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> Wolfslair
Alicia Lukas
Posted: January 13, 2019 08:24 pm

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Stable Name: WolfsLair

Members Names: Alex Jones, Austin James Mercer and Alicia Lukas

Combined weight: All three-640 Pounds
Alex and Austin-490 Pounds
Alex and Alicia-375 Pounds
Austin and Alicia-415 Pounds

Entrance Music: "War" by Palisades

War By Palisades

Entrance: "You're the only one to blame"

"War" By Palisades hits and as we come into the first verse Alex Jones steps out, flanked on either side by Austin James Mercer and Alicia Lukas. They make their way down to the ring and Alicia goes to one side sliding up onto the ring apron as Austin goes to the opposite side, they both step in as Alex slides in from the entrance side. Alicia throws the horns in the air as Austin simply smirks confidently. Alex taking the center of the ring as the leader.

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Longest Running WWH Women's World Champion Ever-288 Days
Most WWH Women's World Championship Defences-8
Last Ever Legacy Wrestling Women's Champion
Longest Running Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Champion-380 Days
Most Honor Wrestling Legacy Women's Championship Defences-7
Only Double Champion in Honor History Holding both the Legacy and Honor Wrestling titles
Longest Running Honor Wrestling Women's Champion Ever-255 Days
Had held a Championship in some form for 718 Days
SCW World "Bombshells" champion x2
Longest single reign ever-280 Days
Combined 301 days as SCW bombshells champion
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