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> SCU Ep. 61 card
Donna Beauchamp
Posted: May 26, 2020 07:44 am

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SCU Ep 61 Tag Team Night May 31st 2020

We are coming at you from the Staggs Dungeon, Las Vegas, Nevada. In front of a live audience of 100 (SCW stars if they wish to attend. GRIME and SCU wrestlers SCW, SCU ring crew, production teams) May 31st at 11:55pm PST

Note All segments are due to the Underground account no later than the segment deadline provided by SCW. This is the last show before Into The Void. Want some last minute hyping, sell, something to say before the big show...? Everyone from all three brands are welcomed and encouraged to submit a segment.

Tag Team night as we get ready for Into The Void lots of matches, almost all from SCU have a match. We will hear from one tag team not in this show in the Ruin Twins and Stacy and Debbi will provide an update on their injuries. Donna is back after a few weeks off. She’ll address Supernova 4, GRIME Wrestling, and will address who has earned the right to face Celeste North at Into The Void!

Opening Match
Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Kawaii Dragons vs Lucha Party and Alex Rush

For the second time in the Hardcore title history the titles will be defended three times in one day. The first match being a falls count anywhere by pinfalls only!

Pride Tag Team Match
Coby Quik and Krystal vs Andrew Borg and Veronica Taylor

Andrew looks to get back the TV title soon but first he'll team with the one that has been giving the TV champion on the women side trouble. The two face yet another Veronica seems to have a problem with. The young newcomer from the Go Gym Krystal, she teams up with a man from the Jet City brand, Coby Quik. Someone who also knows Veronica all too well. Though in this match he will be facing Andrew Borg expect Veronica to do what she has to for the victory... Speaking of doing whatever to get a victory, Kris Ryans is banned from ringside and from the sitting area during this match. Kris will have to watch this one from the back.

Tag Team Match
theFAME vs Dax and Mickey

theFAME looked good last match, the Fox Brothers are still healing up. Now they face returning Dax and Mickey. Now part of Over The Edge. theFame winning this match will really push them forward in the div. Dax and Mickey would love a win in their return but facing theFAME from what we seen so far is not an easy task.

Pride Tag Team Match
John and Chanelle Blade vs Alexis and Tim Staggs

Returning back to the Pride tag rules we see the returning Chanelle, but what happened to Torielle? Hopefully we can get a word from Chanelle but more importantly she and John Blade will be on the opposite side of the ring of Tim Staggs and, not sure how to word it so SCU will go with a very, very livid Alexis Staggs.

Pride Tag Team Match?
Cordelia Clark and O'Malley vs Jamie Staggs and Kelli Torres

Now this match here... well, well, well, Darcy spoke out saying O'Malley wants no part of this match or any tag match. So will he show up? Will he really refuse and force this to be a tag team handicap match by having Cordelia Clark take on Jaime Staggs and Kelli Torres with no partner?

Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Kawaii Dragons vs Lucha Party and Alex Rush

Part two of this hardcore series will have everyone trying to score a victory anywhere and everywhere as this is a falls count anywhere match by tap out or saying I quit only!

Tag Team Match
Shooter and Valentina vs Stewart Mason and Andi Lynx

Another preview of Into The Void between Shooter and Stewart. Valentina and Shooter hate the love/hate thing going on right now. A tag that hasn't had any luck but the fans are entrained by. Can they get a win Stewart Mason and Andi Lynx? They know so but Stewart and Andi think not. Andi is still looking to prove herself and this week she has a partner, one that has raised the bar for everyone else to follow. The man who has been a champion in SCU longer then anyone in the company, current Combat Champion Stewart Mason.

Pride Tag Team Match
The Three Way vs Eyesnsane and Michi

Not much is known of Michi but former champion Eyesnsane is someone everyone is aware of, those who been watching since Honor Wrestling know all about the great matches he and Earl have had. Expect the same in this one, Dahlia being a powerhouse and Michi looking like she can knockout just about anyone makes this a great one to watch on both the men and women side of the match.

Pride Tag Team Match
Non-Title match
Team Go vs Good Shepherds

Non title match set up as the Good Shepherds... Mother Mavis and Brother David, they take on the Pride Tag Team Champions Team Go. Team Go prepare for the Three Way at Into The Void.

Tag Team Match
Nobility vs Halo Annis and Merlot Ayano

Melissa took a few weeks off to care for her older twin sisters. She's back and ready to team with Angel Kash. The two of them have eyes on SCU titles, not just any titles, the ones being held by their opponents in this match. TV Champion Merlot Ayano and Combat Champion Halo Annis. The champs face off at Into The Void but for tonight, tonight they show the SCU fans that they can work great as a team just like they plan on giving them a great match at Into The Void. But can the champions that never teamed take on two that work better as a tag then most in SCU?

Main Event
Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Kawaii Dragons vs Lucha Party and Alex Rush

A pinfall, a I quit match, and now they face off in a ladder match. Not just any ladders, these ladders are covered in thumbtacks! After all this, who will leave this night as the Hardcore Tag Team Champions!

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