blogicles
Season 2, Entry #13 -- “Entitlement, or lack thereof.”

The scene opens with nothing elaborate. Ty West, (Still our hero!) Sits on the end of a weight bench while while recording his own blog post on what we assume is his phone. He is sweaty and tired from a workout.

Ty: So here I am, titleless. I let my fans down by not being able to beat the canine blanche. I should have done it, and now I am determined to get back to that position and prove Fenris wrong about me. To finally see him tap or to be able to pin him to the mat in a glorious well earned victory. I can no longer say his title is undeserved. The matches he has had since the tournament ended have all been wins. So even if Courtney did carry him, if given the opportunity he would have won on his own merit. This realization is what has shown me that I need a different approach. And so, that is my journey now. And it starts with the coward, Joshua Aquin.

He gives his blue eyes a roll. It's obvious that he is not impressed with his latest opponent.

Ty: I am still waiting for the match to change. To see Christian Underwood announce that something has come up and Aquin cannot attend. He ran from me the first singles match they booked between us, let's see if he can hang now. The man has been trying to get up the ladder the same way for years and it doesn't seem to be sinking in that he is just not going to gain a foothold this way. He's older and stubborn and you have to be flexible in this business.

He offers up an unimpressive shrug. Ty just wants to get this match over with.

Ty: Other then his words about how undeserving I was and him running away from our previous match, I have nothing against this guy. He seems pretty bitter though. And that bitterness has cost him future championship matches. There is a time and place to fight a decision, it wasn't the right time when he did it. It also doesn't help when you are paired with a girl who says she deserves a title with every other breath she utters. Just a bad influence and here I thought Jessie was supposed to be one of the good guys. Guess that was something else I was wrong about.

He takes a deep sign. Oh Ty, we hate seeing you so sad.

Ty: There is no denying that Joshua has tenure. But that does not entitle him to anything. Everyone has to earn their shots. Including myself. I lost to Fenris and now I have to work myself back up to a place where I deserve another shot. It is just how I do things. And when I believe that I have proven myself, my voice will be amongst the loudest vying for another opportunity however given what I have already accomplished here, I doubt I will have to complain. I trust the judgement of our owners.

He gives a nod before signing off.


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