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> SCW - Chapter 003 - "The Dark Who?", SCW Debut match - Climax Control
Thaddeus Stone
Posted: April 09, 2015 04:17 pm

"The King of Cinema"

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OOC: I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it. Had a blast writing this Rp with the new alignment I'm going for with my character "The King of Cinema" Thaddeus Stone. I also enjoyed the back and twitter battle with my opponent Damian the Dark Defender as well. But all in all hope you all enjoy this Stone Rp of mine and good luck to my opponent Damian this week.

- Stone


The man who’s come to be known as “The Modern Day Man”, “The Highlight of the Night”, “The Real Deal”, and of all “The King of Cinema” that man being none other then the young, brash, Jocular fun loving newest Sin City Wrestling signee Thaddeus Stone. One thing is certain, Stone hasn’t been shy about letting the fans of Sin City Wrestling know exactly who he is, having exchanged a few words backstage with fellow Sin City Wrestling roster mate Travis Nathaniel Andrews on the latest Climax Control. One must wonder what will come of Thaddeus as he make his debut this week against new addition to the Sin City Wrestling roster, that man being none other then Damien the Defender, a man fill with mystery.

“Shop till you drop...”
[[Scene One...]]

[[Off Camera]]

[[As the scene begins to unfold we come to see the sun starting to set, the sky can be seen looking quiet gorgeous due to the various colors interacting with one another, as we come to see one of Sin City Wrestling's newest signee Thaddeus Stone walking into view.

As Thaddeus comes walking into view Thaddeus can be seen wearing a white tank top, and a pair of denim jeans and black steel toe boots. A black hand bag can be seen slung over his right shoulder, in his left shoulder he can be seen holding what looks to be a delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie, from what one can only assume he bought from one of the many mom and pop bakers here in Milan.

Walking alongside Stone can be seen being none other then his gorgeous Hispanic girl friend Elizabeth Torres. Elizabeth can be seen wearing a black Batwing Dobby Chiffon Top with tie, and a pair of designer style blue jeans and open toe sandals. The two can be seen walking along each other side by side window shopping from the looks of it and only stopping into certain shops that catch their attention.]]

Elizabeth Torres: "So Thad you excited about your debut match here in Milan?"

Thaddeus Stone: "Yea, I wasn't expecting to be going up against Batman but eh it works I guess..."

Elizabeth Torres: "Wait. What? Batman?"

Thaddeus Stone: "Yeah, you didn't know Sin City signed a guy who's going by the name Damian The Dark Defender..."

Elizabeth Torres: "Really Thad, Batman was the best you could come up with?"

[[Thaddeus laughs before responded back to his girlfriend.]]

Thaddeus Stone: "Well yea, Liz, there's Dexter I could have said which is more modern if you think about it, but then again so it Batman. I mean Batman is the Dark Knight, and it just seemed too me that this Damian guy just wanted to be some cheap nock off of Batman in the wrestling world much like some other wrestler who went around wearing all green and black and even had green dyed hair."

[[As Thaddeus says that Elizabeth giggles a little bit before stopping and turning to look at a gorgeous blue dress in the window of one of the shops.]]

Elizabeth Torres: "Ooh can we Thad... can we please go inside and check it out?"

Thaddeus Stone: "Ugh... I guess we can, it'll just kill some more time before the autograph signing session I'm scheduled to be at to promote Climax Control some more..."

Elizabeth Torres: "Oh thank you Thad so much..."

[[Elizabeth says with excitement in her voice as she opens the entrance door to the small clothing shop, as she does she walks inside followed behind by her boyfriend Thaddeus Stone.]]

Elizabeth Torres: "Ooh Thad look at this, its so gorgeous looking."

Thaddeus Stone: "That it is babe."

[[As Thaddeus says that someone notices who he is and comes running on up to asking him for an autograph and picture.]]

???: " you're Th... th... Thaddeus Stone of Sin City Wrestling aren't you?"

[[The female fan questions him as he looks down at her.]]

Thaddeus Stone: "Yea, how'd you know it was me though?"

Female Fan: "Because you're being advertised for this weeks Climax Control on the promotional poster outside the Club ALCATRAZ!"

Thaddeus Stone: "Ah... I see so I'm being advertised eh?"

Female Fan: "Yea why?"

Thaddeus Stone: "I didn't think I would be seeing how I just signed with Sin City Wrestling less then a week ago."

Female Fan: "I guess the staff of Sin City really know talent when they see it then huh?"

Thaddeus Stone: "Yea, I guess so. So what is it that I can do for you?"

Female Fan: "Well I was wondering if I could get an autograph and maybe a picture with you if you're not to busy that is."

Thaddeus Stone: "Sure I got a minute I think I can spare eh Baby?"

[[Thaddeus said asking his girlfriend Elizabeth as she continued to look around the clothing store.]]

Female Fan: "Thank you so much Thaddeus!"

[[The female fan could be heard saying as she handed him a piece of paper. As she did Thaddeus stopped what he was doing and took piece of paper the fan had handed him to sign.]]

Thaddeus Stone: "So who am I making this out too if you don't mind me asking?"

Female Fan: "Emilia Ambrosia please!"

Thaddeus Stone: "Emilia Ambrosia it is then. So how long have you been a fan of Sin City Wrestling?"

Emilia Ambrosia: "Well for awhile I guess you could say , I'm a big fan of the Bombshell division they have within their promotion and well of course your fan, I mean who wouldn't be a fan of yours with a body like that now, right?"

[[As Emilia said that, Thaddeus began to blush.]]

Emilia Ambrosia: "A little shy are we?"

Thaddeus Stone: "Nah... not at all just not used to hearing that a lot you know, specially from a fan..."

Emilia Ambrosia: "Ah I see..."

[[Emilia says as Thaddeus hands her back her now autographed piece of paper she had handed him from earlier.]]

Emilia Ambrosia: "Wait till the girls hear about this one, they're not going to believe I ran into you."

Thaddeus Stone: "Well you'll surely have enough proof now wont you?"

Emilia Ambrosia: "I sure will."

[[Emilia said as Thaddeus leaned in as she snapped a picture of her and him with her Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.]]

Emilia Ambrosia: "Thank you so much Thaddeus, and well I look forward to your debut match with Damian The Dark Defender..."

[[Emilia said as she walked off towards her mother who could be seen already up at the front desk checkout area getting ready to pay for her belongings, as she did Thaddeus caught back up with his girlfriend Elizabeth and continued shopping with her as he begin preparing to think about his promo for his match against Damian.]]


[[Few Hours later...]]

“The Dark Who?”
[[Scene Two...]]

[[On Camera]]

[[As the scene begins to unfold we open up in the promo area of the Sin City Wrestling arena located in the the night club of Club ALCATRAZ, we come to see the buxom beauty that is Ms. Rocky Mountains awaiting inside the promo area sitting atop a black bar stool. As Mountains gets ready for her next interview, she can be seen making herself comfortable. Within minutes the promo room door opens and in walks one of Sin City Wrestling’s newest signee’s Thaddeus Stone.

As Thaddeus walks through the entrance area of the promo room where the Bombshells and superstar of Sin City Wrestling can be heard doing their promo shoots from time to time. As Thaddeus can be seen dressed in Ralph Lauren plaid classic sports blazer with gray slacks and black leather dress shoes as he walks around to where Ms. Rocky Mountains is seen sitting, as he does his manager Ralph Savage walks into the promo shoot room shortly afterwards and takes up a seat next to his client.

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “Thaddeus, thanks for joining us.”

Thaddeus Stone: “Thank you...”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “You look very confident and not nerves at all seeing how this will be your first match under the Sin City Wrestling name.”

Thaddeus Stone: “Thank you, and yes Confident I am as well as not being nerves as many would assume me to be seeing how this is my debut match within Sin City Wrestling as you just mentioned.”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “So lets get started shall we?”

Thaddeus Stone: “That is why we are here right Mountains?”

[[Stone questions she nods her head in agreement in getting the interview with she and him on the way.]]

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “So the question that is on everyone’s mind why’d you sign with Sin City Wrestling and not some other independent wrestling promotion out there Thad?”

Thaddeus Stone: “To be fair I’ll have to give Ralph here all the credit for that one. He was the one that found this place and got me the contract deal after having multiple phone and in person conversations with Mr. Ward, so Ralph why did you choose Sin City and not the many others out there for me to compete in?”

[[Thaddeus questions as he turns the interview over to his personal agent Ralph Savage for a second or two.]]

Ralph Savage: “To be honest having saw and attended a few of the past events held by Sin City Wrestling and saw the product and talent they had signed within their promotion I honestly thought why not get Thaddeus signed here, it fit what he so much desired perfectly...”

[[Savage says before Ms. Rocky Mountains turns her focus back onto the man she was scheduled to interview, Thaddeus Stone.]]

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “Lets move on to the next question Thad shall we?”

[[Thaddeus nods as he takes a sip of water from out of his water bottle as he sits looking back at Ms. Rocky Mountains.]]

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “So what are your thoughts going into this Sunday’s Climax Control seeing how the staff of Sin City stacked the card for the fans of Milan Thad?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Well to be honest from just walking the streets and listing to what I've read on the internet a lot of people are saying my match with Damian the Dark Defender could possibly be the match to steal the show and to be honest and not to knock any of the other talents but I couldn't agree anymore...”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “Any particular match you’re looking forward to seeing?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Like I stated previously the Staff of Sin City stacked the card pretty high for the fans of Milan. But there’s a couple I plan on watching, one being the Internet Championship with the defending and current champion Kain who will be taking on one Kris Halc. Both Kain and Halc have amazing talent when it comes to being inside that squared circle from their last match’s I sat and attended.

“Reason I’ll be watching Kain and Halc’s match is well because I honestly could see myself going after the Internet Championship title in the near future once I start to get noticed and people start taking notice of the phenomenal skill I’ll be bringing inside that square circle.

“The second match I’ll be watching is the Roulette championship match between defending and current champion Alex Kaelin and Lord Raab being. This is also a championship I honestly could see myself going after in the near future and then their the Heavyweight championship which would also be nice you know...

“Though the one match I plan on paying the most most attention too is the match of Old Skool and Travis Nathaniel Andrews due to I got a little something for that asshole after our little encounter at last Sundays Climax Control in Athens, Greece”

[[Thaddeus says as he takes a breath of fresh air.]]

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “Interesting Thad, thirdly what are your thoughts on Andrew Watts?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Ah, yes Andrew F’n Watts the very man who one of my trainers ran with years ago. You know what can I honestly say about the guy he’s done a lot for this business and to say he hasn't would a lie. Though my trainer Thor McKinley had told me about him, and how he recruited him due to fearing him back in their days in the European Wrestling Wrestling. Now Watts don’t kill me... as I don’t know how true that is or anything.... though McKinley did go to even say the fans and those in the locker room were upset with him when he turned on them to join Mr. Watts, but who wouldn't have right?

“I mean if Andrew was to approach me and take me up under his wing and show me more to this business, it would probably be safe to say I’d take him up on his offer. Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself that I’d be turning my back on a lot of fans who look up to me as being the the future of this company and the man who’s probably going to one day be a name to reckon with and respected within this industry, but if it was for the better then damn straight I would, sorry folks but I would with no hesitation.”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “To be fair Thad I think a lot of the new guys coming in would do the exact same thing if given the chance to learn from one of the veterans of our sport. Third question where do you see yourself at in Sin City in the future?”

[[Thaddeus laughs before answering Ms. Rocky Mountains questions.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “I wouldn't be telling the truth if I didn't say somewhere high up within the company of Sin City Wrestling.”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “I see you guy very high expectations for yourself eh Thad?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Mountains if I didn’t have such high standards for myself I’d be just like all those who came and gone like the wind not to make a mark or even a scratch on the surface that be the history books of Sin City. I want to be the guy who everyone talks about in the back years after I’ve come and gone and retired you know?

“I mean anyone who says that’s not what they are here to do is lying through their teeth, same goes on anyone who says if they aren’t here to go after the Heavyweight championship title that is currently held by none other then Gabriel a man who’s been with Sin City Wrestling since I can remember...

“Now do I believe Gabriel to be the right man for the company right now? Absolutely not. The guy sold out to achieve the Heavyweight championship title he holds now, but lets face it he is until someone beats him.”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “Now I’m sure you’re wanting to get out of here...”

[[She pauses as she looks over at Stone who chuckles a little bit as she continues on to ask her questions.]]

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “But what are your thoughts on your match with Damian the Dark Defender this week?”

[[With that being said Thaddeus grins before responding back with an answer.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Honestly not very high. The guy claims I’m not a man of the people having spout out all over twitter claiming only the devil knows whats in store for me come our debut match here in front of the fans of Milan. Though come on seriously Steve Ramone wiped the floor with him on last week’s Climax Control and this week I plan on doing the exact same thing just to prove I’m not some joke and should be taken serious just as I’ve taken him.

“Then and correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t a man of the people not a convicted felon, Mountains? I mean the guy claims he was framed for the murder of his wife, but all the evidence pointed towards him. On top of that it took the jury less then an hour to convict him for his heinous crime he committed. So how in god’s green earth is he to say I’m not a man of the people, yea sure I sided with Ramone on a few things over Twitter but who wouldn’t have? Ramone made some valuable points. But Batboy went all batshit on me and for what?”

[[As Stone says that Mountains stops him by butting in and cutting him off before he could continue on.]]

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “Wait... Wait did you refer to your opponent as Batman Thad?”

[[She says trying to hold back the laughter.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Yeah, why? The guy runs around wearing a mask and calls himself the Dark defender...”

Ms. Rocky Mountains: “True but, why Batman and not Dexter as Dexter was considered more of a Dark Defender then Batman wasn’t he?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Hell no Mountains. It’s clear Damian stole the whole Batman thing due to the whole Batman the Dark Knight movie having come out... Dark Knight... Dark Watcher... Dark Avenger... Dark Defender their all the same thing if you think about it. Hell the only thing that separating Damian from Batman is that he doesn’t have a cape or a cool utility belt to go along with his whole getup you know?

“But enough of the little nicknames and name calling I’ve been doing with him over this past week. Enough of the trash talking as when it comes to it, anyone and their mother can do that... It’s now time to put up or shut up and that’s coming this Sunday when he and I both make our debuts inside that squared circle in front of all the Sin City Milan fans.

“Damian come our match not only am I going to shut you up, but I’m going to have you crawling back to the bat cave were your little buddy the Boy Wonder Robin awaits for you, when you return to saving the world from the comicality villains that are found in the fantasy world you live within...

“Hold on Mountains...”

[[Thaddeus says as he takes his cell phone out from his pocket and answers it.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Hello...
“Oh hey baby, yeah I’m about finished here with my promo shoot for this weeks Climax Control.
“The Emerald restaurant sure we can go there if you like.
“Oh Ok I’ll finish up here and then head back to the motel to get ready and get you for tonight’s dinner, sound good love?”
“Ok see you shortly then baby...”

[[Thaddeus says a he clicks the end call on his cell phone.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Sorry about that Mountains that was my girlfriend Elizabeth, but yeah back to our interview shall we?

[[Stone questions, as he does Mountains nods in agreement.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Come Sunday night when Climax Control airs live in front of the Milan Fans one thing is certain they will indeed be given one hell of a match when Damian and myself square off against one another in that squared circle that will be come our battlegrounds....”

[[Thaddeus says as he signals to end the interview with Ms. Rocky Mountains as he does he gets up from where he’s seen sitting at and begins walking on out of the promo room of the Sin City Wrestling as the scene begins to fade out to black. The last few minutes of Thaddeus are seen of him walking out the promo entrance door before finally going completely black and ending the promo altogether.]]


”Pasta Time”
[[Scene Three...]]

[[Off Camera]]

[[Later that evening...]]

[[We open up outside the Emerald Restaurant in downtown Milan, Italy not that far from the Club ALCATRAZ arena Sin City Wrestling’s flagship shop Climax Control will be airing at we come to see a black Porsche 911 Turbo pulling on up to where the parking valets can be seen awaiting vehicles to park for tonight's dinning. As the Porsche pulls up into view the driver side door opens up in a switchblade motion rising up, opening up not like a normal Porsche door.

As it does, out steps Sin City Wrestling’s Thaddeus Stone from inside the luxury high performance sports car. Stone can be seen dressed in an all black business suit and tie, his dark brown neatly trimmed hair can be seen. As Stone steps on out of his vehicle he walks around to the passenger side were we come to see Stone’s girlfriend Elizabeth sitting, awaiting for her boyfriend Thaddeus to open the door for her.

As Thaddeus approaches her door he opens it up and she slides one of her legs on out of the vehicle, the bottom of her high heel hits the cement, as it hits the cement Thaddeus helps her on out of the sports car. As Stone helps his girlfriend on out of his vehicle the two make their way towards the entrance of the Emerald restaurant.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “If you work hard kid one day you’ll get a gorgeous female like this and a vehicle like that...”

[[Stone says as he passes the bellhop who opens up the entrance doors for he and his girlfriend. Once the door opens Stone and his girlfriend make their way on inside the Emerald restaurant, once inside they’re greet by the hostess who can be seen being dressed in a cheap black business shirt and dress pants.]]

Emerald Hostess: “Greetings, what’s the name on the reservation?”

[[As the hostess says that, the restaurants manager quickly rushes on up to assist his hostess.]]

Emerald Manager: “I’m sorry about that Mr. Stone sir, he’s one of our new employees who’s still in training.”

Thaddeus Stone: “No worries Michael Epps.”

[[Thaddeus says looking down at the managers name tag as he addresses him by his full name.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Though you’d think if he’s training you’d have someone with experience up front here greeting your clientele..”

Michael Epps: “I’m sorry again Mr. Stone for the inconvenience again...”

[[The Emerald manager says as he turns back around to his hostess in training and speaks.]]

Michael Epps: “Take Mr. Stone and his date to the VIP section and get him and his date one of the one of the most expensive champagnes we have and tell the waitress its on the house...”

Emerald Hostess: “Will do boss.”

[[With that being said the Emerald hostess escorted Stone and his girlfriend back to the VIP section where the two would come to be greeted by Stone’s personal agent Ralph Savage who could be seen awaiting the two’s arrival.]]

Ralph Savage: “Greetings Thad.”

Thaddeus Stone: “Greetings Savage”

Ralph Savage: “So who’s this if you don’t mind me asking?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Excuse my manners. This here is my girlfriend Elizabeth Torres.”

Ralph Savage: “Pleasure to meet you finally Ms. Torres”

Elizabeth Torres: “As it is you Mr. Savage.”

[[As Torres says that, Thaddeus turns towards his personal agent Ralph Savage with disgust on his face.]]

Ralph Savage: “What is it Thad?”

Thaddeus Stone: “Nothing, other then the fact that Sin City Wrestling management has me going up against a guy who’s nickname is “The Dark Defender” and not of that asshole Travis Nathaniel Andrews who I should be going up against this week...”

Ralph Savage: “Was that who you were talking about earlier during your promo shoot Thad?”

[[Savage questions as Ms. Torres and Thaddeus take their seats at the table that’s been reserved for them. Both Torres and Stone sit across from one another.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Yeah it was Ralph. I mean seriously someone of my status deserves much more unlike what I’m receiving...”

Ralph Savage: “That is true, though I believe Mr. Ward and Mr. Underwood’s booking committee wants to see what you’re made of before putting you against someone of real talent you know?!”

Thaddeus Stone: “If that’s their idea it damn sure isn’t Damian the Dark defender, you know?”

Elizabeth Torres: “Yeah I know Thad, I agree love you deserve a much better quality opponent then Damian a former inmate...”

Ralph Savage: “I actually believe Damian to be a perfect opponent to go up against for a debut into a new company...”

Thaddeus Stone: “You would Ralph...”

Emerald Waitress: “Evening I’ll be your waitress for tonight Selina, can I start you off with something to drink first?”

[[The female waitress waitress says with a thick Latin accent.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “I’ll like a rum and coke please.”

Selina: “And you sir?”

[[Selina questions as she looks over in Ralph’s direction.]]

Ralph Savage: “Um I’ll take a rum and coke also.”

Selina: “And you ma’am?”

Elizabeth Torres: “I’ll take a glass of your finest wine please!”

[[Torres say, as she says that their waitress Selina takes down their orders and heads off towards the kitchen area of the Emerald restaurant]]

Ralph Savage: “Thaddeus think of your debut against Damian as a warm up match for you...”

Thaddeus Stone: “Seriously Ralph?”

Ralph Savage: “Well yea Thad for that’s exactly what it is if you really think about it in the long run you know.”

Thaddeus Stone: “Eh I guess Ralph...”

Elizabeth Torres: “Ralph’s right Thad.”

[[As Elizabeth says that the Emerald waitress Selina returns with the drinks that were ordered by the three individuals.]]

Selina: “And here you go.”

[[Selina says as she sets the drinks down in front of Stone, Torres and Savage’s before continuing on.]]

Selina: “So have we decided on what we’re all having tonight to eat or are we still deciding?”

Ralph Savage: “Um yea can you give us a few more minutes longer...”

Selina: “Sure, No problem Mr. Savage.”

[[Selina says leaving the trio be as they decide on what they want for dinner.]]

Elizabeth Torres: “I think I’m going to go with Ravioli di Portobello, and you babe?”

[[Torres says as she looks over at her boyfriend Thaddeus who can be seen looking over the Emerald restaurant menu.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Ah I think I’m going to go with the Tour of Italy dish love, and you Ralph?”

Ralph Savage: “As for me I think I’m going to go with the homemade Spaghetti with Meatballs Thad...”

[[Ralph says as Selina returns to take the trio’s dinner orders.]]

Selina: “For you sir?”

[[She says looking at Thaddeus.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “I’m going to have the Tour of Italy dish.”

Selina: “And for you ma’am?”

[[Selina questions again questioning Torres.]]

Elizabeth Torres: “I’m going to go with the Emerald signature Ravioli di Portobello dish”

Selina: “Very good choice might I add ma’am, and you sir?”

[[Selina says as she takes the last of the orders, as she looks over at Savage.]]

Ralph Savage: “I’m going to go with something more traditional to have for dinner and that’s the Spaghetti with Meatballs please...”

Selina: “That’s a very good choice as well sir.”

[[Selina says before heading back off towards the kitchen after having taken the trio’s dinner orders. After a few minutes Selina returns with the trio’s orders, as she places the three meals on the table, Savage, Torres, and Stone slowly begin to eat their meals, after a while the food on the plates slowly begins to disappear and as Torres, Savage and Stone slowly finish their meals Selina returns.]]

Selina: “Any dessert?”

Ralph Savage: “Um...”

[[Savage says undecided as he looks on over at his client Thaddeus.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “...”

[[Before Stone can answer Elizabeth answers for him.]]

Elizabeth Savage: “Um no thanks, I think were pretty full as it is...”

[[She says as she leans over towards Stone whispering something in his ear, as she does Thaddeus smiles.]]

Thaddeus Stone: “Well Savage we’re going to call it a night.”

[[Thaddeus says as he leaves a tip on the table, as he does he and Elizabeth get on up from where their sitting at, and are followed by Thaddeus’ personal agent Ralph Savage who follows behind the two.]]

Ralph Savage: “Well Thad I’ll get with you in the morning and Elizabeth hopefully I’ll see you again sometime...”

[[Ralph says as Stone’s black Porsche 911 Turbo pulls on up to the drop area, as it does Thaddeus opens the passenger side door of the Porsche allowing Torres to get inside of it. As Torres climbs inside of the Porsche Stone closes the door behind her and walks around to the driver side door and climbs on inside, once inside he closes the door and starts the engine. As the Porsche’s engine roars to life, it slowly begins to depart from the driveway of the Emerald restaurant.]]

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