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> DANI WESTON (c) v APPLE COREN v AMY SANTINO, World Bombshell Championship
Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:46 pm

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Amy Marshall
Posted: November 03, 2018 08:28 pm

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Climax control 219
21st October 2018
Tempe, Arizona.

I was so close that I could taste the victory... I was having a good match... I took the fight to Sam, Trinity and Seleana and I was so close. I hit the bad girl too Seleana and then I don’t know what happened. I felt someone, or something hit me and then I felt myself being lifted and dropped down hard... I was stunned. Laying on the mat I was confused as I blinked and watched security escort someone away as I heard the bell ring as Sam Marlowe picked up the victory... was it Jessie back to her old tricks... however, the finishing move wasn’t hers. We made a deal... did she break it?

I slowly make my way to my feet grabbing hold of the ring apron to see Sam celebrating as Trinity lay on the mat. I stumble and fall over as I grip the back of my head, but I just get back up again as I get to the curtain and stumble through it, where Joey meets me and grabs a hold of me.

Amy: What happened? Was it Jessie?

I query confused at the outcome, as Joey takes me to the nearest seat with an ice pack at the ready.

Joey: No it wasn’t Jessie. It was that Apple girl... she was the one that hit you from behind before hitting a Cradle DDT.

I look at Joey kind of impressed at his wrestling move knowledge but that soon that was replaced with anger...

Amy: But why... where is she?

I get to my feet but Joey grabs a hold of me and steadies me.

Joey: She is probably long gone. You know that cowards who hit people from behind scurry off like the dirty rat they are.

Amy: Fuck... I didn’t see it coming. How close was I to winning?

Joey: Truthfully?

Amy: Truthfully.

Joey: You were very very close.

I give the chair nearby a hard kick.

Amy: Why did she attack me? Was she still bitter that she never got the pin on me?

I could go on and on on...

Joey: I don’t know. Only she knows. Look don’t stress about it too much now... let’s get back to the locker room ice everything and then back to the hotel to relax and movies and ice cream.

Amy: Sure... sounds good.

I smile although its hides the anger and hate that was building up for Apple. I slowly stand to my feet with the help of Joey as I take the ice pack from him and place it on the back on my neck. Just as we go to leave the area, Scott Oliver appears.

Scott: Can I get a few words about the four-way match?

Amy: I’d rather forget about it.

I shrugged.

Scott: Please.

Amy: sure… why not… I’m just going to tell you what I am think and feeling.

I shake my head and Joey goes to say something but doesn’t.

Scott: Well go ahead.

Amy: I had this match won… I was so so close, but it was snatched away. Snatched away by a coward. Someone who would rather attack me from behind not face to face. Frankly I am pissed off, but I am not going to let it get to me. I am going to go home and have ice cream and relax. Apple you think you got the upper hand… you have not. You have merely started a war.

I take Joey’s hand, as we both then walk away from Scott and from the area. We heard to the locker room, where the scene soon fades out on myself and Joey entering the locker room and the door closing.


22rd October 2018
Santa Rosa, CA.

Ever since the 5th August where Amy had defeated Jessie Salco in a ladder match or maybe earlier that things have been a little crazy. With Jessie attempting to screw me because of our stupid contract to now Apple Coren trying to upset the balance things and between all those there was a title shot and a number one contendership match. And now a day after Climax Control 220… Amy found herself in another title match but this time for the Bombshell Championship against Dani Weston and Apple Coren. However, Amy didn’t earn it but again she was given the opportunity by Brooke Saxon only because Apple interference in the four-way match and that she didn’t beat Amy in their singles match.

Now Amy had to prepare for the Bombshell championship match against Dani and Apple… which meant that she must step up her game and go hard in training. Realising that yoga, going to the gym and muay Thai training will only get her so far, she needed to do something else to get the upper hand. It would be the same when addressing her opponents… a long promo in front of a camera would only suffice for so long… maybe switch it up.

Sitting on the sofa with the laptop on her lap… Amy began to search for idea’s.

Joey: What you up o?

Joey asks as he appears from the kitchen with a bottle of water following his yoga work out in the back yard.

Amy: I need idea’s…

Joey: For what?

Amy: How to get the upper hand on Apple and Dani and make this year worthwhile.

Amy says as she spots an advert for a wrestling training academy.

Joey: I doubt you will find anything on that but maybe just working out harder.

Amy opens a search engine and types in Wrestling Schools in California. A few schools pop up but mainly for amateur wrestling in schools but then she spotted one in San Jose.

Amy: Perhaps training with some up and coming wrestlers at an academy.

Amy says.

Joey: Can you do that?

Joey queries.

Amy: Sure. All academies would love a big wrestler to visit them and help train. Gives them good press and all.

Joey: Ok… you got one in mind?

Amy: Yeah, a place Pro Wrestling Revolution in San Jose. I will give them a call later for now though… I want to take the day off and spend the day with you before I get too engrossed in the build up to this match.

Amy says with a smile.

Joey: Well… let me shower and then we can go shopping and movie maybe?

Amy: Sounds like a plan.

Joey: Great.

Joey stands to his feet and then disappears to the bathroom, leaving Amy. Amy meanwhile returns her focus to the webpage, where she notes down the telephone number to the school. Before closing it, Amy then does a quick search on all the match on Apple and Dani and saves them for later viewing. The scene soon fades out with Joey reappearing 15 minutes later dressed and ready to go out.


30th October 2018
Pro Wrestling Revolution Training School
San Jose, California.

Man: Bienvenido a la Academia de lucha Pro Revolution. Hoy tenemos un invitado muy especial. Déjenme presentarles... Amy Santino. [Welcome to the Pro Revolution Wrestling Academy. We have a very special guest today. Let me introduce to you... Amy Santino.]

The main head trainer introduced Amy to the mix of students of the academy in Spanish. Amy had specifically looked up training schools in California and found this one. The students looked tough and the quality of the people who progressed on to do good things in Mexico and around the world was impressive. Informing Joey of plans to go to Sam Jose to train... he told Amy to go gentle in the students but was kind of sceptical about having to travel that far to train, but he wasn’t about to try persuade Amy other wise and Amy set off on the 2hr long journey by cab to get to the academy by midday to catch the afternoon class.

In the two hour ride, it gave Amy a chance to think about her promo for the match against Apple Coren and Dani Weston. Make notes about what she could say etc... it ended up about with 2 and half pages of ideas and bits scribbled everywhere. Folding it away, Amy picked up her cell and began to answer emails.

We are here Miss.

What already?

Amy looked up from her phone and looked around. Two and hit flew but Amy didn’t care. Climbing out of the car, she grabs her bags and pays the driver before entering the training academy. Inside was quite with no students yet, only three of the five trainers were around who were tidying up the room. Amy moved to the changing rooms to change before introducing herself to the trainers.

Anyway back to now...

The students give their greetings to Amy as the trainer continues this time in English. As Amy gives a warm smile.

Trainer: Our class this afternoon will be a little different from the usual. Ms Santino contacted us and asked if she could train with us in preparation for her upcoming match in Sin City Wrestling. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you guys to see how well you have progressed and train with someone who is experienced.

Amy smiles and nods and then steps forward.

Amy: thank you for this... the idea is that you have 5 minutes in the ring and anything goes. Everyone ok with this?

Everyone looked to each other and nodded and agreed to the idea.

Trainer: Great. While waiting for your turn… warm up. You are first Julia.

Everyone else moves away from the ring to jog around the room, while Julia nods and climbs into the ring. Julia looks to be 20 years old, black hair obviously dyed as her blue eyes stand out. Amy climbs into the ring herself, where she stretches for a moment as the trainer climbs in to watch and mediate.

Amy watches the young woman for a moment as they lock up in the centre of the ring with a basic collar and tie lock up, which Amy and Julia jockey for position, however, with Amy being the slightly heavier wrestler pushes Julia into the ropes, but Julia counters with Amy now in the ropes, however, they continue to jockey, and Amy gets Julia into the corner and where Amy holds the move, before stopping for a moment to show some fairness, however, then drives a knee into Julia’s stomach before throwing punches at Julia before stopping and then shoving Julia backwards and goes to punch again but Julia ducks and reverses and boots Amy in the stomach.

Julia then follows its up with a series of forearm shots to Amy, as Amy pushes Julia away and slips past, however, Julia turns and grabs Amy’s hair before grabbing her hand and then whips her back into the turnbuckle, Julia then moves in but Amy hits a high elbow to the face of Julia, as Julia reels from the high elbow, Amy moves in but Julia grabs Amy’s legs and pulls her down to the mat, where she then begins to punch Amy a few times before Amy counters and hits her own punches, as Julia pushes Amy off, which Amy rolls to the edge of the ring, while Julia gets to a single knee.

Julia climbs to her feet, as Amy rolls herself out of the ring as Julia moves towards her and climbs out of the ring and goes after Amy and after a short chase, Amy climbs back into ring with Julia following close behind. Julia climbs back into the ring and as she gets to her feet, Amy goes to boot Julia, but Julia catches Amy’s foot before hitting a short arm clothesline.

Julia goes for a cover…



Trainer: and Time… Well done Julia.

Julia climbs to her feet and looks at the trainer a little annoyed but at the same please that she managed to down Amy and even go for a pin. Amy meanwhile climbs to her feet and shakes off the cobwebs and the short arm clothesline, as she and Julia shake hands and Julia leaves the ring.

Trainer: Next… Raul.

In steps one of the male wrestlers about the same height as Amy, he has long black hair, several piercings and tattoos. He gives Amy a nod and they shake hands and then they lock up and briefly jockey for position until Raul grabs Amy’s arm and twists it before giving it a hard yank before giving it more of twist before clubbing her shoulder from underneath and across the top before giving it one more twist.

Amy grimaces in pain before swinging her free arm and clocking Raul on the side of the head, which forces Raul to release the hold and her stumbles back a little in shock, as Amy grabs Raul by the head and then drags him to the turnbuckle and drives her face into the padding. Amy then grabs Raul’s hand whip him towards the other corner, but Raul grabs the ropes and shows off her athleticism and lifts herself up before dropping down and hits a vicious clothesline on Amy.

Raul then grabs Amy and hesitates for a moment pins her…




As Amy kicks out, Raul quickly climbs to his feet as does Amy, as Raul grabs Amy where he looks to go for a snap Suplex but instead he places Amy’s arm around his neck and begins to drive his knee into Amy’s stomach over and over again, Raul then pulls Amy up and hooks his arm and with his leg hits hip toss. Raul quickly drops down with a knee to Amy’s midsection before going for another pin…




Amy rolls away sucking in some air.

Trainer: Do you want to take a break Ms Santino?

Amy: No…

Raul: Good…

Raul climbs into his feet and grabbing Amy’s arm in an arm bar, as Amy grimaces in pain but slowly and inch by inch moves to around and to her knees as Raul continues to crank on Amy’s arm as Amy grimaces in pain and begins to figure a way out. Amy then wriggles free and gets to her feet, where Raul whips Amy into the ropes and as Amy comes back Raul lifts Amy up and flips him over onto his back.

Raul attempts another pin…

Trainer: And time… Sorry Raul.

Raul shrugs and climbs to his feet, where he grabs Amy’s hand and pulls her to her feet.

Raul: No hard feelings Ms Amy.

Amy: No, it’s all good.

Raul nods and climbs out of the ring, as Amy moves to the corner and grabs her water and takes in a few sips before wiping the small amount of sweat that is building up. As the trainer looks around the room and calls the next name up. The scene soon fades out as the third wrestler climbs into the ring, as Amy again stretches and then readies herself as the female wrestler charges in and they lock up.


2nd November 2018

I bet that when you woke up Sunday morning you thought you had it easy. Go out issue an open challenge and just sit back and wait. This is the first mistake you made... never issue an open challenge or declare yourself as a fighting champion... I made that mistake and I lost. Anyway... you thought you had it easy... One opponent in the shape of Apple Coren and no-one else. You thought you had it all planned out... issue out an open challenge expecting someone of very little consequence to accept and your second title defence will be easy peasy. Then up steps Apple Coren with her loud brash mouth accepting your challenge and you think ok... I can handle her... but did you ever expect someone else to be entered into the fray? I bet you didn’t. To be honest Apple isn’t a worthy challenger after all she failed to beat me one on one... you deserve someone with experience and knowledge to make your reign look credible because frankly you holding the title now is a joke.

You beat Mikah... well done but she wasn’t at her best and frankly she sucked in the ring and as a champion but to be honest she made no effort in the match to retain... the title changing hands was merely a stop gap to someone again who is worthy and truly deserves it. As for your first title defence, which was against Kate Steele… Kate is her own worst enemy and really isn’t a threat. Anyway… back to my point… that person who is worthy and truly deserves it would be me... my whole year has been full of ups and downs and I have nothing to show for it. So what if I turned on Jessie and beat her... anyone could have done that. But my year needs to go out on a bang... I need something to show that I am still dangerous and formidable, and this match is it.

To be honest... when I went out to voice my opinion and disprovable of Apple Coren being in this match... I wasn’t expecting to be put in this match but when Brooke Saxon announced it I was surprised but pleased at the same time because it gives me a chance to shut Apple up and it gives you chance to defend your title to the best of your ability before ultimately losing it to me.

Dani now don’t get me wrong... I like you and I am impressed in how you have grown and have become successful but unfortunately it has been all a fluke. As I said before about your match against Mikah... it was luck and as for your match against Kate Steele, she isn’t exactly a hard opponent, however, you will no luck come High Stakes. Your girl next door act and basic abilities will only get so far in this match... you need to learn and grow some more... you need to train hard and evolve because being a nice girl will only get you so far. Just look at my career and my list of moves... I have grown, moved on from being carefree and started focusing on my career more... focused on changing up my wrestling style. I went from high flying to more grounded and Muay Thai wrestling. And I have no problem kicking and punching your face and knocking you the fuck out.

Dani you are going to have a hard time in this match, not just from Apple but from me. I am not going to let you rest or relax... I am going to keep you working and moving... slowing you down bit by bit unless until there is nothing left from you. Then this will show the women from little girls... who is the fittest... I will be the one standing tall after all is said and done as your new bombshell championship. It will show that i am still hungry and still willing to put my body on the line and I am not past my best. I want to end the year having held at least one title.

Dani I am warning you now... get ready and be prepared.

Apple Apple Apple... I have to admire your determination to rise to the top pretty quickly and even taking up Dani's open challenge so that you don’t have to take the long route of having to earn something. But after that my admiration turns to distain, hate, exasperation and pity. But I am going to be frank here... you deserve shit.

And before you witter on about the only reason, I said something inside the ring was because I was jealous... no I am not jealous. Why should I be jealous of some one-dimensional unoriginal cookie cutter barbie... who is so up herself that I hope one day she will fall off her fucking high horse and break her neck.

I don’t allow stupid fucking sheep to knock me down... Just like what you did Climax Control 219. I had that match won but you of all people took that away from me... why? Someone a little jealous that I was getting the attention and I was close to getting a shot at the bombshell roulette championship and someone else wasn’t. You are too stupid to realise that I have power in this company... when you have been around as long as I have and held as many titles as I have... I will be always considered for title shots because I am respected and people come to see real wrestlers and real action... not boring one dimensional delusional mean girl robots who think after one match they deserve a title or a title shot.

But anyway... congratulations you stopped me from winning but hey guess who just shit on your supposedly easy shot at Dani... you seriously don’t know what you have gotten yourself into. The only thing I am going to admit to is that I shouldn’t have allowed you to get into my head... which was a mistake. But I am not going to allow that to happen again... what I am going to do is focus on all my training and focus on winning the bombshell championship and pinning who is closest to eating the Bad Girl or a hard fist to a plastic little face.

Apple... you have already made a lot of enemies in this company... don’t expect any help from anyone... don’t expect Dani to help you in double teaming me and certainly don’t expect this match to be easy. As I told Dani... be prepared... be ready but what i didn’t tell Dani... is be prepared for a war. You have no idea what is too come.

No more cheap shots, No more cheap moves... just wrestle.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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Posted: November 03, 2018 11:49 pm

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Happy Halloween;

The #CockneyHalloweenParty was done and dusted however the Halloween spirit was very much still alive in the Fenris, Arron and Dani household. Bowls of candy lined to entrance way of two-bedroom apartment as Arron and Kyssa waited “patiently” by the door awaiting trick or treaters from the local neighbourhood to come by. Even though they lived in a gated community, at this time of year the restrictions of entry were lifted so everyone could join in on the world known holiday. Fenris didn’t care for the thought of people coming to his door and begging for candy, so much so he had shut himself off in the media room, so he could focus on his up coming match for High Stakes.

Meanwhile Danielle had just finished a shift at the Golden Ring Casino and was heading up the stairs towards the front door of the apartment. As she spiralled around the stair case she was almost knocked over by a bunch of kids dressed up as the cast of Harry Potter, Dani smiled as they stopped in front of her looking up at her in awe.

“OMG are you Dani Weston?” One kid’s face beamed with light as he ogled at one of his favourite Sin City Wrestling Bombshells.

Dani just nodded her head before she replied back. “Yes, that’s me.”

“THIS IS SO COOL.” Was all the little Harry Potter could say and he reached out looking for a high five.

Dani quickly but gently slapped her hand on to his, exchanging the high five before the rest of the group started to ask her a bunch of questions.

“Are you going to beat Apple at High Stakes? She seems mean.” Little Hermione had a point with her statement.

Dani just shrugged her shoulders, she couldn’t offer them a definitely answer but she wasn’t going to leave them with nothing.

“I hope so.” Was all Dani could offer up at this time.

“Well I hope you smash her and Amy…” Little Ron offered a smile that was covered in chocolate as he had already torn open his Halloween treats and was starting to scoff them down.

Danielle just smiled as she looked at the group, quickly shatter amongst themselves before they took off down the stairs in search of more candy. Before they left they offered Dani some of their candy, which she declined but instead she slipped some cash into each of their pumpkin candy bowl. It was all she could put her hands on as she had just come from work and unfortunately didn’t have any sweets to off load. Regardless the kids didn’t care as their eyes lit up at the offer of cash, before the charged off down the stairwell.

Making her way up the flight of stairs Danielle’s body was aching, it had been a long day. Starting with wake-up kisses by Kyssa, training followed and then a nine-hour stint at The Golden Ring Casino. It’s grand re-opening was only days away and Danielle didn’t want to let Daniel and the gang down now. She knew the bar was more than ready to combat the onslaught it was going to encounter on opening night, but still Danielle needed to be one hundred percent sure, as she didn’t want to be running out of product half way through the rush, causing a domino effect for the rest of the night. Speaking of Daniel, Danielle made a mental note to chat with him before the grand opening, she needed to clear the air on something that was building, it was burning at her and the last thing she needed was for this said thing to boil over and make her job ten thousand times harder.

Danielle was now at the top of the stairs, in hindsight she could have used the elevator and saved herself the trouble but any extra cardio she could sneak in before the biggest match of her career at High Stakes was definitely worth it. She quickly approach the door, and as she looked up to place her key in the door she was face to face with a white sign that read “no trick of treaters welcome” Danielle recognised that hand writing and with a deflated sigh she rolled her eyes. One day she would find something that made Fenris come across to the light side and not be so damn grumpy all the time, it just turned out tonight wasn’t going to be that night.

As Dani rattled her keys, she didn’t even get a chance to unlock the door before the wooden door swung inwards and Arron and Kyssa’s smiling faces greeted her. The two were dressed as Winnie the Pooh, Arron of course was Winnie while Kyssa was dressed as Eeyore. She had to admit it was adorable. They both stood their Arron’s eyes wide with glee as Kyssa’ tail was wagging from side to side in anticipation.

“Umm... Trick or Treat?” Was all Danielle could blurt out through a smile that was beaming from ear to ear.

She had to admit Arron’s over the top happiness was something she looked forward to encountering every day as he didn’t make her world feel some doom and gloom. Kyssa had rapidly become her most favourite dog in the universe, that she had turned into an overgrown lap dog but Fenris didn’t seem to mind. Arron looked around behind Dani, in search of some children that were out and about Trick or Treating but he was only greeted with Danielle smiling face.

“I don’t get it?” Was all he could offer as he stepped aside and let Danielle inside their apartment. “Where is everyone?” His face seemed pale and defeated.

Danielle just helped herself to some candy, as she looked back at Arron her bottom lip dragging into the bottom of her mouth. She didn’t really want to be the one to tell him, but she knew she had too.

“Maybe you should take a look of the sign on the door?” That was all she offered before she started to run her fingers through Kyssa’ snow white hair.

“What sign on the door?” Was all Arron could spit out before he rushed to look at the white piece of paper.

As Arron’s eyes darted over the words that read “no trick or treaters welcome” Dani counted down from three inside her head before she heard the paper being ripped from the door and furiously being scrunched up in Arron’s hands.

“KKKKKKKKKKKKKK” Was all Arron could yell out in a fit of rage.

Before the bellowing laughter of Fenris could be heard coming from the other room, he knew exactly what his brother was sulking about, and his laughter was evident that he didn’t care. Arron just rushed past Dani and Kyssa making his way towards Fenris, while Kyssa and Dani jumped back to stay out of the firing line as the two bothers collided.

Meanwhile back at the door, a group of kid had arrived in search of candy and well Danielle and Kyssa did the honours of spoiling their spooky guests.


The GRAND Opening;

A few days had passed by where Dani had done nothing by train for her upcoming match at High Stakes. Daniel had allowed her some days off in preparation for the opening night as he was more than sure her station was ready to go. It didn’t give Danielle much relief though as the Casino had become her comfort zone as of late. It was somewhere she could go, and she didn’t have to think about what shambles her lift was like. Sure, it had been a few weeks since the final Eli incident but still she couldn’t get this nagging feeling from the back of mind to stop replaying each and every encounter over and over and over again. Her sleep wasn’t the best as she often dreamed of him, meaning she woke the whole house hold up in a screaming fit. It wasn’t easy for her and she knew that it was interrupting on Fenris and Arron’s life as well.

Although as soon as she walked into those door at the Casino it was like she could be a brand-new person. It was like the weight of the world was off her and all she had to do was remember the countless number of cocktail recipes that were ever present in her mind. There was no stress, even though she knew her bar would be busy it wasn’t something that she couldn’t handle. Danielle had been a bar hand for years back in Florida, it was how she paid for her wrestling training and she could put money aside for her mother. It was second nature to her.

Danielle had made her way into work early as she knew she had to speak with Daniel about something before everything became to much. It had been eating at her for days now and she couldn’t go another day without letting him know how she felt. After all she needed to get in first before it was blown out of portion by the media or her co-workers. As soon as she got into the Golden Ring, Dani made a bee line for Daniel. He was already dressed to the nines, in his black and white suit. It was crisp and clean as he had back to back media this morning before the doors opened to the public later this evening. However, she had made sure she picked a time when he was free and had a few minutes to talk.

As Dani rushed over towards him, she tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her right ear. She was nervous, after all this was a big deal for her. She knew it would also impact on her working life here at the bar, but she needed it said and she needed it to be all out in the open. Danielle had done her best to dress a little fancier today, just encase anyone from the press felt the need to ask her a few questions. She didn’t need to be looking like her messy carefree self on such a big day for Daniel, Os, Kenz and Charley. The least she could do was be present and ready for anything that could come her way.

Daniel was standing over by her bar, resting his elbows on the wooden counter top as he looked down at the run sheet down in front of him. Mentally preparing himself for what was coming up next. He didn’t notice Danielle at first as she approached him. In her flowing black dress that had a v drop neckline. It was a little racy, but still classy something she knew he would like.

“Hi Daniel” was all she could muster as her voice cracked with nerves.

Daniel spun around to look at her, his eyes looking her up and down as he did so.

“Jesus did Odette finally talk you into going shopping?” He offered her with a kind smile, meaning he was playing around.

Dani just smiled, as she looked herself up and down nervously. “Is it too much? I can change?” She was now second guessing her attire for this occasion.

“No, it’s fine.” He replied with a smirk before he witnessed the flustered look on her face. “What’s going on, love? Why so antsy?”

He dropped the papers in his hand onto the counter, so he could focus his full attention on Danielle who looked as if she was sweating bullets from pressure. Danielle just took a deep inhale before sighed out loud.

“I need to tell you something” Her little heart was beating at a million miles and hour.

Daniel could see that her heart was almost breaking through her chest, so he just did his best to calm her down.

“It’s alright to be nervous love, tonight is a big night for all of us.” He offered with a cocky wink.

“No, no… it’s not that it, just… well.” Breathe Dani, just breathe is what she was telling herself as she looked towards her boss. “I need to get something off my chest, that has been haunting me for days.” A serious look was shining in her hazel eyes.

Daniel just motioned for Dani to take a seat beside him, now realising what Danielle was trying to say was more serious than the joking mood that he was in.

“Spill.” He was a man of few words, but he didn’t like dramatics, and this had already drawn out longer than what he wanted it too.

Here goes nothing, as she took one last exhale before she spilled her little secret to him.

“The other day, when I was talking about us… because of the rumours… well... I…” She stopped before her words were starting to bundle together from nerves. “I… well… I…” she bit down hard on her bottom lip as she tried her hardest to find the confidence to just let him have it.

Daniel just looked into her eyes, looking for what she was about to say next. He knew what ever she was about to say could change their work relationship and he was trouble shooting some scenarios of how this could play out.

“You, what?” He leant forward in his chair as if to coach the problem out of her.

A huff left her rosy cheeks as she felt like a teenager all over again. “Well I... wanted to apologise.” Danielle quickly kicked back off to explain herself. “It wasn’t right of me to feed the trolls like that… and I’m sorry… I just couldn’t’ keep it in me anymore… Daniel… You are one of the greatest men I’ve ever known… but sadly, this can’t happen.” Her tone turned dramatic as she played the role well.

Reaching out Daniel rested his hand on her right shoulder, comforting her. “It’s okay Dani… I understand.” His tone was low and emotionless.

“I’m sorry.” Was all she could whisper before she smiled wildly. “It’s not you… it’s me.” Her hand came up over her heart.

“It definitely is you... it would never work, I’m sorry.” He offered her a playful shove with his hand. “But I hope we can still be friends?” a chuckle left his lips.

“Oh, I would love that.” She beamed with glee as she reach out to hug him. “I’m so glad we cleared this up for everyone.” Her eyes then looked directly into the camera that had been there all along.

Daniel just patted her on the back. “Now get back to work.” He said with a chuckle. “I think we have feed the trolls enough.” He said with another chuckle.

Dani just nodded her head in agreement before she broke their one-way hug with a smirk. She knew her opponents were going to use her friendship with London Underground against her, Dani knew that’s one of the main things people liked to judged her for. So, she made sure, she could get in on it as well… making a parody of the situation that her competition would paint for her in the focus this week. Dani and Daniel just smiled at one another, before they high fived and moved off to go and get work done.

It was a little bold and beautiful, it was a little dramatic, but Dani couldn’t help but smile. At least she was at the place where she could make fun of things people were saying about her after all it had taken her a few good months to get to this place. Also, in the world of Sin City Wrestling Daniel wasn’t the type of man to be dramatic or play a role like this for anyone, but he was more than happy to put the rumours to bed. He truly was the fun boss. He was also more than happy to see how far his friend had come, from being offended about being on her knees jokes, to now taking the piss at people who would be so low to think that of her.

However, if people were really paying attention to her story they would have known that Daniel wasn’t Danielle’s knight in shining armour. That role was taken by none other that Fenris and yet… people still hadn’t put two and two together as they were so focused on having Danielle paired off with Daniel riding into the sunset and using him for his fame and fortune. If Danielle had learnt anything from her time of hanging around Odette, Melody and Evie is that she should always expect people to go so low when it comes to attacking her, because people fear what they don’t understand. Right now, they don’t understand how a rookie with less than two years’ experience is now riding the waves of success sitting at the top of the roster looking down, so they stoop to trying to tear her down with pointless rumours and slander.

Let it be known that Danielle didn’t make it to the top of this business by being on her knees, she made it to the top by working hard and always putting in one hundred and ten percent into everything she had done. Sure, she had influential friends who were willing to scoop her up when she was down, but when it came to stepping in between those ropes, those friendships didn’t hinder or help her success. She had built that all on her own. It doesn’t matter who trains you, it doesn’t matter who steps in and protects you in your personal life… if you’re going to succeed you need to put in the work yourself and right now. Right at this minute Danielle May Weston was holding the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship and that right there was all the proof she needed to show the world that she had made it.

She didn’t need a boyfriend to build her up, she could do that on her own. There was no bruises on her knees and rightfully so as she had put in the work and made herself what she was today… the fire cracker from Daytona Beach, Florida that everyone counted out at the start of her career as she racked up loss after loss. Slowly but surely the cream rose to the top and right now, she’s your Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion and she is was coming in hot to High Stakes to defend what is hers.


High Stakes is only one week away and on that night Danielle Weston faces the biggest match of her career so far. I know that is what she says each and every week, but that is only because each and every week is grows to become the best Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion that she can be. Each week she strives for a new level of greatness in her quest to be one of the all time greats of this sport.

At High Stakes Danielle finds herself going up against a new comer in Apple and a long time great of Sin City Wrestling in Amy Marshall to say that the odds are against her would be an understatement. She is facing the unpredictability of Apple the new girl who just oozes with confidence and yet she hasn’t really made a name for herself in Sin City Wrestling. Yet that’s what makes her dangerous as she is looking for that moment to over shine her competition and to become the next big thing. Apple already believes that she is royalty, she already believes that she is the best in Sin City Wrestling and she is one match away from proving that point.

Amy Marshall is a multi time champion still hoping to show the world that she has what it takes to be the big time champion that she knows that she can be. That makes her dangerous that makes her the one to keep you eye on as she is hungry.

Both girls are hungry to prove that they can be the next Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion. Dani just has to hold on and show the world that she has what it takes to once again defend what she has worked so hard to obtain. It won’t be easy nothing nothing in life worth having ever is.

So, we are a week away from Dani going into her first triple threat with a target painted on her back will she have enough in her to silent the critics and walk away with her Championship or will she just be another on hit wonder who can’t defend the crown more than once?

The day the pressure is mounting would be an understatement as the whole world will be watching to see if she can back up her words when she told everyone that she was going to be a fighting champion.

Yet many have already written her off in favour of Apple, many have already placed the crown on the royal little do nothings head... and why? Because she is a trend? She already thinks she holds the keys to the kingdom so the only thing standing in her way is a rookie who is “helpless” without the power of London Underground behind her. That’s what she will lead you to believe that, Dani is a frail champion who’s days are numbered... she won’t mention the truth, she won’t even hint at it because in Apple’s eyes only she is worthy of the title... and yet what has she done to even stake a claim to the Championship? Nothing... she just answered an open challenge, what has she won in the lead up? Nothing!!! Yet in her eyes she is already the champion and Danielle has been counted out for the one two three.

Let me remind you it a dangerous game to count out the champion, the same champion who was able to knock off Mikah from the perch... that wasn’t an easy feet, it isn’t something to be over looked... she is the same champion that beat everyone in the gold rush tournament to get to where she was. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t handed to her... Danielle had to work for it... Unlike Apple and Amy who have just been handed their opportunity on a silver platter.

Amy you might believe that you deserve this moment because of all the time you have put into Sin City Wrestling but let’s be honest when was the last time you did something that meant anything? And now you’re going to try and use this given moment as your time to shine once more. You’re begging for relevance and yet each and every time you step up to the plate, you trip stumble and fall. So do your worse, he’ll even use your connection with Jesse Salco to try and leave High Stakes as the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion but mark my words it won’t matter who you have in your corner, little maid or not you will learn the hard way that sometimes moments are handed to you, just so you can watch they float on by.

This isn’t your moment to reach the summit of the mountain once more, this isn’t your saving grace, career defining moment... this is a reminder to you that just because you whine, bitch and moan... you could given what you wanted and now you will learn the hard way that chances like this shouldn’t be handed to you... they should be earned. You didn’t earn this spot and when it’s all said and done, you will be left heart broken and defeated once again.

So Danielle will see you both at High Stakes where she will do what she does best and that put on a show for the crowd that she loves and do everything that she can to show the world that she deserves to be at the top. It took a while to get here and she is refusing to just let that slip from her finger tips. Dani is coming to defend what is currently hers and she won’t go down without a fight.. so don’t count her out, don’t underestimate her and for the love of god don’t count her out. She has shown the world time and time again that she has what it takes to be champion and this triple threat will be no different.

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Amy Marshall
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[Off Camera]
Tights and Fights Podcast w/ hosts Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle.
Los Angeles, CA
Monday 5th November 2018

HL: Welcome back… now moving on from the shit that is Crown Jewel… and let talk about indie wrestling and more specifically Chris Jericho’s Rock and Wrestling Rager as well as High Stakes 8, in which we have a very special guest with us to today.

ME: And our very special guest… is Amy Santino who represents Sin City Wrestling and who is wrestling at High Stakes 8 this weekend.

AS: Hi guys... how are you all doing?

HL: We are good and yourself.

AS: I’m doing good.

ME: My first question before we get to the cruise and high stakes... did you watch Evolution?

AS: I did and I was impressed with every single match and each and every single woman who competed.

DR: What was your favourite match?

As: The last woman standing match. It was brutal as hell and I loved it.

DR: Did you think the whole show delivered in terms of evolution of women’s wrestling?

As: I guess so... it was great having an all women show, however, if you look at company’s such as SCW and our women’s division... we have been doing it for years.. we have been main eventing on Climax Control and co main eventing at Supercards and delivering top of the range matches. We have a unique division, which aside from the bombshell championship match, we have another title in the shape of the Roulette Championship.

ME: Roulette championship what is the difference... pardon my ignorance.

AS: Basically from a spin of the wheel the match stipulation is decided.

HL: Oh... so if you land on bra and panties match and you have to wrestle it.

AS: Unfortunately yes... although that stipulation has been removed I think. I didn’t see it when I was last standing next to it.

ME: so is SCW better than Wrestling Entertainment.

AS: Simply yes…

ME: Perhaps a little controversial maybe?

AS: Not really because its fact. Just look at Chris Jericho’s rock and wrestling rager on a cruise ship. SCW has been doing it for years... just check out Summer XXXtreme.

DR: So did he steal the idea?

AS: To be fair... he might have borrowed the idea but he has put his own spin on it and hired a bunch of rock bands to play including his own and then persuaded some decent wrestlers from a couple of companies to wrestle.

HL: Did you watch the show?

AS: I did not. I happened to see adverts for it and the bands and wrestlers being plugged for the show.

ME: What is like wrestling on a cruise liner? Has anyone developed sea sickness mid match or even had rough sea’s?

DR: I can just imagine having rough seas and someone attempting a big move and falling off the ropes.

AS: Thankfully by the time we get to wrestle I think all sea sickness has gone, but we haven’t had rough seas yet. But it wouldn’t be pretty seeing someone trying to do high risk move and then vomit everywhere and on everyone.

HL: Ringside seats would not be an optional.

~ They share a laugh as someone gags a little at the thought. ~

ME: Before anyone is sick... this coming Sunday is High Stakes 8. Who is wrestling who and how are you involved?

AS: One second… let me check. *Amy checks her phone* Right… We have the Kawaii Dragons against The Ruin Sisters, then we have some final matches, not sure who is wrestling in. We have Jessie Salco vs Ella Singleton, Seleana Zdunich against Cat Riley, Kain and Vargas against Williams and Kane, Evie Baang verses Sam Marlowe. We then have a four-way match for the women’s honor championship, followed by Crystal Hilton against Kate Steele, next is Mickey Carroll against Austin James Mercer for the Honor championship, then an eight-man roulette championship match featuring fan and ladies favourite Ben Jordan, the Bombshell championship match and finally the main event of Fenris against Senor Vinnie for the World Heavyweight championship. I am involved in the match against Apple Coren and Danielle Weston for the Bombshell championship.

DR: So this match between Apple Coren, Danielle Weston and yourself… how did it come to be?

AS: Basically, Dani issued an open challenge, which Apple great accepted. However, a few weeks before Apple and I fought to a double count out, so she didn’t deserve be in this match although it was an open challenge. I made a few comments and our general manager whoever the hell she is… decided to change the match to a thee way match and the rest is history.

HL: From my understanding you have won the bombshell championship only once?

AS: Correct. However, there are other titles in SCW that I have collected and won since then. So I haven’t been sitting around waiting… I’ve had plenty of things to distract me away from title shots.

ME: So is the competition in SCW tough?

AS: Very tough. Although we have a small roster at the moment... each and every woman can wrestle including those mean girl types.

ME: Mean girl types?

DR: The Beautiful People, iiconics etc... I knew what she meant.

AS: At one point they used to shower you with petty insults and use dirty cheap tricks in the ring, now they will talk shit but I found they can get in a ring and actually wrestle.

ME: So have you found that as you get older the wrestling is getting harder?

AS: I’m 38... I am at my fittest I have ever been in my entire life. My style of wrestling has been adapted not because of my age but because I wanted to change it. The only thing I find hard is these young whippersnappers getting into the ring and killing it.

~ Amy jokes as she puts on an elderly voice.~

HL: So if you had a chance to go to any company in the world... would you take it?

AS: No. SCW may be hard but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. I enjoy being there and I love the competition no matter how some people can be annoying.

DR: So you wouldn’t go to Japan?

AS: I love Japan and would love to wrestle there as often as I can, however, SCW don’t visit often enough and I’m busy with other aspects of my life.

ME: Do you get to watch any of the shows over there?

AS: I try to catch as many as possible if not live then on catch up.

DR: So how many times have you been to Japan?

AS: About 4 or 5 times. The places are beautiful, the food is amazing, and the people are friendly and respectful. You should really go.

ME: So back to Sin City Wrestling. Tell me why the audience should tune in High Stakes eight?

AS: Firstly, it’s our biggest show of the year and It is the first supercard since the merger between Honor Wrestling and Northern Lights Wrestling and the card is packed full. There is the preshow if you want to call it that featuring all the amazing talent at Sin City Underground. And then it’s our show... featuring again some more amazing talent plus new faces. We have some interesting matches that will get everyone talking because of what is at stake and who could become new champions and several notable feuds. There is nothing better on tv or internet this weekend. So be losers and tune in.

DR: Well thank you Amy. It was great talking to you and good luck.

AS: Thanks for having me.

ME: Thank you Amy and all the best.

~ With that the podcast cuts to a commercial. ~



Wednesday 7th November 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s Training Complex.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training complex, in Las Vegas. Amy headed to Vegas to not only train but also she didn’t have to travel far to Tucson, Arizona. It was also because Joey had gone to LA to work and Amy needed something to focus on days before High Stakes Eight.

Anyway... back to Joshua Acquin’s training, the scene opens inside his complex, where we see Joshua in front of a large mirror and the rows of weights, where he is doing his own training regime and preparation for the Eight man Roulette Championship match. Across the room inside the ring, we can see Amy in the middle of her Muay Thai training going hard at the heavy bag that floats in the centre of the ring. Stopping for a moment, Amy grabs her water and watches Joshua for a moment before speaking.

Amy: Did you manage to catch the podcast Monday?

Joshua: I didn’t but I listened to it Tuesday on my down day.

Amy: What did you think?

Amy asks wiping sweat from her face.

Joshua: It was good... very informative. Why are you asking?

He queries placing the weight down back into the racking.

Amy: I thought it went ok... but it felt a little boring I guess.

Amy shrugs feeling a little self-conscious.

Joshua: It was your first podcast, everyone gets a little nervous including the hosts who did their very first one when they launched.

Amy: I don’t know... It didn’t show my personality... it showed me as very serious... perhaps too serious.

Amy sighed.

Joshua: You were fine. You shared a joke and you had a laugh. Some podcasts can be like that, while others can be jokey and fun. Did you listen to their podcasts before?

Amy: I listed to a couple of theirs and a few others that regularly release podcasts.

Joshua: And...

Amy: I was too stiff. Tights and Fights are a light-hearted podcast and I was boring.

Amy returns to the heavy bag a little downhearted, As Joshua shakes his head.

Joshua: You are not boring and not stiff.... you are far from that. You fun and exciting. You were just nervous and right now you are focused on the High Stakes match which is Sin City Wrestling’s biggest show of the year. So forget if you sounded boring and stiff. You got your point over and plugged your match and High Stakes... that’s all that matters. Next time...

Amy: if there is a next time...

Joshua: There will be and next time... just relax and be yourself. Maybe find a podcast that is better suited or take some cue cards with you.

Joshua says trying to help Amy feel better and give her advice.

Amy: Maybe. Thanks.

Amy smiles at Joshua.

Joshua: So is this why you wanted to train with me. Get my opinion?

Amy: I wanted to train with you and hang out. And maybe get some thoughts but mainly train. Is that ok?

Joshua looks at Amy and nods and picks up the next weight up.

Joshua: Sorry. I feel like everyone has an ulterior motive at the moment. I know you don’t have one. How is your prep going for the match against Apple and Dani?

Amy begins to hit the bag again.

Amy: Well. Last week I visited an academy and some of the students beat me up...

Joshua: What?

Amy: We trained together and some of them are pretty decent in the ring and I think they upped their game knowing I was in the ring. But it something different away from gyms, Muay Thai, running etc…

Amy stopped and stretched and went back to work.

Joshua: Oh, that’s ok then.

Amy: How is your prep going? It must be hard going up against eight men for the Roulette Championship not knowing what is going to happen and if the wheel is going to be spun?

Joshua: I guess so... although some of the stipulations on there are meant for only singles matches but we will wait and see. As for the prep... working out as much as I possible can considering my schedule but I should be ready to kick ass.

Amy: Good good. Look after we are done here... do you want to head... out and get... food and relax for the rest... of the afternoon?

Amy says between punches and kicks and knees.

Joshua: Sounds good. How much longer?

Joshua queries.

Amy: Another thirty forty minutes ok with you?

Joshua: Sure.

Joshua looks surprised but just continues his workout without argument.

Amy: Great.

Amy changes up her stands and starts to pummel the bag hard as she screams and grunts and growls as Joshua puts his music back in to his ears and turns the music up. The scene fades out on both working out but with most noise coming from Amy and her workout.


9th November 2018

Referring to yourself in the third person... it isn’t cute it’s just very and very creepy. But it says a lot about you. It says that you think you are above us... that you have Apple and I beaten but you want to show vulnerability and that you are the underdog in that match with Apple being the main threat to your championship run and you are not at all worried about me. The game that you are playing... no one is going fall for that utter bullshit. You should be scared, and you should be worried.... dismissing me as irrelevant... god I hate that word... because you think that I don’t deserve this moment and a shot at you will be your biggest mistake. My aim was never to be involved in the bombshell championship match all I just wanted to do was to stop Apple from getting it so can wrap my hands around her throat and choke that bitch out.

however, Being in this title bombshell championship match is just an unfortunate consequence which Brook Saxon thought it would be good idea to have a three way match instead of a one on one match between you two.

But the thing is... I could pull out of this match and let you two have you fun and watch you get destroyed by Apple and her silly little mind games, but I wouldn’t have a match and I would be sitting on my ass doing nothing. But why should you two have all the fun and why should I turn down an opportunity like this. And for the record I am not going to get Jessie involved... she has her own title to defend plus I want to get my own hands dirty and kick your ass and end little miss brat Coren.

Dani I may not appear to be a big threat these days but i can still get in the ring and out wrestle and out last you. I am still dangerous and still your worst nightmare. And guess what… I am walking away from this match as the new champion.

Apple... cat got your tongue? You are unusually quite or are you just sitting back and going to strike at the last moment with a barrage of your usual predictable insults. Thought so... let me guess some of these supposed insults would be aimed about my previous career choice and that I’m dirty/diseased and that you are better than me and more focused and career driven, and you have more money, better background, that I shouldn’t have dismissed you and that you are hear shouting and screaming etc... etc... blah blah blah. Is that about right... or shall I stick in more that I’m jealous of your success and that I should admit you are the better woman and that you had our match won... getting any closer?

Apple... what more can I say and tell you without sounding a like a broken record. Which by the way... i just hate repeating myself and I’m pretty sure you must get sick of being a sheep.

At High Stakes Apple... there is nowhere to hide. You can use as many rope breaks as you like but this time there is one other person in that ring…Dani will be in that ring too and I will just work on her, while you dither around thinking you are the best in the world. I hope you are ready Apple... I hope you have lots of makeup and your plastic surgeon at the ready... because by the time I am done with you... you are going to bruised, bloody and broken. Not only am I going to knock you the fuck out... I am going to choke you out too.

High Stakes... i=I don’t care if I’m perceived at the rank outsider... i am going to bring my A game... and I am going to win like it out not. The bombshell championship will be mine.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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Lady Apple
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The sound of a slow clap fills a rather sparse room paneled in dark wood, the large desk dominating the center of a large fireplace that has a crackling fire in it. Backlit by the blaze, the owner of the hands can’t be seen but the sneer in her words is recognizable as Lady Apple Coren. Turning slightly the fire once more backlights the bombshell but this time in profile, her aristocratic nose raised ever so slightly as her slow clap stops and she turns towards the camera held by Ivy. A soft smirk rides her lightly glossed lips, the pink tip of her tongue rimming them to draw a slight chocolate aftertaste which only widens the smirk.

Ivy the Assistant: Ma’am, I am filming.

Apple nods in acknowledgement and leans towards the camera and sets her elbows on the desk. Sighing as if the next few comments were weighing her down, a serious look passes over the face of the young lady who begins to speak.

Apple Coren: I wager you were waiting for me to talk about this match at High Stakes and the fact that I am going to take the title from Danielle Weston. Well let me set your mind at ease…I am not going to do that.

Ivy the Assistant: You aren’t?

Apple Coren: No Ivy, I am not. And do you know why I am not?

Ivy looks confusedly at her boss then the viewfinder of the camera. Apple, seeing the confusion breaks character to laugh cruelly. Ivy ssays nothing so Apple continues.

Apple Coren: This is my silent protest Ivy. Just because I reached out with both hands and took advantage of the open challenge our dear Bombshell champion meant that I wanted it to be one on one for that title but wouldn’t you know that of course that wasn’t good enough for management. Someone up in the office decided that they couldn’t stomach me being the champion so they decided that I couldn’t have that opportunity so they in their infinite stupidity put Amy Marshall in the match. Hence the reason I have been so quiet. What could I have said to change anyone’s mind…nothing. So rather than waste my breath and time, I am protesting the inclusion of Amy Marshall in my match.

Ivy the Assistant: But ma’am, is that not defeating the purpose of accepting the open challenge of Dani Weston. You have talked about how you will step into the match at High Stakes and take that title.

Apple Coren: I know and I was so ready to do that but then our General Manager took my interference in that match for the Roulette title contendership as an excuse to once more put Amy Marshall in a title match that she never deserved to be in. In the first place, it was my match but someone is nuttin’ themselves to give Amy another chance. Oh I am sure she will say that she didn’t ask for it but truth be told, she is always begging in some way or another. And if you look at it, it is always the same, poor Amy is put upon and what do they do, put her in the match for the Bombshell title like it is the only way to pacify her.

Apple’s eyes glitter brightly. The curve of her sneer deepens.

Apple Coren: And don’t get me started on the Bombshell champion. Little victim Dani who boos and hoos her way through life like she is a damsel in distress, commanding all the boys and girls to feed her ego and protect her from the big baddie and when she does talk about the match, well gollee gee, she is not a damsel but someone trying her hardest to be some kind of Xena Warrior princess that is nothing but hot air and bluster. Come on we have all seen it. If it isn’t London Underground…oh and by the way, we all saw that mummery about you and Daniel, brava, will send you a cheap copy of a BAFTA because that is all you are worth. Only reason you did that was so people can’t accuse you of riding coattails. I had no reason to talk about you that way because you are so far beneath me and my brilliance, I wouldn’t have had to talk about that.

Ivy the Assistant: But…I thought you cared about the title.

Apple Coren: I neither want or care about the title actually Ivy. See, I know that I am better than Dani and I know I am better than Amy but once again, management wants to put obstacles in the way of getting what I want so I am not going to play their little game. I will tell you this Ivy, if I even go to the ring I am not going to dignify the match with my participation. As I indicated, I am protesting this match because of the inclusion of Amy Marshall and if I am made to wrestle then I will tie the company up in so many legal knots that they won’t be able to extricate themselves.

Apple leans back, a soft purr of pleasure escaping her with that thought. Ivy leans forward, angling the camera to take in Apple who steeples her hands together to place them lightly against the curve of her lip.

Apple Coren: Mr Ward and Mr. Underwood, you let your new pet ruin my first High Stakes match and I am holding you responsible. And as such, my participation or lack thereof is her fault. And that is all I am going to say about High Stakes and this match until the night itself. Please finish this recording Ivy and post it will you?

Apple turns away from Ivy who nods as she presses stop then moves to the desk where a laptop is seen open. Ivy connects the camera and begins the upload…

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Sleep is a powerful thing, if you get enough it can reenergise you making you feel fresh and alive. Ready to face the new day with eagerness and determination. Yet on the flip side, not enough could in fact drag you to hell. Well that’s what it feels like anyways. In the Fenris, Aron and Dani household, the three had been riding the waves of it lately. Aron and Fenris were walking on eggshells some mornings, while Danielle crawls from Aron’s room her eyes bugging out of her head, surrounded by deep black bags. Sleep wasn’t her friend as of late but somehow, she was able to power on, work her two jobs without a single slip up. As soon as she walked into the casino she was bright and bubbly and as soon as she stepped in front of a camera for any Sin City Wrestling related work, she was fresh faced and willing to take on the world.

However, a very sad truth was being held back from the world. One story that Danielle wouldn’t let her lips part to tell but it was a dim reality her housemates were forced to live with for the time being. It doesn’t happen every night, just a selected few and well last night was probably the worse it had every been. The night was filled with a hot sweat, dripping from her pores as she tossed and turned between her bedsheets as dreams, well nightmares of her ex-boyfriend re-emerged into her mind. She couldn’t help her dreams, she couldn’t help her natural reaction to scream out, to fight, to try and get him away from her and couldn’t control the fact that her actions had awoken both her housemates. Who both reached her doorway at the same time, both looking in to see her struggle, unsure on what they should do next.

Fenris was angry, he couldn’t understand why Danielle’s subconscious still led her to believe that she was in danger. Although he couldn’t be mad at Danielle, this wasn’t her fault he was tired, beat up from training and the fact him and his brother weren’t exactly seeing eye to eye wasn’t helping the dangerous ticking time bomb that was fluttering to life inside the white wolf. Aron on the other hand, was more sensitive to the issue, yet both brothers stood on the outside looking in, unsure of what their next step was.

“Do we wake her?” was all Aron could whisper to his brother, as he pained look of lack of sleep dragged his face down.

Fenris just shook his head from side to side, this wasn’t something they could help with not while she was in this state. If they woke her, they could risk the chance of Danielle lashing out towards them. It’s not that her tiny fists of fury would stun them, it’s just being woken from a sleep is a new aged game of Russian Roulette at times.

Turning to look towards Aron, Fenris just gritted his teeth before he spoke. “I’ll train her.” It was all he could offer up, as he turned back to watch his roomie stuffer some more in silence.

Aron’s eyes just grew wide as he sarcastically replied. “Are you a sleep coach now, huh?” the air was thick between the two, but they pushed aside their issues to see to the one that was before them.

Just a roll of the eyes is what Fenris could off his brother at this time, he didn’t have time for a tit for tat with him, he was irritated as it was he didn’t need another round of words exchanged between his brother to add to the pile.

“She thinks she is defenceless.” Fenris turned to look at Dani, who had since calmed down. “That’s why she doesn’t fight back.” A yawn followed as Fenris tried his best to keep his eyes from sealing shut. “He can’t hurt her, if she knows how to fight.” That cold evil grin was perched on his face proudly as his mind ran away with his thoughts.

Aron didn’t disagree with Kris and after tonight’s horror he was willing to try anything to rebalance the peace around here lately. A simple nod in agreement is all Aron could offer, as the two bothers looked at each other once more, before walking off towards their own beds to try and sneak in a few more hours of sleep before they had to be up in the morning, off on their own adventures. Fenris’ thunderous footsteps were followed by the clicking of nails across the floor as Kyssa shadowed her master back to bed. Even she looked a little worse for wear with this broken sleep, yet she never complained Kyssa just did her best to offer doggy cuddles in times of need.

The rest of the night was peaceful, not a single sound was uttered from the lips of Dani as she slept. Her dreams of Eli were replaced by darkness and well, she was thankful for those. It didn’t take long for morning to break and well, on cue two minutes before her alarm could even crow to wake her, she was up ready to face the day. Still even with a full night’s sleep her body felt tight, her jaw ached from being clenched, her eyes sagged into the back of her head. Today was going to be one of those days that her sleep hadn’t been good to her as she would wear that fact like a beacon for the whole world to see. Things had to change, and they had to change soon, or otherwise she wasn’t sure how long she could keep this up for.

With a simple yawn, a rub of her eyes she headed towards the bathroom to freshen up. The routine that followed was like clock work as she showered, got dressed in her training gear so she was ready to head to the Steven’s Gym. Yet, she always made sure before she left a fresh pot of coffee was brewing for the boys and that she slipped their crumpets into the oven on a timer. It was the least she could do, to offer some sore of apology for keeping them awake at night and for letting her crash here. She set the island bench up in the kitchen with an array of their favourite breakfast spreads, so all they had to do was roll out of bed and put together the final pieces of their breakfast.



Training, the good the bad the ugly; nevertheless, people only want to show when things go well in training never when things go bad and today well, today had been a head scratcher for Gabriel. Danielle and Gabriel had gone over the moves, the same moves they had been doing for months, it was just today nothing was sticking, nothing was blending, and nothing was coming together. It was a giant mess, something that was well out of his control. In fear of risking any injuries to himself or to Dani he had stopped the mat work early today and the rest of Danielle’s training session was used to enhance her cardio. Just unfortunately something was missing, there wasn’t that perk in her step that Danielle normally had, she seemed flat euthanistic and even when she tried to rally herself up, nothing not even a spark was enough to light the fuse.

As Gabriel watched Danielle struggle with a simple running drill, his hands flew up as he called time. Danielle knew that was never a good thing, when Gabriel shut down the training session early it meant that you were either doing one of two things. One fucking around and wasting his time, or two you weren’t getting it and it wasn’t worth his time to continue. As she defeatedly walked across the gym back towards him, her head lowered she didn’t want to see the look of disappointment across Gabriel’s face. she looked up to him, not only was he her trainer, but he was the level of greatness she aspired to become in Sin City Wrestling, Dani didn’t want to walk in the shadows of the females she wanted to burst out and be one of the greatness names in this business, in Sin City Wrestling. She wanted to be timeless, like the man that was now standing before her, with his hands crossed. It was rare for Gabriel to yell at any of his students, Danielle had only ever heard of a few stories where he had ever lost his cool and this moment felt like it was going to be one of them.

“What’s going on with you?” Was all his harsh accent could muster as he looked down at Dani who was already about to cry. “I’ve seen bad days, but I think this one just topped it.” He was defeated, and he wasn’t going to lie about it.

Dani just looked up at him, a blank face was all she could offer. She didn’t have words right now she didn’t have the answers all she knew is that today just wasn’t her day. Dani couldn’t fake her way out of this one as Gabriel could see the truth all over her face, no amount of make up could hide the big black rings under her hazel eyes.

“Jesus Christ Dani, did you get any sleep at all last night?” His voice turned to concern.

The sound of the word sleep was enough to bring a yawn from her lips, meaning that she didn’t have to answer with words as her actions were just doing fine to sum up. Gabriel just shuffled his head in disappointment as he was about to kick off the talk.

“You know that coming to training, lacking sleep is not just dangerous for you… it puts others at risk as well?” He lectured her, as he looked into her eyes. “If you’re working to much at the casino, you need to let Daniel know.” Was all the advice he could offer.

Danielle just looked at Gabriel and sighed. “It’s not that, I can handle that. I have been handling it.” Another desperate yawn escaped her lips as she continued. “Just had a bad night dream wise.” He voice was shaky and defeated. “I’m sorry, the last thing I wanted to do was upset you.” He head dropped as she looked towards the ground.

Gabriel just reached out in in true father style, he wrapped his arms around Dani’s shoulders and tucked her in for a hug. He knew all about what Danielle had been though, Fenris, Aron and Daniel had filled him in to explain some of her actions. It was enough to make his blood boil and enough to make Synn and himself want to go a venture of their own, but they held back and let nature take it course. After hearing about Fenris’ little incident they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about Eli coming around the gym anymore, as a smart man would learn to stay away if he knew what was good for his own health.

“How about you head home and try and get some sleep?” his harsh tone softened as he looked at her. “We can pick up again tomorrow to get you ready for Apple and Amy.” A hint of concern was in his tone.

Truth be known he wasn’t sure of Danielle was going to have what it takes to stay focused in this match if she didn’t sort herself out. Amy was a hard person to wrestle with, she was direct and aggressive something that Danielle had never encountered while Apple was new, with tricks up her sleeve that were yet to be revealed. Danielle had made leaps and bounds to come from, bad to good but she was striving for great but with performances like today all she was doing was hindering her own success. Dani did stay to fight Gabriel’s instructions, she just bowed her head and thanked him once more before she made her way to the showers. Lucky for her she had the afternoon free to try and fix this, but it was only a few day away before her title defence and on the outside looking in, Dani was far from ready.



Dani had showered, changed and headed away from the gym yet she hadn’t followed Gabriel direct instruction to go home and rest as she made a quick d-tour to the casino. She wasn’t rostered on to work, she just knew that at this time of day it would be a quiet time, so she could sneak in and see her work friends grab a bite to eat before she swung home to get some sleep. As she walked in the front door she was greeted by Osbourne, who had a smile from ear to ear as he was dragging someone out of the door by their collar. Danielle didn’t even have to ask, she just assumed that it was a dodgy man that couldn’t handle his alcohol that was causing a scene, so he had to be removed.

In front of her eyes she looked at the main bar, her bar that Lacey was working behind today with four others. She was pleased to see that they weren’t getting hammered and things seemed to be neat and tidy. Mackenzie and Charlotte were in the seating area, deep in conversation. While Daniel and Nick were missing, yet she had a sneaky feeling they were upstairs in the observation deck, so the brunette just fired off a playful wave in that direction. Making her way up to the bar, she waited for her turn to be served, before she grabbed a vodka and cranberry before she ordered some food. Lacey told her that they would bring it out to her, before she made her way over towards Kenz and Charley.

Even though they were two of the most feared women in Sin City Wrestling, they had always been polite and welcoming to Danielle. As she took a seat, they smiled towards her before their eyes looked directly as the make up covered rings around her eyes.

“Fuck me, do you even know what sleep is?” was all Kenz could bark out as she grabbed Dani’s wrist and pulled her closer towards her.

Once Kenz was finished inspecting the rings to make sure they weren’t bruises she released her vice like grip around Danielle’s wrist. Dani instantly reaching up to rub away at the skin on skin burn that was left there.

“Whoa… why so aggressive?” Dani said with a smile, hoping that they weren’t about to grill her for her current lack of sleep.

“Sorry, it’s second nature” Kenz just shrugged it off, if only Dani knew how true that statement was.

Charlotte just looked across the table at Danielle and decided to take the more delicate approach.

“Care to explain?” She tapped her own eyes, so Danielle couldn’t miss what she was talking about. “Who’s the lucky man keeping you up all night?” Charly said with a wink.

Kenz just coughed her drink back up as she held back a chuckle. “Is it Aron? I mean… you wouldn’t have to go far for that.”

Dani just rolled her eyes, she knew they were joking but she wasn’t in the mood for it.

“Sadly, I’m on a dry spell… have been for almost eight months now.” She huffed. “I’m just not sleeping, or at least taking it in.” She brought her drink to her lips but before she took a sip she uttered “Just some bad dreams, that’s all.”

She didn’t have to say anything else as the girls knew what she meant, that and the fact that Fenris had informed Daniel of his grand plan to train Danielle so she was ready for anything. It wasn’t a bad idea, well it wasn’t one that Daniel disagreed with. It was funny how all their lives intertwined all because of tis crazy wrestling world they lived in.

Reaching across the table Kenz held onto the top of Dani’s hand. “You need to get your shit together girl, or this Sunday night… Amy and Apple are going to walk all over you.” She gave her hand a little squeeze.

“And none of us want either of those two being at the head of the division.” Charlotte scoffed at the thought. “I’d rather rip my fucking eyes out then have to listen to those two twats ramble on about how they’re the champion.” She shuttered at the thought.

“So, get your fucking head on right.” Mackenzie was almost barking at her as she held Danielle’s attention. “Fix this fucking thing.” She pointed to her eyes, hinting at the lack of sleep. “Hell… you need to find a shag, that will fix all of it.” She said with a smirk that was from ear to ear.

Dani just rolled her eyes. “I don’t think sex, is going to fix this.”

Much to Danielle’s shock as soon as those words escaped her mouth the sound of Nicky George clearing his throat from behind her was enough to have her cheeks flushing red. She didn’t know what it was about him and his timing that always made her feel uncomfortable. Daniel just gave Nicky a look, that told him to behave but he couldn’t help that cheeky playboy smile on his face.

“What are you lovely ladies, talking about over here?” His English accent was intoxicating as he took a seat at the table.

Daniel followed, making sure he squeezed Nicky’s shoulder as he walked past to remind him of his position.

“Oh, just that Dani is on a dry spell, can’t sleep and if she doesn’t fix that… she is going to fuck up her title reign.” Mackenzie said with a smile.

The daggers that Dani was shooting across the table towards Mackenzie seemed like puppy eyes as the group let out a laugh at Danielle’s expense.

“You’re going to have to try a lot harder, love… those little puppy dog eyes won’t hurt me.” Kenz chuckled once more as Danielle just shuffled in her seat.

Danielle just got up from her spot and started to walk off, leaving the group a little on edge. The last thing they wanted to do was upset her, but truth be told Danielle just needed a moment to collect her humility.

“Aye, where are you going?” Was all Charlotte could call out.

Turning around on her heels Dani just fired back “To go get my food, I can’t stomach this.” She pointed towards their table. “On an empty stomach.” She was a little feisty with her bite back, but it was a sign of growth for the group.

As Danielle walked off to get her lunch from the kitchen, Daniel turned to look at Nicky who was like a dog with a bone. That cheeky grin splashed on his face permanently as he watched Dani walk away, without ever even trying her little round bubbly butt was all he could focus on, before Charlotte clicked her fingers to steal his attention.

“Oi…” Charley snarled at him, her teeth gritted. “She’s not for you… you tart.”

Mackenzie just nodded in agreement. “She’s already had one fucked up relationship, she doesn’t need the likes of you fucking her up more.”

That smirk didn’t leave his face as he turned back to look at the group, his eyes gleaming as he dragged his finger through his long blonde hair. “I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure I could fix this.” He just winked.

A slap sound was heard as Mackenzie knocked him on the back of his head. “You don’t fix hearts, you break them… so knock it off Romeo.”

Nicky fake wounded as he placed his hands over his heart, faking that it was broken.

“All I’m saying is this.” He kicked off with his gruff tone. “She’s on a dry spell… She’s tired… she needs to be worn out to get some sleep.” He smugly winked. “Pretty sure I could offer a solution to said problem.”

Another knock to the back of his head, however this time it was harder, and it came from Daniel who just rested back into his chair.

“Not happening son, unless you want me to turn your bollocks in to a bow tie?” He held his glare with Nick, who just placed his hands up in innocence.

“Alright, alright” Nicky fired back, yet his smile never left his face as the thoughts of still tangling up with Danielle were still rampant in his mind.

The group waited for Dani to return, yet when she came back she had enough food for all of them. She had a lot to think about with High Stakes just around the corner and she would deal with that as soon as she enjoyed some lunch with her friends and got some sleep.


High Stakes is just around the corner, in fact it just at the end of this week and to ask if Dani is ready? Well compared to the start of the week... I have to admit it does look a little doom and gloom. Yet, I can promise you that she has her head in the game and she is ready willing and able to defend her Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship.

She is refusing to go down without a fight meaning that Amy and Apple better plan on bringing their a game because when it’s all said and done and the bell tolls at the start of the match, Dani can’t stop and won’t stop until she walks out with her head held high. There is a lot of pressure on her back, there is a lot of weight on her shoulders and Dani will be damned if she is going to let all of that cloud her hard work and dampen what she has done thus far in her Sin City Wrestling career.

High Stakes won’t be Apple’s moment in the sun, it won’t be her moment to rise to the top. It will be here reality check... it will be the match that she learns that right now she isn’t worthy of the top of mountain regardless of how royal she thinks she is... the throne isn’t for the taking and all her moves to throw Dani off with mind games will be pointless... she’ll be the “queen” of Sin City Wrestling without a title, without a crown and with nothing to defend.

High Stakes won’t be Amy’s moment to re-climb the mountain either. It won’t be her moment to just swoop in and claim the World Bombshell Championship. It will however be a chance for her to try and prove her worth and there is not doubt in the back of Dani’s mind that she won’t take it. She will fight tooth and nail to win what she wants, however sometimes chances come and go... sometimes they are given while other times they are taken away and at High Stakes... Amy’s silver platter opportunity won’t be a golden one. She will just have to watch from the side lines as it passes her by.

So you two better be ready on Sunday night because Dani is more than ready to defend her title and nothing will stop her from showing the world just how far she has come. In a world where everyone is claiming to be the best, Dani is going to close her mouth and let her actions and training do the talking.

She doesn’t have to have a name title to claim that she is the queen, she doesn’t have to have a reputation in Sin City Wrestling either... but she does have heart and a lot of it and that’s how Danielle has gotten to where she is today and that’s at the top looking down.

This Sunday night Dani just has to do what she does best and that’s defend her Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Championship. Each and every defence making her better than the last... preparing her what now doubt will soon come... when Mikah wakes up and decides that she wants what is hers.

Regardless of how little Amy and Apple think of Dani she is going to do everything in her power to show them at High Stakes she is one controlling the odds and well... everything at the end of the night will be coming up Weston. Her competition have ruled her out and that’s what makes her dangerous because she is the wild card they believe they have beaten, she is the one that believe is a one hit wonder but at the end of the night and at the end of the match... with her hand raise and her title still safely by her side Amy and Apple will be forced to take notice as their hope of becoming the Sin City Wrestling World Bombshell Champion, just breezed on by... and while everyone is claiming that Dani can’t do anything on her own or anything right... Dani will prove to them without doubt that she did this and defended her title well and truly for self and by herself.

Dani will see you on Sunday ladies and well, may the best girl win.

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