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> On his Jack Jones using his North and South
Posted: November 08, 2019 10:50 am

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Stephen Callaway sits wearing a Scotland flag shirt on a stool with a Union Jack design on it.

Stephen Callaway
"A few weeks ago prior to the big Pay Per View I sat and I did a big speech about how pay per views matter more than TV. And then I went out and I lost on pay per view. I mean, alright there's bound to be someone somewhere watching this saying "but Stevie C, you weren't the guy that got pinned'. And no, no I didn't. But it feels like I did. I may not have been the one that got pinned but I never left with the win. It wasn't my arm the referee held up in the air. I may not have been the one that got pinned but I still lost. Splitting hairs over who did and who didn't get pinned change the result.

Then we got a week's break. Not sure if that was a TV station messing up or if it was intentional, I've no idea. Last week I wasn't booked. So you know what I did? I had give or take two weeks off and what did I do?


I did absolutely nothing. I sat on my ass and I watched wrestling from a ton of companies when it was on my TV and I live tweeted it. I watched some on demand wrestling via the several Networks on the internet. I watched DVDs, I watched some sitcom about bondage on Netflix. I played video games. I watched bad TV. I spent time with my cats, I took plenty of painkillers, I ate when I wanted and I barely left the house.

Point is I rested. I took the time with a pillow behind me for the pain in my shoulder to sit on my ass and rest. I'm not saying that I'm sitting here having one hundred percent recovered from Shingles but I'm probably as good as I'm going to be. So I'm ready to hit the gym, get back out there and get working out, get training and maybe come back at SCW with a fresh start."

He stops to take a drink from a mug with a picture of his wife and 'Mrs C' written on it.

Stephen Callaway
"So I'm ready to come back and come back fighting and what do I have this week? I have a December 2 Dismember qualifier. I win that and I head to December 2 Dismember to fight in a six way match for the SCW Title.

Now a few of you out there will be looking at the first few matches I've had here in SCW and will be thinking that I'm a loser. That I've no chance. But that's the thing! OK it's not been a great start and I can sit here and talk about four way matches, arm pain and Shingles until the cows come home. I can give you a list of reasons and excuses if that's what you need. However I've had a bit of a successful career before I came here. I've been a Tag Team Champion, I've been a Television Champion. Hell I've been a multi time World Champion.

Multi time champion or lovable loser? You decide. But I sit here right now two steps away from the SCW Title. I could be standing there holding the SCW Title over my head having won a grand total of just three matches here in SCW.

Scary isn't it?

Let me shoot with you a moment. I was working once as a backstage agent for a company. There was a couple of brands within that company and the brand I was on managed to sign a former champion from one of the others. The champion of the brand came to me and he was worried that this guy, this former champion on another brand, was going to walk onto his show and get a title shot on the value of his name and his history alone.

Now I know there is bound to be some here in the SCW locker room with the same fear as that brand champion had. They must have been sat there having been here maybe three years, four years. They must have seen me come into this company and instantly been scared for their spots. Terrified that on the value of my name and my title history that I was just going to walk into SCW and walk straight into the title picture.

And yet here I sit. Two months into my time here in SCW. A questionable win loss record and I sit, potentially, two matches away from the SCW Title. Two wins away from closing the year as the World Champion of a company I wasn't even part of until the fourth quarter of the year."

Another drink from the Mrs C mug.

Stephen Callaway
"Now I'll be honest with you. If you're going to look at the first two months of my being in SCW the chances of me wining the SCW Title at December 2 Dismember are slim. Hell, the chances of me even fighting for the title at December 2 Dismember are slim. Yet here I sit. If I'm that bad, why have I been booked in the match in the first place?

Maybe I am as good as my reputation and title history says I am.

Maybe #BenDeservesBetter is exactly what he's getting. Everyone that thinks of me as this low level loveable loser.

I am better.

I am feeling relaxed and healthy and I am far, far better than the run of bad form I've been on for the first two months of my time here in SCW. I am better! I'm a lot damn better than I've felt health wise but I now need to go out there and be a Phoenix in Phoenix. I need to rise from the burning pain of Shingles and come back better than I have been in these last two months. I need to show that I am more than just talk. I need to show that I am capable of more than sitting here running my mouth.

Yeah like I said the chances of me being just two wins away from the SCW Title are slim But at the same time it's also very doable. It's very doable that Ben Jordan is going to find out I am better than he is when he gets my plates of meat right up in his big old boat before I knock him on his Khyber. It's very doable that I could be just two wins from the SCW Title. Someone is! Why can't it be me? Because some moron on the SCW website team insists on calling me a 'rookie sensation'?

I have not been in this business for damn near twenty years to be called a 'Rookie Sensation'. I have not been slammed on hard fucking boards covered in a thin canvas for said years to be labelled a 'Rookie Sensation'. The pains I have suffered and the injuries I've had to recover from did not suddenly come on overnight! The weddings, the birthdays, the funerals I have missed over the last two decades so I could be something in this business I didn't do so I could be labelled a 'rookie sensation'. The times I have had to part from my family and travel across the world what feels like a billion times I didn't do to be labelled a 'rookie sensation'.

I didn't come to SCW to be labelled a 'rookie sensation'. I didn't compete with Shingles to be labelled a 'rookie sensation'

Damn son, I even won a World Title in 2000 at age 18 back when I WAS a damn 'rookie sensation'!

No. I came to SCW to be a Sensation. I came to SCW to be the SCW Champion. If I have to beat six guys over two matches to prove that, that's fine with me. Ben Jordan might think I'm having a bubble that I'm nothing more than a Richard on his boot, but he's all Pete if he thinks I'm not going to cause him some Barney in Phoenix. Benny, I'm here for the SCW Title. If you want to butchers by me that's fine but you're the one that's going to be Brahms when I'm going to December 2 Dismember and all you are is a hashtag."

He stands up and walks out of shot.

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