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Posted: December 11, 2018 05:52 pm

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*The scene opens showing new manager Levi Russow pressing his fingers into his eyes shaking his head back and forth as the camera pans out to show a behemoth of a man, SCW's newest signee Slappy McGoo, bouncing up and down with an exuberant look on his face.*

Levi a really...REALLY bad idea.


*The camera swings around to show the door they're standing beside with a sign on it that says...Team Eggplant? What? Levi reads it again in disbelief as Slappy puts on the custom jacket he had made for himself as well as one for Sierra Williams and Lachlan Kane...his "best buddy".*

Levi Russow: *sigh* Alright...go ahead.

Slappy McGoo: YUSSSSSS!

*Slappy rears back and with one big bear paw slaps the door open darting inside as we hear Sierra scream "WHAT THE F-" and Slappy yell "BEST FRIENDS!!!!! I'M HEEEEEERE!" as Levi slowly saunters inside closing the door revealing Slappy had no pun intended slapped a sign over "Team Eggplant" that simply said...*


TBC by Sierra or Lachlan

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