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> Daniel Morgan Vs Goth, Singles match
Mark Ward
Posted: April 21, 2019 04:14 pm

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Post all roleplays for this match in this thread.

One roleplay per week maximum.
10,000 word limit

Good luck!

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London Underground
Posted: April 24, 2019 11:05 am

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Well I'll be damned. I'm actually recording this from London, England, my home city, the city I helped grow, the city that called me it's son and something I am proud of. You'll be hard pressed to find a more proud Englishman that the bloke who's talking to you right now, and to make things better, I'm recording this on St George's Day. Yes, it's Tuesday, it's the day of our patron saint and you could say I'm on a bit of a buzz right now. Alright, so London isn't as bright as it could be right now but I suspect by this afternoon, the beers will be flowing and the thoughts of slaying a dragon will be in the minds of every real Englishman.

I've been a bit inactive on the cameras on the tour to be honest, but the focus has been rightly on Kenz as she made her way through the Blast From The Past, to the semi finals and walked away on her own terms, but now I get a chance to wrestle in front of my own crowd, my home crowd, for the first time in my life.

It's no secret I've wrestled in America and on a tour or two but never in front of my own crowd, there's a different feeling in the air and the chance to bury a Hall of Fame guy in my own backyard sorta puts the icing on the cake, to do it around my family makes it sweeter, it's a chance to show that putting my body through the hell it's been through just to break in to America, just to get set up there, get the money out of that greed driven country and bring it back to the motherland has been worth it.

I mentioned family there, and family ain't always about blood, ain't always about who you grow up with. It's about the people you meet and stand next to along the way. I didn't expect to get that when I hopped my arse on a plane, I thought train, fight, get my foot in the business door and life would be a bowl of cherries. I didn't know that meeting the likes of Gabriel, Odette, Evie, Fenris, Aron, Devona and Dani would give me, Os, Charley and Kenz an extension to the family. Hell, you could even call Synn and Despayre part of the family. It's one of those things you do for family, you open up your doors and let them in when they need it. You never turn away family when they just bang on your door for a cup of tea and a chat, no matter what time it is, and you always leave the door on the latch for them to swing by any time.

And when those family from out of town appear, you don't just leave the door on the latch for them, you give them a key. We're in London and although Odette and Gabriel are in Vegas, and Evie is most likely with her husband and his family, we did have some family in town that needed to get that key.

They've never seen where we live, they've never asked to see it, but they should be comfortable.


The ding of an elevator can be heard on this Tuesday mid morning in London, Canary Wharf in the east end of London to be accurate. A place that had been built for business and pleasure with the scattering of expensive apartments in London, some tipping the scales well over seven figures. The doors of an elevator can be seen to gentle glide open and a crowd can be seen waiting on the other side, a crowd of familiar faces. Daniel J Morgan leads the crowd consisting of Osbourne, Charlotte Elliot and Mackenzie Page in to the elevator, shortly followed by their guests, Danielle Weston, Devona, Fenris and Aron Baltasarson, the four latter mentioned looking around in surprise. Each carrying or pulling suitcases along with them.

Daniel wasn't surprised to see the looks on their faces were of absolute amazement. He'd seen where Devona had grown up, he knew that Dani had spent most of her life in a house, he knew the small house that Fenris and Aron had grown up in. This was a million miles away from their standard lives and although three of the group lived in an apartment block now, nothing to prepare them for what they were about to see.

The door slowly slid closed behind the group as Daniel reached out, pressing a button in the lift to take them high up in to the London sky, passing floor after floor at such a speed, moving was hardly noticeable. After less than a minute, the doors open and Daniel steps in to a corridor, his arm out stretched to indicate for the group to step out. The group pick up on the hint and walk in to the hallway and gather just outside the elevator, their heavy bags being pulled with them. Their curious eyes peer at their surroundings, just seeing four doors two at either end of the hall, nothing more, nothing less.

"Welcome to our gaffs." Daniel says as he turns on his heels, looking at the group. "You may see four doors but behind those doors are four different apartments, with a shit ton of bedrooms and this is where you four will be staying."

"Four apartments?" Dani says in a slow tone.

"Four apartments." Charlotte says as she rests her hand on Dani's shoulder. "We live in the same building, we live on the same landing, this landing only has four places in it, but we don't live together here."

"But in America?" Aron questions.

"We do." Mackenzie tells him. "But you know, five bedrooms, five bathrooms in the hills of Vegas was a little hard to say no to."

"I'm a believer in space." Daniel tells them "so no need to worry, you ain't all gonna be under each others feet. Ya see where in my city, there's a ton to do in my city."

There was a proud, warm tone coming from Daniel as he spoke about his own city.

"And you lot don't need to be worried about doing everything together just cause ya in the same place." Daniel tells them. "You're all different people and there's a ton to offer and you could say you have your own personal tour guides to do what you want to do, to see what you wanna see. Wanna go see a football match? We got you covered, wanna go to an art gallery, we got you covered there too. Wanna go see the trendiest bars in London. Yeah, we got you covered."

"So where are we staying?" Devona asks, looking towards Daniel with flirtatious eyes.

"Well sorry to disappoint." Daniel says with a slight wink. "But you're in there with Kenz. I figured you two can really bury the hatchet."

Daniel turns towards Dani, pointing to the door on his right from his standing position.

"You're up with Charlotte love." Daniel tells her before looking to Aron. "You get hours of great conversation big man, you're at Os' place at the end of the hall. Leaving you with me Fenris."

A nod comes around the group, no one wanting to seem ungrateful for the hospitality shown by the London Underground group.

Each have been living in hotels for the last month, well, except Dani who recently flew to London, but all knew it would be nice to actually live in a place with more than two rooms for the next couple of weeks.

"Go drop your stuff off." Daniel tells them. "And we'll meet you in the closest boozer to us in a bit."

Daniel points his finger upwards, leaving half the group slight confused but the confusion is replaced with the jangling of keys. Daniel nods his head towards Fenris as Mackenzie and Charlotte head for the nearest doors while Daniel and Osbourne lead the brothers down the hallway, splitting towards different sides and reaching for keys. The two open the doors and lead their respective room mates in to the apartment. Fenris drops his bag at his side as he lifts his head up.

"Holy fucking shit." He says as he looks around at the art pieces on the wall. "Is this a house or an art gallery?"

"No, this is the hallway." Daniel tells him with a smile before nodding his head towards a door to the side, one of multiple doors around the hallway leading in to different rooms.

Daniel walks towards the doorway, pushing it open with his free hand and in walks in to the room as Fenris follows.

"Seriously, holy fucking shit." Fenris comments as his eyes peer around the room.

Large windows surround the whole open planned living room and kitchen combo, showing off London from a great height, cars looking like toy cars, the roads looking like some kind of child's model set. The apartment itself decorated simply with white and cream colours, the sofa matching the walls and a balcony surrounds the outside of the huge windows, accessed by a door in the corner of the room.

"You all have apartments like this?" Fenris asks.

"The layout is the same." Daniel tells him. "All open plan, all three bedrooms, two bathrooms, but each of them are decorated in their own styles. Fact is, we all have very different styles, so to be in one big place was madness, so when this place was going up, someone owed me a favour or two and I got all four of them at reasonable price. Keeps us close by but not under each others feet."

Fenris nods his head, hardly listening to a word Daniel is saying as his eyes are focused on the city below him.

It's not the first time he had been to London, they met in London a while ago at an MMA show but Fenris could hardly believe the sight he was seeing at this point. He'd never seen London from such a height before and it was truly magical.

"So how did you figure out who was to stay with who?" Fenris asks Daniel.

"That was the easy part." Daniel says with a smile as he sits down in a cream coloured arm chair, beckoning Fenris to take a nearby seat. "Mackenzie and Devona had a little heat recently, because they're both competitive people, they both wanna win, fuck coming out of the Stevens gym, if you don't wanna win, you shouldn't be there, so I figured if anyone is gonna fire Devona up enough to go on and win the Blast From The Past, it will be Kenz. Charlotte is a lot more girly in a way, she can separate what she needs to do at work, and who she is at home. She's perfect for Dani to be around, they can braid hair, do toenails whatever it is girly girls can do. As for Aron, I thought he just needed some peace and quiet after being stuck around you constantly."

Daniel flashes a sharp smile at Fenris.

"So I got the short straw, huh?" Fenris quickly retorts, bringing a smile to Daniel's face.

"Not quiet." Daniel tells him. "I thought you might like something I got here."

Daniel stands up, leaving his bag by the side of the chair and walking past Fenris. With curiosity, Fenris follows Daniel and back in to the hallway.

"While I'm here." He says pointing towards two doors. "Your bedroom, your bathroom. I'll let you figure out which is which. But this...."

Daniel turns a sharp left to the first door on his left hand side from the living room. He reaches for the handle and pushes it down before leading Fenris in to the room. Fenris eyes widen in surprise.

"You have a pub in your house?" He says surprised.

"Man cave." Daniel tells him. "I didn't feel the need to have three bedrooms. What do I need three bedrooms for? So I turned it in to a man cave."

Fenris looks around, a small bar in the corner with a very well stocked back bar. A pool table sits in the middle of the room, set up for a game, with two pool cues on the green baize. Another side of the room sports a dart board with electric scorer and a couple of small tables and chairs dotted around. Fenris turns his head to the right to see a big screen projector screen, the projector hanging from the ceiling as well as three sofas lined in front of it, with a games console and sky box beneath it.

"It's a pub." Fenris tells him. "It's got a jukebox on the wall."

Daniel turns to look at the jukebox on the wall before turning back and smiling at Fenris.

"No pubs I know has a PS4 in it." Daniel tells him.

"I see a PS4." Fenris tells him. "I see no games."

"Got a Chinese kid from the estates to fit a huge hard drive in it. Got hundreds of games on it, all on the hard drive." Daniel tells him.

"Oh." Fenris says. "I suppose your swimming pool is behind one of the other doors?"

"Don't be daft." Daniel tells him. "That's on the roof."

"Bullshit." Fenris says firmly.

The scene quickly changes to the roof of the building where Daniel and Fenris stand looking at the buildings swimming pool, high upon the rooftop of the apartment block, complete with a small pool bar in the corner.

"Well shit." Fenris says with a slow shake of his head.

Daniel turns his head, looking at Charlotte, Mackenzie, Osbourne, Dani, Devona and Aron sitting around a controlled fire in a covered area to the right hand side of them, Devona seeming obsessed with what she sees, her eyes looking down on the city.

"This is incredible." She says with amazing in her voice. "Y'all are living large here."

"Keeps the rain off our head." Daniel tells her as he and Fenris rejoin the group.

Daniel looks towards Charlotte and gives her a slight nod.

"Got a second?" Daniel asks her.

Charlotte nods and stands up, walking away with Daniel, away from the group. Daniel reaches in to his pocket, pulling out a wad of fifty pound notes, feeling one off at a time.

"I need to you do me a favour tomorrow night." Daniel tells her. "I need you to take these lot out of the east end. Maybe take them up west, take them to a show, trendy boozer or two, that kind of thing."

"Sure." Charlotte tells him. "Any reason why you want them out of the east?"

Daniel hands Charlotte a wad of the formerly mentioned fifties and watches her put them in her pocket.

"I got a business meeting with my brother across the way there." Daniel tells her. "It's the first time my face has been around here in a while, so could do without Fenris running in to me drunk as a skunk, or Dani and Devona possibly seeing what we really do around here. Might be home to us, but home to us has a lot of things about it these guys don't know about and I'd rather keep it that way then get them involved. Can you imagine Dani, Devona, or even Aron seeing what we do? Or could you imagine if Fenris lumps the wrong person?"

"I understand." Charlotte tells him. "I'll have a look at what's going on in the west end tomorrow."

"Give Kenz the heads up too." Daniel tells her. "I'll take Os with me."

"You got it Danny." Charlotte replies.

Daniel nods his head towards the group as we now talk a little time jump to tomorrow morning.


Being up early has always been part of the normal for me but when you're in your hometown and a wrestler, you do need to roll with the punches and get down to business. Business is important and it's the business of Sin City Wrestling to get arses on seats and make people interested in what's going on. That's why I've been up since 5am on this brisk Wednesday morning to go and do just that. While others are still asleep or thinking about letting the cameras follow them through another boring training session, or a little convo with a friend with sod all meaning to what we're all trying to achieve, I'm up with the birdies and in White City in West London at the Television center, all ready to meet a man with hard hitting questions, that split opinion amongst not only the British, but Americans too, and a lovely lady, shame she's a Crystal Palace fan but here I am sitting on a sofa opposite Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

"Hello and welcome back to Good Morning Britain." Susanna starts with her introduction after returning from the commercial break. "We have a very special guest right now in the studio with us."

"We share the same name and he is handsome enough to be my son." Piers continues "But I can assure you we're not related. Welcome businessman and wrestler, and London's own Daniel J Morgan. Welcome to the show Daniel."

"Cheers uncle Piers." Daniel says in a joking tone. "Great to be here."

"Great to have you here instead of calling it in like most people these days." Piers retorts. "I know this is a big moment for Susanna, who has not stopped talking about you since this was arranged."

A slight blush crosses Susanna's face as Daniel smiles towards her.

"So, businessman, wrestler, is there anything you can't do Daniel?" Piers asks him.

"Well, last time I tried to play the ukulele was a bit of non starter." Daniel tells him with a smile. "But I'm fairly adaptable with all the things I try and do. Not worth doing if you're not gonna put the effort in to be good at it."

"I'm sure a lot of young people can do worse than looking up to you with that attitude." Susanna comments. "Now you're from London, and you started off with humble beginnings."

"That's true." Daniel tells her. "Most people from Bethnal Green do start off that way. When I was younger, it was a place full of workers, people who lived week by week and if you had a holiday, it would be a week in a caravan. People lived hand to mouth because you couldn't get ahead of the game, you just had to keep pushing on and hope you had a bit of luck along the way. It was told to me from a young age that if you want anything out of life, you need to go and make it happen yourself. There's no point sitting watching the grass grow under ya when you could be out there earning a crust."

"And you started earning a crust from a young age." Piers states.

"Yeah, always was a fan of pocket money and nothing was handed out free in the east end." Daniel tells him. "It was either work or be skint and I was doing that from when I was thirteen, helping out here and there, trying to always have a pound more than I needed."

"And now you have many more pounds than you needed." Susanne says to Daniel with a smile.

"Sure takes the sting out of being broke, that's for sure love." Daniel says returning her smile. "In seriousness, there's a lot of people out there who don't stump up till they can get their names in the papers. Take those billionaires flashing the cash now after the terrible things that happened to Notre Dame last week. Those are the same people who could have stumped up the cash to help feed the hungry, but don't till they can try and be lauded around as heroes."

"You have been described as a Robin Hood when it comes to your businesses." Piers tells him. "I read a story recently of you spending money to help rejuvenate parts of London."

"London is who I am, it's in my heart and soul, it's what I live for." Daniel admits. "London gave me life, and life is gonna continue long after I'm pushing up the daisies and sitting on a cloud with my harp in hand. If people with the wonga had the sense to do that twenty years ago, maybe we wouldn't have kids out on the street thinking it's cool to play with knives."

Susanne looks slightly taken back by that comment, but Piers keeps his cool.

"You feel knife crime is linked towards funds?" Piers asks.

"Of course." Daniel replies. "I ain't saying baby youths of today, there's far too much of that going on now, with all this safe space rubbish and people getting offended by everything, but if the money was there twenty years ago, it might have allowed some work ethic to be put in to these kids."

"You're not just a pretty face." Susanna can't help herself from blurting out.

"I am not." Daniel says in a calm tone. "Here's the thing, I'm a believer in what we put in, we get out of it. If you put the effort in, you get what you want out of it. If you sit there doing nothing, you don't deserve to get anything out of it."

"That's a very mature way to look at things." Susanna says impressed. "Let's talk about your social media presence, you seem to be a popular guy lately, constantly being complimented by many women, so I have to ask on behalf of woman kind, is there someone special in your life?"

"Woman kind, by that I think she means she'd be willing to ditch her guy for you." Piers says bluntly.

Susanna blushes as Daniel can't help but chuckle.

"Nah, no one special." Daniel tells her. "But I ain't a guy who breaks up relationships. It's always nice to get compliments from people you work with, it's always nice to get a few people you don't know in the business want to hang out with you but I'm working a lot of the time, doesn't matter if it's in the ring or in the Casino, so I have to leave relationships on the back burner."

"Speaking of the Casino." Piers jumps in. "You went to America to wrestle, you bought a casino, hardly a natural thing to do."

"What can I say, I'm a businessman and the chance jumped up at me and I felt it was very much worth the punt." Daniel tells him, knowing that was only a half truth. "I don't wanna monopolise the world but there's a ton of people out there that would just love that kinda money to sit on until it gets passed on countless times, turning people in to spoilt rich kids. I mean come on, would we even know who Paris Hilton is, or what a Kardashian is if it wasn't for money being handed down?"

"So you'd rather take the money to stop people being spoiled by money?" Susanna asks Daniel. "Abso-bloody-lutely. Could you imagine if everyone in this world was spoiled by money and not caring outside their own circles, having whizzing contests about who can spend the most on a handbag or who has the latest car? World would be a horrible place without giving back."

"You really are a Robin Hood." Susanna says with a look towards Daniel.

Daniel winks at her but Piers keeps the interview going.

"Now I don't know if you know, but I'm a huge wrestling fan." Piers tells Daniel. "So I always like hearing stories about wrestling. What drew you to the sport?"

"My competitive nature." Daniel responds. "It's always been in me to be the best at something that's a bit of a challenge and I saw it and thought it looked fun, did some research and read the horror stories, read how people scraped their way to the top and felt like it was a bit of me, like it was something I could do to push myself."

"So you wasn't a fan from childhood like most are?" Susanna asks.

"Not even close." Daniel replies with a slight smile. "It was something I saw literary weeks before I started training for it and saw pretty soon that I ain't too bad at it."

"You come out of a well respected and highly reputable gym with world class trainers who constantly produce champions." Piers correctly states "And you yourself have been a champion, but not for a while. Is championship gold in your future again?"

"I don't know." Daniel says honestly. "I mean there's so many in this game that only cares about titles. I work with a lot of them, I mean Crystal whatever her last name is this week would melt if she didn't get a title shot every few months. People like Caleb Storms would sell his girlfriend for a title shot, thankfully, he didn't sell her and has one but if he fails, he'll probably demand another. There's even a guy I briefly shared a company with a while ago, who is signed to about ten different places, wanting titles in all of them, but titles to me are just a small part of this business."

"What is it about to you?" Susanna quickly asks.

"Profile." Daniel replies just as quickly. "End of the day, as much as you want to wrestle forever, and use that as a way to support yourself, you can't. Your body won't allow it and it will give up on you but being on TV most weeks opens doors, gives you the chance to do as you please when your body gives up on you. There's a guy I know called Casey Williams, didn't have the greatest record but he worked hard every week and didn't once demand a title shot, but he landed a decent paying job in Sin City Wrestling's sister company where he doesn't have to get involved and makes a comfortable living doing so, because he put in the effort to boost his reputation."

"So people complain a lot?" Piers asks, digging for dirt.

"Oh yeah, I'm not surprised Mark Ward stepped back away from it a little." Daniel says with a sincere nod. "I mean he and Christian has to deal with every little problem that arises. I mean they've done well to keep the bad influences out but there's always one or two you overhear asking for something. Tough job keeping a roster balanced and happy."

"In just under two weeks, you're appearing at your first ever show in London." Susanna states. "You must be excited."

"Very excited." Daniel honestly admits. "I mean it's what wrestlers dream about. Everyone loves to be in the home city and for places like England, their home country for many. There's a lot of British wrestlers on the show like myself, Ben Jordan, Apple Coren, Kate Steele, Cat Riley, Irish with Lachlan Kane and we're all looking to end the tour strong."

"The show is called London Brawling II and is at Wembley Arena on the 5th of May." Piers announces. "Are there any tickets left?"

"Actually no." Daniel tells him. "But I do have these."

Daniel reaches in to his pocket and pulls out four tickets, leaning across and handing two to Piers and two to Susanne.

"They're backstage passes so you guys can come and hang out." Daniel tells them with a warm smile. "Knowing that you're a bit of a fan Piers, you're more than welcome to grab a mic and call out Fenris. He never backs down from a challenge."

"I don't think I'm that suicidal." Piers says with a nervous laugh "But thank you."

"Happy to help." Daniel says with a nod.

"Well Daniel, thank you for joining us this morning, we wish you all the best in your upcoming match and I look forward to seeing you on May 5th for London Brawling II at Wembley Arena." Susanne says. "Now lets take you to the local news and weather where you are."

As the cameras cut to the news and weather, Daniel can be seen shaking hands with Piers and Susanna before the camera blacks out.


"Giving back to the city?"

From one kinda family to the other I guess you could say, Good Morning Britain was a success in my eyes. I spoke about good issues and I sold the show while others were still in bed or complaining that the time difference has been a bit too much for them, it's been weeks you lot, you should be used to it by now. My long day wasn't over because I had to meet my brother David, year younger than me with a jump in with both feet first and hope you don't land in dog shit attitude. We ended up sitting ROKA, a Japanese restaurant in Canary Wharf with Osbourne sitting between us.

"You don't half talk bollocks about giving back to the city." Daniel's younger brother David tells him.

Daniel stares at David, his eyes narrowed as he looks at the younger sibling.

"Two things brother." Daniel starts. "First of, do I or do I not filter funds from Vegas to London to put in your pocket to get a strangle hold on everything around us?"

David finishes off a last piece of sushi before nodding at his brother.

"Secondly." Daniel starts. "Do you or do you not take said money that comes back to you and invest in businesses here to make London ours?"

"Yeah." David says. "You make it and I'll spend it in London."

"Exactly David." Daniel tells him with a wave of his finger. "I make the money over there, you spend it over here. I admit, I wasn't exactly gonna say that we use that money to buy and sell things we shouldn't and use the businesses as fronts on live television was I?"

"What was all that bollocks about not trying to build a monopoly?" David asks.

Daniel looks towards Osbourne, staring at the bigger man, unsure how to deal with his brother's occasional densities.

"Because I'm hardly trying to tell them I'm trying to take over the bloody city, am I?" Daniel says in a firm tone. "I'm hardly gonna give our rivals the heads up on what I'm doing. I might as well send them plans and blueprints if that's the case. While I'm now hiding in plain sight, being the face to everything, it frees you up to run everything here as a business manager. While everyone is sitting there thinking nothing bad about me, we get to run this place the way we want without anyone suspecting a bloody thing. I can not stress enough the importance of making people watch my left hand, while my right hand is doing something I don't want them to see."

David looks across at Daniel, a cold stare through his thick rimmed glasses before leaning back in his chair, and tapping his stomach.

"Say what you like about those tiddley winks, but they know how to cut up some fish." David remarks about the meal.

"Well we didn't come here to talk about Sushi David." Daniel tells him. "We did the whole catching up thing, we had a little chat about the family, now it's time to talk a little business."

The two men were more public speakers when it came to talking about business. Hiding away in dark corners of buildings aroused more suspicion than was needed, out in public over a meal where it was only natural to be speaking in slightly hushed tones, as not to allow people to hear your conversation was fairly normal in London. Being in public also allowed for them to control what was around them, they could tell when someone was a little too close, they could tell when someone was listening in. More to the point they had Osbourne's eyes hidden constantly under dark glasses, allowing him to freely scan the room for anything that might look out of the ordinary.

"I presume everything is going fine over here." Daniel says to him. "I've had no rumblings of anything odd or usual."

"Everything is going brilliantly." David says as he dabs the corner of his mouth with a napkin. "Everywhere is making money, everyone is playing by our rules, and it's time to expand a little."

Daniel looks slightly towards Osbourne and back towards David.

He trusted his brother when it came to making opportunities, carving them out from nowhere, seeing those diamonds in the rough but if it was down to David, he'd move too fast, try and buy the whole of London without a thought of profit margins. That was the whole way to take over the city one brick at a time, make money, invest money, make money, invest money, rinse and repeat.

"What have you got in mind?" Daniel asks his brother, his fingers wrapped around a glass of whiskey.

"While you've been away, the Isle of Dogs has gone to shit." David tells him. "Moped pricks mugging people, boozers closing down, people scared to leave their houses because of the bunch of top class tossers scaring them off. Now those boozers closed down, did such a thing cause of the element of scum bags dotted around. If we can take them over, get rid of those twats, you can do your little PR thing claiming you're gonna help the people of the Island stop the crime, the people come out, the pub booms."

Daniel shrugs his shoulders.

"Talk numbers to me." Daniel says to him, only paying half interest to his brother.

"Two boozers, three hundred and fifty grand, long term lease." David says casually. "Let the boys clean up the half life's on the street."

Daniel winces at the price, looking across at his brother.

"Lets do the maths here David." Daniel says, his eyes looking away. "Boozers are on average making what, nine grand a month? Three grand of that a month goes on rent, three thousand goes on wages a month, a grand on bills. That leaves you on two grand a month, twenty four grand a year, times two for two pubs, meaning you won't see sod all profit for years."

"That's lowest figures." David tells Daniel. "Lowest. Once I clean the streets a bit, get things going, that kinda money is gonna be nothing. I'm thinking a quarter of a mil a year piss easy. Get a gambling license on the go in one of them, offer different things and we'll be rolling in it. Turn one in to a sports bar, hell, turn one in to a strip club, whatever works but I got a good feeling about it. One of them has rooms upstairs to be rented out. Renting them out alone makes the money. Four rooms, five hundred a week, two grand a pop, eight grand extra a month on top, sorted. I make that with one hundred and twenty grand basic a year and when they get rolling, we'll hit that quarter of a mil."

Daniel taps his jaw, thinking about it.

"Get Solly to have a look at the numbers." Daniel tells him. "If it's viable then we'll look in to it and if it is, I want to know all about what's going on with them."

Daniel stands up.

"I'm off for a gypsies." Daniel tells them, using slang as a way to inform them he's off to the bathroom.

Daniel walks through the restaurant, towards the bathroom door and strolls in. He barely gets inside when a man stands before him.

"Daniel Morgan, the spandex king." the man says slightly slurring his words. "I thought you pissed off to America to roll around with men covered in baby oil."

Daniel frowns at the man, lowering his eyebrows as he looks at him.

"Mate, I don't know who you are but do yourself a favour and piss off." Daniel says firmly as he looks at the man.

"You used to be scary, everyone was afraid of you but now you're soft." The man drunkenly says. "You've turned in to a right bender."

Daniel nods and smiles before swinging his head, catching the man on the bridge of his nose with a headbutt and knocking him to the floor. Daniel straightens his suit jacket and steps over the man. Off camera, a zipper can be heard and water hitting porcelain as Daniel whistles to himself. The flow of the water stops and a zipper can be heard once more. Daniel steps back on to the camera, stepping over the man and moving towards the sink, calmly washing his hands. He reaches for a tissue dispenser and pulls away at the blue tissues drying his hands and throwing them in to a rubbish bin nearby, before turning back around to the man on the floor and kicking him hard in the ribs.

"Twat." Daniel says slowly shaking his head.

Daniel moves towards the door and pushes it open, moving in to the restaurant. He stops in front of a waiter.

"'Ere mate." Daniel says to get his attention, his thumb pointing towards the bathroom door. "There's a fella in there on the deck, nasty cut on his nose, looks like he's had a fall and whacked his hooter on the tiles. Must be pissed up or something."

Daniel straightens his jacket as he tries to look sympathetic but turns away from the waiter as he rushes to the fallen man in the men's room. A wide smile appears on Daniel's face as he walks back towards the table to where his brother and Osbourne sit. The camera fades to black, allowing the two to speak about more business.


A long day was not exactly over yet. From a morning show appearance to a business dinner with my brother should have been enough but there was one more thing I needed to do and that was to cut a promo. Sure I could have done it tomorrow but There was something in the air tonight that compelled me to get it over with tonight. I meant that tomorrow I would be free to show the sights of London to my friends, show them what makes me so damn proud of this city. There was an easy setting to pick, the balcony of my own home, it has the most beautiful view of the city. That was the perfect place.

Daniel clutched at a glass of whiskey, opting not to join his friends where ever they were, he was tired, drained, but looked down the camera with a look of false energy.

"So you touched the suit Goth and I said it was a bad thing to do, did I not?" Daniel asks rhetorically "Suit was worth more than everything you own but you stuck your grubby little pointers on it because Kenz had enough of you and rightly so. I mean you brought it on yourself Goth, you really did and I know it, you know it, the world knows it."

Daniel raises the glass to his lips, taking a slight sip.

"I've followed you closely Goth and I know more about you than you think." Daniel continues "I know you're one of SCW's best counter punchers, I don't mean in terms of fighting, I mean in terms of taking all that I say and using it against me. I know my promo is gonna be airing days before yours so I know you're gonna watch, breath in every word and use it against me. Promo counter puncher, it's what you are because you're not as creative as you used to be. Well go ahead, counter punch this, everyone will see it and know it."

A blank look crosses Daniel's face, he knew that's what Goth was good for.

"I kept my eye on you very closely through out the whole tournament, I watched more than closely." Daniel says pointing to his eye. "I watched every promo you churned out and I was disappointed. This is not the Goth that made it to the Hall of Fame, this was a Goth that sat farting in promos and thinking it was all good. This was a Goth who would randomly blurt out curse words like a kid with tourettes. It's plan to see Goth that you are not the same person you once was, that you use stupid things to get attention, and it's a miserable failing attempt to gain any credibility at all. It's obvious your mind is not the same anymore, it's obvious you're slower than you once was. Mentally, you're not all there anymore Goth. I watched your promos from way back and the difference is unreal, you're like a child trapped in a man's body, you're actually a five year old really that finds farting funny and thinks it's cool to drop F-bombs. Man, you're a serious disgrace."

A disappointed look crosses Daniel's face.

"You was once seen as a great warrior, but now all you do is make people wonder how the hell you're legally allowed to look after a kid." He says with a shake of his head. "Yes, I went there. People with the mind of a child, should not be looking after a real child."

Another shake of Daniel's head shows more disappointment.

"When I heard Kenz was drawn with you, I thought she stood a chance, I didn't think she'd have to carry you as much as she did." He says seriously. "But damn Goth, you're not even close to being who you once were and it took one promo and one match to see that. You were like a complete different person to the legend that you used to have, you really are a walking advert for what's retired after a certain age, should stay retired because you're tarnishing your legacy and everything you worked for. You're that mentally dense, you can't even remember the guy's name who you keep sneak attacking... It's ASHER you idiot, not Archer."

Daniel puts his palm out flat.

"It's not that difficult to remember at all, but you seem to struggle with even the most basic of things, like controlling bodily functions." Daniel says with a smirk. "You're really not the same and I don't see how you feel you can get in the ring with me and think you actually have a chance when you know you don't stand much chance up against me. Truth is Goth, you don't stand a chance against Asher, and he's fairly new."

Daniel takes another sip of whiskey, his eyes looking directly at the camera.

"It's not written for you to win here Goth." Daniel says placing the glass on a nearby table. "You're broken, you're beaten and frankly, you're here to be carried through another match with a member of London Underground but I can tell you that it's not gonna be a good night for you in front of that hostile crowd, you know who they will be cheering for, you know who they want to see push through and win and believe me, it will never be in doubt because I will certainly be doing that, I will certainly be feeding off the roar of the crowd because it's gonna be more than obvious who they wanna see win but being as you seem a little slow on the uptake lately, I'll point it out."

Daniel points to himself with his thumb before reaching in to his pocket, taking out a packet of cigarettes and pulling one from the packet and places it between his lips.

"That'll be me son." Daniel pauses to take a lighter from his pocket, and flicking it, the flame dancing up towards the tobacco. Daniel takes a deep puff and continues. "It'll be me Goth because there's more chance of you winning Miss World than there is of you putting my shoulders to the ground, more chance of you doing anything but defeating me Goth. You can counter punch this promo all you want but the fact remains when we get in that ring, when we're standing there and the crowd are cheering me on, you're gonna know what it's really like to be alone. When you've got ten to twelve thousand people in the same room, wanting to see you get sent back to the retirement home, that's when you're gonna know loneliness like never before. Forget the personal losses that you've suffered, forget the health problems, this is gonna be the most lonely you'll ever fill in your life."

Daniel takes a deep puff on the cigarette.

"I don't even know how you're employed by SCW Goth, it baffles me." Daniel says exhaling smoke. "There's clearly something really wrong with you, you're clearly not in any kinda shape mentally or physically, you're clearly in the locker room to try and sneak peeks in the women's showers. For safety reasons, you shouldn't be allowed to work in SCW, but once I'm done with you, you won't be working here anymore, you won't even get to face Asher because you'll see this is a young man's game and you're not a young man anymore."

Daniel takes another puff on the cigarette in his hand.

"It's back to the knackers yard for you Goth." He says with a smile. "Back to where you belong and it ain't in my city, it ain't in my ring and it ain't anywhere where young women have to check the bushes for you lucking around and playing five knuckle shuffle with yourself."

Daniel loosely balls his fist, waving it up and down in a wankers sign.

"Fact is, all this coulda been avoided but you just had to touch the suit." Daniel says, his voice dripping confidence. "And now at London Brawling II, I'm gonna send you back to what ever slimy rock you crawled out from underneath."

Daniel winks at the camera.

"Come on son, counter punch this." He says with a smirk.

Daniel outs the cigarette on an ashtray on the table before picking up his glass, turning around and walking inside as the camera fades.

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A black chalkboard is seen in an empty room, probably a classrom somewhere in London, England that hasn't been used in ages. Filth can be seen everywhere as well as old classroom pictures of old classes with smiling young children have turned yellow, a few rats can be seen running around the classroom as the camera pans out. We can see a stain on the floor, it's colored dark red as it makes you wonder whether it is blood or something else that has withstood father time. A rather cold wind is felt through the rom as the windows have been either without anyu windows or broken into more than a milion pieces. The camera suddenly spins around after hearing a footstep, searching for the source of where the sound came from but.... there's nothing.

“forgive me, as I just had to see it for myuself personally”

a voice echoes into the room, the camera is still in constant movement as it zooms in or pans out to see where the voice comes from. Until...., until a dark black boot can be seen with a steel nose. In comparison to the filthy room it is rather shiny and nice, there's a glimpse of a black jenas above it as the remainder of the figure is still hiding in darkness.

“To see where it all began.... and where it all should have stayed. Deprived from the weaklings that believe in miracles..., believing in a new beginning and most importantly... giving hope. Hope that one day you can live in happiness..., live in a world where all of you are just being without worry of whatever it deprived you from having... hope”

the figure steps forward towards the camera, revealing more and more of himself as the camera slowly rises upwards the figure. Revealing a black leather belt with a skull buckle belt holding it together. We see a black longsleeve shirt with the word Goth written in some Gothic lettering. The face emerges upon last, hidden behind long black hair that hangs loosely in front of it's face. But we can still identify him as the man that they call Goth.

“I wanted to start a classroom reunion tour, gracing London's finest and best ever. Too bad that nobody even remembered this place..., or who knows moved on.... or even died?? All but assumptions of why the world these days are waiting for hope, but none of you seem to even believe in it anymore... Such a shame isn't it???”

Goth slowly walks towards a chair, sits down upon it and places his boots on top of the broken down table that stands in front of it. We can hear the table trying to maintain the weight of the mens feet while having to deal with the lack of being taken care off since the school has closed it's doors for whatever reason.

“For some it's angels, for others it's just basically a heoic figure with superhuman powers, an alien species that looks like a human and has the mindset of protecting everyone as he has lost his own world. And then we have those who just do it out of spite, those who have suffered injustice and whatch those suffer around you and you are just helpless to do something about it... and the remainder?? well let's just say, those are waiting for a hopeful man that gives what they believe that they deserve.... for crying out loud”

Goth leans back into the chair, the cracks in the chair is not strong enough for the chair to surrender to the pressure that he puts on it. He puts his hands behind his head and closes his eyes and sighs.

“Ever asked yourself what kind of hopeful individual you may be if you had the oppertunity?? Fun thing is that people usually reach out for that what is impossible for them to reach. Going from a fat piece of shit to a Captain America type of guy with morals that would make you vomit by the thought that he would never reach out for the joys of life. Nothing more than to put his body on the lne in service of his country. Whereas others???”

“ Others want to be a kind Sammaritan, a Mother Theresa, a Ghandi. People who try to change the world with kindness, intellect and ultimately be a rolemodel for the rest of the world to follow their lead... How interesting to sum names up that used the same tactics of influincing people to do the same.... Just like people like Hitler, people like Manson..., people who created hope in the lives of those who were seeking for a savior. Seeking for answers that they were too deluted to find it upon themselves.... and even though I am aware that deep down in the minds of the latter examples that their intentions were filled with hatred, death and destruction. They believed in a better world themselves too.... just their methods were never seen as the right ones”

“And before you start to judge my words as if I have ideals just like them, perhaps then you should just start to question your sanity yourselves and where in life and its glory you belong. But it's always judging others, always forgetting that HE should judge those who needs to be judged. But I guess that you simpletons have always had the need to play God yourself haven't you.... because you just can't help it to judge those who you just can't stand. But is it righteousness?? Is it justified to mock others upon their appearances?? Their way of life?? Their thoughts that for somehow justifies the needs that others wish to be open as such, yet are too uptight to even try?? Quite frankly, it shows the world how randomly different each and every one of you truly are”

He grabs a picture out of his wallet that was inside his jeans, he opens it up and reveals a picture of his deceased wife. He stares at it for a few moments and closes his eyes for a few moments before putting the picture towards his lips and he kisses it.

“The human brain is such a mystical thing to behold, it’s just like watching a highway late in the day, where people are trying to speed up to their homes to salvage upon their hot meals. Savoring the need to feed upon it as if it was their last supper, as if it was nothing more than waiting for the one person that would grab the same spoon at the same time to put some potatoes upon your plate. So that you would know that this person would sell out upon you. An alternative way to substitute the bread with potatoes, having a family dinner take over a table of one with many of his followers that proclaimed to have followed their master’s every word, yet having an very own agenda upon themselves. How things have yet to change in the minds of a seemingly superior acting human being, yet how differences keep us standing on either side of the truth”

He looks at the chalk board, he watches a spider that had weaved it’s web in the corner of the board where it had caught a fly in its web and now was weaving its thread around its struggling body. He stares at it with great of interest and seemingly is enjoying to see the struggle that the insect put on the nearing death that is inevitable. He watches the spider finish it’s job before injecting its venom in the helpless victims body and walks off as it is waiting for the right moment to feast upon it’s prey.

“I’ve often wondered what happens inside the brain of some sorry excuse of a weakling that has no clue to find it’s won direction in life and wants to create a difference in life? Instead of voicing up their hopes and dreams, they allow to have their voices become mingled in the masses of the many that follow the one. The one that has all the answers, the one that has all the charisma that you as a mindless fool only could have dreamt off. And yet, we all claim to see the difference of a leader that does good and those who have only evil intentions. But do we truly do so?? Or are we just caught up in the fantasy of making this world a better place???

“It’s solely what you make of it…., for instance how one symbol could just draw s hate rom the well beings of every single person that remembers the second World War… yet, when you seek into the historical artifacts of the Buddhism and Hinduism the Swastika has many other meanings.. one of them to signify the four points of the compass. Interesting isn’t it??Even to the very point that Finland used until 1944 a blue swastika upon their own Airforce… as if that country was a sympathetic to the desires of one influential German Leader… To have the Maya’s and the Aztecs use similar signs way before the Nazi’s ever thought of using a sign of destruction that for others was merely a sign of many things except war…. But I guess we will quickly wish to forget that don’t we?? Just forget what truly is important and focus upon the negative in life instead o what is right underneath your noses if you just took time to figure it all out. Sadly for you all, none of you wish to leave your house without your social media driven handheld siri telling devices that you are incapable of separating yourself from… even if it was just for a few moments”

“No, we humans aren’t a subtle species that is too easy to be manipulated upon what we truly wish to see don’t we?? Perhaps that’s why some of us seek refuge upon the nature that drives us… yet we do not wish to accept or believe that everyone that I have mentioned had one goal in life… to make things better for them and their believes. And for what reason alone I need to ask you to think wisely…. Because of their actions not always were tolerated.”

“And I hear you ask yourselves, where do you stand with your allegiances or believes?? Does it matter?? For I am just a man that was searching refuge into the needs and desires of a lonely man. Someone that openly expresses his desires of admiration in a way that apparently people take great offence to. And yet, people are too fascinated to retain a certain lack of a barrier to refrain themselves from that what I call my desires to roam freely. Whether it was Jake’s endless advances of attempting to play the social media version of tag, or merely a man that apparently babysits that fine…… oh wait…, if I said that then I would just insult another example of x and y chromosomes that are just too weak of heart and desperately trying to follow the guidelines that Sin City Wrestling attempts to uphold. Worried of their pushes, worried of their merch sales and many other reasons why they please themselves of playing safe. And yet…., when I look around in this classroom, of a long forgotten school for pissant children… I could see where it leads you towards by playing safe.”

“In school you learn the basics of life isn’t it?? in school you learn how to proper educate yourself in preparation to eventually stand at the end of your study and have that single piece of paper that tells the world that you have graduated. And then what?? Stuffing your face into many upon many of books and yet you do not how to screw a lightbulb.”

A soft snicker emerges upon his face as he leans his head backwards and stares at the cracks in the ceiling for a few moments.

“A first impression is something yo have to make upon the world…., or at least so is it that what they wish to assume upon themselves. An impression of whether that yo are liked, or just needed to be hated…. Or when you are a nerd even to the point of being terrorized because it’s what people like isn’t it?? Yet the biggest critique is yourself isn’t it? the one that is never satisfied upon what you have done, never felt to give you a perfect ten when you know that you have never been better. So why would I care about someone else to come up with reasons upon the wildest of what if assumptions upon the world…. Just because they have a life that is better than mine?? How ironic, don’t you think?? It’s quite astonishing that already for how long since I have allowed my face to re-emerge upon the silver screen… that people have already come with the same conclusion every Forsaken week. The knowledge that already I am too slow, that I am already too much of a failure.. too much of someone that would only harm my legacy… and yet…, until last week… I have survived where others have failed…”

“And of course, to uphold a believe of a young lady that has already shown that she rather quits when the moment that it truly matters has arrived… to rather stick her nose into the obvious lane of memories past, while her career should just even get started…. It already shows me that she would never have the true desire be something that I have been….. someone that leads this company into the next era of champions. Champions whom never let their personal feelings take control of their destiny. Or at least that’s what I thought Mackenzie was all about… but I guess after having a mental nail being broken inside her sweet and oh so innocent head of hers…. That she broke down when it all came to be. And for what??? I guess she just wanted to show the world how much of an emancipated young lady she has become. Well good for you my pretty, I am sure that you will have no problems of having your face stuck somewhere in the corner of a wrestling billboard for the remainder of your life. Because don’t think that Underwood and Mr. Hot Shot Mark Ward will remember a quitter walking out on a match for a long time… but perhaps after a little tick for tack on twitter, perhaps even they encourage people to be quitters and follow their guidelines. Preferring that over those who dare to be who they wish to be, those who do not care, those who have already paved their paths into greatness and have no problems doing it all over again. Isn’t that true Mark???”

He slowly moves forward again and gets off the chair that he sad on and walks towards the board and stares at the dust that is on the chalk board. He grabs a cloth that is even dirtier than the board and wipes it on the board before he pulls out a crayon out of his jeans and writes his name on the board.

“You are the one that proclaims that you have cost me an opportunity at the world title Mackenzie, but all you did was make me spit in your face. Oh I don’t give a shit whether you are a woman or not my pretty, it’s not the entire point even though you would rather wish it was if you had the opportunity to open your mouth and attempt to get some of your relevance back. I am sure that your buddy Daniel would have no problem at all to allow you a few words in, seeing he can already predict what I will be doing next as I am so good in countering the words of what others say. I guess he is a true puppet master right?? A man that studies his opponent, a man that studies so deeply into the outer shell of someone’s personality, behavior and even the moments when he takes a shit… only because he wants to gain a momentum. Good for you Daniel, I guess if writing a biography was an Olympic sports…. Then you would have had even more worthy memorabilia upon your wall to showcase the world to see… I guess there’s nothing wrong with showing something that you are proud of isn’t it???”

“But tell me Daniel…, before I open up to the world how much of a child I have become, or whether I am just a shell of what I used to be. Tell me Daniel, what is it that makes you tick? Is it the fact that I touched your suit? I may add that it indeed is a nice suit, a suit that has been yearning to be touched I may add to at least admired in a fashion that I may only assume you have been neglecting yourself to have been? And again, assumptions is only a thought that needs to be reacted upon by the casualty itself. Something I know that I will have to wait a few more days to have the final words upon your quest of destruction that you have upon me… a quest to destroy a legend, something I may assume is the highest reason upon your list to make your valiant return to SCW wrestling arena’s. To make a big time return to the six sided ring, to be in front of your entire nation and home town. To be cheered upon as the savior that would rid the world of the big bad wolf that is named Goth… a man that is dastardly, a man that is not the role model that the world wishes to have its weak and sad little children to follow in my own footsteps. To be even a better surrogate father to tell me what an sad excuse I am for my own son?? I must admit, it was something that amused me and tickled my fancy for a few moments. Realizing that I have been too far gone to even care what your attempts was to get under my skin”

“You see Daniel…, you may study all you want. All I see is an excuse of putting yourself in front of the rest of your pathetic so called family. Because the way I see things is that you just allowed Mackenzie to maintain her dignity and walk away… and for what?? A match on this show?? Oh wait, I am sure that she is just at home sipping on some milk and eats some cookies and being a good little girl. Remember Daniel…, good girls end last in the world that we call wrestling and even more importantly the world that we call life.”

“And I already know the answer that you will give me, that I am wrong and follow it up with a smirk and a laugh while explaining it from the millions of different reasons that you can have running through your mind. But in the end Daniel…, after I am done with this homecoming with yours…. I will be featured upon Sin City wrestling cards and Mackenzie?? Well I am sure that she will be hoping for another next year when the Blast from the Past will be coming along. Because the problem with uptight little bitches is very simple… just like Mick Jagger always sings when he performs with the Stones… that you don’t always get what you want… And in this world of wrestling, if you fuck up… it takes even longer to get another opportunity to get that shot. I will Daniel, I am certain that Mackenzie will be forever be remembered as nothing more as a side show gimmick of London Underground. While the leader that proclaims himself to be the one that stands up for his “Family” suddenly gets that what she deserves. I guess I must applaud you for brownnosing your way into something that you do not deserve”

Goth gives a mocking hand clap that lasts only a few times before spreading his arms and laughing sinister.

“I just wonder, did you prepare to the assumption of what I am all about?? Or are you prepared for who I truly am?? Oh sure, I am desperate, sure I am weak at the desire of seduction. Sure I am one whose profanity has become a second nature to who I truly am… you see Daniel, I applaud you for at least giving it a go to at least make this worth my while. Unlike your friend that is a failure…”

He holds his mouth for a few moments to let the word sink in

“Failure is often described as in someone not being successful of doing something…, but even more when they do not even wish to finish something that they had started doing when they signed up to do so. So I allow you to counter me with how I am wrong, how good she really is and how talented she is compared to those who aren’t and yet are booked upon this wonderful show in London, England. And all I will promise you to say is that you are absolutely right….. right in putting your own pride before that of someone else. Not trying to convince them that in order to achieve your dream to do the one thing that you do not fully support. Oh no, soon your mind is thinking past this once in a lifetime opportunity and set your goal for bigger things… like championships?? Because a wrestler like you must surely have felt the itch to compete here once more. Competing here instead of shows that do not even get to see the light of day in America. To be free from recognition of your home town, of your entire nation. To be a nobody somewhere else when you are used to be a big shot. While for yours truly?? Even if I am no longer worthy of being the shell that I am…, I will never be forgotten. Something that unlike your hard attempts to convince me otherwise would never eradicate me from.”

“No Daniel, I see the hunger in your eyes. I see the need to be on the biggest stage and soon to challenge the winner of the triple threat for the world title. Because that’s all what we truly want isn’t it?? Unless you are the weaker mind that is so easily to be manipulated in the form of Mackenzie Paige. Is that how you care about your family? If that’s the case my friend, then you are even worse than me.”

“But I can continue to play it like you are doing, just point out the flaws of the man that you are facing. Flaws that everyone has, flaws that is the pride and joy of someone elsewho does not care about his own stinking life. You see Daniel.., I may have become a step slower already… I may not be the man that I used to be. I will still be much better than you are. For the simple reason of that I have never given up in wanting to be the very best….then it doesn’t matter what form or whatever next step in my evolution I have taken.”

“Do I hate Mackenzie on walking out on me?? Oh no, I don’t hate her for that. I could care less what she does to me, it’s her career that she is ruining without even knowing it. No Daniel, this return was for me to try to fight through the pain and emptiness that has entered my life after the passing of my wife. I did it for her, so when she walked ot on me…. She walked out on the love of what I had for the One person that NOBODY will ever be able to replace. THAT is what I hold her personally for what she did to me… but I am sure that Karma will sort things out for her while I know that eventually my life will sober up once more. At least I dare to fight to get better, I dare to take the difficult decisions in life to at least I won’t have to blame myself for not doing what I have done. Something that this uptight bitch has yet to learn”

“But I will allow the world to hope, I will allow the world to believe in their own fairy tale of their returning hero. Their man that will take away from Mr. Evil himself… and stand tall in adoration. I will allow your fifteen minutes o fame, hope and most importantly the believe that you can hang with the Hall of Fame Legend. A pervert, a wanker, a man that rather wishes to have his ideal fantasy come alive then instead of beating some guy from London, England… is that what you are trying to convince yourself? Go ahead, make my day and enlighten myself with another case of the many of the masses that overshadows the one that stands alone. And before you answer a rhetorical one with another…, go and think to yourself of who I truly am…., I’m not the Hall of Famer that has disappointed you or many others, I’m not the legend that once could… I’m not the fantasy dream match that will turn into a disappointment if I have to believe to anyone that dares to stick their noses upon the London’s infamous Underground… oh no, I will be the Goth that everyone out there has yet got to meet… and I am the Goth that you have wished for… and yet unable to beat… “

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