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> A thank you
Sierra Williams
Posted: July 12, 2019 09:49 pm

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Don’t forget I’m human
I’m not alive for your amusement
Lost in your delusion
You don’t know who I am
Don’t forget I’m human
I’ve got the open wounds to prove it
And you don’t get to choose it
You don’t know who I am

Scene One: Just one shot…
Off Camera
Detroit, Michigan
4 Years Ago.

Sierra sat backstage on an uncomfortable steel folding chair, her arms folded over her chest with a black Machine Head hoodie over her body and the hood pulled up, a few strands of her hair flowed out from it as she watched. Her brothers were in the ring, she was there to support them, sitting backstage though she had a sick feeling in her stomach. The other performers walking around talking freely, no one came up to her, no one introduced themselves. She sneered and shook her head. She got it, who was she?. She was just the younger sister of two very capable and respected indy stars who had become a very popular tag team in Canada and now North America.

Diego and Rico went about their work and she gave a small smirk, her eyes moving to a group of giggling girls. Tall, blond haired, blue eyed, untrained wannabes who had boob jobs and wanted to use this to get their looks out there. It made her angry, frustrated and her hands clenched together hidden under her arms. She tilted her head as she saw Diego fly over the top rope onto both opponents after an assist by Rico, the crowd popped so loud she could hear the walls rumble. This was just a small promotion, a weekly show that was put up on a streaming service with a handful of other local shows, but it was still out there, in front of over a thousand people. They were the tag team champions and everyone loved them.

She sighed realising she didn’t want to be there, this was night one of a two night extravaganza being promoted as the biggest show of the year coming out of Detroit, and she was nothing but a fucking passenger. Something caught her attention as she looked over at the direction of the noise. Dan Vrolick, the promoter, booker and owner of the company stormed out from the gorilla position looking at his phone. ”Mother fucker!...” He looked over at the gaggle of blonde girls who had gathered looking concerned. [color]yellow]”Look Ladies, Candy is out of tomorrow nights opener, we might have to scrap the match cause we can’t find a third for team two”[/color] There were groans and tuts and whining and crying.

A small smirk came over Sierra lips, fuck em. Then it happened a small lightbulb went off and she looked over with a laugh pushing up off the steel chair to her feet approaching Dan with a little bit of trepidation and a hint of fear.

”Excuse me. Mr. Vrolick?” He turned raising an eyebrow looking her up and down, Sierra reached up moving a little hair from her face pulling back the hood smiling a little before clearing her throat. ”I’m sorry to bother you but I overheard that you need someone for a match and, I think I can help.” She paused for a moment, gauging his reaction, the other girls all turned their noses up and chuckled to themselves. Dan turned and with a movement of his hand dismissed them. ”What’s your name?

Sierra swallowed and took a deep breath. ”Sierra, Sierra Lopez…[/’color] He raised an eyebrow and looked at the monitor, Diego and Rico had just gone into the finish, winning the match and the fans were going insane high fiving each other, he smirked and turned back to her. [color=yellow]”You’re their little sister right?, Oscar’s daughter?” She gave another small nod biting her lip nervously. ”You have your work papers? VISA and license?” She again gave a quick nod, Dan again looked at the monitor and the craziness that her brothers had caused. He laughed to himself and reached out patting her on the shoulder.

”You’re in here at 2 tomorrow to go over a few things,.and Sierra?...this isn’t a promise….it’s an opportunity..…

Scene Two: Getting back on the horse
On Camera
Primm, Nevada
Present Day

”Into the void, well, it didn’t really go as planned did it?”

She ran a hand over her head sliding her long black hair through her fingers, Sierra eyes trailed up and forward with a smirk before she let go of a small shrug.

”In this business you win some and you lose some, it’s a fact of life. Now, that loss to Bobbie Dahl, it hurt, it hurts because this wasn’t just able climbing the rankings or earning a shot it was personal. And even though Bobbie and I have settled our issues through beating the shit out of one another, well, it was still a bitter pill to swallow. We went to war, we beat the hell out of each other and when the dust settled it was her hand being raised, not mine. But, as I said, wins and losses are gonna flow. And I have won a lot more than I have lost.”

“Something that Apple Coren can’t say..”[/color[

She chuckles to herself, was it a cheap shot?. Maybe. But it was also true. Sierra looked around and wiped the sweat from her brow as she pushed up to her feet. Nevada was so hot, she wasn’t used to it and at that moment really missed Canada.

[color=red[“Since I came into SCW I have been fighting to get recognition, and I think people are finally starting to get it. A pretty picture is being drawn and the scene is clear.”

“Don’t fuck with Sierra Williams.”

“I’m happy Mark decided to book me, I’m happy I’m getting in the ring mire, because unlike some people, like Gamer INC I actually want to work, I don’t want to get in the ring once a month and then jerk myself off in public when I fluke out a win. And trust me on this Gamer bitches, me and Lach, we’re not done with you. Now, I will say that a lot of the shit talk and promotion that gets done in wrestling and even some of what I say should be taken with a grain of salt.”

“Like if I look at someone on the roster and say they “suck”. Like, Mercedes Vargas. It’s obvious Mercedes still has it and can “go” but in the interests of trying to get in her head I will go out there and say that she is past her prime and can’t hang with the younger stars like myself, Cat Riley and Alicia Lukas. Or I’ll pick on Kate Steele or Crystal Zdunich despite the fact they both have track records that indicate they can wrestle…”

“But then ...well…”

“Then there’s Apple Coren”

Sierra pauses for a moment and takes a long deep breath with her eyebrows raised.

”I remember the first time I heard of Apple, she was running her mouth about something, talking about how SCW was going to be hers and she deserved to be champion or some cookie cutter bullshit. Then the last time any of us saw her was in London where Cat Riley made her tap out like a bitch with very little effort in their whole “which part of England is better” match...spoilers...England sucks, it’s horrible, and cold, the food is shit and most people from there are arrogant self serving morons ...”

“Ireland is much better…”

“For obvious reasons…”

”Well, it’s not like you don’t enjoy the Waterford Weiner…”

Lachlan steps in from the side and wiggles his eyebrows at Sierra who just gives him a blank stare and then looks down at said beast off camera with a small laugh shaking her head, Lachlan slowly backs away and Sierra squeezes the bridge of her nose trying to refocus.

”But, Apple has done nothing in SCW this year. At all. In 2019 Apple Coren is 0-6, in fact you might even say Apple is rather...rotten…”

Sierra laughs to herself and Lachlan shakes his head with a sigh, Sierra clears her throat and continues.

”Look, Apple. I’m not going to sit here and tell you anything you don’t already know about yourself but I will give you some much needed reflection. See, Apple, SCW right now, especially the Bombshells division, well it’s full of sharks. Alicia Lukas, Mercedes Vargas, Cat Riley, Bobbie Dahl, myself talent coming in. We are all circling looking at the future and knowing that it’s do or die. And unfortunately, as much as you wish you could step up and be a part of this new wave of’re just not good enough…”

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Jesse Salco.”

“It would be better for you, to pack up, walk out and either go to a company where the talent level isn’t as high, or retire. Just walk away and save yourself the embarrassment. Cause this match against me is not going to be a great athletic competition Apple. It’s going to be a one sided ass kicking and I’m the one swinging the boot. And no, I won’t feel bad about it. Because the way I see it Apple?. I’m doing you a favor. A loss that bad to me with how painful it’s going to be?. You’ll walk away and you’ll find something better to do with your life. You can be happy. Then, I will expect one thing from you when all this is done…”

“A thank you”

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