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> Back on the show
Joshua Acquin
Posted: June 14, 2019 11:30 pm

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[i]I have been asked what I think of Amy and Jessie getting back together. Then they add Vinnie. That team of Amy and Jessie has had its ups and downs. Then with Vinne, they become eligible for the mixed tag team championship. The teams in that division better watch out because it is a three-headed fight. If they play it right they can have teams wondering who they will face. They will become the new London Underground. The thing they could do is add me to the mix as well. I am friendly with all three of them. I share my training center with them. So in a roundabout way, I am an honorary member. Enough about them I have been gone for three weeks dealing with personal issues. I do have a family that needs my attention with my daughter graduating high school getting ready for college. So that people know I am still with SCW, and they put me in a match this week against Malachi? Who is this guy I know he got his bell rung by Fenris. I am now in line to keep the welcome train going. I have no issues doing that. You say people beg for your forgivness? I will make you beg for me to stop because no matter how much you can dish out I am just above you on that scale. I like to cause pain. I like to make people bleed. I hold no punches for anyone. I have trained with hall of famers in SCW and I don’t even take it easy on them as I don’t expect them to take it easy on me. Mark has asked me to train his niece and I even warned him about this. I will tell you this, she may not look like she can do much but I am impressed with the things she is able to do. But this week I have to focus on my opponent and beat him down. I may have been gone for a few weeks and now I am back.

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