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> Troubled times.
Amy Marshall
Posted: February 08, 2019 08:59 pm

Punk Whore!

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{{{Off camera}}}

Voice: Are we good?

Great... I miss you.

Me too.

Sound like a plan. Do what you have too... I want to make sure this has maximum effect.

You do think whats best and use those acting skills.

Thanks... and see you soon.


<< Later on >>

Climax Control 227
3rd February 2019
Carson City, NV

To be honest I was expecting something to happen, but it was still a shock in a way... I purposely didn’t get involved in her match because didn’t want to be that walking cliché of that bitter and vindictive person ready to interfere in her match and make her loose or even distract her. Instead Apple did that, which just adds to what I had said the previous week.

Interestingly I wasn’t expecting an easy match… Ella Singleton while she has a few matches under her belt, she would be still unpredictable as I had never faced her before and the few videos I watched of her matches didn’t yield anything aside from that she tries but has very little and in our match she tried hard… and credit to her she hits hard and a few times had me against the ropes… but just hit back harder.

Sadly for her though she got disqualified because Apple Coren interfered in the match and I got the automatic win… not how I wanted to win mind you. Getting thrown against the ring barrier and being stomped on multiple times however sucked. As Apple is dragged away from ringside, a few of the ringside crew and a doctor rush to my side barraging me with question…

Are you ok?

What hurts?

Does your neck hurt?

Is there anything numb?

Is there tingling?

I just answer that I am ok each and every time… to be honest I wasn’t ok… my neck ached a little, but I didn’t feel anything go or any tingling or numb… but as usual it was anger that filled my body and it was directed at Apple and her attack. Annoyingly I couldn’t do anything about it as the doctors and ringside crew fussed around me.

Helping me to my feet, I give my head, neck and shoulders a stretch and while there was some pain nothing cracked or popped and we slowly made our way back to the backstage area and to the doctors room, where I was given an ice pack to put on my neck as I waited for the doctors, but it wasn’t long before Joey came in to see if I was ok.

Joey: Are you alright?

Joey asks as he squats down and place a hand on my thigh.

Amy: Yeah…

I smiled at Joey glad that he was with me but at the same time I was still annoyed with him following his comments about me being a hypocrite.

Joey: Good Good.

I smile as I shiver from the ice pack.

Amy: Why did you meet up with Apple…. When you damn well know what is happening.

Joey: You heard about it?

Amy: I have friends here… and I heard that you and Apple with talking. What was it about?

I query and somewhat suspicious of Joey’s activities.

Joey: Nothing… just words about this thing between you and Apple.

Amy: Right… Apparently you two were looking cosy going into the locker room.

Joey stands to his feet and shakes his head.

Joey: You believe them and not your own husband.

Amy: I don’t know what to believe… but you better leave before I say something I don’t want.

Joey lets out small growl before storming off.

Joey: I’ll see you back at home when you decide to be more reasonable.

He shouts leaving me along in the room, as I shake my head as our troubles continue and made even more worse with fraternising with Apple Coren.

Amy: Can I go?

Doc: Sorry… but I just want to do a few tests.
Amy: I am fine.

Doc: Maybe so… but I want to check you over and then clear you.

Amy: Fine.

I shake my head, as I let go of the ice pack as the doctor begins her check. The scene soon fades out as the doc starts at my feet and works her way up, as I stew over Joey and Apple.

Ella... I am truly sorry that you got dragged into this war between Apple and me. And I am sorry that our pretty decent match got ruined by some bimbo. I was actually enjoying this match and no doubt you were too as you got the upper hand. However, you were never going to win the match with or without interference. Maybe next time Ella.

Apple Apple Apple... I made the common courtesy not to interfere in your match... because i didn’t want to be that person but instead you did it and ruined a good match. You tried to hurt me, and you failed... and that’s where you have gone wrong because you should have done more... because now... i am coming after you and I will hurt you.

Eye for an eye bitch.


Wednesday 6th February
Las Vegas, NV
Joshua Acquin’s training centre.

The scene opens inside Joshua Acquin’s training centre, where we see Amy standing in front of the heavy bags with boxing gloves on as she punches the bag over and over as hard as she can as she unleashes as many of her frustrations onto it.

Joshua: Amy…

No answer…

Joshua: Earth calling Amy.

Amy: What?

Amy stops and looks at Joshua…

Joshua: You are going pretty hard at that punching bag… is there something bothering you?

Joshua asks.

Amy: No… nothing bothering me.

Amy shakes her head.

Joshua: Liar… I’ve known you for too long. Something is up… what is it?

Amy ignores him and goes to start back up punching the heavy bag, but Joshua pulls Amy away from it.

Amy: Joey and I are having a few problems.

Amy says nothing else.

Joshua: What type?

Amy: Just differing opinions and there might be something going on with Apple Coren.

Amy explains, as Joshua lets a small chuckle.

Joshua: Apple… really.

Amy: I’m glad this amuses you.

Joshua: I’m not laughing at the situation… but Joey seeing something in Apple. She couldn’t be more any flaky and fake if she tried. I am pretty sure Joey loves you and he is just trying to sort things out between you and Apple.

Joshua tries to allay Amy’s worries.

Amy: So why would go into her locker room?

Joshua: As I said trying to sort things out… but if he is cheating then I will kick his ass.

Amy: I would love to see that.

Amy smiles…

Joshua: Thought that would cheer you. Now let’s push those stupid thoughts to the back of your mind and focus on your match.

Amy: I’ll try…

Amy shrugs.

Joshua: Good. Now let’s get the training back on track…

Amy: Sure.

Joshua moves to the weights, as Amy moves back to the punch bag, as she holds it in place for a few moments…

Amy: I hear Sonia changed her name… has the stalker issue resolved itself?

Joshua: We will find out… but Tiffany has made all the changes and all the paperwork. Just have to wait and see.

Amy: Glad to see her happy and you happy.

Amy smiles as she watches Joshua picks up one weight and leans on a bench and begins to curl it.

Joshua: Me too… Just have to sort you and Joey out.

Amy: Mmhmm

Amy kind of agrees as she lets go of the heavy bag and takes a step back, as she sheds the gloves to reveal padded wraps and begins to punch the bag and follows up with kicks, as she looks over to Joshua who continues to work out. The scene soon fades out on Amy as she punches and kicks the heavy bag with force as she imagines a couple of faces on it.


Friday 8th February 2019.

Char Kwan... I have to say that I am impressed that you want to step up and rid those Gamer Inc shackles to make a name for yourself... but I don't know why management chose me. There are others in this company who would be better suited to test your mettle than me... as my career is so up and down. A number of things can happen in this situation.

No. 1 You could have a match where it could go well and we both have fun but you will lose and go back to tag wrestling.

No. 2 I wrestle like shit and you win and you are robbed of a great match.

Or no. 3 Apple pokes her nose in again and you are robbed of your dream match, which there is so much apologising I can do before I get sick of it.

Now Char... you are probably wondering if my mind is going to be focused because of the Apple & Joey situation... maybe... or maybe not, but I will aim to put it at the back of my mind and give you the 100% you deserve in this match. So last time we came across each other inside the ring was at Climax Control 225 in that tag team tournament in a ridiculous eggnog match, where you and Jack Stewart faced off against Jon and I… where the outcome was in favour of Jon and I. however, we started this match and while the conditions were unsuitable to wrestle in, but we did and while you got a few shots in on me… I was the strongest one and this is why I will win Sunday night.

My experience and knowledge will get the better of you… while you seek to tag out when things are getting tough and be distracted by that… I will be making sure that you wished you hadn’t asked for a challenge and your dream come true will turn into your worst nightmare.

Char… be ready because I have a lot of pent up frustration and I need to unleash it.

1x Bombshell Champion
2x Bombshell Roulette Champion
2x Bombshell Internet Champion
3x Bombshell Tag Team Champion
- 1 x w/ Necra Kane
- 2 x w/ Jessie Salco

~ First three time bombshell tag team champion.
~ 2nd ever Bombshell triple crown winner.
~ 1st ever Bombshell Grand Slam Champion.
~ 2015 Woman of the year.
~ 2015 Feud of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson
~ 2015 Match of the Year vs. Roxi Johnson.
~ 2015 Hall Of Fame!
~ 2018 Feud of the year vs Jessie Salco
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