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> SCU Underground Ep. 50 (Results), 2-9-2020
Tad Ezra
Posted: February 10, 2020 03:35 am

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SCU Ep 50 Sunday Night Special from San Juan, Puerto Rico. José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum!

Episode 50 Ladies Night Sunday Special Show, Feb 9th, 2020.
Segments due Saturday, Feb 8th 2020 at 11:59pm PST. No male SCU Staff, Managers or wrestlers will be in the building. Tonight Underground Ep 50 is a special night. The big 50!, The Ladies get the honor to take us into the next 50 episodes as tonight, it’s all about them.


SCU Ladies Night will have Gena Schaal doing play by play with SCU’s own Valentina. Ring announcer for tonight’s will be done by part time ring announcer Darlyn Fajardo. Delia Darling is set to open the show for SCU as it’s host. Rumor has it that some of the members from American Murder Log will be at this show. Helping Jade with tonight’s matches will be SCW Senior Referee Jasmine St. John.

Donna made a phone call and bought in someone to oversee the show. This person may not have much experience of a GM but more than capable then getting the job done. With Gianni not allowed in the building. Tonight’s Acting GM is SCW’s Color Commentator Belinda Simone!

The lights flash pink around the arena as the Ladies Night logo spins around on the Sin City Tron. The fans in the arena come to life when the camera shines upon the center of the ring where we see SCU’s part time ring announcer, Darlyn Fajardo, and this only makes the fans cheer even more loudly. She takes a bow in each direction until settling in and raising the microphone to her lips.

Darlyn: Ladies and girls, welcome to SCU Underground Episode 50: Ladies Night… No boys allowed.

Darlyn winks at the camera as the crowd cheers even more loudly. She lets it go for a second before she turns back to the camera.

Darlyn: Now please, put your hands together for the hostess for tonight’s 50th episode Supershow… Former SCW World Bombshell and World Bombshell Tag Team Champion, pioneer for women’s wrestling, one of SCW’s meanest Mean Girls… the only French Bombshell… Delia… Darling if you must!!!

The audience gives off a bit of a mixed reaction at the mention, but a surprising amount of cheers come from the crowd as “Nightmare” by Halsey plays over the speakers. The ring crew immediately carries out a clear runway platform and they quickly attach it to the ring as women in black rubber suits crawl out from the curtains, fanning out to hold the curtains aside. A woman in a black royal dress made of latex walks out from behind the curtains. She holds up a scepter and gives a royal wave to the audience.

Gena: It looks like we’re getting an old school Delia Darling runway treat.

Valentina: Ohhhh! I’ve missed these! Go on mami!

The woman steps to the edge of the stage and she holds her arms out as the women in rubber suits step to her sides and begin ripping away the latex layers, leaving Delia in a latex crown, a runner, a one piece latex suit, and thigh high boots. As the lyrics “I’ve tasted blood and it is sweet” are sung, blood begins to flow from her lips as her eyes glow white. She sticks her tongue out and licks at it as it drips down to her skin. She wipes at it sloppily with her wrists before flinging it out to the side at the audience. She begins stomping the runway before reaching under her arms to pull out two whips that she flicks and snaps rhythmically.

Valentina: Okerrrrrrrr!

Gena: I kind of want her to enter my dreams now. Damn…

Delia holds her arms up and she lets the whips drag behind her. She stands still as the rubber clad women step to her sides and rip off the runner, leaving her in in just the crown, one piece, and boots. She steps to the ropes before turning around and leaning against them. The rubber women begin acting as if they are mauling her as she falls to the ground. When they turn and walk away, we see Delia in a mangled crown and a nude bodysuit that looks as if she has gashes in her skin, and revealing her “ribs” and “organs”. She then crawls under the bottom rope, leaving a smear of fake blood in her wake. Once she gets to the center, she collapses. After about twenty seconds, she flings her hair up, letting the fake-blood soaked locks fling everywhere. She works her legs from side to side until she winds up on her feet. She turns around to give the audience a full view of her painted on wounds and the detail to the bodysuit. She reaches against herself and pulls out a microphone attached to fake intestines.

Gena: Cancel what I last said.

Valentina: It’s such a deep piece of performance art, Gena. Have some respect for the woman who is a genius inside of the ring and on the damn runway!

Delia holds the microphone up as the audience gives a cheer. She holds her pose for a dramatic amount of time before she brings the microphone to her lips.

Delia: S’ank you! S’ank you all! Tonight is a very, very special night. It goes down in history as z’e fiftie’s episode of Underground. Somes’ing nobody saw coming. But, z’en again, nobody saw Episode 25 coming eis’er, so…

Delia chuckles as the audience boos. Now, Delia seems to feel fully at home as she chortles very nasally. She takes a few steps forward and gives an arrogant shrug.

Delia: Tonight is a night packed wi’s lots and lots of action. 6 big matches including z’e Delia Darling Does Not Do Battle Royals Battle Royal!!! Well, it should be called z’at anyway… Z’en, we have Nobility, or z’e wannabe Mean Girls, versus z’e New Foundation, toys available at Toys R’ Us. Shannon Middlebrooks gets her ass kicked by Celeste Nor’s…

Crowd: *SUPER MEGA POP!!!*

Delia stops and stares out at the audience with a sideways glance. She scoffs and then continues.

Delia: Not to mention z’e street fight between Azz n’ Class and z’e Ruin Sisters, also known as a commercial break. Z’en Jenifer LaCroix teams with Ariana Angelos to take on Z’e Society. Yawn, predictable. Z’en we have z’e Main Event, Merlot Ayano challenges for z’e Combat Championship against… Kelli Torres…

Crowd: *SUPER MEGA POP!!!*

Delia scoffs again and rolls her eyes.

Delia: Okay, really it’s a solid card. Z’e ladies of SCU are on point tonight, and…

“Problem” by Natalia Kills begins playing over the speakers. Green, Crimson, Grey, Purple, Orange, and Sister Esther walk out onto the stage and fan out as they start down the runway and toward the ring. Esther has a microphone in her hand when she gets to the halfway point. Darling walks over and sits on the middle rope like she’s holding it open for them to enter. Esther rolls her eyes and exhales loudly into the microphone.

Esther: Why don’t you shut the fuck up with your stupid French dry sarcasm and save the 2014 gimmick for when it is old enough to be considered vintage? You want to come out here and run down all of SCU’s roster, but you forget about GRIME. Or at least you don’t have the courage to bring us up.

Delia: Oh… No… I just didn’t s’ink about you. You know, like most of z’e SCU roster. I mean, it’s not like vous has z’e courage to walk around wi’s a deranged mental patient like Angel of Fil’s wi’sout masks on. Except you, Esther. But you don’t count because vous are like a homeschooled freak who has just now realized z’e world is more z’an what mommy and daddy said it was. And vous just learned z’e word “fuck” so vous are using it more often z’an appropriate. Respect for z’at.

Esther growls and raises her hand up to stop Delia.

Esther: Look here you little bitch. We’re about five second from storming the ring and taking over as hosts for tonight, so…

Delia: You want to host z’e show? By all means. Z’e pay isn’t z’at great anyway, so… I mean, vous act like I’m some SCU loyalist. I don’t work for SCU.

Delia extends the microphone out toward Orange and Esther takes a few steps closer. She throws the microphone at Darling and then storms at her, only for Angel of Filth to slide inside of the ring and through the ropes at Esther just fast enough to stop her from doing something. Delia grins at Filth, who narrows her eyes back at Darling.

Esther: Let me at her!!!

Filth: You need to calm your tits, child. We have much bigger plans. Bigger monsters to slay than this one.

Delia: Yeah… we already did z’at dance, doll, and I walked out z’e winner. Spread z’e knowledge.

Filth glares back at Delia before she points back up the runway. The masked members obey, but Esther tries to be defiant until Filth slaps her across the face. Esther gasps but it catches her attention and she follows the orders. Filth turns around to see Delia sarcastically waving goodbye to all of them. She walks up and licks the fake blood from Delia’s chin and then bites on her own bottom lip before tucking her thumbs into her belt loops and walking backward as they maintain eye contact. Delia waits until the threat is gone and she goes back to the center of the ring.

Delia: Before I was so rudely interrupted, I wanted to talk about My Bloody Valentine. A packed card stands before us in just one week’s time, ladies. Tonight has so many ramifications toward it as well, and…

Delia is cut off when “Sex Metal Barbie” plays over the speakers.

Delia: Oh what z’e fuuuuuuuck?!

Celeste North walks down the runway in a hurry with Jenifer LaCroix right behind her. Celeste holds the SCU Underground Championship proudly on her shoulders as she walks toward the ring. She picks up a microphone from the runway and she steps to the ropes, not giving a damn about Delia’s burning glare while Jenifer smirks at it as she backs up Celeste.

Celeste: Don’t worry everybody. We chased off those GRIME losers. They won’t be bothering us anymore tonight.

Delia: Yeah? And what is your excuse?

Jenifer: C'est ta championne. Elle n'a pas besoin d'excuse. (She is your champion. She does not need an excuse.)

Delia: Je ne pense pas que je te parlais, salope. Personne ne vous parle jamais après tout. (I don't think I was talking to you, bitch. Nobody ever talks to you after all.)

Jenifer: Vous avez beaucoup de culot de dire une telle chose quand personne n'essaie jamais de vous parler. Et pourquoi le feraient-ils? Vous êtes une vache crétine narcissique, peu profonde et naissante.

Delia’s jaw hangs wide open as Jenifer lifts the chin up to a closed position then she pats the side of Delia’s face.

Delia: Well, I never…!

Jenifer: And vous should not ever, s’ank youuuuuu…

Celeste laughs and gives Jenifer a high five, locking fingers as they stare at Darling who just shakes her head and turns away to hand the microphone back. Celeste is about to speak when suddenly “Yo Tengo El Don” plays on the speakers. Delia stops and turns to look at Kelli Torres coming down the aisle. She then leans into the corner as Kelli is quick to make it to the ring with her Combat Championship belt around her waist.

Kelli: Wear your championship with pride.

Kelli stares at Celeste before turning to look right at Jenifer and the crowd begins screaming loudly in approval for what is about to go down.

Kelli: You got some kind of nerve coming out here and talking trash in my hometown without even bothering to mention our match next Sunday, Jen. Acting like I’m not here and all. Especially after I just helped you chase off those GRIME members, which you could not be bothered to mention that I helped.

Kelli winks.

Kelli: And you tore that one over in the corner to shreds without saving me a piece!

Delia leans out of the corner and waves at Kelli.

Delia: Why do you just want a piece? You afraid to take z’e whole s’ing? Hm? Might be too much?

Kelli holds a hand up at Delia, and Delia smacks it out of the way.

Delia: I have had enough hands in my face tonight, chickie. Next hand in my face gets a boot to z’eir’s.

Kelli: When you can get your leg up that high, let me know. Although Drake Green is back so I’m sure you are working on hiking that leg up. Come for me when you have the courage to answer a challenge before it hits damn near a year, thanks.


Delia licks at her bottom lip.

Delia: Once you register as a s’reat, z’en maybe I will promptly answer a challenge. Until z’en, take your hoodrat attitude to z’e witches, and ask z’em to make you all go poof. Bitches be gone!

Delia waves them off.

Kelli: Excuse you but you wanted to hype up My Bloody Valentine, and me and Jen have a date in another Kickboxing Match after I take on and defeat Merlot later tonight in the Main Event.

Delia: Henny, vous wouldn’t know a real Main Event if it bumped you in the ass…

Delia leans back a little and reaches her leg around to give Kelli’s backside a little bit of a nudge. She chortles into the microphone as she steps forward.

Jenifer: Ne faites pas attention à l'homme derrière la perruque de rideau. Il est juste plein de fumée et de miroirs. Le vrai défi est juste devant toi, chérie. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain wig. He's just full of smoke and mirrors. The real challenge is right before you, honey.)

Delia: Si combattre des petites filles est un défi pour vous, Kelli, alors peut-être qu'elle a raison. Vous ne voulez rien de tout cela. Caoi bella. (If fighting little girls is a challenge to you, Kelli, then perhaps she is right. You don't want any of this. Caoi bella.)

Jenifer: Can I just fuck her up already?

Celeste: Which one?

Jenifer: Pourquoi choisir? (Why pick?)

Celeste and Jenifer form a wall as they approach Delia and Kelli. Kelli doesn’t back down, but Delia just speaks into the microphone.

Delia: I have had enough of z’ese games. Z’ey are not paying me enough to fight tonight. Tell Belinda and Donna to cut me a check when z’ey want me to handle all s’ree of vous…

Delia drops the microphone and drops out of the ring. She shakes her head and curses in French as she disappears off to the side of the stage. Meanwhile, Celeste and Jenifer stand up to Kelli in an intense staredown. However, it lasts only a second as Jenifer and Kelli exchange a stern but friendly handshake. Celeste shakes hands with Kelli as they speak amongst themselves as the camera goes elsewhere.

Backstage we see Sister Esther standing by in a leather jacket and high waisted denim shorts, a black bustier, and beads. She is also wearing a black veil in her dark brown hair. She looks down at her finger and smiles before raising it up to the camera. It is what appears to be a fancy, expensive wedding ring, devalued by the missing stones.

Esther: Do you bitches see that? Isn’t it beautiful? Even without the rocks it is still worth more than some of your mobile homes. My future husband is a lowlife piece of shit but he makes damn good money. And why wouldn’t he? It’s not like he’s some low rent wrestler who is just slumming it.

Esther giggles and she plays with her beads as she goes from side to side.

Esther: He’s new to wrestling but he’s a big deal. He’s more known than half of these idiots running around here tonight. And he’s all mine, ladies. Unless I lend him out or he lends me out. Or when we invite others to join us. I mean hey, it’s been a crazy week. A lot’s happened. A few people went, we all came, and it was a happy time for all. Virginity is for losers.

Esther drops her beads.

Esther: That man of mine is something special below the belt. And I want to put a ring on it forever and ever. So look here you little bitches. You’re cordially invited to mine and Red’s wedding next week, live on My Bloody Valentine. And if we’re lucky, we just might see daddy dearest, Father Gerald, come to give me away. But he better keep his holier than thou mouth shut or else I can promise you that Red won’t hesitate to knock his light out. And that goes for my self loathing brother, David, as well. Hell, the whole family is invited, but the second I see The Good Book come out, I’m ripping it from their hands and taking a giant piss on it!

Esther catches herself getting angry so she stops herself quickly and chokes it back with a smile.

Esther: It’s going to be the happiest day of my life… And truly, I want you all to be there for the most unholy ceremony to take place since Kelli Torres took my Combat Championship away from me which I have not forgotten about either, bitch. It’ll just have to wait until me and Red take the other half of the tag belts from SCU.

Esther giggles again and she is about to leave the screen when Angel of Filth enters.

Filth: I just wanted to say sorry for slapping you earlier. Even though you did deserve it. And I’m not actually sorry. But I did want to let you know that I talked about it with our lovely masked ladies, and we want to host a bridal shower for you next week.

Esther: Really? That’s weirdly sweet of you.

Filth: Don’t mention it. Just, also, don’t test me.

Esther nods as her and Filth hug. It seems oddly innocent until Filth reaches back and grabs Esther’s butt, causing her to gasp as the scene fades elsewhere.

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Underground Championship No. 1 Contendership Battle Royal
Veronica Taylor, Tatsu Ikeda, Kandy Kaine, Dahlia Rotten, Halo Williams, Virginia Mae Putnam, Mother Mavis, Alexis Staggs.

A spotlight shines on the ring as Kandy Kaine, Halo Williams, Mother Mavis, Sister Virginia, Tatsu Ikeda, Veronica Taylor, Dahlia Rotten, and Alexis Staggs are seen individually by the spotlight. The crowd cheers until the spotlight falls upon Darlyn Farjardo! She waves and smiles before bringing the microphone to her lips.

Darlyn: Welcome, ladies and ladies, to your opening contest for Ladies Night! The opening contest is a battle royal for the number one contendership to the SCU Underground Championship! Please welcome, Mother Mavis Shepherd, Virginia Mae Putnam, Alexis Staggs, Dahlia Rotten, Halo Williams, Veronica Taylor, and Tatsu Ikeda!!!

The crowd cheers as the opening theme plays over the speakers. Each star takes a second to bask in the attention of the crowd before assuming their positions along the ropes, staring each other down and waiting for the bell.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: Kandy Kaine and Halo Williams immediately go after one another and Tatsu and Alexis try to push through the crowded six sided ring to get to each other.

Gena: Unfortunately Mother Mavis and Ginny get in Alexis’ way and Veronica grabs Tatsu by the pigtails and tosses Tatsu to the apron. Tatsu hits a Sunset Flip Dropkick combo to Veronica!

Valentina: Mavis and Ginny club Alexis against their back and knock her down to the mat. They stomp away at her while Dahlia bashes Mavis across the back. She clubs at Mavis the same way Mavis was to Alexis.

Gena: Ginny turns around and claws at Dahlia’s face. Mavis turns around and they begin hammering at Dahlia. Ginny and Mavis go to lift Dahlia up, but she grounds her weight, bringing them down into a Double DDT!

Valentina: Halo lifts Kandy up and over the top rope. Kandy goes to spring herself over into a Vaulting Body Press, but Halo smacks her out of mid air and Kandy falls on the top rope, bouncing off and to the outside!

Darlyn: Kandy Kaine has been eliminated!!!

Gena: Kandy can’t believe it as she sulks leaving ringside. Mavis finds herself thrown to the outside, right on top of Kandy! But Mavis keeps her feet in the air. She manages to stand up on poor Kandy’s back!

Valentina: Mavis watches as Ginny is picked up. Ginny clings to the top ropes as Alexis comes over to help Dahlia to eliminate her. However, Tatsu comes up behind both and clubs them across the back.

Gena: With the distraction, Mavis is able to leap off of Kandy’s back and onto the apron. She and Ginny enter the ring again to find themselves confronted by Halo and Alexis. Dahlia battles Tatsu while Veronica watches from a distance.

Valentina: Halo lifts Ginny up and drops her neck first over the top rope. As Ginny bounces back, Halo scoops her up. Ginny falls down her back and hits an elbow to her neck that stuns her on the ground.

Gena: Alexis turns around and grabs Tatsu by the hair and spins her around. This leaves Ginny and Mavis to lift Dahlia up and over, tumbling her to the outside!

Darlyn: Dahlia Rotten has been eliminated!!!

Valentina: I expected Dahlia to be in the top two if not winning it! What an upset! Mavis and Ginny laugh at Dahlia, pointing to her as she tries to fight past the referee to get back inside.

Gena: This leaves them open for a recovering Halo and an opportunistic Veronica! They come behind The Good Shepherds and them dump them over quickly to the outside!

Darlyn: Mother Mavis Shepherd and Virginia Mae Putnam have been eliminated!!!

Valentina: And just like that we are down to half of the competitors! This is the nature of a Battle Royal no doubt. Veronica finds her way to the outside by sliding under the bottom ropes. Halo, Alexis, and Tatsu stand inside of the ring now.

Gena: Tatsu and Alexis talk trash to one another but they both agree to make it to the final two. They begin double teaming Halo, bashing her down to the mat while still talking shit to each other.

Valentina: Tatsu hits Halo with Fire of the Dragon (Northern Lights Suplex)! She and Alexis work together as an unlikely duo to lift Halo up into the corner and they begin lifting her over the top rope!

Gena: They must be forgetting about Veronica on the outside. Halo tries to struggle against it, but she’s weakened from the suplex. Alexis begins bashing her repeatedly, knocking her down into the corner.

Valentina: She had to do work to keep down the former SCU Underground Champion. She picks Halo back up, only for Tatsu to lift Alexis up and over, nailing a Kawaii Kick after a Kawaii Finger to Alexis!

Darlyn: Alexis Staggs has been eliminated!

Gena: Tatsu struggles against Halo, nearly having her up and over. Maybe she should have let Alexis do more work before stabbing her in the back?

Valentina: Again, this is the nature of a Battle Royal. But Alexis isn’t down yet, just out. She slides back inside of the ring and she lifts Tatsu up and over, finishing the job with Halo at the same time!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Halo Williams and Tatsu Ikeda have been eliminated! Therefore, your winner and Number One Contender to the Underground Championship… Veronica Taylor!!!


Alexis feels the sting of the boo and of her actions as she sees Veronica slide inside of the ring with a smile on her face. Veronica jumps up and down as Alexis just shakes her head. Alexis goes to the outside of the ring and begins stomping away at Tatsu before Tatsu crawls up to her feet and she and Alexis trade blows up the ramp. Veronica shrugs her shoulders and then preens her nails as Angelica joins her for her celebration.

Marissa: I’m here with one half of the Pride tag team champion, Dahlia Rotten, tonight you are one of the participants in tonight number one contender battle, do you feel like you need to win this battle royal tonight and challenge for the underground women’s championship.

Dahlia: Of course I want to win the battle royal, but if I don’t it's okay, there are some really talented women in tonight's battle royal and either of them would be a great challenger or even a great women’s champion.

Marissa: Do you think GRIME will be a factor here tonight.

Dahlia: I wouldn't put it past Angel of Filth to try something, but I know the women here tonight are ready should she possibly try something.

Marissa: Thank you and good luck tonight.

Dahlia: Thanks Marissa, it always a pleasure.

Melissa Ruin and Angel Kash vs New Foundation

Darlyn: This next 3 on 3 match is set for one fall!!! Fist on the way to the ring Shelby Holt and Ivory Sullivan… The New Foundation!!!

"Into The Rush" starts blaring as Shelby and Ivory come bouncing out from behind the curtain. They greet the fans before sprinting down the ramp and getting ready for the match.

The fans begin to boo loudly as "Superficial" by Heidi Montag hits over the public address system

It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard
It aint that easy, it aint that easy
it aint that easy, but it aint so hard

As the lights dim and flash gold all over the arena, a lone spotlight forms at the entrance ramp as out from the back first steps Melissa with a stern look on her face. Melissa claps within a few seconds in arrogant and exaggerated fashion, Angel Kash herself walks out as the fans boo loudly.

Darlyn: And next, Melissa Ruin and “The Trillion Dollar Princess”... Angel Kaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hoppin' out the maserati
All I see is paparazzi
Snapping pictures for the
Front cover of a magazine
So I pose in everything I wear
Love to make the people stare
Always center of attention
Lookin' so bootylicious

Angel blows an arrogant kiss to the fans before doing a series of arrogant poses at the top of the ramp. She then says something to Melissa as she first goes ahead, before the arrogant rich blonde bombshell does an arrogant supermodel like strut down to the ring, taunting the fans as she walks by them, before rudely sticking out her hand, and flipping her hair arrogantly as she brushes past the fans, not letting them even come close to touching her. She makes her way up the ring steps with Melissa, holding her hand from the outside. Angel then points down as he holds the ropes for her; she enters and poses in the center of the ring as the fans boo loudly. After that, she lays on the top turnbuckle nonchalantly...

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Shelby and Melissa start things off. Melissa shows off her new striking abilities as she nails a few jabs to Shelby. Both women look as if they are sparring.

Valentina: Shelby is known as a striker. She deflects a few of Melissa’s jabs, hitting her with a high kick before sending her into the ropes.

Gena: She looks for a Clothesline, but Melissa ducks under it. She does a Legsweep to Shelby and brings her down to the mat. She climbs on top of Shelby and hits a few elbow strikes.

Valentina: She steps back, proud of herself as she saunters around the ring saying something to Chanelle about this is how it’s done.

Gena: She turns around and Ivory is right there with a Neckbreaker. She rolls her over and Shelby climbs on top of Melissa.


Valentina: Melissa gets a shoulder up. She pushes Shelby off and gets to her feet. Shelby goes for another high kick, but Melissa catches her leg and slaps her before she trips her up.

Gena: Melissa drops down into a fast Figure Four Leglock. She holds on tight as Shelby tries to fight her way out of it.

Valentina: Angel comes inside of the ring to stop Ivory from interfering with the hold. Shelby works hard to reverse it, but Melissa laughs at her as she stops Shelby from turning over.

Gena: Angel and Ivory go back and forth, but Angel pokes Ivory in the eye and tosses her to the outside. She follows through and gets to the outside, stomping.

Valentina: Shelby tries her best to reach for the ropes but Melissa continues laughing and slapping the side of Shelby’s face.

Gena: You’ve seen stuff like this from Nobility in the past, right?

Valentina: No comment. Shelby finally gets within inches of the ropes as Ivory escapes Angel’s wrath and gets over to the corner. Shelby gets the rope break but Melissa holds on while the referee counts.


Gena: Melissa lets go at the risk of being disqualified. She moves over to her corner, ready to tag in Angel, but Angel shakes her head.

Valentina: Melissa holds her hands in her hair as she looks over to Shelby tagging in Ivory. Ivory darts across the ring and grabs onto Melissa’s hair. She throws her to the mat.

Gena: She punches Melissa in the face repeatedly while looking up at Angel and insulting her in the process. Ivory then pulls Melissa up and sends her into the ropes.

Valentina: As Melissa comes back, Ivory goes for a Back Body Drop, but Melissa swings back down into a DDT to Ivory. She flips her hair out of her face as she stands back up.

Gena: She flips Ivory over into a Surfboard Stretch. Ivory screams out in agony, but Shelby doesn’t take long to come in and break it up. Angel is just as quick in getting her back to the outside.

Valentina: As the referee watches Angel and Shelby going at it, Melissa gets rolled up by Ivory. One, two, three… four! But the referee isn’t there to count! Melissa finally gets her shoulder up.

Gena: As Shelby and Angel separate and go to their corners, Melissa smacks Ivory with something concealed in her pocket. She quickly puts it back!

Valentina: She flips off Ivory and then hits the Ruinously Stunned (Cutter/Stunner)! As she is about to go for the pin, Angel tags herself in! She drops down for the pin!


Gena: Shelby gets to both ladies, but Melissa trips her up into The Ruins lock (Ankle Lock) and drags her back a few steps!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Here are your winners… Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin… Nobility!!!

“Superficial” plays over the speakers as both ladies immediately drop to the outside. They celebrate together with a high five and they walk up the ramp to the back as Ivory lays still and Shelby checks on her, glaring up the rampway at Angel and Melissa angrily.

Backstage we find Darcy Donohue walking backstage. She is alone of course as tonight is the ladies only show and the men are not allowed to step foot in the arena. Darcy looks slightly annoyed as she walks down the hall. Eventually she stops, and a wicked grin crosses her face. The camera pans back and up ahead and we see Alexis Staggs. She’s on her phone, her own look of annoyance spread across her face. Darcy starts walking, and as her heels click against the floor, Alexis turns around.

Alexis: I’m gonna have to call you back…

Alexis ends the call abruptly and glares at Darcy.

Alexis: What the hell are you doing here? Without your pussy-whipped bitch boy to order around, what is the real point of being here?

Darcy grins.

Darcy: Such a feisty one you are, Alexis. And I’m here because even though O’Malley can’t be, I still hold my own contract here so I can be here just as much as you can.

Alexis: Whatever. I have nothing to say to you, so just—

Darcy holds her hand up. Alexis’ eyes narrow angrily as Darcy silences her.

Darcy: I was actually hoping to run into you, Alexis. As you know, because you and Tim lost last week, O’Malley now gets to choose the stipulation for their match at My Bloody Valentine.

Alexis: Yeah, no shit. It doesn’t matter what—

Darcy: Ooh, you might think twice before you say it doesn’t matter. Because once you hear what we’ve chosen, you might be singing another tune.

Alexis steps forward, getting toe to toe with Darcy.

Alexis: First off, bitch, quit cutting me off when I’m trying to talk. You do it again and I won’t hesitate to knock you flat on your ass.

Darcy rolls her eyes.

Alexis: Second, no it does NOT matter what stipulation O’Malley chooses, because Tim will still kick his ass and hopefully paralyze him...again. Because if I remember correctly, O’Malley had quite the injury several years ago that put him in a wheelchair. Expect the same to happen after Tim is through with him.

Darcy: I can assure you that won’t happen. O’Malley is stronger than he was back then, and he plans to destroy that husband of yours. But, go ahead and stay in denial. I’ll enjoy watching the pain O’Malley is going to inflict on Tim.

Darcy backs away.

Darcy: Do wish him good luck from the both of us. Because he’s really going to need it.

Darcy then winks and she steps past Alexis and walks away. Alexis watches her and when she disappears down another hall, Alexis growls before getting back to her phone.

A video showing The New Foundation in an undisclosed location appears on the screen. Shannon is holding a bully club over her shoulder as Ivory and Shelby have their arms crossed.

Shannon: Angel Kash and Melissa Ruin, haven’t you two slime balls already seen this movie before. Don’t you know the ending. We have already proven that we are better than both of you. What more do we have to do before you are convinced.

Ivory places a hand on Shelby’s arm.

Ivory: You might want to save your breath. We all know they will put some imaginary excuse for why the can’t beat us. Besides tonight, Gold comes home.

Shannon grits her teeth.

Shelby: Celeste North, you have something that I want and I will get it back. You asked for challengers and I answered. I’m not working on your time frame. I work on mine and the Ladies Night. I will remain undefeated. I will become a 2x Underground Champion and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop me.

Shannon smirks as the video cuts out.

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Underground Championship
Billy-club Match
Shannon Middlebrooks vs Celeste North

Light brown lights suddenly fill the arena as "Indian Summer" starts playing through the speakers. Two women step through the curtain as the crowd doesn't know what to do. The two women stand on the stage as they look side to side.

Darlyn: being accompanied by Evelyn Middlebrooks, from Dothan, Alabama, representing The New Foundation.....Shannon Middlebrooks!!!

Shannon smirks before marching down the ramp. She slides into the ring, steps to the middle of the ropes and leans over them. She then positions herself in the corner as Evelyn is standing beside her.

The lights in the arena drop down and "Sex Metal Barbie" by In This Moment begins playing. The ring crew brings out a wooden plank, meant to resemble the Mean Girls Runway of yester-year, fastening it tightly to the ring, as it looks like it will fall apart at any minute. Before they can even disperse, the curtains open, and Celeste is wheeled out onto the ramp in front of a podium. A spotlight appears on her as a man dressed in a potato sack walks out behind her, helping her down onto the stage. She is dressed in a pair of red hot pants and a Mean Girls tank top tied just above the navel, and an opened hooded jacket. She has red streaks in her hair as she slightly pulls back her hood to show off her face and the obnoxiously sparkling tiara on her head, taking a drag from the cigar in her right hand.

Darlyn: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California, standing at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighing in at 132 pounds… Your SCU Underground Champion... "Queen C"... Celeste North!!!

She struts along the "runway" slowly, showing off everything she's got, a cigar in her hands. She takes a puff of it and winks as she exhales slowly. She then flips her hair from side to side seductively as men wearing dress suits and potato sacks over their heads line the runway, taking photos of her. Celeste takes a puff from the cigar before dropping it to the arena floor. The first hooded man holds the ropes open for her as she enters the ring. She struts around to the music for a moment, shedding her black hooded jacket to reveal the SCU Underground Championship. She puckers up her lips as she blows a kiss to the audience before taking the belt off and handing it to the referee. She picks up her billy club and twirls it around to show how familiar she is with the weapon. She walks toward the center of the ring as Shannon picks up her billy club and heads to the center.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: Celeste and Shannon swing their clubs at one another, clashing them together. I know Celeste and she loves this weapon. She’s done some vicious things with that thing.

Gena: Shannon catches Celeste’s and then yanks it from her hands and throws it to the ground. Celeste grabs Shannon by the hair and pulls her into a knee to the gut.

Valentina: Shannon retorts by shoving her club into Celeste’s gut. Shannon stumbles from the knee to the gut and she cracks Celeste over the back with her club. Celeste goes down!

Gena: Shannon goes to crack the club down, but Celeste moves out of the way and the club crashes against the mat. Celeste pulls herself up by the ropes. She sees her club behind Shannon.

Valentina: But Shannon begins swinging the club at Celeste. Celeste bounces off of the ropes and rolls behind Shannon, skidding as she picks up her club. Her and Shannon meet back in the center of the ring once again.

Gena: Celeste catches a smack to the side, but she catches just enough of it to escape a lot of the pain. She flicks hers up and catches Shannon across the chin, knocking her back into the ropes.

Valentina: Celeste begins swinging and shouting as she gets Shannon repeatedly in the midsection. Shannon hooks her arms under the ropes in a last ditch effort and she jumps up and kicks Celeste to the ground.

Gena: Shannon dives on top of Celeste and puts her club over Celeste’s throat. She does a Handstand Knee Smash to Celeste’s head! She climbs on top and uses the club to hold Celeste down for the cover!


Valentina: Celeste gets a shoulder up and Shannon is quick to lay punch after punch to Celeste’s face. Celeste holds onto the club that’s choking her and she tries to push it off but she can’t.

Gena: Celeste then swings elbows up into Shannon’s face until Shannon releases her hold. She gets up just enough to land a Monkey Flip. She rolls over on top of Shannon and picks up her club, pounding away at her face with it!

Valentina: Celeste busts Shannon open! Shannon sputters blood from her mouth, but Celeste refuses to stop. She growls loudly until the referee pulls her arm back.

Gena: Celeste pushes Jade’s arm away as she continues to hammer away with the club until Shannon stops moving, and the crowd is surprised at this animosity.

Valentina: I know Celeste, and you should not be surprised by it. Jade leans down to check on Shannon before calling for the bell!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: We’re waiting for the official decision as Jade calls for the medics to come down to the ring. She then walks over to talk to Darlyn…

Darlyn: As a result of a Knockout… STILL your SCU Underground Champion… Celeste North!

“Sex Metal Barbie” plays over the speakers as Celeste throws the billyclub down on top of an unconscious Shannon. She puts her fingers in Shannon’s blood and she draws a pattern of a half moon on her forehead with it. She turns around just as Veronica Taylor is seen right behind her. She goes to crack the discarded billy club across Celeste’s ribs, but Celeste side steps it, pulls the club out of Veronica’s hands, and cracks her once across the back of the head, dropping her.

Valentina: Parts of the old Celeste are showing now as she stands tall in victory, with a message that nobody messes with the former Nobodies member.

She takes her belt and raises it high in the air as she stands over Veronica while Shannon is rolled outside of the ring. She turns slightly as the crowd gives her a bit of a mixed reaction, unsure exactly how to react to the raging side they are seeing.

We go outside of the venue where Chanelle Martinez is seen holding a chain in her hands. Torielle Jackson is next to Chanelle and she’s holding a baseball bat. They aren’t in wrestling gear, but rather, their real street clothes. They pose with their weapons when Marissa Henry approaches them with a microphone.

Marissa: Good evening, Chanelle. Torielle.

Chanelle: Not if you’s a Ruin Sister it ain’t.

Torielle: Hmmm trust!

Marissa nods her head. Chanelle and Torielle high five and then hook hands in a showing of unity.

Marissa: Tonight is going to be a tough challenge. You two are taking on twin sisters who have a history of teaming together for a long time, on top of knowing each other, well, all their lives. How does that affect your confidence going into this match?

Torielle: Ey, ey, ey… Marissa, c’mere a second.

Torielle puts her arm around Marissa’s shoulder, making Marissa smirk almost uncomfortably.

Torielle: What you’re about to here is a bit of real talk, sister. Tonight, on Ladies Night, Episode 50 where we hosted by Delia Fuckin’ Darling herself… we seen a Battle Royal with eight ladies. We seen our opponents for My Bloody Valentine face off against The New Foundation. We done finished watching Celeste keep that title y’all!

Torielle pauses as her eyes flash off to the side and the audience gives off a major pop. She then slowly brings her eyes back to Marissa. Chanelle comes up and wraps her arm around Marissa’s other shoulder, leaning in.

Chanelle: And now? Y’all gonna see the reunited Azz…

Chanelle turns around and begins twerking just short of Marissa. The audience cheers even louder now. Torielle raises a hand in the air in an exaggeratedly fancy manner before bowing.

Torielle: … and Class…

Chanelle: Takin’ down The Ruin Sisters.

Chanelle works her way back up to a standing position when she turns back toward Marissa.

Chanelle: Look, lemme spit the remix, baby. You got two little girls who never done seen a street in they lives, unless it was through they window with they chauffeur behind the wheel. They might be twins, but we straight up hood bitches. I’m just gone be real witchu. If GRIME be thinkin’ they hardcore, then what does that make us? We off the hard streets of the Bronx, baby. We fought hard every damn day of our lives!

Torielle: If the Ruin Sisters wanna try to soften us up for Nobility, Angel Kash and they sister Melissa, then they gone have to come hard. They gone have to bring it. And like Chanelle already done toltchu, they don’t know the first thing about bein’ street. Hardcore be our middle names.

Chanelle: But, they want us to get in a nice little warm up for Kash and Mellie Belle? Well here we is, jus’ waitin’ on two blonde stick figures to come out here an’ get treated. Stacy?! Debbi?!

Torielle looks around with an eye roll.

Torielle: How much more white can they get? Damn…

Chanelle: Ey, “Little Debbi!” Ey, “they call me Stacy!” Let’s do this thang!

Chanelle turns around to look around when suddenly Debbi Ruin crashes into her with a broomstick! Torielle goes to stop it, but Stacy bashes her over the head with a trashcan. Marissa steps out of the way as referee Jade Pham makes her way to the center.

Street Fight
Azz n Class vs Ruin Sisters

Darlyn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Street Fight! Chanelle and Torielle, Azz n’ Class, versus Debbi and Stacy… The Ruin Sisters!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: A little late, but Torielle is taking trash can shots while Chanelle tries to block the broomstick with her chain held tight. Chanelle wraps her chain around the broomstick and then tugs on the ends of the chain a few times, snapping the stick in half!

Gena: Chanelle whips the top half away, but Debbi bashes Chanelle in the ribs with the broomstick half. She then bashes Chanelle over the back, sending her down to the concrete.

Valentina: Torielle kicks her foot up to block the trash can hit. She then hits an Arm Drag to Stacy and begins wrenching the arm back. Stacy grabs for the lamp post for leverage. She is able to wiggle her arms free.

Gena: But Torielle stands up first and begins stomping on Stacy, bashing her head into the post as she goes. Debbi comes over and begins smashing the half broomstick against Torielle’s back.

Valentina: Chanelle crawls over toward Debbi and then wraps the chain around her feet and trips her up, taking her down to the ground before she begins hammering away with punches.

Gena: Stacy uses the distraction of Torielle and she rolls her up, smacking her head against the light post on her way down!


Valentina: Torielle gets a shoulder up. She holds onto her head as Stacy growls in frustration. She picks Torielle up, but Torielle charges her back, further and further until she is smashed against a concrete wall!

Gena: Chanelle lets up on the punches and she rips Debbi up from the ground. She then whips Debbi toward the brick wall, smashing her right into Stacy, and both ladies fall down to the ground.

Valentina: Torielle and Chanelle charge over and Chanelle dropkicks the trash can right into both ladies. Her and Torielle pin both down to the ground.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Here are your winners… Chanelle Martinez and Torielle Jackson… Azz n Class!!!

Torielle and Chanelle raise their arms up, screeching in excitement. They dance over the Ruin Sisters in a manner of taunting as “Red Lipstick” begins playing over the speakers. They then walk off, posing one last time before the camera moves elsewhere.

Backstage we find Darcy Donohue walking backstage. She is alone of course as tonight is the ladies only show and the men are not allowed to step foot in the arena. Darcy looks slightly annoyed as she walks down the hall. Eventually she stops, and a wicked grin crosses her face. The camera pans back and up ahead and we see Alexis Staggs. She’s on her phone, her own look of annoyance spread across her face. Darcy starts walking, and as her heels click against the floor, Alexis turns around.

Alexis: I’m gonna have to call you back…

Alexis ends the call abruptly and glares at Darcy.

Alexis: What the hell are you doing here? Without your pussy-whipped bitch boy to order around, what is the real point of being here?

Darcy grins.

Darcy: Such a feisty one you are, Alexis. And I’m here because even though O’Malley can’t be, I still hold my own contract here so I can be here just as much as you can.

Alexis: Whatever. I have nothing to say to you, so just—

Darcy holds her hand up. Alexis’ eyes narrow angrily as Darcy silences her.

Darcy: I was actually hoping to run into you, Alexis. As you know, because you and Tim lost last week, O’Malley now gets to choose the stipulation for their match at My Bloody Valentine.

Alexis: Yeah, no shit. It doesn’t matter what—

Darcy: Ooh, you might think twice before you say it doesn’t matter. Because once you hear what we’ve chosen, you might be singing another tune.

Alexis steps forward, getting toe to toe with Darcy.

Alexis: First off, bitch, quit cutting me off when I’m trying to talk. You do it again and I won’t hesitate to knock you flat on your ass.

Darcy rolls her eyes.

Alexis: Second, no it does NOT matter what stipulation O’Malley chooses, because Tim will still kick his ass and hopefully paralyze him...again. Because if I remember correctly, O’Malley had quite the injury several years ago that put him in a wheelchair. Expect the same to happen after Tim is through with him.

Darcy: I can assure you that won’t happen. O’Malley is stronger than he was back then, and he plans to destroy that husband of yours. But, go ahead and stay in denial. I’ll enjoy watching the pain O’Malley is going to inflict on Tim.

Darcy backs away.

Darcy: Do wish him good luck from the both of us. Because he’s really going to need it.

Darcy then winks and she steps past Alexis and walks away. Alexis watches her and when she disappears down another hall, Alexis growl before getting back to her phone.

The scene opens backstage at Underground where we see Ariana Angelos walking down the hallways ahead of her tag team match with Jennifer Lecrux against The Society when she is stopped by Marissa.

Marissa: Ariana, tonight you are teaming up with Jennifer Lecrux to take on The Society in tag team action, this will be your first time teaming with someone other than Carter, your thoughts on this?

Ariana: It’s not like Team Go’s going to go away just because we’re not teaming up tonight, we’re competing at My Bloody Valentine III next week so if anything, tonight’s match will be a good warm-up.

Marissa: And what of tonight’s tag team match?

Ariana: It may be my first time teaming with Jennifer, but it isn’t my first time dealing with the Society or do I need to remind you that I pinned Denise Andrews in my singles debut back in November? Whilst it is true that that was a singles match, and this is a tag team match the result will be the same because fortune favors the bold and tonight The Society will bare witness to the grace of the angel’s descent from “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos.

Ariana walks off as the scene fades.

Cameras cut backstage to a camera zoomed in close to interviewer Gemma.

Gemma: Hello, I’m here with Dahlia Rotten.

The camera's zoom out to see Dahlia on the left holding her Pride Tag Team title on her shoulder.

Gemma: It took both of the Good Shepherds to remove you from the battle Royal earlier but you still have a big week ahead of you. You open the show at My Bloody Valentine III next week as you and Earl take on Stewart and Winter Elemental. I know you and Winter have had your share of battles. Some of the best tag team matches have come with you and Winter in the ring. Only now, it seems as if you two may have an understanding, a respect for each other. If so, does that change your game plan when you have to defend the Pride tag titles against her?

Dahlia: It doesn’t in the ring its nothing personal it’s just business, I know Stewart and Winter understand that.

Gemma: So they understand this is just four wrestlers giving it their all. But, if they win the titles, would the Three Way want to cash in on a rematch or want to see what Stewart and Winter can do with the titles?

Dahlia: I can’t speak for my husband, but you know as well as anyone Gemma, I’d be okay with Stewart and Winter being the Pride Tag Team champions.

Gemma: I hate to pick favorites but, you know I’m rooting for you and Earl right?

Dahlia: I get that Gemma, and I’m sure you're probably not the biggest fan of Winter, but The Three Way has had more than one battle with Winter and Tatsu. I think Stewart and Winter could bring an interesting dynamic to the Pride tag team titles.

Gemma: This is true, I don’t care for Winter but, she and Stewart seem like they work well as a team. Now as you know, a Gauntlet Match will determine the winner to face the Pride champions at Blaze Of Glory. Any team you hope to win, any team you see giving the Three Way or as Winter calls her and Stewart, Canadian Pride any trouble for those titles?

Dahlia: It never mattered to Earl and I who we faced for the titles, I’m sure Stewart and Winter wouldn’t care either.

Debbi: Well you better start being concerned!

Debbi Ruin walks in standing to the right of Gemma.

Gemma: Debbi, you start that Gaunlet Match. You’ll have a tall order to fill.

Debbi: Yes, and Mason Fox and I will be taking the Pride titles when it’s all said and done. Nothing Dahlia can do to stop it.

Dahlia: Remember that time you beat us for the tag team titles Debbi, wait you never.

Debbi: That was then, this is now, well more like two months from now. But when that day comes. I’ll be taking those titles from you or whoever else is champion. Then, well after I take your title… Who knows, I see how Earl looks at me.

Dahlia smirks at Debbi.

Dahlia: How is that actually?

Debbi: Oh, you know, you know damn well that look Earl gets when he sees something he wants.

Dahlia: Enlighten me.

Debbi smirks as she gets ready to say what everyone is thinking, but Gemma steps in between them and glares at Debbi.

Gemma: Like you would know what any man looks like when he wants something. You’ve got nothing a man could ever want, flat ass, flat chest, fake blonde, nose stuck up so high you can’t see a foot coming let alone a man…

Dahlia steps in between Debbi and Gemma and she puts a hand on Gemma’s shoulder to stop her in her tracks.

Dahlia: It’s really okay, Gemma.

Gemma: Fuck no, it’s not! What happened to you? You used to be a badass, but now?

Gemma glares at Dahlia and shakes her head and her nostrils flare. Gemma puts a hand up and walks toward the nearest door. Debbi and Dahlia look at one another in shock until seeing Angel of Filth walking onto the screen while the audience starts booing like crazy.

Filth: Gemma, Gemma… calm down baby. Why don’t we go for a little walk and talk session?

Filth smiles as she looks back to Debbi and Dahlia before they walk through the door and the scene fades.

Tag Team Match
Ariana Angelos & Jenifer LaCroix vs The Society

Darlyn: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Denise Andrews and Ella Singleton… The Society!!!

"Straight Up" blares as Denise and Ella step through the curtain with Carter King right behind them. The crowd is booing them as Denise and Ella just smirk. They walk down the ramp basically ignoring the fans and sliding into the ring.

The intro to “Fortune Favours the Bold” hits the speakers and once the vocals hit Ariana comes out to a modest reception, the young wrestler claps hand with the fans at ringside as she makes her way down to the ring.

Darlyn: Introducing, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “The Greek Angel” Ariana Angelos!

Ariana rolls into the ring and poses for the crowd before waiting for her partner to arrive.

"J'ai un grand projet pour l'avenir

Pour lui plaire je vais devenir "

Jenny from from the curtain to cheers and whistling from the men in the arena. Jenny waves at the crowd as she gets introduced.

Darlyn: On the way to the ring, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada!!! Jenifer Lacroix!!!

Jenny rocks out on the way to the ring jumping to the eat of the song as the lyrics play.

"La Stone Family
I am Marvin Gaye
Donny Hathaway

Oh Yeah , Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah
Je changerais

Jenny slides i the ring ad continues to jump around to the eat getting the crowd hyped up for the match.

Tu sais, tu sais, tu sais
Je changerais
Demain ou peut-être jamais"

Jenny climbs to the middle turnbuckle as the music fades out raising her hand in the air getting a last minute pop from the crowd. She settles into her corner and her and Ariana discuss strategy before the bell rings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Gena: Ella and Denise charge Jenifer and Ari, knocking them down and beating down on them. Denise scoots Ari under the bottom rope before turning to Jenifer.

Valentina: Constance forces Denise to her corner while Ella continues to stomp away at Jenifer. Denise lifts Jenifer up from the mat and hits a chop to her chest.

Gena: Big mistake. Ella should’ve kept Jen on the ground. Jen chops her back. Ella roars and chops Jen back, and Jen gives one in return, nodding her head like she can keep this up all day.

Valentina: Ella isn’t backing down though. She goes for a third chop, but Jen slides to the side and grabs Ella’s arm, sending her down to the mat with a Legsweep and Arm Wrench combo.

Gena: Denise jumps inside of the ring and goes to attack Jen, causing Ari to put one foot in the ring, but Jen lets go of Ella and socks Denise right in the face, sending her spinning to the ground!

Valentina: That MMA background gives Jen an edge in the striking and submission department and this is really showing now. Ari sees she has it on lock so she rests easy in her corner.

Gena: Jen turns back around as Ella goes for a high kick, but Jen ducks it and kicks Ella right in the knee, taking her down. Jen drops a knee to the back of Ella’s head as Ella goes to tag out.

Valentina: But Jen isn’t ready to let her go. She grabs onto Ella’s ankle and pulls her to the middle of the ring. She locks the leg and then converts it to a solid STF hold, and Ella isn’t going anywhere.

Gena: Denise tries to get up, but this time, Ari climbs inside of the ring and jumps up into a Headscissors Takedown, locking it on as her and Jen high five one another over their shoulders.

Valentina: Not smart to rely on one hand in the STF. Ella takes advantage of the showboating and she stretches out to the ropes. She gets the break and Constance calls Jen on it.

Gena: Jen lets go of the hold and she gets up as Ella orders Jen back, laying under the bottom ropes and leaning up to hold her hand up. Constance grants it. As she turns her back to break up Ari and Denise…

Valentina: Ella gets inside and kicks Jen in the gut three times. She goes to Irish Whip Jen across the ring, but Jen reverses it and puts on the Kimura Lock! This could be over!

Gena: It could be, but Denise makes her final stand by breaking up the hold just seconds after it’s applied. A kick right to Jen’s head. Jen gets up to go after her, but Constance holds her back.

Valentina: Ella uses this to jump for a last second tag to Denise. Denise fluffs her hair once inside of the ring. She gets right into Jen’s face, talking trash. Jen doesn’t seem to understand some of it, but enough to hit a Discus Clothesline.

Gena: Denise gets back up, and Jen Irish Whips Denise into the corner. She tags Ari in and holds Denise in place. Ari hits several quick kicks to Denise’s gut.

Valentina: She backs up and then runs forward and up the two ropes. She jumps up into a Hurricanrana to Denise, taking her down to the mat! She climbs up top for Angel’s Descent (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)...

Gena: But Denise isn’t that far gone. She gets up to her feet, and Ari jumps down. She moves her hair out of her face and she ducks a Clothesline from Denise, catching Denise with a Crescent Kick!

Valentina: As Denise gets to her feet, Ari drops her with a Monkey Flip! She tries to take a page out of Jen’s playbook with an Arm Wrench, but Denise gets free immediately.

Gena: She charges Ari into the corner with Ella. Denise tags in Ella, and Ella and Denise climb inside and double team Ari, knocking her down to a seated position.

Valentina: Ella charges with a knee to the face, tagging Denise back in. Denise repeats the same move, tagging Ella back in, who repeats it yet again.

Gena: Ella drags Ari to the middle of the ring while Denise rushes over to try to knock Jen off, in a failed attempt. Ella pins Ari.


Crowd: *POP!

Valentina: Ari took three hits to the head, and she found a way to kick out of that one! Ella argues with the referee as Jen pulls Denise over and onto the apron, locking on the Kimura Lock on the outside!!!

Gena: Denise taps, but she’s not the legal person. Meanwhile, Ella lifts Ari up and sends her to the corner, unaware of what’s going on across the ring! She goes for the I4 Collusion (Springboard Bulldog), but Ari sends her scooting across the ring on her ass!

Valentina: Ari catches her with a Superkick before Ella can even get up! Meanwhile, Ari rushes to the corner while Jen has Denise locked in tightly as the referee argues with her to give it up. Ari leaps off and nails the Angel’s Descent! She hooks the leg, but the ref is distracted!

Gena: Jen practically throws Denise to the outside and points to Ari with the pin. Constance drops down for the count after what should already by a three!


Ding! Ding! Ding!

Darlyn: Here are your winners via pinfall… Ariana Angelos and Jenifer LaCroix!!!

Crowd: *POP!*

“Fortune Favours the Bold” plays over the speakers as Ari gets up as if she almost can’t believe she pulled off the win. She holds her arms up and down, jumping. Jen enters the ring and raises her arm, giving Ariana props for a job well done. They nod before celebrating around the ring, soaking up the cheers.

The picture comes to life just outside of the women’s locker room. Merlot Ayano is standing there in Nike gear. She gives a slight nod of the head before she begins speaking.

Merlot Ayano: Merlot wrestle Kelli Torres couple weeks ago. And, while might sound crazy, was one of Merlot’s favorite matches in Sin City Underground. Was no in-ring attacks. Was no bullshit. Was just two skilled athletes giving all in the ring! Is the way wrestling supposed to be.

She nods her head.

Merlot Ayano: Was important match for Merlot. Hai. Was for SCU Television Championship—

She pauses for a moment.

Merlot Ayano: But were other implications.

Another short pause.

Merlot Ayano: Despite being champion, people in SCU don’t really believe in Merlot. Can hear it when they talk; can see it in faces. Those people? Won’t be convinced with words. Need to see actions, hai. Defending SCU Television Championship against Kelli was big action. Kelli is Combat Champion; was also SCU World Champion at one time—

Merlot’s voice trails off for a moment. She then takes a couple of seconds to think about what she wishes to say.

Merlot Ayano: Will speak freely. Merlot should have been Underground Champion. And likely would have, if not for uncontrollable factors. Championship was taken away from Merlot. People in SCU no talk about it much; probably see it as complaining. But, is important to Merlot. Those events affected career and life. So, will continue to bring up. Is important.

Merlot nods.

Merlot Ayano: But defending SCU Television Championship against Kelli? Showed that Merlot is on same level as one of best in company. Match showed a lot, meant a lot. So want to thank Kelli.

There’s a moment's pause.

Merlot Ayano: What’s really cool is that Merlot and Kelli get to do it again tonight. Is for Combat Championship this time.

Another head nod.

Merlot Ayano: Kelli fought with all might when challenged Merlot. Will do the same against Kelli. Will no be easy night. No, no, no! Plan on defeating Kelli tonight and being double champion. May seem impossible to some, but not to Merlot. Have skill and drive to do it. So, will do best to achieve.

The camera lingers on her for a moment the picture fades out.

We find our way backstage in a dimly lit room. All we can hear is the sound of wind whirling around. Big flashes of yellow light send shadows across the walls of a young woman swinging thin objects around. She does various different martial arts moves while wielding these instruments. The camera turns to see that the woman is of course Tatsu Ikeda. She stops part way through one move and pivots to face the camera with the flames shooting up behind her.

Tatsu: Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiii… Hehe…

Tatsu turns slightly to show off her brightly colored Kawaii Stick before swinging it to point at the ground with a whir of wind as it cuts through it.

Tatsu: We find out tonight that last week partner have chosen match stipulation but we not know what stipulation is. So instead we know nothing new except that Tim screwwwwwwwed. But he did this when he marry sad excuse for woman, Alexis Staggs.

Crowd: Boooooooo!!!

Tatsu: Yes! Booooooo!!! Big boooooooo!!! Very, very bad wrestler. So bad. Not worth Winter or Tatsu time. But no one get away throwing Kawaii Dragons off of stage two month ago!

Tatsu makes a grumpy face and folds her arms over her chest and gives her head two firm shakes.

Tatsu: At first I think to give you something simple like Hardcore Match or Locker Room Brawl. Because we all know in ring is not Alexis strong suit. Oh no, no, no. Very much no. But why I give you advantage, Alexis? This is to teach you very, very important lesson. So if you not already know my choice?

Tatsu uncrosses her arms and whips her Kawaii Kendo Stick out to the side and then she points it at the screen with two firm nods.

Tatsu: Kawaii Kendo Stick Match. No mercy for Alexis.

Tatsu smiles and a star shines from the corner of her mouth and we fade out to ringside.

Combat Championship
Main Event Kickboxing Match
Merlot Ayano vs Kelli Torres

The fans sit and wait as the lights in the arena phase out. Everyone sits in silence until the chaotic rifts of symphonic sounds of exist†trace’s “Futatsu no Roe” begins to pump throughout air. A couple of lights at the base of the entrance ramp flicker on.

Darlyn: On her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, standing at 5’5” and weighing in at 133lb, she is… Merlot Ayyyyyyyyyanooooooooooo!!!

Merlot Ayano stands with her back turned as the beams illuminate her. She quickly raises her right fist in the air before using both of her hands to blow kisses into the air. She then spins around and lets out great shout just as the song begins to ramp up. She scans the cheering crowd and stretches out her right arm as she makes her way down to the ring. Merlot heads directly towards the steps upon reaching the end of the entrance ramp. She wipes her boots on the apron before stepping through the ropes. Merlot strolls around the ring as the lights return before heading to one of the corners. She uses the ropes to get loose and stretch out her legs before the bell rings

While “Ecstasy Of Gold” by Metallica starts to play the camera focuses on the ring announcer as the song pauses for a second before picking up a bit louder.

Darlyn: And her partner!!! She is the only wrestler to come from China, Japan, Australia and Puerto Rico!!! Repping the Real Killas MMA Gym…

The songs kicks into full gear. The curtains open up as Kelli Torres comes out jumping to the beat.

Darlyn: She is the Combat Champion... Kelli Torres!!!!!

3 Real Killa MMA trainers and one fella fighter come out behind her. The fans chant yes as Kelli and her trainers walk down the ramp. The other fighter yells behind Kelli to hype her up as she high fives everyone she can before sliding into the ring. Kelli slides in the ring and goes to her corner with her trainers standing outside the ring. The fighter hyping Kelli up gets in the ring giving her some last minute advice while making sure her gloves are in tight. Once done the fighter places Kelli’s mouth-guard in for her.

Round One
Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: Kelli and Merlot walk to the middle of the ring. Merlot goes for a low stiff kick but Kelli jumps and nails Merlot with a front kick to the chest. Merlot stumbles back a bit but stays on her feet. Kelli takes a step towards Merlot.

Gena: Kelli goes for a low kick but misses as Merlot steps back then comes in extending her arm with a left jab followed by a right cross! Merlot follows with an uppercut but Kelli leans away to avoid contact. Kelli goes for a sidekick but Merlot blocks it.

Valentina: Merlot raises her arm bending at the elbow then quickly straightens her arm hitting Kelli with a back hand!. Merlot sees Kelli stumbling, Merlot looks as, Kelli steps at Merlot, Merlot turns her body going for a roundhouse kick…

Gena: Keli ducks the kick then counters with a half-hook. Kelli tries a jab but gets a side kick to the gut from Merlot! Merlot hits a jab then a second jab. Kelli counters with a cross-counter punch then a hard low stiff kick!

Valentina: Just like the last match, we’re seeing a great back and forth between the two. Kelli goes for a second low kick but Merlot backs away from it. Merlot goes for a superkick but Kelli gets her hands up to block it. Kelli goes for a right hook but Merlot blocks it.

Gena: Kelli goes for a left right combo but Merlot blocks each punch. Merlot goes for an uppercut but Kelli leans back to avoid it. Kelli goes for a body shot hitting Merlot with a hard shrt strike to the ribs. Merlot backs away. Kelli runs at her, Merlot jumps and hits a jumping front kick!

Valentina: Merlot goes for a…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: Merlot stops mid motion as we end round one. The crowd cheers both ladies on as this match has been dead even so far.

Gena: What else would we expect from the TV and Combat Champions!?

Valentina: This is true, both women had a great 2019, both starting 2020 just as strong.

Gena: What better way to award them with then the main event of the 50th episode.

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Round Two

Valentina: Round two now under way, both women leave their corners. Merlot walks to the middle of the ring. Kelli takes a few steps towards Merlot but stays closer to her corner. Merlot takes a step closer to Kelli…

Gena: Kelli charges going for a superwomen punch but Merlot jumps on her back to avoid contact. Merlot does a kip up to get to her feet but gets caught with a right then a left hook to the chin and chest!

Valentina: Merlot staggers a bit, Kelli steps in and turns her body going for a spinning back fist that connects. Merlot staggers again, Kelli runs as Merlot turns and jumps nailing Kelli with a Pele Kick! Kelli now stumbles back!

Gena: Merlot comes in with a spin kick to the gut. Merlot follows with a jab but Kelli blocks it. Merlot goes for another jab but kelli blocks it. Merlot now goes for some short quick punches but Kelli blocks them Merlot however keep them coming as Kelli does her best and manages to block them all.

Valentina: Merlot backs away, Kelli comes in and gets a hard low kick to her knee but Merlot. Merlot hits another low kick to the knee. Kelli starts backing away from Merlot as she pushes forward going for low kicks.

Gena: Kelli leans, then side steps out of the way. Merlot pushes towards Kelli with quick weak kicks to the knee. Kelli hits Merlot with her own low stiff kick. Merlot nods and kicks Kelli, Kelli kicks Merlot!!!!

Valentina: The two battle this out with exchanges of stiff low kicks… Testing each other to see who’s going to back down first…

Gena: We both know that neither one will back down…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: We reach the end of round two. Both ladies head to their corners. The crowd loving this main event tonight. Merlot and Kelli are not holding anything back.

Gena: Merlot is the wrestler out of the two but her strong style is holding up against the trained kickboxer.

Valentina: I expected this to go three rounds and it is. The two champions have three minutes to end this bout.

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Round Three

Valentina: The crowd gets to their feet as they cheer the two on. Both ladies walk to the center of the ring and shake hands in respect as they start this final round.

Gena: Merlot throws a jab at Kelli that gets blocked. Kelli throws a jab that gets blocked. Merlot faes a low stiff kick then brings her foot up for a kick to the gut that connects. Merlot goes for a hook but Kelli blocks it.

Valentina: Merlot takes a step towards Merlot but gets hits in the chest with a push kick that drops Merlot to the mat! Kelli backs away, Merlot gets to her feet. Kelli runs in with a superwomen punch… Merlot side steps and counters with a roundhouse kick!

Gena: Kelli gets dazed, Merlot runs in and hits a running high knee! The red gets between them to warn Merlot as knees are illegal. Kelli shakes it off, Merlot and Kelli bow then to back on attacking each other as Kelli comes in with a jab that Merlot blocks it.

Valentina: Kelli comes in with a half-hook as Kelli swings at Merlot with a wide jab/hook. Merlot gets nailed in the chin. Kelli goes for an uppercut, Merlot leans away then nails Kelli with a shot to the ribs as Merlot hits a left then a right.

Gena: Merlot hits a low stiff kick then hits Kelli with an uppercut. Kelli stumbles to the ropes. Merlot rushes Kell oner for Kelli to catch Merlot with a back kick. Merlot takes a step back. Kelli walks towards Merlot…

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Valentina: This one’s over and went all three rounds!

Gena: Kelli goes to Merlot for a handshake, Merlot goes to shake hands but Kelli brings the TV champion in for a hug. The crowd is going crazy for the two as now we wait for the judges score cards to get a winner.

Judges score card.
Merlot Ayano
Round one 10-10-8
Round Two 9-10-8
Round Three 10-10-9

Judges score card
Kelli Torres
Round one 9-10-9
Round two 10-10-9
Round three 9-9-9

Darlyn: Ladies and gentlemen, the judges have tallied up the scores. After round bouts the score for TV Champion Merlot Ayano… 84… Combat Champion Kelli Torres… 84… This match is a draw, therefore… Still your SCU COmbat Champion… Kelli Torres!!!

Valentina: Kelli would have rather won the match but she walks out still champion.

Gena: Nothing wrong reaching a draw to the TV Champion. These two ladies will go at it again and it will be magical. For now this is all the time we have for now…

Valentina: Join is next Sunday on WGN or the SCWNetwork as we provide you with the pre-show action of My Bloody Valentine. Then those on WGN, make sure to switch to the network to catch all of the great matches SCW has to offer at My Bloody VALENTINE!!!!
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