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> It's Time..., RP#1
Posted: August 03, 2018 10:44 pm

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It was worth it. It was all worth it.

Los Angeles, CA. Back at his new home, he took the time out of his busy schedule to sit under an oak tree that was planted behind his room. The King Of Kings gazed at the dark horizon that was starting to light up in the early morning. Dressed casually, his thoughts temporilary dwelled on the biggest match of his career so far...and how both Mercedes and he came away with the belts. The King of Kings was finally in his rhythm and helped in gaining the edge over a team that was once thought was unbeatable. After all, they did held on to the Mixed Tag-Team titles for such a long time...props should be given to them for that accomplishment alone.

But it wasn't enough. Not for London Underground. They now know their place.

He took a moment to breathe with a sigh of relief. It was a great victory, but you have to move forward with each move you make in a career like this. Why not push for a singles run? Seemed like Mark and Christian read the King of Kings's Mind. If he can gain the upper hand and defeat his new opponent, Jon Dough, then perhaps he would have a shot at a singles title.

The King Of Kings, a double-holder in both tag-team and singles competition?

The thought in itself was tempting at best.

Within his pants pocket, his phone vibrated for a moment and he took a second to retrieve it and look at a text. It was from his ex-wife. It only had one word.


Although they were no longer together, she is still pleased for his success. After the couple divorced, Kain, Alex in real life, chose his new path and moved on to Los Angeles, CA. Lisa took the kids with her and moved to New York City. With the money that she made with her former husband, she also started her own business, in fashion, and it has grown to be successful in her own right, selling millions around the globe. She also found herself a new man within a few months after they filed for divorce.

Putting away the cell phone and gazing once more into the sun, he couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows in concentration. It shocked him, at first, to see her be with someone else, some rich businessman that she claims has a "heart of gold." He only met the man briefly at a wedding function of sorts. His name was Timothy, young, blonde hair, blue eyes, just as tall as the King Of Kings is. He sounded nice, but he couldn't be sure. The King Of Kings would have needed a little more time to gauge the man, but for now, he told his ex-wife that he was happy for her, but to also be careful.

Men can be ruthless in an age like this.

For now, he can't worry about her struggles. He must worry about his own instead.

A voice put an end to his musings.

"Excuse me, sir?"

Kain slowly stood up and looked over his left shoulder to see his butler, Lee, standing from a distance. Wearing a tuxedo suit, he was skinny, his eyes green with an aura of kindness glowing from them, a smile that was hard to ignore, his hair white on both sides, he stood patiently as Kain faced the man. He didn't like being interrupted, but there had to be a good reason for it. Normally, his butler would have let him stayed there in peace...most of the time anyway. But this morning was different.

"What is it, Lee?"

"Sir, one of the reporters from the Sin City Wrestling camp wanted to speak with you. I told her that you would not be disturbed, but she insisted on it."

The King Of Kings brought his hand up, smiling at his butler.

"It's OK. It's been awhile sine I've gotten any visitors, so for once, I actually don't mind. Lead the way."

The butler nodded and the two men entered the new mansion that The King Of Kings created from scratch and went through it quickly before arriving at the front doors. Stepping aside, Lee bowed to his master as he went through the gates. Kain spotted Rocky Mountains, who was standing in a red dress with a microphone at hand, with a camera crew in tow. Kain glared at Rocky Mountains briefly before starting down the steps. Rocky wasn't sure what to make of the man as she saw him scowling like that. Either he didn't like his time being interrupted, especially at this early hour, or he wasn't in a good mood. She couldn't be sure, not until Kain responded.

What do you want, especially at this early in the morning???

Well, I wanted to talk to you, since you are the new Mixed Tag-Team champion along with Mercedes. How did you do it?

The man gave her a straight face and blinked his eyes a few times.

...You're kidding me right now, aren't you? You were there, weren't you? You saw the match, right? Then I don't need to stand here and give you the play-by-play! But I will tell you this - it was EXACTLY the way it went down, like I promised people. London Underground, up until that point, destroyed every challenger that stood in their path. Well, guess what? Mercedes and I were not just normal ruffians. We are experts in combat and we knew how to deal with the situation handed to us. London Underground didn't have a FUCKING clue on how to deal with us. They got their asses whipped. As far as us winning gold? It was destined to happen. My return shocked the entire world and we made damn sure to take the titles and place them where it rightfully belong - TO US!

Shaking his head, he chuckled as he stepped past and looked over at this city, throwing up his hands and gesturing towards it as he continues to speak to Rocky.

It's like this new city that I feel I now belong to. It's part of my present and everything that has happened to me, all the wins, all the losses, brought me to this point. I am solely dedicated to my future in the Sin City Wrestling organization. It's my home and I'm not going anywhere else. Sure, I've made a few false starts, I've left the company abruptly, but it was all for a reason. Not because I was scared, because I wasn't at all. But because my personal life kept getting in the way and I didn't have balance. I didn't have focus on what mattered inside the squared circle. But now that I do, Rocky, I'm going straight to the top. You can forget about my past incarnations, because they weren't at their their fastest. Not until now. And they set me up with a guy like Jon Dough, a former Roulette champion no less. Well, I have nothing personal against the man, Rocky, all I see is an obstacle that needs to be destroyed. Nothing personal about the matter in itself. It's either him or me and I'll be the one not going down without a fight on our hands. And I know, I know what you're thinking..."How is he going to do that?" Simple. I'm going to kick his ass and put him in his place, so that he knows who really is the king of the fucking jungle around here. I'm not playing games anymore. If I can destroy him, it will set me up on a path towards another belt in my career and I'll be paid even further! Not that I need money now, mind you, I'm financially set for life, but I love this sport and it has taken my MMA skills to the extreme. I'm VERY passionate about fighting and I'm gonna take Mr. Dough to the next leve.

Rocky: Don't you think you're getting cocky?

The King Of Kings arched an eyebrow at the female reporter.

Cocky? You're serious?

She nodded her head.

Well, yeah, you're coming off a fresh start on things and you're still getting used to everything. Don't you think you should take it slow?

It was his turn to shake his head, but added a laugh, but it really sounded like a short chuckle.

No, Rocky. I'm not cocky. Confident is the better word. Look at me! My power has vastly grown since the last time I stepped foot here and the last time I checked, I won the Mixed Tag-Team match for the titles. But what happened to Mr. Dough? He tried to defend it, yet came away with the match with NOTHING. What happened there, Rocky? Why didn't he do the job correctly? Did he have a lot on his mind with Sadie? Was his focus elsewhere and not on the match? Ben Jordan proved he was the better man that night and is now the Roulette champion. He's gonna have to take on the toughest competition to date and it may as well be ME, Kain, The King Of Kings! I am going to hold NOTHING back and give it EVERYTHING that I have. Singles competition may feel a little rusty, but it's nothing that I can't handle. Do yourself a favor, Rocky, and tell him that he's going to be slaughtered and will lose for the second time in a row since Summer XXXTreme! And if anyone thinks that he has a better chance than I do, well, they're placing their bets on the wrong guy. Mr. Dough will be tough and dangerous, no doubt, but I'm one of the strongest fighters, in fact, THE strongest fighter alive and the most complete! And with that said, Rocky, I bid you adieu. If you have any more questions, perhaps you should come back at a later time?

No, this was the appropriate time. Mr. Dough isn't going to be all fun and games, you know.

You seem like you had experience fighting in the arena?

She tried to reply, but nothing came out of her mouth and instead stared at him. He turned around and waved her off.

That's what I thought. I'll be the judge of that. I'll be at Climax Control. See you around kid. Lee, escort her off my property.

The butler bowed his head as Kain entered the mansion and closed the door behind him. Rocky fumed, since she wanted to ask more questions, but was given another alternative instead. Lee took her to her car and she drove away.

Do take care now, Ms. Mountains.

He turned away, walked up the steps, and also entered the mansion before closing the door behind him and the camera turned dark.

* * * *

Mr. Jon Dough.

Do you know what I like to consider myself as?

A success story.

I'm sure you've heard of those stories in your youth and perhaps even now? Men and women who rose from nothing to become something more extraordinary than they thought possible. I didn't see this happening to me when I first started out. Fact is, all I wanted to do was just kick people's asses and take names later. I guess the dreams that spins inside of our heads motivates us to do better as time passes along. It did the same for me and look where I am now; a major superstar and indeed the biggest name to ever hit the fighting scene. I don't care who is at the top now, whether it's Fenris, Dimitri, Casey Williams, Ben Jordan, anyone really. I'm still gonna kick their ass, make them my bitch, and move on to the next stage of my career. All because I'm a success story, Mr. Dough. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're going to be the next unlucky victim in all this.

So maybe it should comfort you to know that you're going to be a stepping stone, nothing more. I don't see you as a personal adversary. Not in the slightest. All I see is business in front me and the call to arms brings joy to my dark heart. You, on the other hand, will find no joy or pleasure in battling me, save to test your own skills and see how far you've come. Granted, you may be a former SCW Roulette champion. So was I. But it only tells me that you're just a strong opponent that only got this chance because the bosses allowed it.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Which I find to be funny, if you ask me. No one, in their right mind, should be facing me at this point in my career. Because let's face it, Mr. Dough, I'm everything I have spoken to me since my return and then some. You DID see the match, right? You watched and saw Mercedes and I took it to London Underground. They were tough. They were dangerous. But they weren't a match against either of us. We were too much for them.

I don't recall if I faced you before...if I did, I lost and for good reason. But if I haven't faced you before, consider me your greatest downfall. The greatest tragedy in your career.

How can a man of your caliber not see this? No matter. It's too late for you to just simply walk away. Your path in life has been set and you're the next guy that I'm going to be setting in my sights. I will do EVERYTHING that I possibly can to turn this into the result that I desire and go even further, if I have to, for the sake of winning alone. You are a fine champion in your own right, I'll grant you that, but this time, the outcome will depend on our personal skill and knowledge of the battlefield and I am looking forward to testing your skills. Are you man enough to challenge me? Are you really that tough as they say you are or even you say you are? Can you really outstep the King Of Kings and cause him to lose? I doubt it. No man in the world can defeat me now...not even Fenris, who I am looking forward to destroying when it is my time to go after the SCW World Heavyweight championship title.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you heard it first!

The SCW Heavyweight championship is something I've set my sights on since returning and I'll be glad to cripple anyone to get that title back.

You, Mr. Dough, will be the first to feel my rage in singles combat. The night ahead isn't going to end well for you. I'm going to be moving on to bigger and better things. Consider this a once-in-a-life opportunity to see first-hand what a man of my intensity and passion for the sport can really do. It's going to get ugly and it's going to brutal. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Would you?

For I am Kain....THE KING OF KINGS!!!!!!!!

And I......HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!

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