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> Mixed Tag Team Championship Match, Fatal Fourway
Mark Ward
Posted: February 02, 2020 04:07 am

Not just a boss, THE boss
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All roleplays for this match go in this thread.

Limits: 1 roleplay per week, per character. 5,000 word limit.

Good luck!

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Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon thee

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Johanna Krieger
Posted: February 02, 2020 07:01 pm

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Burn my fist to the concrete
My fear is my strength
Power, rage unbound strength
Been pounded by the streets
Cyanide blood burns down the skyline
Hatred is purity
The bullet connects at last
Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast


When the anger takes over, the levee breaks.

I sat across the table from pure evil. I looked into its eyes and I was able to see the true horror that is a black, void soul. It affected me more than I would like to admit.

See, my father prepared me for all of this. He sat me down when I first entered the academy and explained what it was like. The fact that some people, some criminals, and even some victims. They were just wrong in the head. They were made different and you needed to think like them and sometimes learn how to turn off your emotions.

You had to learn to not feel.

Something that seems easier than it really is.

If you can switch off emotion, if you can get in their head then you really do feel lost. Cold, Confused. Emotion is our greatest asset and our greatest curse.

But it’s a curse that certain people are not burdened with.

I sat across from a real piece of evil. I showed him the pictures of his victims, some as young as 12. He sat silent and looked them over, I waited and hoped for a sign of remorse, sadness, acceptance. But I saw nothing. Nothing until he got to the end of the pictures, then for a split second I saw happiness.

Happiness at the horrors he had committed.

Happiness at the pain he’d caused.

It scared me, terrified me. And I was ashamed. Ashamed that I couldn’t stand my ground and just forget, stop feeling, nail his ass to the wall. Instead, I stormed out and sat down outside the room, my back against the door and I shook like a leaf. I felt the anger and fear rise in me and I knew I couldn’t go back in there. I was a child. Others tried to get him to crack, they all failed. They all just sat there while he silently sized each of us up. I shouldn’t have felt bad, we all failed as a team, we all screwed up. But this didn’t help.It didn’t ease my guilt.

Nothing ever would. Nothing mattered anymore. Just the feeling of failure, the hatred I had inside me. But I didn’t hate him, I didn’t hate my co-workers. No, I hated myself. I hated being weak. And I hated that I failed. I took it on myself and I went home. I drank. I drank some more. And when I woke up the anger was still there. The failure was still there. And I quit, I walked away and never looked back. I didn’t belong there….and I knew it.

Now, now I know where I belong.

Away from the life of corruption.

Have you ever seen a body dead from an overdose?. It’s not normal. See a normal body minutes after death unless destroyed by a serious outside force isn’t that much different from an alive one. Gunshot wounds to the body, knife wounds, heart attacks, natural causes. The body just stops.

But a heroin overdose, a cocaine or ecstasy one?.

The body looks twisted, bloated, broken and wrong. Because minutes before they were already dead, the brain just never knew it. And the people who sell this death and pain, the people who profit off it are the biggest scum on this earth. They trade in misery. And the worst part is that they are untouchable.

You bring them down, bring them in, have all the evidence in the world. Open and shut case, smoking fucking gun in hand and DNA on the floor. But they still walk. They walk and live to kill someone else another day and my heart exploded in sadness and pain. I would cry myself to sleep every damn night knowing I was not making the difference I wanted.

Wrestling, this life. It’s so much easier. At least the punches I can see coming.

And there are no bullets. No watching people die. Instead, I see peoples faces enjoying what we do. I see them all smiling. This life is easier, this life is simpler. But I will always have that anger inside me, no matter what I do, no matter the life I lead. I will always see it….the corruption in life….

Back in New York, Last Week.

“Did you have a good holiday Jo?”

The voice of Alex Jones broke through the silence of Johanna’s workout. Her hands dropped down as she walked off the grappling mats. Alex looks over at the other students and wrestlers including NFW’s own Aiden Reynolds. Johanna folds her arms over her chest leaning back against a wall as Alex tilts his head. “You went right from Cancun to the SCW show, I got worried about you…”

Johanna smirks and shakes her head. “Worried about me?.I’m a big girl. I just needed time to think. That draw pissed me off”

Alex moves around her and sighs folding his arms over his chest with a nod. “Yeah, I can understand that. I know you’re used to being on your own but you joined here for a reason.” She shakes her head with a snarl. “To get better and learn” She tried not to snap showing Alex respect. He laughed to himself looking around the gym, Aiden Reynolda and Austin James Mercer talk in a corner. Alicia Lukas sits in the corner looking sorry for herself, all of them talented wrestlers, some of them former world champions. “That it?. Cause that attitude can get pretty lonely” He was right of course. Johanna kept everyone at arm's length. Some of the others wanted to be her friend. Alicia Lukas had her respect, she didn’t know Austin or Aiden that well, she respected Alex of course but the rest of them, the lesser known names, the students. They weren’t ones she knew or cared to.

“Are you trying to tell me I need to make friends Alex?” He laughed and held out his hand, Johanna looked down then back up before taking it. “I am your friend, not just a member of this gym, not just an owner, a manager and a fellow wrestler. We fight together, we train together and we sharpen ourselves and our resolve. We all succeed, or we all fail.” He paused for a moment as Johanna looked across the gym at the others. She sighed heavily as Alex noticed and laughed. “But, competition keeps us strong….and you and I will be fighting together, I need to know I can rely on you…”

She smirked and gave him a small nod. Alex gave her a pat on the shoulder and backed away allowing Jo to think alone. She sat on the mats and crossed her legs stretching and breathing deeply.

Ich sagte dir, ich brachte die Hölle mit mir(I told you, I was bringing hell with me)

She was never meant to be this. A rough, harsh and cold professional wrestler. No, her dream was to be like her father. A strong, smart ,and caring man. He was a police officer, Johanna had memories of him coming home and her mother smiling wide, gathering the children to greet him. Unlike so many others in this world, Johanna’s upbringing was not filled with [ain and abuse. Or privilege. She had a normal, happy life. A loving mother and father, fun siblings and dreams in her native Germany. When she grew up, she realised that original dream. To be a police officer like her father. She studied, she worked, she tried it all but it never felt right. It never felt like she could make a difference.

Johanna always wondered if there was something more. She watched those who had little to no regard for laws, those who wanted to bring the world into chaos go free. And it was then that Johanna realised, if she couldn’t prevent chaos and anarchy, if law and order were simply jokes to the general public, she would become an agent of chaos. And she would enter a world that was different. A world she watched on television when she was a child. One that her brother and father had drawn her into while her younger sister played with dolls. The world of professional wrestling.

“I told you all, I was bringing hell with me.”

A small smile, her lips colored in black and red twist and turn as she looks up slowly through a few strands of white blond hair that dangle down from over a black bandana that is tied backwards with the knot over her forehead. Showing a kind of gothic pin-up look. Her voice was deep but still feminine. Her voice had only a small hint of an accent as she continued.

”You know what it’s like to have someone just turn up to halt your momentum and leave? I was supposed to face Mercedes Vargas, a so called legend. I was supposed to destroy her yet she tucked her tail, hid behind a medical issue and ran. So instead Song stepped up and I was excited, I was ready. Until I realised what she was there for. See SCW doesn’t want me to succeed. They saw what Alicia did, they saw how the rest of the women on the SCW roster whined and cried and threw their little fucking tantrums about the fact she dominated them. And they look at me..”

“Someone from the same gym, who looks more dangerous, deadlier, tougher and someone who everyone reports that in training, can take down and tap out the “greatest women's wrestler alive”. They don’t want me going on that kind of run, so they put Song in front of me and somehow she ended up with a draw, and then running away.”

“That isn’t how life works.”

“All that draw did was make me angry. It got under my skin and it itches and makes me want to tear my skin off to stop it. It gave me an itch to scratch. And itch that can only be solved by violence. By putting other people through pain. And that’s what I get to do at My Bloody Valentine. See, the SCW powers that be realised they need to keep myself and Alex occupied. So they put us in a multi team match for the Mixed Tag Team titles…”

She flashes another smile, her white teeth shining bright with her black lipstick as Johanna gets to her feet and paces back and forth. She is, how the kids say. Thicc.

”Those titles have had a rough history. Created because no one really cared about the singular tag divisions. Started off strong with London Underground, held as a status symbol by Marlowe and Storms as well as Kain and Vargas before Sierra and Lachlan made them worth something again. Then, one of the most amazing flukes happened as those moronic nerds Gamer INC screwed Sierra and Lachlan over, then ran away from defending the titles making them irrelevant.”

“But then Culture Shock and the current, two time champions London Underground happened. Two teams whose reigns have made those titles noteworthy and brought them back up to prominence. And now, the division is thriving.”

“We will be entering into a fatal fourway with the champions, The good shepherds and the trenton tigers. There’s some who would see this as some kind of demotion but Alex and I both know this is a division that thrives on that competition. A division where you need to work together but separately at the same time. It’s a challenge. And one worthy of respect. Even if one of the teams is a group of religious zealots. And who will be stepping in the ring? Father Gerald? Brother David? Mother Mavis? Sister Esther?. Cousin Samuel with the missing testicle? Niece Franny with the club foot and missing nipples?”

“This group of individuals is not a real family. Brought together by religion isn’t the same as what Wolflair has. We ride together, we bleed together, we work together and we all strive towards a common goal. Greatness in this business. And you cannot argue with the results. Alex has selflessly pushed Austin to get bette and pushed him and guided him all the way to the SCW world title. He pushed Alicia to be the best Bombshell champion of all time. And now, by teaming with me, he’s pushing me to become one half of the mixed tag team champions.”

Johanna iaes her eyebrows and laughs under her breath, she flexed her arms as we see her muscles ripple. Her broad shoulders, her heavily tattooed body.

”Or, it could be the Trenton Tigers. A team that has only recently come onto the scene. Managed by Cheryl Hastings and featuring a woman who had small, and limited success in Daniela V Rodgers and a man who’s literal last name is Sludge, they could surprise us all….”


“But probably won’t”

“See, Sludge is, well Sludge and Rodgers already had a failed run here and their team name and look just screams desperation. Like this is their one last shot at doing anything relevant in their career. And they chose the mixed tag division thinking it was easy. This division was far from easy. London Underground are great champions, Lachlan Kane and Sierra Williams could come back anytime they wanted, Jake Raab could somehow find a partner...he’d still be mediocre but it would still be interesting. So, the Trenton Tigers are here to make up the numbers, the Good Shepherds are here because they have been running around for months...but what about the champions and myself and Alex?”

Johanna turns front on and folds her arms over her chest, her right eyebrow raises up as her lips purse together waiting for an answer that will never come. As she’s alone. And we at home can’t answer. I believe they call that a rhetorical question.

”Alex Jones is a former world champion. A man who put wolfslair together and who attracted some of the best of the best at his gym. And you all think it was just Him, Austin and Alicia. Wolfslair is a family, a pack. And it includes Aiden Reynolds an Australian wrestler who is as athletic as he is handsome, Charlie Jones, Alexs’ sister, who has a 7-2 MMA record who could be the next PPW rogue champion. Travis Levitt, a man who saw the light and joined and could be SCW roulette champion…”

“And of…”

“Steel sharpens steel. And I have spent the last year rolling with Alicia Lukas and Charlie Jones. I have learned from them, been forged in their fire. And with Alex, as a team who trust each other and who are a pack. We will be the biggest challenge and the biggest danger for London Underground,”

“But, what of the champions?. Well, they picked up where they left off in their first run. They have shown the world just how good they are and reminded everyone why they were the inaugural champions. I can tell you that we won’t be over confident against them. They have the experience, they have the track record, they have the skills. But at My Bloody Valentine, Alex and I are going in there to win, we are going in their to bring the Mixed tag titles to Wolfslair, and we will watch as Travis and Austin bring the roulette and internet titles home too….and our family….our pack...we will be draped in gold…”

PMEmail Poster
The Good Shepherds
Posted: February 04, 2020 08:24 pm

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Psalm 128:2

“When you shall eat of the fruit of your hands, You will be happy and it will be well with you.”

“My fellow Church of the Good Shepherds congregates I say to you. I am your Father. I am your Shepherd. I have been awakened to lead the flock to heights which you all have only dreamed of. His most Holy promise is that of eternal life. Blessings to those who are most faithful to Him. A bounty awaits us beyond His pearly gates. Wealth awaits us here on earth.

“But not monetarily. Oh no, my children of faith. That which enriches the soul, the spirit by which we are carried to our next chapter of life. He will not give you more than you can take. My children! Hear me now! He does not want to punish His most faithful by casting strife upon us. Again I say, Oh no! Oh no!

“He wants us to come to him filled with joy. He will give us what we so truly deserve. If you deal with strife, there’s a good chance it’s probably your fault. You have made questionable choices and He wants to see you repent. Because I say to you children; every decision you make in life is not without consequence. Good or bad. So when we deal with strife it is not because he doesn’t love us. It is not because we are bad people. We must analyze our lives and see where we’ve gone astray.

“Did you forget to tithe this week? God sees. Did you sit by and watch as your child went to a rock and roll concert and take part in marijuana cigarettes and dope pills? God sees. Did you give your sister or brother a hug when he came out to you as a homosexual? God sees. Did you drive your daughter to Planned Parenthood? Again… God sees.

“Now children, whom I look at as brothers and sisters in faith. I am not a perfect man. I do not live a life without wrongdoing. After all I am only human. I’ve made mistakes, believe you me! Many of you might have seen the late night television programming on WGN called Sin City Underground presents: Underground. This is my other work in His name. If not I am sure you’ve all at least heard the gossip. Which you shouldn’t do my children because why?

“God hears! God sees, he also hears, people!

“But for those who are not aware… my daughter and our beloved congregate, Sister Esther, has decided that she does not want to be part of this church any longer. Nor does she wish to be a part of my family. She has run off with a man who hides his shame behind a mask. A man who does not have the God given strength to live amongst the light. As a matter of fact, he and his friends want to snuff out the radiant light within Esther!

“But I cannot let anger get the better of me. Oh no! I will not, Lord! I can’t let the demonic persuasion get to me. I must remain strong. I have to remain righteous because let’s face it… If one finger dies, do we cut off the hand? Oh no! We cut off the finger to save the hand. Though I do not see Esther as a lost cause, I cannot let our foes win. Even at the expense of my daughter. I will try to guide her back to the light before it is too late but I cannot forsake my duty as the head of this congregation. The master of this church. I shall not. I cannot.

“My point in sharing this detail with you all here today is because I have done something wrong. I was ashamed to admit it but a true man and a man of such high status within God’s eyes must, I repeat must, be able to admit when he is wrong. We all should. I have been too lenient. I took my faith in God and I put it into each and every one of you as well as Esther. I trusted too much. The only one to trust is God.

“From now on I will not be so lenient on anyone. For love is patient and love is kind. But love is difficult and love is hard. Tough love. I will show it to my congregation. I will show it to my daughter and this boy she’s run off with. I will go to new lows so that we may all rise up to new heights within His everlasting glory. No lamb will go astray. No child will be left behind. But everyone will know the wrath of Father Gerald Shepherd before they know the love of Father Gerald Shepherd.

“I say this before the Lord today! Inside of the Church of the Good Shepherds which He hath demanded I assemble for him, before him! I have done wrong but I have seen the error of my way! I am ready for His Heavenly bounty! I stand before God, before his children, and I ask you, are you ready to put your pride aside and admit to your wrongdoings? Are you ready to atone for them? Are you ready to repent so that you can meet your maker with a clear conscience and bask in His Heavenly light for eternity with all of His gifts He will bestow upon you? Think about that while our flowering choir sings for us ‘Nearer, My God, To Thee”

“In articulo mortis,
Caelitus mihi vires

Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer to thee!
E'en though it be a cross
That raiseth me.”


We wind our way through a darkened apartment somewhere within The Flats apartment building. The sound of a cigarette sizzling to a light after the strike of a match welcomes us and gives us the image of Father Gerald Shepherd many years ago. He is sitting down on a couch covered in fast food trash and empty beer cans. He sets the match inside of a candle that eventually catches a wick to provide some light to us. We see his wifebeater stained with dirt. His charcoal colored pants almost seem to go with the stains of the shirt. He blinks slowly and carefully as he glances down at a letter on the table in front of him.

Dearest Gerald,

Me and the kids are getting the fuck outta Tulsa. We’re gonna stay with my sis in Creek County until we can afford to hire a lawyer to finalize our separation and divorce. I am so sorry that it had to come to this. I tried so hard to remember the man that you used to me and the man that you could be again. But that man is dead and gone. He ain’t nothing not but a distant memory. A casualty of the Middle East that never came back home to me. Only difference was that you didn’t come back in a body bag. Just a zombie or a shell of the man you used to be.

I became my worst self because of you, Ger. I need to get help for my addiction. I need support to get better. How can I get better when you won’t support me? You would rather watch me go down the rabbit hole of phantom pains and lost time. I don’t deserve that. I am a mother and our children need at least one parent in their lives that they can count on to be responsible.

I tried my hardest to look past your infidelity with Ginny. I wanted nothing more than to pretend that it never happened. But when you caught David in that room with his friend and you gave him a black eye I just knew I couldn’t be with you any longer. He’s our son for cryin’ out loud! What happens when Esther brings a boy home for the first time? You gonna rough her up too? I cannot allow it. I will not allow it, Ger.

You claimed to be a man of God but you ain’t nothing but a man with an untreated concussion. A hound dog who ain’t no man of mine. Not anymore. I hope you can handle being with a skank who is less than half your age, barely old enough for you to not wind up in jail. You deserve what he hath given you, Ger.

But don’t forget the man that you used to be. One day he might live again. I hope for your sake that he does because alcoholism, adultery, hypocrisy, drug abuse, and domestic violence do not suit you. But until you find yourself promise me that you won’t give up trying. That man was a wonderful man and the world would be very blessed to have him in it.

All the best,

The letter is now waving in his hands and is shaking like a feather in the wind. Gerald’s eyes are puffy with the tears that once poured out from them not but a few moments before we seen him. The cigarette ash breaks off and falls to the floor while Gerald reads the letter over a couple more times. He is cut off only by the sound of a toilet flushing. After a second a door opens and floods the room with light. A young Virginia Mae Putnam walks out of the bathroom in a large military issued brown shirt that covers halfway down her thigh. She sighs when she sees Gerald with the letter in his hand. She walks over to the couch but steps on something that makes her say “ow” in a gaspy whisper. She watches her step and comes closer.

Virginia: Damn daddy Gerald. Why you lookin’ at that there letter for the tenth time today. She’s already been gone a damn coons age.

Gerald: Bitch! If I want your goddamn opinion then I’ll ask for your goddamn opinion!

Ginny slaps her hand across Gerald’s face when she leans over and takes the cigarette from his hand. She taps it into an ashtray and ignores the fact that the rest of the apartment is trashed.

Virginia: Trash my apartment like a fuckin’ pig. Call me a bitch all you want. But do not use the Lord’s name in vain in my home. Ever.

Gerald breathes through his nose and gets very angry. But he has no choice but to listen to her. He folds the letter up and sets it next to the candle. Ginny scoffs and picks it up to hold it over the candle.

Gerald: Motherfucker! Now Ginny Mae you know that letter was the last thing I had from Mavis! I ought to pull you by your fake blonde hair and drag you down the hall and let everyone take their shot at you like the whore you are!

Ginny shrugs and exhales a plume of smoke before putting the cigarette out in the ashtray.

Virginia: Least Mavis got one thing right, papa bear. You ain’t the man you used to be. You ain’t got the fuckin’ nuts to put a hand on me. You’re more whipped than a cat in a rodeo. Problem is that the one who's got your dick on a leash is too far away to benefit. Now I’m stuck here with a man who is only good for barkin’ and fuckin’, when the whiskey and beer ain’t got to his other head yet.

Gerald mocks her quietly by running his mouth while she talks. He continues to try to clear up and save the parts of the letter that he can. Ginny picks up one of the bottles of beer and she takes a sip while it is clearly warm because of the way she chokes it back.

Virginia: You got the soul of a warrior. I sense it in you. But you stay a slave to your vices and your temper because you can’t face down whatever happened to you in Iraq. All you can do is imagine I’m wearing a hijab while you hate fuck me, and swim around in your own filth. You got demons, Gerald. You need to exorcise ‘em.

Gerald listens to every word of Ginny like it was the first time he’s heard them. In fact it is probably the hundredth time he’s heard them but it hits him like an epiphany. He looks over to Ginny and he kisses her on the cheek.

Gerald: That’s it! That’s exactly it! Ginny! You’re a genius!

Virginia: Uh okay…

Gerald jumps up from the couch and he walks over to the mantle. He picks up a crucifix from it and he holds it close to his chest. He goes into what seems like a silent prayer. While he does this it is clear that he is no longer here. He stands still and his chest stops heaving. His breaths can no longer be heard. Total silence beyond the sizzle of the candle wick. Hours pass by as Gerald is trapped in his own head before he comes out. He kisses the crucifix and places it back on the mantle. He turns right into the coffee table and bumps his knee hard. He growls and picks up a book nearby to throw it across the room. However he stops and stares at the book.

It is none other than an inspirational book by a young up and coming author who no one has seen before. Gerald opens the book and begins to read aloud.

Gerald: “ Yes You Can: A Definitive Guide to Life, Love, and Happiness” by Andrew Borg.

His eyes cannot move to the actual content of the book as he is focused on the author's picture in the front of the book. He doesn’t even notice as Ginny comes up behind Gerald and gives him a kiss on the shoulder before leaning around to look at the book. She chuckles.

Virginia: Some piece of shit book ma bought me to help me realize that I ain’t meant to keep sexin’ up men older’n my daddy ‘cause I got daddy issues from when he up and left us nineteen years ago. It’s a bunch of hogwash anyway.

Gerald shakes his head from side to side slowly when he opens the book and begins reading. He knows he’s supposed to be reading the book but he cannot feel the true power of the words he’s reading. But he feels a sensation of power radiating from the book himself. He searches through every page looking.

Virginia: Earth to Gerald? It’s a cheesy thing ma got from Goodwill, and it was just published last year. Give it a rest and give me some of that attention, papa.

Gerald: No.

Virginia: Excuse me?

Gerald: I said “no”. This book was put here for a reason. I’m supposed to read it. I’m supposed to know it. I’m supposed to know him!

Ginny scoffs and looks at the cover. The face Andrew Borg is making on stage makes her laugh.

Virginia: Back in the nineties, ma always told me never to trust a guy with a rattail or a mullet.

Gerald: Can you please be serious for one minute? I’m supposed to be part of something big. I’m supposed to build something. And I think this Andrew Borg guy is supposed to be part of building it. And you. And Mavis, David, and Esther. I finally found what I been missing since Iraq.

Ginny leans off of his shoulders and stares at him with those big ole sad puppy dog eyes. She can’t believe what she’s hearing but the backwards love she feels for Gerald makes her feel like she should at least honor him by pretending to be supportive.

Virginia: What’s that?

Gerald: Purpose. A higher calling. Something that don’t just start or end with me. I gotta make a few calls.

Gerald rushes off and Ginny is stuck standing there in a whirlwind. She just sighs and pulls out another cigarette and lights it to a sizzle.


A white cloth flutters through the wind coming through the open door of The Church of the Good Shepherds. Sister Ginny and Mother Mavis prepare the altar while people slowly walk into the church. Brother David brings out a candle holder and a thurible which he sets down upon the table at the side of the podium after Mavis and Ginny set the cloth down just right. The choir continues to sing praise via recording from last Sunday’s service. Once Mavis, Ginny, and David take their places in front of the table, and they pull out their copies of The Good Book, Father Gerald walks out from the side of the stage. He carries the original The Good Book, large and bound in brown leather. He brings it to the podium as the gathered members of the church cheer for him. He uses his one free hand to wave to them and he jogs up to the podium and places the book down on it.

Gerald: Thank you! Thank you! Welcome to this week’s bible study. I want to thank each and every one of you for attending because this week is a special one. Oh praise Jesus is it special.

Gerald looks up and signs the cross over himself in all of his holy glory. He then casts his gaze out into the group.

Gerald: We are gathered here under His gaze to do His work on earth. His most holy domain. We give thanks for all of the blessings that He hath bestowed upon us. Let us start off this bible study by taking a minute to remind ourselves of these blessings and to give Him thanks for each and every one of them.

Gerald clasps his hands together and he looks down. Mavis, David, and Ginny join him as do the rest of the congregation gathered before him. They keep silent for a few moments and they follow Gerald’s lead. Once he is done, they all finish up quickly and return their attention to him.

Gerald: Phillipians 4, versus 6 and 7 tells us “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” This means that faith alone is not enough. We must live and breathe and lead our fellow man by example! We must humble ourselves before God daily. We must realize that He is the reason for all of our blessings. And He can take them away if He so desires.

Gerald pauses and looks out unto the group and there are a few “Amens” and “Hallelujahs” heard from them.

Gerald: Excuse me? Are we in some Catholic Church right now?


Gerald: That’s what I’m talking about! Humble yourselves but don’t feel ashamed to love Him! He has given us all countless blessings. For instance He has given my family the strength to carry the Heavenly Tag Team Championships in Sin City Underground. He has pushed us to our limits to keep them on our shoulders. He hath given us our desire to rid the world of scum of the earth like G.R.I.M.E. when we defend those titles against them at My Bloody Valentine.

Gerald raises a hand in the air while the group echoes their earlier sentiment.

Gerald: And on that same night! He hath given us the opportunity to take another organization under the same Sin City umbrella by storm. That’s right brothers and sisters. Another set of Tag Team Championships. The World Mixed Tag Team Championships to be exact. Against a team I have heard from a few times.

Gerald smiles.

Gerald: London Underground are a group not unlike The Good Shepherds. Powerful. A four member team competing under the freebird rule. Rich. Under His eye. The difference is that our riches are not earthly. But rather celestial. God motivates us rather than money or material possessions. We are both teams of great fighters. Do not let it be said that we do not think highly of their in-ring skills. What kind of man would I be if I did not recognize their abilities? I would be an arrogant man not unlike their manager Daniel J Morgan. By proxy my charges would also be arrogant. This would leave us open to having everything we’ve worked hard for to be pulled right out from under us.

Gerald begins to pace across the stage with the microphone in his hand.

Gerald: Psalm 107 verses 8 and 9 are very clear. “ Let them give thanks to the LORD for His unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” Let them give thanks is the key here. London Underground does not give thanks to the Lord. Yet somehow… they have been given satiation for their bodies and their bank accounts. But do they truly feel whole? No they do not. Instead they are shells of men and women wandering aimlessly trying to fill that void. And that my brothers and sisters, no my children, is why they will fall before The Good Shepherds on His holiest of days, Sunday. They will not walk away from My Bloody Valentine as the champions.

Gerald stops pacing and looks out to the group once more. He raises the microphone out to them as they shout “No!” so loud that it echoes through the microphone to make it even louder. He brings the microphone back to him and he leans over the podium.

Gerald: But they are not our only adversaries on Sunday February 16th. Oh no. Not by a long shot. A new threat has fallen upon SCW and it is one that I fear is quite powerful. The sin of wrath personified. Cold and ruthless as their name suggests. Wolfslair. They represent a gym of well established stars and bombshells. Run by former champions of every promotion they have stepped into, all but one. One which has been determined to make up for her lack of championship gold with unbridled violence.

The group gasps when Gerald looks concerned. But then his face switches to pure confidence and he laughs at the idea.

Gerald: Before we renamed our belts the Heavenly Tag Team Championships, we replaced the word Hardcore. The name sounds absolutely disgusting but we had to be hardcore by our orders directly from Him. We had to learn to tap into our darkest parts to channel them into God’s work. Johanna Krieger is not one we fear. Neither Ginny Mae nor Mavis will have trouble facing off with Johanna.

Gerald turns the page of The Good Book and reads over an affirmation silently to himself before he continues.

Gerald: Just as myself nor Brother David will fear Alex Jones. As with London Underground, we fully see that Alex Jones is a force to be reckoned with. He is talented and I recall seeing some of his highlight matches from Honor Wrestling and WWH, and even his brutal matches here in SCW. I am not too big a man to give Alex his dues. He seems most likely to be able to foster Johanna into a future multi time champion. When the time comes where she is truly ready.

Gerald grins wide and with a false sense of regret that never truly comes through.

Gerald: That time will not be February 16th I’m afraid. For that will be added as a holiday within the Calendar of Christ. The third Sunday of every February shall be known as Day of The Good Shepherds. Try as hard as they might, Alex Jones and Johanna Krieger cannot stop it in their aimless quest to earn gold within SCW. Aimless and Godless.

Gerald stops and looks back in the direction of the camera. He stares into it silently for a second of serious contemplation before he once again speaks but in a different manner altogether.

Gerald: On February 16th, 2020. The Good Shepherds will hold another bible study. Unlike our opponents earlier on the pre-show. London Underground and Alex and Johanna are graciously invited to open their ears and open their hearts to His Most Divine Word. I say that they are invited but the truth is that they do not have a choice. I will preach the Gospel through action and through words. I will lay down a Holy beating upon whoever gets in my way of achieving what God hath intended for my flock. Dual champions who spread His message throughout two companies. My hope is that both teams listen carefully and willingly. It will make things so much easier for them.

Gerald leans over the podium now.

Gerald: I say to our opposition, hear His message and know that one day, with the right amount of humility and discipline within his commandments, you just might stand a chance in defeating The Good Shepherds for the titles we will be winning in just under two weeks. Living in the light is much better than living within unholy vices. Sadly you must release the vices of sex, money, and anger in order to do this. I might be a man of God, but I am not a miracle worker. Not entirely anyway. I just pray that London Underground doesn’t think too badly of themselves when The Good Shepherds take their titles back here to Tulsa. I say this in His name, Amen.

Group: AMEN!

Gerald waves to his bible study group which he observes in admiration that it is much larger than some full churches. He feels the heavenly light shining down upon him while he imagines the feeling of carrying a second belt on his shoulders. He picks up the thurible and waves the smoke at the group to cleanse and bless them. They lean in closer to bask in it while we come to an end for now.
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Alex Jones
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I don't want to die out here in the valley
You don't have to lie,
I know that's what I'll do
I don't want my mom to know
That I never loved my life
And I sold my soul

The Innocence of a child

She sat in the lounge room playing. Her hair in little pigtails. Her natural light brown hair swaying as she bobbed her little head humming songs from frozen 2. Alex couldn’t help but smile. These moments alone with Harley are things that made him want to go on. When all was lost, when he felt his entire world break, when his mind fractured she was what kept him from just walking away.

When the walls started to tear, when his heart spent everyday hurting he still had her. See people just remembered Alexs’ infidelity. His mistakes. But do they remember the months before that?. The painful emasculation he had to endure at the hands of his “loving” ex-wife?. The joke he became and the jokes he had to endure and not once did she do anything more than offer a flippant afterthought or remark of defense?

Marriage was about having each other’s backs. Alex had Ana’s, he defended her and went to war on more than one occasion just for someone speaking ill of her.

But when push came to shove she couldn’t muster enough energy to even speak a kind word about Alex. Her husband, the man she once called her “great love” The father of her daughter. A daughter that looks so much like her mother. A woman who despite all that has happened Alex is still connected too. not just because of the past. But because of this sweet, innocent little girl.

She built a house out of playdough, she smiled at Alex proudly and happily before her little hands smooshed it all down into one soft lump. Alex raised an eyebrow and leaned in close. “Why did you do that honey?” Harley smiled and her little head popped up, her voice soft and caring.

“I’ll it build again…” Alex laughed to himself and dropped to one knee, his hand reaching out to move a loose hair behind her little ear. “Why did you smash it if you’re just going to build it?..”

She tilted her head and turned to her father with a grin. “Daddy sometimes you break things...then build them again stronger”. Alex opened his mouth to say something but she went about her business. Her little hands adding more playdough, making the walls thicker, building higher. She sat back proud and poked it to make sure it wouldn’t bend or break. She turned and put her hands in the air with a laugh ”See? Stronger!...Sonja told me that…”

Alex ran a hand over her head and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Sometimes children make fools of us all…..

Alex got to his feet and smiled stepping back and away, he looked down at his phone with a smile. The message coming through from his wife, Sonja. He typed a quick reply and sent it away. A sigh escaping his lips as a weight seemed to lift off. He slipped his phone back in his pocket and smiled content...happy...focused.

Sonja was the perfect woman for him, the woman he was always supposed to be with. But she was not his first love….

That was someone else….

Blackpool England - 14 years ago

The wind and rain roared outside as the large shutter door stayed rolled up to let in fresh air to the large warehouse-like gym in Blackpool. A few old looking rings sat in each corner with a few students in each with older men watching over them. Mats, weights and other assorted work out gear sat around the area. The faded yellow paint chipping off the walls.

In the middle of the madness stood a slender young figure. His long hair under a black hoodie. He looked around the gym with a small smirk and removes the hood and unzipped it taking it off revealing an old faded judas priest shirt and black gym shorts. His body toned and fit but lacking in the muscle some of the others had.

“Elena… I told you to not hit with your fist so ridgid… you can hurt yourself… .” The tone of the trainer came sharp and without any patience. It was cutting through the room causing some of the other students to turn around. A young girl stood in front of the bulky looking man. Medium long, light brown hair. But that wasn’t the attention seeker at all. It was her angry face combined with the challenging position her body was in.

“Is it my fault the kid doesn’t know how to block? Should teach him that before anything else.” Alex raised his eyebrows with a small chuckle he tilted his head and stared at the young girl becoming drawn. He stepped closer with his arms folded looking over at the young man the girl had just knocked down. He shook his head and stared back at her with a sigh.

“I think you’re right, defense is something everyone should learn…” He flashed a small smile at her and held his hand out. “Alex...Jones” His american accent seemed out of place as well as his looks.

“Yeah. Cool.” She said without even looking at him. Her focus was still on the kid that held his face doing all those pathetic noises. Letting out a deep sigh before shrugging her shoulders and changing focus. Her dark eyes finding a way to the trainer. “I assume that means I stay to clean afterwards, right?” He only nodded before putting his attention elsewhere.

Alex scoffed and folded his arms. “Interesting manners you have there…” He turned and nodded to the trainer who seemed interested with the arrogant, brash youngster. Alex squared off with one of the older men on the mat almost twice his size. He smirked and gave a small wink to the girl before ducking under the large man's advance tripping him up.

Alex quickly snapped in a fujiwara armbar and made him tap, all the while keeping his eyes locked on her with a cocky smirk. He rolled back to his feet and smiled.

She looked back at him but didn’t respond with a smile. Instead she rolled her eyes turning around to pick up a few of the weights. Putting them back where they belonged. Elena gave little to nothing attention to the first students leaving. Like always those with a little money wouldn’t bother staying back. Cleaning or putting stuff back. She took her time mostly because outside it was raining and she really did not wanna return ‘Home’.Alex sighed and picked up a few moving them over putting them away before looking back at her.

“So…..Elena right?” He laughed and finished putting them away. “Do you.want to get a bite to eat?..”

“Look Alex… I am not one of those girls that will hop on you just because you are in shape. I am sure one of the others will gladly take you up on the offer.” She looked at him for the first time. Not angry. Not even annoyed. Just rather defensive for that matter. The trainer who was standing at the other end of the room couldn’t help but smile.


” It started off as a dream. Just a thought I had when I started to realise just how good I was. And that I had a lot to teach. That dream tested and changed it became bigger and before I knew it, the dream become a thought and a goal. In time my confidence grew enough that I realised if not me, then who? If not now, then when? And that is when Wolfslair was born”

Alex stands in the center of the ring. The practise ring at Wolfslair. His arms folded over his chest. A black wolfslair shirt over a pair of black jeans.

[color=red]”A friend and her husband helped me out with everything. My wife with all of her ideas of business and all of her legal knowledge helped me in more ways than any of you can imagine. And the fact that so many people think this is easy just goes to show the ignorance. In the last two years will slay has gone from the dream to and idea to reality. But then it grew. Instead of being a gym, and a place where people could learn, it has also become a brand, and the brand became a group. But now the group has become a movement.”

“It started with myself, Austin and Alicia. We just taught people who wanted to learn but then different independent styles from around the world wanted to come and join Wolfslair and train here and get better. My own sister as she prepared for her return to professional wrestling from doing other ventures came to me. This gym repaired a family bond that I honestly thought was broken”

“Aidan Reynolds, Johanna Krieger and now Travis Levit. They all came here to get better to learn how to gain success because they knew that with me in charge I would teach them more than just the basic fundamentals and how to improve their repositioning and timing. I would teach them how to be successful. How to be dangerous.”

“But since I signed my Sin city wrestling contract I have been distracted with helping them. I wanted to give Austin Alicia and now Johanna the right tools to succeed in this company. Travis had the tools he just needed guidance. And while I had received championship matches and opportunities and I put my heart and soul into all of that there was always part of me, a very small part of me, that wasn’t focused on me and what I wanted and my goals inside that ring.”

Alex smirked and paces back and firth, his arms relaxing as he clicked his tongue and then cleared his throat.

” in this business and especially in a company like this that has so much talent not being 100% focused on your goals when it comes to yourself is fatal. I had my focus on everyone else and look at what happened. Austin became the world champion defeating someone who many thought could never be defeated. Alicia went on a record-breaking run, forcing legends to return, and forcing management to put her in a match where she was facing almost the entire roster in a cage and she still, still almost walked out of there with that championship around her waist. She destroyed her shoulder for all of you even in her absence now the division is still about her you have the champion who beat her who only returned to face her against the woman who put her on the shelf for longer because of her own insecurities“”

He couldn’t help but laugh, his hands sliding into the pockets of his jeans as his long black hair moved and flowed down his shoulders and back, framing his face and the small amount of grey hair that peppered his beard.

”But now it’s my turn. It’s my turn to show everyone why I was so sore after when it came to this company and their desires to sign former talent of honor wrestling. And it has been given to me in the form of a shot at the mixed tag team championships. At my bloody Valentine Krieger and I are going to show just what we can do and why Wolfslair has become such a threat to everyone. Now, Krieger has been a little more complimentary of people that I would’ve been.”

“And I get it, because we do have some talent floating around that ring. London underground were the first champions and have brought a certain level of prestige back to those titles.“

“They are dangerous in whatever combination they decide to put in the ring, whoever decides to defend those championships are going to do so with everything that they have and everything that they want. I know that they know that and I’d like to think that the other teams in this match are stupid enough to look past that. London underground are the most experienced team. And even though I firmly believe Krieger and I are the most dangerous, We also happen to have the least amount of experience as a team…”

Alex smiles and slides from the ring to the gym floor moving around as he looks up at the huge “wolfslair” banner

[color=red]” Even the Trenton Tigers have more experience than us. Krieger and I do have that trainer and trainee bond she knows I will have her back just like I know she will have my back. London underground are the two-time champions who also the first. They are experienced and dangerous. Trent and tigers are the new kids on the block and even though we’ve seen Miss Rogers here a little tag team partner is a newer and an unknown commodity.“

“And then we have the religious zealots. The good shepherds. Who follow the same pattern as London underground with their separate members and random combinations. Same pattern followed by gamers INC. these matches, always chaos. You have to be watching your back your front each side above you follow you and then you have to hope and pray that you’re good enough to take advantage of whatever chaos happens to go in your favour.”

“I can appreciate and respect the effort that everyone in this match is going to put forth. I can respect how dangerous everyone in this match can be. But what do you all have to realise is that with my experience, and my ego, mixed with just how good Joanna Krieger is? We are more dangerous than any of you realise or can expect. We are coming for those titles we are coming for that gold and it is going to take more than any of you have to stop us“

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London Underground
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I love going home from time to time, say what you want about Vegas, there ain't no better place to be home. Me, Os and the girls don't get home too often, our London businesses nicely taken care off by my younger brother David, but for some reason, home was calling. I just got the urge to stroll down the Bethnal Green road, pop in the pie and mash shop, have a pint in the Old George and even throw a bet on a ten to one shot in the local bookies. Now I won't chat here for too long in fear of boring a roster member or two, but Os was more than happy to come home, so was the girls and I think Nick was more than happy running the casino without us. I would tell you why but like I said, boring to some, so lets just try for quality over quantity instead of my usual quality AND quantity. Talk about no respect for this art form. Anyway.

It was a bright, yet cold Friday afternoon when Daniel and Osbourne did exactly what Daniel said he wanted to do, take a wander down the Bethnal Green Road in East London. Pie and mash was already sorted at a local shop called Kelly, and done and the slew of familiar faces moving past the market stalls along the road. Daniel looks towards Osbourne on his right as the look to cross the road.

"Good to see the core of the place still the same." Daniel tells Osbourne without looking at him. "Other than these ton of new places they've seemed to have put up."

Osbourne nods as he looks for the break in traffic. Eventually one comes and the two cross the road.

"Money that my brother has laid some of our capital in to those new builds." Daniel says as he and Osbourne move through the crowd.

Friday's in Bethnal Green were a good time, everyone knowing that in just a few hours, the working week was done and it was time to hit the pub. Useless, but very true information there.

Osbourne nods his head and continues to walk, but the two stop as a street trader yells out, selling his goods.

"Well, well, well, Shifty John." Daniel says as he looks at the man.

The man stops in his track, looking at Daniel and Osbourne, his mouth opens but words not coming out of his mouth. Daniel and Osbourne approaches him.

"It's been a while." Daniel tells the man in his late forties.

"Yeah Danny boy." The man stumbles out. "It's been forever. I thought you moved to America."

Daniel waves his finger at the man as he looks at him, a smile on his face.

"Moved is a bit of a strong term Shifty." Daniel tells him. "I went there to make a ton of money, partake in a hobby, but like the saying goes, you can take the boy out of London but you can't take London out of the boy. There was money to be made and I went to make it. A fool and their money and all that bollocks."

Daniel puts his hand on the man's shoulder, but the man flinches.

"Anyone would think you're still worried about the time Kenz tried to throw you in front of a bus for non payment." Daniel says with a smile. "But that is all in the past, but you do remember the deal we made after that incident, right?"

The man looks nervous but slowly nods his head. Daniel looks to his right to see a cafe there.

"Now we've just smashed 2 and 2." Daniel says. "But got time for a cuppa tea and a chat son?"

Daniel puts his arm around the man's shoulder and looks at the cafe. The man nods his head and Daniel walks towards the cafe. Osbourne opens the door and walks in and Daniel and Shifty John walk in the door behind him. The cafe falls to complete silence as they see Daniel but Daniel spies a free table in the corner and point. The three walk towards the table and Daniel calls out to the woman behind the counter.

"Three mugs of tea darling." He says, as is the way things are done in the east end.

Daniel ushers the man to the booth and points, his body sliding next to the wall and Osbourne sits next to him. Daniel sits opposite the man and looks at him.

"Now our deal was very simple if you remember Shifty." Daniel tells him.

The woman behind the counter appears next to the table and puts the three mugs of tea on the table in front of them. Daniel nods at her, knowing the custom is to pay before you leave.

"You kept an eye on some things here and I don't let Kenz chuck you in front of a double decker." Daniel says to him. "So tell me what's been happening in my beautiful Bethnal."

John puts his hand around the mug of tea, both hands warming on the white mug.

"I can't." He tells Daniel. "There's this new little gang, nothing major, but they're coming around roughing up the street traders for protection. If they knew I was talking about it, they'll put me in the canal with bricks in me pockets."

"And you didn't think of mentioning this to David?" Daniel asks him.

"No one sees your brother." John told Daniel as he raised his mug. "He sends people out, he don't get on the street like you do. If he appears, people know they've done wrong."

"So where are these people?" Daniel asks him.

"I can't." John repeats.

Daniel leans over the table, looking at him.

"You're a grass John." Daniel tells him. "It's in your nature to be a grass, it's what you're best at."

John looks uncomfortable in his seat.

"They hang around in that boozer at the end of the road down there by the traffic lights." John says softly, hoping no one overhears his voice. "They spend most of the day in there and come down and bully the locals."

Daniel looks at Osbourne who just nods at him.

"What else you got?" Daniel asks him.

"Just some woman asking questions about you." John says before sipping his tea.

Daniel and Osbourne look at each other and both at John.

"What woman?" Daniel asks him.

"I don't know, but I think she's from south of the river." John says. "She keeps asking about where to find you, some business thing."

"Next time you see her, point her in the direction of David." Daniel tells him.

Before the conversation can continue, a man burst through the door, causing John to instantly go pale.

"That's him." Daniel whispers to Osbourne. "That's the boss of those guys hassling street traders."

"Hurry up and make me a bacon sandwich woman!" He rudely yells to the woman behind the counter.

Daniel tilts his head towards Osbourne who puts his hand on the table, ready to stand up but Daniel shakes his head slightly. The man sees John sitting at the table.

"Why the fuck are you here and not out there making me money?" The man says to John.

Daniel looks at him and smiles.

"Spoken like a true pimp." Daniel says as he raises his mug of tea.

"The fuck are you?" The man says loudly as he looks at Daniel.

"Well sonny." Daniel starts. "I've just been elected as union rep for all the stall holders around here. See, I've heard they've been treated unfairly, so they've appointed me to make sure they're treated fairly by everyone, man, child, or ape."

The man kisses his teeth, a pet hate of Daniel's, and grams his arm, the tea spilling on the table. Daniel looks at it disappointedly.

"Now that's just rude." Daniel says calm as possible. "Now you've just spilled my tea mate, which means someone's gotta come over and mop it up, wasting their time and mine, cause now, I gotta order another cup."

"I ain't your mate, I don't know who you are." The man says with an aggressive tone. "Come around here in a suit thinking you're hot shit."

The man grabs Daniel's suit jacket but Daniel springs to his feet and pushes the man's hand away.

"First off, if you value your fingers, I wouldn't touch my suit, because I would happily sit there for hours taking each and every finger off you with a butter knife." Daniel tells him. "And I don't care it would take hours, I'm a patient man."

Daniel gives Osbourne a slight nod.

"Secondly, you might not know who I am just yet but once I tell you my name, you will know everything." Daniel tells him. "Thirdly, I know all about you and your little group. Running protection in an area you know nothing about. From your accent, you're Brixton and I have a very good friend there called Reggie, who would be proper pissy knowing that people from his manor are trying to get involved in mine."

Daniel moves his head closer to the man.

"But who I am. Well, my name is Daniel J Morgan." Daniel tells him. "And I think you know what that means judging by the look in your eye and what I really hope is just my tea running down your leg."

"Oh shit." The man mutters. "You're Daniel Morgan, I heard you..."

Daniel puts his finger up to his lips, shushing the man down.

"Never mind what you heard." Daniel tells him firmly. "You're gonna listen. You go near anyone around here, ask them for anything, even your mother for a fiver and I'm gonna make sure that you never ask for anything again, because your tongue and your head are gonna get a real quick, sharp divorce."

Daniel puts his hand on the man's shoulder.

"But there's still the matter of you touching my suit and spilling my tea." Daniel says in a dangerous tone. "You know what that means?"

The man slowly nods.

"You're fucked." Daniel tells him.

The camera cuts to outside the cafe. A few seconds pass before a huge crash can be seen, the man flying through the window and to the pavement outside. Osbourne stands looking at him, dusting off his hands. The camera moves back inside the cafe to see Daniel at the counter handing over a huge bundle of notes to the woman who served them.

"That should cover the tea and the window." Daniel tells her. "Don't worry, I'll get someone down here within half an hour to sort that out. Not the first time someone's gone through a window around me."

Daniel looks at the woman, a stunned look plastered on her face.

"You have a blinding day." Daniel tells her and turns around.

He looks at John still seeing at the table, looking surprised.

"Any hassle from these lot, you gimme a bell son." Daniel tells him.

John nods his head and Daniel walks towards Osbourne. Daniel straightens up his jacket as he looks at the crowd, surrounding the man crawling away.

"Should never spill another man's tea." Daniel says to the crowd with a shrug and a smile.

Daniel looks up at Osbourne.

"Anyway." Daniel says. "Fancy that pint?"

Osbourne nods and the two walk away as the camera fades to black.


Daniel lifts a cigarette to his lips, pulling a solid silver lighter from his pocket and flipping the top opening and flicking the wheel, the petrol lighter bursting in to lift with a strong flame. He takes a deep puff, before clicking the lid down, extinguishing the bright, dancing orange flame. He exhales a puff of smoke before looking down the camera.

"Well I guess it's time to do some talking." He says as the smoke partially covers his face. "I asked for a challenge, a big challenge and finally we got just that, not one, not two but three teams to defend our championships against. After the other week with me, I think a challenge is needed cause let's look at things properly, absolutely smashed through Lachlan Kane like he wasn't even there."

Confidence fills the room, emulating from Daniel's area. Daniel had always been a confident man, but when he had something to back this up, it trebled.

"Now clearly, I broke Lachlan." Daniel smirks. "Now this is just me putting two and two together and coming up with an answer but I'm thinking it's four here. I beat Lachlan, fairly easily if I can be honest with you, then I read the preview and saw Lachlan's on it, thought to myself that's a good thing, he should actually come through that and get himself a big supercard match, then I see on Twitter that he'd asked to be pulled out, then I read the My Bloody Valentine III Preview and see his spot was given to Malachi, then I go on social media and see some bloke who just showed up here defending him, some hairy bloke who used to be here trying to kick him up the arse and him himself saying he needs to go back home."

Daniel shrugs with just his left shoulder.

"So clearly, I broke him." Daniel says with more confidence. "I mean he must have thought five minutes of unfocused talking would help him out compared to me putting the effort in focusing on this match would give him the edge? Maybe he didn't rate what I could do and under estimated me, but I broke him."

Daniel takes another puff of his cigarette before blowing out smoke.

"Now you might think I'm bragging here, but there's lessons to be learned here." Daniel comments. "The lessons are don't be a social media bitch, digging at people you can't beat, don't get above your station. This is a lesson that all our opponents should learn for My Bloody Valentine III."

Daniel starts to pace the floor.

"I don't wish Lachlan any ill will, I hope you sort your nut out and come back stronger, I don't wish him anything other than a thicker skin." Daniel says. "But mate, the way you acted is a perfect example on what not to do against me, against us. You took me lightly, you didn't believe you could lose and you did. You showed us no respect at all and I've been speaking about this in hope that Alex Jones, Brandon Sludge and whoever comes out of the Good Shepherds flock has a little bit more respect than you did. You can't buy respect, it's seen and it's earned, and I hope that three men that we'll be facing shortly don't make the same mistakes you do."

Daniel takes another puff on his cigarette as he rolls back his shoulders.

"The perfect example for having respect for someone, without actually knowing them too well it Alex Jones." Daniel says, his whole talk about respect leading up to Alex Jones. "Now Alex Jones demands respect. No one goes in to a match with Alex Jones thinking they're gonna piss it and get through it with their eyes closed, because he is Alex Jones. I'm not saying he's a nice guy at all, cause he's a bit of a dick, I've seen it, I've seen him mock people's promo work, like it makes a difference when it's two men in the ring, I've seen him come across as a guy that thinks he knows everything, and I've seen him step in the ring and lose matches he shouldn't have, like to the earlier mentioned Lachlan for example. Yet something about him just calls for you to respect the man, respect the history that he has created, respect all he has done for this sport."

Daniel waves his finger.

"You can't help but look past his SCW records and at the bigger picture and see that he has done things for this sport not many have." Daniel says as he lifts the hand with the cigarette in closer to his face. "I see that and there is more than a healthy line of respect between myself and Alex Jones from this side, which means he actually stands a better chance than most, because if he's the wrestling mind I think he is, he's gonna have looked at me and Os from top to bottom and formulated a plan to try and get at us."

Daniel puts the cigarette between his lips.

"Ain't gonna matter." He says before drawing smoke in to his mouth and blowing it out.

Daniel removes the cigarette from his lips.

"Soon as this match was announced, I did the exact same thing, knowing you would have a game plan in mind." Daniel says confidently. "I watched your past matches, your past defeats and it looked to me it was getting to you being the top dog in Wolfslair, yet being in the shadow of Austin James Mercer and Alicia Lukas. That's the difference between us and you Alex, we win together, we lose together, you're not like that, cause I can't imagine people being around you when you lose, let alone wanting to try and pick you up."

Daniel flicks the ash of the cigarette down.

"But regardless of that, of being behind stablemates, I still see you as a threat, probably the biggest threat to our titles since we've had them." Daniel says in a calm voice. "Regardless of being ya know, a bit spotty here, you're still Alex Jones, the man who can pull off a surprise a man no one should take lightly and we're not. We're not looking past the fact that you have something to prove here and that you will be giving it your all because I think you want to help Johanna get her first taste of championship gold here."

Daniel was confident in his words as he took another puff of the cigarette.

"So I know you're coming to impress but look at it from our side." Daniel tells him. "You could be the biggest scalp we could claim and that's what we're gunning for. Everyone else in the match ain't had your history son and that's gonna make you a target, a target we're gonna aim at. Just do me one favour and don't pull a Lachlan and not take us seriously, because at My Bloody Valentine III, we're coming for a fight."

Daniel drops the cigarette on the floor and steps on it.

"Now someone we are familiar with." Daniel says with a tilt of his head. "The Good Shepherds."

Daniel and London Underground was familiar with them, a four on four match a while ago in the Mixed Tag Team Championship tournament was the time they met, only because Daniel himself had asked Father Gerald how many of his family he was willing to sacrifice.

"Remember that match we had?" Daniel says with a reminiscent smile. "I asked you how many of your family members you were willing to send in to advance in that tournament and you chose the option of all of them. That was a mistake was it not? Now I'm gonna ask you another question. What are you willing to sacrifice to get the SCW Mixed Tag Team Championships away from us? I think we both know you'd have to make the ultimate sacrifice to even come close to getting these from us, you'd have to pray for so much more than I think the lord is willing to offer you at this point."

Daniel tilts his head sideways upwards, looking above him before turning his head to look back at the camera.

"I do commend the stuff you've been doing in SCU." Daniel admitted. "Tag Team champions, that young un with a championship before she deflected to that all so familiar non descriptive group that seems to appear in wrestling from time to time to try and take over. You've had a hell of a past year Good Shepherds, maybe your prayers are getting answered, maybe you're getting what you want but it stops here with us because these championships ain't going anywhere, not even the power of prayer can help you out on that front ladies and gents. Prayer can only get ya so far and that don't extend to getting your hands on our championship belts. I don't think any amount of divine intervention can help you at this point, but welcome to the big show in a big match that actually means something."

Daniel firmly nods his head.

"And now the rookie group of this story." Daniel says. "The classic underdog tale of two people coming to SCW, well, one coming to SCW with an old face, picking up a total amount of one SCW career win and boom in the championship match."

Daniel shrugs his shoulders.

"This might sound like I'm actually taking the piss but I'm really not taking the piss Trenton Tigers." Daniel says with a smile. "See, I honestly like things like this, a chance where a team can step in and shock the world, it keeps things interesting but I gotta level with you about something. That Brandon guy makes me feel sick to my stomach. It ain't nothing he's said, it ain't nothing his done, but the man just looks proper filthy."

Daniel wasn't lying, the first time he saw Brandon Sludge on television, he couldn't believe his eyes. There was something about the man he didn't like.

"You actually look like God was taking the piss when he made you." Daniel says firmly. "Look like the kinda bloke who would sit there and eat a turkey without carving it. Frankly pal, you look like a disgusting fat slob with no pride in your appearance. I know we all can't look like super models but you mate take the piss. Watching you on screen, you can almost smell the sweat coming off you, that rat on your chin makes me gag. I wasn't overly impressed with what you could do in the ring either, but I reckon you can win a few ugly bloke competitions. If it is me in the ring with you Brandon, for the love of everything, invest in some deodorant or something cause man, you need it."

Daniel shakes his head in disgust.

"But not even that smell is gonna be to your advantage." Daniel tells him. "Nor is Alex Jones experience, nor The Good Shepherds divine intervention. Just don't be a Lachlan after I beat ya all."

Daniel straightens up his shirt jacket.

"And we will walk out with the championships, that's a fact." Daniel says with a smile. "And you know me, I only deal in fact."

Daniel turns his back to the camera as the camera fades.

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Johanna Krieger
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Make him function
Crayons and clay
Days turn blue to gray

Not good enough….

Johanna sat on the bar stool and hunched over the bar. A small glass that has been filled more times than she could count sat in front of her, the amber liquid that filled it kept her warm on the cold winter's night. Many others around her laughed and seemed happy in this moment as the alcohol flowed. She reached out, her hand gripping the glass bringing it to her lips pouring it down her throat. Her body felt warm, her mind dizzy. But it helped her forget. To always forget.

Her bright blue eyes opened, she took off her heavy leather jacket as her temperature rose. The feeling of her soft blonde hair on her back helped her feel at ease. Her arms and body were smaller than we see today, and absent were the many tattoos that have come to define her, instead there we a few small ones, a vine outline around her upper left and right biceps. A small angel on her hand. She couldn’t help but smile as the bartender poured another glass of scotch, she tilted her head in a questioning way before he looked over at a man in the corner.

“He paid Jo. Said a beautiful woman deserves another good drink” She scoffed and shook her head before looking over at the man tilting the glass in thanks before downing it, she then gave a nod to the bartender to pour her another as the man came and sat next to her, he was tall, well built, kind of handsome. Short cropped hair and a red and brown tinged beard. He smirked and put his arm on the bar to steady himself, he seemed to be just as tipsy as Johanna. She cleared her throat and turned sliding a second glass to him as the bartender poured and left them alone.

“Thanks for the drink, but I don’t take freebies’ Johanna’s voice was deep as she lifted the glass to her lips taking yet another drink. “Well, appreciated, but you seemed lonely. My name’s Michael.” She laughed and poured another before sitting back. “Mine’s Johanna, most people call me Jo.” She drank again, Michael’s eyebrows started to rise as he drank his own, only being able to sip what Johanna had been pouring down as fast as she could pour it. He seemed impressed as the bartender kept his eye on them, a small smile coming across his face as Johanna kept drinking.

“What has got you downing drinks like a fish dear?” She laughed and turned away from him back to her glass, her hands reaching out and twisting the crystal around in her right hand, she watched as the light hit it and showed the colours of the rainbow. “Maybe I just like drinking?” A small chuckle under the statement, he shook his head reading her body language, his look lingering a little too long. Johanna looked out the corner of her eye with a sigh. He sat back trying to put her at ease. “I can see that isn’t true. The way you look at the glass…” Johanna laughed and down another.

“Are you a psychiatrist or something?. If you have to know, I’m a cop. And I’ve had a rough day.” He shrunk back and swallowed hard, obviously taken back by the fact this little blond woman who could drink like a hardened sailor was also a police officer, The look in her eyes betrayed her own feelings. He gave a small nod calling for the bartender taking the bottle, he poured another two glasses and held up one. “A toast to you then, to being that thin blue line that saved us from chaos and anarchy.”

Johanna scoffed and let out a huge laugh as others stopped to look at them, she gave a small nod and picked up the glass clinking them together. “You’re a weird fellow, but thank you. Even if your faith is misplaced.” Johanna stared ahead, images flashed through her mind as her stomach welled and knotted up in pain, her hand gripped the glass harder before she downed it and slammed it down. She stood up and put a pile of bills on the bar sliding them towards the bartender. “Oh...leaving so soon?” Michael smiled warmly. Johanna sighed and leaned in close.

“Look, you seem like a nice enough guy, but only two things will happen from this, one night where you’ll want more and I won’t, or a few nights where you’ll want more...and I won’t….try your luck with others’re not my type.” She gave him a wink and a pat on the shoulder picking up her jacket and leaving, she threw it on as the cold hit her like a punch in the face.

6 Months Later….

“Why do you keep coming back, Michael?” Her voice was low, a little louder than a whisper, she pulled her shirt over her head, flipping her long blond hair from the neck of it letting it fall before she stood up pulling her workout pants up with her. Johanna turned her head to the side, Michael laid in bed, his head propped up on his arm with a small smile crossing his lips. His wavy brown hair dangling down just in front of his eyes.

He didn’t give an answer at first, instead, he tried to laugh it off, trying to figure out if Johanna was serious or this was just a playful jest. Johanna though shook her head and slowly crossed her arms over her chest, her bright blue eyes studying him as he cleared his chest. “I like spending time with you, Jo.” Johanna scoffed and leaned against her bathroom door, her arms still closed off as she swallowed hard trying to come up with an answer. Her heart hurting and her stomach in knots.

It had been 6 months. 6 months of meeting up, of Michael coming over with food, occasionally alcohol, the small talk, the polite glances before she would lead him back to the bedroom. Rince, repeat. “Time with me?.” She paused a moment breaking eye contact looking towards her bedroom door, a deep breath followed as she tried to calm herself down. She steadied herself on the wall and looked back toward him. “I-I’m not someone to enjoy spending time with. If this is just about sex that’s fine but, don’t lie about it.”

She was cold, closed off. This had been building for months as she felt herself enjoying their late night conversations. Her job had been slowly killing her, the things she’d seen and heard, the feeling of helplessness. The one bright thing in her life was these conversations and physical moments. The intimacy had begun to make her feel uncomfortable. “You’re lovely Jo, don’t you see it?.” She stayed quiet, he slid from the bed to his feet and pulled a pair of jeans on, he moved across the room standing in front of her, he stood about 6’1, towering over Johanna. His hand moved up and under her chin pulling her face up to look her in the eye.

“Why can’t you let yourself be happy?”

The words lingered in the air. Air that had become thick with awkward emotion and heartache. Johanna stayed cold. She showed no emotion, no happiness, no sadness. Just an empty, blank stare. Michaell shook his head and backed up he knew what the look meant, He knew there was no getting through to her. Johanna had made her decision the second his hand touched her chin and she was able to look into his eyes without breaking down. This was not a fairytale, this was not a happy ending.

She just stood and watched as he put his shirt on, his socks, his shoes and his jacket, each time he paused for a few moments waiting and hoping that she’d stop him, ask him to stay. But no words came, no movements, no body language or even a change in the slow monotonistic breathing. He moved past her without saying goodbye, a small stop at the door was all the evidence there was that he was going to try again. But then he was gone. Johanna scoffed and looked at the door with a smirk.

“A happy ending is a story that hasn’t actually ended yet….”

Lack of Effort

She stretched her fingers and hands out, her lips turning up into a sneer. She pulled a black hand wrap from her back putting the velcro end around her wrist turning to wrap her right hand. She looped it around and through her fingers and her palm to her knuckles before looking up, her bright blue eyes staring right through the camera as if looking into your soul.

” It seems as if we have lost a team.“

Her eyebrows raised as she reached down grabbing her other hand wrap, she repeated the process from before on her left hand before finishing the strap off showing the two wolfslair logos on her wraps and on her training shirt. Johanna leaned down resting her elbows on her knees with a sigh, her mind racing on where to begin.

”I understand that a promo doesn’t actually help you win or lose the match in any traditional sense or form. Sure it does give you some confidence going into a match, it allows you to get your thoughts out there and in some ways intimidate your opponents let them know just who they are dealing with. But when it comes down to it when I sit here and I stare into a phone or a camera and I put my thoughts out there to the universe it is not to win a match. I do that in the ring.”

“But it is still something that is expected of you, something that you are supposed to do as a contractually obligated activity. So you can imagine my surprise when over a week has passed since the announcement of the mixed tag team match and with everyone else throwing out their thoughts that the Trenton Tigers have simply gone missing.“

“No tweets, no promotional segments on the show before, no match on the show before, and now during the first of the two weeks leading up to My Bloody Valentine we have no promo. We haven’t heard from either of them telling us how they are looking forward to the match for telling you the fans why they should tune in to watch it.”

“It is sad, it is lazy, and as far as I’m concerned both of them should be demoted down to that cesspool SCU or just kicked out of sin city entirely because if you cannot put the effort in and you do not deserve to be here.”

Johanna groaned and pushed herself to her feet, showing off the black and red wolfslair training top in full and available from She moves around to stare at one of the large striking bags in the elite room before clearing her throat.

”Of course members of the other two teams involved turned up although it only seems to be the male members, so I suppose it really isn’t as mixed in the mixed tag team division as you would hope. But the good Shepherd and London underground had a few things to say. And they covered a wide range of topics. Father Gerald of the good Shepherd’s did a few Bible studies quoted passages rain down myself and Alex as well as the members of London underground. Of course and completely forgot the train Tigers were even involved which honestly I can’t blame him. It was still a stupid oversight.

“Now, I don’t usually comment on people‘s personal religious beliefs. But my father is a Christian. And I’ve heard a lot of these Bible verses before, I studied the Bible when I was a child, and I understand most people who believe in a higher power want to do good work on earth to please God and be a good human being. But Gerald you need to realise that out of the two of us, I’m the one who has seen the most evidence that either contradicts or proves god's existence.”

“Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who is high on PCP and murdered their family but didn’t know they did it until the next morning when they came down from the high? Because I have. I have seen things that would make your head spin in question your belief system down to the very core and if you could look at the things that I’ve seen, and then still believe then you would have a heart soul and resolution to the Lord that no one can question.”

“But this is professional wrestling.“

“And your beliefs, your actions, what do you do outside of the ring in your church, none of it matters. What does matter is what you do in that ring. And you have had some success in SCU you’ve had some success in SCW. ” but Gerald, you and David put together are not the man inside that wrestling ring that Alex Jones is. And I will let him take your stupidity apart but what I want to focus on other two female members of your group because they are the ones that I would be in the ring with.”

Johanna turns and slams her fists into the bag a few times, each shot making a sickening sound as the processed vinyl around the outside of the bad starts to get pushed in, Johanna hits on final shot, a low digging right hook into where the ribs would be, the bag slides sideways as Johanna takes a break and turns to the camera.

”You said Ginny Mae and Mavis will not fear me The truth is that they should. You see your girls may be faithful and loyal and may very well have heart and soul and will put all they can into a match that involves me but you look at them and you look at me. And we don’t even look like the same species. I am dangerous, and they are Littlemore the mindless quiet servant girls who follow you around, they are your lambs and you are leading them to a slaughter Gerald and I hope you’re prepared to pick up their phones and give them the last rites…”

Johanna chuckles to herself moving across the gym, she plants her right foot back, her left leg forward and we see her legs and arms are tattooed, the different iconography, some of which religious is highlighted and inked on her skin, like a story roadmap. She unleashes a few hard punches and kicks bouncing on the balls of her feet showing off the power that can be generated before stopping and letting out a deep breath.

” just a quick question, was it men’s week last week and no one told me? First I had Gerald running his goddamn mouth like he thinks he knows something when in reality he’s a religious zealots who should be banging his head into a world actually show enlightenment. And then we have Daniel Morgan running his mouth and spending so much time focusing on Alex that I started to believe maybe he has a little man crush.“

“Hey, not that I blame you Alex is 6 foot tall, has a six pack a boyish smile and dreamy black hair, I get it. And if that’s the way you swing Daniel there is nothing wrong with that. But being a professional means that you have a look at all the opponents and you decide to open your mouth. Not to mention that neither of the female members of your little group open their mouth to say anything about me exactly like the Good Shepherds”

“Mavis and Ginny Mae said nothing, just like Mackenzie and Charlotte. Now with the shepherds part of me thinks maybe it’s because they have been put in their place and old Gerald has told them to keep their mouth shut. But Mackenzie and Charlotte, those two girls both seem like the type that would be itching for a fight. They both look like they could get in the ring and actually give me a run for my money. last week they remained silent while I cut a promo on all of you.”

“Only Daniel decided to open his mouth. And I was looking forward to hearing from the girls because I feel like we are being pushed back in this mix tag team title match and the focus is on the men, on Gerald being a zealot, on Alex being an arrogant prick and on Daniel running his mouth about how he made Lachlin Kane his bitch on Twitter. But I expect more from my fellow women. I guess I’m gonna have to just wait and see what happens when this match starts and those titles are on the line. So many questions, like are the Trenton Tigers even going to turn off? Will Gerald stop being such a psychotic moron and will the women do anything? And just what kind of collision is it going to be when Daniel J Morgan or Osbourne face Alex. And I don’t care if it is McKenzie or Charlotte, I know they are going to be a bigger challenge than Daniela, if she turns up or Mavis or Ginny Mae. But this is my chance to get some gold very early in my career here and show you all just how dangerous I am. So it will be a Bloody Valentine….”
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Alex Jones
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The Birth of the Lair

If I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.

New York City,4 Years Ago. Offices of Walker and Cunningham INC

Alex sat back in the hardwood chair, the back rubbing against his already sore muscles, He twitched catching the edge of the wood under his shoulder blades, a deep sigh coming from his lips as he waited for whatever stuffy old man he’d be stuck dealing with. He couldn’t help but look around the office, he admired the finer things, the artwork, the decor...even the desk.

He ran his fingers along the wood, the polished grain was smooth and still had a shine to it. It had obviously been retouched and refurbished. he couldn’t help but nod in appreciation and impression. he heard the door behind him open and he got to his feet and turned holding out his hand. “Mr Walk….er….”

His jaw dropped. Instead of a stuffy old man in a suit and tie dripping with age and regret stood a beautiful young woman. Her hair flowing down her face and shoulders. She was dressed in a beautiful white dress, classy, fitting and still sexy. his eyes trailed up and down her body and then to her face, his eyes locked onto hers and the entire room seemed to fade away and all that was left was them.

“Mr Jones?” Her voice snapped him out of it and he smiled awkwardly, his usual arrogant smirk and cocky bravado melted away he laughed and gave her a nod “I’m sorry….Mrs Walker?...”

She smiled back politely, her face lighting up as she took his hand and shook it. “Miss Walker...Sonja Walker...please sit…” She walked around the table and sat down putting a few files in front of her humming, her steely blue eyes shining at him as she sat, she grabbed a pair of black rimmed reading glasses popping them on as she looked over a few things.

“Interesting read?” he piped up with a grin, he knew he looked like an idiot and part of him didn’t care. Sonja looked up and then away trying not to laugh. [color=hotpink]“Well, your finances are a mess, and your investments are all over the place and unmanaged….but...I can help…” She puts down the papers with a grin. Her hands clasping together.

“I’ll work with you and see what we can do Mr Jones.” he gave her a quick grin and leaned forward putting his elbows against his knees. “Please, call me Alex.” She tilts her head for a moment thinking before sighing. [color=hotpink]“No it’s Mr Jones….for now….come back in a few days and see what I have proposed….”

He smiled politely and got to his feet.[color=red]“Thanks for your time Miss Walker...I’ll be back soon and I’m excited to see what you have for me…”
he grabbed his jacket throwing it on, Sonja got to her feet and followed him to the door as he left, her eyes lingering on him for longer than a moment. he stepped out and sighed again. Her beauty now stuck in his mind.

New York City, 2 Years Later

The floor was clean, the windows repaired. The door’s lock now working. Alex smiled looking around the area. The old equipment all moved, the bolts in the floor filed down. In the center of the gigantic former factory now stood a ring. A professional wrestling style ring. The ropes were tight, the turnbuckles knew. The canvas pulled tight over the wooden board.

Sonja walked up next to him, her arms wrapping around his waist. She laid her head on his shoulder, Alex couldn’t help but smile as he wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. They stayed silent together, looking over their soon to be open gym. Alex grinned again as he looked down at her. “The place looks great, we did well I think…”

Sonja gave him a small nod and popped up on her tiptoes to kiss him, Alex turned his body to return it with a smile. His long hair out of his face in a man bun as Sonja backed away for a moment leaning against the ring.“You want to get a little work out in?. We still have a few hours till you have to leave for Christians Bachelor party.” Alex groaned and rolled his eyes, the inside of the gym was warm and somewhat inviting instead of the cold winter new york weather outside. Sonja grabbed the bottom rope and jumped twisting herself under it into the ring. She stepped around with a smile.

“Come on...get in the ring mr Champion…” Alex gave her a small nod as she took off her tracksuit top, she moved around the ring gracefully in yoga pants and a singlet top, she stopped and tied her long blonde hair up in a high ponytail before doing the“just bring it” hand gesture. Alex raised his eyebrows and got onto the apron before stepping in taking his own jacket off, standing in tapout gear and a laugh.“You really want to do this now?. Get all sweaty and then have to go get changed and go out to drink?”

Sonja bounces around and puts her hands up with a nod and a smirk. She moved around Alex bouncing up and down dodging in and out. “C’mon champ, let’s go. You’re meant to be big and bad...c’mon Alex…” Alex couldn’t help but laugh, he then turned and grabbed her lifting Sonja in his arms sitting her on the top rope before leaning in, a hand on either side of her. He stared up into her beautiful blue eyes and shook his head.

“I’m not champ yet, we really do need to go though, you need to get all girled up….” He lifts her down with a small kiss, Sonja laughs and shakes her head sliding from the ring.“Girled up? take longer to get ready than me….pretty boy…” Alex jumped down from the ring throwing Sonja her jacket, he shook his head and sighed as they walked out of the gym together. Alex looked down and smiled before locking the doors and getting to the car. ”So...what are you going to call it? Alex stopped and turned taking a long look at the new gym with a smirk.


The trail of gold.

Alex slowly looked up straight ahead, his long hair tied back in a bun with his hands up and just under his chin. His fingertips touching into a triangle with the tips of his forefingers tapping his chin as he sat back in a leather office chair. His eyes moved away from the recording device as he surveyed the Wolfslair office. A laptop sat shut in front of him, another desk sat on the other side, pictures of Alex and the kids on it with a few different personal items showing that it was his wife Sonja’s work station.

Filing cabinets sat behind him and across the wall, each marked in different letter and number codes as Alex let out a long deep sigh, his serious demeanor turning to a smirk as he spun slightly in the chair.

”Titles and championships are not the only things I want to collect for myself or this gym. I want to grow this little baby that I created, make it into a franchise. Maybe open another branch over in California. Maybe one in Canada, Japan. Make Wolfslair the standard of excellence for training. But, that takes work, it takes time and it takes vision. You know, I’m not a rich man. I do well from the gym and from SCW, I have money saved from my previous contracts and title reigns. But unlike people like Ace Andrews and Aiden Collins and all those other wannabe millionaire douchebags I am what you see…”

Alex turns looking at the pictures of himself over the years. Various women next to him. A very young Elena DeDraca, Alexandra “Pixie” Kelly, His sister Charlane “Charlie” Jones, moving along to his past relationships. He laughed and pushed to his feet.

”I’m a professional wrestler, nothing more nothing less. I love this business and I have defended it to people who think it’s a joke, I have entertained millions of people, I’ve shook hands, kissed babies, I put smiles on faces. And I also made each and every one of you hate me and want me to get destroyed in that ring. But no matter what I do...I’m entertaining. If I have a mic in my hand, or I’m in the ring I have the potential to steal the show. Unlike the Trenton Tigers…”

Alex pauses for a moment and deadpans the camera before clearing his throat.

”Brandon Sludge and Daniela Rodgers had a chance to come out swinging. See, out of all the teams in this match, they are the ones with the lowest profile. London Underground are stars, The Good Shepherds are annoying but people know who they are. And Johanna and I?. Well, Johanna may be new in SCW, but people know who she is and they trust me that she will be a big star. But Brandon and Daniela? It’s said that they have been teaming together since high school, and that they have won tag titles before and tournaments. But, no one cares...and why does no one care”

“Because they’re lazy and unentertaining.”

“We haven’t heard shit from them this week and all that we know from Daniela is that she tried to have a singles career here and failed miserably before disappearing. But you two teamed up, came out and beat the Barnharts, but was it really convincing?. One match where you two won and you get placed into this tag title match. The thing is by the time we step into the ring together at My Bloody Valentine, it will be over a month since we last saw or heard anything from you two. You were last seen on the 12th of January at climax control 257.”

“No matches, no promos, nothing on SCW television. And that’s because you’re scared….and I understand why. So at my Bloody Valentine, Johanna and I are going to destroy you, and send you out of the division we will become the masters off…”

Alex sneers and moves around the office, stopping near a magazine cover in a frame. Alex standing with a tag title over his shoulder, his partner Angel Blake standing next to him with the other matching championship. Alex scoffs and holds his arms.

” And we will do it baby for the Good Shepherds. See, I sat back and I listened to everything the father Gerald had to say, the overconfidence the arrogance the Bible verses him speaking for his entire group. That isn’t a team that is a dictatorship. And I don’t care who I will be in the ring with neither does Jo.”

“But while it won’t matter who I’m in the ring with I suppose part of me does hope that it’s Gerald. See I would rather face the one pulling the strings, the puppet master if you will, than face the puppet. And that is all brother David is he is a tiny puppet being strong along by a charismatic leader who thinks himself the mouth of God.”

“Do you want to prove you are part of the best team in the world? I can respect that. But what I can’t respect is when a group of people think themselves above everyone else due to their belief system.“

“You may have won those tag titles down in sin city underground, the hard-core tag titles. You may have even been able to reword them and retitled them and make them more to your liking. But this is sin city wrestling. This is where the best wrestlers in the world come to ply their trade and you Gerald and your little group are not even in the conversation.”

“Not that anyone else in your group seems to be in any conversation. Seriously is there a little string on Davids back to Apple to make him fucking talk? What about Esther? Or Ginny Mae? Or Mavis?. Do you want to be the mouthpiece of your group and for God hey man that’s fine. But just know that my bloody Valentine I’m gonna shut your mouth by breaking your jaw and kicking your teeth down your throat.”

He laughs under his breath and makes his way out of the office to the gym floor.

” honestly, this is a two horse race. The shepherds in the Tigers? They could flick out a win but that’s all it would be, a fluke. Really it is down to myself and Joe or London underground. Now, I don’t like the whole free birthing. I don’t like the two of the teams in this match have multiple members who could possibly be into changed at the last moment. In my opinion it’s kind of a dirty trick.”

“But like a good little boy scout I am always going to be prepared. But I’d like to assume that the male side of London underground is going to be represented by Daniel J Morgan. And I really hope it is. See McKenzie and Charlotte are both tough women and either of them will pose a challenge against Jo. But Daniel is someone who I think could be a breakout star of that group. He is someone who outside the tag team realm he could be a champion. The Internet title the roulette title or the world title I could see Daniel Morgan competing for them“

“I know I’m giving someone compliments and respect it’s rare but it happens.“

“Daniel has been the one speaking this last week the rest of his team not so much. Just like Gerald and the Good Shepherds. If you notice both Jo and I have had our chances we both put our thoughts forward and we both know what we’re going into this to do and we have each other’s back’s and we don’t need to have Austin or Alicia waiting to take one of our spots because the team is myself and Jo, the end no tricks, no switch outs, just myself and a crazy German.”

He raises his eyebrows and shrugs before sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

”But, you know I’m glad that you’re coming for a fight Daniel. I’m glad that your team is coming for a fight and that you want one because that’s exactly what you were gonna get. You don’t have to worry about the Trenton Tigers and the fact that the silent. You don’t have to worry about the good Shepherd‘s and the fact that they’re crazy zealots and Gerald won’t shut the fuck up. But what you do have to worry about is wolf slayer. We are a team dedicated to excellence and we will bring the fight to anyone whether they be the first mixed tag team champions and also the current mix tag team champions or whether that be in a ladder match for the Internet title or a match for the roulette title. The members of my gym are my team and my family and at My Bloody Valentine we take our place as the most powerful faction in all of wrestling.”

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