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> “That I didn’t expect!”
Caleb Storms
Posted: October 05, 2018 10:32 pm

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Caleb wasn’t in action last week but he did make his presence known by saying that he didn’t care who his next opponent was, only that he was going to focus on rebuilding his stock as an SCW Superstar in the weeks leading up to High Stakes VII, however whilst it wasn’t explicitly stated to be an open challenge there was one Superstar who interpreted it as such, namely Caleb’s old enemy Ben Jordan who not only accepted the challenge but put the Roulette Title on the line thus granting Caleb’s requests from the Theme Park Tour three months late.

And now the rematch between Caleb and Ben was set to take place this Sunday at Climax Control and it was serving as the Main Event, with the title on the line Caleb had a lot to prove as their first one on one match on the Climax Control before Violent Conduct was non-title and Ben went on to win that match, can Caleb avenge pretty much everything that’s happened to him since he lost the Roulette Title back to Jon Dough at Into the Void?

Local gym, Fort Defiance, Arizona
Friday the 5th of October 2018, 11:00am

I guess good things do come to those that wait.

To those who’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, well for starters you should probably go out and get some sun, and I can’t imagine living under a rock is all that comfortable either, but I guess that depends on the size of the rock, where was I again? Oh right, I’ve been trying to get back in the Roulette Title picture since I lost the title to Jon Dough only to get constantly stonewalled by the bosses who didn’t exactly see me as champion material.

And yet an aging Englishman who took several years to win his first title is championship material!

I didn’t let that stop me until Mark went on an ego fueled rant about no one makes title decisions but he and Christian and that his plans changed for no one, so seeing the plans for Summer XXXTreme get thrown out the window because the World Champion got injured and the number one contender to the World Bombshell Championship quit the company was pretty satisfying even if I didn’t win the Ultimate X Match to get a shot at the recently vacated World Heavyweight Title.

Since then I’ve done my part to keep out of Ben’s hair aside from occasionally commenting on his matches but that was until I won the Mixed Tag Titles with Sam Marlowe a few weeks ago and I got thrown into a champion vs. champion non-title match against Ben Jordan at the Go Home Show for Violent Conduct which I lost.

Fast forward too weeks and I’m finally getting my wish.

Let’s make one thing clear, that wasn’t meant to be taken as an open challenge, I just stated what I had in mind regarding any matches I’d get booked for in the lead up to High Stakes VIII but then Ben went and used that as an excuse to grant me what I had been asking for, I don’t know if he’s got an ulterior motive for this or not but one thing is for certain, by the end of the weekend I will be a two time Roulette Champion.

After that? Who knows?

“I told you that working for two companies would come in handy.” I commented as I worked out on the weight machine whilst Katie kept a close eye on me, I had been to Fort Defiance before as part of the Honor Wrestling roster so I was pretty familiar with the area and when SCW announced that the second show of the Arizona tour was taking place here I started thinking back to the week I had previously spent here, including the gym I used! “And I’m not just talking about the rental company we used.”

“Yeah, I know, if SCW continues to come to Fort Defiance I think we’re going to need to get you a gym membership here.” Katie responded as she sat down on the bench opposite the weight machine. “Especially now that SCW and Honor Wrestling are merging together after Zero Hour II.”

“Hell, considering how many Honor Wrestling cameracrews me and Jessie managed to get backstage, I’m not convinced that they weren’t already merged together.” I joked getting a laugh out of Katie as I finished in the weights. “Speaking of Jessie, I bet she’s not happy about the news.”

“Yep, she was a champion over at Honor Wrestling but now its looking like the titles will be merged as well, meaning that she still has to put up with that title shot ban.” Katie nodded in agreement before leaning back. “At least you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Yeah, because I never won a title in Honor Wrestling and considering that I was left off the Zero Hour II card I probably won’t win a title there, period.” I added with a frown before that frown quickly turned into a grin. “That’s not to say that there isn’t a silver lining though, and I think you know what I’m talking about.” I added, and Katie nodded once she got the idea.

“The Roulette Title Match against Ben, at least you’re finally getting your wish there.” Katie nodded in agreement before standing up. “I’m off to have a turn on the rowing machines, if you want to do your promo, go ahead.” Katie added, and I nodded before she walked off and now that I was alone I got ready to do my promo.

“So, here’s a quick quiz for you, how do you make five months feel like an eternity? Be constantly stonewalled by two bosses who are clearly stuck in their ways as to how a champion should look and by a wrestling “legend” who took several years to finally win his first title, it may have taken me five months to get a title shot at you Ben but here we are, set to headline this week’s Climax Control from Fort Defiance, Arizona with the Roulette Title on the line!”

And it’s time I did something I should’ve done months ago.

“Do you know how long I’ve had this chip on my shoulder Ben? Here’s a hint, I just mentioned it! That’s right, five months and now I’m getting the chance to finally close this chapter on my life by beating you for the SCW Roulette Championship and unlike the first time around, I’m not going to lose it on the first defense but I’ll worry about that after I beat you for the title Ben and hopefully you’ll realize that maybe someone who’s taken several years to win his first title isn’t cut out for the business?”

And no, I don’t count ACW.

“Last time was about proving a point, this time is about winning back a title that I lost five months ago, and you know, its almost poetic that you’ve managed to hold onto it for so long only to lose it to the guy who Jon Dough beat to win it back! Once I win the title I’ll go onto bigger and better things and maybe you’ll go back to whatever it is English people do since that whole Brexit debacle a couple of years ago but until then I have a title to win.”

It’s that simple.

“I realize that it’s a bit of a cliché at this point but I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the match and that means that I’m going to give one hundred and ten percent in this match, I can only hope that you’ll be able to keep up with me Ben because otherwise this might ne the shortest Roulette Title Match that’s served as the Main Event for a Climax Control in the promotion’s history, something that I’m sure the resident historian will correct me on!”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“When I first saw your segment Ben the first thing that went through my mind was “That I didn’t expect”, the second thing? “I’m winning back that title! This might be your last hurrah Ben like I suspected at the Climax Control before Summer XXXTreme but I will be happy to end your career the same way most of your title matches ended, with you on your back whilst the champion looms over you! In the meantime you had better brace yourself because there’s a storm brewing, otherwise you’ll be blown away by “The Metal Storm” Caleb Storms, your next Roulette Champion!”

I went to join Katie as the scene fades.

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