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> JESSIE SALCO © vs ELLA SINGLETON, Legacy Women's title
Christian Underwood
Posted: October 28, 2018 06:37 pm

TAFKATPF aka The Artist Formerly Known As The Pink Flamingo
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Post all RPs here!

Word limit: 10k per character per RP period

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Ella Singleton
Posted: November 02, 2018 02:26 am

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It's close to eleven in the morning as Ella is walking out of her hotel bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her hair is dripping water as she walks over toward the dresser. She picks up her hair brush while letting out a soft sigh. "I can't believe I'm here," she says to herself while running the brush through her wet hair. An hour later, Ella is standing outside her hotel wearing an imitation fur coat over a silk blouse. She has knee high riding boots on her feet with black and white plaid skirt. Her hair is tucked under a fur skull cap as she walks down the sidewalk.

The cooler air cuts through her as she walks. The city of Chicago was moving at light speed as she tries to take in the sights. Her mind is racing as she thinks about meeting with her brother Leroy about her impending debt. She stands at the crosswalk and waits for the sign to change. As she is standing there, she contemplates what to say to her brother. The sign changes as she crosses the street. Her eyes scan the environment as the front door leading into her brother's business is slowly approaching. Ella takes a deep breath as she stops at the front door.

"I shouldn't have to do this," she murmurs to herself as she pulls out her cell phone. She opens up her contacts and scrolls through them. Her agent's name is highlighted as she presses it. She then presses the phone button and places it up to her ear.

Pick up, pick up, pick up, she thinks while letting the phone ring for a while. Just then "Hello," a groggy voice comes over the speaker. "Carter," Ella says. "What's wrong Ella," he asks while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Do I really need to do this," asks Ella. "Yes, it's best that you talk with Leroy before talking to Bill," answers Carter. "I rather be in Tucson working on a way to destroy that stupid airhead Jessie Salco," replies Ella. "Look, you talk to Leroy and I'll set you up in Tucson with a great hotel room," says Carter. "Fine," she sighs while hanging up the phone.

Ella shoves her cell phone into her purse and opens the door. She strolls through the lobby towards the elevator.

"Miss," shouts the receptionist. Ella ignores her as the receptionist continues to yell at her. Ella stops at the elevator as the receptionist grabs her arm. Ella looks down then turns to see the receptionist standing next to her. "Do you fucking mind?" asks Ella. The receptionist slowly removes her hand and looks at Ella. "Can I help you?" responds the receptionist. Ella rolls her eyes. "I'm here to see my brother Leroy," she says. The receptionist looks at Ella. "I don't care if you were here to see the janitor, you can't just waltz in here," the receptionist fires back as Ella glares at her.

The receptionist doesn't seem to be phased as she is dragging Ella towards the front door. Ella breaks loose from the woman's grip, runs toward the elevator and presses the up button. The elevator dings as she quickly steps inside while waving at the receptionist.
As Ella is riding the elevator up to the floor that her brother works on, she decides to take this time to meditate on her High Stakes debut and her No Holds Barred match against her nemesis in Jessie Salco.

"I bet you thought you were smart huh Jessie. I bet you thought it was a done deal. You beat me on Climax Control and that was the last you see of me. I guess you thought wrong on both accounts. I have been stewing over our last match mainly because I was harassed all match and yet you get off Scott free. How in the hell is that fair huh? How in the hell do you pin me when my shoulder was clearly off the canvas? Are you some sort of magician? Did you pay the referee to let you get away with whatever you want?

Thankfully, my lawyer was watching that same match and threatened to take legal action if that wrong wasn't righted. You see Jessie, you couldn't beat me. No matter how hard you tried, your best just wasn't good enough. Hell, I made you resort to pulling on my tights. For someone who claims to be the best damn wrestler, you sure take a lot of short cuts. Tell me Jessie, do you really think I wouldn't notice how foolish you are?

You think trying to get someone to challenge you is going to make you relevant again. Face it. No one wants to face you Jessie. That's why you are stuck in matches against me. Because no one wants to put themselves through the torture of hearing you say how you will kick someone's ass when clearly you can't even do that right.

Ella pauses as the elevator stops on a floor she doesn't recognize. The doors open as an older gentlemen in a dark red suit steps onto the elevator. Ella stays next to the back wall as the man doesn't pay any attention to her.

I bet it's frustrating to know you will have to face me one more time. This time you will not have any excuses. You will finally see just how bad I want this championship. You will see how hungry I am when I slam your face into all four turnbuckles. I will do dastardly things to you Jessie and I will not be harassed because it will be legal. I can scratch your eyes out. I can squash your face underneath my boot. I can do a multitude of things and you won't have a leg to stand on.

This time around I will be the one kicking ass and taking names. I will be the one who saves the Legacy championship from becoming another useless trinket in the hands of Jessie Salco. You can say or do whatever you want but it won't matter. I'm not going to stop my path towards gold. I will cut right through if I have too. I am willing to go the distance. I'm ready to stoop to any level just to stop your boring reign.

This is my night and I'll be damned if you walk out still the champion. I will do what I started to do after our last encounter. I will leave you in a pool of your own blood while I hoist the Legacy championship high above my own head. The crowd will be irrelevant because I am not doing this for them. I don't care if they like me. I am doing this for myself. I am doing this because I want to be the one who ends Jessie Salco.

Be prepared Jessie because come High Stakes, The Duchess claims her crown.

Duchess of Florida

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Jessie Salco
Posted: November 02, 2018 09:56 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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RP Title: “Really? Again?!”

Following a successful defense of the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship against Ella Singleton two weeks ago Jessie was all set to move on to her next challenger even stating a desire to defend the title against Alicia Lukas, the woman who held the title before Jessie but never lost it due to her vacating the title to focus on the Honor Wrestling World Title, however Ella Singleton had different ideas as she challenged Jessie to a third title match at High Stakes and this time around it would be Hardcore Rules.

And what was even more infuriating for Jessie was the fact that it worked! Ella was now challenging Jessie for the third title match in a row at High Stakes! Can Jessie win the match, retain the title and finally shut up Ella once and for all? Well if her past success against Ella is any indication than the answer is yes but stranger things have happened in SCW!

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona
Friday the 2nd of November 2018, 16:00pm

How did I get talked into this?

No, I’m not talking about my title match against Ella Singleton (yet), I didn’t exactly get talked into that so much as the bosses made the match without asking me if I accepted her challenge or not and even went with her suggestion for the stipulation for the match, no I’m talking about the museum that Jake has dragged us too and to be clear, I’m talking about my brother Jake and not Jake Raab, not sure how you’d confuse the two since one is 6ft 10 and has super long dreadlocks and the others Jake Raab but I digress!

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the museum we’ve been dragged too.

Put it simply, Jake found out about this place through our usual method (namely Googling “Things to do in *insert place where I’ll be wrestling here*) and after discarding the initial idea of doing an escape room because we weren’t sure how to fit a promo around it he dragged us out here, I’ve never been so bored in my entire life and I’ve sat through enough J2H promos/Twitter rants to last me through two lifetimes.

Still not as boring as facing Ella Singleton AGAIN!

“Come on guys, it’s not that bad.” Jake commented as we walked through the museum/zoo hybrid, thing that he had dragged us too. “You’ve learned some interesting stuff.”

“Yes, I’ve learned that there are things more boring than J2H since he left SCW!” I responded as I rolled my eyes whilst we walked through the area. “I hope to god the gift shop has something good for us to take back to California in two weeks!”

“Speaking of California, what are we doing for the elections next week?” Shane chimed in and I glanced over my shoulder at him. “I looked up the driving distance from Arizona to California and it would take us twelve hours to get back home, vote and then get back, in other words, unless we stay the night back home and come back in the morning we’d be a car crash waiting to happen.”

“Then we’ll do that, if we leave early Monday morning we can be back home by the late evening and then we can stay the night, vote in the morning and come back.” I responded after thinking for a moment and the boys nodded in agreement with my plan of attack, however I couldn’t help but shake my head as it dawned on me. “Fucking hell, this place is so boring that I’d rather talk about politics than this place!”

“Well to be fair, it is election season.” Jake pointed out and I nodded once I realized that he had a point. “And the sooner we can get that idiot out of the white house the better.”

“Just remind me to wear the Municipal Waste Donald Trump t-shirt on Tuesday.” I responded with a nod and the boys shook their heads at my idea. “Oh, come on, is there a better time for me to wear that shirt? Yeah, I didn’t think so!”

“At least you’d be able to kick the asses of any Trump Supporters that take issue with your shirt, and knowing how thin skinned they are, that’ll be all of them.” Jake responded with a frown before sighing. “You know what? You have a point Jess, let’s head somewhere else.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather be at a Justin Bieber concert than this place.” I responded with a nod before following the guys out of the museum, however I did opt to hang back a bit once we were back in the parking lot and that was for one reason. “Guys I’m going to go ahead and get my promo done for week one.”

“Sure, we’ll wait for you in the car.” Shane responded before the boys hopped in the car and I leaned against the car as I got ready to do my promo.

“Ever since the bullshit title shot ban was enacted back in April, I’ve been hearing the same thing from my co-workers in SCW, “how dare Jessie try to advance her career by campaigning for World Bombshell Title Shots”, not those exact words but you get the general idea, flash forward a few months and I’m defending this title.” I said as I patted the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship that was over my shoulder. “Against Ella Singleton who demanded this title shot after I had beaten her twice, in a row, by claiming that I had my hand on her tights!”

I said as I rolled my eyes.

“Just going to put this out there, if no one calls out Ella for demanding a title shot after doing the same to me then they are massive fucking hypocrites! That said, really? Again?! And that’s the best excuse you can come up with Ella?! I’ve heard worse excuses from fifth graders after I beat them at an online game but then you went and made it a No Holds Barred Match just for the hell of it! Well Ella, I hope your happy because after I beat the shit out of you live on PPV for the whole world to see I don’t see Brooke or the bosses giving you another shot as long as I hold this title!”

It’s that simple.

“I beat you at Zero Hour II to retain the title, I beat you again at the following week’s Climax Control to retain the title, am I the only one seeing a pattern here? I’d almost say that you remind me of, well, me, Ella but at least when I campaigned for shots at the World Bombshell Championship I waited a while in between title shots, you? You couldn’t even wait a fucking week before you went on TV and used that lame, cliched excuse to get a shot! Yes, I grabbed your tights during the match but only after you did the same thing throughout your last title match!”

This is a joke!

“Even then, I didn’t need to grab the tights to kick your ass Ella because as I’ve proven two times already, you can’t beat me! And I’ll prove that again in two weeks’ time when I beat you for the third, and final if I have anything to say about it, time in a row because I have other, much more qualified women who I’d much rather defend this title against, like Alicia Lukas as I mentioned last week on Climax Control after she joined the long list of people who have beaten Parand Ara!

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“You know, at least when I demanded title shots, I did it with some title reigns on my resumé’ but Ella? She’s had one match in SCW against me for the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship and the fact that I retained said title should be obvious because I’m holding the title right now! Ella, take it from me, if you keep this up the rest of the roster will get sick of you in no time flat and I’m getting sick of defending this title against you as well! This is the Heavy Metal Angel Jessie Salco signing off! Ella, you know what they say about those who don’t learn from history? They are doomed to repeat it! In the meantime, I’m going to wait for someone to call you out on your bullshit!”

I entered the car as the scene fades.

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Jessie Salco
Posted: November 08, 2018 11:23 pm

SCW's Heavy Metal Bombshell

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RP Title: “Queen of Second Chances!”

It was the week of High Stakes 8 and (if you asked Jessie) more importantly Jessie’s second Legacy Championship defense in an SCW ring and her third defense overall against Ella Singleton and after no one answered Jessie’s call to call out Ella for demanding a title match after doing the same to Jessie the champion now had to focus on retaining the title, can Jessie go three for three against Ella Singleton in title matches? Or will Ella surprise the world be dethroning Jessie?

Local gym, Tucson, Arizona
Thursday the 8th of November 2018, 11:00am

When in doubt, train!

No, I’m not in doubt about my title match against Ella on Sunday Night, I know I can beat her, I’ve done it twice already and the fact that this title match will be No Holds Barred will make absolutely no difference when it comes to the outcome of the match, so what am I in doubt about? Well that’s about as simple as Ella really, I was in doubt about what I was going to do for my promo this week and it led me here.

Hey, I wasn’t about to let Jake decide on this after he managed to make watching paint dry exciting and the last time I was in Tucson I was seriously disappointed in the quality of the metal bars in the area! Throw in the fact that none of the other suggestions on TripAdvisor really jumped out at us and I eventually said: “fuck it, I’m doing the promo at a local gym” and so here we are, at least here I can listen to good metal whilst I work out!

Not like I need much training to beat Ella.

One of these days Ella is going to run out of excuses and realize that beating me is about as likely to happen as Donald Trump’s balls being let out of the vice Putin has them in (good luck getting that mental image out of your head) and finally move on with her life but until then I’ll keep beating her.

It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

“So, has your thought on your match against Ella Singleton changed in the past week?” Jake asked as I finished on the weight machine and got off the bench so that Shane could have a turn on it. “Or is that the dumbest question to ever be asked in the history of Sin City Wrestling?”

“No because the dumbest question would be “will the title shot ban be lifted by the time I lose this belt?”.” I responded as I picked up the Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship which I had left on my duffle bag. “And also, no to the first question, I didn’t exactly have a high opinion of Ella when we faced off at Zero Hour II last month, do you really think that opinions changed now that she’s trying to become a posher version of me?!”

“Can’t really argue with that.” Shane admitted as he worked away on the weights with me watching to make sure he didn’t injure himself. “I’m still surprised no one’s come out and agreed with you on Ella demanding another shot.”

“Probably scared to admit that they are hypocrites.” I responded as I shook my head with a frown on my face. “At least when I debuted I waited until I got a title shot that I won, I didn’t demand an immediate rematch for the SCW Bombshell Tag Team Titles, mostly because Ms. Evangelista is easily the most useless tag team partner I’ve had in my SCW career and she disappeared not long after the first Summer XXXTreme but still!”

“Why don’t you tell us how you really fee about Ms. Evangelista?” Jake responded jokingly, and I gave him a mock death glare. “Actually, on second thought, don’t, otherwise you’ll never get your promo done.”

“To quote Batman, give me a week and I’ll give you a list, two if you want details.” I responded with a grin before shaking my head. “On the other hand, I don’t have a week, I’ve got two days so it’s best that I get my promo done now.”

“Still surprised Ella hasn’t spoken up yet, she was pretty quick on the ball last week.” Shane commented as he finished on the weights and stood up to let Jake have a go and Shane took a sip from the water bottle he was carrying.

“Which explains how she really got a third title shot.” I muttered under my breath causing Shane to do a spit take, he quickly recovered however and went to keep an eye on Jake. “Whilst you guys do that I’m off to do my promo.”

“Go ahead, you know where to find us.” Jake responded, and I walked off to the rowing machines, which I had planned to go on next anyway, so I could do my promo.

“You know, one of my favorite things to do aside from wrestling and metal music is watch cooking programs, mostly MasterChef US and Australia, well the other day whilst I was in California to do my vote I was watching a rerun of MasterChef US Season 8 when I quote from the show caught my attention and not because it had anything to do with cooking, during the Elimination Challenge Adam, who ironically got eliminated that episode, called his opponent Caitlin The Queen of Second Chances and if that doesn’t describe Ella Singleton perfectly, I don’t know what does!”

She gets more second chances than me!

“And I can’t wait for the hypocrite brigade who where so quiet when I called on them to call out Ella for demanding a title shot to jump all over that comment! I mean seriously Ella, you just arrived in SCW and your already making demands? Idiots make fun of me for demanding shots, but I at least waited until I was a few years into my SCW career first before I got a taste for gold! And if you keep this up people will just start calling you the posher Jessie Salco and maybe then they’ll fucking realize that I had a fucking point to my argument!”

Somehow, I doubt it.

“Ever heard of the three strikes rule? Well Ella, here’s some math for you, strike one: Zero Hour II, strike two Climax Control 219, strike three: this Sunday at High Stakes and if the bosses decide your worthy of strike four? Then I’m really going to rip into them for their bullshit! But if you had any common sense, and if not, I’ll beat it into you on Sunday night, you’d move on and try to play at something more your level, I hear the bosses are going to be opening a kiddie play area soon!”

Something tells me that even that won’t be enough.

“All jokes aside, this will be the easiest title match of my career! I’ve beaten you twice in title matches and this Sunday I’m going three for three and to top it all off it’s no holds barred, the match you requested Ella and when you requested that match type you dug your own grave because that just means that the referee will be powerless to stop me from beating the shit out of you with anything I can get my hands on and after that I’ll focus on two things: moving on to the New Year and hopefully new challengers and leaving you in the dust.”

And with that I decided to wrap things up.

“The Queen of Second Chances is about to be dethroned, and hopefully said throne will be destroyed and the parts used for something a lot more useful like a monument to your failure! I’ve beaten you twice Ella and the fact that this is a No Holds Barred Match just means that when I beat you this Sunday you’ll be a bloody mess! This is the “Heavy Metal Angel” Jessie Salco signing off, Ella, you may be the Queen of Second Chances, but your royal bloodline is about to be wiped out!”

I started on the rowing machine as the scene fades.

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