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> All-Star Roxi Issue #1, A Matter Of Respect
Roxi Johnson
Posted: August 09, 2019 11:01 pm

SCW Elite!

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{Our scene opens at the dinner table. Only, there’s no food from where we can see, simply Roxi sitting at the table, hands folded, and a stern look on her face, staring at the person sitting across from here.}

Roxi – I think it’s time we had a conversation.

{The person says nothing, and Roxi just shakes her head.}

Roxi – Oh, so now you don’t want to talk. You talk all day, and now when it’s serious you don’t want to talk. I see how it is. Well, let me tell you this, if you don’t talk, you don’t get what you want. And I know what you want. So, there’s no avoiding this. You’re going to talk to me.

{We pan across to find Nate, Roxi’s son, doodling with markers in a coloring book.}

Nate – Okay.

Roxi – What are you doing?

Nate – Coloring.

Roxi – What are you coloring?

Nate – This book.

Roxi – I see. How old are you?

Nate – Three… I mean… two! I’m two!

{Nate holds up five fingers, obviously not having the numbers quite right. He puts some down and brings them back up, not quite having mastered it just yet.}

Roxi – Can you could to two?

Nate – One. Two.

Roxi – Very good. When do you turn three?

Nate – I don’t know. In…. 3 days.

Roxi – In 3 days? I think it’s next month.

Nate – Oh. Yeah, that’s right.

Roxi – Do you know what you want for your birthday?

Nate – Presents.

Roxi – Just presents?

Nate – Uh-huh. And cake. And Toys. And a party.

Roxi – That’s a lot of things.

{Nate looks up from coloring and holds up his hand.}

Nate – I will help, Mommy.

Roxi – You’ll help?

Nate – Uh-huh. I have… 5 dollars in my bank.

Roxi – Well, that’s a load off my mind. It’s good to help.

Nate – And then… I will get more dollars and I’ll be rich!

Roxi – Well, I hope so.

Nate – I got this, Mommy.

{Roxi can’t help but laugh with how serious Nate speaks.}

Roxi – You got this. Okay. Well when you’re rich, you can help me and Mama.

Nate – Are you okay, Mommy?

{Roxi nods.}

Roxi – I am. I am.

Nate – That’s good.

Roxi – How are you doing?

Nate – I’m great.

Roxi – I can tell.

{In the midst of this riveting conversation, Keira walks in, a laundry basket tucked in her arm and a smile on her face.}
Keira – What’s going on here?

Nate – Nothing. I’m coloring.

Keira – I can see that. What are you coloring?

Nate – This book! Mommy already asked me that!

{Nate says sternly as he slams the marker on the table.}

Keira – Well then…

Roxi – He sure told you.

{Keira side eyes Roxi and shakes her head.}

Keira – Are you a big boy today?

Nate – No. I’m a little boy.

Roxi – When are you going to be a big boy?

Nate – Uh… in… 5 years.

Keira – So when you’re seven?

Nate – Uh-huh.

Roxi – That’s a long time. You’re going to be a little boy for a long time.

Nate – I will be a big boy little boy.

{Another laugh.}

Keira – You’ll be both?

Nate – Uh-huh.

Keira – Gotcha. Please eat your grapes.

Nate – Okay.

{Nate turns the bowl next to him and begins to eat some of the grapes. Keira turns to Roxi.}

Keira – You look bored.

Roxi – I am bored.

Keira – So you’d rather take off every two weeks?

{Roxi sighs and leans back in her chair, stretching.}

Roxi – It’s not like that. You of all people know what it’s like to not know what’s next. I love being here. I love spending time with both of you and watching Nate grow. But just like you, that fire never goes away.

Keira – You could have stayed in Valor.

Roxi – Yeah, no. It wasn’t for me. I needed a break. Some time away. And now I have a ton of options, and honestly, I feel that just choosing one is letting the others down. Mimi offered, Bobbi offered, even Kat offered.

Keira – You are not Foxy Boxing.

Roxi – I’m just saying it’s an option, along with a lot of others. I’ve never really had this much to think about. Do I try something new? Do I go where my friends are? Do I go someplace I’ve never been? To have so many options, I feel like if I do one thing, I’m letting someone else down.

{Keira sets the laundry basket down and rubs Roxi’s shoulders.}

Keira – It’s fine. You and me, we’re lucky, you know? We have the ability, you especially, to do whatever we want to do. We can do anything right now and go anywhere. Not everybody gets that type of respect. It’s inside me too. But right now, I think you should just relax, and enjoy this time. I think you’ll know when the time is right to do something.

{Roxi smiles, reaching up and rubbing her hand on Keira’s.}

Roxi – Maybe. I guess it is all about timing.

Keira – Trust me, you’ll know. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

{Keira picks up the laundry basket.}

Keira – I have to go finish the laundry.

Roxi – Have fun.

Keira – Very funny.

{Nate looks up and waves at Keira.}

Nate – Bye-bye Mama.

Keira – Hey… I love you.

Nate – I love you too, Mama.

{Keira soon disappears and Roxi and Nate are alone again.}

Roxi – So, how are those grapes… good?

Nate – Grapes are delicious.

Roxi – How did you get so smart?

Nate – I don’t know.

Roxi – Can I have one of those grapes?

{Nate turns the bowl over, revealing that there are no more grapes inside.}

Nate – Sorry. All gone.

Roxi – Fair.

{Roxi feels a buzzing on her person, so she reaches into her pocket and looks at her phone.}

Roxi – Vegas?

{Roxi pushes the button to answer the phone.}

Roxi – Hello?... Oh hey! Yeah…. Well I…. You know how much the place means to me…. It would be great to… I… I guess I’ll see you soon then. Thank you so much for the opportunity…. I really do appreciate this. Mmmhmm… Bye.

{Roxi hangs up the phone and places it back in her pocket.}

Nate – Mommy, are you leaving?

{Roxi has a sad look on her face as she looks at her son.}

Roxi – No baby… Mommy is just going to go home.

{The scene fades with Roxi nodding to herself about what she believes is the right decision.}

{The scene re-opens with a shot of the SCW headquarters in Las Vegas. Roxi is shown walking along with security through the door, and into the building where Mark Ward is shown standing with many other staff members and faculty, giving Roxi a round of applause as she enters.}

Mark Ward – Welcome back.

Roxi – Thank you. I… I don’t know what to say.

Mark Ward – You don’t have to say anything. It’s our pleasure to have you back.

{Roxi shakes hands and hugs several of the staff and faculty, and pictures are taken documenting the occasion. There’s a lot of small talk and chatter until Mark decides to break it up.}

Mark Ward – Alright people, back to work. I’m sure we have all things to do and Mrs. Johnson has a contract to sign, so let’s get to it.

{The faculty and staff say their goodbyes and soon Roxi accompanies Mark to a large board room. The contract in its fancy binder lays on the table as the two enter.}

Roxi – Isn’t Christian going to be here?

Mard Ward – He’s taking a much-needed vacation. God help wherever he may be at this point.

Roxi – It can’t be that bad.

Mark Ward – You don’t have to work with him every day. The man needed to blow off the excess… energy shall we say?

Roxi – We’re getting over the level of things I need to know about.

Mark Ward – Fair enough. Shall we?

{Roxi looks over the contract, taking her time to examine things before stopping and looking up at Mark.}

Roxi – You’re giving me a championship match at the next super card?

Mark Ward – Is that a problem?

Roxi – It’s quick is all.

Mark Ward – Think of it as… shaking things up. The champion needs to be kept on their toes. And you, a legend and hall of famer, are certainly capable of doing that.

Roxi – I… I don’t know what to say, I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Mark Ward – You’ve earned it.

{A smile comes across Roxi’s face, a look of excitement fills her face as well, as she finally puts pen to paper and makes it official. She stands, handing the binder to Mark and the two shakes hands.}

Mark Ward – Welcome home.

Roxi – Thanks. It feels good to be home.

Mark Ward – I suppose we head down and get the whole photo op business taken care of.

Roxi – After you, boss.

{A small chuckle escapes Mark turning back to Roxi.}

Mark Wark – No, ladies first my dear.

{The two eventually head out the door as the scene fades.}

Hello again, SCW.

It feels so good to be able to say that once again.

You have no idea how excited I am to be back.
Now, I know that I took some of you by surprise last week, even my own wife. And the reason for that, is because I wasn’t really sure about coming back here, and whether or not it was the correct decision to make. I have to admit, that while I was kind of bored sitting at home at the house, I had the itch to return to the ring. But it couldn’t have been just any return to the ring, it had to be the right fit, the right place, the right time. A lot of thought went into this. It’s a process, and it’s a long and taxing one.

I had offers from so many companies, and I’m not one to turn down an opportunity, but as much fun as it would have been to go to those places, even if it were for a brief stint, I don’t know if it would mean as much, and I didn’t want to go to a company, where I may have slacked off, or not given my best effort, because that would be unfair to everyone who pays money to see me wrestle. I needed to go somewhere, and get my mojo back.

As is well documented, I didn’t , or rather, I haven’t had the best 2019 out there. I mean, seriously, I haven’t won a match since February. It was a rough thing to go through. I mean, so many things went through my mind, about age, and ability, and desire. And I have to be honest, for those few months, I was miserable. I know, you can say I hide it well, but it’s a talent, well, no, I can’t call it a talent, it’s a curse that I have to be able to shield all the bad things negatively affecting me, and put on that smile and play drums and interact with my friends. I wish I didn’t have that ability, but I do.

So, much like I did before, I stepped away. Stepped out of the wrestling ring and went home. And yes, that prompted a lot of places calling for my services to wrestle. Offering me a chance to change the perception and change my own circumstances. But to be honest, I wasn’t really ready to do that. I needed time. I needed to be a mom again. To watch my son grow and learn and play and turn into what he is now. It brought me a lot of joy.

But when that feeling comes back, and every wrestler feels it, you need to come back. Get back in the ring, and for me, earn just a small amount, of redemption.

And where do you go when you need that? You go home.

Getting the call to come back to SCW from Mark Ward, and from Christian was a great feeling. For a little bit there, I felt like I had no value anymore. I had spent a long time losing matches and it didn’t matter to those guys. Especially, those guys. So it makes me prouder than ever to sign a contract, and return to where I became who I am today.

No more coming back for the Blast From the Past or guest hosting and watching all the action, no, now, I get to pick right back up where I left off. I get to continue my legacy. Now, I’m back, and I’m ready, both physically and mentally ready for both.

And we start that journey back, with Apple Coren, This Sunday.

Now, I know, I haven’t been around for a while, I’m reminded every time Mercedes Vargas posts something about SCW and the bewildering fact that she somehow won the Bombshell’s title, but that’s another story, for another time. We’re here to talk about Ms. Coren and the honest truth is, All I can tell is that she has a rotten attitude. I mean, I guess that’s the joke right? The shtick of being rotten to the core and your name is Apple. I mean, alright then, if she wants to set herself up to be a walking punchline for her entire career, more power to her. Sometimes you have to embrace the silliness that comes your way, take it in stride. And that’s cool and all, I can kind of respect that. Though, I’m confident I am not, and will not get the same respect in return.
And that’s really what this is about, isn’t it? Respect.

I can already hear the old jokes, the disrespectful talk that will come from Ms. Coren about me, and about my family, because that’s par for the course for someone like Apple. Heck, who am I kidding by saying someone like Apple. Like there’s a host of people like her or something. No, I would put Ms. Coren in a class all by herself. After all, wouldn’t she? But I expect to be disrespected. And that is what makes this all the more enjoyable come Sunday when I get to beat a whole lot of respect into Apple Coren.

But, let me be perfectly clear here: I am in no way taking Apple lightly. Some may see this as a tune-up, but I am thinking a lot bigger. In the grand scheme of things, this is a giant first step. This is me, having to show both Crystal and Alicia what I am bringing to Summer XXXtreme. They get to see first-hand that this isn’t some nostalgia thing, this isn’t me back for a cup of coffee. I am coming to Summer XXXtreme to take the SCW Bombshell’s championship for whomever the champion is. Apple Coren is going to serve as an example. But I’m not stupid, I am fully aware that neither Crystal nor Alicia are Apple Coren. It’s not the same thing. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

My point is, you earn respect in this game, and despite what anyone says, I know full well I have to re-earn that respect. What I’ve done in SCW, it really doesn’t matter at this point in time. This is an industry that is all about what you’ve done lately. And I’m starting at Apple Coren and beating her in the middle of the ring. That will be the latest thing I do, until I walk into Summer XXXtreme and take care of unfinished business. I will re-establish the respect I once earned, and I will show anyone who ever doubted that I am as good as anyone in the world, that they were dead wrong. I will show everyone there is no ring rust, there’s no easing back into this for me. If I have to go 20 seconds or 20 minutes, I will beat Apple Coren in the center of the ring. And she, like everyone who is unsure, will put some respect on my name.

Because it’s something I’m no longer going to tolerate. I don’t care if you’re rich or poor, black, white, blue, green, whatever, respect is something I take very, very seriously. Too many people, have worked long and hard to get where they’re at, only for somebody somewhere to try and tear them down. I see and hear the words, I’ve watched the videos of Ms. Coren doing just that, and after Sunday, she will be singing a very different tune, I promise you that. Nobody gets to decide whose better in this world. You may be bigger stronger and faster or whatever than the next person. But that doesn’t make you better. There comes a point where you have to draw a line and this is my point. I have drawn the line and there will be more respect from Apple Coren after Sunday.

And just so I’m clear when I say this, she isn’t the only one who obviously needs to learn about respect. Oh no. It will be another harsh reality when I have to draw that same line for either Crystal Zdunich OR Alicia Lukas.

But, let’s not end on a sour note. It’s my return to Climax Control, It’s in California, we get to hit the LBC and it’s summer time! I am excited beyond belief to finally be back in the ring, and to be back in SCW. I will give you everything I have like I always have, and I hope to see all of you there.

It’s truly is… good to be home.

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