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> Jack Doesn't Care, ~Jack RP~
Pretty Ty
Posted: June 07, 2019 11:25 pm

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~Sorry this is so short. I have been dealing with some RL stuff and have found my motivation lacking.~

“I don’t want to partner with anyone, let alone some pop tart that is related to one of the owners...”

Jack looks at the screen with earnest. The one thing that anyone in SCW could count on it was Jack’s brutal honesty.

“But I am also good at knowing when I am beaten, and at this point, I really don’t have anything left to lose. So Why not give it a shot, right? I know that it is probably going to be a talking point for my opponents. That’s fine. The Porn Actress and the Thirsty Mexican can do all the shit talking they want.”

He sighs deeply.

“Senor Vinnie is scared of real competition. Do you know how I know this? Because he won a shot at the main title and then asked to wait until Summer Extreme to use that shot. It seems to me that he is scared to face Fenris again so he waved it off to see if someone else would beat him. I get that... He wants to impress a woman but he even had trouble doing that. He couldn’t impress an overweight washup that couldn’t even make it as a real nurse until riding on the coattails of her famous Nephew. Talk about the best of the worse.”

He offers a shrug.

“And Amy? Amy has been having minimal success in the singles competition so why not try the tags right? I mean that is what I’m doing right? The difference is that the only loses I have were at the hands of someone else. I lost in the Blast from the Past because I had a shitty partner and losing to Kane? Again, that was because Emmie thought she was helping.”

He laughs, almost insanely.

“But here I am, agreeing to partner with the woman who screwed me over. Stranger things have happened, especially here in SCW, am I right? But the thing that really hit home for me with Emmie, it was what she said. That I have this need to get revenge on those that have screwed me. Eventually, I’ll get that revenge on Calia, my ex-girlfriend who Dear John’d me and Emmie will also feel that wrath but right now, she is my best chance at getting revenge on the one person that originally spoiled my goal. Char Kwan. And I know that I”m not facing her this weekend but she’s going to watch my partner. She’s going to see how determined and fierce she is. She’s going to see what a tag partner should be.”

“Emmie might not be good enough to take out a veteran with some ring rust right now. Heck, I’ll probably lose because of that, however, this is not a match for titles and it’s not even a match for the team I want to eliminate. Therefore winning or losing is not really something I am particularly worried about right now. It doesn’t change what I said being true. Vinnie is not going to win that title from Kale or Austin. Let’s be honest here, it doesn't’ matter who wins that match, it is just another lackluster opponent for the man who holds the Heavyweight title. And his reign is on borrowed time too but we won’t get into that right now.”

He almost looks bored now.

“No, what we’re going to get into is that fact that we are being thrown into a random match with two people that have been pretty much pushed into the back row. This is like Let’s throw you into this match with two people that have been getting noticed to try and throw some of that limelight back on you. Anything to make sure these two don’t disappear into obscurity. Sorry that you didn’t get a more high profile match considering that the whole fo the roster thinks about me. It either says that they think I’ll run at another loss or that they think pretty lowly about you so they’ll just give you some random people to keep you from complaining later. Your choice. Doesn’t matter to me. My sites are set higher. My sights are set on Gamer’s Inc. What a ridiculous name. We aren’t gamers, we’re wrestlers. We’re athletes. This stupid movement where people who are good at hitting some buttons while sitting on their asses are some sort or unique cool new athlete is just... the concept is so lazy. Just indicative of how stupid this generation is I suppose.”

Jack doesn’t appear to be all that impressed.

“Regardless... I am the uncrowned prince. Princes don’t always win and perfection isn’t always perfect. Imperfect perfection is true perfection because humans are incapable of fo being flawless. Eventually I’ll prove it, but for now, we’ll just have to settle for you all hating me and me not giving a fuck.”

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