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> London Underground, The freebird team edition
London Underground
Posted: May 12, 2018 01:20 pm

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Personal Information

Name: Daniel J Morgan
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220lbs
Hometown: London, England

Wrestling Information

Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
Gimmick: East London crime boss.
Wrestling Style: Technical
Favourite moves: Choking an opponent while distracting the referee, European uppercut, Forearm club, Knee drop, Multiple knee lifts, Multiple mule kicks to the chest of an opponent seated in the corner, Multiple suplex variations - Dragon, Exploder, German, Half nelson, Belly to back, Snap, Vertical. Neckbreaker, Front dropkick, Lariat, Side headlock Backbreaker - sometimes transitioned into a submission, Slingshot catapult, Double leg takedown, Drop toe-hold, Leg lariat, Sleeper hold, Spinning heel kick, Boxing jabs, Spinning back fist, Shining wizard, Running knee strike, Leghook STO, GTS, Triangle Armbar, Pele Kick, Corner running high kick, Single arm suplex

Finishing move: Proper Brown Bread - Spinning reverse DDT - a.k.a Hero's Welcome
Other information/traits: Daniel is the head of an East London crime syndicate. Very well respected, sometimes through fear and calm intimidation. He is however respectful to elders and people on his good side, very smooth talking, always with a long story to tell.

Personal Information

Name: Osbourne
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 290lbs
Hometown: London, England

Wrestling Information

Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
Gimmick: Bodyguard to Daniel J Morgan.
Wrestling Style: Brawling
Favourite moves: Powerbomb, Torture Rack, Brainbuster, Clothesline Into Corner, Short Arm Clothesline, Jackhammer, Shoulder Block in Corner, Military Press, Gorilla Press Slam, Two Handed Choke, Big boot, Clothesline, Jumping fist drop, Leaping shoulder block, Neckbreaker, Shoulderbreaker, Spear, Corner Splash, Bearhug, Elbow drop, Fallaway slam, Bionic elbow, Package piledriver, Samoan drop, Side slam, Death Valley bomb, Deadlift gutwrench powerbomb, Crucifix sitting powerbomb, Burning Hammer

Finishing move: Bourne Again - Black Hole Slam
Other information/traits: Osbourne is simply known by that name, no one outside his cycle of people will ever know what his full Christian name is. He very rarely talks, if at all. He's been employed as Daniel's bodyguard for years, rarely leaving his bosses side.

Personal Information

Name: Mackenzie Page
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135lbs
Hometown: London, England

Wrestling Information

Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
Gimmick: Enforcer of Daniel J Morgan.
Wrestling Style: Brawling.
Favourite moves: Atomic drop - followed by a running double axe handle, Canadian backbreaker rack, Pendulum backbreaker, Running turnbuckle thrust, Slingshot suplex, Sidewalk slam, Flapjack, Giant swing, Hair-pull curb stomp, Flying neckbreaker, Lariat, Mule kick, Running double knee strike to an opponent against the ropes or in the corner, Shoulder jawbreaker, Sliding double leg takedown, Snapmare driver, Spear, Split-legged hangman's neckbreaker, Running corner hip attack, Discus clothesline, Pyramid driver, Over-the-shoulder belly to back piledriver

Finishing move: MackStabber - MsChif's Desecrator
Other information/traits: Looks can be decieving, short in stature but a whole bag of fire. The fiery half of Daniel's two female enforcers, wouldn't think twice about attacking a male. The brash one of the group.

Personal Information

Name: Charlotte Elliot
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs
Hometown: London, England

Wrestling Information

Alignment: Heel
Theme Music: I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons
Gimmick: Enforcer to Daniel J Morgan.
Wrestling Style: Technical, Submission
Favourite moves: Crossface chickenwing, Bodyscissors, Double leg takedown - often transitioned into a pin or a suplex, European uppercut, Headbutt, Bridging/Release belly-to-back suplex, Bridging/Release/Rolling German Suplex, Overhead belly-to-belly - sometimes from the second rope, Rear naked choke, Triangle choke, Teardrop Suplex Arm trap crossface, Backhand chop, Diving double axe handle, Diving elbow drop, Dropkick, Figure-four leglock, Flying forearm smash, Inverted atomic drop, Cross arm breaker, Asuka lock, Dragon sleeper, Guillotine choke, Screw Driver, Cerebral Lock, Lightning Lock delta

Finishing move: Charlie Horse - Grapevine Ankle lock
Other information/traits: Cool, calm and collected. Never feels pressure, never feels nerves and often tries to defuse situations with firm words rather than fists, unlike Mackenzie, but is more than capable of handling herself in confrontation.

Mixed Tag Information

Name: London Underground.

Members: Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page, Charlotte Elliot - Freebird team

Entrance: The lights in the arena dim slightly as the distinct opening chords of Imagine Dragons "I'm So Sorry" starts to play over the speaker. The drumbeat kicks in as every eye in the area looks towards the entrance ramp. Images of London flashes on the main screen, along with the members of London Underground. The fans boo as Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Mackenzie Page and Charlotte Elliot walk on to the ramp.

Justin: From Bethnal Green, East London, England, they are Daniel J Morgan, Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page, they are London Underground.

The four stand calmly, Daniel looks around the crowd as the stoned faced, emotionless Osbourne stands behind him. To either side of them, Mackenzie stands focused, while Charlotte stands stone faced. Daniel looks back with a tilt of the head, nodding towards the ring. The four slowly start to walk down the ramp, mostly ignoring the fans as they move along. Daniel gets to the ring first, a picture of calmness on his face as he looks up at the ring and starts to walk up the steps. He lifts his nearest legs to the ropes and steps in the ring, ducking his body and moving in to the ring. He puts his arms out to the fans as the emotionless Osbourne joins him in the ring, just standing in the middle of the ring, his left hand on his right as a smile crosses Daniel's face. Mackenzie and Charlotte join the two in the ring and quickly moves towards the ropes, both women climbing on them, unaffected by their boos. The women jump down and join the men in the middle of the ring.

History: To be added shortly

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